Advice for the Tea Party

Thomas Sowell is without a doubt one of the most highly respected voices advocating Constitutional conservative principles. One of his most recent articles is a sort of an “after action report” for the conservative grassroots movement known as the Tea Party. He clearly applauds the efforts to highlight the faults and failures of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) i.e. Obamacare, which truly seem prescient at this point.

But Sowell does admonish the Tea Party Congressional members and supporters to learn from one mistake: the tactical error of inviting the government shutdown.

I would also like to make some recommendations for the Tea Party. First, the Tea Party needs its leadership to coalesce in order to have a more unified strategic vision. Then the Party must have Red Cell unit to war-game the Left’s response and have a proactive communications program and marketing plan that highlights the fundamental principles of the TEA Party in contrast to the corruption of Washington DC. The goal of the Left, and indeed for some within the GOP, is to define the Tea Party as a gang of incompetent amateurs who do not have the capacity to govern or comprehend policy — this is rich, coming from certain current holders of leadership positions in DC.

The Tea Party has to focus on solutions and stressing what they are for, not droning on about what they are against. Be strategic and play chess, not reactively playing checkers.

Another point of order that Sowell makes is whether the Tea Party will stay focused on its original goals or let itself become preoccupied with fighting other Republicans. I like the military metaphor: stay away from the circular firing squad.

There are many who are considering running primary contests against each other within the GOP. Mind you, the mainstream media will never highlight when the Far Left targets and takes out conservative Blue Dog Democrats — former Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) comes to mind. Sowell uses the example of the 1860 presidential election where abolitionists ran a single-issue candidate who almost tipped the election to pro-slavery candidates. Lincoln won that election with just 40 percent of the popular vote.

Sowell counsels, “Whatever your principles, you have to weigh the human consequences from whatever you do in the name of those principles.”

If America is to survive the disastrous presidency of Barack Obama and the onslaught of progressive socialism, it will require a unified loyal opposition — not a fragmented internal food fight. The Republican party cannot win by being a lesser version of liberals, there has to be a clear delineation in principles.

Those principles are rooted in our Constitution and promote the individual, not the collective. They encourage economic growth and opportunity, not dependence and welfare nanny-state expansion. Our principles inspire entrepreneurship and the free market, not government sponsored crony capitalism. We advocate equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes by way of social egalitarianism. We support traditional values, which strengthen our society, not abandon our faith heritage and redefine foundational values. And finally, we defend our nation’s honor and safety by peace through strength, not acquiescence and weakness by leading from behind.

The GOP was established to secure the promise of Jefferson: individual liberty and freedom for all. Then, it was against the physical chains of slavery, today it is against the metaphysical chains of economic servitude.


  1. Allen West I am so glad you put this into words!!! I wish you would direct them into a more positive leadership role. I like the Tea Party, and most of their views. But, they seem to have no direction (some members are just radical) I think we have a good chance in the 2016 election, if only the Republicans and the Tea Party unites. I know I’m gong to get some hateful feed back from some of the Tea Partiers. But, first stop and think about what I said. I didn’t call any names, nor would I. But, for the love of this country…we must unite in a way that the Demarcated Party DOES NOT WIN. Or we all lose.

    • Kelley, I am in one hundred percent agreement with you. Our country first, party second. But I fear that the way things are going now that we are headed toward Marxist socialism. The conservatives are too splintered. I think many, like you and I, would support whoever is nominated on the Republican ticket. But there are too many who will simply stay home if the candidate of their choice is not nominated. They are the ones who allow socialists like Obama to be elected. They are so blinded by their ideology that they can’t comprehend the harm they’re doing to their country.

    • I agree with Kelly Seward: The Tea Party is too far to the right which is just as bad as being too far to the left. We have all sorts of people in this country and I also believe the Republicans, along with the Tea Party had better unite and get strong. Right now they are too weak. Otherwise we as a country are really in trouble.

  2. The Tea Party came out of Ron Paul campaign of 2008. Which included a non-interventionist constitutional foreign policy.

    Here’s hoping the Tea Party remembers it along with the non intervention in the economy.

  3. The Tea Party is NOT a political party. It is a grassroots movement made up of people who don’t fit into the Democrat-Republican mode. These people love their country and want to preserve what the founders provided for us in the Constitution. How is that extremist? We don’t need a leader, like the political parties do, we just need lots and lots of people coming together to fight for what is right.

  4. I have already decided, after a LOT of thought, that I will vote for a Republican in the next election, even if it is a RINO. I will not help to get a progressive into the WH for another term. Our country will not withstand another siege from the Democrat Party; it may not make it through this term.

  5. Even when Republicans have the majority in the House and Senate, they cave in to Liberal demands. They always have. They always will. Our country is sliding towards socialism because Republicans ALWAYS compromise. Republicans have yet to endorse (by way of a bill in the legislature) any party policies that will move toward individual liberty, economic opportunity or free market solutions that are not laden with excessive government power included in the bargain.
    Talk about principles all you want, Mr. West, but do not represent that Republicans stand pat on them. Republicans do not, will not and cannot, because Republican leadership is ONLY interested in maintaining political power.

    I agree that the name calling needs to stop. I agree that the message needs to be better defined about what TEA partiers are for rather than what they are against. You must realize that despite having to wage war on TWO fronts (the Republican AND the Democratic) they are still gaining ground on BOTH. Perhaps by backing the Republican Party so unyieldingly, you would do better to serve the People in lieu of the Party.
    Oh, and Ron Paul did not invent the TEA Party. That’s just a twisted reality.

  6. The mistake that Thomas Sowell makes is that of leaning slightly RINO and not engaging the fight wherever and whenever possible. Mark Levin accurately pointed this out last week in response to Thomas’ 2 articles; with all due respect, of course. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were right to fight when they did, and Thomas Sowell fails to acknowledge this, siding instead with the RINO establishment detractors. Let’s get this cleared up right now: The democrats fight tooth and nail for everything wrong and bad, every chance they get, as a unified front. And that’s why the Tea Party conservatives MUST do the same thing, like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, EVERY chance they get. Let’s stop being on the defensive, and take the good fight to the godless, America-hating left at all opportunities.

  7. Allen, I have the utmost respect for you and Mr. Sowell—probably two of the most patriotic Americans in this Country. But, here is my advice. As a moderate Republican (socially moderate, fiscally conservative). The party needs to take a good look at why we lost in VA. It was because of the third party mentality. We must at all costs come together under the one Republican umbrella if we are to gain our rightful place in DC. Democrats will vote democratically even if they hate the person running, disagree with their policies, or flat out just don’t know why damn reason why they vote for Democrats (although we know why a huge group votes for Democrats). Regardless of our party differences, we must come together with one united agenda. If we don’t you will not see a conservative in DC in any form for 30 years or better or until socialism has self-imploded this Country 100%. Certainly there is a “middle of the road” that we as a party can agree to. If not, the Republican party is finished. The tea party has no chance, and the other 3rd parties are nothing but spoilers and votes for Democrats. it is time for the Republican party to get their head out of their egotistical arses and think about the Country FIRST. Period!!!

  8. You have made some very valid points, most of which I agree with, but I would like to point out as well that this does not fall squarely on the shoulders of The Tea Party. The entrenched establishment Republicans have fought and done just as much damage to The Tea Party as the Democrats have. If the GOP is to unite, the entrenched establishment Republicans are going to have to recognize that there is a new breed of true conservative constitution based Republicans that are being sent to DC by the people. If the GOP is to unite, it is a two way street. Political games like John McCain who so completely vilified, degraded, insulted, disrespected, and stabbed in the back Ted Cruz and Mike Lee before and during the shut down because of what they were saying about Obamacare, now that the political winds have changed and this rollout is a disaster, he is saying the EXACT same things they were saying after he had thrown them under the bus. I do agree that the GOP has to be united, but I feel it will have to be more toward the side of the Tea Party. I believe the American people see how accurate people like Ted Cruz were when he tried to warn everyone about what was going to happen and if the Republican establishment can not move in that direction. I believe the American people will make that decision for them as they did in 2010. People who do not like Ted Cruz can say what they want about him, but what nobody seems to be able to admit is the truth, He has been vindicated and justified in just about everything he said about Obamacare.

  9. The Tea Party is the average American who goes to work every day. This is why the left fears them. It is the populist view. You will find Tea party types in Ron Pauls camp, however, the movement did not start there in anyway. The government over stepped its bounds and the Tea Party is the push back. The Tea Party is the average working American.

    • Problem is, the Average American who goes to work every day is being subjected to a continuous barrage of brainwashing by the left, by the media mainly. The Tea Party must find a way to counter this propaganda, even if it’s just people standing on corners and handing out pamphlets. We also have the internet which is not controlled by the media. One way is to start a campaign to discredit the media. Shouldn’t be hard to do with the way they slant news.

  10. Well there is a signal here, It is time to abolish political parties. They no longer define their members and they are just money pits and power pandorers. Imagine putting the best qualified person in charge of committees.
    The other problem that this highlights is the fact that the democrats have so many people under their thumb with social security and welfare. Then when that fails they buy bums votes with cigarettes and booze or use dead peoples votes.
    Lastly we fight the stigma of militia, constitutional terrorist, and racists and rednecks and uncaring for the masses who need help. Sadly less than 20% need this help it just pays too much for them to give up.
    So how do we unite under one emblem (preferably the US Flag)? How do you get people to care more about nation than family?

  11. The hope for this great country doesn’t lay in the GOP, Dems,Libertarian or any political party. Dr. Sowell, Mr. West and all Tea Party faithful must begin reclaiming this nation by supporting the Article V States Convention. The States must reclaim their power and return DC to a secondary constitutional power status as the founders intended. Washington DC’s power must be devolved to the States and DC turned into a National Park which honors the great men who created our founding principles. The current DC ruling class elite and their thousands of supporting bureaucrats must be eliminated by term limits, power limits and fiscal limits. Make these ruling class elites part time legislators and move their business meetings to a Motel 6 in the middle of America, then you will see some efficiency in government!!

    • I totally agree. Pearls before swine! It is the tax payer’s money that is funding the top one-percenters in the the DC area.

  12. Mr. West, the Tea Party also needs to stress the importance of their basic belief…….thay being,…. following the constitution as it was written. And it was written by extremely wise men.
    I believe if they’ll do that, many conservative Democrat voters(most are conservative) will join in getting America back on track.

  13. Man oh man how this pains me Mr. West because you are my #1 for 2016 but HELL NO! I have been at war with Democrats since 2001 and battling the GOP since AMNESTY and 2006, I am tired, very tired of being told to vote for the lesser of two evils for the “good of America”. You know whats good for America the TEA Party and when a conservative is on the ticket they will get my boots on the ground, the money out of my wallet and my vote. When you have people like McCain, Graham, Rubio, Boehner, Cantor, Paul Ryan selling America down the drain for ILLEGALS? you don’t get to have this woman’s vote or support, period.

  14. I would ask you to consider your time in Iraq and the moment inside yourself when you knew that you had to take charge in spite of doing what was “right”, to save your men. I highly respect what you did and was ashamed of the military for treating you like they did. I had that moment with George W Bush and AMNESTY. There is no turning back for me sir, I cannot be bought as you cannot be bought, I cannot be swayed as you cannot be swayed. I stand firm in my commitment to America the country I love so much and want to return her to my children as she becomes that shining city on the hill once again. I.Am.The.TEAParty.

    Those of us in this movement are not bought nor owned by the GOP and we will not be “scared” in going along to get along. We were born to raise this great nation to her former providence, by principles first, not by making deals with those who would stab us in the back. We met the enemy and it was us. Never again!

  15. Conservatives need a face lift and a better doctor than Pelosi’s. I see the strategy as enjoining the youth demographic to reduce the progressive socialist’s raw numbers. Merely uniting the fragmented conservative party may not be enough to secure a clear victory. The GOP has a bad name right now and the Tea Party and Libertarian movement have momentum. Clearly we need to stop the infighting and establish a simple and attainable platform capitalizing of the failures of the progressives and more importantly the constitutionalist objectives of the new conservatives. The incumbents in Washington are killing us. Obama got in as the new guy. We need to win it back with the new guy. SLL

    • I tend to agree, I believe it is time for the GoP to get behind the Tea-Party/Libertarian message for a change if they can stoop to doing what is best for America rather what gives them the most power.

      • Big money buys a lot of votes, wins elections and expects big pay-offs in political favors. There is a strong indication in the polls that now is a good time to usher in new blood. A large percentage of voters are tired of the shenanigans in Washington. With the PPACA debacle we could very well capitalize on this trend. Now is a good time to keep the discussion going and find a solid platform.

      • The Tea Party must do a better job of getting this out to the people. The left is spreading the lie that the Tea Party is a bunch of wild eyed, rabid racists and religious fanatics, and too damned many people are believing their BS. Stop preaching to the choir…they’re already on our side. Start reaching out for the millions of Independents before the left has them all snowed.

      • I cannot change State Run Media and their minions in Hollywood I can only live my life in solidarity with like minded people and share my message with as many people as possible within my range of influence which I do every day, in many ways.

    • The Tea Party has 3 principals. Constitutionally limited govt, fiscal responsibility and free market capitalism. It is very simple. All issues are judged by those 3 things.

      • Those are GOP principles that were made up in 2009 and NOT original. Tea Party was formed on these: Anti Fed, Anti WAr, and Pro personal freedoms. ALL issues are based on THOSE three things.

    • OK would you rather we say we are FOR sound money instead of against the FED? DUH. WE are FOR peace and non intervention instead of anti war? DUH? or FOR restoration of person freedoms rather than anti-NDAA which Mr West supports? DUH DUH DUH.

  16. I am not registered as a democrat nor republican. I am registered as an independent. I felt in my heart of hearts that if I made no party line commitments that I could make a difference by voting for a person who best represented my thoughts and values. As I listen to all of the delirious babble from a bunch of people trying to save face in the fray of stupidity that DC has become, I believe I made the right choice. As I write this I’m relatively sure that anyone who will support the Constitution as written will have my vote. Anyone who will utilize common sense when decisions need to be made will have my vote. I do not pretend to have my finger on the pulse of the nation, but I know the path we are presently on is a downhill run and I’m thinking that the brakes are failing. Now common sense prevailing we need to stop the madness now as it may already be to late. I don’t care if it is through impeachment or litigation but we have to do something. Why is it that no one standing up for what is right. I don’t care if you are Dem or GOP these people were sent to DC to a job for the people who elected them not to pander a wannabe social saver. If they don’t have the stomach for it, step aside and let someone else step in.

  17. They need a strong leader to take charge and direct the Tea Party organization. The man for the job, as far as I am concerned is Allen B. West.

  18. It is the loose affiliation that prevents the Tea-Party from being Hijacked by deep pocketed donors. The power of the Tea-party is their unwavering solidarity to the Constitution and not to any Johnny come lately politician they could be railroaded into supporting who could then reprise the actions of the RINO’s and GOP “old guard” by surrendering principal and honesty for short term political gain. I care about the constitution and saving America not the GoP, which often seems to have forgotten that the party is a means to an end not an end in itself!

    This applies to both the DNC and GOP-RINO’s and Old Guard, the Tea-Party is the only section of the GOP that has held off so far, and we are watching them closely to make sure they continue!

      • Since the tea party is more of a collection of like minded people and not a true political party with a capital P that has a hierarchy and actual authoritative leaders, and many self professed tea party members have on numerous occasions been quite vocal in their support for specific Republican candidates and possibly a Libertarian here or there but never to the best of my knowledge a Democrat, whether it is tied to the GOP or not it functions on both the GOP and the Libertarian Party as if it was a subset of voters from amongst their supporters who care almost exclusively about the Constitution and fiscal conservatism it is not inappropriate to discus the tea party as if it were a subset of GOP supporters, especially when suggesting that the GOP needs to adapt itself to the tea-parties agenda and not the other way around.
        Anyone paying attention should see clearly that if the GOP follows the RINO/old guard path the tea-party’s lack of support will put the DNC candidates in power just as sure as Ross Perot did bill clinton, which as far as I am concerned is really only slightly worse than christie or mccain would be, thus I would rather have voted for Ross Perot as I did the 1st time than degrade my vote by casting it for either christie, mccain, or some equally disgraced candidate!

  19. I think the tea party and the rest of the GOP should get together in some back room and figure out how to win the presidency as a team, and stop throwing each other under the bus. There are enough issues to agree on that the few we might disagree on can go to the back burner until we can win. why can’t they both be on the ticket or be promised key positions after a win. Winning should trump all other issues to save this country. keep your negative opinions to yourself and get this election won

    • The GOP establishment is what got us in this mess by refusing to support CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES.

      The GOP/RNC is an appendage of the Democratic party….
      The GOP Establishment compromises their principles.
      They stand for nothing but to keep their place at the public feeding trough whoever will promise them a spot with bribes, deals etc etc..
      And you want to team up with the devil that got you where you are???

      The end does not justify the means unless you are corrupt and willing to sell your principles and your soul for what you sell as expediency!

    • Are you serious? Is this a joke? The GOP is WHY WE FORMED. They are just as corrupt and working toward the world order as the rest. I’m sad to see 11 fools agree with you… SADLY they will never get that the tea party with a small tea, DO NOT want to be and are NOT part of the GOP.

  20. JMHO, after 30 years fighting for the Constitution, traveling the country, encouraging people to run, sponsoring candidates, consulting with candidates, and even encouraging people to become poll watchers to ensure fairness in elections…

    1) The Republican Party has no use for the TEA Party people. They fear them because the Pubs have grown fat and wealthy off of their ‘middle of the road’, ‘hands across the aisle’, pandering and backstepping, going along to get along. They no more care what the people want or what the taxpayers need than you care about the anthill at the end of your driveway. They know the power of the statist attraction, and they are cashing in on it as much as their fellow Democrats. They have no reason to stop, and every reason to silence the Tea Party.

    2) The Tea Party will not establish leaders, nor a platform, nor any such direction. They have stated it; like Anonymous, they will claim no leaders, no rules, no declarations – because to do so would, they think, mean that they have become corrupted. They are wrong – they are already infiltrated and corrupted. They are easily misled (coff coff Rubio) and will fall/vote for any wolf in Tea Party clothing.

    3) Like Libertarians, the Tea Party members as a whole prefer to blog and write diatribes and comment and then – go home to their jobs and families, sit in the living room and swear at the MSM on their TVs.They think that they are making a difference and are being heard. They are not. The million biker march on DC? The million-trucker stoppage? None of these protests have changed the minds of a single member of Congress, much less the President or his Cabinet. They laugh at you, sneer at you, and make fun of you… just as they do of their own constituents. They are the Ruling Class, the Republic is broken, the dictatorship has begun… and no one will admit it. They do not fear you; you are disjointed, you will not sacrifice, you will not come together under a solidified banner of Right and Truth. You keep trying to change what cannot be changed, stop what cannot be stopped, without giving up one scrap of your income, homes, and family.

    Both the Republicans (RINOs) and Democrats know this. Why don’t you?

    When I saw masses of people putting their faith in first McCain and then Romney, I quit… quit my political career, quit my proselytizing, quit spending my hard-earned money on trying to convince people that they had to make the changes. Now I sit back and watch you avoid the obvious. You are going to let it all slip away, talking about what arguments to put forth. You are arguing with a forest fire that will immolate you all, and still insist that it is listening to you, because it has to. I pity you.

    • This much I know. Nothing is gained by those who give up. Fortunately, when one loses hope and gives up on their dreams, another catches a vision and runs after the dream. We don’t always accomplish our goals but we always get further by pursuing them than if we never has them at all. I had a childhood friend who as a young adult, once told me, “I am never going to amount to anything. . .” And he has fulfilled his self prophecy. Yet, he had so much potential but squandered it in self pity and by pursuing the destructive life behaviors that result from such. Dare to dream and never give up! Dare to set goals and pursue them like they are your only chance and I guarantee, you will accomplish much more than if you just say, “I will never amount to anything . . .” or “You will never amount to anything . . . ” Leaders inspire and even if their voice is never heard, even if they never accomplish the goals and objectives they set out to achieve, atleast they stood and did the best they could. To quote the poet in the movie, ‘Dead Poets Society’, “I will not go quietly into the night. . . I will NOT go quietly into the night!” Here is a longer, similar poem by Dylan Thomas, “”.
      Do not go gentle into that good night,

      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Though wise men at their end know dark is right,

      Because their words had forked no lightning they

      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright

      Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,

      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,

      And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,

      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight

      Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,

      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      And you, my father, there on the sad height,

      Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      – See more at:
      Do not go gentle into that good night,

      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Though wise men at their end know dark is right,

      Because their words had forked no lightning they

      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright

      Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,

      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,

      And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,

      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight

      Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,

      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      And you, my father, there on the sad height,

      Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      – See more at:

    • You copped out! I pity you!
      Your opinion means nothing if you haven’t the fortitude to work to keep your country free….whatever it takes. Shame on you!
      all mouth…no action!

      • Refer to #3. I guarantee that YOU have not spent 30 years of your life and own money, traveling the entire country, exhorting, teaching, uplifting – only to watch people refuse to run, refuse to do anything but yammer. 30 years ago, 20 years ago, even 8 years ago, this could have been stopped… by the very people who are now squealing like pigs and still – doing nothing except waving banners and shouting, or sitting at your computer calling other people out, while the country is still going down the drain, The Ruling Class is chortling at you, in spite of your self-righteousness. I earned that right. You – have not.

      • You know nothing about me!
        What I know about you is that you didn’t stay the course and gave up before the job was done….whatever your excuse or reasons!

        Let the ruling class chortle!
        Gram always said that he who laughs last laughs best, just saying!

    • Not true. We are very active in NH working on federal intrusions WHERE THEY COUNT right here in the state. We don’t toss money at fakes like Sal Russo and Amy Kremer and then watch them make fools of themselves on TV while collecting a huge salary. THEY are NOT the ‘tea party’.

      • And you are why The TEA PARTY does not need a dictator!!
        Everyone has a different path to solve their problems and does what they think best!
        That’s why each group is autonomous!

        See, already, there is divisiveness…. and you are attacking those Constitutional Conservatives you should be supporting in spirit, if not in kind! You’d be more effective to use your venom to target Democrats!
        You proved my point!

  21. I would like to make one point Mr. West and it needs to be made clear! You are correct when you say that communication, marketing and standing strong together, is the most important thing, but you have missed your own point when you even mention that the Tea Party invited the government shut down. The Tea Party stood for what was right for the American people but the communication, marketing and standing strong together part was the downfall. You may want to think about how it sounds to non Tea Party supporters when you yourself insinuates that the Tea Party invited the shut down. Clean up the message, and save the country!

    • His point could not be more clarion or correct. He was pointing out the obvious. There was no way in haitis that the gop could have repealed the aca or defunded via 1/2 of one third of the govt. It is time tea partiers realize that and face facts and stop calling other people rinos that can do math.

      • Your ‘math’ is faulty…based on the fact that OBAMA deliberately LIED to promote his deceitful agenda!

        OBAMACARE has to be repealed or defunded because it is a disaster costing EVERYONE more money for LESS healthcare than we had.

        When the TEA PARTY calls someone a’s because they are not protecting and defending the CONSTITUTION they swore to uphold!

        The TEA PARTY faced the facts, told you the facts, but you had your head in the sand and missed the message!

        OBAMACARE is a scam perpetrated on every American, a share the wealth socialistic experiment to increase government control!

        Do you get it yet?

    • No offense…. but the TEA PARTY does not need a POWER BROKER who states the TEA PARTY shut down the government!

      The TEA PARTY does not have that much power…there are only 49 members in the HOUSE and 500 HOUSE MEMBERS voted.

      OBAMA and the SENATE shut down the government because they would not delay/repeal OBAMACARE……and guess what, that is exactly what will happen now because OBAMACARE is a total disaster…base on a HUGE LIE!

      • You are incorrect! You are much too argumentative to be effective and/or cooperative…that is why the TEA PARTY
        doesn’t need a dictator…at least we agree on something 🙂

  22. It is clear to me that the principles of the Tea Party are more in line with those of the Constitution Party than any other. Trying to push the GOP into conforming with our values is just not possible. The GOP is owned, operated and controlled by a finite circle of elites who take every opportunity to enrich themselves and their fellow aristocrats while actively working against us. Ignore their rhetoric and recognize the puppet show that they put on for you as nothing more than diversion. Get involved in the Constitution Party and let’s take our country back.

  23. I’m wondering if Mssrs. West and Sowell have some contact with the variety of Tea Party organization leadership. That would help but may be difficult to have individual leaders decide the hierarchy of leadership to coalesce around a common theme.

    I’ve signed up for different Tea Party groups as an experiment to see if the leadership is on the forums and collectively they are not. Matt Kibbe, FreedomWorks CEO was busy writing a book leading up to the 2012 election instead of moving the ground troops.

    Dick Armey left over a squabble and took thousands in fees from a board member that could have gone to promote FreedomWorks and activism. But no, everyone in power positions were taking care of number 1 – themselves.

    • LOL You just hit the nail on the problem — ALL of those people are hacks who have been around forever. They had NOTHING to do with the formation of the legit tea party in 2007 and only sought to hijack it for money and power.

  24. We, The People, need to be getting some ideas lined up … such as: for whom are we going to PUSH and vote for President .. not one of a bunch, but just one we can ALL get behind and work to that end; 2ndly we need leadership in the tea party, but sorry Col West, not you – you have other things to do for We, The People .. and getting stuck in the Tea Party Front Seat would tie you up – frankly I’m thinking the ticket should nclude you, …but can you win the conservative vote being kind of a new kid on the block? things need to be decided about things just l ike that. Can we get you elected? We are and have been wishy washy until the last m inute and look what happens,,,,for petes sake we got another round of the dictator wannabe !!! We are disjointed, we are spread over the whole country – adn then some .. how do we get pulled into a cohesive unit and fight for a common good … our Constitution? Yes there are ideas, good ideas – but everyone wants to be the Chief, no one wants to be the Indians … not meaning to offend anyone!!!!!

    • Sandra, I agree with you! The tea party better come together on where they going. Arguing about the capitalization of TEA and its implications is not worth the time when the movement is so fractured and lacks leadership. The old saying “United we stand or divided we fall’ still contains truth.

  25. Sorry Mr West, but are you planning on becoming a candidate and therefore being pragmatic by claiming that the TEA PARTY caused the government shutdown?

    Nothing could be further from the truth! There are over 500 HOUSE MEMBERS…49 are TEA PARTY…are you suggesting that 49 TEA PARTY members shut down the government all by themselves?? Shame on you! That is simply a LIE!

    The TEA PARTY is a Grass ROOTS movement that you want to divide and destroy by giving it a dictator! Please don’t talk down to us! We are smarter than that!

    All the REPUBLICANS have to do to be in sync with the TEA PARTY is:
    a. Protect and defend the Constitution
    b. Promote less taxation
    c. Promote less government control and more individual responsibility

    The TEA PARTY does not need a dictator to follow those precepts of freedom!
    Anyone of like mind is welcome to join and vote for CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES! They don’t need a dictatorial leader of the pack!

    That’s what it will take to take back our country…not another hierarchy of POWER
    to try to split the TEA PARTY into warring factions!

    • You are completely wrong. The Tea Party does need a leader. You outline three wonderful things. How in the hell do you expect to make it stick with the current GOP? No, contrast the current vacuous leadership of John Boehner with a leader who will fight not play golf. Then rally the grassroots to stump for every conservative on the ballot to replace all the RINOs. Get someone like West in as the Speaker and get a majority in the Senate to replace jackasses like McConnell. But it first takes someone we can rally around who is not afraid. Most of what I see it just talk and you marylou offer no solutions but to sit on the sidelines.

      • “Most of what I see it just talk and you marylou offer no solutions but to sit on the sidelines.”

        The TEA PARTY has not ‘sat (sit) on the sidelines’..They have been totally effective as a Grass Roots movement with the ability to move swiftly to communicate and motivate people to those issues important to Constitutional Conservatives.

        No one is better informed than Tea Party members because they do their own homework!

        Your Grand Plan would give us another Karl Rove/Dictator who wants to control and decide who gets elected…and how’s that working for you…he chooses RINOS! He’d rather let Democrats win than support Conservatives…how much support did he give K. Cuccinelli?

        Why is he attacking the Republican Conservatives?

        The TEA PARTY, deliberately autonomous groups, can do more good without a dictator issuing orders causing divisiveness! You don’t get it!

        You are of course entitled to your….imho…erroneous opinion.

    • I agree with Marylou. This article is misleading and should be called “Advice for the GOP” if anything. The problem isn’t the tea party – it’s the RINO GOP. I thought Mr. West wasn’t one of them but now I have to have my doubts. ???

  26. The Tea Party has been VERY DIVISIVE within the Republican Party. This is a FACT! I agree with this article. If ALL Republicans do not stick together, we will never win another presidential election. You must set social issues aside for now or you are doomed to live under the coming Socialism. First you must keep the House and take back the Senate, then go on to win the Presidency. One step at a time. Mr. West is right – you must be a cohesive group or you are guaranteed to fail.

    • Sandy, I agree but we the people have to do our part also and that is not being done or else the so called conservatives would never give in to the communist agenda. We Americans want the conservatives to do all the work and we sit back and complain when they cave but we don’t fight to stop the caving. Now we are to the point to where verbal and written combat is being useless and what has happened in the last 5 years proves it. Now is time to go one step farther.

      • That is why the tea party is about education. If more people would stop allowing our kids to be brainwashed, and would stop letting government be run by leftist groups like the UN, then we would not have the people voted into office that we do…

    • The problem Sandy, with your logic – is that you fail to accept one thing – it’s the tea party that’s RIGHT, and the GOP RINOS who are wrong. If you want a united front, then I suggest you and the other RINOS join the tea party. Not the other way around.

    • Republicans do not lose because of social issues, they lose because they spend almost as much as Democrats. Even though George W Bush was pro-life the reason why he and the Republican Party lost majority Conservative base support was because Bush and his six years of Republican-controlled Congress (2000-2006) spent more than Clinton.
      The Ruling Class Democratic Party is the party of evil while the Ruling Class Republican Party is the party of evil-enablers.
      Cohesive group is admirable however the Republican Party Ruling Class has no interest in governing via fiscal conservative policies guided by Constitutional principles.
      We cannot win by electing the same Ruling Class Republicans who, while on the campaign trail, lie about reducing the size of government.
      We call out Obama and the Ruling Class Democrats for their campaign lies yet John McCain and his Ruling Class Republicans lie just as much.
      I must disagree with both West and Sowell, the problem is not the Tea Party, the problem is The Ruling Class.

  27. You hit the nail on the head Sandy!……..Let’s hope that we Republicans can work together and turn this country back into the good old USA we all know and love!

  28. From Conservative to liberal
    When people want a conservative government, they do not elect liberals, moderates, establishment or other communists.
    I just posted about this on the
    When you say they need each other, you must realize they (the ones who will compromise will compromise with the communists as well as the so called conservatives; then your compromise will be for more and more; a little at a time; then your grandchildren will have a far worse time getting anywhere; they only compromise down; leaving the conservatives in the…stuck.
    When a conservative desires conservative government; they need to elect conservatives.
    Look at Mr McCain; he will; has compromised …now he’s a RINO; a “Republican In Name Only”.
    When someone starts to compromise they will do it with anything; even marriage. They start with working late with an opposite sex worker in a late environment, then they get more friendly, then a couple drinks, then …very gradual is the web created, then sprung; trapped!
    Just like sin; or disciplining someone to read and learn their Bibles, line upon line, precept on precept, a little here, a little there, pretty soon we know what we are talking about.
    No one can compromise with politics either.
    I knew you would understand if I explained it.

  29. What the Conservatives/Tea Party really needs to do is to select ONE candidate to run in the GOP primaries. Whether this candidate is chosen thru an on-line poll, a series of pre-primary primaries, caucus, or however, the problem in the past few elections is that we have beat ourselves up and divided our voting power between ourselves, while the RINO establishment has supported their one “moderate” candidate.

  30. If all the “Tea Party groups” would come together, that would be a mighty voice for conservatism. Let’s try to do that and just see what happens. “United we stand, divided we fall.” !!!

  31. Perhaps We The People should consider the text II Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name: will humble themselves, and “pray and seek My face, and turn from. Their wicked ways, then I will hear from hear from heaven, and will “forgive. Their sin and “heal their land Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in thisplace”.

      • They must embrace the fact that it’s (prayer) the only way the Nation as we have known it will stand. Nothing else is really working. If we learn form the past that would be the lone answer. People returning to Judea-Christian values. Get the facts.

  32. Can I ask a question? Why isn’t this “advice for the GOP?” Clearly the GOP RINOS are the problem, and not the “tea party.” By the way, the “tea party” isn’t some political pac that you can just order to think or do this way or that. Surely you know that? I found this article to be useless in it’s current form, as it addresses the wrong group. You want to save America? Join with the tea party – don’t ask them to join with the socialists in the GOP. The longer people wait to let the RINO GOP die, the worse things are going to be. I say let it die. Long live the Tea Party Movement. Some things are just worth standing up for, no matter what.

  33. Sorry but I don’t understand this. We the legit tea party, formed in 2007, had nothing to do with shutting down the government.

    The tea party the media shows you is NOT the grassroots. We are.

    We are not about campaigns or candidates.

    We do not collect money to give to GOP consultants.

    We do not have a strategy or office or representatives in DC.

    We are a movement that educates.

    This is the GOPs job… not the tea party… and it’s spelled tea party not TEA party.

    The three lynchpin issues were Federal Reserve/IRS, Anti-WAR, and personal freedoms.

    The tea party is not fighting ‘other republicans’ because the tea party is NOT republican or any other party, nor a branch of it.

    The tea party formed during a republican administration to be clear.

    So as much as I like Sowell, he’s wrong on this because he doesn’t really know who the tea party is or what they do… he’s focusing on GOP Pacs and people in DC who claim to be our reps.

    WE have NO reps in DC and the so-called tea party caucus has nothing to do with US, the real tea party.

    It is NOT ‘taxed enough already’ although if we got rid of the Fed and IRS, we would get rid of the taxes.

  34. Sorry, but I don’t understand this either. “Legit tea party” there is no such thing. “tea party” is nothing more than a philosophy and like any philosophy people will take whatever they like in it and ignore what they don’t like. There are things l like about this philosophy, the anti-war and personal freedoms but I also see the need for taxes and a strong central government otherwise the United States would just be another Europe or worse. Those people who formed the tea party in 2007 lost ownership of it a long time ago. In the early days you had something but then the crazies got involved.

  35. Until both Democrats and Republicans alike get the message that business as usual is no longer acceptable, tea party groups, occupy groups, and the like will flourish.

  36. You study history and the one lesson that always pass the test of time is- before tyranny, socialism, or any such evils are embraced by a people. Depravity must begin its reign. Probe it with honesty and see what you discover.


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