Islamist super bloc forming and US response is FUBAR

A few months ago the mainstream media was all alarmed about events in Syria. Of course President Obama gave his infamous “red line” declaration regarding which, in typical Obama fashion, he did nothing.

The silence on Syria should cause us all concern and Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project explains why in a meticulous analysis.

In the absence of any credible American influence in the region, there is a new axis of evil forming in the Middle East: an Islamist super bloc. President Obama invited Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the White House and spoke of the great alliance and friendship between the two. Interestingly enough it is Turkey that is wholeheartedly allied with the Muslim Brotherhood and has become a central hub for their operations. In addition, the two are joined together in the fight against Syria’s President Assad.

However, it now seems the prolonged conflict in Syria is draining their resources and a resolution is being sought. The Islamist forces realize that Assad had two powerful sponsors in Russia and Iran. The resolution seems to be a pact between Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran and Hezbollah, with Hamas, as a Sunni terrorist organization, joining on the side of the former.

Hamas already has relations established with Turkey. Those left out in the cold from this axis are Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Gulf States, representing the old guard. An Ottoman-Persian axis would create a huge territorial bloc, aided by Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq.

We already have knowledge that Egypt is entering into talks with Russia, which includes military support and Egypt offering a naval base of operations to Russia. Further, there has been some outreach to China by the Arab old-guard states.

President Obama has proven unreliable and has played a dangerous game of placating the Muslim Brotherhood, and is now trying to cozy up with Iran — both to the disdain of our previous allies in the region.

Furthermore, the biggest loser in this whole restructuring in the Middle East is Israel, knowing that this Islamist axis will focus its immediate angst on Israel as a rallying point. Right along with Israel, the Kurds will find themselves in a double envelopment between Turkey and Iran. And we all know Christians residing within the boundaries of this new Islamic caliphate will face immeasurable persecution, beyond comprehension.

King Abdullah of Jordan will also find himself in a very precarious position. Should Jordan stay allied with Israel and the absent US or succumb to the new axis?

Remember it was Obama who stated the US would pivot away from the Middle East and focus on the Pacific – but China doesn’t seem too concerned.

It was President Obama’s 2009 speeches in Turkey and Cairo that set the stage for this new Islamic totalitarian resurgence. Of course the Obama acolytes and apologists will dismiss this assessment, but this has not happened by accident.

President Obama has clearly displayed an affinity for the Islamists. I don’t care about the narrow focus of drone attacks against isolated Al Qaeda targets. I also believe Obama’s hand was forced to execute the US Navy SEAL raid to eliminate Osama Bin Laden because it fit a political narrative.

Strategically, Obama has enabled the spread of the Islamists due to his lack of any vision and feckless nature — and having a Secretary of State like John Kerry who smells of weakness is even more enticing. Our military readiness is being sacrificed for social egalitarian experiments, repeal of DADT and women in combat units. I can summarize this only one way: FUBAR!

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Craven Moorehead

obama is waging jihad on americans. isnt it obvious? #impeachobama

Donna Young

It should be very apparent to every American what our President is up to. We have Jihadists demonstrating on the streets of NYC and we do nothing about it. They are calling for the destruction of America. Our President is funding their efforts with our tax dollars. Wake up America!



A.W. Fan

I also believe Obama had the set-up planned to have the helicopter with Seal Team Six along with all the other brave souls on board, shot down.

John Bush

The only salvation for the Middle East is to team up With Vladimir Putin and teach the Muslims to respect other humans, or else.

Jerry Curtis

Putin is NO fan of Islam, there is that common ground.

Donna Kay Dugger

I think it’s very sad that the President chooses not to stand with Israel all though I am not surprised

Brian Dabrowski

Allen West, I think you need to run for President of the United States. It’s not good enough to stand on the sidelines and write about this stuff. You can make a difference, you electable. Remember, Albert Einstein once said “”The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”



Barbara Bernard

Allen West , If you want to be President I will vote to put you there. We need a person with brains and common sense;not a traitor like Obama1

Jerry Curtis
I would like to see a ticket with Sarah Palin & Col Allen West and I believe it would be unbeatable. But at this moment the focus needs to come back to the present. Put Obamacare aside for the moment and get on with the investigations of Benghazi, the IRS, give Lerner immunity but make her testify in full. Obama needs to be removed from office now. At the rate Obama is going there may not be an America left in 3 years. He sure as hell is trying to destroy us sooner than later. Col West put your hat… Read more »

That’s my ticket of choice, too, Jerry.


I’ll help you campaign for him as well, Jerry!! I think Col. West is an honest and outstanding man who can be a role model for our children!!

Giray Emsun

It is very stupid of the government and the media to be silent on the struggles of the secularists in Turkey. Kemalist Turkey needs to throw idiot Erdogan in to prison. Most Turks who are educated understand this, but the government here doesn’t understand the struggles of Turkey of the past 100 years. To think that an islamic nation in Turkey is possible is insanity.

The bible tells us about an assyrian/middle easterner and his warriors/army that rises up and takes over …but no one says a thing about it? His maneuver is equated to robbing a nest while it is unprotected. What bush set in place to “protect us” (whether one agrees or not that was his motive)….obama has given into the hands of the terrorist entity that bush wanted to protect us from. What bush did….was greeted with an uproar….but what obama has done is overlooked? Like the bible says.. the Assyrian is able boast…”and there is no wing flapped or mouth opened… Read more »
Col West, First thank you for your military service sir! America needs some one to step up an I think you would be the best person for the job! Sir out military is being decreased to ridiculous low rates, our country needs leadership! We have none right now! I implore you sir to lead the charge to impeach Obama an Holder an the rest of his like staff, how can any one like Ophray step up a call this a race issue. I don’t care if he is purple, you are either a leader or not an he sir is… Read more »