Bonuses can’t keep Air Force pilots to stay

Photo: US Air Force

We’ve already reported on concerns regarding combat readiness of the Army and Marine Corps. Now the United States Air Force is facing a shortage of fighter pilots. According to a report from the Air Force Times, fighter pilots are doing a fly by on $225,000 bonuses. In other words, the Air Force can’t pay them to stay. The reason? Because of the sequester, many squadrons are grounded. Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Nov. 7 that pilots told him they were “bored” because their squadrons weren’t flying.

The sequester has indeed helped to reduce the deficit but due to a lack of budgetary prioritization from the Obama administration, it has had a detrimental effect on military readiness. Once again, the US military is being punished as the bill payer for domestic spending junkets — something I experienced during my military career in the Clinton years.

Perhaps if President Obama cared less about expanding the welfare nanny-state, we wouldn’t have been forced to ground 13 combat squadrons of approximately 15-20 aircraft each. I’m quite certain I’m not the only person reading this report — you can bet China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are calculating their next moves. The world is a dangerous Machiavellian place.

Progressive socialists in America are always more concerned with expanding the dependency society at the expense of national security. But then again, President Obama said he’s pretty good at killing people with drones. Maybe he feels we don’t really need a strong defense after all, just him and a PS4 on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.


      • I’m seeing a major exodus of Senior NCO’s as well. So much experience…It just doesn’t feel the same serving for an administration that doesn’t seem to have our families best interest at heart. VA medical care proves that.

      • You all forgot about the 600 MILLION DOLLARS Obama threw away on the Obamacare website that doesn’t work! That is 600 Million dollars America could have trimmed from the deficit.

      • I can’t speak for him but I’m guessing that James is referring to President Obama, playing off the statement that Col. West quoted in which our Badass Dude-in-Chief bragged about how “good” he was at killing people with drones.

  1. With all these recent posts, I seriously hope Col. West is considering a White House run! Maybe then we would have a good candidate for the first time in 8 LONG years.

      • glad to see people is and should wake up that Obama
        should not go down in history as the first black president –he is not black he
        is not Africa American first off he is a un educated idiotic i doubt if he could
        teach a kindergarten class second he is as years ago was called a malo a mixed
        bred or could be called bi-racial but he is not BLACK we can at least take this
        from him and not let history write him in history books as first black
        so come on every one get on this and lets take this honor for him and lest a true black man get that honor

      • Color does not matter!!!!!!………..God why bring that UP??……I cannot stand the man , or his entitled attitude and that horrid wife of his, the spending she does of our tax money, the waste they both are guilty of……what we need is a good American president who obeys his oath , who works for the people who elected him and who REALLY cares about this country, black, white, yellow, red or mulato!

    • Col West needs to be the civilian who oversee a military coup. The army cannot rise up without civilian control. This could be the reason it has not happened already. There needs to be a civilian in charge. It your constitution, know and understand it.

    • A president’s main responsibility – even before tinkering around with taxes, the economy, healthcare, the environment or social issues – is managing and overseeing the defense of the United States of America and its people – and Col. West, because of his professional background, training (General Staff and Command College) and hands-on combat experience understands the combination of fiendishness and fanaticism of our enemies better than any of our other public political figures and would be better qualified to perform Task Number One. All of the other potential candidates on both sides are either lawyers, policy wonk/government official lifers or businessmen and really DO NOT GET IT the way Col. West obviously does.

  2. When is enough, enough? This President is a disgrace. He is single handedly destorying this country. Military morale is in the toilet. WAKE UP AMERICA! War is coming and at the rate we are going Pearl Harbor is going to look good in terms of preparedness. A Nation is only as strong as her military.

    • “A Nation is only as strong as her military.”

      Or her economy. A strong economy is a fundamental requirement for everything else you want to do as a nation. Obama and the Democrats have weakened the economy, which has put all these other institutions in jeopardy.

      • China has a “strong” economy now – because of OUR help! Do YOU buy “Made in China” toys because they’re cheap? Do you go to the “dollar bin” at most stores? I have yet to see anything in there “made in the USA”! DON’T buy them. This Christmas – give a gift of a local business gift care, a hair cut, an oil change, a car wash, or a YEAR of car washes…KEEP THE BUSINESS OF CHRISTMAS at HOME! If you have to go to the BIG department store, get a tire change, a new tire, a hair cut/color, go to the local candy store where it is MADE and buy it. HELP YOUR OWN TOWN this holiday season!

    • Yes – but it is doing NO good for us to write notes, posts and talk between us – we MUST get the House of Reps BUSY!! START with ALL the people you can get to write Reps and demand an Article of Impeachment!

  3. It’s understandable. If your boss is a dick and your not allowed to talk about it then you’d shake the dirt from you boots too for a steady schedule at Southwest Airlines or Continental.

  4. What does Obama care? His main objective was always to desecrate the military making it easier for our enemies to attack us and/or our allies – what few (if any) we have left.

  5. We did this with Clinton too. He cut defense spending and ignored or mishandled attacks, and then we had to build it all back up again because we were hit on 9/11. I assume OBL was reading all the papers when Clinton was chasing him too.

    They don’t care, and the public never learns.

    • Exactly what I’ve been saying! I served (USAF) under Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43. I saw (first hand) what Clinton did to our military, closing bases and RIFing members. Anyone else remember “15 and Out”? Only 8 months after Bush 43 took office we were “caught with our pants down”! It took many years to get to that point.

    • ABSOLUTELY – if you read Islam and Terrorism by Michael Gabriel – you WILL SEE THE EXACT pattern of how the Muslims have taken over country after country – it fits the pattern HERE! URGENT for us to STOP expecting SOMEONELSE to do this – contact your House Representative, DEMAND they draft an article of Impeachment, vote on it and send it to the Senate = then write your Senators and DEMAND they vote FOR the articles!!! THAT’S the only LEGAL way to get rid of him! PASS THIS MESSAGE ON!

  6. People don’t stop to think of the impact it has on the civilian sector as well. A lot of civilians are employed in support roles for those aircraft, their bases, the personnel and the surrounding communities. It all trickles down and when they aren’t flying then people start becoming unemployed and situational readiness suffers.

  7. I live on Whidbey Island, Washington state, 5 minutes way from NAS Whidbey and those pilots are not in the air like they have been the past 17 months. Their up in the evening a few days a week, but nothing like they were doing before the sequester went into effect.

    • Exactly the kind of crap Obama would do! Be sure to get the word out “This is not on the Republicans”. Demorats will be sure to blame them. Here we go with more of the political back and forth again!

    • And SEQUESTER is a DEMOCRAT method to blame Republicans for it being enacted!! And it backfired on his majesty the dictator!!!

    • And there is no real reason for the sequester to cut any flight, since it was only a cut to the INCREASE in spending that government entities were planning for. There are no real cuts to spending…it is all a tiny cut to the percent they wanted to increase their spending in the coming years! This, just like shutting down our memorials during the slowdown, is planned to weaken our support for government spending cuts of any kind, not to actually cut into current government spending. Remember, they are sill laundering $85 billion a MONTH through the stock market in the guise of quantitative easing! The sequester merely cuts about $85 billion a YEAR from Their desired spending increases!

  8. Come on people wake up. Yeah you, the low infomation voter that elected this idiot in the first place and then re-elected him in the second place. This bastard president needs to go and now, not in 3 years.

    • I have been stating this for so long it falls on deaf ears. It’s getting to be a desperate situation to see your Country falling & nothing preventing it from going over the cliff. How do we fix stupid.

      • How to fix stupid?
        There has to be a military coup as per Egypt.
        More people are speaking openly about Rule·303, but that would only get rid of 1 traitor/Communist.

      • I blame the rest of the idiots in Washington who surely must know by now what his agenda is and do nothing. Whoever is running the show, and I don’t think it’s Obama because I don’t think he’s smart enough, understood Americans very well indeed. Bleeding heart liberals whose lives are so abundant are full of guilt and fake compassion at everyone else’s expense.

      • Your are correct. Obama is just the face in front of the message. The one running DC is Valerie Jarrett and behind her are even more powerful men, Soros and various middle easterners who do not have the best interests of this country in mind!

      • You can correct ignorance, through education, but stupid can never be fixed as long as it is possible for stupid to live a better life taking Government handouts!!!!

    • H ere is the problem with those voters…………all they saw was a black man and now they don’t care what he does, because he is BLACK, most of them will NEVER abandon him for that one reason, he will get a pass for the rest of his term, I know,
      I have heard them talk and it is disgusting to me that are so apparently racist to the point of selling our country and themselves out for this immoral , lier. Dumb .

  9. I’m in San Diego, near Miramar, and miss seeing the jets, helicopters and air craft fly and practice. Even the Coast Guard isn’t in the air as much. All the air shows, with the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds have been cancelled. Even the Ospreys are silent. I miss that. Sad.

    • That is truly sad! Our current POTUS gave the money to the Muslim Brotherhood, along with the F16s.!
      We MUST get rid of this Obama creep who is selling out the USA and promoting military weakness, attempting to make US just weak enough to be unable to resist the ISLAMIC MILITANTS when they are ready to invade and overpower us!

  10. Obama has to be removed Now. Hagel has to be gotten rid of. We need a Strong Military Man as President to get America’s Military Strength back to where it was 5 years ago. We The People have to get our Priority’s straight now or we are going to lose our Country because of this worthless idiot we have in office . God Please Help Guide us Back to Our Strength as a strong and Caring Nation . Wake Up America !

    • DAVE – WRITE YOUR HOUSE MEMBER only THEY can start the impeachment…a committee drafts the articles of impeachment then the House and Senate MUST vote on it…start a writing campaign in YOUR own NEIGHBORHOOD! THAT is the ONLY way to get it done!

      • Bringing charges of impeachment is a waste of time and money and could make things worse. Remember, while the House brings charges of impeachment (and there are more than enough charges to bring!) the trial and the vote to remove from office is held in the Senate and that is firmly in the hands of the Democrats right now. Charging impeachment and then leaving the regime in office would merely make him a larger leftist icon than Bill Clinton and he would have three years to use his executive pen to exact his revenge…and you know he would do it! It is going to be up to the American people to march on DC and demand his resignation…and we will need tens of millions to join us. We will have to March until the media gets the message that we are serious and will not leave until he is gone. I just don’t think the American people have what it takes to get the job done.

      • Imprison him on charges of treason for Benghazi weapons dealings and sales to enemies of America . Then send him to mexico where they expressed wanting to charge him and holder with murder from fast and furious gun selling to gangs

      • Once out of office he can be arrested and I’d be happy to ship his butt to Mexico and let them try him for murder! But we are going to have to get him out of office before anyone can do anything to him! We must demand his resignation!!

  11. LTC West, most of us are fed up and ready to leave after putting our hides on the line since the 80s & 90s. The administration is just the last straw. Working and fighting under Donald Runsfield wasn’t any better.

  12. He is just following obama seniors manifest to the letter; about the USA. The USA is too big and too powerful. It needs to fail economically and be destroyed militarily. If you do anything you should thank an obama supporter for destroying a once beautiful country.

  13. I thank God that I had the privilege of serving under Reagan. Can’t help but feel for these folks serving under this Buffoon.

    • Miss him so much, he has got to be one of the best men in our country, and we were blessed to have had him run this country, I will never forget …………Take down this wall,…..A.true American, and not since him and Kennedy has this country been the same, the democratic party died when Kennedy did.

      • How true! Now the democrats are owned by lobbyists, large interest,
        groups. They are in it for power and riches.

    • Ditto. I enlisted under Reagan, served proudly under Bush, But couldn’t wait to get out under Clinton. Couldn’t imagine serving now. Hat’s off to all active duty, You’re stronger than me.

  14. I think this is a sinister plot to deplete our trained military.His lie…probably something like “I didn’t relieve them of their command, they left on their own.”

  15. Look what the Left has done to the military (with many complicit Republicans). While I respect all women who serve, the forced integration of females into all male combat units will only lessen combat effectiveness. Our military is being feminized and this will make us weaker. The Marines, Navy, and Army have been directed by the DoD to even accept women in our elite combat units of Navy SEALS and Army Rangers. Because of sex differences women will be treated differently and, in many cases, receive preferential treatment. Under these circumstances morale will only get worse.

    • Not only will moral get worse, but so will the missions (and death tolls). I can’t say that I am against allowing woman to join different groups, BUT, only if they can pass the exact some endurance tests that are in place. When the seals are on a mission, the last thing they should have to worry about is taking care of one of the team BECAUSE THEY CAN’T KEEP UP WITH THE REST!!!!! We NEED presidents that UNDERSTAND combat. When a president is dictating what our military is doing, they should know what they are talking about, and if they don’t then they should leave it to those who do. We know the current president hasn’t even had to fight his way out of a paper bag, and probably couldn’t if he needed to. I think the weakening of our military is NOT by accident! It’s funny how the “sequester” is punishing our military, while criminals and thieves are getting rich off of the Obamacare debacle!!! This is the worst administration ever!

    • Correction, jphxaz. Have you seen the article about the FEMALE fighter pilot -and her commander- who were in their planes, ready to takeoff (unarmed) on essentially a suicide mission to take down flight 93 on 9/11/01? Are/were you a military aviator? I was, and I am telling you we are just as strong (mentally) – and in many cases stronger – than our male peers (who would agree with me). It’s not a matter of gender – it’s a matter of combat readiness. Believe me, I NEVER received preferential treatment. Quite the opposite. Made me tougher, as well.

      • There is no doubt that women can be as brave as any man. Additionally women can be trained to fly a combat fighter just as well as any man. The difference is this and it is huge. John McCain was shot down and held prisoner of war for over 5 years. He was tortured on a daily basis. A female in this position is much more vulnerable. She will be raped and sexually abused, probably on a daily basis. She will not be given birth control pills or the rapists will not wear condoms. A female/females imprisoned for years will probably become pregnant and maybe even give birth in prison. Will this infant then be taken and likewise tortured? This will be magnified the more women who are captured. Why must a society put their women in these situations (just for purposes of equality) when there are plenty of men to do the job. This will also adversely affect the morale of the male prisoners. Men are innately protective of women as was shown in the Aurora, CO mass theater shootings. 3 men jumped in front of their girlfriends/wives and took a bullet for them. There was not enough time to think this through..;it was instinctive. There is a biological reason for this behavior. Biologically a female life is more valuable than a male life. Why? Let’s assume that the roles are reversed. All the members of a tribe who are the warriors are female and the males raise and nurture the young. If all of the females except a very few (let’s just say one female survives) are killed in a battle it will be impossible to repopulate the tribe with just one female. It will take one female 9 months to replace one person. On the other hand one male can easily repopulate a tribe composed entirely of women. Males are, biologically expendable. Females are not. This is why males are protective of females.

      • If there are plenty of men to do the job, where are they? I don’t see them stampeding to the enlistment centers.

      • Well maybe we could replace all of the men in our military with women! Only joking. I respect ALL who serve. Although, I know of no case in history where female leaders formed armies of women to overthrow their oppressors or to conquer another culture or people. It is not in their nature. This is done by men. Hopefully when/if we get a Republican president this anti military policy will change.

      • Hey, I’m NOT disagreeing with you! I’m just simply saying that if they
        want it opened up to woman, they should have to pass the SAME EXACT
        physical challenges that are in place NOW, IF NOT, TOO BAD! But DO NOT
        ease up on the endurance challenges at all. I am sick of all this
        equality crap. Just like football, woman want to play it, but they want
        everything changed. It’s BC! I miss the days when woman were ladies,
        and men were men! Now in business, it’s a completely different story,
        and off topic, so I’ll leave it there. I tried to reply to your reply to mine but for some reason it is now gone.

      • I agree with you Dione. Unfortunately the standards WILL be changed. It is called gender norming whereby the standards will be lowered for everyone, including the men. This will also allow many substandard men to pass the standards. This has already been done in the Phoenix fire department so that women can get on. There is a reason why NO woman has ever played college or pro football with the men. If the government ran the NFL though the rules would be changed so that women could play. Would the teams be better? NO. But they would be much more egalitarian. Egalitarianism, not excellence, is the highest value of the Left.

      • I believe you are right on point, and I am an intellectual equal of men! (a woman who is an intellectual equal, not a physical or psychological equal) However I will protect my nest with the ferocity of a mother bear!

      • Women will always be prepared mentally and physically to defend their homes and homeland. Ever seen a mother dog, cat, BEAR. But only here at home.

      • This is a common misconception. The Israelis tried this in the 1948 war. It was a great failure. The men were less effective and the presence of women negatively affected the entire performance of the combat unit. After this women were not put on the front lines. I heard a female Israeli colonel on the radio who said the one thing the IDF fears more than anything is having their females captured. They are very prevalent in support roles however.

      • The Caracal Battalions have 70% Female Infantry. I have trained with them as an Army Soldier and they are just as good as their Male counterparts. So It is true not like the naysayers want to believe. The IDF are all about the fight. And their women are just as ready as the men.

      • The Caracal Battalions have 70% females. My contention is this: an all male army is superior to an all female army. If women are the equal to men in the combat infantry they should, like professional sports (of which the WNBA is a good example), have battalions composed only of females. This would solve many of the problems of fraternization, romantic relationships, sexual assault, and pregnancy. This would also prove, once and for all, whether an all female battalion could hold its own with a similar all male unit. Common sense says, to me, that the answer is no, the all female unit would be inferior to an all male unit. The facts of male/female physical differences are only one, of many differences. But the physical differences are large and undeniable.

        Men and women are, by definition, unequal in physical attributes. These differences are quite large and by virtue of the great disparity of differences very unfair as well! A typical man has about twice as much muscle mass
        and half as much fat as a similarly sized woman.1
        Quoting from the Psychology Today website: “1) Men are physically stronger than women, who have, on average, less total muscle mass, both in absolute terms and relative to total body mass. The greater muscle mass of men is the result of testosterone induced muscular hypertrophy. Men also have denser, stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments, 2) men have greater cardiovascular reserve, with larger hearts, greater lung volume per body mass, a higher red blood cell count, and higher hemoglobin. They also have higher circulating
        clotting factors, which leads to faster healing of wounds, and 3) men are less likely to suffer with depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and post traumatic stress disorder.”2 A U.S. Navy study found that women possessed about one half the lifting power of men. Another study concluded that the top 7% of women scored in the same range as the bottom 7% of men in upper body strength.3
        Men have much higher levels of testosterone than women which aids not only in physical performance and muscle strength but also in aggression. Women have high levels of estrogen which results in a higher body fat composition than men. A higher body fat to muscle ratio reduces physical performance. Women are not as physically robust as men and suffer more injuries that result in longer periods of downtime. As a result much higher numbers of women than men are
        non deploy-able. While working with orthopedic surgeons for 32 years I learned that women participating in sports have a much higher rate of torn ACL (knee) injuries than men. According to the NIH Medline Plus website young women athletes suffer ACL injuries at a rate 2 to 8 times the rate of young male athletes.4

        It is as if the male body and physique were designed for fighting and aggression. This is quite natural for the animal kingdom where physical prowess and aggression are defense mechanisms for survival. These are the characteristics that enabled the males of ancient times to protect the tribe or clan from outside threats whether those threats came from other tribes or from predatory animals. The female body, on the
        other hand, is not designed for battle or combat. What advantages do high body fat, breasts, wide hips or the monthly menstrual cycle confer on the female to enable her to be better equipped than males for the defense of the tribe or hunting for food? All of these female characteristics equipped her to perform the most essential role for human survival; reproduction and the physical nurturing of the next generation.
        These facts in no ways discount the fact that women can be just as brave and heroic as men. That is not the issue. The issue is which sex is best suited for fighting and killing other people? Additionally I know of no case in history where female leaders formed armies of women to overthrow their oppressors or to conquer another culture or people. It is not in their nature, but it is in male nature. If one acknowledges this how then can females be the equal of males in ground combat roles?
        website. “Athletic Differences Between Men & Women” by
        Martin Zabell, May 26, 2011

        Today website, “The Battle of the Sexes” by Neel Burton, M.D.,
        July 2, 2012

        Women Go Into Combat”, by Catherine L. Aspey, Reader’s Digest,
        February 1999

        “An Athlete’s Nightmare: Tearing the ACL”

      • You are long winded and I am not reading your quoted from Wiki response. I know what I have seen first hand. They get treated the same in the IDF as the men. and the other 30% in Caracal Battalions are support MOSs and Misc Attached males.

        You are a sexist that thinks a woman’s place is behind her man. It is that kind of not giving them a chance that has caused the problem for 300 years.

        And personally I would like to see you tell an IDF Female that they are inferior while she kicks the crap out of you.

      • Your rejoinder, No Comment, is what is called an ad hominem attack. An ad hominem attack is a debate tactic whereby one does not attack my arguments with counter arguments, but instead attacks my character, i.e. I am a sexist and long winded. You even admitted that you refused to read my arguments. Additionally none of the data I cited was lifted from Wikipedia. All references were footnoted. If I am a sexist then anyone who thinks that women cannot compete with men in sporting events like football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, etc. are also sexist by your way of thinking. And finally women are not inferior to men, but because of our sex differences men and women are not interchangeable either. Men are better at some things and women are better at some things, and there is definitely a place for women in the military, but ground combat along side men is not the place.

      • No comment makes no sense! If woman are just as good as men in these positions, then why do they have to “lower” the standards?!

      • Right on Dione. I think someone working for Col. West has been reading these posts because if you look at the page for his site there is a new article about women in combat. I greatly respect women who serve our country in the military. But why do women have to be in combat when they contribute in so many other areas where they excel? The overwhelming number of personnel in the military never see combat, but are in many types of support roles. This was true even in World War II.

      • I read that very article, and NO ONE can say it better then someone that has lived it. I have much respect for her honesty.

      • The IDF uses women mainly to support their male forces. The few women who are on the front line got there on their own. Unlike the US military, women serving in the IDF are not allowed lowered physical or combat readiness training standards. A female in the US military is no where close to as physically fit or combat ready for the front line, because they are not expected to keep up with their male counterpart during training.

    • I am woman who has been around for a while…(grin)…Women have the best
      skills in SERVING the armed forces. Women belong in the Armed Forces,
      but only in the capacities that hold up the combat units, delivering goods, etc.
      NOT in combat forces or in Special forces. The writing is on the wall. Women
      ALWAYS will be reluctant to kill, unable to perform the same as men in
      combat unit

  16. This country will not…CAN not survive another 3 years of this buffoon !!! We NEED a mass march on Washington to kick his black muslim jhadist ass TO the curb , INTO a courtroom, and OUT of the country…along with the dumb ass he is living with AND the two baby machines they have produced. The two daughters are old enough for their dear old dad to start teaching them the ‘islamist’ way so we will be hearing about how he and 5 of his muslim buddies have raped ( OH SORRY!! sorry!! I forgot…. that’s just how they TAME the woman and show them how useless they are ) both them, and with any luck have survived to give birth to the scum they will carry. WHAAATT?????? THIS IS what the radical Islamist faith teaches …the faith our ‘why isn’t he departed’ LEADER ( NOT! ) follows and upholds. Allahu akbar my ASS !!!

  17. The sequester my tail! Obama was cutting the Military long before congress said anything! Forgot what page I was on. I should show more respect than that to Mr. West. However, I am right.

    • I think Mr. West said it that way because that is the excuse this administration is giving. It’s sad that everything the republicans enforce (to try and do good), the democrats use it to their advantage to hurt America and then blame it in the republicans. As far as the sequester, it’s like a husband or wife telling the other “money is tight this month”, and the other saying “well then we will forgo groceries so I can party”! Makes no sense, like Mr. West said…PRIORITIES! And our military and the safety of our country come FIRST!

  18. Degrading our military scares me more than anything else. Nothing else we have is worth anything if we can’t defend it first. We’ve lost many high ranking officers since Obummer took office…now all these fighters are grounded. I don’t think for a second that this isn’t part of the pos potus’ master plan to fundamentally change America.

  19. What, you mean all those LBGT soldiers that rushed to sign up now that homosexuality and gay marriage is legal in the military aren’t filling the ranks?

    • Certainly we could cut some of our foreign aid, but even if we cut every penny, the problem would not be solved. Foreign aid is a drop in the bucket of what our government throws away on waste and fraud just in our multitude of social welfare programs every year.

    • We should be able to vote on where our money goes when it comes to foreign aid. If the government doesn’t have a good enough reason for us, then CUT it.

  20. Guess he wasn’t kidding when he said he will transform this nation, but of course we never thought that it would be to a third world status, if we are lucky that is to stop there.

  21. Obama is a No Good Filthy Moslem,he wants the U.S to become ruled bye Islam,we need to fight to our death to keep Islam an Moslems out of the U.S the U.S is a Christian Country,Obama can go straight to Hell.

  22. you have a 20 trillion debit can you imagine what that means it means that you took the whole world cash as debit and your country is living on debit also fed is buying back bond with printing money not real money you need to lower expenses raise production make a positive balance sheet your major companies that you are proud and happy with is manufacturing out of USA to lower coast and so on you dont have jobs you are in a major deficit dont say Islamic will attack you you are so far away in the ocean only china and Russia and south America countries can attack you .Islamic can not even attack Isreal they grow enough to defend them self and they have many supporter in region .your country depends on selling to make a living and that is wrong you should raise your production to a level that living become easier to you lower the coast of living then you can all fly not only your jets fighter but does this is in the interest of your leaders and wall street fat cats i dont think so if they moved factories outside of usa to increase there profit then they will not care about you .Germany still have a positive balance and it is growing up they care about their people .Pr. Obama cares also he has made arrangement to keep factories and raise factories inside USA .he wanted to make an oil pipe line to create jobs from Canada to USA .he restored oil production in USA to lower oil and life and make jobs he made a health plan to keep confidence and create jobs for many companies .it is a say republican like war they own the weapons factories .in opposite democrats owns the living factories like cars and kitchen staff .you are played by this two parties for the benefit of wall street fat cats .but as for you and for them there will be no more playing your debit will be downgraded and all nations are dumping the doillar gradually you will have to pay this debit you and your fatcats no matter what happen it is debit real money that people made around world and you weasted in your game right then left right then left thats what america is doing from decades .once an ounce of gold was 9 dollar it is now 1300 .now counting the value you have lost until now 1291 $ value in gold an ounce .counting this to your country morals and development you have lost a lot you can not fight women s or men you only can blow this whole world with nuclear weapon to bring end day and guess what no one cares no more it is already finished in all world morals happiness honesty and progress all of that because of your game gain more you are the best .you think this will last for ever you think the world will fund you with there money to keep playing on them and your poor became more poor and rich become more rich there is an end you did not see anything yet you will be in more worst situation .obama helped you idiots i hope he is a muslim good for him rather than being a barbarian .

  23. Obama said this…

    “It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the
    level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a
    Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations
    of Islam, where peace prevails – – – perhaps a state or period
    of mutual accord could exist between our governments ….”

    One promise he has kept!

      • Zac, I don’t think that even you are stupid enough to believe every thing you read on snopes. Don’t you know that snopes is backed by money from George Soros… Obama’s ‘ sugar daddy’

      • This is a bogus quote. No one could believe this is true. This is the full bogus quote that circulated: It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of
        acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of waring
        people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace
        prevails – – – perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist
        between our governments .” When I become President, I will seek a pact
        of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in
        a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts.
        We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair
        injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have
        attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past”. “Of course now, I
        have found myself about to become the President of the United States
        and I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to
        this Nation, and offer the people a new path.. My wife and I look
        forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family. Indeed, CHANGE is
        about to overwhelm the United States of America “

  24. There is no reason at all for the cuts to these flights! We have to remember that the sequester does not make cuts in current spending! It is merely $85 billion a year cut to the amount they wanted to INCREASE spending in the coming years! Obama has been working furiously to replace or entirely get rid of our trusted, honest military top brass and replacing them with hand picked leftist and in some cases out right communists. THEY are making the cuts to these flights, intending them to pressure our best military members to retire and lose moral.

  25. Anyone ever notice how the congress keeps telling everyone that we NEED to borrow more to keep the government running, which was the reason why we needed to avert the shutdown? What happens when our creditors say, “No, you are like drunks in Las Vegas borrowing more than you could ever pay back.” What happens then?????

  26. get these people out of our government, treason is the overt act ,they have committed actual acts against the US and need to be held accountable. Fast and furious, Benghazi, and by passing congress with unconstitutional executive orders, enough is enough, get rid of them now. The dictionary defines socialism as the transition from capitalism into communism, treason plain and simple, this is an actual attack against our constitution and the American people.

    • AGREED! I did 21 yrs in the Army. Perhaps $$$ isn’t the only reason. Perhaps these guys can’t stomace working for an ill-legal non resident who has NEVER laced a boot in defense of our country!

  27. Combat readiness has been a problem since the draft ended! But, Obama is getting exactly what he and the lib/dem/progressives and socialists wanted. The end of the American dream.

    • Don’t agree. We decimated the Iraqi army in 1991 and lost less than 50 troops. Readiness started becoming a problem after Clinton was elected.

      • I agree, My base was one of the most modern in the Air Force and it was closed in 1993. 10 years later the Navy was looking for a place to build an air base less then 100 miles away. Our base had everything they needed, but it was given to the town and redeveloped. The government thinks with their head up their A$$,

      • Myrtle Beach AFB, S.C. completely rebuilt in1956-1960 & closed in 1993. Home of the 354th TAC Fighter Wing a front line base.

      • I went to NCO Leadership School at Myrtle Beach in 1986 or maybe 1987 (can’t remember). It was a beautiful base. I was planning on retiring there or by Bergstrom Air Force Base (Austin, Texas) but both bases were closed during that drawdown in 1993.

      • I retired in Myrtle Beach in 2004, it was the best move I ever made. The base was redeveloped into a small town that is very nice. The barracks are gone, replaced by a lake, but there are still some buildings left from the base. It’s a private air field now and the old civilian terminal has been replaced by a new International Terminal. Housing and highways have grown on the base and around it, it’s almost unrecognizable, but it’s beautiful. I was stationed there from 1960-1963. It was a show case base but took part in many foreign and domestic operations.

      • This has to do with the way the GOV thinks in general. Can you say Year End Spending. The Air Force (currently AD) has come to us every year for “ideas” to cut spending, to which I respond, “THere is no cutting spending, due to the fact that if Commanders do not MAX out their budget every year whatever they save is their budget the following year.” This is at every level of GOV and ensures no one ever campaigns on – “I saved this much money and returned it to the taxpayer.”

      • Dave….Except for the palace guard, the Iragi army didn’t want to fight and pretty much laid down. What I was referring to was that we have a civilian army (militia if you will) not a standing army that trains EVERY day. The army we have now is made up of reservists and guardsmen that train one weekend a month and two weeks out of the year, when not sent to a war zone. I was in the Marines when the draft ended and we all, at the time, disagreed with that decision.

  28. The federalist papers clearly states that the primary role of government is combat readiness and protecting our sovereingty, direct interstate commerce and protecting the rights of the people.. anything after that is not a priority, however this administration has put the top two items on the bottom of his priority list

  29. So public employees are choosing to move to the private sector and the size of government is reduced and a conservative is upset by this?

  30. @j4D you miss the point. As a Conservative I am happy when Government balances the Budget. As a Libertarian I am happy when there is less government telling me how to live. As a Moderate I am glad when Government can do what they do best, Protect Our Country with a strong Military.
    But when the Democratic Party backs a Government that allows US Citizens to die in Benghazi, I’m out!

    • So you are OK with thousands of Americans dying in Iraq in a war that was unjustified and had obvious 10 year implications due to sectarian fighting (yes I said this the day we went into the mess), yet 4 people die in Benghazi and you are upset? Strange priorities.

  31. Marxism by any other name is still a failed ideology.

    I was serving when Carter came into office & see the same low morale now as then among other issues.

    • The number one and highest priority of the government is keeping America safe from attacks by foreign countries or terrorist. Grounding our fighters and interceptors is like committing suicide. We spend trillions of dollars to protect our nation, only to have our aircraft sit on the ground.

    • Don’t forget the USS Cole was under Clintons watch… We had to fuel in an enemy country.. I also served under that POS Carter. But then President Reagan came in and saved the day.

      • OJ is still looking for those guys too!

        Everything Carter touched in the Navy turned to Barbra Streisand too!

  32. I let him go that way if he gets no additional lives past the one he has now. I left the USAF shortly after BC came to power and started tricks like 178 day deployments so it didn’t count as a short tour. Supplies so low we had to cannibalizes 3 to 4 planes to keep the other 22 flying. The process played hell with morale and scheduled maintenance but, didn’t seem to interrupt his trips to Martha’s vineyard. I’m sure this will not reduce the number of rounds of golf Olair plays or his family’s 100 million dollar trips.

  33. Obama is sequestering the military to punish conservatives while he sent – sends billions in F-16s and money to our adversaries. Remember how much money he wasted taking nearly the entire pacific fleet with him to India. This is what happens when you elect a compulsive liar who hates America into the presidency.

  34. Obama likes to play with fire, I’m glad I left the government when I did. I already felt unsafe working in a prison because of him and the shut down, I already had gone through Clinton’s shut down. One of those is one too many.from our politicians and leaders


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