Obama sets up entire industry to fail

Once again we heard President Obama state, “I did not know” – just as I predicted yesterday, there would be excuses. And now he has set up the individual insurance market for the blame.

Obama is actually thinking that in some 31 days the entire industry will do his bidding and complete a 180-degree pivot to reissue some 5 million policies which they were mandated to cancel? Today Obama will have a meeting with leaders in the insurance industry. That meeting should be public for all Americans to see, not behind closed doors.

We should never forget the last time government made a major intrusion into the private sector. That was when Jimmy Carter came up with the brilliant idea that “every American had a right to own a home.” He created the Community Reinvestment Act, which started the ball rolling for the 2008 financial meltdown. Carter mandated actions in the mortgage industry that led to sub-prime mortgages, nefarious business practices, securitizing of mortgages, the creation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, and eventually the concept of federal government bailouts.

Now here we are teetering on another precipice with a progressive socialist President who believes “every American has a right to healthcare” getting ready to ruin a private sector market, comprising one-sixth of our economy. Far worse is the abject incompetence combined with the incomparable unconstitutional actions, deceit, and lies surrounding Obamacare. And still we have apologists who so want to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt. Why?

This is a seminal moment for our nation. If we do not believe we operate under the rule of law, then we are indeed witnessing the demise of our beloved Republic. I will not stand quietly by. Will you?


  1. No quiet here. This is the time for revolt. How do we do that civilly if we cannot wait for the next election? How do we do this as if we are reasonable people with reasonable grievances leading us to know it is time to extricate inept ‘leadership’?

  2. What can we do besides watch? More than half the country is receiving subsidies from this administrations doings. That means more than half the country thinks he is God. Put the die hard elitist liberals on top of that and we have even less people clearly understanding the horrible situation our country is in. How do you fight that? My children are in public school with Common Core. My husband owns his own business so we have private insurance that was canceled and we may never recover from paying the taxes that pile up with every year but my husband will probably die trying. What can I do?

    • Not everybody in this country who gets assistance is behind obama. People on S.S. are entitled to what they paid into so don’t think half the country is in love with that Dictator.

  3. one more thing. I am pretty loud about my opinion of this administration and have been since the first election. But I know there are people that are scared and more people are getting scared to speak up because if you do your are demonized or like Dr. Carson getting audited shortly after he spoke up. Most people can’t put themselves out there like that.

    • Obama’s plan from the beginning was to destroy America. He hates America, and so does his wife! He was raised by people who hated America and his friends hate America. There’s no chance that he went into politics to uphold the American dream and power. His election, his placement in Chicago, they were all strategic moves to infiltrate and destroy America from the inside.

  4. Obama can and will not accept blame or take responsibility for anything. He thinks he, because he is President, can change, fix, destroy anything he wishes to . I truly believe this Obamacare will destroy him, Finally! I hope and pray Americans are opening their eyes to exactly what this man is, has and will continue to do to this country unless we stand together and take him down. Mr. West you as have many other Republicans have been right all along. Now it is up to all Americans to show the Demarcates that we are DONE with all this BULL and take our county back!

  5. Yes, it’s time to step up. We can’t have anymore Dodd-Frank bills, etc. This one bill forced banks to accept “toxic” mortgages.


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