More proof Obama is bad for black Americans

It seems the nation’s first half-black president continues to do no favors for his black constituents. According to an article in Campus Reform, one of the nation’s most venerable historically-black colleges has been forced to drop student health insurance due to the high cost of the (un-)Affordable Care Act:

Bowie State University has suspended offering health insurance for domestic students for the 2013-2014 academic year,” states the school’s official website. “Due to new requirements of the Affordable Care Act which will go into effect on January 1, 2014, the cost of insurance for domestic students will increase to approximately $1800 per year.

Obamacare regulations mean insurance costs for students will rise from $50 per student per semester to $900. Can’t really blame the college for dropping the benefit.

Yes, it’s more bad news for the black community, courtesy of Barack Obama. Remember, one of the president’s first actions upon taking office was cancelling the DC school voucher program, cutting off access to better schools and freedom of choice.

As we reported recently, Obama can’t even abide most of his own Congressional Black Caucus peers, or his race-baiting sycophants Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson – who he brands as “professional blacks.” Does that mean he considers himself “unprofessional?” With his plummeting approval ratings, it appears more and more Americans – black, white and in between – are agreeing with him.


    • He used race when he was running his campaign. He didn’t run on his character. He did succeed in getting young people and minorities to vote. However, he got them to vote based on lies and he is now hurting the people that helped get him elected. He is destroying America. Black, white, green, blue, he is a horrible president.

      • Stop drinking the Cool-Aid and open your eyes. Every post I have read by you is completely ignorant. Try researching things for yourself and get educated.

      • You must’ve been commenting on the poster above; and I don’t drink Kool-Aid. As for the first respondent, you are assuming I support Obama. And “underdeveloped” is the politically correct term for third world. It’s comments like those that make me not wanna be an Obama critic because people will assume I’m ignorant. And Obama IS White! Harvard and secret societies knew about him long before Blacks. He was the perfect chosen one: is White, looks Black. Plus every president in my lifetime has people that say they would or lose the country. Didn’t happen and won’t.

      • Tyee Dawson…..I beg to differ…….the world would be a much greater place if everyone had Honorable Allen West’s character……he is about as fair and level thinking of a person in the public that I’ve ever known. Allen West loves his country!

      • “Black people’s nature”, sounds like a stereotypical racist remark to me. You are saying that Black’s hate each other simply because of the color of their skin?
        I respect Allen West for his service to our country and his views toward America values. Obama hates this country and is doing all that he can to reduce it to a Third World country before his term is over. He is the first president to actively destroy our economy, spend us into poverty, offend our allies while supporting our enemies, (Muslim Terrorists), and his slavish devotees refuse to look past the color of his skin. Imagine Mitt Romney was president and did what Obama has done to America. Would you be so forgiving if Obama was White? If not, then YOU are a racist, period.
        America: From a Free Superpower Nation to a Third World Dictatorship in less than eight years. History will remember this time with shame.

    • Can’t have it both ways Ken. He (Obamboozler) used his race to win. Check out Quinnepac’s latest poll, he still has high favorability among blacks. Obama made it about race, his entire presidency will be about race. No putting the toothpaste back in the tube.

    • Ken, if you are referring to the president, it’s not about his color…..remember he is half white and half black……and as far as his character……he has none from either color.

    • You’re arguing that the ends justify the means. So circumventing the laws of our nation is the way to get things done? I agree, but that is what we call a dictatorship. Stop blindly following and think for yourself and learn proper grammar.

      • Makes you wonder what goes on in the mind of someone like obama lover……or should I say mind, what mind…….how can anyone be so blind to his lies, deceit, reckless spending, trying to destroy the Constitution that our Nation was built upon; need I go on?

    • Yes it is very hard to take an arguement from someone who doesn’t even care to spell basic words like “good” correctly! On another note we need no more compromises that take away from honor, lies are not honorable and you can never succeed using that tactic!

      • You mean Obama ended the cold war which stopped the possible end of the world caused by nuclear war, or was it that debt was in only 800 billion or was housing more affordable for the common worker now or perhaps under obama the unemployment rate 5.4%, you are uninformed, a parrot of ignorant race baiters. Before you compare men you should compare deeds, this is the problems you get for voting for a HALF-BLACK man without knowing his character, by the way voting for someone just for the color of his skin is racist either way you look at it!

      • I don’t care what race these fools are. Obama also ended a war. But both were lying bastards that sent real unemployment up and America down the toilet.

    • What this lying, Marxist Muslim has done “good” for the United States and it’s citizens as president is about equal to the quality of your spelling and grammar, Ms. Ebonics …

    • As long as he continues to give you a check for not working…
      That’s the mentality of the black Obama voter.
      You have no idea that you are back on the plantation…with Massa!

  1. 1st let me state that BHO has wrecked ALL American’s rights, He “IS” the worst thing along with a defunked Senate. BHO was seen by the black community as someone of their own kind, what they thought he would do for them is anyone’s guess. But make no argument about Barry or you will be harassed, bullied, and most likely will have the full frontal attack of this administration from the IRS to HHS.
    History has already judged his tenure as a man and as a President and America is less because of him.

    • The only reason the Hispanics like him is because he made them think that all their illegal immigrants will be taken care of. If he said that all illegal immigrants are out of the country,,,they wouldn’t like him then.

  2. Of course Obama doesn’t care what he is doing to his constituents of color. African Americans have an immense Christian following and Obama views Christians with disdain and as terrorists.

  3. OBAMA has considered blacks as his serfs/slaves!
    He knows they are low information voters,
    who believe his lies, and even if they don’t,
    support him simply because of skin color!

  4. I can’t remember the state that Obama needed to win over where he promised the poor blacks that were living in such terrible conditions like not even having electricity and he promised to pull them out of it. Funny,,he turned his back on them once he was elected. Instead of spending millions of dollars on Obamacare he would have taken some of that money and truly helped them out. He used blacks with money like Jesse Jackson and Oprah to help him win the election and then turned his back on them also. Banned Jackson from the white house (no loss) and Oprah smartened up,,,she turned her back on him when he needed her to help sell Obamacare.

  5. Didn’t you guys get the memo? Insurance is having to be dropped b/c the insurance companies LIED to Obama!!! *sarc* That’s what I was told by a supporter of his; so I guess everyone lies but Obozo.

  6. $50 per month I’m sure was a major medical policy. These were offered when I was in college too and they were very low cost. However, $1800 per year is $150 per month which is still very low cost for a comprehensive policy. I’m surprised they were able to whittle it that low. If the article assumes 9 month school year, $200 per month sounds a little bit high for an individual policy. It’s still a shame that major medical policies are outlawed. They were often a good choice for generally healthy people. Comprehensive medical insurance isn’t really good for a college student who is already living on loans.

  7. Obama is quite busy coddling illegal aliens, most of whom are hispanic. The 20 million he plans to amnesty will be D-voters forever.

    Plus, the legalized foreigners will be immediately eligible to take any job in America, meaning they will work cheap and displace citizens, black and white.

  8. I really think those that have used and directed him into the position he is in now, has caused him to think of himself as King, or Ruler, but at least untouchable..It has been a long time since someone has over shadowed Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson, but I think he has done it..

  9. Obama is a sociopathic liar. He lies to suit his personal needs and policies. He lies to support his agendas. He lies to cut down his opponents. He sides with Sharpton and Jackson only when it suits him, if it doesn’t suit his needs, he simply remains quiet. He uses the race card only to promote his agendas, NEVER when it is black on white violence like the kids on the school bus. If this congress does not find the courage and the will power to impeach him none of them deserve to remain in office. It is far past time to support the Constitution not a lying president.

  10. Why should he do any favors for the “black community” ? He hasn’t done any favors for the American Community as a whole. I for one am sick an tired of hearing about Black this or Black that or African American this or that, we are all Americans period. I make no distinction as to race color or creed, as long as you are a citizen of this country then in my book you are an American and this so called president has been the biggest failure of all the presidents. Yet no one will tell him he is doing anything wrong it seems as if everyone is afraid of this him for some reason. Just recently the media has come out against some of his policies

  11. herr obama is doing his best to destroy the economy of this country…either on purpose or because he is retarded. It is time to admit that the the half white president has failed and the negro president experiment has failed as a whole. The national socialist take over however is moving right along and the nazis under obama will be in charge for for a few more years. if there is a country left we can take it back and fix it.

  12. How long will it be…..before all blacks join in the chorus about the fact that this guy isn’t even 1/2 black? As a matter of fact, Barack Hussein Obama has zero ancestors that were slaves, but many ancestors that were slave owners and slave traders. Do your research before you start poppin’ off at me

    • What do slaves have to do with anything in America anymore? Don’t buy into the whole racial division/decision argument. What’s wrong with just accepting people for who they are and denying race-baiters their fun? I agree that Obama is a dip-shit, but does it have to do with the fact that his ancestors may or may not have been slaves or owned slaves? No! It has to do with the ideas he supports and his lack of ability to actually think through to the logical conclusions and effects of those policies. It has to do with the fact that he’s always shown himself willing to lie to anybody and everybody and purposely deceive to achieve what he thinks he wants and the fact that once he’s gotten it, he wants to blame everyone BUT himself for the fact that it’s nowhere near as great as he thought it was going to be.

      • The issue comes in when he himself race baits and wraps himself in the cloak of, “I’m one of you. The poor, oppressed, and downtrodden black community. See how black I am!” The man was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. Despite the fact that his grandparents and mother all believed fiercely in Communism, and raised him as a good little red-diaper baby, they were all Rich. He was raised in Hawaii, which has never really had the racial issues against blacks that the continental part of the country has had. The man is an outright phony who uses his skin colour to claim heritage that he does not have.

        THAT is the issue that Bryan was bringing up.

      • Okay, so you think that because a phony man portrays himself as being black and therefore above scrutiny it makes this a race issue? I say that because of that fact we should rise above the race issue. After all, if he’s so eager to involve race in the conflict, don’t you think he’s prepared for anyone that responds to him on that level? He’s phony and deceptive, but he’s not stupid.

      • No, what I am saying is this. He is a phony who portrays himself as something he is not, then turns around and has his lackeys in the press and high political positions claim that any disagreement with him is due to race, instead of him being dead wrong on every level. I never said the man was stupid, he is Far from stupid. He shows all of the signs of being both a malignant narcissist, and a sociopath. Those people are Rarely stupid. As to his not ability to respond to people who try to avoid the race issue, it is not that he is unable to do so, he ignores anyone who attempts to rise above the issue. No one is actually coming at him based on race, We are merely accused of it at every turn, no matter how we come at it. That is the issue. The non-slave descendant portraying himself as something he is not, then having his toadies attack his critics by saying they’re Not critics, but racists attacking him because of his heritage (that he does not have). If you cannot understand what I am saying in this, then you will never understand. This is as plain as I can make it.

      • Yeah, well, you seem to agree with me that it’s not a race issue and definitely not a slave heritage issue. In addition, I think we really should remember that it wasn’t what YOU said that I commented on, but what Bryan said. What HE said is that Obama’s ancestors weren’t slaves, but rather owned and traded slaves.
        Whether that’s true or not, which I don’t think we’re ever going to find out because Obama will never reveal his true identity or ancestry, the issue isn’t about slavery. It’s about insurance coverage and BHO proclaiming himself the champion of African Americans while his signature legislation is actually hurting them more than helping them.
        I have no trouble reading and comprehending what you or Bryan are saying. The trouble, for me, lies in the relevance of it. I think issues need to be discussed by adhering to the subject at hand. Not running off on every emotional rabbit trail people try to lead you down.

    • That’s only if his namesake is his actual biological father. There is a good chance his “mentor” in Hawaii, his Grandpa’s good friend and avowed Communist, Frank Marshall Davis, a black man, was the actual sperm donor, because he spent time with the under-aged Ann Dunham ,photographing her nude or scantily dressed, for porn magazines. 0bama also bears a striking resemblance to him.

  13. He did what he had to do to get the votes and get the Office. EVERYONE who emotionally voted for these promises are having to pay the price with those of us who didn’t vote for him. It sucks so time to think and learn, and make sure you let your caretakers know how you feel….or go with out and figure it out.

  14. I feel truly sorry for the black community, they sold their souls to Obama and first Black and White President has thrown them under the bus again…
    What ever a liar gives to you, they can and will take away, when it suits their whim.
    Also lets not forget the Democratic Party.

    All the elected Democrats in Congress voted for Obama Care and promised you could keep your Doctor and your plan if you wanted…

  15. O’Dip is about as American as HITLER and he doesn’t care for any Americans black or white. The only thing in his agenda is lining his pockets with more money and then getting more power so he can tell everyone what to do and how to do it. I have something I would like for him to do it and also might add, How To Do It.

  16. Obama is bad for the purple, green and orange Americans too. And that is the point, we are all Americans and we need to stand together, our stomachs and livers are all located in the same place. We all have the same basic needs, food, clothing, shelter. And jobs have been shifted to part time, or eliminated. The Major Medical insurances, we used to have are becoming overpriced and unobtainable, d/t the forcing of the ACA obummer doesn’t care act. I hardly recognize our country anymore.


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