What I predict Obama will say…

President Obama and the progressive socialists are so predictable, you can thank me later for saving you the trouble of having to watch his speech.

Here’s my prediction for Obama’s speech. First of all, it seems that the Obama administration has just not learned that the American people are done with carefully crafted rhetoric. I believe that Obama will just exacerbate the situation by following the typical pattern.

He will place blame somewhere, those nasty Republicans and Fox News, all those detractors who fought against his initiative. The insurance companies will get blamed for cancellation notices. And if all else fails, blame the TEA Party.

Then again in arrogant style he will speak to the American people as incompetent children who do not understand the complexity of unveiling this brilliant scheme. And don’t forget this is only affecting 5% so as Ezekiel Emmanuel states, “this is irrelevant.” Next will come the excuses as to why it has been difficult to get Obamacare implemented and all the challenges “he” has had to face.

Obama will talk about his feigned anger in not being able to provide to the American people, and look for some more blame to be interjected. Lastly, for a closer, the guilt trip. President Obama will make himself the victim and send us down the road of making us feel sorry for him. After all, he did get burned by the failure of the website.

Solutions from Obama? I predict that the push will be for more taxes to care for the sick and poor. As well, I suspect the behind-the-scenes push to slide more folks into MEDICAID, because never forget the strategic goal is single payer.

President Obama and the progressive socialists are so predictable, you can thank me later for saving you the trouble of having to watch.


  1. I agree completely. Another possible scenario: blame the Repulicans. He goes out and reads his little teleprompter which says to tell all the sheep that because he such an upstanding, honest man who can admit his mistakes, he needs to honor his promise. Then he challenges Congress to amend the law to add his “fix” (probably single payer) that the Democratically controlled House and Senate passed in 2009. Only problem is that the House has a Republican majority now so if they refuse to pass whatever bs Harry Reid comes up with in the Democratic majority Senate, then THEY are the evil badguys who hate women, children and small animals.

  2. I think it was a calculated outcome that all the canceled insurances would have to sign up with Obamacare. Ex president Bill Clinton got involved just to put up the Clinton name. That Jezebel – Obama really no longer has anything to loose.

    • I actually think Bill Clinton got involved to start distancing Hillary from Obama. The thing is in 2016 when and if she runs, she will end up having to own it. It’s not going to go away during election time.

    • I believe that the GOP is waiting until after the 2014 elections. If they can maintain the majority in the house and acquire a majority in the Senate, then they can start impeachment proceedings against him. That would be my guess.

      • They would need a 60 vote majority in the Senate in order to convict him and remove him from office and that is never going to happen. He will go when the American people have had enough and stand together in the streets of DC and DEMAND that he resign and not one minute before then.
        Impeaching him without being able to remove him from office would just create another leftist icon even stronger than Bill Clinton and one with three more years in office to exact his revenge with his executive pen…and you know he will do it!

  3. I never watch his speeches. Can’t stomach the sight or sound of him.
    Thank you for summing up in a few sentences what will take him longer to read off his teleprompter. You are correct. He is predictable, as only the intelligent have come to realize. Love you Allen!

  4. The fact that real Americas like you exist and are willing to stand up against tyranny give me hope that the USA might just make it another few decades without completely imploding in on itself. Truly sad days ahead.

  5. All true, sir. I would also add that he will try to get the insurance companies to reinstate those “bad” policies so he can look like a hero and win back the swing voters for the Dems in 2014.

    • Kevin Story,,,even if that happens, he won’t win me back and I think Americans aren’t going to fall for it. Like Chicken Little, tell too many lies and nobody is going to believe you again. This issue will follow into the elections next year and will come up again in 2016.

      • the dems think if they show they are wanting whats best for the American people , that we will keep them in office and forget they voted for obamacare

  6. I predict he’ll ask the insurance companies to re-issue cancelled policies. They will be unable to do so in a timely fashion. As they struggle to do this, he will increasingly put pressure to get the website fixed. Unable to re-issue policies in time, he will blame the insurance companies, and he will boast that he had asked for them to re-issue the policies. Thus, he will seek shift to blame the insurance companies, still clinging to the hope that the website will be fixed. In the meantime, bi-partisan support will finally arrive as a “Like your plan, keep your plan” bill makes its way through congress.

    • LOL –
      Government forcing citizens to purchase a product they do not want. Government forcing cancellations.
      Government now forcing citizens (healthcare companies) to sell a product they don’t want to sell.

      In 6 weeks (time frame debateable) the government has completely destroyed healthcare for millions of citizens.

      This is tyranny personified.

  7. Obama failure – Leadership and Planning Personified

    — What can be accomplished with leadership and proper planning

    3 years, 5 months, 1 day == Pearl Harbor attacks to Germany Surrender

    · Mobilization of millions troops and personnel,

    · Building tens of thousands of tanks, planes, jeeps,

    · Submarines, cruisers, destroyers, torpedoes, manufacturing many millions of guns, bombs, ammo, etc.

    · Turning the tide in North Africa,

    · Invading Italy,

    · D-Day,

    · Battle of the Bulge

    · Race to Berlin – Germany Surrenders

    · All while we were also fighting the Japanese in the Pacific!!

    3 years, 6 months, 10 days – Present Day – ACA becomes law March 21, 2010 – Website Failure October 1, 2013

    · In the same amount of time – this administration cannot build a working webpage. Go figure.

  8. Sigh…methinks you are spot on, sir. But hope against hope – perhaps he’ll come clean and tell Congress to go back to the drawing board…wait, wait – while I slap myself silly.

  9. I’m still going to watch it to hear him say that. Does anybody really believe him anymore no matter what he says. Blaming the insurance companies,,,,seriously. It’s their fault because the law stated that any changes, starting with $5, the policies could not be grandfathered in and they were following the law? So as we all know, each year you renew your policy,,does the premium not go up. $5 rule,,,Obama knew they would get cancelled at that low amount. That was stated by Sebelius in the 2nd hearing they had on the Obamacare Website issues. The Republicans fault,,,just give it up. It’s the Democrats fault for passing it without reading it. It’s his fault for passing it without reading it. And we will always know when Obama is lying,,,when he opens his mouth to speak. As far as Manuel,,,he needs to quit looking his nose down to “we Americans”.

  10. I’ve tried to tune him out of my life but everywhere I turn, I see his nastiness and have to listen to sound bites of his endless speeches. The man hasnt govern this country since he got elected. He turned over that role to Reid/Schumer/Pelosi and just play the big bully with his endless EO from the white house.

    • Valerie Jarrett runs the White House and Reid/Schumer/Pelosi just follow her orders. They send Obama out on his five year campaign trail in order to keep him away from the scene of their crimes so that he can maintain his deniability. He probably really DOES read about what happens in his administration in the papers or hears about it from his buddies on the golf course!

  11. Blessed to know you as my friend, and thankful for your stand in Almighty God, your faith, and our nation’s founding forefathers of CHRISTian beliefs. I stand with with you against the liberal minded people in Washington, DC; the gay community, and for a CHRSTian nation to become once again: “One Nation Under God” not “one nation over God!”

  12. I’m thankful for your summary, so that I don’t have to watch his speech. I wouldn’t anyway. Looking at him just makes my blood boil and his voice is fingernails on a chalkboard.

    • LOL Slave holders used dogs to track down slaves that ran off the plantation, liberals just use insults and the race card to stop blacks from finding out the truth about the modern day plantation that liberal government handouts have created!

  13. I agree. It’s the typical sociopathic lament, “It’s not my fault. Everyone is out to get me” while they will always believe that the ends justify the means…..no matter how many people suffer due to his scheme. He and his cohorts are the most pathetic excuse for leaders that this country has ever had. And Jimmy Carter is thrilled about it.

  14. Don’t fall into the trap of “how to fix the ACA.” The basic flaweed principle of Obamacare is that it was necessary. By changing the conversation of whether or not it was necesssary to how to fix it, brings culpability to all Republicans. By fixing something that isn’t necessary you are agreeing that the problem existed. The problem never existed so don’t ever agree that it did.

    “To discuss how to fix ObamaCare is to accept the lie of its necessity.”
    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/11/how_republicans_can_lose_on_obamacare.html#ixzz2kdiDZmaq
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  15. unless this speech includes the words “throw it in the trash” don’t waste anymore of my time with crap tax bill obama. That’s my opinion.

  16. You nailed it on the blame pattern!

    You can gauge the degree of adversity to him by which of three pronouns he uses: “I” if things are going good and he takes credit, or bad and he wants sympathy; “We” when things are getting a little rough and he wants to dilute the blame a little within his own party; and finally “They” or “Those” when confronted with failure and needs to vilify “the enemy”. e.g. “Those Republicans”, or “Tea Partiers”

  17. It is amazing to me that the 111th Congress had a Democratic super-majority and they could pass any legislation they wished.

    It is mind boggling to me that Democrats believe the nonsense of Republican “obstructionists” to blame for anything bad that came from that legislation.

    They think it is rude when people use words like “dumb-o-craps” but is it not just an objective observation?

  18. i concur single payer is what he wanted all along that’s why he was not on top of obamacare, and why he hired a incompetent co to do it

  19. It doesn’t matter how he tries to get out of this mess now. he got us into it, and Congress let him! Now he has taken away our freedom of speech! Everybody that ever said yes to this guy needs to be removed from office by whatever means it takes! He needs to be impeached! And laws he put into place needs to be revoked!

  20. Apparently word is out that the regime is going to FORCE private insurance companies to re-instate all of the policies they cancelled or at least allow people to re-apply for those same policies! That kicks the can down the road just a wee bit until all those people find their application for their old policy rejected by these private companies who will use any excuse they can find to ditch these inexpensive policies in favor of the far more profitable Obamacare policies. That is IF the decide to follow the order of our dear leader and even accept those applications!

  21. Thanks for saving me from watching it. I think you hit all the issues and it will be the same ol’ rhetoric as in “everyone is to blame but me”.. wah wah wah!!!

    • It’s Bushes fault. Literally it is because of the policies of his administrations abuses and deficit spending that made it possible for Obama to get elected.

      • You’re right Duke. It is Bush’s fault, for being a nice guy and really reaching across the aisle (like B.O. said he was going to do). We true conservatives disagreed with him going along with a DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED CONGRESS. He just signed off on the ridiculous spending that the DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED CONGRESS was producing, instead of vetoing it. Regardless, he never stooped to propaganda and deceit to achieve an ideological agenda, and he had the media against him the whole time (as opposed to now, where the media is constantly on Barack’s wingwang, and the Chosen One just simply can do no wrong). Say what you will, but Bush is/was just a guy that wanted to do good for his country. This POTUS just wants to transform it.

  22. I don’t watch Obama, when I do I get mad and my blood pressure goes through the roof, then I promptly puke. I am so sick of his lies, the Dems and Rhinos kissing his rear end I just can’t stand to see his lips move.

  23. With all due respect, sir … we do not need to know what the lying SoS is going to say … hell they probably pushed it out to all their pretorian media guard and the robots are articulating the exact same messages from end-to-end. What the French RINOs apparently need is the counter points : how to attack his lies and illegal behavior:
    – Obama lied through his teeth, and his pathetic apology was NOT an apology, but an expression of condolence because he regarded the American people too stupid
    – the ACA will never (and was NEVER supposed to) work … it is a convoluted scheme of misdirections that was designed to force everybody out of their existing system
    – the ACA is working AS PLANNED … funneling millions of taxpayer dollars directly into the hands of democrat front groups in time to fill their bank accounts for the 2014 and 2016 elections
    Thanks for the assistance, but WE are suffering through it … and we do not need it. The delusional freaks in the GOP need it.

  24. I’ve only heard one person so far mention the fact that insurance companies cannot simply “reinstate” these cancelled policies, especially for an effective date 45 days from now. It takes months of work to determine the proper premium, benefit nuances, drug formularies, etc based on the claim experience of period prior to the effective date, plus future projections, etc etc etc, plus review and approval by state regulators…the list goes on. The trick is that these same policies, effective 1/1/14, simply do not exist and thus cannot be simply “reinstated.” Typical of our government – heaven forbid we are proactive (such as addressing this issue three years ago). No, let’s wait until we have a complete disaster and have cost the country billions of dollars, and then rush around and waste billions more. And they wonder why health care costs are so high. Wait until you see the 2015 premiums! How do you think that the health care companies will recoup their costs for this “reinstatement” and non-actuarially sound risk pools in 2014?

  25. I sometimes watch in order to hear what questions will be asked of him. And even when some are direct and to the point, he rambles on so much so that I cannot stand to listen. He does not answer any question with truth. He just dances around and gives us more of the same of what we have heard over and over and over again. Well, I for one am tired of hearing those tired excuses.

    • Exactly!!! I still have him on and he blah blah blahs, that you almost forget he didn’t directly answer the question. Now he’s comparing the Obamacare law on how they determined the law that all cars needed seat belts. He’s going on and on about new cars vs old cars and seat belts. blah blah blah. Now’s it’s the poor Democrats and the burden the ACA has put on them. Oh save us…2014 get them out of office.

  26. You hit the nail on the head. He didn’t really blame the Republicans…just a short mention about how we were recovering from the Government shut down. First he keeps selling Obamacare. When asked about his lie telling people they could keep their insurance if they liked it,,,he skirted that by saying he was talking to the people who had their insurance through their jobs. He said they could keep their insurance now and others that got their insurance after 2010,,they can also keep it. BUT they should check out Obamacare because they’ll find it cheaper. And kept bad mouthing the insurance companies. He also said he was unaware that there was going to be trouble with the website. Those IT people knew there was going to be problems and it really wasn’t ready. And when they were asked in the hearing who they told,,,,according to them,,,they didn’t tell anybody. BS I believe they all knew and just kept it quiet. I watched those hearing yesterday and the one IT guy (I think his name was Choe) you could tell he was lying. So I think he had better get rid of Sebelius and a few others. He won’t because then that would be like admitting he made mistakes. He didn’t sway my opinion of him. He is still a liar.

    • It’s hard for me to believe even the most rabid liberals believe this BS. You will NOT get your policy back. Gov. regulations prevent waving a magic wand and have everything restored. Bro in law worked for health care provider – they shut down their office nationwide and let everybody go. Are they going to hire them all back? Really? Too late folks.

      • It is unfathomable to me that ANYONE could still believe and support him….but THEY DO! I work with people who are STILL defending him and saying he didn’t lie. WHY???

        NO ONE owes ANY loyalty to an elected official OR a political party. Our loyalty is to the CONSTITUTION and our COUNTRY. DEMAND accountability from these people – THEY ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS!!

      • Because they are liberals and want to believe him. They are the ones who do not research and just live by whatever word is being told them. And that is really sad. Those are the type of people who can easily be lead into a cult. They are the true followers who rather be told what to do and not have to make that decision for themselves. I’m not being mean about them but that is their thinking. They lack the confidence in their own decision. Look at those that followed Hitler and Stalin….first they looked up to them thinking they were so smart and would help them, then the sugar talk kept them going until it was too late. They carry a deep seeded fear of not belonging and also a fear if they were to disagree with him then they are called a racist.

      • Sadly, there is no disagreeing with what you have said. We went from a Country of People who KNEW what was right and wrong AND would fight to protect that – to a Country of people who are not even taught the TRUTH of our history. Our schools don’t teach – they indoctrinate the lie that everything that made us exceptional and the ‘shining beacon on the hill’ for the rest of the world is actually WRONG.

        We aren’t ‘better’ than anyone, I am NOT saying that at all. It is our belief that EVERYONE is equal; our belief in freedom, liberty, and unalienable Rights; our belief that the PEOPLE are the ones with the power to govern; it is inherent in us that we never stop fighting for right. These are the things that set us apart from other countries – other people – the belief that if one works hard, the whole WORLD is attainable.

        That isn’t what many people believe anymore. It is as you said.

  27. And I love when he answers questions by saying “The truth is, (yada, yada, yada)…………”. He wouldn’t know the truth it fell on him.

  28. It’s like having pissed in a gallon of freshly squeezed orange Juice… How do you undo that? Of course the President wants to add some more piss, what did you expect?

    • I know. You got that right. It’ll be more of the same old bullschidt wrapped in a different diaper. I’ve had enough of him insulting our collective
      intelligence. His core base are those who remain ignorant and uninformed.
      Or just plain stupid. Or all of the above 🙂

      • They are probably just trying to position themselves among the elite for when he turns the country to socialism.

  29. Darn, Colonol – we think a lot alike. I KNEW he’d say the same things you said he would. However, I wasn’t going to waste my time watching another obama B.S. festival.
    You right. He IS predictable.

  30. The recap of his speech is the Republicans aren’t buying what he said and the Democrats are not buying it either. They think his speech is to cover up what both sides are going to go after,,,,which is Obamacare is just not working and want to change the law.

      • I’m aware of that. It’s the House and Some Democrat Senators that want to change the law because it’s not working. The Senator from Louisiana is going after him tooth and nail now. On the recap after his speech they were reading tweets coming through from the House and some Democrats. They were disagreeing with him and saying the law is not working and they are working on a new law. He doesn’t want that. If they turn on him lets see how far he gets. He will and is losing a lot of his majority of Senators that stood behind him. Without them he is screwed.

  31. Obama just poured syrup on a turd. he openly admitted that the government will come in with outdated programs and hardware and over budget whenever they get into programs like this…. so in other words he should have said “I SUCK, WE SUCK, YOU SHOULD NOT TRUST US TO DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN GOLF”

  32. A lot of what he said is correct about Obama. Obama is going to “fix” it. Mostly just yadayadayada… switching to Sergeant Schultz persona as needed then blaming the shut down. Bottom line: he will try to have the insurance carriers not cancel people.

  33. Obama had the insurance companies cancel the policies and now is telling the insurance companies to provide the “illegal” insurance if it’s still available and while your at it please tell them all about the great benefits attached to Obamacare. Just don’t tell them the premiums for “legal” health insurance will start with a minimum 400 percent increase compared to the old plan, which you can still get if it’s available. But since the insurance companies were told they couldn’t offer it they may decide not to offer it now that they can for at least one year – it’s now their choice so Obama can blame them if you can’t get your old policy back.

  34. Even though Obama said he will fix the problem and Americans can keep their current plans for a year, HE HAS NO AUTHORITY TO SAY THIS!!! It is a Law. He is the Executive. He can’t change laws. Laws are changed in the House and Senate – The LEGISLATURE! How can this man be so defunct as to think he’s fooling an entire Nation? easy… because he’s fooling the majority of it: those who voted for this clown.

  35. My MEDICARE jumped 88% already and will go up double in January. That is one third of my SS. Veterans in the long run will be hurt by this Obamacare initiative. Methinks VA hospitals will be turned in to public health centers. I am a veteran and have TRICARE for Life. I can not get healthcare in a civilian healthcare facility unless I pony up MEDICARE.

  36. Tell me something. He’s not God didn’t he push this law thru the senate they voted it in. It’s a law he can’t just go into that law add grandfather clauses change parts of the law any way he wants to. Doesn’t any changes to his wrote in stone law have to be voted on by congress? Those dumb butts are letting him work as if he is a dictator. What has happened up there have they lost all their congressional powers? If he wants to change any part of that piece of. Crap make the Democratics put the amended bill back thru congress.

  37. What is wrong up there? He just can’t change a law. Doesn’t it have to be put thru congress and voted on. This will give congress another to repeal this unlawful law. The American people should never be forced to buy something or get fined. He isn’t a doctor yet or is he? How can he add grandfather clauses or change any of this law.

  38. He’s already playing the “sympathy ” card! He could have given every, and I mean every, single legal American 2 million $ each for what it cost to ” build” the healthcare websight.
    I think we could afford any insurance we wanted!!!

    • No, Sandra. It cost about $650 million to build the website, and there’s about 325,000,000 Americans. That would be about $2 for each and every single American.

      • Regardless of the poor math, the fact that a website costs more than half a billion dollars to build, especially when 3 kids in their twenties can build their own ‘working’ version of it in there spare time, should be cause enough to dismiss our freedom hating, America hating prez and his cronies out of a job.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. However, if we spread false information such as “they could have given every American $2 million instead” just makes our side look stupid.

  39. While I appreciate your astute and correct prescience, I stopped watching Obama’s speeches long ago. If I hadn’t I’m afraid I might have done irreparable damage to our very nice television and quite probably to my health! And that’s not something I can risk since the ACA has messed up our insurance plan! We need more like Mr. West!

  40. We’re officially within one year of the 2014 midterm elections, but the way the Left has launched a war against conservatives.
    Here are 3 great conservative leaders who will play a major role in crafting the policy and value set of America’s future.

    In Maryland, Dan Bongino is being accused of “hijacking the Secret Service brand” in an attempt to “draw attention to himself.” The truth is the things Dan saw and heard while protecting President Obama – like the deals made behind closed doors to pass Obamacare – inspired him to run. But of course Obama’s liberal allies don’t want you to know that.

    In Arkansas, Tom Cotton is being accused of violating campaign finance laws by illegally soliciting contributions during a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt. The truth is this allegation was proved wrong weeks ago but the liberal media, who of course support Tom’s opponent, love the headline an ethics probe makes.

    And in Utah, Mia Love is being accused of spending too much of the money her campaign has raised. The truth is Mia’s campaign learned the hard way in 2010 that you have to have a strong infrastructure to win tough races, so they’re investing in their ground game early – but that makes a really boring story.

  41. What everybody seems to keep forgetting is, although heavily regulated, the insurance companys are, bottom line, private buisnesses! Do you really want to go down the path any further of the government telling private enterprise that they HAVE to continue policys that they feel are not profitable?

  42. This is all political. Obama is attempting to shift the burden so that when people eventually see that, no they will not be able to get their cancelled policies reinstated as they were before, they will blame the insurance companies and not him. A president cannot make changes to a law like he is doing. But a King can. What country is this again?

  43. Neither party seems to care that FUKUSHIMA is continoulsy spewing radioactive water into the Pacific. One mistake in the repair efforts that are currently going on, and POOF! Nuclear disaster that will affect the whole world. No one in our government seems to care about us enough to warn us and get important information on how to safegard ourselves.

      • The cabin fever will get to them, the isolation. The relatively close quarters and stale air will close in on them. And these weak and small-minded men, these grown up children used to having their own way, these egomaniacal men; they’ll go mad. And while it may be armageddon out there in the real world, we’ll still have the open air; they’ll have a cellar.

  44. The insurance companies have had to cancel policies because they no longer comply with the law. Now Obama is giving them permission to reinstate the cancelled policies for one year? He can’t do that. And they are not allowed to do that. There are regulations they have to follow. Permission to break the law? Why would insurance companies even entertain the thought of putting themselves in such a precarious position?

  45. Please don’t forget that he will get MSNBC to highlight the fact that he is black and that this is why the American people need to get behind his ill-conceived plan. He needs the benefit of the doubt on the backs of the rest of us poor bastards. And, of course, if we don’t go along with this… we’re racist.

  46. Thank you, Allen West, and all the patriotic watchdogs who report the truth about what is really coming down in America. Keep up the good work. Please instruct us how we can do our part!

  47. Now he has Oprah schilling for him in GB telling the news there that the whole thing is racist, and how dare the USA call King Obama a liar. So tired of her bringing up the racist card. Didn’t she already learn that racist card isn’t working for her after Switzerland and Hermes, Paris? She ought to think long and hard about all the so called “racists” who made her a billionaire and how Michelle Obama won’t let Oprah near the White House for fear people will think that Michelle condones overweight people. Now that is racist.

  48. Our once great country has been bought and corrupted by an evil cabal of globalist bankers. Some of the villians are Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J. P. Morgan, Soros, and Kissinger. A couple telling quotes on the desire of these globalists to control our country and the world:

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”
    –David Rockefeller, Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

    “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”
    –Dr. Henry Kissinger, Evians, France,1991

    Watch the video on the history of the Rothschild family and the evil banksters that control our country and most of the money in the whole world:

    These banksters have controlled our government and money for over 100 years (at least). They created the CIA and have created many wars to keep us in financial bondage by loaning money to fun the wars and charging interest. The CIA controlls the poppy fields in Afghanistan that our troops guard and have died for. They smuggle the drugs and their mega banks launder the money. I have gleaned some of this info from “The Fruits of Graft” by W. Jett and “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. And, by watching videos posted by commentors on many websites.

    These people are pure evil and hate humanity. They only love money and power and want control over humanity.

    Who in America will stand up against this evil corruption? I sure hope Lt. Col. West is one who is true and will lead us, if it is not too late. It is not just the fate of America, it is the fate of the whole world. Lord have mercy!

    • if you go and get who is behind the scenes such as the ones in phoebe’s comment then the front man will fall along with those that are accomplices in all these acts against the people and against the constitution.there would be many busloads being transported off to prison for sure. some would skip the country but done right many would go down.

  49. his birth was Alie. his achievements are a lie, his goal is a lie . this person was manufactured from bits of scrape and made to resemble a human. his mind was injected with hate and disgust for AMERICA. some how he slipped true the cracks, like a roach &
    multiplied , now if we are able to remove him the nest still remains


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