“Enforcement discretion” equals tyranny

Spend a few minutes re-reading the Constitution of the United States, and see if you can find a mention of the President’s right to have discretion in which laws are enforced and who has to follow them.

Yet, after his speech today, that is exactly what President Obama is dictating. With a wave of his magic wand, he is decreeing he will give insurance companies permission to continue offering insurance plans he previously said were illegal under the ACA – through 2014.

The President isn’t proposing the law be changed – he just wants to selectively enforce it. The Weekly Standard kindly calls this “an extralegal solution.” In other words, it’s completely outside the rule of law.

The President is clearly in violation of his oath of office to uphold the laws of the land.

Smells like tyranny to me.


      • I absolutely agree that the media is a propaganda machine for the POTUS. At the point that I posted that, NO ONE was even questioning the legality of this decree. This post by Allen West was the first. ( I was including Rush, Glenn, and the crew at Fox News at the point of my post!) PRAY people. This was all set up from the get go.

  1. I will honestly be surprised if the Insurance Companies go along with it after the way he has treated them. Besides the fact that it’s not legal.

  2. How
    is this going to change anything. All he is going to do is blame the
    insurance companies when they cancel someones plan! Obama knows they
    have to go by Obamacare law. He is such a fricken Liar!! One year
    doesn’t help anything anyways. It will hurt everyone in a year as it is
    now!!!! Allen West,
    When are you and some other good men in the White House going to
    Impeached Obama, and put him on trial for Treason? That is what the
    American people want to know!! We are tried of his lies, breaking our
    Constitution, changing laws illegally, Benghazi, wire tapping America,
    sending guns to Syria rebels, Sending billions to countries that hate
    America, fast & furious, IRS ect….ect….ect….Obama has gotten
    away with these things. WE THE PEOPLE want to know WHY??

  3. Well people, 5 yrs. ago Glenn Beck told us the way Obummer would take this country. Did anyone listen ? Hardly. Not even when O told us himself….they were so enamored of this Son of Satan that they put him in the highest seat of our wonderful country. Now people you will see and feel what it was like for those who lived under Hitler and Mao.
    God save America !

  4. He will be stopped and it would be better if you folks in DC did it rather than wait and have some Patriot ruin his life by doing you jobs.

  5. Well, I was walking around the back yard the other day and I smelled something that smelled like Dog crap. And sure enough, after some investigation, despite my HOPE that it was a plate of chocolate chip cookies, it turned out to be a pile of dog crap.

    I took from that, that my hope that what smelled bad was actually good… was irrational and foolish and have recommitted to trusting my God-given instincts in such matters.

    Good call…

  6. The oath of office is to uphold the Constitution, not the laws. The President can refuse to enforce laws and if those laws are found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, then the President is 100% correct .The President’s power to enforce laws as he sees fit is not tyranny it is called checks and balances which is the reason the authors of the constitution gave the chief executive the power that he has… you really need to consider things more before you make foolish statements…

    • Mr. Cannon, show me where in the constitution it says the president can refuse to enforce the laws. The Checks and Balances put forth in our constitution are among the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial branches and they are extensive.

    • Exactly WHO ever taught you how to interpret the constitution? I know that if you had a degree in Constitutional Law it would be revoked after the college board of deans read what you just wrote. You, my friend, might live in one of those bubbles where everything you say is true, but outside that bubble is the real world where that makes no sense at all. The constitution does NOT give the POTUS power to NOT enforce laws. It gives him the power to ENFORCE laws, which is why he is the chief executive, so he can execute. Yes, he DOEs have the right to veto laws, but he failed to veto the ACA and now he has absolutely no right to selectively enforce the parts of it that don’t make his life difficult at any given moment. His only recourse, at this point, is to enforce the law as it stands and move for a repeal or move that congress amend it in some way… you really need to consider things more before you make foolish statements…

    • There are remedies for crooked Supremes. There are remedies for agents in our White House, but it fails my understanding as to why Congress is not acting upon their oaths of office. Where are the Provost Marshalls?

  7. Wow ! Selective enforcement(= selective obedience too ) is checks and balances ??? Since “We the people” elect the those who make the laws, then how about I decide that your property is mine, and the judge who presides over the trial of my appropriating “my stuff” from you decides that if I give him half, then he selectively sides w/me and you have nothing due to selective enforcement. NOW put Tyrannosaurus Osama in my position, and any law/possession he wants in yours. Oh, wait ! HE ALREADY HAS !!!
    It is amazing what passes for constitutional understanding. BTW- HE is not above the law. Look at Nixon. O makes Nixon look like a little leaguer in the criminal dept.

  8. Sir,
    As a former Deep Strike(medic) soldier I find the potentate sitting in our White House to be the biggest damn joke I’ve ever seen. He has relentlessly perverted the power of the Presidency to fit his agenda. He has pissed on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He is crushing my country the one I have fought for and would’ve gladly died for. I have your back Sir just like always. I stand with you to fight this tyranny every damn day til I draw my last breath.

  9. I have finally come to realize that we don’t have any binding recourse against violators of our constitution. This admin does what it wants and the other side will not do anything, legally, about it. What good does it do to have check and balances if they have no teeth?

    • They are not exercizing their power. Obama’s policies are blurring the lines of the three branches of government. Those in the U.S. Supreme court should not be allowed to stay for lifetimes as they are too political. Those in the Supreme Courts should be non-partisan. Justice and law should not be intrepreted with a slant. It should be the truth according to the law. The Supremes are not doing their duties and should be considered a part of this destruction for not recognizing it and/or allowing through their interpretation of the laws, the strengthening of those seeking to destroy this country. America, it seems we are surrounded by thugs, lawbreakers, the lawless, traitors, and enemies within who are not being recognized for who they are for whatever reason. It is time to pray.

    • That’s why they require everyone who works on, near, or around the Constitution to take an oath to support, protect, and defend it. It can’t defend itself. The sad fact is, the Constitution is only as safe as the character of the people sworn to uphold it… which gives you an idea of the complete lack of character of anyone in Washington… or the people back home who voted for them. The Founders also gave us the Second Amendment as a last resort, stop-gap measure. Before this is resolved, regrettably, we may be forced to avail ourselves of it.

  10. Just relax “comrades” and eat your peas…..Dear Leader “feels” or pain….EVEN Harry Reid needs to scream for IMPEACHMENT and if not then he needs to go NOW too!!!

    • Harry needs prison for aiding and abetting Obama and thugs. There are many who should be wearing stripes for their parts in this destruction and fraud that has taken place to destroy this country.

  11. We solve this by creating a new system outside of this intrusive law. Here’s my solution: Let the liberals keep the ACA (they wanted it, they can keep it). For the rest of us, we create a new system. Its called Medical Payment Deferment Accounts. You make monthly deposits to these accounts – your employer can also make contributions on your behalf – to defer the cost of a medical expense at a later date. These accounts can be pooled, or grouped if you will, among many individuals and/or groups. The accounts will be set up in holding entities under the 501(c)(3) rules. If rich people want to make additional contributions to help those who cannot afford to make their own contributions, they can do so and receive a tax break for their generosity.

    • Why not everyone be stockholder in this and reap some benefit from it or put it back in to help those who cannot pay and get a tax break on it?

    • My husband proposed that to me years ago and you would like to think that it would work (we all want a solution to high insurance and medical costs) but….as I showed to him his high medical billings from his doctors and hospital stays, it simply wouldn’t….couldn’t, work. All medical costs raised expeditiously due to insurance coverage. And they will not reduce to reasonable costs due to you not being insured. We are caught between a rock and a hard place.

      • Oh and I should add here that my husband had 51 hospital visits by the time he died. A number of those visits entailed long stays in the hospital. We called it his second home. Pair his bills with others in his company that had problems and you would find that the fund would bankrupt leaving a bare kitty for the remainder of subsequent, as well as other members, billings.

      • @Jackie, I am sorry for your loss. You are correct. Very few could afford the medical expense that you and your husband would incur with the many and long treatments he must have received. You’ll note that the structure I suggest oddly mirrors that of medical insurance. That is because I do realize the facts that you justly point out. While I am confined by text limitations in a post to proffer a full discussion of a solution, in my posts and other comments I believe that we need a more community centric approach rather than relying on an emotionless, anonymous government that gives and takes on the whims of political expedience. As a community we have to take care of our fellow members. In my location I often hear on the radio of charitable funds set up for local community members that have a hardship, hence the 501(c)(3) charitable tax exempt status I proposed. This more charitable structure is what I believe is the right mixture of taking care of our fellow man and preserving our liberty. Abdicating that responsibility to the government surely will not. Thank you for letting me express my views.

  12. He is doing the same thing with immigration laws. Rather than enforcing the laws we have, he slaps us in the face trying to grant amnesty by presidential decree. Unconscionable!

  13. Haha, this is exactly what I said was his worst offense in office in a poll I took a few minutes ago. He has repeatedly done this and has broken his oath of office each and every time, not to mention that he has violated the constitution as well.

  14. We have had sixty plus years of indoctrination in our schools which have taught mediocrity, complacency, compliance and ignorance. Ignorace of history, political science, and socio-economics. (And math and science) Thisthanks to our “socializing” school systems, and thanks to Core Value Systems which teach what the government wants our children to learn. Indoctrination! So obama will get by with murder- of our constitution and way of life! IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HISTORY, YOU WILL REPEAT HISTORY!


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