Surprise? Not really: Obamacare navigators tell folks to lie

So what that only a handful of people have been able to sign up for Obamacare online? The “Navigators” will take up the slack, by encouraging applicants in person to lie, cheat and defraud the government — and by extension, we hapless taxpayers — on their applications. Oh and by the way, it’s all part of a grand DNC plan. Try watching this video by Project Veritas investigator James O’Keefe without shaking your head or tearing your hair out.


  1. But what can be done about this fraud and lying? No one will touch this — just like the main stream media hasn’t mentioned the Egyptian lawyers who have brought criminal charges against Obama in the ICC over wrongful death, etc. People just yawn…. what can be done about this!!???

    • It has to be the people, churches, organizations, small businesses, women and minorities and youth. All have to step up and be counted, voice your anger at the deceit, underhanded methods of getting votes or passing laws that are not in our best interest, cover-ups,cuddling up to terrorists and turning on our friends across the seas, fight back with voting, push back and demand that this government stop using the EPA, NSA, IRS, DOJ, NLB, NEA, Agriculture and others to push through dem or communist like policies that are taking away our rights, freedoms of religion, speech, gun rights, killing individual motivation and incentives for growing businesses or using our educational system to corrupt or misinform and socialize our youth ….. I could go on and on.

  2. I’m hoping this health care crumbles, then all of the lies and decpetions crumble with it. From it’s inception at Christmas, it’s all been about wealth distribution.

  3. Is there any hope of ever turning this around…….I’ve not seen anything but negativity in politics in the last 30 years. Corruption seems to be the normal now. Makes me feel stupid by playing by the rules for all the years.

    • There is a grass roots organization working to put term limits on congress. This will get a lot of the corruption out by both parties. Check out their Face-Book page: “Patriots Defending America” – This is our only hope!

  4. Is there nothing this administration won’t stoop to? Look at what they hire and what the IRS did to the Republicans, auditing them only. When is this going to stop? These Democrats have got to go, we cannot believe anything they say, they are pathological liars, just like Obama, they have built their administration on lies and the dumb and stupid and ill informed stand by them. Shows how low this country has stooped to, and how the smart ones have awakened.

  5. I have been in the insurance industry for over 18 years and we have to qualify through continuing education courses every two years to remain able to market and service our clients. If any video ever showed up of me counseling a client to lie on an application, I would lose my license, lose my renewal income (income from previous sales) and my career would be over.

    These navigators have no background checks (that I have heard of), no training equivalent to what professional sales agents receive & on top of that, encourage people to lie about their income or smoker status to gain lower rates or tax breaks.

    When a claim occurs the hospitals will note their smoker status and now the chickens may come home to roost. The insurer may not pay the claim if the application was wrongly filled out.

      • No, they just cannot keep from selling you the insurance. Older people still pay more than younger people also.The trade off for having to sell people with preconditions is forcing young healthy people to buy insurance who did not have it before.

  6. It is pretty disgusting that these people have been ordered to lie so their lying leader can receive credit for his health plan that is not anything he said it would be!! But also, these people just lie for everything because no one is following up their fraud!!

  7. Lying… Allen West will not lie, He is a man of integrity, he has my vote for President if he wants it. just say the word and i’ll start campaigning the day he says he wants it… Fact Jack!!

      • Yes, but I haven’t seen FOX air a report close to whats contained here. I may have missed it. I hope I have. This has to get out. Unfortunately FOX is the only real television news outlet left to do it. PMSNBC certainly won’t, they don’t do real news.

  8. “Barber!” Really? I assume they meant barter! God, am I the only one that believes they live in a world of uneducated morons?

  9. It’s a plan that has been unfolding for years and Americans have stood by and watched like a bunch of idiots. People like my husband and I, who worked our entire adult lives now live on less than a $100/month grocery budget while folk who have reproduced indiscriminately and never worked a real job get plenty of grocery budget, healthcare and inexpensive housing just to name a few of their benefits. Granted, you must be willing to live in nasty surroundings but for most that refuse to care for themselves and their children it doesn’t matter or they would work and get out.

  10. you know it seems ironic that on the one hand any normal person would never report their piss-ant little side job income to the IRS or any agency, however because the person speaking candidly happens to work for the fed govt. its now an egregious offense. while I dont agree with the idea of forcing people to purchase something they may not want or canceling their plan (i.e. extorting them, get better coverage or have none at all) to try and pretend like you actually believe that someone who occasionally gets some stupid side work doing whatever for whoever should be reporting that to the feds is completely absurd.

    Yes its a good point to bring up that while technically you ought to report it as income, no one does and no one really cares. So why is it the law in the first place?

    • It’s o.k. for the Govt. to tell you it’s o.k. to lie and also have the power to throw you in jail for doing so? There’s no such thing as a “piss-ant” or “stupid” job.

  11. OK. On the first one. That makes sense. How much is this guy making from cleaning house or doing laundry? A few hundred bucks a year? If he is not claiming it on his taxes why in the world would he claim it on his HHS paperwork? The lady is right an discrepancies will be noted and might lead to an audit. I tutor on the side and have the occasional garage sale. I don’t claim that. It’s not much maybe a $1000 per year.

  12. OK. Sabrina Hill should be fired. Anyone that knows her or has any control/influence over her should take some action. She has advised fraud and admitted to healthcare fraud.


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