Is the political tide turning? It’s up to you, my friends.

Just finished a full day of events out here in Salt Lake City in support of Saratoga Springs Mayor, Mia Love in her campaign for the US House of Representatives. I want to thank everyone who came out for the breakfast, lunch, and town hall events.

Mayor Love narrowly lost her 2012 bid for Utah’s 4th Congressional District in 2012 by 768 votes. She was an unknown then who has made an incredible impact, not just for her municipality, but on Utah politics. It was great meeting so many solid supporters and conservatives.

However, what I found interesting was the media objective to create a “circular firing squad” and get her and me to promote internal strife for the GOP. While the entire country is gripping with 5 million Americans who have lost their health insurance coverage, many kept asking about the government “slimdown.”

They also sought to delegitimize the Tea Party. It is apparent that the media is concerned with the insurmountable bad press President Obama is receiving. They are at a loss for words and astonished that their “Potemkin Village,” which they were so complicit in creating, is crumbling.

Consider more Obama administration waste and misuse of taxpayer dollars to support an Obamacare advertising campaign by WebMD. I cannot find anywhere in the Constitution a clause justifying this action – don’t try to tell me this is within government’s taxing clause authority.

If the domestic failures are not enough to demonstrate a president on life support, the stories from Geneva regarding the negotiations with Iran are damning. Who would have ever thought the French would come off tougher than America in negotiations with Iran? What The French??

The bottom line is that President Obama and his band of merry progressives are looking for a lifeline, anything that they can tout as positive — that includes giving away the farm to the crazy clerics of Iran.

Let us not forget that we still have the issue of funding the government (January 15) and the debt ceiling (February 7) on the horizon. You can bet that the Obama crew (Axelrod and Plouffe) and the media are somewhere behind closed doors developing a scheme by which they can force a government shutdown scenario and inflict pain on the American people.

Quite interesting that we have not heard anything about the Budget Committee that is supposed to be developing solutions to resolve this coming winter storm. My recommendation is simple, beginning with tax reform: start in motion a plan to move from the progressive tax system to a flat tax, eliminate capital gains, dividends, and death taxes. Regulatory reform: roll back the regulations that create a burden on our small business growth and small community banks assistance to entrepreneurs. Monetary policy reform: simple, stop printing money and creating an artificial economy based upon the Federal Reserve buying up our debt. We are seeing some relief in energy prices, so approve the Keystone XL pipeline. Keep the sequester cuts in place, but reduce our deficit spending — if not, then roll back the federal budget to 2006 levels and eliminate baseline budgeting and move towards zero-base budgeting, no more automatic increases in spending. I just hate the concept of a cut just being a cut to the rate of spending growth.

Lastly, and most importantly: government reform. One thing we recently found out is the EPA only requires 6% of its current workforce for essential operations. Policy solutions, no more political games, gimmicks, slogans which has been the modus operandi of the Democrat party. Right now, President Obama is praying for Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas == the first time liberal progressives socialists have probably ever done so — they need us to be distracted. Don’t allow that.

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save our armed forces–get the muslim brotherhood out of the white house and out of our country,,Obama is the worst white president we have ever had,,,

Just an old Marine.

AMEN !!!!!


Sir, my co-workers, who have never uttered a single political word in the 10 years we have worked together have admitted they are confused and scared about Obamacare. They include the young/healthy who choose not to purchase health insurance, Tri-care participants, and Medicare Advantage policyholders. So yes, the tide is turning, and your tax plans are outstanding. Carry on.

Nedd Kareiva

Good Colonel, maybe you can relay to Ms. Love that Rep. Matheson is a co-sponsor of ENDA and perhaps that will put her over the top in 2014. ENDA is anti-freedom and with Matheson’s support of that bill, opposes liberty for Utahns. God bless!

I like West’s ideas for a flat tax and the elimination of capital gains, dividends and death taxes. And we definitely need a roll back on regulations. For one thing, everytime a new regulation is made law, it costs a company in lawyer fees to decipher and implement the new regs, not to mention the cost of paper to train staff on new regs, etc..right down to informing and educating consumers (that would be us). Huuuge waste! It’s time common sense were interjected into Washington and back into our lives. Time we send smart people like Mia Love and Allen… Read more »
Just an old Marine.

Yes mam !! So correct ! I could vote for you.

Doug Moore

Spot on Colonel, as always! These platform planks are pure common sense, and must be driven to and accepted by our citizens and with the sense of urgency these times demand. Thank you Sir for bringing your experience, candor, courage and intelligence to the fight of our lifetime.

Ken Largent II

Thank you for the article. I’ll continue to write my representative and my senator. I’ll keep the pressure on.


West for President 2016


Mr. West, if you are still in SLC can I buy you a drink? So upset that I did not know you were in Sandy.