Obamacare is the president’s Waterloo: Here’s what the GOP must do

Good morning from Salt Lake City, Utah where the weather is actually very comfortable!

Yesterday, I wrote of Obamacare resembling the failure of the Kasserine Pass. Well, due to recent developments over the past 24 hours, it has morphed into Waterloo for President Obama.

Just one year after reelection, Obama now finds himself with an approval rating of 39 percent, which I predict will keep plummeting. He also awoke to find that close to 54 percent of Americans do not trust him.

Amazingly, it wasn’t Operation Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, NSA surveillance, Benghazi, a dismal economic recovery, weak economic recovery, or failed foreign policy and a decimated US military that became his Achilles heel.It was the simple healthcare coverage cancellation notices that arrived in the mailboxes of now some 5 million Americans.

You see, this was not some “right wing nut job” conspiracy. This was something that happened to Fox News liberal contributor Kirsten Powers and Obama supporters in California. This wasn’t something that could just be dismissed — although watching apologists like Ezekiel Emmanuel and James Carville, it’s only a measly five percent of Americans who can’t comprehend what’s best for them — and we’re told Democrats cared about the little guy? Sorry, it seems you’re just too stupid to know what’s best for you.

The President now finds himself behind the Clinton 8-ball since the honored and revered former President Bill Clinton has now joined forces and made a public statement that President Obama must honor his pledge. (Wait a minute, that’s Bill Clinton talking about honor?)

Worst of all, Obama now finds himself being given an ultimatum by Capitol Hill Democrats: he has 72 hours or else! For Democrats, it has nothing to do with policy, since they all voted for Obamacare and heartily defended it. Why even DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz believes Democrats will successfully run on Obamacare in 2014. This is all about political survival. And we thought they cared soooo much.

Now, my advice to my former Republican colleagues is don’t go gloating or doing the “I told you so” news broadcast tour. Let the American people know this is why you were fighting, you were fighting for them, for good governance and policy, for their success, not your personal gain.

Most importantly Republicans, do not come out talking about defunding or repeal, talk about solutions. Come up with a plan to restore the insurance policies of the 5 million who have been adversely affected, bring forth a plan to cover those with preexisting conditions so they do not fall into the abyss. Be forward thinking and resolve the issue of when the employer mandate delay is lifted and ensure we do not have even more Americans being dropped off coverage. You must make sure that the unconstitutional individual mandate tax does not take effect, punishing Americans unnecessarily.

The bottom line is, solve problems, something that progressive socialists cannot do. They’re in their dark rooms trying to ascertain how they can blame the GOP and anyone else. The point they fail to realize? The American people are done with excuses. The pain finally hit the American people and cannot be denied. Yes, it trickled down. Obama, like Napoleon, is facing his Waterloo.


  1. I admire you greatly and you are one of my personal heroes but I have to disagree.
    The Rs would have to be crazy to fix this mess for the Ds.
    In the end the Ds and Obama will take credit and still demonize the Rs.
    The Rs need to let the people who voted for this crap to get exactly what they voted for so that they will learn the consequences of letting govt. bureaucrats run their lives.

    Tinkering around the edges will only ensure Obamacare never goes away.

      • Snyder, a volunteer strategist who eventually became a campaign manager
        for Paul’s presidential bid, fell ill of pneumonia during the campaign.
        Snyder did not have health insurance, like the hypothetical example
        given by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, and stacked up $400,000
        in medical bills. On June 26, 2008, exactly two weeks after Paul ended
        his bid for the presidency, Synder passed away due to complications from
        his pneumonia.

  2. I want for Democrats to be removed from office. If Republicans can fix Obamacare, the mindless morons that vote for Democrats will have no incentive to vote for something else. Democrats need to be held responsible for Obamacare. Next election cycle if Republicans can take the majority in the House AND Senate, perhaps some real legislation can be created. Republicans need to come up with solutions, but need to run for electiion on them, not fix the problems that the Democrats created.

    Additionally, Republicans need to embrace independent and Tea Party voters instead of demonizing them. I looked up the term “conservative” in the dictionary and it means “status quo.” How about moving to restore the rule of law instead of slowing the slide toward communism?

  3. So what is the Republican solution? More Americans will be covered by ACA than are being ‘thrown’ off, and guess what, most of those ‘cancellations’, weren’t real insurance (didn’t cover much of anything), and can get it cheaper on the website.
    Once the website is fixed (which is a major problem, but will be fixed), people can see that they are getting better insurance. And guess what? before ACA, do you have the numbers on how many people received cancellation notices? of course not. How about denied coverage b/c of pre-existing conditions? what’s that, no? Show me a better solution on getting people covered (not tort-reform non-sense), and I’ll listen.
    All these people going on Fox, NBC, etc, saying there insurance cancelled them, when reporters actually do research after they were on TV, guess what, they can get better/cheaper insurance!
    How about that guy on Hannity recently that said he had all these problems b/c he was a small business owner. Come to find out, he has 4 employeees! He is exempt from ACA.

  4. 74% of Dems still approve of Obama… that number is as horrific as Obama’s performance. The high road seems right, but for America to truly and finally wake up… I think a good ole fashioned in your face, shake the baby smack down is necessary.w

  5. Everybody had access to healthcare BEFORE 0bamacare became law. Now those that were uninsured will still have their free healthcare, but those of us that had been paying for insurance will pay hiogher premiums and co pays to accomodate the freeloaders.

    • jb- what world do you live in? everyone had healthcare before ACA? Really. so without health insurance (or with it), people weren’t denied coverage. what world are you living in

      • I have friends that WITHOUT insurance have had cancer surgeries, hospital stays and chemo treatments…WITHOUT insurance or large cash filled pockets.
        You had to know what questions to ask of the right people. There were sources available.

      • Oh, I didn’t know fighting for your life to get cancer surgery was a game! stupid. I thought in very stressful time, trying to fight for your life, you wouldn’t have to play a guessing game, and lie or find one person that is bending there rules to get insurance so you don’t die (yea, you didn’t say lie, but that is what you are saying. Otherwise, but great questions did you ask, to the right people, that other people don’t)

  6. The Obamatollah Barrany ‘cares about Americans’ ahahahahahaaa.

    He’s a jihadi.

    He supplies weapons to al-Qaeda (with help from McCain).

  7. Col. West, what I want to know as one of the AMERICAN PEOPLE is when you are going to step up and take control of the Tea Party?!?! YOU, Col., are the only one that can effectively do this. You, Col., are the man with the plan, the American Dream…isn’t that what I’ve heard you say over and over again? You, Col., can lead us into the future, away from tyranny and into prosperity. You, Col., can relate to ALL Americans. You, Col., can talk to the black youth, convince them that they are on the path to hell if they follow these evil libs. So, I ask you again, Col., WHEN are you going to step up and take control of the future of this great nation?

  8. Here’s an article that talks about “institutional Republicans” and why their second rate approach to “compromise” just doesn’t work for people on the slighlty farther right like the Tea Party…

    And by the way, there isn’t (and shouldn’t be) a leader or anyone “in control of the Tea Party”. I find that notion offensive and a clear indication that the speaker that uddereth such a statement is poorly informed.

    • I disagree. I feel that if Colonel West or any of the other great Tea Party leaders are elected president, they will become the supreme leader of the Tea Party. The Brewmaster if you will. 🙂

      I was thinking like you yesterday and today I thought about it all day and it makes sense to me. How could it not be so? I hope this happens for real so that we will be faced with the situation. I imagine this is the dream of many Tea Party members. I hope it becomes reality soon.

      • I’m hoping for a bigger, better organization of the TEA Party and not just as some movement. We need to be better organized with a clear plan of action to reach solutions to the problems (mainly obama’s tyranny) that plague our Country now. And because of that, we need a “leader” to help put forth our message and a leader we can rally behind and one that was chosen by “we the people” who has consistently without waivering, represented our United States Republic. I believe that person to be Allen West.

  9. Anything g short of impeachment proceedings is not doing enough, IMHO. Talk talk talk….no one does anything but talk.

  10. And engage the American people, states, companies, medical community, etc. in the discussion of reforming healthcare. I read great positive results offered by companies to their employees; Mayo Clinic I believe was one. They incentivized their employees; healthier employees and less sick days equaled lower healthcare costs. Some states set up agencies that met catastrophic illnesses, helped the underinsured and uninsured who made just enough over the limit to qualify for Medicaid and didn’t make enough to afford coverage on their own. It was thrown around by the private sector and Washington of allowing insurers to sell across state lines. Common sense says that the competition would lower costs while ensuring quality healthcare. Making plans potable, tort reform, etc. While these sound like some of the Republican proposals prior to Obamacare they were offered by the private sector too. As it stands the larger insurers in states set the tone of cost and care making it harder for smaller insurers to compete. Insurance companies can incentivize the insured by offering preventative help; lose weight, smoking cessation, etc. with the incentive of lower costs, higher coverage. If the insured doesn’t stick with it then their premiums will rise and they will pay more out of pocket. That also means putting the relationship of healthcare and cost directly between the insured and the doctor. When people’s pocketbooks are involved they are more likely to be more compliant. These are things I have written my braindead Democrat officials in Washington. The government can’t handle the entitlement programs they have now. What makes anyone feel they can handle healthcare? They can’t and the health and economy of this country will suffer greatly. I thought HMO’s were great when they came out but I was like many Americans today; didn’t pay attention to the consequences which were simply a third party involved. Sure, copays were cheaper but in the long run who paid attention to how much their healthcare cost especially for more serious issues such as emergencies, surgeries, specialized care? No one that I know and we are part of the blame for the high cost of healthcare. It is not impossible to reform but it takes the right people in Washington to squash Obamacare and the only way they will get there is by our votes!

  11. I disagree Colonel.. While we are doing a lot of talking, delaying this and that, restoring policies ect., Obamacare is marching forward in the background unfazed.and unchallenged. If the republicans don’t blow it by trying to fix this nightmare, eventually it will get so bad that the democrats will lead the charge to repeal it. This was foreseen long ago. It MUST be repealed asap. It has dug in very deep into our system and all of it must be ripped out before we can begin to fix it.

    The democrat talking point is republicans have no plan to replace it with. I watch the dems on tv say that and the republican tells them about the 1/2 dozen plans ready to go but the next day they are back at it again saying there is no alternative. It’s not that there isn’t any alternatives, it’s that they are too full of themselves to even consider any republican plan because they believe republicans are too stupid to come up with something that will work. They think they are the smartest and everyone else is dumb. They think that only big government can solve this problem even tho it is big government that created it.

  12. Close COL… We MUST Repeal AND Replace… We must deregulate the health insurance market, pass meaningful tort reform (loser pays…at least for medical malpractise cases), cap medical malpractise awards at 2 million for loss of life limb or eyesight 500K for all others, limit the number of lawyers who are allowed to handle medical malpractise to limit rent seeking in the medical and medical insurance markets, provide medical savings 401k style accounts (tax exempt) that roll over year after year to infuse free market principles to shop for the best deals and provide the consumers more power to chose. Allow SOME prescription meds to be prescribed by PAs or Drugists to take the high cost of obtaining a DR’s permit to obtain routine medications that are not subject to abuse.

  13. This goes nowhere if the RNC doesn’t spend some serious advertising $$ to clearly point our the lies from Alinsky or Obama whatever his name is. There has never in history been more available quotes from the great one which were lies. Healthcare is now being focused on as his lie(singular) when it fact it would be very easy to show video of several hundred lies and as many of severe bending of the truth. If the major source of conservative money fails to strike when he iron is hot they will be able to say “look we snatched defeat from the hands of victory but we will now be able to maintain the status quo as the failed party”

  14. NO NO NO NO! Don’t try to “fix” it. Working to repair this mess just gives the whole idea of Socialized Medicine credibility. Dump it! Repeal it! Kill it! It is Marxist in intent and Communists have used it over and over to clamp down on personal freedoms all across this planet.

    Repeal it first THEN work to give insurance companies the ability to market policies across state lines and enable COMPETITION.

    Sorry, Colonel West. In this you are WRONG.

  15. The republican party is for the most part dead, irrelevant, impotent, and spineless. They could have a million opportunities given to them to reverse the fatal path our country is being taken down but they are divided, fighting internal wars between conservatives and liberals, and are all words and NO ACTION. There are a few Real Conservatives who represent us but they are vastly out numbered by the ‘old do nothing but talk’ RINOs. So the so called “Waterloo” will be lost because the broken republican party will do their usual thing of making speeches and Doing Absolutely Nothing!


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