North Korea publicly executes 80: why we should care

I felt it necessary to remind everyone never to take for granted the freedoms we possess. According to South Korean sources as reported by Fox News, 80 people were publicly executed in North Korea for simply viewing videos from the South or for possessing Bibles.

It seems the executions were spread out over several cities where the victims had hoods placed over their heads, were tied to stakes, and then machine- gunned to death.

When you consider the lineage of Kim Jong Un, it should be no surprise this continues to happen in the closed Stalinist regime. However, the question is when will the world face up to this and stop allowing North Korea to perpetuate their system of international extortion?

For the United States this is a bi-partisan issue as countless presidential administrations have continued to send aid to North Korea every time they talk about firing missiles.

One of the key ingredients to this chilling situation is that North Korea continues to be sponsored by China, and of course China holds approximately 28% of our debt. This is one example of how our exorbitant debt affects our foreign policy.

Each time the words “economic sanctions” arise in relation to North Korea, the regime threatens military action stating they view sanctions as an act of war. Well, sanctions are a tool of national power. Funny, we fear instituting sanctions against North Korea and we are seeking to end sanctions against Iran, both of whom are in collusion to develop nuclear capacity and delivery means.

Now, I know some might be saying, “this post is boring.” But that is exactly my fear for America, that we dismiss or do not pay attention to the ever-growing threats to our liberty and freedom.


  1. Yes, hurry and do what it takes to become our next Commander & Chief!!!! No one rocks like you. Right now. You are the man. My vote is in!

  2. I appreciate you speaking the truth. These things need to be bought to our attention-some, more than others. I highly respect you and look forward to your postings. Thank you for everything, esp, for your services for our country.

  3. So the most critical thing is that we repair our economy, first by auditing the Fed, and cutting spending, and then eliminating the Fed altogether.

  4. Mr. West, what do you think about the foreign military presence participating in Hawaii’s joint military exercises this week? TY

  5. The most important aspect is we need to grow a large size kahunas, then proceed. Too many wimps in this country. We may have to die for freedom, Freedom comes at a cost, and are we willing to pay its dues?

    • political mad libs “half of this country is completely moronic for electing/re-electing ________” said every two to four years. it makes little to no difference. none of them care

      • I disagree – too many people do not care and they blame the politicians for not fixing everything that the people mess up because the people are immoral. People should stop using government as a health plan, a retirement plan, a job, an education for their children, freebies, stealing stuff they covet that belongs to their neighbor, etc., etc., etc.,— no fixing that.

  6. What I DON’T understand is why China tolerates him? If we take out the Kim Jong Un regime (regardless of how diplomatically or aggressively we may) China gets to replace him with a more manageable puppet for themselves to control yet blame it all on US! It’s not like the North Koreans are going to shed any tears over him, so EVERYBODY wins!

    A gross oversimplification because I’m missing something? I mean, how much influence does Kim Jon Un’s family wield? More than the Bin Laden family? Is that it???

    • They tolerate him because they have the same ideas, they do not care about human rights or any rights of the people they are there just for the use of the nation.

  7. You are very right Allen, the problem once again is the U.S. had the means years ago to deal with them and the Chinese but another Democrat President got in the way!

  8. this is not a boring post…and i do pay attention to all your posts…everybody is talking about doing something to get rid of obama and his cronies but no one is doing anything…we need to rise up and take our country back…no one can do it alone…its gonna take everyone that agrees with me or anyone who wants him out

  9. Meanwhile, Obama weakens our military and gives himself executive power over all our energy resources. But we can give billions to our adversaries and haters overseas.

  10. Hard to understand how the people of North Korea tolerate Kim Jong Yun. But the same could be said about our present leader.
    Yes, sanctions should be used for compliance, for a little jurisdiction over what would be all out intolerance for each other. China has us in a vice and certainly can pull the strings. But it shouldn’t be that way. Why are we in such enormous debt to China? Why does our government print more and more money??

  11. Your so right Sandra. Mr. West please do us a huge favor. Don’t ever stop stating you opinion. It is a very good one and supported by many. And not boring at all. I just wish more people would jump on the bandwagon and see how good a man you are. That you are for the people all the people of this nation.

  12. hua. politicians. great at over simplifying complex problems while offering no viable solutions. The US has sent virtually no aid since 2009. What else you got?

  13. my theory is…many of us US citizens do NOT really think we will ever get any major attack.

    So…we think Russia and China are fine…because the Berlin Wall came down.

    Sometimes I even hear people actually say the cold war was not “real”. (

  14. After Nazi Germany, many said if they knew of the atrocities, they would do something about it but the atrocities in North Korea are equally or worse than Germany and everyone turns a blind eye! What’s with that? Rest assured that the United States will be attacked with a nuclear weapon in the future from these rogue nations who hate the U.S. Especially easy, knowing that we are a weakened nation because of Nobomba and his administration! Scary times for sure!

  15. It’s a dangerous game of chess, and the administration is playing checkers. We need a real man in the White house, someone that our adversaries can respect.

  16. Lets talk sanctions, what are they and how are they used. Sanctions impose trade hardships on a targeted country in hopes of changing their behavior, but the truth is they seldom work. Thats what they are, now what do they do?
    Sanctions create BLACK MARKETS that are usually controlled by Government Intelligence Agencies that rake in millions and sometimes billions of dollars.
    The sanctioned goods still make their way into a country, but at an extremely high price.
    Examine the history of sanctions and you will see that they are usually imposed for very long periods of time. If they worked, it would not take years only a few months.
    Coruption at the Governments level is extensive, but corruption at higher levels is off the chart.

    • we apply the sanctions and our friends sell stuff to them through the back door… it’s all about the money….china and russia is selling iran everything they need to make nukes..cause they are not afraid of obozo…

  17. My opinion, for what it is worth. Just three score and ten is our allotted time, after which we have an eternity elswhere beyond my comprehension. Is it worth taking the chance to break the ten commandments that have been in force for thousands of years? What new science has arisen to invalidate completely the ten commandments? And if they have been invalidated, what proof can you offer? Why should I suddenly ignore the ten commandments, WHY SHOULD I? Is Satan whispering in your ear?

  18. The American public, especially the younger generation, need to keep up with what is happening in our world. They seem to be so busy with material things and that is a real concern. Even the school system is not teaching our history of how America became the country it is. When the Constitution was written it was to protect all citizens and has worked for over 200 years. It is unfortunate that our current legislators feel they can
    do whatever they want to do. It has become nothing but politics without any true leadership. Mr West, we need more people like you.

  19. It’s not boring at all. Your point is what is always my point when I, again, throw my hands up in frustration asking if no one understands all of the implications of the things we are doing and not doing.

  20. Noth Korea and China are the two biggest threats ( other than our own current regime) to our freedom. Have you all read Bill Gertz’s, and others, recent articles on the blood curdling threats made recently against the US by top Chinese generals? They’d see us dead now if they could. And Obama and lying (see his lies to Congress when he got back from Vietnam on YouTube) John Kerry make not the slightest response. Our next President had better be a pro American capitalist or we’re all in big trouble.

    Not to repeat myself ( although I am), right on again Col.for bringing up the subject.

  21. In George Washington’s journal, he made mention of a dream so real – one where he saw fire coming down from the heavens and setting the east coast on fire. I wonder, could that have been something in parallel – to what may come from this now?

  22. It is estimated that more Christians have been martyred in the last century than were martyred in all preceding years back to Christ. Are American Christians any better than those who are persecuted so severely in other countries? We dare not ignore what is happening to them because our time may yet come.

  23. Certainly not boring. Terrifying is more like it. We are a people with no first hand knowledge of tyranny, until now that is, and we are slow learners. We are only informed by hollywood and all of this registers to the masses as unbelievable….. we think life is a movie and we are exempt from the scary parts

  24. I want to believe in Colonel West, I really do. But have you seen his voting record? Abysmal at best. He’s voted with the left as often as McCain, Graham and the rest of the pretend conservative pukes. He’s a RINO. Before you go postal, look it up. Please argue from a legitimate point of factual reference or stay home. Thank you.


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