1 million Californians lose coverage while illegals get millions in drugs and benefits

According to a report by CBS Sacramento, California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones says more than one million Anthem Blue Cross of California subscribers have received cancellation notices. As the report notes, “the federal law requires policies to offer minimum levels of coverage, forcing companies to terminate many existing plans.”

So it sucks to be a US citizen and resident of California, but if you’re an illegal alien, it’s a different story altogether. In fact, our generous and benevolent federal government gave illegal aliens $29 million in prescription drugs from 2009 to 2011. But that doesn’t even include the nearly $92 million paid for health care. According to judicialwatch.org:

CMS, which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), blew $29 million to cover Medicare Part D prescription drugs for 4,139 “unlawfully present” individuals that did not qualify for the benefit, according to an HHS Inspector General report. This occurred during a two-year period between 2009 and 2011, according to the agency watchdog.

If you think that’s bad, earlier this year CMS paid $91.6 million to health care providers to cover 2,600 ineligible illegal aliens. A 1996 law specifically prohibits illegal immigrants from getting federal healthcare benefits such as Medicare and Medicaid yet it continues to occur, despite audits exposing the violations. How? Because CMS doesn’t have policies and procedures that could enable it to detect such “improper payments,” according to an HHS Inspector General report released in January.

How can anyone continue to defend this administration or this ACA? In California, certainly many residents would like to add another “C” to that acronym…


    • Fortunately it’s not all of CA that votes these idiots in. If you look at the demographics, it’s only the major large cities that vote Democrat – also just happen to be the areas where the most state and federal aid is going ……

    • Glad to know we got our just desserts. ever stop to think that not all Californians voted for this guy? The liberals have over run us with illegals who get to vote.

  1. Well certainly it makes sense, those folks are going to vote in the next election illegal or not, they don’t have to prove citizenship and they are now squarely in the him pocket of the democrats.

  2. Nitpicking…..The correct CMS term is ‘Not legally present’ not ‘unlawfully present’. And while they are not supposed to get health care, the ACA is allowing them use of clinics for their treatment. Wanna explain that one? Also, while the ACA is not supposed to provide for them, there are numerous references in the CMS/ACA regs stating they are exempted from paying their fair share. I would really love to hear that one explained.

    • Just try to get into a clinic,like entering Mexico,I was only caucasin of about 35 people,guess who the rest happened to be LMAO

  3. Things are heading down hill fast. I can’t believe that the Demoncrats don’t see the danger in this action. America being distroyed for the inside.

    • My 3 step children and their spouses are all democrats and all voted for Obama. Now 4 of these 6 have received letters telling them that they are losing their health insurance as of 1 Jan 2014 and 3 of the 6 have gone from full time to part time workers becaue of Obamacare. Yet all 6 of them are still blind to how Obama has let all Americans down. I just heard my stepdaughter say that Bush’s policies are the reason this country is hurting economically and that none of the confusion with Obamacare is Obama’s fault.

  4. sorry i lost my e mail,now they give it back to me,if they take it again i will go thru google,i am tired of not having a e mail,i have had the same email since i have been on all the computers i have had, theresa stanwood


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