Crisis in governance: the moral crossroad of American leadership

Last week some fifteen Senate Democrats marched to the White House for an impromptu two-hour meeting with President Obama. They were not there to chat about BCS football standings. These Senators are up for reelection in the 2014 election cycle and came to voice their concerns about the unveiling of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), “Obamacare.”

Several of these Senators reside in Red states and are concerned about their political careers. The sad thing is, the impetus for their trek to the White House was concern about their election, not the people they are supposed to serve.

One of the Democrat Senators, Alaska’s Mark Begich, released a statement after the visit and referred to a “crisis in competence.”

I believe there is something far deeper occurring in our nation’s capital, a crisis in governance. Furthermore, I propose this crisis is rooted in a severe degradation of moral courage in American elected officials — I just cannot force myself to refer to most of them as “leaders.” Roman statesman and philosopher Marcus Tulius Cicero, who warned of the arrogance of officialdom, stated, “The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend.” One can make the case that this is exactly where we are when gazing upon the actions and lack of character emanating from Washington.

For me, there are two points of most grave concern with the rollout of the ACA: the lies spoken and the attempt to wish away the lies spoken.

We have arrived to a point where the person holding the highest office in the land can purposefully lie to the American people over a three year period. For the President of the United States to receive a four Pinocchio rating from a major newspaper, the Washington Post, reveals a disturbing phenomenon. Now of course detractors will say that “Bush lied” in relation to Iraq and weapons of mass destruction, except there were a whole bunch of Democrats and international leaders who believed and said the same.

This is a unique situation, a President deceiving the electorate in order to advance a policy agenda. President Nixon’s case revolved around a simple matter of “breaking and entering.” President Clinton’s lascivious indiscretion in the oval office was the nexus of his untruths. However, to have the Chief Executive of America lie not just once, but at least 24 times regarding Americans maintaining their most personal decision, their healthcare plans, is unconscionable.

What is more perplexing is President Obama’s explanation of what he “meant” to say but we were too incompetent to hear, by using the “if” word. With today’s modern media, all Americans know exactly what Mr. Obama stated. Mr. Obama’s first violation of moral courage is the lie, the second is the lie for the lie, and the last is that he fails to take responsibility, or accountability, to fervently admit he was wrong.


    • I agree. The meeting was probably about the President telling them it’s okay to act like they are against Obamacare and okay to bash him now so they can get re-elected to hold Democrat majority. The end justifies the means, you know.

      • It’s known in the muslim world as ‘taqqiya,’ officially sanctioned lies without repercussions in order to get/protect/defend your goal.

  1. I can’t help but wonder if this man is also concerned only with his career. For if he became more conservative he would be able to have a ‘career change’. Either way, he has a braveness about him.

  2. The question many have in regards to all the incompetence, lack of morals, lies and flat out criminal activity against the Constitution is………. When are the Elected Cowards going to uphold their Oath to defend & protect against the enemies within? Their Jobs may be in jeopardy, but that is self inflicted due to their own failures to their Country.

  3. Dear Allen,
    I have learned from research that we are being lead down the wrong side of OUR CONSTITUTION..My research lead me to FRANCES FOX PIVON: Who Pres. Obama is using her and her husbands outline of communism and socialism right to the letter of their beliefs. Some where there has to be a TRUE PATRIOTIC LAWYER that can figure out how to stop this madness…I can only pray for I have heard from others that have written to Congress and have gotten no answers. Keep up the fight in honor of our country.

    • There are lawyers that are battling against the march against the Constitution. They are few and their motives are their own, it is an uphill battle for them. They very rarely get press coverage, and those that do are very angry (Mark Levin) or marginalized (Jay Sekulow). But they keep fighting, some quietly some so not so. My thought is to stop the madness we need someone or a group to start purchasing a large media outlets (ABC/CBS/NBC types not fox) and replacing the hacks out of the newsrooms and return to real journalism. CBS seems to be moving that way, with Major Garrett.

  4. Pres. Obama is only half of the problem.

    Had most media (Wash Post, NY Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and other bigger outlets) held him accountable from day one, he probably would have tempered his actions.

    Probably some of us on the right would not have agreed with some of his actions, even if tempered.

    But his excesses would have been tempered…by a press that held him at least sort of accountable.

    For instance, imagine how DIFFERENT obamacare would have been had the BIG media outlets regularly demanded more info, more public insight into the obamacare changes BEFORE the vote???

    • I almost believe the problem with the media and Obama has actually been ratings. Disagree and hold Obama accountable, first black president, and what would happened,,,people would be screaming “racist” and down go those all mighty ratings or possibly losing their sponsors. Isn’t it funny as soon as the public started screaming over his lies and losing their insurance that now the news media is turning the other way. Now they are starting to report the negative impact Obamacare is having and the numbers. Why??? Ratings, They seem to go with flow of how the public is acting. But take Fox,,,they always called him out and they took a few beatings but now their rating have actually sky rocketed. And as far as the vote on Obamacare,,,who read it or knew what was in there before voting? Didn’t Pelosi say you can’t read it until it’s a law? The GOP is very low on approval ratings right now because of the Government shut down BUT the more issues that come out on Obamacare may change that. They were the ones who wanted it Defunded. People losing their insurance isn’t over,,I believe it’s up now over four million and still going. The longer Obama doesn’t address this and admit he was wrong, more and more people are going to turn. And think of what the other countries are thinking right now about how he lied to over 317 million Americans. He will lose more respect in other countries. Who is ever going to believe what he says anymore?

      • Unfortunately I don’t think “ratings” have anything to do with it. The media has simply been conquered by the left. The media bigwigs (and entertainment counts as this too) are just that brainwashed. The culture simply took root a long time ago and over the decades a liberal good-ol-boy network has purged all conservative or semi conservative voices.
        Besides that, the rest of the world never respected Obama from day one. The only people abroad who pretended to respect Obama were people who hated America. They wanted him because they knew he was weak, stupid, and corrupt, and America is now the world’s laughingstock.

  5. Even though I agree with what Senator Mark Begich said, I also think he said this to “cover his behind”. To make himself appear more sympathetic to Republican voters. That is just my opinion.

  6. If most of these Democrats are unelected this time around then they have personally reaped what they have sowed. Landrieu is the worst of the hypocrites. But the biggest failure is with today’s journalists…..I mean story prevaricators. The complete lack of ethics and morality in journalism today prevent most Americans getting the complete truth (half-truths are much better than complete lies). They minimize the lies of their comrades to us and maximize failures of their opponents. Ever wonder why we have an illiterate electorate? Always look at the source of a story, there are many that are not revealing the complete truth or actually manipulating the story for their own ideologies. The Bill of Rights was suppose to protect electorate from government abuses on free speech and provide us with a “free Press”. But what protects the electorate from a press that has forgotten the basis of the Bill of Rights, and has completely change the view of themselves to be used as a tool to sway opinion to their way of thinking, vice giving the us the necessary information to make informed choices. Colonel, keep up the fight. Please continue to help spread the basis of our freedoms that we are so giving away, I truly respect you and your stands.

  7. The Democrats own this disaster. They still will not admit what a disaster this is for the American people. They should all be impeached.

  8. Great article and absolutely true. The absolute Evil, tyranny, and corruption coming out this Administration is DEMONIC! The deceptive power and fear he is instilling on everyone around him cannot come from One man alone,there are many more in on the destruction of America and the control of it’s people, and by the grace of God I hope I am alive to see them all held accountable. …………JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING…………

    • Remember, Jesus did not give us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. That is why people are fearing because they have gotten away from God and yes, then the spirit of fear will jump all over them. People of this country need to return to their Creator and Heavenly Father, then there will be the great army of God.

  9. Begich & the rest of these demoNcraps are just trying to save their careers ~ certainly not the ppl bc if they did, they would get behind a #FullPepeal.

  10. If anyone believes a single word Mark Begich utters out of his useless mouth, then count yourself as simple. The man has his own personal agenda and it has nothing to do with serving the best interests of those whom he represents.

  11. It’s not like the stuff happening now wasn’t in the law, or in the published Federal Register regulations. This is more than Clinton’s Middle Class Tax cut, where he lied about what he was going to do through the campaign and immediately reversed himself. In this case themPresident publicly lied about hat he was doing, but there was clear documentation that the program was at odds with what he was saying, and when people pointed it out three years ago, by reading from the law and the regulations and making basic obvious inferences … the media chose to call THESE liars and extremists.

  12. I think there is way too much governance going on for the sake of doing something, rather than let a free market work. When Marxism is thrust upon a failed state, the effect while awful is just another brand of awful. When Marxism is thrust upon the greatest nation the world has ever known, it’s complete ideological failure is much harder to hide.

  13. If Barack had been defeated in his presidential bid, we would have been designated the most backward, racist nation on the earth by liberals. But now that he’s won, holding him accountable for his pathetic governance is the most racist thing America can do! Go figure! The US media, for the most part, bears major culpability for the destruction of America.

  14. Alaskans with actual brains know Begich is a charlatan who will say and/or do anything and everything to keep his seat. Never mind the fact he has been in lockstep with this administration every single step of the way.

  15. Yeah, Obama is going to hand us over to Iran! That’s been his plan from the beginning. Teach them the Koran when they’re young and they’ll always return to it! Hum!

    • I own a copy of the Koran, an original transliteration. YOu wouldn’t believe what it says is to be done with anyone refusing to follow their faith.

  16. I find it a total disgrace that the primary concern of these politicians is their own political futures. Can you spell “Term Limits”? That solves that problem.

  17. I have only one question…why isn’t Pres. Obama referred as a American/African instead of a African/American. Is he from Africa?

  18. Unbelievable how there are people on here still trying to defend obama’s lies and deceit by eschewing Begich as a charlatan. Just goes to show that there are a lot of “americans” who hate this country even more than obama does!

    • The problem is the Begich voted for this atrocity. At least, I think he did. He may not have been in office at the time, but the fact remains that every single Democrat voted for it without reading the stupid thing. Now that that vote is coming back to haunt them, they’re afraid of losing their jobs over it. As well they should be. Have you ever in your life signed a contract without reading every single word and understanding it, first? Well, that’s exactly what the Democrats did, and now they are being called to pay for it.

  19. More prayer wouldn’t make any difference as that would be yet another lie they would have to admit. They don’t believe in morality or God and as such, don’t believe you should either. Unfortunatly,it appears that we as a country must hit rock bottom much the same as a drug addict, or Egypt before we can see the truth as a collective.

  20. Sir, what sickens and scares me most is the major liberal media, (print/TV) simply will NOT call out president Obama on his reprehensible lies. They refuse to say anything bad about him, nor expose his egregious lack of integrity, regardless of of the negative effect on Americans. The media is so obsessed with advancing liberal ideology, they refuse to say or do what’s right or what’s in the best interest of our country!! I’m sickened, disgusted and bitterly disillusioned to my very core.

    Adam L Adair MSgt, USAF (retired)

    • Sir, You are Spot On with your comments. I too am disgusted and disillusioned with the current administration and the Medias role in advancing Obamas agenda and their failure to hold him accountable for So Many failures. Than you Sir for your Service to our Country !

  21. Obama has gotten away with so much in the last five yrs, with the help of the media, he just thinks that he can do what ever he wants, and screw us, we just have to do what he says! That isn’t how a democracy is supposed to work. He has it backwards! He is supposed to do what the people want. The people made it clear they did not want this bill to pass. But the minions in politics did his bidding and forced it down our throats! So that being said, along with all his other deceptions, he thinks he can just walk all over the american people, and we will do his bidding along with Senate and the House. Well no, I hope 2016 speaks volumes on how much we disagree with this evil man, i pray that the democrats lose their power through the people’s will! That is if the fraud and dead peope voting don’t stop us!!! I will be praying every night for the peoples will to be done!

  22. It is slightly interesting to read the comparisons of past leaders, I suppose this helps some readers ( Americans ) be able to ‘think’ better when there are comparisons. I like to read and think with what has recently happened. ‘The straw which broke this camels back’ was when I had read that the contract for the Obamacare website was a company in Canada. Now what does that say? It says quite blatently this President of our United States, doesn’t give a dam. It is a real slap in the face, directly and overtly. I am not in the computer business or website design business or anything close to it. I hope someone or more then one person will read this and realize what I realize.

  23. Obama gave them all permission to trash Obama’s health care bill so they might be able to hold onto their state seats. That’s it in a nutshell. Don’t buy what they are selling you. Vote them out of office.


  25. ALL the close races this year WILL have a 3rd party candidate that will draw away just enough support to elect or reelect these liberal progressives… DONT FALL FOR IT AGAIN!

    • Exactly correct! The Libertarian Gov Candidate in VIrginia took money from the Democratic National Socialists to split the vote. It worked. Virginia got a National Socialist and crony Fascist who “earned” millions in a partnership with the government after defrauding millions more in prior shady deals.

  26. The last time Mr. Begich spoke to the electorate here in Anchorage he was all for Obamacare. Now he is against it.. I didn’t vote for him when he won the first time riding in on Ted Stevens’ faulty and illegal conviction.(If you folks have any memory, the federal prosecutors violated the law by falsifying and illegally withholding evidence and suborning perjury. The conviction was overturned.) I won’t vote for him this time either. He is afraid that Alaskan voters will hold him responsible for the Obamacare goat rope that is. I certainly hope so. Without his vote, we would be worrying about it now. He made his bed, he deserves to sleep in it.

    • Please Vote him out in a landslide. He’s a member of the Democratic National Socialist Workers Party. They’re Progressive Marxists, one and all and sadly for us, they are not confined to the Democratic National Socialists, they’re the elitists and DC’vers in the Republican Party who alternate power for themselves.

  27. ‘Crisis of competence’ is correct because none of these guys is competent in any way. The most incompetent of all runs the show.

  28. Just like the obama “debt clock”, maybe we need a “Truth Clock” to be prominently displayed for all the American people to see just how many days and nights go by that obama lies.

  29. The problem is, there are still many people out there who believe this man and I can’t figure out why. Many of them hold office and that scares the hell out of me. I am not a R. or a D. , I just want someone in that office who Respects it, and truly wants what is good for America and the American People. So guys, please get your acts together and get all this crap out of Washington. If not, you will be the cause of the Destruction of America from within!

    • What’s good for America is the return to our Constitution not their Manifesto or their “good intentions” forced on us by a bi-partisan gang of liars, looters, elitists and Washington DC’vers.

  30. This is what National Socialism looks like. Welcome to the Democratic National Socialist Workers Party. The Great Decline & Fall of America continues….

  31. America needs MORE MADISON & LESS MARX. America needs Our Constitution, Not Their Manifesto. Americans must End the reign of the Progressive DonkeyPhants & Washington DC’vers.

  32. Is it even possible to have statesmen anymore? This nation has been sold to the highest bidder and we are now a corporatocracy. It happened. America will wane and one world will wax. It happened. Will America gasp back to life? I don’t know. It’d take a miracle.

  33. Col. West, I would love for you to make a run for the Oval office. You are a honorable and truthful man. This country needs someone like you. You would have my vote!

  34. Forgetting to zipper your fly!

    Sort of like the Debt Ceiling……All of a sudden you wake up and see we are 20 Trillion in Debt and the credit rating agencies have downgraded our debt to the equivalent of a penny stock….we have super inflation the dollar is worthless and the folks who had their heads in the sand say why did’t someone tell me? Well once in a while you need to check your fly. I don’t care how liberal you are and how many government programs you want… comes a point when you need to pull up your zipper and stop exposing yourself to being ridiculed. Vince

  35. well, why even talk about all of it? It is what it is and Most all of us have a brain, and we can see. Just everybody wants to talk and no action.


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