O’Reilly asks: would I lead the Tea Party?

Last night I was invited to speak on “The Factor” with Bill O’Reilly. We talked about some poll results that showed Americans aren’t happy with the Tea Party. I think the problem is they simply don’t understand what the Tea Party stands for. Part of the problem is how this grass roots movement is structured. I told him:

It comes back to leadership, Bill. That’s the very simple thing. The Tea Party believes in this decentralization but that can lead to fragmentation. They need a strategic marketing and communications plan. Most importantly, these people should sit down at a table and come up with a platform. a platform that talks about what they are for, not so much what they are against.

Then he asked me if I would be willing to lead the Tea Party. You can see the whole conversation here and how I answered…


  1. Obama was NOT elected in 2008 or 2012. Obama was SELECTED to destroy America! Media whore hounds and politicians lying about who Obama is while lying by saying he (Obama) is the leader while lying about everything the fraud is doing… Obama was NOT elected he was Selected…

    • Yes, Hannah. Obama is nothing but a sociopathic loser that is the puppet for the power/money backing this whole debacle. As a sociopath he has no shame, regret or consideration for anything or anyone. His goal to to strictly be in the “lime light” and gain as much power as he can. Whoever is backing him knew that he would, without a doubt, do whatever they told him to do in exchange for the Presidency. This situation is horrific. That our well thought out design by our forefathers has been infiltrated because the American people have given government too much power. We need to stop this before things get even worse. It’s approaching quickly.

    • So true and VERY sad. And only 53% of eligible voters went to the polls. So Obama was elected by 26 to 27% of the voting population. and we don’t know (and likely never will) how much fraud there was. Mary B. Vaughan makes interesting points, too.

    • That may be because O’Reilly doesn’t understand what the Tea Party is about. Immigration is NOT a Tea Party issue. While I expect most of us (Tea Party people) are uncomfortable with the term “illegal”, our positions on immigration are as varied as those of the rest of the informed electorate. .

  2. A COMMERCIAL WE NEED TO RUN, Black, Asian,Hispanic white, men and woman. Saying I AM THE THE TEA PARTY (individually and as a group) then (VILE) quotes from the left, Hollywood and in political office. Then, WHY THE HATE???Then a illustration of what we stand for and why we want a future for our children not a debt ridden broken country!

  3. The Tea Party came to be with the help of Glenn Beck when he was at FOX and since he’s off on his own and many can’t get him, the Tea Party has become a place for some to come in and make it something it never was. I don’t agree with those that are making it into a business or another special interest group. Our feelings are to return to the Original Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers, smaller government, Freedom of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I don’t want the government raising my grandkids or great grandkids’ running the schools, etc……it’s a disaster now and needs to change. This country has allowed the government to enslave to many people over the years and within the past 5 years, it has become unbearable to see. No doubt we need a true leader and I would love to see Mr. A. West step up and fill that void. God Help Us, because we are falling fast.

    • “smaller government, Freedom of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” pretty much describes core beliefs of Vermont, yet they are the most democrat state in the country. How backwards can liberal thinking be?

  4. You need to remove the first minute of silence. I almost downloaded some program thinking it was required for your website.

  5. Many who voted for Obama do so for no other reason than the feeling that it was time to have a black president. Why couldn’t they have just waited for the RIGHT black man – one who loves this country and respects our Constitution. One whose standards and values make him, first and foremost, an AMERICAN. One like Allen B. West. I would welcome the opportunity to vote for him for President of the United States.

    • They didn’t wait because our society has been taught over recent generations to get immediate gratification. Our government has been teaching people to purchase things with money they don’t have and are unable to pay back……just like the government does…..

  6. As of today, I don’t see the Tea Party like another Republican or Democrat party. I see myself as on of those “Tea Party,” types, one like a consumer shopping for a car, home, bread; I’m looking for the politician that represents my views. I don’t see the Tea Party having “leaders.” Maybe that will come, but like the Abolitionist of pre-civil war, the Tea Party will join and receive anyone that has their values. Allen West does speak for me because he speaks my language: AMERICAN VALUES. If only we had Colonel West in Nam, I’d have followed him to the gates of Hanoi. Airborne! And O’Reilly, he has guest on the show only for them to listen to him talk.

  7. I think the Tea Party has possibly damaged itself so much with the American public that it would be better to start over with a different party and different party name.

  8. I think Col West is an awesome man ill sustain him as a leader plus he is a Jump Master, look at his lapel. Lead the Tea Party no more taxation without representation.

  9. Face it; there is no such this as Tea Party. There is D and R and L. That is it. Unless one of them gets its act together, it is not worth talking about.

  10. Mr. West I hope that you do run in 16, we do not need another democrat in the Whitehouse. What this country needs is a true leader and someone who is willing to do what they say. The republicans have lost their way, if they are at war with each other its only because of the lack of good leadership today. I have been a republican all my life, I have supported them and still feel that there are those in the party that have the right idea. The Tea Party has gotten a bad rap mainly from the media, why because Obama owns the media, so any true reporting on the Tea Party isn’t going to happen, because it makes Obama look bad along with republicans and democrats. Here in Virginia the only reason Ken lost the election is because someone helped put this so called libertarian on the ticket and rumor is that it was someone from the democratic party, and had this guy not been on the ticket Ken would have won. Terry is a bad idea period, this is the same guy who claims he wants to bring jobs to Virginia yet built his business in China, whats wrong with that picture? Like many in this country it doesn’t matter to me what color your skin is, or what party you’re with at this point what matters is that you SUPPORT our Constitution, want limited them which I believe fully that they did, that these two go to jail for it. Like many in this country I feel we as a country as lost our way, our credibigovernment, NO Obamacare, a better economy and stop the flow of illegals in this country, they do not need a free pass simply because they broke the law to get here. Also I want someone willing to look into what really happened in Benghazi because those 4 brave men who lost their lives deserves the truth as does this country and if Obama and Hillary dishonored lity around the world is at an all time low, instead of looking like a leader we look weak and that is something very dangerous for this country because I believe fully you only have peace through power, something this country at this point is lacking. I honestly believe that there are those in the Republican party who want what most of us want, you being one of them, and if you run, you will have my support. I am sick like many of the same doubling talking politician who tells you one thing while sticking you in the back, I am sick of the lobbyist that have also done nothing but sell the American people out for profit, and while I believe fully that if you earn it you should keep it, it also has to be a level playing field for all so everyone has a chance just not a select few. So Mr. West if you run which I hope that you do, you have my support regardless if you run as a republican or Tea Party member, its about what’s good for this country at this point and not about what party.

  11. yeah most american dont understand what is going on ?? the tea party dont like obama ‘s idea obama is destroy the american real bad wake up obamacare are hurting million people ‘ s job and lost job due obamacare see wake up , they try stop the obamacare

  12. Republicrats chase after that Hispanic vote like the prom queen they’ll never get in bed, while 60% of eligible American voters don’t even see any point in registering to vote. That’s why their losing elections. Not because illegal foreign non-citizens won’t vote for them.

  13. Col. West. I am and have been a conservative for45 years. I served in Vietnam 67-68. I have always believed that a commander and chief should have military experience. Since JFK in the 60s somehow the American people have lost their ability to to understand they need to figure out what they can do for their country not the other way around. I’m sure when you went into service for this country it wasn’t about the money as I served from 1967 to 1970. Not a lot of money!!! It was your commitment to give to your country. I hope this will continue for you at this time.We certainly need you because we are losing the battle between the folks that believe this country owes them everything and those of us that that believe you need to earn what you will receive . We need real conservatives in the leadership in both houses and mainly in the White House. The RINOs have to go if we are not going to settle for the take over of this country by the likes of OBAMA .A lot of damage has been done already. Conservatives need to reevaluate their beliefs somewhat however not to the point of not being able to recognize them. As an example I believe I pro life however it is the law of the land and it is always projected as a moral issue. Actually it is a mater of us conservatives not wanting to fund it as most of us believe that a lot of folks that use an abortion as birth control. Please consider running for a position that will serve the GOP best to return this country to the PEOPLE. That might Be President Vp or whatever. We need you more than ever NOW. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Mr West, I agree with Dennis. I also know that you are not a racist and will be a president for all Americans, but you being black can help unite the black race as well as the Hispanics. I do not think we can win back the presidency without this block voters. I am NOT saying we need to change our platform, but there are a lot of black conservatives that we need to get on board, such as Herman Cain. I would like for us (The Tea Party) to choose the BEST candidate NOW and get united behind him. We must NOT fight among ourselves nor bad mouth each other in public. The Tea Party is the last frontier for America; if we fail, this country is gone. First things first, the Republican Party must maintain its majority in the US House of Representatives and win back the US Senate. I agree with Dennis about the RINOs, but lets concentrate on the 2014 congressional races first. We need a strong leader, but we do not have a chance unless we win back the senate. Harry Reid has to GO, but so does RINOs like Mitch McConnell and John McCain. These two are the main ones that “hate” the Tea Party the most.

  14. Mr. West I hope that you do run in 16, we do not need another democrat in the Whitehouse. What this country needs is a true leader and someone who is willing to do what they say. The republicans have lost their way, if they are at war with each other its only because of the lack of good leadership today. I have been a republican all my life, I have supported them and still feel that there are those in the party that have the right idea. The Tea Party has gotten a bad rap mainly from the media, why because Obama owns the media, so any true reporting on the Tea Party isn’t going to happen, because it makes Obama look bad along with republicans and democrats. Here in Virginia the only reason Ken lost the election is because someone helped put this so called libertarian on the ticket and rumor is that it was someone from the democratic party, and had this guy not been on the ticket Ken would have won. Terry is a bad idea period, this is the same guy who claims he wants to bring jobs to Virginia yet built his business in China, whats wrong with that picture? Like many in this country it doesn’t matter to me what color your skin is, or what party you’re with at this point what matters is that you SUPPORT our Constitution, want a limited government and NO Obamacare, and someone who fully supports our military, because I do not believe you have peace with no power. Obama has sold this country out, those who follow him only do so I believe because either they don’t care or have no clue who this country was built and what it has always stood for. I believe fully that Obama has done nothing but push race relations back to the dark ages, he has divided this nation and at a time in history when we should be standing together. There is an old saying United we Stand and Divided we fall, and I think this is exactly what Obama’s real agenda has always been to divide us, which he has done so. We need a leader that can lead all the people NOT control them, after all many have died to keep us free, something I think many in this country have forgotten. Mr. West I think you are someone who could reunite this country, I also think you are someone who would make our military stronger, I believe fully you have the ability to be a great President, so I hope in 2016 I will be calling you President West, because this country needs a good leader and I see that in you.

      • I like a lot of what you said. Mr. Allen West is a GREAT American, but so are Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee. What we really need is a strong voice that will get our message out to the public. As Joanna stated, we need to Stand Together and fight against liberalism and big government. We MUST stop Obamacare and this is one point on which most all Republicans agree,

      • What we need is a million man march on Washington with weapons and take back the White House. At some point our forefathers got tired of talking and sent a message to the rest of the world.

      • Larry ..I am not advocating an open rebellion nor an armed revolution (yet). That would be the last resort and when/if it comes there has to be a UNITED front by those who are leading it. The Tea Party is NOT there yet….as a matter of fact with out some of these other groups joining the fight against the big government liberals, we can not even elect a president. That is why we must stand together and get our message out to other conservatives; nevertheless, I am committed to the cause and will never vote for another RINO. I refuse to vote for “the lesser of two evils” again. If there is not a candidate on the ballot that represents my views, then I will write in a name.

  15. Wish Mr West had been the first Black American President.

    I have a question and yes some may view it as rather simplistic one…… but….Why do we need all the people who are here illegally? Why can’t they all be sent home and if we need to issue work permits or other legal documents, do so with STRICT oversight.

    • The Democrats want this vote from these people to keep the White House, so that their agenda could get finished.

      • Yes I realize that. I was reading an article that,to condense, is the way Obama was elected. The popular vote would have elected Romney and the areas won by Romney had the least dependents on Government support.

        I was posing my question from a strictly economical view point and a non politically correct one. I would really like to hear an argument that would justify having all these illegals here leaving out the two above reasons.

      • Pam, I understand what you are asking. But, this president understands that the more illegals he can get into this country, the more he can flood the entitlement programs, and he will have a stronger, and have more voters for the Democrats. These illegals will vote Democrat no matter what (or until the other side can give them a good enough reason for them to vote the other way). There is really no other way to answer you without putting it this way. Maybe I missed out on how to answer you. But with all my emails that I get from different sources, this is what the bottom line is. And as Ezekiel 33 talks about the ‘Watchman’ on the wall, I ask that you consider to vote against the Democrats in the mid-term elections (if your state has them), why? This is the only way to get anything back on track, to take the power from the Democrats. Need to get the Mitch McConnell’s, John McCain’s, Lindsey Graham’s, etc. out and bring in those that stand for the Constitution, and the rights of the American people. I believe with this failed roll-out of Obamacare, and all those that have been dropped from their insurance that was promised that they could keep that insurance, will vote against any Democrat in the upcoming elections. Please understand that I tried to answer your question accordingly, and this could be answered only one way. God bless.

      • minister michael burris- Yes I know why and I guess it was a question that could have only been answered in and idealistic way. You don’t have to ask me to vote these people out. I am totally against career politicians. I know Mitch McConnell and have never voted for him. I plan on changing my voting status to independent. Rand Paul is also from my home town. I believe he is sincere but I wonder about his experience.

        Along with term limits there should also be a mandatory retirement age. There just comes a time when the period that you grew up in starts coloring you judgement. The Supremes also should not be appointed for life and they are older than dirt.

        Sir you have no idea how refreshing to have someone respond to your post in a civil truthful way. I have began to disparage the people that have responded to things that I have posted. They read into the post something that was not said and was totally off point.

        I also am proud to hear someone actually use the word God. For I truly believe that this country is fast following in the footsteps of Biblical Israel. It has truly amazed me how many people have attacked me for quoting scripture and believing in God.

        I am very much afraid that America has so distanced herself from God and is not heeding the call to return that our fate may be set.

    • Pam that would be far cheaper than what they all cost us. And maybe our school kids would get the jobs back they used to do before the illegals started working for next to nothing and took those jobs. And we are subsidizing their lives with our hard earned money.

  16. Exactly what I have been thinking. The Tea Party movement is letting liberals and elite Republicans define the movement.
    We allow our opponents to say what we believe and do not rebut.

    • The tea party movement is not letting them do anything. They are going to demonize anyone they are afraid will take away their dukedoms. The teaparty is grass roots – who they won’t give any airtime.

    • The Tea Party must: Choose their spokespersons, and get a definitive game plan. We got a lot of nuts saying things that are being wrongly attributed to group. I have lost faith in O’Reilly too .

    • Very good read and have shared! All those 3rd partiers REALLY need to read this. Virginia would be looking a whole lot brighter if all those throw away votes mattered.

      • He says he looks out for the folks but doesn’t like it when the folks stand up for themselves and say ‘ENOUGH!’. He’s another status quo blowhard.

      • Very sickening. NO ONE in MSM to depend on for accurate, truthful news. I just began watching 700 Club with Pat Robertson (CBN News)… where you do receive the real news. It hits a raw nerve, though, when ABC Family who carries 700 Club has disclaimer at the beginning stating “not the views of ABC Family.”

  17. Well, it doesn’t happen often but Bill Oreilly said something I just don’t agree with.

    Immigration reform.

    The Tea Party is NOT against Reforming Immigration! They are against calling it Immigration Reform when you really mean Amnesty!!

    The Tea Party does not think it is right to allow illegal aliens to just get citizenship freely!!!


    Does it need to be discussed? CERTAINLY!

    But do people like Bill Oreilly need to run around saying the Tea Party isnt going to want to give them ANYTHING? HELL NO HE NEEDS TO SHUT UP BECAUSE THAT IS JUST BAD PRESS AGAINST THE TEA PARTY!!

    The Tea Party candidates are our ONLY HOPE

    The Tea Party needs to create a plan for EVERYTHING they believe and that is absolutely correct.

    • Oreilly just started saying stupid things. America has legal immigration policy, the only reform we need to make is the constitutional laws on the books that we stopped enforcing along the borders.

  18. ……………..
    I think of Allen West as a Watchman
    remember this……

    Land Of Dreams – Allen West
    Monday, October 15, 2012 18:51

    Before a throng of enthusiastic supporters in Temecula, Calif., Congressman Allen West (R-Fla.) on Friday defended the principles of limited government and stressed the importance of the upcoming presidential election in what the conservative blog The Right Scoop describes as a “must watch” speech…



    ******Ezekiel 33:2
    “Son of man, speak to your countrymen and say to them: ‘When I bring the sword against a land, and the people of the land choose one of their men and make him their watchman, and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people, then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not take warning and the sword comes and takes his life, his blood will be on his own head.”


  19. He’s talking about forming a new political party, he needs to get a fragmented collection of people to agree on a single purpose to dethrone the Dem’s and get the Reps on the right track.

  20. We may need a national organization to get everyone on the same page, but our goal should always be to take back thee republican party in the primaries. A 3rd party would split the conservative vote and we would have the results seen in Virginia and when Ross Perot ran. The Democrats are beating us by funding the 3rd party candidates such as the Libertarian candidate in Virginia. If they keep them in the race the conservative vote is split and the Democrat wins. The republicans did this with Ralph Nader. Time for us conservatives to get smart and out think the Democrats.

    • I believe your on to the right idea.
      Consolidate the platform to get back to a Capitalist Christian nation. Sound bad? I don’t think so.

    • The split in the GOP is the result of the “progressives” that are constantly capitulating to the Liberals. GOP Progressives are really nothing more than the Liberal wing of the party and in my opinion, they are the ones out of touch with reality. Unless the GOP makes a sharp turn to the right so we can distinguish between them and the Democrats, there is no way I will support another Republican candidate unless they are proven to have conservative beliefs.

  21. It is not necessary to have a 3rd party = think of it as a marriage – when women marry, some take a hyphenated name. – so why not TEA-REPUBLICAN PARTY or – REPUBLICAN-TEA PARTY- which ever way floats your boat.

  22. I tell you this conversation is a clear example of how much the Tparty idea is misunderstood. People in the political arena need an identifiable group to demonize. When the average citizen started rebelling against the democrats & some republicans. They started to associate themselves with the spirit of the historical Boston Tea revolt over taxes on goods from the british homeland…..

    There is no party that exist it.s just a rally call that most angry citizens answered to. Ever since 2008 the liberals have been trying to put a label on any one that says they are a Tparty identifier…. They have been trying their damnedest to get someone to stand up and be the leader so they have a whipping dog….. The fact remains that the Tparty is a movement not a political party & that is what scares them to death.

    • You are right. If we talked about gays and lesbians like they do the TEA party, they would be up in arms and screaming in our faces. That is how they are winning by shouting down anyone that disagrees with democratic socialism.

  23. If not for the people who would be considered Tea Party members, the federal deficit now at an outrageous $17+ trillion would be closer to $20 trillion. When are you guys going to get someone to articulate how Tea Party sympathizers have fought to save this country and deserve the credit and our thanks for taking on this fight. Thank you.

  24. i agree the TEA party does need a message that is cohesive and you would make a great mouth peace for US. after talking to my locals they also agree . just think about if and talk it over with texas and see if we can get a Positive message out .

  25. So, if you think he would be a great spokesman (as I certainly do), please start writing him (as I have) or emailing him through this site and let him know how you feel.

  26. I am a conservative. if that makes me a Tea Party member that’s ok with me. I am not a guru or even a wise man. Clearly the older and most trusted elders of the Republican Party have acted irresponsibly. The damage has been severe. We have no choice but to rid the party of those who have betrayed it. There are no options. It is folly to think that someone who has been in political leadership does not know that, pretending they were going to fight and then: Not only cave in, but openly criticize their own party members in public.. We have no options. The Rinos must be purged from the Republican Party. I think the younger voters will win out. I support them, not because of anything they have accomplished. I support them because I know and can clearly see, there are no options.. The term, Tea Party means nothing to me. It is simply a logo. I recognize, main stream America when I see it and the Tea Party group seems to fit the billing. . Ironically the Democrats have the same problem.. Those who attempt to continue to support the status quo are doomed.. Fresh ideas and fresh faces are needed in both parties. At least the Tea Party Group understands this and have already begun the task of, house cleaning so to speak..

  27. I think West would be an excellent Spokeman for the Tea party and yes like many I believe that the GOP needs to fade into the background…

  28. Regardless of which political party you belong to, the fact that they have the lowest rating that ever has been recorded should be alarming to you. We have created a nest of, Fat Cats. Their salaries and perks are outrageous. They are passing taxes and laws and then exempting themselves. Of course the Rinos are going to fight to keep their positions. Who wouldn’t they ? People get the government they allow and deserve.. I don’t know about you but I am making some changes…

  29. The Tea Party is a grassroots movement of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Essentially the Tea Party is a representation of ‘We the People.’ The Tea Party stands on the founding principles of America’s founding fathers, as defined in the Constitution. That being said it is still just another political faction, that when standing alone as a political party would not rise to the level of the Democrat or Republican Parties. It could however split the Conservative Vote relegating victory to the Democrats.

    The Tea Party has not the power to stand alone against Them Dem. Libs. The GOP encompasses so many factions that it will not just fade away. The most practical strategy, is to operate within the GOP and take control. They who control the party garner the votes of most within the party. If the Tea Party cannot obtain control of the GOP they certainly have not the power to win over the Democrats who have learned to pull together for sake of winning elections.

    The Tea Party can learn much from the tactics of the American Socialist Parties that have infiltrated the Democrat Party with 0bama being their greatest advancement. Working within the GOP, with other conservatives is the only viable means by which we can take America Back from the clutches of the infiltrated Socialist factions.

    So… vote Tea Party, vote Conservative, vote GOP, vote America!

  30. West is, like myself, a military type man. We both believe in taking the objective at all costs. However, he is of a political mind and I will observe him and process his agenda. He appears to be right in the head but a fragging awaits if he is not.

  31. I’d love to see West as leader of the TEA Party, especially as leader of a TEA Party-grassroots controlled Republican Party. He’d be the perfect person to lead us in cleaning house and regaining control of the GOP. He’d also be a great (Republican) House Majority Leader, Speaker, Senate Majority Leader or even President. And if he (and a few others including Cruz, Lee, Gohmert) chose to leave the GOP and transform the TEA Party into an actual “third party”, I’d even support that; but I still think making the GOP *our* party (and forcing “them” out) is the wiser course.

  32. Hispanics are looking at the democrats for amnesty. T-party is only feeding the looney left by saying no amnesty.The T-Party has to negotiate immigrations better or there will be no support for the republican party.

    Native Americans are upset with the birth certificate requirements.

    • If the Illegals want Amnesty or Instant Citizenship…..they can forget it.

      If they want Work Permits, Residency Permits, pay taxes, and perhaps Driver’s Licenses after obtaining those Permits….then fair dinkum.

      We have an Immigration Law….that Millions are obeying and gaining their Legal Access to this country and ultimately become US Citizens legally.

      If you do not support the Rule of Law, embrace the concept that the Law applies equally and fairly to All…..then we want no part of you.

      Get the picture?

      • Marcus, it is not that you are wrong, it is just more complicated. We have many laws and Congress and Mr. Obama pick and choose which ones they will follow. Why should you or I or an immigrant do any different? Everyone does what is best for themselves. It is human nature. I don’t have the answers but my sidewalk was poured by immigrants and my house was roofed by immigrants and my storage building was constructed by immigrants while Americans were on Facebook, the x-box and watching MTV.

  33. We need to elect a TRUE American in 2016. One who understands the T-party and conservative values. We have Cruz and Rand Paul. BUT! We need a leader that has commanded men and women already and knows the stakes. One area that Cruz and Paul has not done. Knows how to negotiate. Willing to compromise if necessary for the American people and not their own greedy selves. A leader that has swore an oath to the constitution already.
    I like Cruz and Rand Paul. I just feel you Mr. West are more qualified for the job. Sir. Think about it. I would like to say Mr. President West.

  34. TEA = Taxed Enough Already — in honor of the “Tea Party” that was held in Boston to start our move towards a free nation…, a move that is being crushed by the Socialist movement coming from the left-wing.

  35. No, no, NO! Colonel, TEA is TOXIC! Look, we all know what it, (the acronym), means. It’s a grand idea. Fabulous. I back the idea one-gazillion percent. It is also the new gold standard in “broad-brush-ready” politics. The TEA Party endorsement can and will SINK candidates than it will FLOAT! I have been trying for MONTHS to reach you concerning the resurrection of the Democratic-Republican Party. With a rampant LION as it’s mascot, it’s TIME. Please, TEA is perceived as KOOL-AID by the MSM. Let’s not HELP them sink this country! Hooah!

  36. Allen West would make a great President. He would make a great Vice President under Rand Paul. Or Rand Paul would make a great vice President under Allen West.
    In 2014 when we are all under the yoke of Obama-Care; people will be seriously angry and they will remember that it was the Tea Party that fought tooth and nail to save us from it. They will remember the Democrats and the RINOs in Congress who betrayed them. 2014 is the year the Tea Party comes to power.

  37. What a shame! If one is not madly in love with huge centralized government (oxymoron) they are considered extreme, hateful, etc.. Agree, Colonel West, the Tea Party needs improved plan to convey the message….. less government, lower taxes means more opportunity for citizens.

  38. Col. West please report for duty and lead the Tea Party in their strategic marketing plan to inform people what they stand FOR instead of having the hostile media shape people’s perception of our Tea Party!

  39. Bill you’re wrong on the immigration issue.Illegal aliens came to America illegally, obtained drivers licenses illegally, vote illegally and don’t have any right to own land in America yet they do. They take away American jobs, taxpayer money, seats from the school system and the American government allows this extortion of the American people for votes. Nothing could be more wrong!

    • I think that is what the American Indians thought. We are all immigrants. The truth is I wish we had a way of getting cheap labor another way. I know many construction people and they can’t hire enough lazy, technology addicted American men to do the work that needs to be done. Spending 10-12 hours a day out in the heat and cold is not most Americans forte! Most do not want charity just a chance. I am a die hard Republican but think our party is out in left field on immigration. They should allow one year work visas, then they return home for one month and come back. Give them an ID not welfare.

      • You know, I’m really sick of the “we are all immigrants” argument. We are NOT all ILLEGAL immigrants. I realize that somewhere along the line most of our ancestors came from somewhere other than the USA, but I know mine came LEGALLY! People who come here ILLEGALLY choose to do so, knowing that they are breaking the law. If they don’t, the fact that they have to SNEAK in should be their first clue. Or the fact that they “worry constantly about the ICE coming after them” – another leftist argument – should help build their awareness that there is something WRONG about what they are doing.

        Now, I do agree that too many home-grown Americans are too lazy and/or too technology-addicted to do the work that needs to be done. Combine that with the “reach for the stars” and “Do the work you love” messages kids have been inundated with for the past 30 years in school and at home, and you have a couple of generations now who think that most actual work is beneath them. God forbid they should have to WORK at work.

        I know a man who is a construction contractor who told me that if you had told him 20 years ago that his crew would be entirely Mexican he would have told you you were crazy. But when he had crews of young white guys they didn’t follow directions, showed up drunk/high/hungover, left early whenever they felt like it and frequently didn’t show up at all. When they WERE there they did half-assed work. So he started hiring blacks, who weren’t any better. One day he hired a couple of Mexican guys who worked their butts off from sun-up to sundown. They were here legally, so he encouraged them to find other LEGAL Mexican immigrants to work with them. In a couple of years he had a crew of 12 Mexicans, two of them the original crew members who had become crew supervisors. All legal, and he worked them 10 months of the year, allowing them to go home to Mexico from mid-November to mid-January. Then in January they’d come back and work their butts of for him.

      • I agree. Many of the people I know and have worked with from countries south of our boarders are wonderful, kind, helpful people who want to be honest and hard working. The ones who are criminals need to go along with those who do not appreciate America and demand to change it into Mexico.

  40. I’m all for Allen West and I’m all for offering citizenship to anyone who loves America and respects it’s freedoms and Constitution; not to those who are criminals and disrespect America

  41. I am for Allan West. Something we should think about is asking Mexico if they would want to be part of the USA. A territory . This might help Mexicans stay in Mexico and have some type of protection. Mexican government is having a hard time governing. The people are fleeing corruption of the drug cartels

  42. Allen West represents what America stands for. I could see him as our next President. Strong military, constitutional, traditional family values etc..

  43. Thanks, LTC West for the free download of “Rules For Conservative Radicals” !
    Strategy One: Advocate for limited government
    Strategy Two: Support initiatives to reduce taxation
    Strategy Three: Insist on a free-market economy
    Strategy Four: Encourage individual liberty
    Strategy Five: Require personal responsibility (my favorite)
    Strategy Six: Support military preparedness and a strong national defense (next favorite)
    Strategy Seven: Restore Consitutional sovereignty and integrity

    I suggest that everyone download this little pocket book to use for a weapon and “quick reference guide” and then get behind our next greatest leader -Allen B West.

  44. Grow this list of those Rhino /Moderates to have to go we need a unified list All of Congress and several Senators are up for a vote in just under one year. Those to throw out or squash= Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Senators Rubio, Ayaote,McConnell,Graham, McCain…I am sure there are others Congress Bohener R-Ohio, Tom Cole R-OK lets add some names and send them packing !!! Build that Wall and send away the illegals. ( some consideration possibly for those brought in as children… but never Citizenship. Get rid of Birth right Citizenship also.

  45. Personally, I’d like to see Allen West as president and Jan Brewer as VP. At ;east the border would get secured. We can talk about the other problems once that’s accomplished. A nation that can’t support its borders won’t be a nation for long. How do you think we got the northern half of Mexico away from her in the first place?

  46. Obama is merely a puppet. His worth to the oligarchy of bankers and industrialists comes from his immunity from criticism due to his race and the fact that most blacks and many recently created minorities see in him the “payback factor.” The bankers set the agenda, the intelligence apparatus conducts the operations–including the media, and the middle class pay the tab for their own destruction. This agenda has worked well for 50 years. What was not anticipated was the rise of alternative media through the new delivery system called the internet. Obama’s arrogance immediately set in motion a unique organization that has no identifiable leadership, no classic structure and no central treasury to threaten. It is a perfect counter to a centralized tyranny. Generically known as The Tea Party, this entity can be attacked verbally and thwarted in small, temporary increments by a corrupt IRS or Justice Department but it cannot be destroyed so long as two of its anonymous members in geographic proximity desire and act to continue to pursue its goals. When a segment tires, another segment emerges. It is a fog formed and identified only by its primary ideology–individual freedom and disciplined fiscal policy. Its secondary beliefs are as individual as each of its members and reinforce a commitment to individuality. Its strength can be measured by the frequency and ferocity of the attacks against it and the rise of individuals acting to implement its goals–WHETHER OR NOT they identify with the Tea Party. Thus it becomes a synergistic force of both self-identified members and members by proxy. To organize into a cohesive structure would allow its opponents and its more timid allies to see its borders–its limitations. It is far better to let the enemy strike at the wind than to see and build barricades at a distinct forward line. Col. West, are you in or out? Sen. Cruz, are you or are you not a Tea Party member? You must define yourself in relation to a defined movement as must everyone else. If this movement remains a mist, then its leadership will emerge and recede; some courage, some humility until some one finally asks, “Who’s in charge here?” But no one will have the authority or even the knowledge to answer–because God needs no accolades, just an invitation.

  47. it is a shame that the media has successfully maligned the tea party when they are just ordinary Americans from every walk of life who are pissed off at the iincreasig loss of freedom and the irresponsibility of Washington.
    They believe in individualism so therefore do not want a “leader” as Reilly thinks they need. They need better PR with the general public and he elimination of the slandering press.


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