Liberalism explained for a child…or a liberal

Any objective measurement of the last 5 years since President Obama’s election will demonstrate how liberalism has been detrimental to our nation. If you need evidence, simply download our most recent data card.

But it begs the question, why? Herewith, we present a charming video parable from our friends at The Black Sphere which demonstrates the underlying problem with liberals today in ways even a child — or another liberal — can understand. Watch The Parable of the Car Wreck here.

Remember, if you’re a liberal, you create a problem, don’t take ownership for it, make it worse, and then run away, leaving someone else to clean up the damage. And they all lived unhappily ever after.


  1. It wasn’t the liberal’s fault. I mean look at all those who refuse to help when in need, I mean a catastrophic event was unveiling and not one person came to their aide, The liberal must be united and everyone must pay, take responsibility for their fellow man, I mean aren’t we all together in this game of life. everyone pay their fair share.
    (Insert sarcasm here __________)

    • The fact of the video is what you’re not told, ala the teabaggers, the car has been stolen and the driver is trying to escape. No misrepresentation there

      • So stealing the car in the first place wasn’t wrong, is what you are saying. That makes sense, since in a liberal’s mind, it isn’t fair that someone owns a car and he doesn’t, so he is entitled to take it.

  2. It’s very clear what is going on here. That taxi driver is racist. He’s white and driving a white car and picking on a black mini-van. Racist punk. He should be thrown in jail. Where’s Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson when you need em!

  3. It’s even worse than that, Allen. Liberal “solutions” create problems for which liberals claim to have the only solution. These 2nd generation “solutions” create even more problems, for which liberals again claim to have the only solution. It’s a vicious cycle. There are so many examples of this, it’s mind boggling. Society never seems to learn, as they keep adopting these fake liberal “solutions.”

    • I think they are creating problems just so they can claim they have solutions so people will vote for them again like the blind-deaf-mutes that they are! Except I wish that they were mutes…

  4. Didn’t say stealing the car wasn’t wrong. Your contributing something I did not say to me. Again, teabaggers putting an idea out that’s a lie


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