Wake up black community. New book reveals Obama’s just not that into you.

According to the Washington Times, it seems that not only does President Obama possess a vitriolic disdain for the Tea Party he also has a problem with “professional blacks.” As reported by Douglas Ernst:

In the book Double Down: Game Change 2012 by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, the president is said to have no “patience” with members of the Congressional Black Caucus whom he sees less as black professionals and more like “professional blacks.”

“Apart from Georgia congressman John Lewis and Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, Obama had nearly as much contempt for the CBC as he did for the Tea Party Caucus.” The authors say the Rev. Jesse Jackson was “effectively banned” from the White House and note that Rep. Charles B. Rangel is regarded as “a hack.”

So my fellow black community members, how do you like them apples? Seems your proclaimed messiah cares little for you…and when you look at the sad plight of our inner cities it’s hard to argue. Remember, it was Obama who cancelled the DC school voucher program as soon as he got into office the first time. So much for caring about your kids.

I suppose all that adoration, countless covers on Ebony, Essence, and Jet really didn’t sway Obama’s lack of interest. Boy, did y’all waste a lot of money on those hats and t-shirts — you probably could have saved the cash.

Recently when a member of the Democrat party, Rep. Alan Grayson, used the horrific racist symbology of the burning cross in a fundraising email, President Obama said nothing. And his efforts seem more to cater towards the gay and hispanic special interest lobby. After all, who needs the black community votes when they’re going to march in mindless lockstep anyway? Well, seems the last laugh is with those of us who departed the liberal progressive plantation. Y’all should try it, being free feels great, and not being taken for granted? Well, it’s priceless.


  1. i do have to say the president is right about Charlie the Rangel he should have been throwed out long ago and the black caucus what a waste think if we had a white caucus

  2. that thing pretending to be a president cares about no one but himself. He doesn’t even care for the ones lining his pockets with big money either, only pretends to to keep the money coming in. He hates America, and all Americans equally

  3. You know what’s sad about this? I would love to sit here and say that I’m shocked… I’m not. For those of you who don’t know, what Marxism, true, and I cannot stress this enough, when I say true socialism and true communism have no place for black people. If you don’t believe me, just do a quick history check on how true socialists, true Marxists and true communist felt/feel about black people listen to the words of Che Guevara, Adolf Hitler(national Socialist party a.k.a. Nazis), hell, listen to what the so-called liberal leaders say about black people who are conservative. There is no place for you in this new world order, except under heel.

    • And Margaret Sanger and her socialist boyfriend, that whole socialist ”in crowd” back then wanted to sterilize blacks, among others.

      • that being the case she would revel at how well Planned Parenthood has done under the current administration. It is said that abortion disproportionately affects the black community.

  4. Damn, I never expected to come away with a smidgen of respect for Obama, but I did!
    Rangle is a hack and I don’t won’t Jessie Jackson anywhere near the White House. His views on most of the CBC are no different than mine. Who’d a thunk it?

  5. I agree with Obama for once. Rangel is a hack and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are both poverty pimps. These demons have made their living by keep racism alive and convincing the black community that America owes the something. Dr. King is rolling in his grave about the mockery they have made of the fight for Civil RIGHTS.

  6. On Detroit at http://www.deweyfromdetroit.com/2013/11/detroit-mayoral-election-what.html: “…. So why, after electing black liberal Democrats to run their city for the last 40 years, did the citizens of Detroit elect a white man this time? Maybe they had grown weary over the course of 4 decades of seeing no results other than a perpetual death spiral of rot, decay and unemployment, combined with continually escalating taxes (property, sales/utility, income). Or maybe people have finally grown tired of the Boss Hog mentality of City Hall. And perhaps even the black citizens are getting sick of hearing that every problem in Detroit is the fault of the racist suburbs.”

  7. If we look at President Obama’s priorities, are they any different than those of a Plantation Owner? Increasing dependence seems the main theme, and now we see the roll out of common core. Is this an effort to raise pliable and useful youth who will adapt more readily to life under the yoke of big government? Can they breed out that desire to achieve and live the American dream?

      • I think we know why President Obama has no interest in school vouchers. I do marvel at what he gets away with. Today.. he said he’d fix the obamacare code himself.. if he knew how to code. As if any ‘thinking’ man would believe it’s a code problem.

  8. He did one thing right…banning Jesse Jackson from the white house. But he is a user and then he drops those he used. Take Oprah; she spent a couple of million dollars on his last campaign with promises she would have access to the white house for her “OWN” station. After his election he distanced himself from her. She got the last laugh when he needed her help after Obamacare website crashed,,,she refused to help him. One of his many many problems is he claims his black race when he needs the African Americans help then he drops them or when it serves to his advantage. A lot of the African American communities have caught on to that. Even here in Chicago. Here’s a president of mixed color,,,he hates his dark skin and really doesn’t care for African Americans and he hates the whites because he doesn’t look like them. The burning of the cross that Grayson did on those postcards,,,something should have been said. The burning of the cross was a horrific time in the sixties and represented hatred. Didn’t he say after the Zimmerman verdict that racism is still alive. If Obama knew anything about history he should have said something about it since it was the Democrats that wouldn’t let the blacks vote in the South. It was the Republicans that fought for their voting rights. Obama seems to not like the fact that there are many many blacks out there that are educated, made something of themselves and have money. I believe he is happier when the gangs in Chicago are out there doing drive by shootings and killing innocent little children. He has turned his back on his own race and his own city that he came from or should I say the half of him that makes up that race.

    • Correctly, the KKK was MOST prominent in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s…it was waining (old, fading) dramatically in the 60’s.

      • The civil rights movement of the 1960s saw a surge of local Klan activity across the South, including the bombings, beatings and shootings of black and white activists. These actions, carried out in secret but apparently the work of local Klansmen, outraged the nation and helped win support for the civil rights cause. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson delivered a speech publicly condemning the Klan and announcing the arrest of four Klansmen in connection with the murder of a white female civil rights worker in Alabama. The cases of Klan-related violence became more isolated in the decades to come, though fragmented groups became aligned with neo-Nazi or other right-wing extremist organizations from the 1970s onward. In the early 1990s, the Klan was estimated to have between 6,000 and 10,000 active members, mostly in the Deep South.

    • You are probably right about what happened with Oprah an Obama, but I thought one reason Oprah distanced herself away from Obama was because her ratings went down. I think you are right about everything you said.

      • What happened was he had made her a promise that she would have access to the White House for her “OWN” station. The story goes that she went out and spent money on getting all the equipment then when she kept trying to get through to him,,,,he would never return her calls. AT the same time Michelle and Oprah were not getting along. She was starting to lose money on her station and getting access to the White House would have helped. So after almost a year of his ignoring her,,,,he calls to have her appear when he made his speech about Obamacare right after the web crashed. He needed her support on it and she didn’t think twice before she said “NO”. When you mess with Oprah she doesn’t forgive too easily and they say can hold a grudge. I think when he needed her help,,,it was at the time when people in California were starting to get cancellation letters from their insurance companies and talk was getting pretty bad about Obamacare. I believe Oprah was the first to start distancing herself from him. From things I’ve read, she is not the only one he has broken promises to.

  9. I felt compelled to copy and pass this post along to my loyal fans:
    The treason of progressivism has to stop, please share the info and post it on every site on the net and send to comment columns in newspapers and send it to all radio stations and tv stations and email it to your friends. DO it DAILY, every DAY.
    WE the PEOPLE — MUST– strike back at liberalism with ANY LEGAL means possible. DONT wait for “someone else” to do it or will never happen.
    EVERYBODY must yell, I’m mad as hell and not going to take in any more,, ,,, I’M MAD as HELL and NOT going to take it anymore.
    YOUR FUTURE now depends on your involvement > there is power in loud numbers, just remember what happens if you kick a fire ant hill. Together we hold the POWER!!
    The ONLY way to control comrade 0buma is to control the Marxist media. Without the lying, butt covering, marxist propaganda generating media 0bumma is NOTHING. Without a truthful media America will die. We the people MUST change the status quo. NO longer can WE THE PEOPLE tolerate the lies and propaganda. Do YOUR part!

  10. I am not surprised at the contempt in which Obama holds those elements who so slavishly follow him and give him support and political cover, such as the members of the CBC. The collective intelligence of the CBC dropped by about 98% when Rep. West was defeated for re-election and left the House.

  11. Obama has contempt for everyone who does not think as he does and share his warped ideology. And he will and does lie to you. Wake up, America.

  12. Obama does nothing for black people because they’ll support him regardless. Why spend political capital on a segment of the population you already own?

    • In fact if he is engaged in the practice of Taqiyya, it is a potential hidden portal for covert Islamists. Taqiyya is a most insidious practice which many in the West and even in high political office may be unaware of.

  13. Mr. West, I am half white half native american, my family is intigrated with black, hispanic, oriental, and asian. We are all americans and we know the sorrow of this nations past. We stood with Dr. King and stand for the constitution now. All are created equal so we do not see the color of ones skin as anything but bling. If we are to survive we must all put the past behind us and serve the constitution. This thing in the white house is destroying our peace and turning us into Africa!

    • Hat off Human….So many of us have mixed blood, so many of us note the efforts made to divide us now.. by race, religion, income, and more. Have we ever seen a president more hell bent on dividing Americans? NEVER!!

    • Great comment, Human. I’m a “Heinz 57 varieties” and old, but before that scumbag was elected by the idiots to destroy our beloved country, the two parties used to at least come together periodically with compromise on issues that effected the whole country and it’s safety and financial stability. That’s not to say, they always did the right things, but at least they made some effort. Now, everyone is afraid someone else is going to come up with a good solution to our problems and they veto it, even if it’s good. After all, being re-elected is the primary interest here, not the country or We The People. Also, it appeared perfectly clear to me that, even before he was elected, that he would set race relations back 100 years. Well, viola, he accomplished that! Between his race baiting, lies, Communist background and ideology, his talent in creating chaos, and his love and support for Islam, we are stuck with a master loser. PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!!

  14. The change that I wanted to see in 08 was that the black and white barrier to be crushed once and for all. So I voted Obama. After 6 months seeing him as POTUS. I seen that America made a big mistake.That racial conflict would rise. Obama has managed to pit blacks against blacks.
    You can say the same about whites. Seeing how Rep.Rep. Alan Grayson used the KKK against the Tea party. Yes. America is now more divided. Unless we can get a good man/woman (Republican) in office that can deal with the division and lead.(HINT Mr. West). America will suffer with the black and white issues that have plagued our history. Same goes with the native Americans.

    • The barrier was crushed decades ago. The race and poverty pimps (and any demonrat) just play on the ignorance of the blacks — Afterall, the dems still think that the black is no more than ap et, incapable of self-reliance and even when all things are equal, think the black isn’t as capable as anyone else….thus affirmative action, special “rights”
      Wake up – a demonrat thinks all things being equal – if you are black – you aren’t as capable so lower standards are necessary.
      Will someone please explain to me how this attitude is any different than the plantation mentality of the 1860s?

    • That was the only good reason to vote for him, and I was hoping that he would be okay or least not too radical. And it would have been okay if repubs had congress, bill clinton didnt get to be as radical as he wanted to be. Still, I prefer limited govt, for now i have to vote for lesser of two evils, rino instead of dem, not enough yet of West, Cruz, …

  15. Im all for Mr west and he would be our first black president. Since the creation of the white Hispanic last year we need to rewrite the demographics and correct ourselves because Obama is actually our first white black president if we are going to be 100% accurate here..

  16. I understand Oprah is not too happy with the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. either. Seems that after the election, her usefulness was at an end and so was
    her White House welcome.

  17. I have to ask, you expected what from the party that supported segregation, slavery, created the KKK, and had some of the most notorious segregationists as its members?
    Someone really needs to give that Neanderthal Grayson a history lesson. But what can you expect what from the first member of his family to walk upright?
    Let black Americans even question the Democrat plantation owners and they are reviled and ridiculed. Look how viciously Ben Carson and Col. West, men of principle and accomplishment, are attacked. Those that march in lockstep will continue to be led to their destruction.
    Obama is a sociopath/narcissist. He views the black community as a vehicle for his purpose, to keep him in power. He expects they will help elect mindless devotees to congress and the senate and they don’t disappoint him. He will happily grant amnesty to keep that power, even if it is at the expense of unemployed blacks.
    Of course he cancelled the school voucher program. He needed the support of the unions, right? Black people won’t question this so what’s the problem?
    Blind unquestioning loyalty will do to the black community what it did to the citizens of Nazi Germany, lead them right over a cliff.

    • Also true about too many hispanics. True about dem party history, but they get away with it bcz of the media, media dont report on them same way as repubs, media should report everything on both parties, all politicians and let us decide, no bias and no favoritism. also obamas personality, background and way he was raised are a lot different than the norm, for black or white Americans, or rich or poor Americans, and Michelle’s father worked his ass off for the dem party in Chicago but they did nothing for him

  18. Let’s face it, the Blacks have no souls as they campaigned for and voted en masse for Barack Hussein Obama. The very name Hussein would or should have given the Black community the shivers as it was and still is the Arabic community that enslaves Black Africans, but the local Black community either didn’t know or even care about their own history. So they elected a half white and half black man to the nations highest post. Why any Black person would support the Democrats knowing their KKK past, segregation and exclusion laws, is mind boggling, but it seems that these people have never given up their idea of being slaves, so this doesn’t really matter. Having no pride in themselves as human beings I guess just makes and keeps themselves in a permanent state of bondage.

    • Not only Blacks but many whites elected this president. Some to appease the ghost of the past. What’s really mind boggling is many Americans did not anticipate that all of us are in danger of subjugation under this President. Borrowing a bit of insight from Vice President, they would like to put us all in Socialist Chains.

      • I wouldn’t denigrate Communist China in that in China everyone who is able and capable to work does work, unlike the USA, where millions of Black People are on perpetual welfare.

      • That’s far too many Americans on welfare isn’t it? I don’t think I made mention of China, I was specifically referencing Americans – all of them – their color doesn’t matter.

    • Dear sir or Madam:

      You hit the nail on the right place, and more when the former Senator Presidential Candidate during his 2008 campaign said to Joe the Plummer, “you have to share the wealth”, People in this country should have the minimum of common sense to easily grasp that ” Sharing the Wealth = Redistribution of Wealth. This is the most fundamental value of ” Communist System” form Karl Marks. This because people are not interested in history and sadly their main interest is simply MONEY, MATERIAL, GOVERNMENT MUST DO ALL FOR ME”. That is all it comes down to. Extremely true that the KKK has always been an integral part of the Democratic Party, and it is mind boggling that most Afros in USA are so misinformed and make no effort to know their Afro-American History and American History. Blacks are so in trans regarding Democratic Party and one cannot tell them anything. One of the real weakness of all Black Communities in the World is that they “deify their preferred politicians” and just close their minds to any scrutiny and critics for who they voted for. Anytime a politician senses that he or she is deified, they can insinuate any false argument in your mind and make you believe whatever. Unfortunately, that is the mindset of 90 % of blacks in the world today. that is why they will always be victims of their politicians.

      • We should always remember that the political parties switched stances. The Republican Party was the staunch Conservative Party, and today is is nothing more than a slighly ring wing Democratic Party, while the Democratic Party switched from a Party known for pro slavery KKK endorsements to being an extremely left wing faction of the Socialist Party. We live in a topsy turvey political environment.

  19. Allen you are mad you got your tail voted out of office. Not by Obama but by your local community LOL . And because you are hooked on the spot light the only choice you have is to be stupid about your politics. Grow up.


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