More proof Obamacare is unconstitutional edict

There’s been yet ANOTHER “carve out” – in other words, an amendment — to the so-called Affordable Care Act.

Last week Kaiser Health News reported that “the administration will propose exempting ‘certain self-insured, self-administered plans’ from the law’s temporary reinsurance fee in 2015 and 2016” – which means unions.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly jumped all over the new development on Wednesday’s “The Kelly Report.” Her guest, J. Justin Wilson, managing director of the Center for Union Facts pointed out,

”The unions, who spent $400 million to get the president elected twice, are getting a little bit of payback.” Wilson said the administration’s decision only came after the unions went public and called for a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

So there you have it. Another bit of payback for cronies.

But here’s the thing. In a Constitutional Republic, such as America (is supposed to be), a law applies to everyone. Once a bill passes both House of Representatives and Senate, it goes to the President to be signed into law. End of story. The only way a law can be amended is for it to go back to the legislative branch to be voted upon by the people. But this “Act” has been amended some 19 times after signature. There are something like 2000 waivers, delays, and exemptions, to include our members of Congress, their staffs, and the Obama administration.

Never mind the fact this law was shoved through Congress with non-standard practices of “deeming” and “reconciliation” and did not receive one single Republican vote.

Please stop referring to the Affordable Care Act as the “law of the land” and stop calling it a law – and for that matter, stop calling it “affordable.” It’s nothing more than a tax law, 21 new taxes to be precise, based on cronyism and providing favors in the way of waivers, exemptions, and delays for the FOOs (Friends of Obama).

Laws should apply to everyone. Obamacare does not and is in complete violation of our Constitution. It aims to decimate our private health insurance market and push America closer to the progressive socialist dream of a single payer system.

If Americans sit back and allow this massive fraud rooted in the concept of legal plunder to occur, we are indeed headed to our demise. Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them truly and factually, the Affordable Care Act must apply to everyone, or it applies to no one!


  1. I would like to know if the govt folks that don’t have to get Obamacare with this administration, will there come a point when they depart the govt machine that they would then have to get Obamacare or are they exempted for the rest of their lives?

  2. okay. Then WHY has no one done anything about it. I keep hearing how it is unconstitutional, but that is all I hear. TALK. there needs to be some doing with all this talk. otherwise it is just rhetoric.

    • Someone has to be harmed to have standing to sue first. In other words, don’t buy insurance, don’t pay the fine, have monies seized or a tax lien placed on property, and THEN you can sue on constitutional grounds.

    • Have you written or phoned your congressmen about this miscarriage of justice ? As long as the constituents don’t object to the illegal tax, nothing will be done. Congressmen serve themselves until they are on the spot for reelection.

      • Yes, sir I have and been ignored by both Senators and Congressman. The Senators are both party line Dems and our Congressman is a freshman Republican with absolutely no previous public service.

  3. It’s unconstitutional anyway because it violates the origination clause of the Constitution. All taxes have to originate in the House. Ocare was passed by the Senate and then the SCOTUS ruled it a TAX.

    The Sissel case is still pending regarding just that. Should it be upheld it would overturn the whole law.

    • At the time ACA was passed by the democratic house and a democratic senate. Since then the house has become republican. When ACA went to the supreme court it was ruled a tax. All taxes must originate in the house, but the democratic house did not vote on ACA as a tax. ACA should have been returned to the house and been voted in as a tax, it was not. The house is the only branch that can vote in a tax. The supreme court does not have that power.

  4. If he not allowd to amend law why isn’t the GOP jumping all over it? With all of the changes since the Supreme court upheld the law why hasn’t it gone to them again??

    • You obviously don’t understand our form of government and the checks and balances the Founders put in place. There is nothing to take back to the SCOTUS because the law itself isn’t unConstitutional; it’s the way Obama is implementing it that is unConstitutional. The reason that the House holds the purse strings is for situations just like this. The remedy when the executive branch doesn’t implement the laws as defined is for the House to refuse funding for the law’s implementation. And the GOP did “jump all over it”. Hence the whole budget fight that led to the shutdown. Where the GOP failed was backing down and giving in to Obama and Reid.

  5. We really need to take this straight to Washington dc and protest this government this the most ridiculous tyrannical government ever and will be the end of America we the people really are just along for that train ride to the death camps you might as well start issuing us the tatoo numbers for we are already in slaved by a massive debt we can never pay back I just want weep and it this point cant wait for the bombs to start dropping over our heads and we would deserve it for being so stupid

    • It makes me glad my daddy isn’t here to see what is happening to the country he fought in Korea to defend,

      xo . s

  6. I’m so tired of the phrase “law of the land,” another reason to stop using it regarding Obamacare is because eventually the true meaning of that phrase will morph into something unrecognizable. It is NOT law of the land if the president at his own pleasure can change it for whatever reason. If Obamacare is law of land than so is the 2nd amendment.

  7. The admin wants war with the American people.. Only way he can impose Martial Law, suspend elections and implement agenda 21.

  8. I pray Obama rots in hell, which he will (atheist) and I find joy in that! Your days are numbered, Obama. No 3rd term, either. You’ll be lucky to be able to STAY in this country when you’re PITCHED out of the WH! impostor!

      • I understand what he meant. There are many who believe that Obama intends to do whatever he can to remain in office after his second term. It is not a stretch to think this considering how little he regards the Constitution and how he has been unchallenged in his attempts to do whatever he wants thus far.

      • .No, he/she is Not retarded. Many people think that obama will try to amend the Constitution to allow for a third term president! Why are you being so offensive? Can’t you just state your opinion without the insult?


      • How odd that you find his retort offensive when he’s replying to a person that takes joy in the idea of a human being suffering in a lake of fire for eternity. Regardless of politics.

      • Amendments to the Constitution must be passed by a two thirds majority in both houses to be enacted. The house of representatives is controlled by Republicans and therefore it won’t happen.

      • Geez….thanks for realizing all this and sharing. I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Who Knew? (She said, tongue in cheek).

  9. It’s simple folks. Stay away from it and don’t buy into the scheme. They can’t take us all on and it will fall under it’s own weight.

  10. How many of you have written, texted, faxed, or phoned your federal, state, and local representatives demanding a complete repeal of ACA and immediate impeachment of obama? Act rather that bitch about it.

    • I actually have cramps in my hands from writing and calling so much. My hubby & I have so many “Thanks for contacting me” letters, we could wall paper our house with them. I’m not going to quit, but it’s not doing any good either.

      • Thank you for being a loyal pro-American Patriot! Please keep calling and writing your reps and tell others around you what you are doing. It WILL do some good!
        We also need to get on all these Democrat-Commies for being anti-American, so it doesn’t hurt to call/write them or post comments on their Facebook pages or their Twitter too…let them know what we think of them.

    • I have the White House, both of my Senators, and my Representative on speed dial. Unfortunately I live in the People’s Republic of Oregon.

    • What steps are next? We have done our writing, we have received our “Thank you for your concern” letters. Something has to give. The only way to start over with new officials is to remove them ALL at the same time. Unless of course your representatives actually do what they are suppose to. Apparently the rest of ours do not.

  11. While I agree that we all need to raise H about it, Obama and this congress have proven time and again that they don’t give a rip about what the will of the people. They don’t care about the polls and public opinion. I truly believe his numbers could be in the single digits and he would press on with his agenda. Aside from storming Capital Hill by the MILLIONS, what can we really do that WILL make a difference? I recall the HUGE Tea Party march on DC and reading that Obama left by helicopter, flew over the march and basically laughed about it. That is what he thinks of us.


  12. So tell me, when is someone (Congress?) going to call him on all these carve outs and special deals with his friends?

    • It will be a cold day in Hell. What do you think all the secret backroom meetings were about? You people need to understand that votes mean nothing. The people that make the rules, that give Valerie Jarrett the orders that she whispers in Obama’s ear own both parties. It doesn’t matter who is in office. The NWO agenda will and is happening as we sit here and protest. We’re F***ed

  13. I agree with the article 100%! However, I don’t know who can or should challenge this. It is the responsibility of the House? The Senate? Who? I have heard that Mark Levin’s organization is putting together a lawsuit, but that will take years to get through the court system. It would seem to me that there is a procedure that would proscribe remedies when the President takes an illegal action such as this.

    • The procedure is an arrest and a grand jury hearing on charges of treason or any other means to get the SOB out of the Oval Office,

    • The CONGRESSIONAL males need to grow some gonads and females grow whatever women grow and get this SOB out of the Oval Office and put in jail in Guantanamo with the rest of the muslim criminals.

      • I believe there are ample grounds for the House to impeach, and that it would do so; but the Senate as presently constituted would never convict. If you want to remove Obama and overturn his entire agenda, elect conservatives to both House and (especially) Senate in 2014; replace Harry Reid’s “amen chorus”.

      • I am thinking more in terms of arrest for treason rather than impeachment. I am not sure, however, how an arrest could happen. Does anybody have any knowledge of how this could be done??

      • I think that, under the Constitution, even a charge of treason would require impeachment by the House and trial by the Senate. Perhaps the only thing worse than not impeaching at all would be impeachment followed by a “not guilty” verdict in a Senate trial. Remember the Clinton impeachment, which ended accomplishing nothing; Clinton finished his second term, and today is treated like a rock star (except possibly even richer than most top-rank rock stars).

      • How do you impeach a “president” who holds the office illegally? He is not a legitimate president, because he didn’t even meet the criteria to be put on the ballot. Arrest his lying ass for fraudulent use of federal ID’s. Soc. Sec., Passport, and Selective Service documents.

      • Ewade you are mistaken. “This” Congress tried to pass a Bill to remove their exemption with no success. Please know that not one single Republican voted on the ACA bill or for any exemptions. It was all Democrats…. just so you know the facts.

  14. Wow that Constitution we have is quite an effective and powerful document. Right? It appears it isn’t. It’s merely a piece of paper with a bunch of Arabic scribbling on it.

  15. Why is it that those who most likely voted for him are not made to suffer the consequences of the Obama agenda??? Why are those who most likely never supported him made to suffer by this incredibly stupid law???

  16. Foo(l) is a good name for these: Friends of Obama’s (lies.) Foo’ is “fool” in gheto(ese.) It does all seem to come together, main, nymean?

  17. What ever happened to the concept of: Equal protection under the law? Obamacare has more “exemptions” than it has or ever will have, signed up paying members! But that IS their plan and has been all along! They knew “Obamacare” as written was guareented to fail from the start, and have secretly done everything in their power to make it so! Why? Because this regime wants a “single-payer system” not exchanges and not healthcare insurance companies or individuals having choices and making free decisions about their own bodies and families. Under a single payer system government will have complete control you will have none, zero, zip,nada. This unconstitutional “law” never was about another “entitlement program” or your healthcare. According to Karl Marx, establishing government control of the healthcare system, is the first and most important step in establishing a Communist dictatorship in a free nation! If you control the healthcare, you control the people! The Democrat/Communist party agrees!

    • Mad Mike —

      Can you provide documentation on the information you attribute to Karl Marx? I’m a political researcher and would appreciate any links you can provide. (for what they’re worth) state that these are false rumors being circulated around Internet. See



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