Friday Football and Trivia

Photo: CBS

Where does the week go? It’s already time for another quick Friday stress relief looking at the upcoming sports weekend.

Let’s start with the National Football League. The big story down here in South Florida is of course the turmoil surrounding the Miami Dolphins’ Richie Incognito and the departure of offensive lineman Jonathan Martin instead of focusing on their Monday night game against intrastate rival Tampa Bay.

I think the big game in the NFL this weekend will be the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens. The game I’m looking forward to is the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Last night in college football we saw some upheaval in the top ranks. I’m now a serious believer in the Baylor Bears as they took number 10 Oklahoma out behind the woodshed. Many have been skeptical of Baylor, but not anymore– ok guys don’t go get the big head and fall. Look for them to enter the top 5.

And the long awaited rematch between Oregon and Stanford didn’t turn out as many expected. Heck, Oregon had a goose egg until the 4th quarter. The game this week however, is once again down in the SEC when the “Mad Hatter” Les Miles takes the LSU Tigers to Tuscaloosa to face the number one Alabama Crimson Tide.

Ok, so you’re asking, when is he going to talk about the Tennessee Volunteers’ well, ugly loss at Missouri last week? Now we have number nine Auburn coming to Knoxville. Would be nice to not have a season where we lost to both schools from the state of Alabama –that’s gonna be hard. I sure was wishing for a 7-5 season but may have to settle for 6-6. C’mon Big Orange, throw a guy a bone and remember the all gray and all orange uniforms and how well you played in them? Now, time for a little trivia question: who are the college football coaches who’ve won National Championships with two different teams? And a bonus trivia question: how many have done it with two different teams in the same conference?



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