“Dumbest Thing to Say” award goes to Samantha Powers

If we were giving out a “Dumbest Thing to Say” award for this week, the prize would have to go to US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power.

As reported by Fox News, Ms Power was speaking at the United Nations Association of the USA 2013 Global Leadership Awards in New York Wednesday, where honorees included the brave Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who survived being shot in the head by Taliban thugs and is now an education advocate for girls.

As we are just days away from celebrating our veterans, Power exhibited a serious case of hoof in mouth disease when she said according to a transcript:

Hi everybody. You know life has changed when you’re hanging out with Jane Fonda backstage. There is no greater embodiment of being outspoken on behalf of what you believe in — and being ‘all in’ in every way — than Jane Fonda. And it’s a huge honor just to even briefly have shared the stage with her.

My older brother served as a Marine infantryman in Vietnam and was wounded at Khe Sanh. I knew all about “Hanoi Jane” who took her outspokenness right to the enemy, donned an NVA helmet and sat on an anti-aircraft system, used to shoot down American pilots.

If Samantha Power knew anything about US history, she would have realized she was praising someone who committed a treasonous act no less reprehensible than Benedict Arnold who sought to turn over the West Point, New York garrison to the British.

Jane Fonda’s wounds cut deep and have not been healed, especially when these progressive socialist elites continue to hail her as some faux icon.

According to the Fox News report on the event:

“We all hate her,” said Ned Foote, president of the New York State Council of the Vietnam Veterans of America. The 65-year-old Marine Corps. veteran said Fonda’s subsequent apologies ring hollow. “What she did is just very unforgivable. Apologies, what does that mean? She did harm.”

Will Power apologize? Yeah right, just like President Obama apologized and took responsibility for lying to the American people. These progressives are clearly above us mere serfs. They’re more advanced than we commoners and view us as simpletons incapable of comprehending their high level of intelligence. We cannot understand what is best for our healthcare, nor can we decide what is honorable. And sadly we’re allowing them to take control of our country. America elected a known socialist as president – twice — and New York elected a known Marxist/socialist as mayor. If we aren’t careful, the uninformed voter and the intellectual elitists will make us subjects once again.


  1. Jane is a piece of human garbage, and this Powers woman is by proxy exactly the same. Maybe a months in a Vietnamese prison camp would help them understand, but I doubt it! #IMPEACH the president who appointed her, this is just another sign of Ovomit’s incompetence

  2. Hollywood actor will always trump real life hero with the American left. Jane Fonda and John Kerry will never be forgiven by servicemen because at least the enemy had an excuse…but traitors never do.

  3. ..and then there is Kerry, throwing his undeserved medals over the fence of the White House in protest. Swift boat hero my ass!

  4. The saying “Birds of a feather flock together” comes to mind. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Powers ever even heard of Malala Yousafzai before.

      • Some of us saw the news footage, not just the mere stills. She was smiling and attempting to entertain the NVA regulars on hand. It was quite a jovial moment in the life of old Jane. The NVA didn’t seem quite as enthusiastic, however they did appear amused. I imagine it was because her actions only served to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that what they were being indoctrinated to believe from ‘Uncle Ho’ was true when he told them they would win the war at home in the US. Thanks Jane.

  5. Ok. This comes up a couple of times each year. Yes, Fonda got credited with treasonous acts … NO she did not commit them. In fact she was a huge advocate for POWs and went so far as to personally bring them letters from home and vice versa. The men cited as having been the ones to have handed her their social security numbers have long since been interviewed time and time again and are adamant that the incident NEVER HAPPENED. Yes, Fonda did take questionable photographs and that is what she apologized for. She was an easy target and over the years has shouldered a nations misplaced animosity. I have given out the links too many times to go through it again. Go do some research, find the truth before you slander a woman who actually was/is an amazing woman. Go ahead, flame my post. Tell me how wrong I am because you know someone who knows someone blah blah blah. I am amazed at how ignorant people enjoy being.

    • I too am amazed at just how ignorant some people are. and forgive her if you choose, but I personally would never do anything to help her career or to further her in any way. She betrayed the troops. plain and simple..

    • Wait…you are reading and not experiencing. Ask any vet who got to the airport and instead if a gracious welcome was called a baby killer. Ask the sailor who stood to on the deck coming under the Golden Gate bridge having red paint thrown from above as if was blood. And Hanoi Jane was the protester’s messiah. Reading isn’t living. Remember, history is written by the victorious…haven’t seen anybody but liberals writing history since the sixties.

      • True, I did not live it myself but I did relive it my entire life from my father who was a POW for almost a year and left an arm in VietNam. I realize it isn’t the same as actually being there, but I suspect it is the next best thing being the one learning how to fist fight my father on the nights when his flashbacks would convince him my mother and I were enemies. And I did research into Fonda because I hated her with everything i am and I wanted to prove to those who said she didn’t do anything other than take pictures that they were so very wrong. And I turned out to be wrong. I still don’t like her, too many years of being brought up the way I was, but I am gracious enough to acknowledge that she has been saddled with far more than her share and to her credit has handled it well. I don’t expect to change anyone’s like or dislike for her, I just want people to look into it and learn for themselves that yes she did wrong but she wasn’t as wrong as some would have us believe.

    • Is that why I remember her in Hanoi, wearing an NVA helmet and sitting in an NV anti-aircraft emplacement? You can’t spin what I saw. Rewrite history all you wish, I saw the footage with my own eyes. It left an indelible impression on me, especially AFTER my cousin was killed in Vietnam. Something I’ll NEVER forget. You disgust me. You should disgust EVERY American.

    • Vietnam was currents events for me, not history. My husband and brother-in-law were active duty then, they lived it up close and personal. My BIL was wounded there, he suffered it. Read all the books you want, but there is no substitute for what the newspaper accounts from reporters in Nam wrote or Walter Cronkite telling the daily events as they happened, or Life and Look magazines filled with photos that brought chills and tears. Books are not always accurate. Books can lean left or right, depending on the author’s perception of events. There are history textbooks being used in schools today that do not tell the truth about events. The authors and book review committees only know what liberal professors have taught them. So you keep your books and the rest of us will keep our truth of who was a traitor…Jane Fonda!

    • Yes, we will flame your post. This POS took a note that the POWs tried to get out and HANDED IT to the guards. There’s your hero. You better do the research. You are so misinformed!!!

    • “…questionable photographs…” I agree with your comments concerning the urban legends about notes and such. The “questionable photographs” showed her sitting on an antiaircraft gun wearing the hat of a soldier who may have shot down McCain or some other enemy airman. She did apologize. However, I hope you can see the animosity with which some veterans regard her. That said, Ms. Power would have been much wiser if she had saved her syncophantic adulation of Ms. Fonda and had instead, praised Malala Yousafzai for true herosim and “…no greater embodiment of being outspoken on behalf of what you believe in — and being ‘all in’ in every way —” to the point of having a bullet in her head for speaking out for freedom. Much more impressive than Barbarella.

  6. Where did Obama get these people that he has appointed?? They are about as socially inferior and clueless.as he is. I guess when they say birds of a feather. Jane Fonda deserves to be ostracized for her bad choice. She turned her back on kids that paid the ultimate price that was not their doing but followed orders. Samantha Powers need to apologize to them and their loved ones. !!!!!!!

  7. This is why I am a firm believer that we as honest hardworking Americans need to BAN all Liberals from Public Office, they are a drain on the Economy, a drain on Tax payers, they believe in Socialistic/Communist values, they have yet to produce anything that benefits mankind other then ideas that force taxpayers to foot the bill for another failed idea/ideal..aka: solor power companies for one.

  8. it is a message to our “allies” that we supply with guns that we are still on their side… nothing is a mistake with this regime and nothing is misspoken. They mean what they say and they are happy with what they are doing.

  9. I’m sorry to inform you Ms Powers, but Malala Yousafzai IS a hero. She paid the price for her beliefs. She took a bullet for her stance. Her importance on the world scene trumps your’s and Jane’s in EVERY way. Jane Fonda is nothing more than an over the hill, Hollywood elitist with a cult following. A following that consists of media influenced, mind numbed robots drooling after her, hoping against hope that a portion of her public appeal might rub off on them. Hanoi Jane can only wish she had a sliver of the substance that this brave young woman possess in spades. You SHOULD as well. Credit should be given where credit is due. From BOTH of your actions, neither you nor Jane deserve a smattering. Oh, and Jane, Vietnam vets may forgive but they will NEVER forget.

  10. Exactly what you would expect from an obama appointee. And we have a gutless judiciary that refuses to prosecute these elitist for their treasonous acts and acts against the constitution of the United States of America.

  11. Hanoi Jane she should have been shot,for what she did to us that Bitch
    And then you have this BIMBO talking someone should educate her on the vietnam was
    who in the hell voted this Bimbo in or was it obamas behind the door policy to put her in

    • Tokyo Rose was actually working for the Allies and her broadcasts often gave warning to our troops. She actually was working to help us. Not like Hanoi Jane.

  12. She MEANT what she said and she is honored by someone the Left considers a hero. Just like Mao, Che Guervera, Hugo Chavez, and a host of murderous others. Yes, she meant exactly what she said.

  13. It takes a very special someone to be this callous and to rise into such position of prominence. What a gal! Part of the crop who hates what America used to stand for.

    • Under the present Administration the US (government) stands for NOTHING. To a dwindling majority of the American people, well… that’s another story.

    • Just remember Roberto, she is Mrs. Cass Sunstein, the wife of our regulations Czar. What did you expect. Neither give a crap about the USA nor its military.

      • No she did apoligize. However, it wasn’t sincere. How do I know that? Because besides he lame-ass-apology, she has, over and over, defended her protests and support for the Hanoi regime.

        She has done this despite the well known facts that after the U.S. left, the loving communists then proceeded to round up and murder political dissenters, allowed the slaughter of 25% of the population in Cambodia, and NOT ONCE did Jane Fonda risk her precious ass going over there and trying to stop the slaughter or even speak out agianst it.

  14. these people are not stupid: they are evil and they want to destroy america : additionally they are all getting filthy rich as they burn us down to the ground

    • Elitists, especially in Hollywood and Washington D.C. believe themselves to be immune to the same laws as the ‘average citizen’. We need to ask why they are wanting to exempt themselves from the ACA. Tyrants and elitists share that same mindset. They are above us. Don’t ask them to explain why. Examine their actions and judge for yourself.

  15. I am a 61 yo man who thinks it is time for all of you people to put up and vote talking about these people does nothing next time vote and remove these jerks from office so they don’t appoint dumb people like this lady.

  16. Liberals in my opinion are insane and Jane(Hanoi Jane) Fonda is a disgrace to all Vietnam Veterans for what she did. Obama is surrounded with idiots. I have found that all the successful people I know surround themselves with successful people, not idiots like Obama loves.

    • Obama doesn’t need to surround himself with actual successful individuals. He has the lapdog press to ‘enlighten’ the low information voters as to who to vote for, and the GOP establishment RINOs are willing to persecute the TRUE Conservative candidates (example the VA Gov. race) because they expect the GOP to be accountable for their actions.

  17. As a Marine combat vet of the Vietnam war let me thank you for this piece, Allen. If I was emperor, I would stretch her scrawny neck for treason. She is a national disgrace and traitor and should be punished.
    Semper Fi and good night, Chesty, wherever you are!

  18. It is obvious that the left and the right continue to take different roads. If the wrong things happen their could be another civil war, and it would be much bloodier than the first. Their are 10 times as many people now as in 1865 and the mason Dixon line today runs through almost every city and town. People need to find a different way. Jesus has a way. Try it.

    • Left and Right? Or Wrong and Right? History apparently repeats itself many times. Many Jews died at the hands of the Romans, many more died at Hitler’s and Stalin’s hands, etc. I wish people didn’t try to infer that all wars are religious wars. They are and always have been greedy power-driven men without the Love of God in their hearts, who had to subjugate or kill the ones they wanted to conquer to feed their own power-lusts. THE WAY has always been an option, but narrow is the path and few there are who choose to follow it.

  19. I am a retired Army LTC, too young for Vietnam but my Godfather suffered the wrath of the treasonous ‘Hanoi Jane’ while imprisoned at the Hanoi Hilton for nearly seven years as a Navy POW. How anyone can celebrate HJ disgusts me! Thanks for bringing this to the national spotlight! Thank you for your service and God bless.

  20. She hates the fact that we will never forget what she did! Yet has she apologized? Until she apologizes, we will never forgive!

    • What’s not forgivable is the fact that she’s been able to go on living her life and enjoying her freedom while others gave the ultimate sacrifice.

  21. Mr. West, with all due respect to you (and, that is a lot), Ms. Powers is only saying what she actually believes. In her world, America is bad and Jane Fonda is a hero.

    • what she believes is her business. what she projects as the u.n. amb. is a reflection on America. she should never have been confirmed. she is a whack job liberal just like her husband cass sunstein. they both are carbon copies of barrack Obama and an insult to our country. had their likes have been here during the founding of America they would have been shot for treason. now we are so politically correct we are in danger of losing all our freedoms and becoming a third world country with obamaites at the realm and getting richer by the day. Obama has increased his wealth by over 800% since being in office.

      • not one of the Obama appointees has worked for the American people. they have a radical agenda and have sneaked and connived their way to a socialist state. this powers woman was one of the main forces behind the run on the Israeli blockage to the Palestinian country that cost 9 people their lives. she is a major snake and much loved by Obama. it was sickening to watch her, susan rice and Obama “skip” arm in arm after he announced her as his choice for u.n. ambassador. looked like “Dorothy” and his co-horts. the fourth was one of obamas’ security guys. he has treated this presidency like a joke. he just bounces from one of his created problems to another and passes the buck off when his “creations” fail. it will not take 10 years for history to portray him as the worst excuse for a leader the world has ever known. this recent “secret” easing of sanctions on iran will be hugely instrumental in starting the third world war so his legacy will be just that.

    • Beanlet: Thank you for being a Patriot and sharing important information with your fellow Patriots here. “Discover The Networks” is an educational and eye opening site that all Patriots should read and pass on to another Patriot.

    • Wasn’t she also married to an ex-Gov. of Virginia at one time (Warner) and also to Ted Turner/

      When that report came out about her traitorous conduct, that’s when I decided I would never pay to see a movie she was in again, nor would I have anything else to do with her (and she was one of my favorites).

      I’m so glad that she never regained her popularity after that conduct, but it’s a shame that she was never arrested.

      I do believe this administration is made up of “peaceniks,” Ayers and Alinsky followers, and people who don’t know diddly squat. I swear they all flunked history in school.

  22. The reason JF gets away with what she did years ago is because it was decided Vietnam would be an armed conflict but not a declared war. Had war been the case what she did would be a crime with no gray area. With both cases, judgment used was lacking a certain “situational awareness” & caused significant head scratching.

  23. I’m getting the feeling that true red-blooded Americans are about to reach a boiling point. Might as well add that the appointment of John Kerry as Secretary of State was a slap in the face of every person that has served in our armed forces. IMO, Obama took pleasure in doing that. He can’t hide his disrespect for the military and is tearing it down worse than the Carter years. He has a plan.

  24. Although at the time I didn’t agree with the war in Vietnam, when that stuff came out about Hanoi Jane here in Australia, just about every man & his dog said she was a traitor & committed one of the most despicable acts of treason imaginable.
    We couldn’t understand (and still don’t) why she was never tried for treason.
    Fortunately her films from then on were not very well patronised, had the popularity of a leper with AIDS.
    Is there a Statute of Limitations for Treason, Aiding & Abetting the Enemy?

  25. More people died in Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos in 3 years after the U.S. left the region, *during peace time*, then died in **30 YEARS** of war in the region.

    The communists arrested, put into “re-education” (read: concentration) camps, and outright murdered millions.

    Hanoi Jane and all her ilk, who were, supposedly about peace and “cared about the Vietnamese and other Asian people” could not be bothered to protest outside the Chinese or Soviet embassies once the U.S. left.

    When I point out to them that they were anti-U.S. protesters, they get indignant and deny it. I then ask them how many protests they attended. I wait for them to answer. I then ask them how many protests they attended after the U.S. involvement ended when the slaughter was going on. I usually get an very angry but blank stare.

    Jane Fonda didn’t give one damn about the Vietnamese people. I saw a clip asking her about all the people who were killed after the U.S. left, and she said [paraphrasing from memory]:
    “If it wasn’t for the United States, those people wouldn’t have been killed.”

    Excuse me!? If the U.S. had invaded the North, slaughtered tens of thousands on it’s way to Hanoi, conquered Hanoi, and then set up concentration camps, and aided forces in neighboring countries to murder millions of people … would she have blamed the communists for our actions!? No.

    She was riding a wave of political popularity and when it caused the death of millions after we left, Hanoi Jane could not be bothered to utter a word.

    THAT is who Hanoi Jane was.

  26. What an ignorant, Marxist slut. Her, Jane, DWS, Pelosi, Jarrod, Rice and about 99% of the females in government are all blood sisters and exactly what I stated above.

  27. As a retired member of the USN, I’ll tell you exactly where Jane Fonda resides in our world. Go to any VFW post ,most American Legions, Fleet Reserve post and in my case, Submarined Veterans Clubs. Go into the mens room and you’ll find a urinal target with Hanoi Jane’s face on it. That is what we think of her and her BS “apology”. I suspect a sister target with Powers puss on would be appropriate.

  28. I remember seeing her and wanting to strangle her at that time. I was never in the military but I still think she committed treason. To apologize getting rich in this country when she turned her back to it is just wrong. We all need to speak out about all of the people that are trying to enslave this country by elitists. They need to be held accountable for their actions.

  29. We had a no balls President at the time. If we had a Roosevelt,a Truman or even Reagan. That traitor would have been charged with treason at the very least her passport would have been shredded and she never would have never set foot in the U.S. again. Hell they should have sent a sniper team after the traitorous bitch and she would have just been a casualty of war. As for that insensitive bitch at the U.N. she should be replaced. Why in Gods name would she mention someone hated by so many. The only reason I can see is she was reading a prepared speech from The Government just to piss people off and we all know who likes to see Americans divided.

    • She really believes this and that is why she said it. These people hate America, she didn’t misspeak Remember one of their hero’s .is Moa in China murdered millions.

    • Like obama, Samantha Powers, Jane Fonda and John Kerry have no conscience because they are Communists -with a big capital “C”.

  30. BTW Malala was shot because she was an advocate for girls’ education. It isn’t that she is now an advocate because she was shot.

  31. While the obama regime locks up US soldiers, they give a pass to the likes of Samantha Powers.
    We need obama to be charged and locked up!

  32. I wonder if Ms. Powers even realizes how ridiculously stupid she sounds when saying that Hanoi Jane was “all-in”. Being shot in the head, like Malala Yousafzai, is what I call being “all-in”. What young Ms. Yousafzai does makes Hanoi Jane look like the narcissistic attention whore that she was.

  33. Actually, I think she knew exactly what she was talking about and that is what scares me. You can’t make it to a position like hers by being stupid, so I think she was making a statement.

  34. The left in our country is corrupt to there core. It is up to the rest of us to elect people who love America. If we don’t we will get more of the same.

  35. Just where in the heck does this POTUS find these dimwitted, uneducated so-called “American’s” that are nothing but wealths of useless information?

  36. More idol worship in place of diplomacy–he surrounds himself with ineffectual women…hmmm. He can’t take cannot take strong men…gad.

  37. What I find disturbing is that we have allowed ourselves and the next several generations of children to be sold into serfdom by an “Assclown” of a President who has spent more money than all other Presidents combined. Our grand-children’s children will be working off this debt and I have my doubts that it will ever get paid off. This will keep our people working and dependent on the STATE for generations to come.

    • I agree. then there is the fact that all 30-40 million illegals will be allowed to vote and naturally they will vote democrap so there goes the greatest nation in the history of mankind. all the sacrifices and the struggles by our fore fathers were for naught. all for the sake of “free stuff.” the American democrapic party should be so proud. they need to take a real long hard look at each of those they have elected over the past several years. with the exception of joe manchin, there is not a honest decent one in the bunch. whack jobs all of them. you expect to see some in both parties but, good grief, this bunch is pitiful.

  38. He fires more than a dozen generals and admirals and then hires this nitwit. Another brilliant move by the SNAFU president.

    • Well, what do expect when the POTUS asks the military if they are willing to open fire on American citizens? Do you think that bodes well for us who are not card carriers of a certain ilk?

  39. How many times must I say it…..”MOBILIZE” …peacefully. We must show ourselves in mass demonstrations state by state nationwide, in numbers greater than at a Denver “smoke-in”, and at a very short notice, like a call to Lexington Green without the weapons. Allen West….Will you lead us?

    • That is definitely needed, but where is this champion? Surely not in the dregs of political main stream elitist pig Washington’s Capitol Hill.

      And Im afraid Col. West doesn’t have the gumption either to step out.
      Yets COL, you clearly need to step out like MLK IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, and not hide in the cluttered blogosphere.

  40. What Ms Fonda did was a Long time ago , But the Wound is Deep , Her actions speek for themself . As for Ms Powers , It Show How Smart She Is ,and the Rest Of The Goverment that Side with Obama.

  41. obama, Samantha Powers, Hanoi Jane: small “c” communists.
    And by his own admission, so is one of obama’s close friends and terrorist, Bill Ayers.
    Ayers, along with his small “c” wife, Bernardine Dohrn, wrote “Prairie Fire”, a communist manifesto. obama once tried to deny that he and Ayers were close friends…and then when evidence showed otherwise, he and his supporters didn’t think it was any big deal.
    Well, mr. obama, IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL to us Americans! You and your regime should be charged with high crime and misdemeanors WITH A BIG “C” and
    locked up in THE BIG HOUSE.

  42. These “leaders” are too afraid to openly give Malala what she has clearly earned: Acknowledgement, praise, respect and admiration. Malala was and is willing to risk her life for the sake of young girls she will never even know. After what was done to her, she clearly understands the danger she faces, however, she speaks out anyway. The Nobel Prize has been greatly diminished in recent years, given the recent recipients. Malala is too good to be associated with them who shall remain nameless. Additionally, the so called “women’s movement”, of whom Ms Fonda is a part, is nothing but old, pitiful and a sad joke. Malala shines like a blinding, bright light in the midst of all the pathetic and phony wannabes. As for Fonda, I do not think she will ever comprehend just how heinous her actions were. It is beyond her ability.

    • Malala should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The leaders should stand up & lead.What a BRAVE young girl! She is far braver & a cut FAR ABOVE any of these ppl.

  43. Col. West, all due respect, Sir but what makes you think she doesn’t know exactly who and what she was praising? These people (Fonda and the administration) are all cut from the same cloth…

  44. Oh totally, Sir. Didn’t JFonda have a daughter with a black man that she kept hidden forever … what a fraud she is. Only the really rich capitalists can afford to be commies…JFonda is the joke that never makes one laugh.

    • Try wealthy, elitist pig, regressive liberal instead of rich capitalist . They are far from wealthy capitalist. Because they are selfish and totally self centered as The Current Incumbent President proves each and every day.

      • Yes, a capitalist is not “filthy” – they are the ones who keep the economy moving because they build businesses, create jobs, donate to charities, hire personal servants, build houses, buy automobiles, travel and stay in hotels – all of which provides work for we lowly, humble, poor. And i’m not being snide. i am sooooooooooo sick of the class envy game that the democrats play – the “wealth redistribution” mantra they all sing. Rich capitalists also fund foundations that give money for medical research, scholarships for education, etc., “Wealthy Capitalist” is a socialist term of denegration intended to inspire class envy. Obama told his Constitution classes that the US-C was a “flawed document because it didn’t provide for wealth redistribution,” and he uses the term, ‘wealthy capitalists” all the time in a way to make being wealthy sound obscene. But, he spends more time flying in America’s AF1 & 2, vacationing around the world, and on the golf course, than he does occupying the oval office – his chair is empty, but his mind is filled with ways to redistribute the wealth. Don’t be sucked in with the “wealthy capitalists” mantra – its fraudulent.

    • They should have had her hanged! There is no excuse for what she did, and I hope she burns in hell for eternity for what she did.

      • Well, she and Joan Baez were the ones who went to N Vietnam and “consorted” with the enemy. They wore big smiles as they dressed for pictures of themselves wearing items that identified them as NV, holding rifles over their heads and apparently dancing around with them. Bob Dylan joined them briefly, but then when he got over his crush on “Phony Joany” he sort of drifted off. John Kerry was all in though. He was at the “sit-ins” where they would have the burn-barrels and that is when and where he BURNED HIS MILITARY RIBBONS! And now that “hero” is representing America? Seriously? It makes me want to puke. There are quite a few young men I went to high school with who never made it back. Any one of them is worth ten of that traitorous jerk.

      • No – but then, she’s a movie star, and Hollywood has tried to make McCarthy look like a fool – trouble is, the records show he was absolutely correct, Hollywood was filled with communists – as it is now. There were true patriots, like Jimmy Steward who was a WWII pilot, and whose son died in Vietnam – but there are lot of card-carriers in LaLaLand, just as there are in our Congress. But, nope, there’s no statute of limitations on Treason!

  45. what I think is so funny is that once the obuma is done with the rest of the ones who get him to where he is going he will do away with them. he won’t need them anymore. then the jf and the other huff in mouth will be like the rest of us. he will do away with them

  46. You mean they HAVEN’T made us “subjects” ALREADY? Thank the Republicans for that, too – they continue to REFUSE SUPPORT of their OWN candidates who stand for Liberty over Tyranny, preferring those WHO ARE MORE LIKE DEMOCRATS than Republicans!

  47. Wow if she did mess up, wonder if she can ever be forgiven, this is unforgivable according to the article. What Hitler did was unforgivable.

    • Nothing ultimately is unforgivable by GOD – but it isn’t just a wash because “God is Good and Loves People.” A person must be penitent and ask Him to forgive, and then prove it by a change of life. As far as whether the veterans who heard Hanoi Jane on the radio telling them the war was over and they should just give up the fight and leave the battlefield, that was “shades of Tokyo Rose” and her German counterpoint who did the same things in WWII – they were spies and they were hanged! Jane, whether she has truly repented of her sins is between her and God, but God’s forgiveness does not necessarily mean that temporal courts just smile and say, “Oh, well, now that you’re sorry, we’ll just let it go. You get on with life now, Janie, you’ve evidently learned your lesson.” God’s forgiveness and temporal judgment and punishment are two different things. But there are still V-N vets who have post-traumatic stress syndrome with lives, marriages, and families shattered. Even Hitler could have been forgiven by God had he asked – but that still wouldn’t have absolved him from the punishment for his crimes by an earthly court. i went to school with kids who lived through WWII in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. i’m old enough to remember the Trials at Nuremburg, and yes, even if all of those guilty had been forgiven by GOD (because they repented truly and asked for His forgiveness), they still had to expect earthly punishment for earthly crimes. It’s two different realms. Anything can be forgiven by God – but even forgiveness by “man” does not mitigate the retribution due certain crimes when adjudicated by the courts.

  48. Freedom of speech applies to everyone that apparently only believes in what you do? If we know anything, we know the Vietnam War WAS A SHAM just like the war we are engaged in now. And just like today, if you weren’t pro-imperialistic you just weren’t Amurican enough. Even if half of the tripe credited to Jane Fonda were true (and most of it is not) all of these haters would then have to turn around and hate those they voted into power (like Bush,Cheney and McCain) who have done more to “Aid and Abet” the enemy than “donning and NVA helmet and sat on an anti-aircraft system” EVER did. It’s real easy to wave flags and shout #1 instead of looking at the evil our government is perpetrating across the globe. We should have never been in Vietnam…EVER.

    donned an NVA helmet and sat on an anti-aircraft system
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2013/11/dumbest-thing-say-award-goes-samantha-powers/#PJlKMU2vvdTjAUCi.99
    donned an NVA helmet and sat on an anti-aircraft system
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2013/11/dumbest-thing-say-award-goes-samantha-powers/#PJlKMU2vvdTjAUCi.99
    donned an NVA helmet and sat on an anti-aircraft system
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2013/11/dumbest-thing-say-award-goes-samantha-powers/#PJlKMU2vvdTjAUCi.99

    • I agree Carolyn, BUT we were there at the request of France & other countries, IF you knew American politics & promises you would know it all, Jan Fonda is hated by the VN vets for good reason. I hear it 1st hand at the V.A. when I take Steve there. Its not pretend its real. How would you feel if a neighbor gave you up to thugs & part of your family was killed? Would you say its his right to free speech then? I wonder…???

      • I don’t care who “requested” for us to be there. War is a sham and a tool to generate wealth for the few elite and kill off the poor. Jane Fonda is hated because this BS keeps circulating. She was young and stupid and has apologized for what she ACTUALLY did. There were millions of people on the planet who felt just like her.

      • Truly, don’t you think it would be best to follow the Constitution and only go to war when Congress authorizes it instead of the spineless idiots abdicating their authority because they fear for their reelection, instead of what is best for the country and the people?

      • No more war. New World Order. UN type police action, not war, against anyone that desires freedom from oppression. One world government where everyone is free to do what ever they tell you to do. Go Carolyn Bryant Schaub. Obama would love to be the first king of your brave new world.

      • Actually, Obama is just as war mongering as LBJ and the Bush’s. I have voted Libertarian…you know, liberty and freedom, in every election. My world would have freedom and liberty in it, not death and destruction…but carry on.

      • Sad thing is many men/women went with the intent to SAVE others. NO way would I disrespect those who served or died while trying to make this world a better place for all.

      • That piece of vile scum has benefited far more than most Americans from the freedom and capitalism that the soldiers were defending. But she felt entitled to work her whole life to tear down the system that made her wealthy and comfortable and try to replace it with the hopelessness and abject poverty that Communism creates for the common person. She is a disciple of a demonic creed that despises mankind.

    • Whether we should have been in Any war is not up to you and me…..we don’t have the no how,info etc. sitting in our secure little worlds……….so unless you were in Vietnam(I doubt that and have probably never served in the military) like my husband and thousands like him,i suggest you keep your opinion to yourself. As for what Jane Fonda did or didn’t do the Vets are the ones in the know about that too,NOT YOU, unless she has confessed to you !! Their is lots more evil in this world than the American Government and you don’t have to look far(east) to find it……. I suggest your efforts should be concentrated on them instead of knocking this Country……or you have the right to LEAVE.

      • She long ago apologized (or confessed) and you are right, you don’t know me. My father is a Vietnam Vet and I traveled the world with him as an ARMY BRAT…doesn’t matter though because I have the right as a free American to express my opinions and do not need to shut up when those opinions are inconvenient for you. My hatred of the government does not translate into hatred of Veterans. The government is the enemy. http://www.antiwar.com/orig/molyneux.php?articleid=8468

      • You have a right to your opinions, but we all share the same facts! She is a Communist, and in my book that makes her the enemy of America!

    • you know Carolyn, when I was drafted during my sophomore year in college no one of my buddies – those pot smoking hippies – said to me, hey, don’t go, it’s just a sham, it’s cool don’t go. No, they bid me farewell and, wished me good luck and said, make us proud buddy. It was the idiots like you, when people walked off those planes (in Delaware at Dover AFB), who protested and tried to make warriors feel like fools. Here is the deal, we, the Vietnam era vets, did not declare the war but, when duty called, fought the war. So shut up!, it’s over and tired of hearing people like you continue to berate vets.

      • The U.S. investigated her trip and found no
        reason to bring any charges against her. She also describes her longstanding support of, and interaction with, U.S.
        military personnel and says her only beef was with the U.S.
        government, not the troops.

      • Just like the way the “U.S.” is investigating Fast & Furious, the IRS Tea Party scandal, Benghazi, Black Panther voter intimidation, many that have lied to Congress for Obama, and the list over the past 5 years goes on endlessly.
        Schaub is obviously one of the apologists for her cohorts of liberal progressive socialist nut jobs who love the way this country is so very close to total central government control.

      • I am an anarchist, aka, I dislike government. I have NO apologist anywhere. I am for complete freedom and liberty, something that hasn’t actually occurred in this country since a second after the Revolutionary War ended…

      • Your far right libertarian position of no government and total freedom assumes people that are virtuous. Government is needed to protect life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness from people that are less than virtuous, unless you think freedom to murder is a good thing.

    • Well, Carolyn, you are wrong about “if half the stuff” not being true. Didn’t you hear her “aplology” when she admitted to every bit of it? Didn’t you see the photo of her on the big gun with the “cong bonnet on? Do you think that the only valid form of government is a socialist set? There is no form of government, except for socialism, that is inherently evil. There have been good kings who ruled with authority AND kindness; and their have been evil kings who were despots. The monarchy in VietNam wasn’t the problem – the Communists who deposed that king WERE evil. You need to read valid history written during the events – not the socialist propaganda re-writes. You have bought into a whole load of… supply whatever you want there – but it isn’t truth; it is PROPAGANDA and that ain’t truth; its fabrication dressed up to appear true to the gullible. What JF did in VietNam was called treason – she gave ‘aid and comfort’ to the enemy – and whatever you think about that war, the VietCong were everyone’s enemy! My brother was there — in the jungles with the Vietnamese troops, who brought their families with them for fear of their villages being raided and their families murdered. You weren’t there, so you don’t know what it was like. But i had family IN that war, and it had nothing to do with Imperial Vietnam or preserving a monarchy. It had to do with routing the Communist ‘Cong! That’s what it was about.

      • In 1988 in an interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20, Jane Fonda talked
        about her Vietnam visit and issued what some feel was an apology but which
        her critics say was not enough.

        Fonda said, “I would like to
        say something, not just to Vietnam veterans in New England, but to men who
        were in Vietnam, who I hurt, or whose pain I caused to deepen because of
        the things that I said or did. I was trying to help end the killing
        and the war, but there were times when I was thoughtless and careless
        about it and I’m…very sorry that I hurt them. And I want to
        apologize to them and their families.”

        In 2005, Fonda published her autobiography in which she described in
        detail her decision to go to North Vietnam. She said it was primarily motivated by her desire to document the U.S.
        bombing of important dikes that, if destroyed, could kill tens of
        thousands of people and devastate the lives of millions. The U.S. had denied the bombings.
        In the book, Fonda is unapologetic about the trip or her participation
        in broadcasts on radio Hanoi but regrets the pictures taken of her at
        the gun emplacement. She said it made it appear as though she was celebrating armaments
        aimed at American planes, which was not how she felt and was not the
        context in which the pictures were taken. She reminds readers that the U.S. investigated her trip and found no
        reason to bring any charges against her. She also describes her longstanding support of, and interaction with, U.S.
        military personnel and says her only beef was with the U.S.
        government, not the troops.

    • I agree we shouldn’t have been in Vietnam, or most of the “conflicts” our glorious leaders spend our soldiers’ blood in. But do you think that justifies treason against one’s countrymen? Our troops were fighting for the right reasons, even if the administrations were evil. They were honoring their oath to uphold the Constitution. Did they deserve to have one of their own don the colors of the enemy? If she had truly been acting on principle, she would have denounced the regime in power, not the little guy who was risking his life defending his country. But her beef wasn’t with the Democrat administration that dragged us into that war for profit, it was simply a matter of standing up for Communism and hating all things American. She is 100% evil and anyone who defends her is the same.

    • John Kerry is a piece if crap. He was an officer who was supposed to set an example. Instead (I wonder about three PH) he opted out of Viet Nam. Did his replacement survive? That SOB should be drawn and quartered for cowardice.

      I am a retired soldier and was was wounded three times in the same firefight. Many of my buddies gave all and that piece of water buffalo dung is now where he wants to be thanks to that POS in the POTUS seat. I still intend to keep my oath “against all enemies both foreign and domestic”.

  49. Ms.Power just can’t help herself. Once a Progressive Leftist, Always a Progressive Leftist. American Foreign Policy is in disarray thanks to the gross incompetence of this Administration.

  50. Jane Fonda is nothing short of a traitor. It sickens me that she is still in movies and is still considered a celebrity. It disgusts me what she said and did in Vietnam. She should be in the history books as a traitor along with the others that caused Americans serious harm.

    • Our country was well on the way to perdition when Hanoi Jane took her place among the most notorious traitors in out history. But why did Americans continue patronize her movies?

  51. Yes a traItor, no doubt. But how do you classify Samanatha Power and the person who appointed her as Ambassador the the UN?
    Isn’t one who applauds and supports a traitor’s act of treason, by deduction, also a traitor and by that line of logic; he who appoints the supporter of the traitor also a traitor and so on, along the string as it unravels backwards from the first point?

  52. My brother was in the jungles of V-N training the V-N troops – who traveled WITH their families because they were afraid to leave them in their villages for the Cong to rape, murder, pillage and burn! My children’s father was aboard ship in the gulf, and we lost two pilots in that ‘non-war’ – the protests were very hard for those of us who had family “over there!” And no, Jane, your apology was NOT accepted by me – you are still Hanoi Jane to me. You are guilty of treason, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and you should have served the remainder of your life behind bars in a maximum security prison for your immature, childish, misguided, but most definitely treasonous behavior. You and the rest of your “flower-power” peaceniks who ravaged UC Berkeley in the name of “peace, love and the whole world of LSD and MaryJane” were all hypocrites from the get-go – you may not have actually gone to UC Berkelely and hurled boulders through the buildings, but your antics gave you heroine status that made anything anyone did appear heroic in the eyes of the Stanyon Street mob who called themselves “peaceful” – Don’t tell me you believe in peace and love when you give aid and comfort to the enemy. Did you see the photos of what the ‘Cong did to infants? Did YOU???? i’m asking you a question, Jane! Did you read any of the reports of the atrocities the communists perpetrated on their own people? Hollywood opinion ranks at a minus zero below with me!

  53. With this Administration, it’s all about promoting communists. Who’s honored in a Hanoi war museum, along with Fonda, for helping communism conquer South Vietnam? Why, our Secretary of State, Red John Kerry, of course.

  54. An “honor” if you are moving your tush, but if you are “representing” the US, you are insulting the Honorable Veterans that suffered during the Vietnam war! You should be very ashamed of yourself.

  55. As a commentator in the Czech Republic noted, three or more years ago, “It’s not so much that Obama is a bad president. Eventually he will be gone. The really bad thing is that the voters who elected him will still be around for decades, and still voting.” And that was before he was re-elected (!!!). Barack Hussein’s second term is the proof that democracy has failed definitively in modern times, just as it failed in ancient Greece.

  56. This is already done. We are indeed subjects and it’s too late to prevent it. Whether or not it can be reversed remains to be seen. One thing I believe is certain – it cannot be done through elections and the devices of human effort. Only if we return to the Lord and humbly beg for His help will America survive.


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