I still believe

This morning I attended the 7th Annual Fallen Heroes Ceremony at Pompano Beach High School in Florida, an event put on by the school’s Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) Cadet Battalion.

The students actually placed a flag with the name of every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine lost during our war against Islamic terrorism. The incredible sight of some 6000 flags across the school courtyard brings tears to your eyes.

This was my fourth time attending the event and it always brings back fond memories of my experience as a high school JROTC Cadet at Henry Grady High in Atlanta from 1976-1979. At a time when there are so many negative stories about our young men and women in high school about bullying and other shameful behavior, it does the heart good to see these young Cadets proudly in uniform.

One of the special treats was to watch several Cadets portray the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. These select Cadets actually guard a replica tomb during the ceremony. Their precision and military bearing is impeccable.

I was one of the invited speakers and took just a few moments to remember the immortal words spoken 150 years ago this month at a place called Gettysburg. It was there that President Abraham Lincoln also spoke of the service and sacrifice of fallen heroes, those men who had given the “last full measure of devotion.”

What was also special about the morning was to see the legacy left by some local World War II veterans in attendance, the Greatest Generation. They had the pleasure of witnessing the next generation of American heroes, and for those young men and women participating, they saw history.

At a time when many in America feel all seems lost, I hold fast to the words from a song by the band The Call, “I Still Believe.” When I got back home I listened to that song again and became even more “highly resolved that these honored dead shall not have died in vain.” I still believe “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that the government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth.”

I humbly ask that as we celebrate our veterans, we all resolve the same and that regardless of the disappointment who now occupies the White House, we all still believe. That is our legacy to pass on to those Cadets from Pompano Beach High and to those whom they honored this morning.


  1. I have tears in my eyes imagining being there and seeing all those flags and what they meant.I will hold back from the usual bashing I do and do as you say.I’m so thankful for all who serve have served I love our military I love my dad who served I know he’s watching from above and praying for our Country.I love a man now with all my heart who serves in the Navy im very thankful that I met him he’s taught me a lot.
    And you Sir the more I know about you the more I hear I have so much admiration and respect for you I wish you the best and I pray that you continue to fight for us and our Country. Its
    very hard some days waking up to the same but we do have to hold on to that faith , thank you for this post God bless all of us who still believe , God bless America ALWAYS

  2. Had I been aware, I might have been there. I salute the cadets! And I salute Allen West! I am a veteran of WW2, my father served in WW!, great grandfather died in the service, and several ancestors before that. My son served in Vietnam, and a grandson just completed his 4th tour of duty and is hoping he can stay in the USA with his wife and two children until retirement in a very few years. Incidentally, I delivered the GA in a HS oratory contest in 1942 (did not win) .”Four score and seven years ago—“.

  3. Thank you Allen! Had I known, I would have been there. Love this song, the message and all that these Cadets are standing for.

    • I hear what you’re saying. It is quite angering and at the same time, sobering to be witnessing some of the behavior we see in our society today. But God blesses us every day. It’s Satan’s evil pal currently occupying our White House that is trying to make us feel condemned. THIS we must not ever accept!

  4. LTC West: Those young Cadets were probably just as in awe of your honorable service and presence that you were of theirs. Thank you for continuing your service!

  5. I listened to a prophet yesterday state that there will be singing in America again! God loves our nation and peoples. Even as evil increases, God Almighty still has a remnant of people who are praying continuously, and He has heard us from heaven. He, Himself, will fight for us! Amen.

  6. “The incredible sight of some 6000 flags across the school courtyard brings tears to your eyes.”

    Oh my . . . it brings tears to my eyes just seeing the photo of all the flags. It brings tears to my eyes when I realize the monumental sacrifice of lives for our Constitution, America, our way of life, and to think obama’s destructive agenda — his fundamental transformation — will have made ALL those lost lives for naught.


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