Obama’s lies, damned lies and statistics

The Chronology of the Obama Lie” Watch it here.

Over the last 4 years, President Obama lied twenty-four times about Americans being able to keep their health plans under Obamacare. There were lies and even more damned lies. Unfortunately for him, it was all caught on video.

Our friend Kevin Jackson at the Black Sphere has put together an awesome compilation in ”The Chronology of the Obama Lie” that even includes liberal media pundits decrying the lying. Watch it here.

And now after the lies and damned lies, there are also the damned statistics. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have already received cancellation notices, and by the time the employer mandate delay ends next year, some estimates predict nearly 170 million Americans or 68% of the total population will lose healthcare plans and coverage.

If Americans haven’t awakened by now, they sure as heck better.


  1. The lies are so much a part of Obama… Had he been vetted, and the American people told the type of person Barrack (Barry Soerto) Obama is and was, there is no way he would have been voted into office. That is plain. Now coms Mia Marie Pope, a childhood friend and classmate of Barry’s. http://youtu.be/Uy2K5SIuK2E See the video… listen carefully. you will not believe what this woman exposes about him. God Bless this brave woman!

  2. This wasn’t at all about health insurance. not one penny you pay to an insurance company is going to the government. It’s going to go to the insurance companies. The Democrats just wanted to load up Medicaid. This is Cloward and Piven. They are going to overwhelm the Medicaid system with poor people. When it collapses they are going to blame the insurance companies. Then the government will rush in to the rescue. Can anyone say single payer system? The states that refused to expand their Medicaid system, are the only hurdle left for the Progressive dream. All the people with preexisting conditions who couldn’t get health insurance were eligible for Medicaid. But Medicaid still isn’t going to pay for transplants, and long term expensive treatments, so the tax payers are still going to get screwed. This is the Progressives getting ready for civil unrest. That’s what they are counting on. Not from the Republicans, or the TEA Party, but from the poor, and the activist wing of the progressive movement. This is all a setup.

    • Some states like mine (Tennessee) voted down Medicaid expansion and the people who can’t afford (Affordable Care) still have no insurance. And…CAN’T GET IT!

    • But I can guarantee you, that this plan was designed to line the pockets of this inept madman …. I would hate to be him when he stands before the ultimate judge ….

  3. Will Seay, thanks for the YouTube link. That was very enlightening. I will pray that the woman doing the interview does not end up dead. Obama is known for his opponents vanishing.

  4. I admit that I am quite ignorant in the ways of politics, so I am going to ask the question….does any of this go far enough to begin impeachment proceedings? Does any of this qualify? And if not, how far does he have to go?

      • Both Houses of Congress and Justice have to be on board, so good luck with that. However, back up to Fast and Furious-knowingly breaking Federal Firearms’ Laws and supplying arms and munitions to a known enemy, aiding and abetting, in a Declared War on Drugs, while violating the laws of another country. That my friends is a treasonous criminal act.

    • Killing 4 of our American soldiers, yes that’s definitely impeachment fodder … why do you think they won’t answer the questions? And why do you think no action has been taken?

    • Impeachment isn’t enough. Remember Clinton was impeached and finished his term. It will take someone with extremely large balls to bring criminal charges against him

    • please note that “impeachment” is only a term used to officially reprimand the President…I think you are looking for a resignation.

  5. For people who actually believed in this disaster did not want to admit the real facts..The truth was said repeatedly about what was going to happen..If you think you are getting free stuff wait till you get the bill. There is not enough money to pay for this mess..Shame on the people who voted in the people in charge and told all the lies over and over..Of course you were happy to hear them as well..Yes more free stuff! Right??Our government from the top down is a disgrace and they are making our country a disgrace!

    • Carolyn, read Fox and Piven’s plans on how to bring this country down. It has been planned for many decades. First overwhelm the welfare system to the point where more people are taking than are paying in. Then, when the back of the country is broken, swoop in and restructure it into a communist utopia. Also, read “Rules for Radicals.” Very eye-opening things in there. You can see it all being done step by step according to well-designed plans. Understanding your enemy makes it easier to be less fearful and find his weaknesses. Read, learn, strike at the weakness. Strike hard, and never, never back down.

  6. The second they signed it without reading it … I knew it was a scam, damned failure and would do nothing but allow the government in our pocket one more time … and it’s only going to get worse … WAKE UP PEOPLE! He treats the *presidency* of this country nothing more than a new shiny toy … NOTE: Remember the 100 million $ he took at our expense, when this country needed a leader, instead of a playboy ….

  7. We’ve been Lied to time and time the question now is what the Hell are we going to do! Are we going to sit on our ass and let OBAMA and these ones that follow him finish destorying us or we going to stnd up and put them out .

  8. And how much will you bet me that Bill and Hillary are some of the main “Puppeteers”?
    Just another Government “Ponzi” game!!!

    • I think you may be right. People forget that it was Bill and Hillary who tried so hard to ram this down our throats when Bill was president. Changed the salesman, not the product!

  9. Obama lied and now he is lying about his lies and has many of his Democratic compadres doing the same thing. What concerns me is what else has he lied about in this bill. I’ve listened and read some of the material Dr. Death, oops I mean Ezekiel Emanuel, the doctor who helped develop the medical standards of this act, and I am more concerned about the kind of care were going to see come January 1st. If Dr. Emanuel inserts the ideals he has written about in the past into this plan, a lot of us are in trouble. If you are between the ages of 15-40, the years he has established as being the most valuable to society you don’t have to be too concerned unless of course you have a disability. The rest of us however, I believe we might be hearing the words, “sorry, that test or procedure is medically unnecessary” more than we did under our past insurance plans. I hope I am wrong, but I have serious concerns. If you think I am being overdramatic, I suggest you do some of your own research and you can start by reading his document, “Principles for Allocation of Scarce Medical Interventions,” which can be found via web.

      • I only read it after seeing this nutcase appear on Fox News with Meagan Kelly. For me personally, the “Red Flags” were raised and as rude as he was to Meagan, I’m still glad he went on the show because of that interview I am very clear of what Obamacare is really all about.

      • I commend you, being that it is literally much larger than THE BIBLE. Thank you. You are probably one of five people who have actually read it in its entirety. .

      • C. Bauer, have you heard about the Bauer family reunion planned in Minnesota in 2015? They want to break the Guiness world record of most people attending a family reunion. Check it out on wccotv.com (Minnapolis TV station). My brother’s wife is part of the planning committee.

    • The Dem-Coms ideas to “cull” the herd or aka obamacare’s Death Panels are already kicking in…I know of an elderly person who recently died because they stopped taking their meds. They said that their prescriptions were not only getting more expensive (along with needing more dollars to buy food), but said they didn’t see the use of continuing to pay high prices since obamacare was taking over and going to take their medicine away anyways. !!!

    • Christians in Medi-Share are exempt from ACA tax. Family opions are below $300 a month. 800-772-5623. Docs are establishing their plans to survive. One is Concierge Care Insurance program. There is a program called Laissez Faire where you pay yearly for access to docs and they have lab parteners who will allow you to order your own labs, labs are interpreted, and results back to you in 3 days. Their customer service is 800-708-1020. I have not checked into these so you will have to do research yourself. Things to look for are distances to docs and to labs. Docs are available by phone.

      • Lovely. The problem is everyone, if not in Medi-Care, is REQUIRED to have health insurance now. Conceirge and Laissez Faire do not qualify as health insurance. Many of the plans people had are now illegal under ACA, so even if you had a plan, you no longer do. Government produces nothing, no products at all. Therefore, government has nothing to sell. They are selling a service that they don’t have the experience or knowledge to offer, and it is completely outside their authority under the Constitution to do so. It impacts not only the insurance industry, but every aspect of the medical profession. I would never entrust my veterinarian to service my car, and I would never entrust my health care rights to the government. Rights come from God. Privileges and permissions come from government. I don’t need their permission or their enforcement to get health care.

  10. It was just another excuse to raise taxes, if you don’t buy this corrupt administrations insurance they will have the IRS raid your bank accounts and steal your money under the guise of collecting fines, but it is a veiled tax hike and is a ploy to steal more taxpayer money to fund corruption under Obama and the Democrats. People, wake up and smell the foul odor coming from these crooked politicians and throw them all out of office.

  11. Most of these politicians are lawyers. Law school 101 never sign anything without reading it. Law school 102 what advertising givith fine print taketh away.

  12. I say let us absolutely and on purpose refuse to buy this trumped TAX and stand together and stand up for what we believe as American citizens. It is not designed to give us healthcare it is designed to take control of us as a nation and as a people.

    • It’s called a death spiral and they said it’s already started and will continue if they can’t get the younger people to buy in to support it. This law will have to be repealed if it goes bankrupt like all the other things Obama put his name on. LOL

      • The problem is that our Federal Government isn’t able to give back power once given it. Social Security and medicare are bankrupt, yet they are not repealed. Our leaders have to do something or we should throw them out. I will say that I did not vote for any of those who voted for this. Throw the bums out!

      • Remember, NOT ONE Republican voted for Obamacare. This was jammed down our throats as we protested its passage. It’s hated now more than then because now, Ms Pelosi, we know what’s IN the bill and we hate it.

  13. It’s great to see our president’s pattern of lying and covering up… . Now we know exactly what his face looks like when he lies. IMO This is more than an impeachable offense. This is outright fraud at a multi-billion dollar level. That’s clear. What’s not clear is why he’s not in court answering for his crimes!

    Who runs our court systems? If this is the job of the attorney general, should that position be elected? Nobody is stepping up to do this for the American people. PROSECUTE!

    • Circus and panis. That was what led to the fall of the Roman empire. The government kept the people fed and entertained and the people didn’t pay any attention to their government. Just keep the masses fed and entertained and they are in a trance state. Until the people are hungry and cannot be distracted from their suffering, they just go along with anything. So give them food stamps and TVs and steal them blind by taking their legally earned money in taxes and their freedoms by over-regulation and bloated government. They’ll never know.

  14. If 68% losing healthcare over lies the president and his staff have made isn’t grounds for impeachment I don’t know what it. More like ground for open revolt.

  15. they actually want it to fail and they have taken many steps to see that it does fail. this will cause the Feds to institute a ‘single payer’ healthcare system as that is what they wanted all along. A single payer system means the Feds will be in complete control of over 20% of our economy (they will be our healthcare system) and we know what the government does to anything it runs. Nevertheless, that is not the goal – the goal of a single payer system is “POWER” and “CONTROL”.

  16. My question is this: Why do we continue to take these lies from the presidents before we act? True blooded Americans are loosing their health care coverage faster than those can sign up for the aca. And lets be honest with ourselves here, we all know the aca is a joke.

    That’s out and out deception to the American public and we still accept him as President…. LIAR-IN-CHIEF… OH WAIT, I ALMOST FORGOT AGAIN…. LIES

  18. The Dems to get it – when you ‘circle the wagons’ – you’re not only keeping others out – but you’re locking yourself in! …see in 2014!

  19. Don’t impeach him, arrest him for fraud, along with his administration who have also been lying from the start, including Shoot-em-up Biden.

  20. Do you think the 47% of the people polled would still have faith in Obama if they were going to be affected by ACA or knew what is in it? No. They probably have another type of “benefit” (read welfare) and/or do not read and/or do not care.

  21. What is so shocking , Obama has been telling lies since he raised his hand and took office as President.He lied about Benghazi, told the world in front of the United Nations that it was a video that caused the attack on Benghazi , plus he lied when he said that he could not send help to the 4 Americans that died .

  22. Witness the continuing blame game. Instead of saying,
    “What I said was”, he now says, “What WE said was…”. Aside from the
    repeated lies, he will deflect blame from himself to as many others as
    possible…including his own party. The Liar-In-Chief has no integrity

    • In addition, when he gave his “apology” interview, he was as insincere as a pedophile swearing he wouldn’t harm children again if he was let go. I swear I thought he would choke up and gag on trying to get his words out. His having some type of accountability confrontation pressed upon him made him seem as if it were the most despicable “how dare you” he’s ever endured.

  23. He even lies about who his father is. Look at his claimed fathers picture and then his whore of a mothers photographer who photographed her nude and any idiot will see there is NO genes from his claimed father but is a carbon copy of his mothers pimp.

  24. Where is the outraged cry for a special prosecutor? We live in a land of law. Lady Justice is blindfolded for a reason. Break the law and get prosecuted. Why are none of our elected representatives, on either side of the aisle, calling for a special prosecutor? What are they trying to hide? Why is it more beneficial to all of them to let this go on rather than to do what is legally their responsibility to do? I don’t believe our country can go on much longer this way. Future generations will believe any politician can do anything and get away with it because of this current boatload of cowards. What happened to the three branches of government, our check and balance system established by our truly great founders? What happens to We The People when those who can use the law to protect and serve us simply refuse to do so? Isn’t there one leader with a backbone out of all of the combined senators and congressmen? Will Diogenes never be able to find one honest man willing to SERVE his countrymen? Has this become the land of the cowards and home of the free entitlements? I refuse to live in Amerika. My allegiance is to America. When I think of the men and women who have died for this country juxtaposed to the elected men and women who now hold office and aren’t willing to live for this country, I’m overwhelmingly ashamed and despair for our future.

  25. I live in Canada just a few miles from the State of Washington. While I have BC Health Care (aka socialized medicine) coverage, it would not qualify under Obamacare. Among other things it does not cover prescription drugs unless administered in a hospital, optical or dental care. Methinks the Obama administration wants to bankrupt America.

  26. Well, this is the chink in the Democratic armor- Lying. In war you look for a weakness in the enemy and you exploit it. Keep catching the lies with backed up facts, like a ram rod you will break through the facade. Keep on lying Obama.

  27. FYI: The Muslims, Communists, Socialists, and the Liberals are all working for the same thing, and they lie, cheat and steal to accomplish their goal. They are ungodly (never mind that they claim God’s name upon themselves in vain), and they are for setting up their idea of Utopia on earth (without God), and to a degree they will try to kill all that oppose them (one way or another) and have their moment of glory (here on earth) under the False Christ/THE anti-Christ, but it will be a false peace and short lived because Jesus will return to take over. That’s what this is all about (in a nutshell). Don’t take my word for it – use the internet to your benefit, and search out history which not only speaks for itself, but does repeat itself. My advice to all who believe in God and Freedom – take your children out of public school, or one day they might not come home because those little Muslim children have been trained to kill their enemy – and who is the enemy? We all know that it is those who oppose their religion. They will try to force our God out of the hearts of the people – or they will kill us. If you think that the “seemingly peace loving” Muslims won’t rise up with the terrorists, you will be sadly mistaken because they don’t want to be killed with the Christians. They won’t attack as in war with military forces as you have witnessed in times past (World War II etc., but the terror has already started – little pockets of Muslims here and there to take out those that oppose them (US soil), and the terror will grow because our very own government is supporting those (with our tax dollars) that are our very enemy. Get it together, stand up and fight for God and your fellow patriots, so that America can become free – protect your family and children because it is going to get much worse before it gets better, and remember that when seemingly peace does come, it will be a false peace brought on by the powers of satan to deceive you into their earthly utopia, and if you accept that – you give up any chance you have of having eternal life. Again, I urge you to learn as much as you can about the enemy, so you can stand against him with hope, and train your children up to resist evil. By: Minister MaryAnn Collins Shores-Whitley.

  28. 4 Americans allowed to die, the IRS taking actions against you if you identified you self as being from a different political party, the justice selling guns to Mexican drug lords, Hillary Clinton let off the hook for rejecting the security up grades in Benghazi, UN ambassador Rice losing through her teeth 5 times about a video on Sunday morning talk shows, our intelligence agencies spy in on US, and letting Snowden escape to Russia, then calling Syria out on the use of chemical weapons twice and not having the balls to back up his threats. And last but not least, screwing over Americans with his lies about Obama care
    We should not talk OK preachment or voting him out, we should take to the streets to the government centers and take back our country, hanging is too good for these traitors and thieves. 1776 was the year that created the USA, it is time to take it back Americans. Freedom Justice Truth or Obama.

  29. Stefanopolous, obamanopolous, liarnopolous, all are the same. George was always effusively pontificating obama everytime he opened his mouth. Criticizing obama now, makes him a hypocrite of big caliber only. Where are his journalistic credentials? shouldn’t he investigate, or at the very least read obamacare to know what he was talking about? Oh, I forgot; he is only a newsreader!

  30. What is happening is horrific. My sister has cancer, she is in the last stages, they have forced her to change doctors, she is having a hard time finding a doctor as MOST refuse to accept Obamacare. In order to get her medication she has to find a doctor. So far the only one she has found is a clinic in Toccoa, Ga. Where all the others who have been told they have no medical care now, or medications, are going. It will take six weeks just to get an appointment there. She can’t wait six weeks. I have never seen anything like this in my 61 years. It is awful. People are calling me from all over the country about losing their medical, literally thrown out of their doctor’s care and they are refusing to pay for their medicines. To name a few, 2 are dying of cancer, several are in their 80’s, 3 have COPD, have to have oxygen and their medications, to breath, My friends, family, their friends and family, one after another told that they cannot get their medication because no one is going to pay for it. What a nightmare. We are going to see people die, our friends, our family, our neighbors.
    They sent them letters, some called them. Telling them this, you have no doctor, you cannot get your medication and most doctors are not accepting Obamacare. This helping people? Define help Mr. Obama.


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