The SPECTRE of progressivism

This evening I had one of those “out of body experience” runs. I got a nice 6 miles around PGA National where I live and just felt 32 years old. Now, of course in the morning I will feel 52 again, but then that is what they make Motrin for. God knows with Obamacare I had best take all the necessary preventive measures I can.

Anyway, while running I thought about the 2-hour meeting in the White House between 15 Democrat Senators and President Obama. These Democrats, especially those up for reelection in 2014, are freaking out. I had a humorous mental image of the meeting. Imagine Obama as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Head of SPECTRE of James Bond lore, and there as well is the infamous SPECTRE defector Rosa Klebb played by Valerie Jarrett.

I was just wondering which one of the Democrat Senators who came in complaining and making excuses got the exploding seat? My bet is on Alaska Senator Mark Begich, who put out a statement about a “crisis in competence.” One thing the military teaches you is to smell fear, and boy howdy I could smell it all the way down here in South Florida.

On a closing note, did you hear what the new Mayor-elect of New York City said? He stated, “we will create a city where prosperity is shared and there is opportunity for everyone.” Doggone, hmm, reminds me of a similar quote, let me see…oh yeah, “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need” – thank you, Karl Marx.

And so it goes, America and its largest city both have Marxist/socialists as elected leaders. So America, who will be our James Bond and defeat SPECTRE? And I said James Bond, not Austin Powers folks…


  1. LTC West: You already have leadership skills and most importantly, having served in the military and selflessly, with courage placed yourself in harms way to protect and defend the freedoms of our Great Nation, we know we have your loyalty. We trust you. So please still be on the lookout for that giant manhole cover you said God might throw your way.

  2. Who indeed. We need a proven leader, an honorable, capable, patriotic American to lead a third party that will restore this nation to the Constitutional Republic it once was. I wonder who that could be…

  3. We do not need perfect just a leader who does not lie out both ends! I
    under stand National Security also B/S, and or you lie then tell a lie to

    get out of that lie! Well take one hour no lies! Wow made it! Then so on
    until you can make it a week no lie! Soon you will have to restart, but
    what a Character change trying to improve. We all can check our selves
    We all can always improve! No one is perfect how ever We all know who

    is really trying , Yes!

  4. 007?

    I think it will be Madame Steel Spine, accompanied by many staunch America-loving Patriots as Lieutenants

    She is needed to manage the controlled implosion of govt, at the same time as the explosion of American Energy development ….both of these vital, if the DEBT March toward Greece is to be slowed down, and the direction in which The Spitehouse Phoney is currently leading America, REVERSED

    #BeClingers ————> #AmericaRISING

  5. We need not wait…we must be leaders ourselves and get busy in our own local and state governments, what ever it takes this country will only be won back by grass roots style efforts. We must want it more than the libs and we must want it as much as the patriot next to us. We must engage in every battle as if it were to be the final battle. We are at war to save our very way of life…we ALL must step up and engage as such. So let us find our inner leader and get out there and kick a little political #%! and change some hearts and minds. We owe it to the thousands of patriots who have given all for this very same cause. God Bless America!

    • LtDan: Good post. Thank you for being a Patriot. I am sure that someone like you does but, please share your words everywhere you go!

  6. I would like to have been a fly on the wall when the honchos of the insurance companies went to Washington. When they walk from the fiasco, it is over. Obama’s legacy will be that he was the most incompetent president ever and hopefully lets us swing back to some kind of reality.

  7. You know, if NYC couldn’t learn its lesson from Mayor Gloomberg, then they deserve what they got. I have no sympathy for them. It is You, Allen West, who could defeat them.


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