“Hope and change” is now “bait and switch”

As part of spin control, President Obama is heading to Texas today in an attempt to attack Governor Rick Perry and his state’s healthcare coverage. If there’s one thing the Obama camp does well it’s campaigning incessantly and attacking everyone.

However, at a time when Mr. Obama’s approval rating is at an all time low (now in the 30’s), just a year after his reelection, you’d think he might remain in DC and work on solutions. Actually, the best approach might be to tell the truth, but nah, that ain’t gonna happen.

So instead the Obama administration will demonize the private insurance industry and force their hands. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, State insurance commissioners in blue states – starting with California – are being utilized to pressure insurance companies to delay cancellations.

What is absurd is that these private sector insurance agencies are simply responding to the onerous mandates issued from the Obama administration within the Affordable Care Act. In other words, the market reacted to the policies of Obamacare, which is no different from the market reacting to Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act.

Instead of admitting Obamacare is a flawed policy that needs to be reexamined, the progressive socialist way is to force the issue with a sledgehammer. They’ll force the issue by attacking the 5% of the population who does not deserve to choose its own healthcare plan, because according to the government, these folks not competent enough to know what’s best for them.

The government is forcing the issue with insurance companies who foolishly made a deal with the devil, and now find themselves in an untenable situation. They’re being directed, er, coerced, to extend the policies that are no longer in compliance with Obamacare.

We are witnessing Stalin-like tactics of intimidation. The horrible end result is that hardworking Americans may still be left with no coverage in the end, may have to pay two different premiums within one year, and still be forced into grossly expensive health coverage that doesn’t meet their needs.

Hope and Change? Nope, Bait and Switch. Yes, welcome to the New America under Barack Obama, a ruthless liar and tyrannical ideologue.


  1. Mr. West, what can the people do to stop this? We need to be able to do something besides type on this computer! I’ve written every congress person numerous times and voiced my concerns and nothing happens. We need to know what we can do to take our country back!

    • Lets do this Mr West…Please help and lead the people, call out your equal qualified personnel and lets roll, we will have your back(s)! Egypt is a good example of what needs to take place here!

  2. This is communism at its best , this Marxist knows he has the media the left ‘LIBERATARIANS ‘ many brainwashed military , list goes on and on that have his back. We are and have been fighting for Americas life .MCCARTHYISM NOW, we need these communists called out. Col West we need YOU Sir.

  3. I’m still amazed that some people still cover for this lying pos. The wording in Obozocare made it illegal to keep or sell a policy that didn’t have everything they decided we needed. They knew there would be cancellations . Without all the lies this train wreck would never have been passed into law.

    • They not only had to do a lot of lying but also needed a lot of useful idiots. Apparently they paid enough of them. Pretty soon however, if not already, they will be asking obama “who moved my cheese ??”

    • Both sides are lyiing to us now Jimmy. “They’re ( ins. co.’s ) being coerced, er, to extend the policies that are no longer in compliance with obamacare.” Why is this? No longer in compliance w/obcare…Hmmmm. Well I believe it is because the individual mandate was ruled UNconstitutional by the SC on 6/28/12 and so without guaranteed funding from the mandate the force to comply has been removed and now as usual high risk costs more. That is what we are seeing and no one seems to want you to realize that THERE IS NO MANDATE. A “tax” “penalty” is NOT a mandate to purchase. Say the truth please. People think they are going to go to jail if they can not AFFORD to buy ins. No one is signing up because we the people are going broke because of our government’s BS. We can NOT afford this Mr. West. – Also the penalty tax is unenforceable by statute of the law! Without the mandate this law is done because that was the funding mechanism and now it is unconstitutional. We won this thing in June so where is the truth??? Do nothing. Congress needs to do nothing. Leave it alone it is already broke and that is what people want. Writing more legislation to “fix” things is only gluing the law back together and how dare you Congress. Start telling people the truth instead of all the fear mongering. These are lives you are playing with and not playing nice are you!

  4. I’ve always gone with the idea that no matter the time of year or where you live, pest control is always a good idea. So is not voting for a Communist. Same thing goes for not wanting an infestation of rats; be it your house, my house or…the White House.

  5. So far, I don’t see lame stream media reporting that while in Texas today, obama coming anywhere close to repeating the lie that Houston Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is going around saying about how “thanks to obamacare, substitute teacher Gregg F in California signed up for a plan for $32 a month!” Guess not even obama himself would touch that with a ten foot pole.

  6. LTC West is right about all of this. We have a ruthless tyrant in the White House and with each passing day, acts more like a dictator than a President of the United States of America representing Her citizenry.

  7. Allen, yes it is Bait and Switch. I know the black community writes off any black person, like yourself, who doesn’t walk lock step with “the community,” but please address anyway, since they might begrudgingly listen to you, the fact that they excuse Barak Obama’s lying, because they tell themselves everyone in Washington lies, he is no different. When you ask them if he has taken it to another level, they say no, he is not any different. So, this is what we are up against. Barak Obama knows they will always have his back no matter what he does. I actually think anymore, he gets his enjoys out of depriving everyone else of their civil rights, just to see them squirm and complain. “The community” enjoys it too. It’s pay back time. Your thoughts? Thanks, a “cracker” in Ohio. lol

  8. In addition, Obama, in direct violation of his oath of office, initiated and is conducting a “hostile takeover,” of America. He has “outed” himself recently again, in promising to sign ENDA, which completely dismantles religious liberty, the bible, the conscience, virtue and the conscience. Congress needs to censor and remove him immediately.

  9. Col. West, Maybe you should have your folks out there dispensing Obama Bulls___t detector rings to folks who show up to hear the great prevaricator. They’ll get the idea.


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