ENDA gives Democrats the chance to run from their Killer Rabbit

You can always tell when Democrats i.e. progressive socialists, are threatened because they feel the need to change the national conversation. At this time, Democrats are terrified of the rollout and horrific details emerging about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare. Therefore, as the Monty Python crew had to do when facing the Killer Rabbit in The Holy Grail, they must run away! Run away!

So now the US Senate under Harry Reid is pivoting to something called the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a completely political act. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has already stated she will seek a discharge petition to force this to a vote on the House floor. The purpose of ENDA is to prohibit discrimination in hiring and employment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity by civilian, nonreligious employers with at least 15 employees.

It’s important to note, since 1964, federal law has protected Americans from discrimination based on race, religion, sex or national origin.

But according to an op-ed piece in USA Today by Ralph Reed:

The Senate is about to add a new, special right based on sexual orientation and gender identity. This is bad public policy and should be rejected.

Just like every American, Reed agrees workplace discrimination in all its ugly forms should be eliminated and believes in respecting the individual’s essential dignity. But Mr. Reed offers his own testimonial:

I have worked with and hired gay employees my entire career. But ENDA criminalizes hiring and promotion based on the subjective criteria of sexual orientation and gender identity — an often fluid standard that can be known only by violating an employee’s right to privacy.

Employers, including schools, would be required to allow men to show up for work dressed as women, or women as men. Personal objections aside, this is an unnecessary disruption of the workplace. Society doesn’t need tutoring by Washington politicians on this issue.

Currently, at least 21 states and hundreds of cities and counties ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. Furthermore, 80% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted similar policies. The number of discrimination actions in states that prohibit hiring decisions based on sexual preference is miniscule, suggesting it doesn’t require federal policing.

So readers, here is the pertinent question. Why did Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid push this bill when he knows it’s dead on arrival in the GOP-controlled House? There is only one explanation: politics. It is the politics of manipulation and deception. It is the politics of energizing gay donors and activists while portraying Republicans as intolerant, as President Obama did with same-sex marriage in 2012. It is the politics of distracting the American people from what really matters: healthcare coverage cancellations, a failing economy, exploding debt, the burgeoning welfare nanny-state, rising gasoline prices, and failed foreign policy along with a decimated US military.

The bottom line is that Democrats truly believe the American people to be just that stupid that we’ll fall for another trick and look one way while they go another. We don’t need to be focusing on men being able to dress like women in the workplace. We need to focus on all Americans having a place to go to work.


  1. I commend the Colonel’s appreciation of Monthy Python & music of the band The Who. I could send a great General George Patton quote if wanted. (Patton, a genius for war by Colonel Carlo D’Este) God bless you for all you do

  2. Christians have been protected from employment discrimination for 49 years, since the passage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Why should Christians enjoy SPECIAL RIGHTS that have selectively denied to tens of millions of Americans for nearly HALF A CENTURY?

    • That applies to ALL Americans … don’t try to misinform people … by the way, that hat makes you look like a victim, don’t whine about law that applies to ALL, playing the victim is such BS …

      • If they can’t perform the task at hand, yes they get fired … JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE who can’t perform their assigned duties … good grief, but stop looking for ways to lower expectations for certain groups because you believe them to be “special” … grow a pair … nobody (including me) gives two damns about anyone’s sexual preferences, skin color, sex, religion – non-religion and this is PARTICULARLY true in areas NOT controlled by Democrats for the last 40 years, ONLY Democrats can find villains where there are none but if you need villains, may I suggest you start reading history and looking in the mirror, THAT will be your best place to start … stop the petty inaccurate BS … no special laws for ANYBODY … the Constitution, if applied as it was meant to be, would prohibit any discrimination as it stands now and has stood for many generations … are people discriminated against n this country, sure they are and that is wrong but there are already solutions to those problems/situations .. continuing to divide Americans into more and more groups does NOTHING but separate us even more and in some cases further resentment against those very people you and others (including me) wish to see get the same advantages as everyone else … the vast majority of minorities, gays/lesbians, and other so-called “special interest” people do NOT have to worry about discriminatory acts/actions against them … to say otherwise is to falsify the evidence and to expect zero intolerance from human beings is being a wishful child … stop it already

      • Well, they have the right not to hire based on their beliefs… but you would force them to hire someone who does not share their beliefs?

        btw – in those states, why are they pointing to the law and not to the application of the law… It is not the federal governments place to set state law…. you should contact the LGBT in those states and have them work to change the law in those states, not to create another federal law. That is the way it should work. Federal laws should be minimal (although it has been completely abused in the 25 years) and everyone wants the Feds to step in anytime there is something they don’t like in the state statutes

  3. I think Harry Reid, Obama and Pelosi should just go away along with a few others. I’m tired of the lies that come out of Washington and then the lies to cover up the lies. They makes these laws because they feel they know what is best of us. Well they can’t tell what is best for me until they come and live my life. As far as trying to change the conversation away from the major issue of Obamacare,,,,don’t think it’s going to disappear for awhile,,,,,quite awhile. There will be ongoing reminders of the train wreck it is,,,,like every month when your insurance bill arrives in the mail and it’s double/triple what you were originally paying. We are not stupid Americans. Yes,,,Obama is another lying and dishonest Democrat piece of crap from Chicago. Our Democrats from Chicago end up in Cell Block “C” for being a bunch of thieves. And guys if you want to come to work dressed as a woman, I don’t care. The only thing I ask of you is please do not wear pantyhose when wearing sandal heels. That’s a no no. Oh and if you want to wear a short skirt,,,,you may want to shave your legs.

  4. What a crock of BULLSHIT! There is NO “Q” chromosome! We have let this nonsense get way to far out of hand and perversion is now the order of the day. Why do we need any rules or laws anymore? Let every straw sucker do whatever. Just remember, I am a gun owner, a veteran and a supporter of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all of it’s Amendments way beyond any idiotic rules to wear pink underwear you may come up with AND “I” will have the same freedom to do whatever the hell I want too! Hate crimes? Oh Hell No! Everyone gets to do what all the “SPECIAL” people do too! Yahoo!! When does OPEN SEASON begin!

  5. Dem-Coms priorities right now are free birth control, killing babies, giving men maternity leave because one-never-knows, men MIGHT be able to give birth someday, free junk food and free phones. Additionally, the Dem-Coms have their minds on sex, sex and more sex. When it comes to obstructing what is truly important to Americans right now for instance, jobs, healthcare and the economy, look no further than at the Dem-Coms. They’re freaks!

    • As a male I want free abortion in my health care, I think?, I was told by my thought masters I do, therefore I must want it.

  6. Republicans should fight to have race thrown in there with it. That would completely end affirmative action. Because you could no longer use race as a qualifier.

  7. Killer Rabbit? When I saw that headline, I thought it was going to be an article about Mr. Obama’s immediate predecessor as Worst U.S. President Ever – Jimmy “The Dhimmi” Carter!


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