Dem shenanigans helped tip VA governor’s race

In Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged, the recurring mystery question is, “who is John Galt?” The question in the aftermath of the Virginia gubernatorial race yesterday is, “Who is Robert Sarvis?”

Sarvis was the Libertarian candidate in the Virginia race who garnered 6.7% of the vote – bear in mind Republican Ken Cuccinelli lost by only 3 points. Now it seems there may have been some nefarious actions going on behind the scenes supporting Mr. Sarvis.

As close as the race was, a report out Tuesday by The Blaze indicates there were shenanigans at play:

A major Democratic Party benefactor and Obama campaign bundler helped pay for professional petition circulators responsible for getting Virginia Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Robert C. Sarvis on the ballot.

According to the report, campaign finance records show the Libertarian Booster PAC made the largest independent contribution to Sarvis’ campaign. The Blaze identified Austin,Texas software billionaire Joe Liemandt as the Libertarian Booster PAC’s major benefactor. What a surprise: he also happens to be a top bundler for President Barack Obama.

This story might not be so surprising if it came out of Zimbabwe during an election for Robert Mugabe, but not in the United States. The level of election corruption emanating from the Democrat party is astonishing.

But even more perplexing is that the Republican party never seems to want to engage on this subject. And this is something of which I speak from experience –St Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker comes to mind. I don’t know what it will take, but at some point America has to reverse the disturbing election cycle trend of fraud and corrupt practices that are making us resemble a third world country. At this rate, will we ever have free and honest elections again?


  1. I’m a middle age man and a Veteran and I’m of the belief that the only way this type of corruption will ever be stopped is through revolution – I think we’re long overdue for one!

    • I agree. I am so paranoid about the way this country is going I have a CWP and keep a banana clip and M1A1 carbine in my vehicle at all times when I go out. I will also add that I am retired military and my oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic still stands. Too many freeloaders run this country.

    • I do agree that once you have served in our military, it’s hard to watch freedoms and power abused, while many folks don’t even bother to educated themselves, question the ‘status quo” and vote.

  2. It is how the Dems, progressives, liberals roll… The end justifies the means. It does not matter how they win, just that they win.

  3. OK,now what do we do about it? except offer our condolences to the people of Virginia. All these accusations, and I believe them to be true, only cause to frustrate folks and keep them from the polls because they feel that there is no hope. Does someone have a solution? Seriously this is not sarcasm.

    • It’s my belief that change will come only 1. when it gets bad enough and 2. the voting public gets educated and gets out the vote. I’m hoping there’s still a chance there are enough Virginia voters that will come out and demand a more honest and hopefully Republican candidate. I’ve already fled from Illinois which the Democrats destroyed beyond redemption. I even won a school board election in a very liberal district–but we lost the war. Living in Virginia and watching the replay is hard to take.

    • Linda you are such a misguided person. Why am I not surprised that a WOMAN would say that. The Demobots are also well trained and blinded by Barrack that u cannot see past the end of your noses.

      • Forget what her sex is. It doesn’t matter at all. What matters is that she is just another willfully ignorant liberal who has to come onto sites like this in order to spout their stupidity. It could be male, female or “confused” and it wouldn’t matters. She is just “stoopid” and you can’t fix that.

  4. if the People keep voting for Democrat the corrupt is always there. We should shutdown the corrupt party like Democrat is the leader of the corruption..

  5. The problem I see is that they only have to get away with these tactics enough to gain control. At that point they will write legislation that locks them in and promotes their ideology.

    Similar to how Obama administration has ruled that neither the federal insurance exchange nor the federal subsidies paid to insurance companies on behalf of low-income people are “federal health care programs.” This allows it to dodge laws that ban rebates, kickbacks, bribes and certain other financial arrangements in federal health programs. In other words, they can bribe and pay off whomever they want with zero reprocusion or accountability.

    These are scary times.

    • When these idiots finally get that far, that’s when it will be enough for every conservative. And THAT is when you will see exactly how violent we can be if we are pushed far enough.

    • They didn’t CARE Pat. Those folks in Northern VA where much of the voter fraud (yeah, I know “Gasp! REALLY???”) occurred would do anything to keep the liberal band wagon rolling.

      And any who now-a-days claim to be “Libertarian” are just dope heads who want it legal to smoke pot. It’s sad, but it is what it is.

  6. Anybody that votes for a Libertarian is suffering from terminal recto-cranial inversion. They should know that a vote for a Libertarian is a vote taken away from a conservative. You get what you vote, don’t vote for. Ron Paul was not for America and his son is not also. HC, if not stopped is the coup de grace for our Constitution.

  7. Uhh, no.

    Being a third party candidate, he had every right to appear on the ballot. Whether he would have tipped the election in favor of the Democrats or the Republicans, he STILL has that right.

    Whether or not one guy decided to try and exploit this situation to take votes away from Ken doesn’t make anyone but that one guy an ass. And, arguably, he isn’t even an ass. He just knows how to win an election.

    Republicans and Democrats are the same party anyways. Feel free to wake up, America.

  8. There is only ONE way, and Americans pushed just a little bit more, will make that one way be the death of many of these politicians, lobbyists and bundlers through violent means.

  9. I think it is time for every member of the House of Representative should be primaried this coming election. Not a single member should be allowed to stay in office. We the people should vote for true constitutional conservatives and the heck with who the party bigwigs want. It is the Peoples House, not the parties house.

    • I agree, but I am afraid it’s too late. The progressives have the media, they have the education system, they have the latino vote due to promised amnesty, and they have the entertainment industry. I am almost to the point of saying- fine- you made this bed now you lie in it, I’m going on welfare.

  10. Hey, manipulating petitions is lesson number one in Democratic ground games–I know, I’m from IL and saw Barack Obama knock out his competitor through petition manipulation, when he won his first election. That’s right. Obama ran unopposed in his first election win.

  11. I agree . And haters can hate me for saying so it started with Obama . The voter fraud that was over looked , campaign shady donations EVERYTHING about him since lies stacked on lies and his minions follow . ALL after one goal topple capitalism and bring in communism. I believe you also were robbed recount or not. Mccarthyism Now . Please go to read Steves archives too ..thinkoutside your box

  12. This doesn’t say much for the Libertarians. If they will take money from the Democrats to beat a Republican, then I want nothing to do with them. Ron and Rand Paul should be furious.

  13. This will continue to happen as long as the media doesn’t report this, the GOP doesn’t take them to task, and there is no public outrage. WHY was nothing done about the MASSIVE voter fraud by the Obama people in the Pres. Election??? It’s the only reason he is President-massive voter fraud. But, Romney or the GOP did NOTHING about it! WHY!!?? Good Luck VA, you deserve what you got.

  14. Well I have had enough and Mr. West if you will lead I will follow just like a whole bunch of other people that I know all we need is a leader to point us in the right direction to over throw this regime of an administration. We know who the enemy is, they are the liberal democrats and muslims in charge and controlling our media and our elections. To arms to arms we fight to take back our republic and get back to the Constitution and our Christian nation. With God on our side who could ever stand against us and prevail. Please Mr. West help us save our once great nation.

    • I don’t think God is listening. To people yes, to the nation no. I suspect we have crossed a line. As a nation we have championed gay rights, abortion, violence unfair scales, and rejection of God in our nation. The Founders predicted this – why should we be surprised?

  15. Chicago politics at work . We as voters need to limit the terms since the politicians won’t do it themselves…Two terms and your through!!! Do not vote for anyone who has been in office for more .

  16. This is almost funny. But it really isn’t. Voter fraud, election fraud, fixed elections, they seem to be the order of the day. Maybe this has always gone on, who knows? But once people lose faith in the system, we are lost. Here in California, I have lost faith in the system. Is there really any reason to continue voting when the outcomes are predetermined to the Democrat Party? The only vote I got right last November was Mellissa Rycroft on Dancing With The Stars.

  17. Do we actually need to have the UN Elections people come in? This is pathetic. And how come this didn’t come out BEFORE the election? This is what really makes me mad.

    • This did come out before the election. This “libertarian” pretty much pushes the entire liberal agenda, quite the opposite of libertarian.

      He got donations from the Democratic party. I don’t remember all the details, google will be better with the details than I am.

    • The UN did come in and watch the US elections. Most were surprised we use a “trust based” election system when most of the world does not since there have been too many fraudulent and stolen elections without simple things like voter ids or using paper ballots instead of computers (which can easily be hacked and manipulated).

  18. I saw a Huff Post article with graph show the two candidates and their %s over time. Both were practically tied on Oct. 1 – you could not see a difference in the line graph. This is exactly when Sarvis started and as his % grew, it was clear – that was the difference as KC lost ground. Clearly what it was.

    Let this be an indicator of how damaging ObamaCare is – I saw a 53-39 poll (?) on the Nov 1st or 2nd and another at 7 pt. difference – any way you cut it, a big lead just days before the election. And look how close it was! Little if any, GOProg support, outspent 34-20 million and a Lib-siphon bomb thrown in – it took all of that to win.

  19. This isn’t “voter fraud.” It’s simply generous backing by a donor. If the constituents aren’t informed enough to avoid simply voting for someone who claims to be a “libertarian” – which, in many peoples’ minds, equates to a soft-core Republican – then they deserve what they get. You’d think if they were going to choose a third-party candidate, they’d research him thoroughly first. If that’s the case, it’s unlikely those lost votes would’ve been much in Republicans’ favor. Energize your damn voter base and maybe you won’t have to resort to weird tantrums.

  20. Don’t despair. This has been alive and well for over 50 years. Why do you think the fraudulent Holder DOJ is attacking Texas voter ID even though it is clearly Constitutional?


  21. I come to despise the demoncrats more every day. They are the party of corrupt, lying, cheating low life, slime crawling gutter filth. Their president lies every time he opens his mouth. The next candidate they are pushing for president is responsible for the death of four men in Benghazi. The IRS he is over has harassed and lied to groups supporting the opposing parties, he knows nothing about anything and now the demoncrats are committing voter fraud. What next? Terrorist groups?

  22. If Republicans will not open their mouths and expose corruption and unethical acts BEFORE they affect elections, then they deserve what they will get…2nd or 3rd place. Sad.

  23. Well what’s the responsibility of the voter? I’m beginning to dislike both Democrat and Republican party. I get where the Tea Party and Libertarians are coming from but the reality is if they would just have voted for the lesser of the 2 evils then why didn’t they vote for the Republican? It galls me that people will vote for a candidate while not knowing a damn thing about that candidate. I know of people who vote simply on the way a person looks. Sad and disgusting.

  24. What do you think the Republicans did with their support and funding of Ralph Nader ? You loons live in glass houses and Allen West is the biggest loon of them all.

  25. Like many other people, I am completely disillusioned by both the Democrats and the Republicans. I’m beginning to come to the realization that whoever gets nominated for a top office has to be a real ‘party’ person – that means they take the party line all the time. If I help elect someone to office, I want them to keep MY opinion in mind and, especially if I am in a majority, for that person to be accountable to WE THE PEOPLE. I am tired of how party persons pledge this or that but when it comes down to it, if they have to ‘trade off’ that pledge in order to get other pieces of legislation funded for ‘their party’ they will do it in a heartbeat. Parties are no longer accountable to the US public.

    • You got it sharju! There are a lot of Republicans that were elected because many thought they had some balls. Now that they are in office we find out it’s not true and that they have no intentions of growing any balls anytime soon.

  26. Don’t blame the Libertarian candidate. It was deceitful for a liberal marxist supporter to fund the campaign deliberately to split votes, and it is unfortunate that the VA voting system cannot accommodate that type of tactic. The Right could fund a “labor party” candidate to try and split the left vote as well, but the left seems to rally well behind their primary Democrat candidate. There in no easy way to prevent it. Primary elections that then result in a top-two final run-off in the main election can help. I wasn’t a fan of the top-two process when WA state first introduced it, but it does serve to allow voting your mind in preliminary (if for a 3rd party), and still most likely have your secondary (main party) candidate on the main ballot, without 3rd parties splitting the main vote.

  27. No more parties. No more campaigning(6 years now Obama) No more elections. Random selection 2 people per state to serve a 1 year term with no pension. Then they are replaced by more citizens from the lottery process. No more corruption. No more pork. No more lobbyists.

    • Really Jerry? So you would have two people on welfare living on complete government assistance as your so called elected officials? Please tell me how that would work out in the real world. Quite frankly we can solve this in several ways. First, you have to have skin in the game in order to vote. If you are a land owner, if you pay taxes you get to vote. If you contribute nothing to society and only take from it, you do not get to vote. That is like giving a key to the liquor store to a Whino for him to stand guard. Secondly, implement term limits. Yes I know we elect people every two or 4 years, but the system no longer works due to gerrymandering etc. Third get rid of money in politics. Big businesses and special pacs can no longer donate money to candidates. If they are caught doing so mandatory 10 year federal terms without the chance for parole. Fourth ensure that elected officials are held to the same standards as the people they work for. They will be held to the same laws, the same retirement plans, the same medical plans as those the thumb their noses at. Fifth, we throw the crooks into prison that have spent this country into oblivion. Those that have raided the coffers, they are tried and convicted for crimes against this country and thrown into prison and are stripped of every single dollar they have profited from while in their positions as elected officials. There has to be accountability for bad decision making just like in the private sector. This is not perfect, but it is a good start. Put people in office that truly want to serve their country first, then their fellow man. Get rid of the ELITE boys and girls club and allow common people to lead this country. I promise you they can do no worse than the idiots currently there.

  28. I used to trust that party but see they can be as crooked as the party of satan.Didn’t all sane thinkers know they would pull something like this or worse….How involved was acorn in this campaign ?

  29. When someone worries the Democrat candidates or threatens to undermine their standing, they just have them eliminated. Hillary has her own hit service according to some sources.

  30. You get the government you deserve. So glad I’m not leaving children behind that will have to live in the world we have created.

    • We? What is this WE you speak of? I have not created this mess, as a matter of fact I know NO ONE that personally has made the decisions that have lead to the current mess in America. Politicians and their elected Judicial nominees have stripped this country of things like Social Security fund by putting it into the General fund and then writing IOU’s for their pet projects over the past several decades. I will never stand for what our country is becoming, or has become. Perhaps you had a direct hand in this mess, but I did not.

      • JFK, another progressive is the one who started the ball rolling on SS. Until he touched it there were billions of dollars in reserve and more coming in from the PEOPLE paying into it. He allowed the immigrants to bring over their elderly and having them go on SS. Dem. and Republicans have only them selves to blame as no matter how bad they were neither party voters looked into their records they just voted along party lines as their parents did. Well people the days of politicians who are really for the people like they were years ago are over! It is time TO CLEAN OUT BOTH HOUSES and start anew with term limits. And anyone who thinks that this country is on the right track now is very very delusional or just does not like this country or will not admit they made a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • We have to get rid of the golden retirement plan before we start term limits. Otherwise we are just making the problem bigger.

  31. If you want to blame someone, blame the GOP. Those sorry [email protected] CAVED on the last chance to stop Obamacare. I, for one, am joining the Libertarian party, and will no longer vote Republican. I voted for Cuccinelli this time, because the Libertarian wasn’t a Libertarian at all. But from now on, it’s strictly Libertarian. Am I worried that doing so will guarantee a Democrat victory? No, because the Republicans are worse than the Democrats. At least the Democrats are honest about their communist ideals. This country is going straight to hell, and the best the Republicans can do is slow it down a little. Frankly, I don’t want to slow it down. If we’re going to destroy the country, might as well get it over with sooner rather than later, so we can start rebuilding sooner.

    • Then you sir are lazy. As an american who has the right to vote in an election you have a duty to research all candidates not just sit back and take in the mainstream propaganda

      • Then you sir are stupid! Your response has nothing to do with what was stated. As an American (with a capital letter) who has the right to vote in an election you have a duty to research all candidates, not just sit back and take in the mainstream propaganda and then vote for a criminal in waiting who has no ethical standards except to line his pockets.
        I have donated to the G.O.P. for years but this last decade has proven that they are no different than Democrats.
        Donations to the G.O.P. – never again.

      • I .m glad you think I’ m stupid sir. I realize that owning is something both parties try to cover up. I myself believe in integrity and try to find the skinny on a subject before I make judgement . I’m sorry your candidate lost.I’m sorry a democrate with his values won. I can only say that when I address an election I try to choose the candidate that represents how Iwould

      • I agree with your statement that it is our responsibility to research the candidates. and I as an American do so with a passion. As far as the th partys in general i feel that they are two heads of the same animal only the retoric is the different. actions speak louder than words!!! abolish the two party system, eliminate corporate and super pac contributions and have them run on their names. also term limits must be included politics should not be a carreer.

    • Well said brother and something I’ve said for a couple of years. Let’s get on with the imminent Civil War so we can solve the liberal/progressive problem in this country and then get back to healing. And welcome to the Libertarian Party from a former registered Republican-turned-registered-Independent-turned-Libertarian.

      “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Quincy Adams

    • The Republicans don’t have the votes to stop Obamacare. Nothing they could do to get it through Obama’s Senate. Reid wouldn’t even bring anything they sent over to the floor!

  32. Sweden and other countries are looking better and better. I am so disgusted with the corruption within the government it seriously is depressing me.
    I love this country, I am a veteran and Patriot but this is no longer the country it once was as a matter of fact one side of my gene pool came here from South Hampton England on the Mayflower but I am sickened lately as I am sure a lot of you are also.
    I hope with all my heart this evil on capitol hill is put to an end and we get back to some semblance of Decency. God Bless America once again, Pray~!

    • Ecuador is supposed to be an ex-pat favorite. I may not be able to take my guns but since I’m retired, I can sell everything, renounce my American Citizenship so my taxes don’t go to Socialist programs like Obamacare and Welfare, sit on a beach sipping a cold Cerveza, watching lovely ladies and the U.S. implode on CNN.

  33. I’ve never heard so much whining over an $11,000 political contribution from a PAC. Palin squandered more than that from her’s.

  34. This isn’t corruption. This is lawful and there’s nothing wrong with billionaires giving away their money. They earned it, right? What is corrupt is McDonnell receiving $150k in gifts from Star Scientific so they can get a fat contract. That’s corruption!

    • Your source is from San Francisco, and that’s Nancy Pelosi territory. You know that’s the lame stream media, right? Actually, that’s more
      like the liberal elite media. Just kidding, of course – do you think
      any of them bothered to see that the entire contribution from the PAC
      was $11,454? McDonnell won by 17 points 4 years ago, and $11,454 steals it from them? Okay

      • I think most of the people who commented up your post were too stupid to realize that you were being sarcastic in your initial post and to illiterate to understand the latter part of your post. No surprise coming from Allen West supporters.

  35. West did get screwed in his last election. St. Lucie had over 100% turnout, but nothing wrong was discovered? Give me a break. The county election official there is corrupt.

  36. I know it sounds crazy, and many people will call BS on my theory, but I know establishment Republicans… they would vote for Obama if he ran on a Republican ticket because they’re sheep. That’s right, they’re sheep and they almost always vote for whoever has the :”R” next to their name.

    So two things… The Republican Party will never convince Libertarians to vote for the lessor of two evils and no matter what idiots out there (and there are many) who claim that voting one’s conscience only causes the other side to win, so they blame Libertarians for their candidate’s loss. Fine, blame us if you want but that brings me to point number two, which is: If the GOP put up a Libertarian candidate ALL of the establishment Republican sheep will STILL vote for the person with the “R” next to their name AND its quite likely that most of the Libertarians WILL TOO!

    So here’s the crazy thing… ALL Republicans NEED to move to vote with the Libertarians. THAT is the only way Conservatives will ever have the majority needed to win another major election in this country. But if you Repbulicans want to go down with the sinking ship instead of realizing that if you could actually SAVE the ship by partnering with Libertarians, then just keep doing what you’re doing.

    In 2011 and 2012 Ron Paul repeatedly said that he was running as a Republican to try to SAVE the Republican Party and the GOP spit on him. Look at where the Party is now. Almost completely destroyed with half of Senate republicans chastizing the other half of the floor of the Senate. If the GOP would have nominated Ron Paul he would be POTUS today and we would never even dreamed of something like Obamacare.

    But this former Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Libertarian thinks that establishment Republicans and neo-cons will never learn and thus always lose forevermore.

    • Think of this… At the “2 hour” point since my post I have “5” thumbs up (likely Libertarians) and “3” thumbs down (likely establishment Republicans and/or neocons) who would prefer to lose to Democrats than win with Libertarians. Need I say anymore about how FUTILE voting Republican is these days? Yes, voting Republican is FUTILE. Voting Democrat is SUICIDAL. Voting Libertarian is… at least a chance at restoring our once Constitutional Republic.

      • fntsmk, you must not be from Virginia. If you were you would have known That Ron Paul a real and true Libertarian came to Virginia to campaign for Ken Cuccinelli because as Ron Paul put it, Sarvis was not a Libertarian, but in fact a liberal. Wise up!

      • Love Ron Paul! If they could prove that Sarvis was a registered democrat, then they might get the election nullified, but I doubt it. I’m more worried about the 2014 Congressional elections anyway. That is what will make or break Obama’s stronghold on the nation.

      • I fundamentally agree with you, but you do NOT have the numbers now, and can’t get them in time to ward of this move towards socialism. I won’t throw my vote away in a futile attempt to make a statement when the stakes are so high. I have done that in the past, but we were never faced with socialism before. Sorry, now is the time to fight the Socialists Democrats…you can fight the Republicans later when the stakes aren’t so high. I do not believe the Republicans are socialists, so they will at least keep our freedoms ‘intact’.

    • Unfortunately you do not have the numbers to win, so you DO in fact hurt conservatives and Independents who want to get the liberals out of office, whether you admit it or not, or wherever you place the blame. We can’t win with 3rd party conservative candidates running. About half the country is going to vote democratic, no matter what. If we split the other half who hate this move towards socialism, well you can do the math. We lose again.

    • LMAO…. So your logic is that the majority should switch to your point of view (a minority), at their peril and until the majority succumbs you will continue to punish not only the majority but the entire freaking country to prove a f’n point? Your post proves that you don’t give a crap about America, You’re not a libertarian. You’re a f’n Nazi. You are too damn lazy to fix the party from within. You simply want to punish everyone who doesn’t follow you lock step. Finally, one of the fools tells us all that they would sell their country down the river in a heartbeat. Screw you.

      • Ron FRAUD the Al Queda cheerleader and disgrace who hates Israel. HE blames America for 911 he is a nutcase and Libertarians are closet COMMIES .

  37. Much respect for Mr. West. I was disheartened to hear he was not reelected. But I must raise issue with the emphasis on this story. Republicans should grow up and stop using juvenile excuses, like blaming others, for their own failure–they’re beginning to sound like Democrats. Failure to communicate with the voter, failure to articulate constitutional principles, and failure to support one another are why Republicans have suffered in recent elections. How many prominent republicans stumped for Cuccinelli? Even if they had, how different is Republican leadership and strategy from the Democrats’? The responsibility for the American quagmire and decline is shared between these two parties’ representatives and those who elected them. The rise of constitutionalists and libertarians is a symptom of the overreaching, corrupt, big gov’t disease.

  38. Gen. West hit the nail on the head. This is not the first election Obama and his machine have manipulated and it won’t be the last. Disgraceful!

  39. It should be noted Liemandt didn’t know who this money was going to, didn’t give it directly to Sarvis, and that only $11,454 of it went to Sarvis according to Just under $4,000 went to delegate candidates in the state, some of whom were running against Democrats (a couple against Democrats only). Pretty effective strategy right?Show me an exit poll which demonstrates Sarvis pulled more conservatives than liberals. Or that Cucc. would win the race without him (CNN’s and WaPo’s both don’t). Show me a PRE election poll in the last for months showing Cucc. winning a two way race. Why are we talking about $11-16,000 instead of the $53 MILLION the two major candidates raised in total? You think none of that is affecting policy? How is this a scandal and the Consol Energy story isn’t? Look in the mirror at how money affects your OWN candidates…AND at their flaws. Why knowingly surrender control of the Virginia Senate by nominating someone unelectable like EW Jackson? How do I translate facts into Republicanese?

    But that’s okay, have things your way. Libertarians are now permanently detached from the GOP in Virginia thanks to the elephant tactics in this race.

    • The first clue that there was something wrong with the Sarvis candidacy was when Rand and Ron Paul (a true Conservative and a real Libertarian) did NOT endorse Sarvis…should have given anyone pause to reconsider. When other libertairians were questioning Sarvis issues (maybe a little too late) it should have been a warning. No matter what the Libertarians thought of Ken ( that he might not be Libertarian enough ) did they REALLY want Terry McAuliffe? That’s like cutting off your leg because you have a sprained ankle! While I like and respect Dr.Ron Paul…I feel he is too strict in his beliefs for me for a president. Do I feel he would make a GREAT cabinet member or Chairman of the FED absolutely. But to vote for Sarvis to prove that you can just to get a totally unfit and useless man to run out state is appalling to me. Ken is a fighter who would have stood up to the current Administration in DC (which he has shown that he would) on any number of issues. McAuliffe will destroy the state unless the House of Delegates stand up to him and stops him. Hope all who voted for Sarvis will be happy with what they did? THANKS A BUNCH!

      • What they did is deny McAuliffe the political capital of having a majority victory in this election. Sarvis helped Cuccinelli: You’re welcome.

        Republicans are the reason for the ballot access laws in Virginia, which is the reason Liberty Booster PAC gave a few thousand dollars to help in the petition drive. Republicans are the reason for Sarvis not being included in debates. Cuccinelli was scared of someone who doesn’t rehearse responses, so if anyone stole votes it was him taking votes by not letting Sarvis be in the final debate. Republicans are the reason demonstrably false accusations spread regarding Sarvis’ positions on Medicaid expansion, taxes, and VMT in the last weeks of the election. The liberty vote in Virginia is done with this. No more voting for bigots who happen to be fiscally responsible – Cuccinelli is one of these and lately Rand Paul has become one of these as well. It doesn’t make sense to support people who hurt your cause. Kiss that 5-8% goodbye, all 3rd party/Democrat/write in/no votes from now on in Virginia, unless a Republican is actually libertarian (think Justin Amash).

  40. Glenn, you’re catching up, but still far behind, during the last Presidential election Republican election judges were removed from over 90 wards in Pennsylvania by organized Black Panthers, Pennsylvania was a key Presidential election swing state, and a local circuit judge issued a court order to put them back in their jobs, but the black panthers blocked them from re-entry in their respective polling places and had their own people running those election sites. The same AP news article that identified that election fraud also pointed out scores of people who saw paper ballots being stuffed into trash cans. Oddly, those same wards showed an astounding 100 percent vote for President Obama and 0 zero for Mitt Romney.

    You’d think that AP story would be big news, but the Republicans put not a dime in taking those wards to court, they rolled over and let that pass like the true straw dogs they are. If that had happened to Democrats and they lost the election, you’d bet they would fight back, but nothing, nada from Republicans. Same as now, this news clip will do nothing to get Carl Rove to question the result. Watch, the R straw dogs will lie down and play dead. Just a sad fact.

  41. Libertarians are just dumb as bricks. The good news is; this does not bode well for the Democrats at the Mid-Terms. The bad news is; the Democrats have a year to try to fix it.

  42. Just wait…the press will call a victory for Hillary even BEFORE she wins the nomination in 2016 and then no one will be surprised with the election results. The media, along with certain power brokers DECIDE who will be put into place as the next “president (puppet) and USA citizens have no say!

  43. Republicans are entirely impotent. There is no difference here than to the incredulous reactions of Darrel Issa to gun running, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and Obamacare. Republicans are the largest group of paper tigers in existence. They deserve to lose. Any real patriots would have fought hard until the battles were won.

  44. How about this – The two national parties force-feed us Virginians warmed-over horse-shyte as candidates, and SURPRISE, the Libertarian gets nearly 1 in 10 votes for Governor. Is that so tough to believe?

  45. It’s the only way they can “win”.. The evidence of Truth can be seen everywhere. Those tricksters (fraudulent pathological liars grabbing power at any cost to their integrity and the people) need to be watched like an angry out of work actor with a gun, SAG card, and the willingness to do ANYTHING to get on tv for 15 seconds.

    • Are the Koch brothers tricksters as well for giving money (in far larger sums) to libertarian PACs and causes? If Liemandt is a trickster then the Kochs are too by same reasoning.

      • Soros has many times the fortune that the Koch brothers have. And how exactly do Republicans fund 3rd-party candidates who will take away votes from Democrats? Give us some examples.

      • There was a case in Florida a few years ago (2008-ish) where several Green candidates were challenged by the Green Party of that state for being phony candidates because they had never heard of them or seen them at any meetings. It was revealed they were former Republicans who were probably running just to split the Dem. vote.

        But that’s neither here nor there, you missed my point entirely. Neither the Kochs or Liemandts are tricksters. My point is you can’t complain about only one or the other without looking tribalistic in your thinking. Apparently Liemandt’s wife is the one who gives to Democratic causes, whereas Liemandt has given far more consistently and frequently to LP causes than Dem. ones. Making a mountain out of a molehill here, and why would this be a “trick” when it hurt McAuliffe according to all empirical evidence?

  46. Hello? I voted for Obama. I also supported Sarvis. Lots of us don’t pledge allegiance to a Party. Do I feel sorry for the GOP because Citizens United backfired on them? Hell no.

    • And by golly, you got the liar-in-chief! Go ahead and vote for Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife. Be party to another historical “miLLestone” (“intentionally” misspoken). You know, like “If you like your, blah, blah, blah. PERIOD!”, 20 some odd times.
      Enjoy your Obamacare, putz!

  47. The way to turn all this around is not by phone calls of letters; they’ll just be ignored. 1) Put a burning desire in every American heart of Patriotism! 2) Protest publicly not by letters or phone calls that will just be ignored. Remember the “2 Million Bikers to DC on 9-11-13?” They got no media coverage; but, then came the “truckers.” If we all unite “as one body,” we can take out country back … my thoughts for the day.

  48. Republicans made their own bed with the stupid Citizens United debacle. Now lie in it. And don’t claim Republicans are not using the same tactics.

  49. West you are completely out of touch. Why do you GOP-Tea Party shills keep saying that if Sarvis wasn’t in the race your guy would win? All the polls and voters I know personally would have either stayed home or voted for Terry if Sarvis was not in the race. Stop assuming that 6% would have just voted for your guy, I sure wouldn’t have. I would have voted for Terry, Ken shares none of my views on social issues, get over it already.

    • FYI the way you treated my candidate, I will never vote GOP again. Obenshain is the Republican to get my vote after the way you continue to disrespect my candidate after the election. Enjoy your new DNC overlords.


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