“Patient protection” and “affordable?” Hardly.

Click here to see what Obamacare will cost you..

Using the words “patient protection” and “affordable” to describe Obamacare is completely oxymoronic – with the emphasis on moronic.

First of all, Obamacare does not protect any patients. Americans are losing their coverage and their doctors who are fleeing from this government-driven healthcare program.

Secondly, according to a state-by-state study by the Manhattan Institute and reported in Forbes, Obamacare is not at all affordable, as it will increase underlying premiums by 41 percent. Click here to see their analysis for you and your state.

Of course Obamacare defenders will say that subsidies will negate the premium increases, but who pays the subsidies? We do, of course. So on top of exorbitant debt, high gas prices, and depressed middle-income wages, Obamacare isn’t affordable to individuals or to the nation.

And don’t forget the employer mandate delay will end next year around September meaning more Americans will be dropped from their employer-based coverage. Some estimates predict nearly 170 million Americans or 68% of the total population will lose healthcare plans and coverage.

Finally, remember that the political elite in Washington DC are exempt from this. Is this our America? Is this the new normal? Will you accept this, or will we challenge the acolytes of progressive socialism?


  1. The progressives tell me once everyone is bounced off of their plans in the next year or so and all added to ACA the premiums will come down. The plan is for eventually everybody to be on it and then the premiums will come down because of the fact that 300 million are all in the exchanges driving up competition and lower costs through volume.

    Any truth to this?

    • Are those the same progressives that told you could keep your plan and doctor, that your premiums would be reduced and you would have better coverage? The competition in the State exchanges is minimal at best, one or two companies. So, how does that translate into lower costs? It doesn’t! Basically, they have a stronger monopoly than they did before the exchanges. Insurance is not about volume (unless you are talking about “healthy” people. There is no way, that by adding in preexisting and making people buy insurance they don’t need (maternity for men?) that costs are going to go down. Common sense.

      • And some of the younger people who simply refuse to pay their bills, will simply keep ignoring what is going on right now…until they get hit when they file their annual tax return.

    • People generally only protest against things for a short time period. They are hoping that if people give the ACA a chance for a couple of years, that it will become the “norm” and no one will protest it even when the prices don’t drop. Sure there will still be some who complain then, but not enough to justify a change. People didn’t like the seat belt law when it was new, but it’s been around long enough and has gotten enough positive “spin” so that most people can’t imagine NOT using a seat belt.

      • Why is it a stupid argument? It’s not even an argument! I was using it as an example of a law that was passed that many people were against at the time but has become the “norm” and people no longer argue against.

      • Umm…seatbelt laws don’t necessarily effect everyone because not everyone drives a car or wants one or even rides in one whereas, obama is forcing everyone to buy a product that he has decided that he wants us to buy. And it’s costing a lot more than some cars cost…

      • Again, MISSING THE POINT. I am NOT stating that it is the same thing. I am simply using it as an example of a unpopular law that was forced on the American people that after an amount of time people began to accept.

      • Well, I might be right to guess that a great many of us Americans will NEVER accept obama, his obamacare or his obamanation.

    • No that’s not true. That’s the Liberal’s spin and another lie to do away with private insurance, so that there is single payer ( Gov’t) Socialist healthcare, like Canada. which is why a lot of Canadians come here to the US for healthcare because it’s rationed and they’re on a waiting list up there.

  2. Upwards of 90 million people are loosing their insurance because of 40 million can’t get insurance? Only government can do this.

    • Numbers just released from Obama’s Administration, say that as many as 130 million people will lose their coverage once the employer mandate kicks in! I love that when you say No to ObamaCare, they throw 30 million people in your face, but when you turn it around on them (according to Jay Carney), “Oh, that’s just 5%, nothing to worry about. Well, Mr. Carney, 5% of 350 million is over 17 million! AND that’s just the ones in the individual coverage plans.

  3. IF a single payer ins plan is cheaper guess it will be cheaper huh…that is what they ultimately intend, and of course total control

  4. I trust and hope people will begin to wake up and finally start supporting those
    that truly want to end Obama’s tenure ASAP. Please go to Washington DC Nov.18 &19th to support the efforts of “Where’s The Birth Certificate” group to pass out the
    Sheriff Joe kits speaking to the ID Fraud Obama has committed. Obama has no legal right to even sign the name Barack H. Obama, II.

    As of last night about 50 congressman have agreed to receive the Sheriff Joe Kits.

    You can call for reservations at 703-739-2222 to book your rooms. Special rate of $109 per night for doubles/king, $15 each additional person = triple $124.00 and quad
    $139.00 for those sharing. Let them know you are part of the “Sheriff Kits” group to get the special rate. Let others know about this hotel and encourage them to stay here. I understand there are many Oath keepers planning to go to the Reclaim America Now! event. Send them this info.
    Sheriffs Kits Go To Washington DC will have meetings at the hotel Sun night, Mon morning & Mon evening. Times/details TBA. Everyone is invited.


  5. As anyone else heard this?

    “You might even have an estate that you would like to leave to your family some day.
    That could be all taken away due to the fact that Obamacare recipients that are
    55 years of age or older are automatically enrolled in Medicaid.
    Medicaid benefits received on or after age 55 are subject to estate recovery.”

  6. Obama’s so easy to understand. Just listen to what he says and the exact opposite is true. His concept of reality is the inverse of actual reality.

  7. What can we do? I’m really fearful for this wonderful country that we have. We are a Constitutional Republic….why are we not following the path that was set out for us? Obama is guilty of impeachable offenses. No one is even talking about it. If this were a Republican, the Democrats would be rabid. We, as a country, should be mad about what is going on. Obama has a goal to fundamentally “ruin” the United States of America and he is getting by with it. Help!!!!


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