Are Food Stamps the Left’s secret weapon against obesity?

Michelle Obama thinks kids are too fat, Mayor Bloomberg won’t let you drink a big soda, but as highlighted by the Media Research Center, last week NBC reported that sadly, Food Stamp recipients couldn’t afford Halloween candy.

As if Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) payments were going to be eliminated, Brian Williams reported last Friday that “the ax falls for more than 47 million Americans struggling to put food on the table as tonight time has run out.” To illustrate, NBC interviewed single father of four Joe Blackburn who said he couldn’t even buy his children Halloween candy this year “because I just couldn’t afford it.”

The reason? As of November 1st, a special part-time recession boost to the program expired, so payments returned to their pre-stimulus levels of 2009. No doubt Halloween candy was affordable then. Never mind that the number of Americans on Food Stamps has doubled under Obama – NBC wants you to think there are massive “cuts.”

To a liberal, any spending that’s not continuing to increase is actually a cut. It’s misleading, disingenuous and means we can never have a rational discussion about controlling our massive entitlement programs.

But there might actually be a brilliant strategy to reduce Americans’ waistlines hidden in the expanding statistics for Food Stamps.

According to the CDC, more than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7 percent) and approximately 17 percent (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. Perhaps the liberals’ grand plan to cut obesity is to put everyone on Food Stamps so food intake can be rationed and controlled –just like health care.


  1. LMAO!!! All you gotta do is stand in line at Wally World one afternoon and just see what is bought with food stamps and EBT cards!! Talk about FRAUD!!

  2. Maybe what Mr. Blackburn should have told NBC was that because of obama, American taxpayers cannot afford to buy his children anymore candy. Or anymore for him for that matter.

  3. One of the factors determining the amount of SNAP benefits one receives is what is known as the Standard Utility Allowance (SUA) which is set, not by Congress, by by Agriculture Department bureaucrats in the Food and Nutrition Service. The SUA is a state by state sum derived on the basis of those state’s costs or heating and cooling. Despite the fact that a cold winter had been predicted, and despite the fact that heating costs had not fallen, the states saw FNS cut SUAs twice in the past year, the first time before last year’s election. obama cut people’s SNAP benefits and, my gosh, to my great surprise was not blamed for it, the blame being laid on the GOP House and President Bush.

  4. We need to reform SNAP to reduce benefits by 50% or non-aged and non-disabled persons, limit benefits to those persons to three months a year and require, no matter how loud the unions yell, those persons to work off their benefits at 75% of the minimum wage. And we need to increase the SNAP benefits for the needy aged and disabled.

    • Thank you for speaking for the aged and disabled. We make to much on Social Security to get SNAP. it is like it doesn’t mater that we still pay our own house note, utility bills, and all the insurances we have to have just to live.

  5. Personally, I think that the food stamp program should be limited to certain items just like the WIC program. I see people with food stamps or EBT cards purchase things that fall into the luxury food or the zero nutritional value category all the time. I’m sure that if they were required to purchase less convenience foods and more natural basic foods, it would effect the obesity rate dramatically.

  6. Shut the food stamp program down. It has failed America and those who are slaves to it. It cost penny’s to eat healthy. 10 lb of potatoes are cheap. Drinking water from the tap is free. Growing vegetables and fruits is also penny’s. Quality fruits and vegetables are cheap at city markets as well as farm markets. How do I know this? I F ing live it. Stop being a slave to government hand outs and run from the plantation.

  7. Stop allowing cases of drinking water, sugar water drinks, sushi, store bought cakes and pies, etc.(bake your own!!) NO GARBAGE FOOD. You want garbage? spend your own money and NOT FROM THE DEBIT CARD either. Control this type of spending and you would cut obesity and safe LOTS OF MONEY. NO money back from card either….that is spent on cigs, liquor and gambling!! Control what can be bought with the food and debit cards!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always use credit cards (earn points and pay off every month) why can’t those with the government cards use them and not cash!! ABUSE IS RAMPANT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Percent of the US population on welfare-4.1 %
      Total amount of money you can make monthly and still receive Welfare-$1000
      Total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment)-$131.9 billion (We’ve spent more money on the Iraq war)

      The Top 10 State benefiting the most from food stamps

      1 Mississippi 20.8 %

      2 Tennessee 19.9 %

      2 Oregon 19.9 %

      4 New Mexico 19.8 %

      5 Michigan 19.5 %

      6 Louisiana 19.3 %

      7 Alabama 19.1 %

      8 Kentucky 18.8 %

      9 West Virginia 18.5 %

      9 Maine 18.5 %


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