Election night wrap-up: what next for the GOP?

Well, the results are in and so it’s time for a little assessment.

Let’s start with New York. Good luck, you just voted in a Marxist/socialist, and you thought David Dinkins was bad? I know there are some very eclectic folks in New York City but what were the free market capitalists thinking?

Next door in New Jersey, everyone pretty much saw this woodshed coming for Governor Christie. So of course, let the talk about 2016 begin as we’ll hear “the rhetoric of Chris Christie shows the way forward for Republicans to win.” He is a tough Republican governing in a totally blue state. All I can say is I heard much of the same regarding Governor Mitt Romney. We heard the commentary that he was a successful Republican in a blue state. We heard liberal media outlets talk of Romney being a Republican they could support — oops. I love the song by The Who, “We won’t be fooled again,” so Republicans had best tread wisely and not go down that path again blindly.

In Virginia it was simple, two things hindered Ken Cucinelli: the government slim down (remember it was only 17% of the federal government and they all got back pay) and the demographic of northern Virginia and the Libertarian candidate. Let me address the latter first and cause some people’s heads to spin: third party candidates always assure Democrat victory. Yes, we reside in a Republic and running for office is open for anyone qualified. But consider what has just happened: Virginia just elected a characterless progressive socialist who is corrupt to the core and in bed with the Clinton political machine.

McAuliffe will govern to the left, but much worse will be his position as a willing ally for a Hillary Clinton 2016 run.

The other aspect of this result was the overall strategic ramification of having a government shutdown event so close to this gubernatorial race and not realizing the second and third tier effects it would have. Unfortunately, the GOP is just not good enough at effective messaging and never overcame the optics and propaganda of “GOP government shutdown.”

Nevertheless, with all that being the case, the toxic nature of Obamacare almost won the day for Cucinelli. In other words, the Democrats won the battle of Virginia this night but are at risk of losing the strategic war.

There are going to be pundits who will try to say the way forward for the GOP will be to moderate itself, following a winning Christie model. But my recommendation is to narrow the issue focus and make sure everything comes back to the economy, energy, and national security, and the combined affect on hardworking Americans.

Right now, the GOP and conservatives should be talking about solutions and what they are for – instead the American people are focusing solely on what they are against.

Now when your enemy finds itself walking in a minefield it laid, just let them. Hillary Clinton is not some monolithic person that cannot be defeated. Right now, don’t focus there. Focus on ensuring Barack Obama does not get a House and Senate for his final two years that will take America further into the abyss, and especially towards a single-payer system.

If House Speaker John Boehner would support Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf’s H.Res 36 calling for a select committee on Benghazi, it will be the end of Hillary Clinton.

My concern for the GOP? The lack of strategic vision and strategic leadership. The progressives are hyped up right now but Republicans need to heed the lesson I learned from former Marine First Sergeant Jim Reinfinger, “if you ever find yourself in a fair fight, its because your tactics suck.”


  1. The Libertarian candidate may have won the election for McCauliffe. It turns out that a big Obama bundler, funded his (the Libertarian) campaign, in order for him to get on the ballot. Kind of dirty politics, if you ask me, but Republicans should learn a lesson, we should start funding Socialist candidates, to suck away votes from the Dem candidate.

    • Negative. Though the “Libertarian” candidate may have and probably was a “schill” to lure Repbulican votes, the fact of the matter is: If it had been a Democrat against a Libertarian the Libertarian would have won and THE DEMOCRAT WOULD HAVE BEEN DEFEATED! That’s what you so-called “conservative” morons have lost sight of, which is: DEFEAT DEMOCRATS AT ANY COST!!! So you idiots keep voting for the GOP establishment and perpetually losing to the … Democratic establishment because you refuse to back someone WHO CAN ACTUALLY WIN!

      • Let’s say that’s true. I believe it it is. But….

        It’s ONLY true if there’s no Republican Candidate. I mean, Sarvis didn’t beat Cuccinelli, now, did he? He got trounced. All Sarvis accomplished was to hand the Clinton’s Bag Man the Governorship.

        So libertarians (SMALL L) should HEED THIS ADVICE:

        Get involved at the local level — IN THE GOP..


        Having a Third Party is, as Col. West points out, a sure way to elect Democrats. The “Progressives” have taken over that Party; and the only way for libertarians to see their policies enacted is to do the same thing — command one of the two major parties. That’s just the way it is.

    • Better idea would be to have a Conservative run as a Liberal Democrat. In the off chance they would win, the seat would go back to Republicans at least and set the future incumbency to go Republican. Sometimes all it takes is a WIN no matter how its fought in order to secure your party’s victory for the future. NY incumbents tend to win over and over again. Change the seat to Republican or Conservative and we could do the same over and over again.

  2. Republicans wouldn’t know a fair fight because they always start from behind and make it worse. They need to focus on issues and solutions, not what they are against.

    • Republicans do try to fight fair. True Republicans are God Fearing People who love this Country as much as they Love their Families. Democrats on the other hand are corrupt to the core. It’s hard to fight people who gladly lie, cheat, and have no Moral Compass to guide their lives and only live to gain more money and power from this Earthly Life.

      • I think we should stop trying to fight “fair” when the odds are so stacked in dems favor. They have the media locked up in favor of Progressive candidates. With the control of the media in Dems hands, its hard for us to get our message out. It’s “Hard” but not impossible. We need not only people with the tenacity to win, but we need a support system to get that message out. Dems have made wonderful use of new technologies and we should do the same. I see too often where Republican leadership disses the younger people as a threat to their power instead of embracing and pushing the party cause forward.

    • They/we need to “KNOW THY ENEMY”. Have to learn who your enemies are and why before you set out good strategy. If you don’t know just who it is that you are fighting, then you’re gonna take a hit. People need to learn that it is not just “Democrats” or “RINO’s” we are up against anymore, we are actually fighting an idealogue where Progressive Socialism/Communism/Marxism is being used against us to tear down America and we need to understand WHY they are doing it. So, “Know Thy Enemy” and you will know how to combat their evil ways.

      • Read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and the Communist Manifesto. Also Mien Kampf by Adolf Hitler. You will pretty much have a working knowledge of the Democrat Mindset.

    • Reagan won twice as President because he had the Big Tent philosophy. He spoke to the common man about issues that affected them and laid out a plan how he would fix those problems. People rewarded his vision by giving him the opportunity twice.

      The only way Republicans could lose 2016 is if they listen to the Progressive Media on how Republicans should win elections.

  3. I support Ted Cruz, but admit I was too shortsighted to see the ramifications of the Govt shutdown in this election. However, exit polls are not bearing out the shutdown as much as the success of the left on the “war on women”. I curse the day Stephanopolous foisted this non-existent “war” on us, but it seems to have worked.

    • Funny how the shut down EPA still managed to put out over 250 pages of new regulations during the middle of the GVT Shutdown though…

    • Cruz wasn’t all that short sighted. We know who in the Republican party need to be outed in 2014. Take this to heart as we know who is making our party weaker. We need to replace those Rinos with strong leadership and vision.

  4. problem is, there isn’t much difference between DemoRats and Republicans! They have Graham, McCain and quite a few others who are more RINO than Republican! Time for NEW BLOOD in politics! Sick of losses to FRAUD!

  5. I support Ted Cruz , Allen West and only like maybe 4 other congress people, Gohmert, Gowdy, Mike Lee. The GOP only supports RINO’S way past time for a third party, why do conservatives have to keep holding their noses. Its not right.

  6. We also need to start making democrats own their failed policies of the past 50 years. ACA is just a start. They can’t build a web site, their policies are cancelling health plans for otherwise engaged and self sufficient citizens and their foreign policy experts can’t create a coherent policy that advances US interests. That’s just a start.

  7. Col. West… I love you man, but your tactics suck. You recently quoted an American Indian tribe as saying: “When you find yourself riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.” GOP is a dead horse. DISMOUNT. GOP WILL MOVE TO LIBERTARIAN VALUES OR DIE! MOVE TO LIBERTARIAN / TEA PARTY agenda or DIE WITH GOP.
    Navy Veteran and former Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Libertarian,
    Mike Perry

    • The GOP has been taken over by Progressives. We should not abandon the party simply because of this. Instead we should fight and take back the leadership so the party can do what it should be doing, winning elections.

  8. We need to return to the old Republican values which built the Republican Party in Virginia…focusing on ISSUES, coalition building, and beating the Democrats instead of each other! Mark Obenshain won, and that’s what he did, against all odds.

  9. Terry McAuliffe won for no other reason than that he lied misled the public about Cuccinelli’s record to make him seem super extreme AND had the money to amplify his lies. Robert Sarvis didn’t help, but the main reason was lies and money. Some examples are the Violence Against Women Act and the anti-Sodomy law. Most liberals I’ve talked to thought Cuccinelli opposed VAWA and wanted to ban sex…that is until I showed them how McAuliffe was being misleading. Now the result is VA elected one of the sleaziest politicians ever.

    • Liberals have full control of the media. Something we need to fix.

      They also have full control of most colleges and are churning out young mislead liberals. Many of whom after facing reality will become Conservatives.

      However since there is no “Conservative” party, they will continue ot vote for Progressives since both parties are filled with Progressives.

  10. The GOP is not losing races because of
    3rd party candidates. The GOP is losing races because of
    their unethical behavior. One need only look at the atrocious
    actions of McCain & Graham to raise serious concerns about the
    direction the republican party is going. Unfortunately Libertarians
    cannot rely on ethical democrats to step in & draw votes away
    from the Democrat party.

    The problem is an inward struggle
    within the republican party that arose with the unethical treatment
    of many in the Ron Paul camp. THIS IS WHERE IT STARTED. And as long
    as the republican party keeps turning their backs on the principals
    that the organic & original tea party & libertarian parties
    were founded upon they are destined to continue losing these races.

    We are no longer party loyalists We are more focused than
    ever on the goals of restoring the founding principals of our once
    great society. It is not 3rd parties that cause Your
    loss. It is Your own stubbornness & refusal to return to your
    roots. If You think for a single solitary moment that We will embrace
    Chris Christie You are sadly mistaken & might as well let Hillary
    Clinton start picking out the drapes for the oval office because YOU
    WILL LOSE and We will make sure of it.

    We are sick of the
    establishment pigs like Carl Rove telling us what We want! You lost
    the last 2 elections because of Your unwillingness to listen. You
    will continue to lose as long as You keep ignoring what We are asking
    for. This is a mess of the GOP’s own making. Quit blaming everyone
    else & look in the damn mirror !

  11. NYC is in deep trouble with Bill de Blasio. He’s gonna find out real quick that taxing the hell out of people to support his agenda is going to cause an exodus like we saw with Detroit.

  12. Couldn’t agree more. Republicans have become more moderate over the years (McCain, then Romney) only to loose to hard left Democrats. The Republicans made a tactical error by tying the shut down to Obamacare instead of a singular focus on deficit and debt. Obamacare will fail under its own weight and it is a minefield of the Dems making. Benghazi trumps Hillary in 2016, unless we send another moderate candidate promising to make things better without a clear plan.

  13. only way the gop will win again stop saying stupid stuff stay on the point . when they ask about abortion just say im against it that is it next question ,Romney didnt do that .lately the DEM have been attacking that GOP is not helping with ACA computer program . keep saying they help with medicare 60 i say then you should of learn from pass this shouldnt be happening .all i know if Clinton or any other dem wins in 2016 we will be in big trouble and 2020 will be to late to fix it

  14. Why do black voters keep on voting for the anti religious democrat party? If blacks would vote based on their moral beliefs then GOP candidates would win in landslides.

    • They need to learn the truth but from people that they themselves know has a proven track record of being honest, well-liked and trustworthy.

      • I gave you a thumbs down because they already know the truth and DO NOT CARE. The destruction of America is part of their agenda. Payback for slavery. Plus abortion food stamps sec 8 Medicaid is and added bonus.

    • As a proud Blackman allow me to answer that thoughtful question. African-Americans HATE white people. African-Americans HATE America. Anymore questions.

    • Recently watched a video of inner city blacks in Chicago saying they would vote for a republican if they came with a plan to help inner city neighborhoods and kept their promise. They all said they felt betrayed by the democratic establishment.

      • Republicans should be doing outreach in the inner city and expose themselves to blacks who are doing poorly under Democrat leadership. This will give many inner city blacks the opportunity to meet Republicans and know what they stand for.

        When election time comes, it won’t matter what the progressive media is spouting if they [Republicans] already have their action plan going and Blacks see the results.

  15. Republicans need to support candidates who are supported by the Tea Party organization instead of attacking them. The old timers are more concerned with what the media has to say about them and making friends with those on the left. There no different from the liberal college students that claim to be open minded, but instead of listening to a speaker with a different view point from their own, they shout them off the stage. Hence demonstrating their closed mindedness. When a small government candidate runs on the Rep. ticket, they need to define themselves before the Democrats get the chance to. They also need to define their opponents. Also, go back to Reagan’s policy of not criticizing another Republican. Democrats will stand by each other even if one has committed cold blooded murder with 1,000 witnesses. Republicans run scared at the smallest thing because they don’t want to be tainted. If you can’t stand for anything, ie strong principals, you fall over. The government shut down was a good start. Next time, they need to define it before the President does.

      • Reagan was a “big tent ” republican and brought even those who disagreed with him on the particulars. This is what we need to do come election time. Save the in-fighting during private meetings and unite during election time.

      • You are correct. Unfortunately, some of them have forgotten the platform they run on and men like Lindsey Grahm and John McCain will attack anyone who has the courage to fight for those standards. Who is truly disappointing for me is Carl Rove. I really liked him. Ted Cruz and Allan West were right to fight the way they did. The issues would be swept under the rug and forgotten about if it were not for those in positions of power to take the risks they did. Turns out, they were right. Of course none of their critics (fellow Republicans) have bothered to apologize. Carl Rove wants to get rid of them. The election was lost by an amazing man to a thief and a liar because the party and people like Carl Rove decided not to support a conservative candidate supported by the Tea Party organization. They hurt the people in Virginia more than anyone. This is a perfect example on what you are talking about.
        They have a golden opportunity to get out a positive message right now that can change the direction of the nation. They have terrific ideas but they rarely get out. They have sent the Senate over 100 bills to sign that would help the economy and the insurance situation but unless your a news junkie, you will never know about them. God help us if we keep going this way. They need a good, positive, optimistic, communicator. Not Carl, someone more like R. Reagan. He was good.

  16. There should be no such thing as a “moderate” Republican, they are RINO’s, the GOP has only themselves to blame for people voting Libertarian, as alot of people don’t feel that today’s GOP represents their values any more, so people need to quit bitching about 3rd parties and sit down and figure out why people are abandoning the Republican party, and if the GOP doesn’t get their heads out pf their collective arses, expect more of the same in the future.

  17. Allen, It really stinks to high heaven that the Republicans (RNC) did not even lift a finger to help Cuccinelli. To everyone reading here. DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO THE RNC. Donate to the Tea Party Candidates in 2014 Individually. The RNC will not lift a Finger to help or support Tea Party Candidates. I wish Rince Prebius would Step Down from the RNC Leadership, and give the position to someone like Allen or Sarah Palin. That way the RNC would do Good instead of Evil.

    • Getting Allen or Sarah to head the RNC is less possible than Obama resigning. However, they are doing their best as outsiders that excite the crowds they attract, and most importantly the message they bring to the venue. I use to support the RNC up until 2012, but since then, if I receive any mail from them, I don’t even open it but put it in file 13. Support the candidates that you know support true conservative values. The RINO’S have proven to be useless pawns of Reid and Pelosi.

  18. The only way the solid GOP message of smaller gov’t, free markets can prevail is if the Dems policy of the opposite fails. Otherwise, we, the GOP, have no message. This is a time when “The candidate” [ man/woman] makes the times. GOP is in a headlock swimming upstream against MSM, Universities, social issues, political machines. That is STRONG…. All GOP can hope for is Liberal collapse.

    • The ones running it are Rove, McCain, and all the other Bush types that had no love for Reagan. RINOs through and through. Funny how they get all the talking spots on Faux News.

      • Only the Conservative Internet Sites and Conservative Talk Radio for me. My favorites are Rodger Hedgecock and Mark Levin (who worked for Ronald Reagan). I’ve sworn off TV. I do like Megyn Kelly though. I listen to Herman Cain on WSB Radio in the Mornings.

      • Internet sites and radio are the places now. Mine are Glenn Beck, Rush and Hannity and Levin when I can. Can’t stand Megyn Kelly.

      • Must be a female envy thing. You probably don’t like Judge Jeanine who’s on Fox Saturday night at 9pm. She nails Obama for the first 10 minutes of the program better than any of them.

      • Megyn Kelly is doing the best job countering the Obamacare lies and puts the libs that come on her program in their place the minute they start spewing forth their lying talking points. I’ve lost respect for O’Reilly, who seldom lets his guests finish their comments, and he seems to get a positive spin into any negatives about Obama. Greta is OK but when O’R comes on the radio comes back on for Mark Levin. He’s on from 6-9 nightly M-F and if you are a true conservative, you will understand him clearly. Sean is still talking about dirty air & water and pushing grandma over the cliff.

      • Yeah, we found that out the hard way. If we had known from the onset, hubby could of applied for unemployment for time not worked. But, we were told he would receive backpay until the day before the payday. Bummer.

  19. Without the TEA Party the Republicans will go the way of the Whigs. They better hope the TEA Party doesn’t decide to become a third party. If the Republicans decide to not support TEA Party candidates, after the TEA Party voted for them in 2010, they are biting the hand that feeds them. Also the TEA party needs to start nominating candidates who can win. I am not a witch, is not a good slogan!

    • She was dragged to one Coven Meeting by a friend when she was in High School. She probably didn’t even know what that was at the time. Democrats are the lowest points of life on their own evolutionary scale.

    • We need someone who is willing to stand up and say “this stinks and here’s why but it doesn’t have to be that way because it is wrong, so here’s what I think needs to be done about it….and either join me or be part of the problem because no one is going to stop me”. In other words, lead, follow or get the hell out of the way!
      LTC West makes for a good solid leader. Especially during these trying times.

    • I mean no offense, and I understand your point,but what is wrong with being a witch? It is only ignorance and connotation that makes one think a witch is bad. And I think it is far preferable to be a witch than a democrat.I just could not resist making this statement.

  20. i will paraphrase Reagan, ” I didn’t leave the repub party. it left me”. with very few exceptions, the repubs are all rinos. and spineless rinos at that”

  21. More on the “libertarian” candidate. Were
    it not for big Obama bundler Joe Liemandt and his “Libertarian Booster
    PAC”, the “libertarian” candidate (who isn’t a libertarian) would not
    have gotten on the ballot. And the 7% of the votes he siphoned off of
    Cuccinelli gave McAuliff the win by 1%.

    • I agree! I have a lot of libertarian propensities, but it seems the height of irresponsibility, even treasonous, to have blindly voted libertarian knowing you were in reality voting for the democrat. Be advised Libertarians, no candidate is ever going to govern in a way that makes everyone happy. But I cannot help to feel that a libertarian should have been happier with the republican then what HE elected. And yes, it was the libertarians that elected the democrat.

  22. What’s next ?

    Step 1) Remove the cancer that is PaulBots
    Step 2) Remove the termites from the “big tent” —PaulBots
    Step 3) Inform the PaulBots that the Libertarian Party meets next week down the street.
    Step 4) Tell the PaulBots to not let the door hit them where the good Lord split them.

    Signed, One pissed off Virginian who has seen their antics one time too many.

  23. Seen by the results of these elections, Shows what way the government is going. Boehner would be wise to that ammo before 2014 elections. Hillary has three faults that can ruin her politically. It is up to the GOP to use it. Personally I think that the GOP wants Hillary to win. The party has not shown enough aggression to stop her already. Still to early on the 2016 until the 2014 is over. Allen when are you going to try? You would be surprised on how many people want good old fashion hold no punch back honesty.

  24. The GOP Abandoned Cucinelli! Plus, he did not have a Great Campaign Strategy.
    The GOP does NOT like TEA Party Conservatives!! They HATE us! Why do you think they all HATE Mike Lee and Ted Cruz???
    Trust me! We have worked with the TEA party many times!

  25. Let’s not rule out the fact that voter fraud is alive and thriving. The only way Democrats are winning right now is through fraudulent means, they know they cannot win in a fair fight. The sad part is that us true loving Republic Americans still believe our vote counts, and we believe in the system, when in fact the system is failing us. We can hold out hope for taking the Senate in 2014 but, sadly, our enemies are out smarting us. We must root our hope in faith, not man, for in the end…

    • I see politics as a nasty, dirty, twisted concept. The GOP either has no clue how to play the game, or doesn’t want to compete with the Dems. Conservatives have no voice in the gov. I think I’ll go watch some football, it’s a lot easier on the blood pressure, and just as productive as following what happens in politics.

    • I truly want to believe this, and I’ve heard it time and time again, but no one has proof that it is as rampant as we’re led to believe. If there were, the results would be at least contested, if not overturned.

  26. Cuccinelli made a lot of mistake here in Virginia. But, he is a solid Reagan Conservative. His mistakes were simply in campaigning tactics. He waited far to long to come out swinging on Democrats and spent too much time saying McAwful’s name. We all knew what Two-bit Terry was and is, we wanted to hear what Ken was going to do and never did hear it. He kept saying, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. McAwful kept saying, jyabs, jyabs, jyabs.

    You never go after you opponent by name, you go after their party and their party platform. Voter will figure who is who. Another mistake he made, was not going after the last four years of RINOism in Richmond. He didn’t have to attack Gov. McDonnell. But he should have gone after that tollbooth issue. People wanted to know Ken’s thoughts and that, and we never heard it.

    I have to disagree Col. West on one thing. Ken should have embraced that shutdown and had Ted Cruz and Mike Lee campaigning with him instead of Marco Amnestio and Ron Paul. Amnestio is hated in this state by Dem & Rep both and Paul has never been anything but an inflated myth. Ken instead, in the final debate ran away from not only the shutdown, but away from Cruz and Lee too. Played the RINO tactic of blaming ‘everybody’.

    • sounds like you are there in the midst of battle for our freedoms here in America and you’ve made good points…perhaps the GOP needs to Re-group and be willing to hear what you are sharing from a person who wants our country’s best, in a state that needs our help.

      • Well, I am but not in any paid capacity. But, last night was not the disaster everyone thinks it was. All McAullife won was free room and board at the Gov.’s Mansion for 4 years, assuming he isn’t in Federal chains and an orange jumpsuit before then. We have 67/33 majority in the House of Delegates and they’re all Conservatives. We also control the State Senate. Where I live is a Leftist leaning area and the GOP swept the local elections here. Point being that McAullife is going to feel more like Custer than FDR for the next 4 years. But, then his only purpose in life is to ensure the Democrats in Virginia make Hillary the nominee in 2016. Do the same thing for her, that Gov. Tollbooth Bob McRINO did for MittCare Obamney in 2012.

      • LOL! Seriously there is a lot to it. Staff management, vending, payroll oversight for the hired strategists, etc. And, handling volunteers sometimes requires a whip and a chair. I’ve worked on campaigns, but I think what your thinking of is more consulting, adviser type. Karl RINOve has armies of those on commission sent out to ‘get hired’ by campaigns.

      • You need a competent team. It’s like running a job or project. You figure out where you are weak, then you go find the strongest people to supplement. You lay out the parameters for what your goals are, and you let those people do what they do best within those parameters.

        Too many people running political campaigns that never really ran anything before….other than failed political campaigns.

      • Competent, yes. Ideology is the bigger factor. You don’t see Democrats hiring conservatives.

        Yeah, that would RINOve’s soldiers. And, that’s their mission elect Leftist Republicans, or kill off the campaign if they’re not. Work with Democrats offline when you have to, to get mud on someone under the table of the law. Even if it’s false mud.

      • That’s why you hand pick them. Go win a district race or two, perfect your “synergy” and methods. Learn to adjust on the fly. Build experience. You’ll find the “keepers” along the way.

        You build it with experience.

        Before I left the last mechanical contractor I worked for, I had a team of 5 guys that took us 7 years to build. Yet we had almost 80 years of collected experience. Had a few come and go, but when we finally got it right there was nothing we couldn’t handle.

        Unfortunately, when the economy headed south the tallest trees on the pay scale were the first to be cut.

        My point is that you can’t build it overnight, not even Carl Rove did.

      • No, see that’s the RINO career politician way. That’s how we’ve ended up with McCain’s and McConnell’s You don’t elect someone because they have a long political resume. You elect them because their going to do what the hell they’re elected to do. This notion of ‘political experience’ methods and other such nonsense is designed to get people elected to go to state capitols and Washington DC and play footsie with Democrats.

        Politics is not a private enterprise.

        Leadership is not ever built overnight. One is either born with it or they’re not. The idea that you can build or teach it, is just as silly as the notion that going to college makes people smart.

      • I was talking about you pursuing a potential path as a campaign manager.

        Go win a district race or two as a campaign manager. Read on from there.

      • Oh, oh… sorry. Well, I see what you mean. But, a campaign manager is best seen, not heard. Winning is up to the candidate. If it was up to the CM, they’d BE the candidate. The CM should be a mirror of the candidate. Every campaign I helped with that lost, the CM was not a mirror of the candidate. His/her name was more well known than the candidate’s.

      • You can have the best team in the world, but if the candidate isn’t a good candidate, it’s irrelevant.

        Just like the best in the world could have done Obamacare, and it still would not matter.

      • Precisely. We had a great campaign to unseat Herb Batemen in 1996. Then we noticed the candidate was becoming less identifiable than the CM at rallies. Candidate was ‘moderating’ his tone and the CM was still on message. He lost.

    • Bang on points. They should have brought in Lee and Cruz, not run away from them.

      You forgot one critical thing. He started in a deep hole when they switched the Primary rules to convention mid game. That didn’t set well with people, myself included. Even though I was more ideologically aligned with Cuccinelli than I was Bolling. After the convention, they never looked back at the people they ran over.

      I did vote for him, but there were many who did not as a result of that “rules change” mid game. Had they done the primary and he had won it, I believe the landscape would have been different.

      • Yeah, we were waiting for that to happen and it just never did.

        Oh, on that Primary… no. Ken did 100% the right thing on that. Because this nonsense of Democrats voting in GOP primaries needed to come to an end. Who it upset was the RINOs and Democrats because they all wanted Cry Baby Bill Bawling for the nominee. A man who never saw a Democrat backside he couldn’t find a reason to smooch on.

        Had they done that primary, Bolling would have been the nominee selected by Democrats. That’s how we got Tollbooth Bob in 2009. Do you remember the 1996 elections here? When RINO John Warner went out to Democrat rallies and begged them to come primary out the Conservative candidates. I remember it VERY well.

        That open primaries crap ought to be a felony offense. What Ken did, he had to do to keep Obama’s crackheads out of our candidate selection process.

      • I’m not disagreeing with your points. You and I have chewed the same dirt it would seem 🙂

        I know there is always chicanery going on, which is why we should close the primaries and require registration for primaries. Kills the PaulBot problem at the same time. Let’s not forget how they stacked the VA delegation with delegates and started some chicanery of their own.

        That said, changing rules in the middle of the game doesn’t go over well here in Red country, even if 68% of us still voted for the guy. Sense of “fair play” and all that.

        As far as the campaign itself, I was starkly reminded of the Kilgore campaign, where Jerry’s handlers had him acting outside of his skin. Didn’t let him be the great guy that he was.

      • “Fair Play” usually means pandering to Democrats. All the State GOP who were complaining about that, turned around and endorsed McAullife. What killed Kilgore, was all those robocalls. I didn’t get any from Ken, though I can’t say it didn’t happen elsewhere.

      • Can’t disagree with you, I just know it was a factor.

        I went OFF about robocalls. After 10 PM on school nights. Had 6 on Sunday alone. 30 some in the last 6 days. I got plenty from Ken. Plenty from PACs, and everyone else.

        I’ve been fussing about those for years. It’s like having a telemarketer or collection agent bugging you. I’m always told “they work”. No, they don’t. They piss people off. Number one complaint I have when I do sample ballots at the polls…robocalls.

        I’ve worked the phone banks from time to time. There is no cross check on those either. NOVA doesn’t know who Roanoke called, Chesterfield/ Henrico doesn’t know who Tidewater called. The lists overlap.

        So basically everyone is working off the same bank list and aren’t crosschecking. So they just “carpet bomb” everyone multiple times.

        Ditto for door to door campaigns.

      • A factor with the Democrats because they couldn’t choose our candidate for us like they usually do, sure…lol I do not want anyone with a (D) after thier name to have so much as a whisper in a GOP nominee selection.

        Really? Interesting. I knew about the door to door stuff and that didn’t sound smart to me. Yes, they kill off votes no matter how good a candidate is. Starting to smell the hand of RINOve. There was a big complaint from the Richmond TP about ‘consultants’ being hired by the Cuccinelli people. That had to be tied to the RNC money they got.

        Oh, that doesn’t surprise me either. You have each regional RPV group doing their own thing.

  27. I have a hard time wrapping my head around that people are focused on a shutdown that affected thousands for a few weeks vs millions will be affected for YEARS by Ocare, killing coal, legalizing millions of Hispanics, 1st and 2nd amendment being attacked, personal/phone/online privacy!! But they won because of the shutdown?!?!? My oh my

    • I agree, but unfortunately most people remember what they heard most, not what is true. The media took the mission of convincing the public that the Republicans shut down the Government, the Democrat talking points were the media headlines.

  28. And there is one thing we in Virginia figured out once and for all tonight. Libertarians, are nothing less than re-branded Obamatards. Sarvis went out campaigning in support of Obamacare, high taxes and installing black boxes on cars. And, there is no point in anyone denying it because I listened to him say it out of his own mouth. He was paid $150,000 by some thug of Obama’s and endorsed by a Danville newspaper owned by Obama’s Consigliere, Warren al-Buffet. Buffet doesn’t pass gas, without instructions from Obama-(the)-One-Kenyobi. So, Sarvis was a set up from the start. What went wrong for McAwful is that Sarvis bled votes away from him too.

    • Spot on! The Libertarian was pushed and backed by Dems just to pull enough vote away from the Republican. Once again you see the tired old argument about McCain being a RINO etc…ANY RINO is better than friggin McAliffie the complete scumbag!

      • Yeah, well yes and no. Sarvis didn’t peel votes from Ken. He bled them from Terry. A lot of Democrats here hate McAullife and refused to vote for him. And, that’s based in their hatred of the Clintons. Sarvis was funded by Obama, and he then trolled the state praising Obamacare, black boxes in cars, high taxes, abortion, legalizing pot…lol He didn’t pull any Conservatives talking like that.

        Well, sorry but McCain IS a RINO and he and his kind are every bit as much the enemy as any Democrat. McCain IS a Democrat. He should be kicked out of the GOP as such.

        Also, we elected a RINO governor in 2009 and many said the same thing you did. What did we get for that? Higher taxes, tollbooths, and a governor who spent 4 years being a money mule for BIG EDucation.

    • The only tards I see around here are the ones that continue to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I shouldn’t need to hold my nose to vote. No Libertarian worth calling themselves that would vote for Obama, or anyone that wanted to ban sodomy.

    • Welcome to the club. I’ve been railing about PaulBots for a few years now.

      Every election cycle they come in and demand 100% of the candidates and platform even though they are less than 10% of the “base”, followed by antics at the convention when they don’t get it, then they undermine the ticket all the way until election day, then they stay home or vote third party.

      Same pattern over and over and over. I’ve personally seen it all the way back to the Kilgore campaign. Every. Year. Every. Cycle.

      No point trying to have a “big tent” when you invite the termites in to eat the posts.

      • Yeah, people don’t want to admit, but Paulbots are in fact, Obama’s 5th Column in the GOP. There is a reason Obama never, ever goes after the Paul’s or Libertarians.

      • Same reason you won’t find a “smoking gun” telling government zealots to target certain groups.

        I will say that not all libertarians are PaulBots, but I truly believe there needs to be a serious push within the VaGOP to emphasize that we are NOT the libertarian party, that one does exist, and they are welcome to go disrupt that one.

      • Right, exactly.

        Oh, no. Voter-wise, not all of them are. But, the ones who end up on the ballot, are placed there by the Left. All this can be fixed by getting rid of the dead wood. Ken might have lost, but he achieved one thing. No GOP candidate that turned on Barry Goldwater, ever had a political career again. Including MittCare Obamney’s daddy. All these RINO’s that backed McAullife, are done.

  29. truthfully I’ve not watched TV for years now because it angers me to watch mindless stuff…yet, I recently got cable with my internet. So tonight, while I turn it on flipping through the channels I see a national news station talking of the elections, at that time the race in Virginia was too close he stated, talking…a young newsman (who appeared scarred, unsure at best) he spoke of how President Obama came to the state & put the FEAR into the Democrats to get out and vote…he really said that; “Put the FEAR…” why do so many people want to be controlled by FEAR??? Really??? Well, I’m just thinking we need to have fear of God when He comes to judge the living & the dead. 1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.

  30. EXCELLENT analysis, Mr. West! I hope the hapless Republicans will LISTEN to you, because they are all but FORCING Conservatives–whom they refuse to let into the tent, except for gigging them for financial contributions and taking their votes for granted–into going “third party”, which can only be a LOSING strategy. As you observed, “third party” candidates in the race simply succeed in splitting the Conservative vote and handing the election over to yet another Socialust Democrat dirtbag. That MUST NOT happen in the 2014 mid-terms. We MUST retain control of the House and put an END to the Democrat majority in the Senate, to have ANY hope of slowing/reversing Obama’s headlong rush into “fundamentally transforming” the US into yet ANOTHER failed Communist state.

  31. Cuccinelli lost by just 2.5%, and the Libertarian pulled in 6.5%. That means, for once, Republicans are actually correct in saying that if we had pulled in most or all of those Libertarian voters we would have won.

    But these voters do not “belong” to us. This is a real voter constituency nowadays, and we have to win their votes if we want to prevent this from happening again in the future.

    It is clear that Libertarian Sarvis benefited from McAuliffe’s aggressive attacks on Cuccinelli over social issues. Sarvis allowed voters to protest both McAuliffe’s corrupt progressivism and Cuccinelli’s perceived social dogmatism.

    Cuccinelli is great on economic issues, and no Libertarian would deny it. But I think in general Republicans need to address these leftist claims about birth control and sodomy laws head on. The positions many social conservatives are either taking or leaving open to interpretation nowadays are not compatible with garnering winning majorities from the general public.

    Republican candidates need to forcibly stand up and say: “No, I will not outlaw birth control. No, I will not outlaw consensual bedroom activity. These are Democrat smears.” That would go a long way. Of course, in order to say that, we have to make sure our candidates don’t actually want these draconian restrictions on personal freedoms. But hopefully that shouldn’t be too hard.

    We win on national security, the economy, and energy. But people won’t even listen if they think we’re gonna take away their birth control.

    • If a republican would voice your sentiments then why would we want him in office? A moral code is what we need in any elected official. We lost because the democrat machinery bought and paid for a libertarian candidate. The amoral deviants who do not want any social rules at all voted lockstep with this phantom candidate. What we need to do is play the Chicago way. Next election we need to support the Communist Party candidate before the distinction between Democrat and Communist completely disappears.

      • Presumably we would want him in office so that he can govern responsibly, restructure unsustainable budgets, privatize inessential government services, liberalize business regulations, lower taxes, cure blight, and put an end to crony contracts and corruption. At least that’s why I want Republicans in office.

        No Republican could actually outlaw birth control. He couldn’t even get a majority of his own party to go along with such a scheme. I certainly wouldn’t. That’s ridiculous and most of us know it. So all the issue remains as is a scare tactic in the left’s arsenal, and a powerful one at that.

        They use it to scare away women voters and sympathetic men. Something like 85% of reproductive aged women either use the pill or have used it in the past. It’s a part of the modern way of life. Many couples rely on it. Talking about banning it, or letting the left accuse you of wanting to ban it, is crazy, and we need candidates who will definitively refute the accusation.

      • That is precisely why Goldwater lost big and why Reagan won by landslide margins … No one is talking about taking birth control away but [email protected] we are talking about NOT paying for it! As for Sodomy laws we would be winning the elections more if we had candidates with enough guts to stand up and say that homosexuality is a deviant behavior. Do what you want but it is not a protected class in fact you can’t adopt children nor can you teach them, nor can you be in any profession that comes near them, that is child abuse and we will not tolerate it!

      • You may not be talking about banning birth control, but others are. Open your ears. This is a common Democrat talking point.

        Hormonal birth control prevents fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterine wall. Around 85% of women have used this. An element of the Republican Party advocates a specific interpretation of the pro-life stance called “Personhood” or “life from conception.” As innocent as this sounds, translating this view into law would ban hormonal birth control because it prevents the implantation of fertilized eggs.

        While banning hormonal birth control may not be the intention of Republicans who advocate this position, it is a logical implication of what would happen. Democrats have been hammering this issue non-stop for years. It scares people.

        Be pro-life if you want. And please do insist that people pay for their own medical treatment, including birth control. But we need politicians who will refute the claim that they will ban hormonal birth control. This is a draconian regulation and makes considering sound Republican positions on economics and national security a nonstarter for many people.

  32. Mr. West wrongly assumes that republicans (like McCain) really want to LEAD the USA in a better way. I loved (not) the way there was such great support for their candidate in the governor’s race in Virginia. It was just slightly better than their help for Sharon Angle’s race in Nevada a few years ago. But we all better face the fact that our younger generation LEARNED in all their educational pursuits that we “owe them” and they will continue to support anyone who offers to “give” them everything.

  33. As a conservative Independent I will vote for a track record every time. I was in tears when I cast my vote for Romney, and McCain before that. No more. From now on I vote for whom ever is the best canidate….win or lose.

    • There was no better man for the job than Gov. Romney. He had a history or working with the opposition, a decades-long career as a problem solver and he was a genuinely good human being – likely the best one that we have seen in politics in a while.
      Because Romney didn’t pass some people’s test of conservatism (impossible, being a successful governor of Mass.) less people showed up to vote for him – he received fever GOP votes than McCain.
      How’s that working out?
      Suppose Christie runs against Clinton, and Rand Paul survives the media attempt to geld him with the most recent plagiarism accusations and runs as a third party candidate?
      Would you vote for Rand Paul and ensure a Clinton victory?

      • I’d hope Rand Paul would not be that stupid. I would have Christie over any Dem, even if he’s not my favorite conservative. We HAVE to remember that in national politics, third party is NOT an option. Someone has to get more than 50% to win.

      • the problem with your comments is you think like a Rino. Romney was not the best we had to choose from, and Christie is so far removed from being a republican much less a conservative republican. I do agree on one thing you eluded to the RINOS will run Christie for president, and once again the conservatives will stay home in masses. The republican establishment can’t or choose not to see that you must have a candidate that will bring out both parts of the republican party.

  34. I told you so! In my messages yesterday, where you people poo-poo’d me and thought that Cucinelli would just wipe McAullife out of existence—PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I hope this was your wake up call. I doubt it though, because I’m dealing with a bunch of GOP people who still say, “Hey, we could win in 2014”. NO WE CAN’T!! That’s the whole point. Last night’s election was a snapshot of what is coming. Look, we didn’t think it was imaginable for Barack Obama to win once–let alone TWICE! But to me, it was blatantly obvious what was going on here. We have a very stupid, brainwashed electorate and they will continue voting for the Democrats. We (the GOP) **will** lose the House in 2014—guaranteed. We **will* lose the White House in 2016. And of course, we won’t come anywhere near winning the Senate in 2016. So that means 100% Democrat control of EVERYTHING. That also means instant illegal amnesty. And what does that mean boys and girls? It means Democrats FOREVER—the GOP is gone. Thanks to Bohner and McConnell, we are now completely irrelevant. The GOP will never be a majority party again—-EVER. I don’t mean to be the party pooper, but I’m trying to shed light on the truth of what is happening. As long as we keep thinking, “Hey, maybe we’ll win this one!”—-we will never win!!! Something radical has to happen. Radical, radical change must happen in order for us to win. We’ve got to DUMP all of the RINO’s, DUMP the “establishment Republicans”, we’ve got to form our own PAC’s against people like Karl Rove who actively work behind the scenes to trash the Tea Party candidates and ANY conservative who runs anywhere. Reince Preibus and the GOP are USELESS—-they do not support conservatives. They only support jerks like John McCain and his ilk. SOMETHING MUST CHANGE, BECAUSE WE ARE DOOMED AND THE SOCIALISTS ARE TAKING OVER!!!!! It makes me so sad, I don’t have words for it.

  35. When the GOP starts running Winning Candidates who are devoted to the principles Col. West identifies…..then we shall start winning. Until then, as proven by the lack of support given to Cucinelli by the GOP then we shall see similar results. It was not the “shutdown” that swayed the race but the fact once again the Republican/Conservative Voters stayed home. That resulted from the lack of money available to the Candidate to use in getting out the vote. The GOP at the National Level has got to start supporting crucial races JUST AS THE DEMOCRATS DO!

    Sadly, unless you are an Establishment GOP Candidate…..that does not happen. If their Candidate is not the person running against the Democrat…..the GOP RINO’s withhold their support and we can see the result…..just as in Virginia yesterday.

    That is why I have removed my support from the GOP…..totally.

    They don’t support Tea Party Candidates when they win the Primaries…..I with hold my support from the GOP…..one day they will accept they have to give up their control of the Party and embrace the Conservative Movement in this Country…..or they shall be just background noise.

  36. Why did the GOP stop supporting Cuci, the last 5 weeks? The GOP are POS’s. GOP will Nevr, I mean Never get another penny from me. They are a bunch of cowards. As is Karl Rove. We could had a Repug as Gov if they help Cuci out. Shame on all of you.

    • You are right. What happened to “public servants?” Most politicians, Democrats and Republicans, are after power and they will support whatever cause they think will help them obtain that power. That’s why so many RINO’s are what they are. They think if they support the same thing the Democrats do, people will like them, but the Democrats are the darlings of the media irregardless of how much Republicans try to court them.

  37. the GOP is done, it’s called capitulation,,,,,we have regressed into a ONE party system, the entitlement folks are in the majority now, either accept it or walk the walk, the talk is way overrated.

  38. No one is refuting these enemies of the Republic. They are not being effectively called out and publicly discredited. The Marxists in this country use lies to discredit their opponents, how much stronger would effectively delivering the truth be? 1st Sgt is absolutely correct!
    @ Wolf; what we lack in this country is a leader, one who is not corrupted by the mind-set of political correctness. A leader that is willing and able to stand and call a lie a lie, without mincing words. I don’t see anyone on the horizon who can fill this void; not Cruz, not Paul,and not Rubio. While I feel these are good men and would certainly be able to carry water for a true leader (one who’s Constitutionally based), their gentlemanly natures hinders their effectiveness. I hope Col. Allen West doesn’t mind me using this quote from his blog…” The progressives are hyped up right now but Republicans need to heed the lesson I learned from former Marine First Sergeant Jim Reinfinger, “if you ever find yourself in a fair fight, its because your tactics suck.”

  39. I love Colonel West but I’m afraid that HC is our next president. You heard it here first and YES Americans ARE that stupid! Boehner is not going to convene ANY hearings on Benghazi. Doesn’t have the balls. She will get a pass as she has so far from the press and will easily defeat ANY of the “Establishment” candidates. This “Establishment” is responsible for McCain and Romney. Need I say more? Due to the LACK of leadership and support (as shown in the Cuccinelli debacle) it is highly likely that the Dems will control the House and senate for Dear Leader’s last 2 years. If so we may never as a nation recover from the damage. Until things change in the party leadership and the RINOs that are in charge now are swept away, Republicans have made their last try at winning in 2012. They have totally gone away from the principles of small government and capitalism that the party was founded upon. Welcome to the USSSA!

    • Ag8tor I do not like one thing you wrote, not one thing however I too believe that 2014 will define America for decades to come, and when the illegals are given citizenship we will for see the end of our two party system and what is the saddest part of this is the Republican will vote for their legislation which will then be their end. So fitting!

  40. Cucinelli was abandoned by the Republican establishment and money the same way they will be abandoned by the votes of social conservatives. You are correct “we won’t get fooled again” ( must be careful with these quotations for Rachel ).

  41. We in Kentucky have a RINO that will be going down come May. His name is Mitch McConnell. I’m a lifelong Republican that will be voting against him, as many others I know will be doing the same. Game over Mitch!!

  42. Well the only person who can win and beat Hillary is Dr Ben!He is well respect in the black community and could get a big chunk of that vote.But with the Republicans fighting the tea party they will never win a election again period!
    I have been a Republican for over 40 years and now can not stand the RINO’S and they would rather lose the election than see a tea party supported man win. Really no difference in Rebublican and Democrats they are al serving for them selves instead of the people.
    Don’t believe that just look at the Obamacare perks for them and staff and the folks pay the bill!
    It is a good thing for the Obamacare to co9ntinue and maybe some of the Liberitain floks will see the light.
    A 3 rd party is in order and tyhe Tea Party shoulld orgainize to form a third party.True they probably can’t win but neither can the Republicans.Which are no different that the Democrats.
    Look at the leaders of the Rebublicans,McConnell,Bhoener,UGH!!Both Dipsticks!!!

  43. Actually Allen, I believe the best approach is to let the Democratic Party self destruct. Their main problem is their arrogance. America is a hell-of-a lot smarter then they give her credit for. Obama has one of the lowest approval ratings in the History of our Country. I’m sure this will continue. People don’t like being forced to buy any product in this Country to start with. Than when they lose what they had and can’t get through to buy more only to be fined because they don’t have it! The question has to be asked. Are we looking at another Armed Uprising? Forty Years ago for sure! But, I think the American People will wait this Administration out than, put the Democratic Party out to Pasture…

    • The problem with just letting the Democratic Party self destruct is that the destruction of our country will continue until and if that happens. As for America being smarter than they give her credit for, the liberal/progressives have dumbed down our education system for decades just for this cause, and the result was that she elected this traitorous tyrant twice. I doubt the Democrats are going anywhere. Before Ronald Reagan was elected it was said that the Republican Party was done for, and afterwards Republicans were saying the Democratic Party was finished. One thing we need to understand because it is certain that no civilization lasts forever. We can do our best to make it last another generation or so though.

  44. Honestly, I think the Republicans are there just to pump up Democrats and make the shame look real. There is NO Republican leadership! The whole time the Obamacare debacle is happening we hear almost nothing from the Republicans. While the Democrats define Republicans as mean spirited, racists, homophobes the leadership is silent. When we have true conservative leaders stand up and speak out the establishment Republicans are beating them up and denying them funding. I have had it with them. I am NOT sending another dime to support a political joke. It is time to act like an opposition party and stand up for the rich and proud history the Republicans were founded under.

  45. Three facts that I would point out: 1. Christie will never hold a Republican office outside of N J. He could flip and possibly win as a democrat. 2.Hillary will never live down, Benghazi. She is unelectable, the media only points out their own ineptness by pretending they think she can.. 3. The Tea party now owns the Republican Party. We are about to witness one of the largest purges in the history of American Politics.. The Tea Party will oust all of their, Fence Sitters, and Rhinos.. This next election will determine the fate of this, once great nation..

  46. First, you’re right but let me add this. The RNC will has never, and will never get a dime from me for this reason. We have candidates that we like, and time and time again, the RNC picks the people THEY like. People lost and continue to lose faith in our election process because the few bucks we send to our candidates is lost with all the big bucks coming from all of the big bundler outside groups.

    More importantly, we cannot compromise our values and principles. Christie, won only because he is in a Blue state and make no mistake about that. The erosion of our Country is happening almost on a daily basis and the only way to stop it, is to vote.

  47. Washington will NEVER fix itself. We the people have been fighting a 2 front war for almost 100 years now (Federal and State). We NEED to tame the Federal beast so that we can all concentrate on the state ones. Here is how we do it… http://www.ConventionofStates.com Check them out…READ the information. Stop bellyaching and get into the fight!

  48. Another prime example on why I left the GOP. It’s a war on Conservatives by the Elites and I will have no part in it. I will donate money to Democrats running against RINOs, I will vote for a Democrat against a RINO or a Judas like Rubio. True conservatives must play hard ball with the Progressives (RINOs) running the GOP and vote them out either at the Primary levels or at the general elections. Progressives are already doing this against Tea Party GOPers like Cucinelli by supporting the Progressive Democrat in order for Conservatives to lose elections. It’s time to return fire against the betrayers and do the same against them. It’s time for the Tea Party leaders to organize and do the same what is being done against conservatives.

  49. Thank You Col for point out what I have been saying for years- “Right now, the GOP and conservatives should be talking about solutions and what they are for – instead the American people are focusing solely on what they are against.” Sweet mother of God, The RNC has totally flubbed our message. One of the things that doesn’t help is mis-naming the Health Care Act O’bama Care- its not just his plan IT WAS THE DEMOCRATES that passed the bill, NOT one republican voted for it. DEMOCRAT CARE- is what we should be calling this Charlie Foxtrot.

  50. I understand that “the Party” is an identifying indicator of ideology, but party loyalty has taken the place of our patriotic senses. I’m not sure there ever was a time when our elect was placing country before self, but there was a time when country was close to the forefront of the elected minds. Now, I fear, that the destructive forces have been moving forward so aggressively and negatively that the former shadow of our republic is being shined out by the light of loathing, party serving loyalists. A fine example is the way the tea party has been displayed as racist – yet if one studies the educational credentials of the tea party then one might pause to consider the sub-parties plight (yes, there is a correlation between education and racism. Studies have shown that more educated people are considerably less inclined to embrace racial beliefs). What will it take to pull both parties back to patriotism? I speak of both parties, here. The rift between the GOP and traditionalists is about patriotism. The GOP embraces party loyalty where the tea party embraces the tradition of american ideology and the reasoning behind the fashion our government was formed and embraced as a true, free nation ruled by the peoples of this nation. I weep as liberty is raped and we are forced to sit idly by and called extremists for our tears. When there is such a hard rift between the ruling parties and masses are gathered in protest, be it truckers, bikers, or those that have served this country so bravely – and these masses are viewed with dismissive contempt – something is very wrong and we are falling in a downward spiral of self-defeat as a nation. The powers in charge of the executive branch don’t meet and ponder the reasoning behind the protests and concern. The members of the house and senate fold under the pressure of the mighty vote instead of their patriotic duty to serve the nation as a whole, but instead view the parties as separate tiers and chose sides. There no longer remains a meeting of the minds, but instead a meeting of discordance and mayhem. We are the people, we are the ruling ones. That no longer seems to matter, however. Our president golfs at his leisure and views his subjects with contempt and disdain. We are cast aside with a whim and a sneer and viewed as an obstacle instead of the primary reason he sits on his throne of ivory, self-obsessing his grandeur. And the patriots of this country are forced to bask in this grime. Until we unite, and scream with fervor and rage, “we will not tolerate those that serve to treat us in this manner,” then we will slither in cowardice into the annals of history as the reason this once great nation fell. It will be the shame of its citizens.

  51. If you look at the election map of Virginia, you will see it is all Red. The only Blue spots are around the large cities. It is like that in most states. The city’s are controlling the results of these elections. If that Libertarian would not have run, the Tea Party would have won the day.

    • Virginia is a microchasm of national electoral politics. You’ll see the same thing in Ohio and Florida, for example.

      Sea of Red with splotches of Blue, but the blue has the dependent class….errr…more voters.

  52. ” If House Speaker John Boehner would support Virginia Congressman Frank
    Wolf’s H.Res 36 calling for a select committee on Benghazi, it will be
    the end of Hillary Clinton”
    I think its pretty obvious John Boehner has sold his sole and has been PAID OFF.

  53. Col. West,
    You speak about the third party ensuring a democrat win but really with the GOP being run the way it is and Speaker Boehner being totally useless for true conservatives, I for one refuse to vote for the slightest lesser of the two evils. I will vore for a third party but when you really look at it, we don’t have a two party system right now in America and you being a true conservative is why you aren’t in office.

  54. Colonel West is a Brilliant man with relevant and head-on insight! I believe that he is absolutely correct in his assessment of last night’s losses and the current status of the Republican party. The effect of the Libertarian Party is destructive because they are too small to WIN, but large enough to take away a win from the Republicans….something to think about.

  55. Exactly right, Col. West! 3rd Party Candidate in VA assured a Dem. win. To think that most voters voted against McAwful and he still wins. Shaking my head…when will Republicans learn?? PLEASE RUN IN 2016, Col. West!! We need you and your tactics!!

  56. Colonel West – I mostly agree with your assessment except that regarding Chris Christie. Where Christie differs from Romney is his dynamic personality. Romney was too forgiving and too much thinking he was above the fray. Christie will engage and argue, he calls out the press. His style has won many over. His thing with Obama during the Sandy storm aftermath was well thought out as he did what he needed to get the federal assistance for his state. I think he would make a strong aggressive and good Republican candidate and extremely fiscal conservative.

    • Good arguments and well thought out. Reminds me a lot of a Republican candidate in 2012. Newt Gingrich…took on the press, argued and engaged…and the conservative media dismissed him and called him “bombastic”. I agree that Christie has a dynamic personality. But can we please discontinue emphasizing personality over policy. I understand Barack Obama has a great personality and he can dance…but I would not trust him with my checkbook. Its time we gave the voters substantive policies to vote for…and leave the personality contest to American idol.

      • Chris – I think the difference is that Chris Christie is a fiscal conservative. He has proven that with the SONJ budget and budget process. I agree with you on voting on the personality but, I think Christie is more then a personality and he has proven it in his 1st 4 years as GONJ

    • Good argument, BUT all of Christies shenanigans helped lower the vote for Romney AND the many of the people of New Jersey affected by Sandy are still living in shelters. Christie didn’t really fight for NJ, he fought for his own personal benefit and we saw the results in yesterdays election. Christie won many new Democrat voters and lost many conservative voters.

      • I am born and raised Jersey boy – 62 years, I moved to Pa. when retired from SONJ government job. I worked very hard as IT specialist and many of my later projects are still functioning. I worked under 3 Republican governors, Kean, Whitman and Christie. NJ Republicans are a different breed, must placate the Democrats to get anything done. Jon Corzine was probably the absolute worst Gov. that I ever worked under. The Dems always brought the state to its knees and caused all kinds of fiscal issues. The (NJ) Republicans always assisted in prosperity for the state. My thoughts (as a conservative) are, Hillary Clinton or, Chris Christie. I will take Christie and his semi conservative views but, a strong leader. As much as I like Ted Cruz, he will never get the nomination. The real conservatives don’t seem to be able to gather the vote to push their candidate. If Ted Cruz won the nominations, yes, I would be excited but, unfortunately in this country with the left leaning liberals would make up all kinds of BS regarding Cruz and sabotage his campaign.

  57. Col. West, I have a lot of respect for you, but I think you missed a big reason why Cuccinelli lost, and it wasn’t the libertarian, and it wasn’t Demographics and the shutdown. The race was still a squeaker- and one that could have been pushed over the top except that the GOP establishment is all-in with the RINO strategy and they hung Cuccinelli out to dry because they’d rather give the state away than allow a conservative TEA Party candidate a win. Now we have information that in addition to the fact the RNC abandoned Cucinelli, Christie refused to campaign for him, but that Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s chief of staff helped give the race to the Democrat. We might have to lose a few elections to get the message across, but I think it’s high time we defund the GOP, and we stay home unless we have a conservative candidate. Because if that’s the game we’re gonna play- then I’d rather give the power to the real Democrats and preserve the GOP brand for bigger, more meaningful victories down the road. Let the RINOs know- you CANNOT WIN without us. We won’t let you.

    • I just typed this exact thought on another web page. I’d rather lose than put another RINO into office. Its high time the ESTABLISHMENT GOP learned a lesson. We want CONSERVATIVES in office. This was my comment “I
      have thought long and hard today about what occurred in VA. I have now come to
      one conclusion, that conclusion being this. I will no longer vote for ANY RINO.
      If that means we lose elections then we lose elections. Its time for us to send
      a message to
      the Establishment Republicans that we only want CONSERVATIVES (not lite lefties)
      in office. Cucinellie could have won but the ESTABLISHMENT GOP abandoned him. I
      suggest anyone who really believes in CONSERVATISM follow this plan of action.
      Hopefully the GOP will realize the folly of their choices and stand behind

      • And both of you, with your selfish “I’d rather lose than not get my way”, is one of the main reasons we do not have a right leaning government. Sure, I’d prefer a true conservative too and the time to work hard to get one is during the primary. If your candidate goes down, then it is time to regroup and support the most conservative candidate that can win! THEN keep your boot on is neck until he sees things your way! We’ve seen the end results of losing elections…it’s time to win, even if we aren’t going to have it 100% our way!

      • Selfish? NO, I am NOT selfish. The FACT is the GOP need to learn a lesson. Apparently doing it YOUR way hasnt worked, has it? NO. They need to start listening to US. I work my butt off every single day for this party. EVERY DAY!!! We do not have a right leaning government because too many people like YOU are willing to take the scraps they throw us.

        Sorry, I am not willing to take the scraps any longer.

      • Sometimes, you just have to pick the least of the evils to keep the worst of the evils out. Romney was not my favorite, but Hell, he was a much better choice than Obuma, was he not?

      • Yes, I voted AND campaigned for Romney. I volunteered many hours for his election. Here is the problem, the GOP establishment does NOT listen to the little people. There were many things that could have been accomplished but were not. They just refused to listen when we told them where the problems are.

        They need to learn a few lessons. We will keep losing elections if they continue to not listen.

  58. The GOP needs a smart tactician…like Colonel Allen West! Re Chris Christie, frankly, I worry about his health and weight, don’t you? (I know he’s trying… and he needs to continue.) BTW he won his 2nd term in N.J., as expected, but let’s not assume anything for 2016! First things first though: Must take the Senate in 2014! I think the main thing for the GOP is tactics. Also making sure that the elections are truly fair, honest and reliable: from voter registration to vote counting. Voter ID won’t solve everything, but should make it more difficult to commit voter fraud!

  59. This is what the conservative platform needs to promote-Education! Self reliance! It’s okay if you need a hand up, but not acceptable to live on handouts. Teach the young to think & problem solve. Teach them to respect their bodies! Don’t make abortion illegal, but get people educated to prevent pregnancies & streamline adoption so that we can work towards making it unnecessary! Start health care reform with improving medicare. We pay into it all our working lives, so invest it wisely & maybe let it cover glasses & hearing aids since most of us need them when we get old! Improve Social Security! You take more out of my paycheck than I put in my 401k, but my 401k has more potential! So fix it or let people privatize their retirement. Just a few complex ideas..

  60. “WOMEN” win the election for Democrats – because conservatives keep talking about “sex” (abortion, contraceptives, “free stuff” for women). Republicans always say something “stupid” which the “media bias” blows up! Conservatives need to focus on JOBS – financial security vs financial disaster – future of our children – FREEDOM – el al! The democrats are dividing US into the VERY RICH (via cronyism – tax breaks) and the “give me free stuff” who vote for more free stuff. The “MIDDLE “WORKING” CLASS is being eliminated!!

  61. Simply bumper sticker messages work, and the Dems use them well. Remember 1964 “in your heart you know he’s right” (Barry Goldwater), countered by a very clever Democrat “In your guts you know he’s nuts”….”A chicken in every pot” (Herbert Hoover 1928)…..Try “$1.90 Gas in Every Tank” for 2014-16.

  62. If the GOP puts Christie forward for 2016, they have not learned a thing from 2012. An east cost moderate cannot win a national election. Mass and NJ are not representative of the country as a whole. If Christie is on the ticket, just like in 2012 the conservatives will stay home and the dems will win again. It would be a huge strategic failure.

  63. Does everyone realize? We have a very important election 11/2014? Are we focusing on new GOP representatives we will elect, to replace these Dems who are up for re-election? I’m not a “registered” GOP or Dem; but I realize in order to UNITE CONGRESS, and push through many of the issues of our conservatives – who’ve been not represented since 2006 – We CAN get a GOP majority in Congress – repeal ACA and Impeach O. All we have to do IS VOTE 11/2014.

  64. Allen, I fully agree with your assessement that Republicans and Conservatives need to focus on what they are FOR and what their solutions are. The American people need to KNOW this. The 1994 Contract with America told the American People EXACTLY what the Republicans stood for and how they would proceed if elected. The Voters gave them a chance with that clear vision and it worked!

    I also agree the Republicans lack strategic leadership and vision. For far too long the incumbent RINOs of McCain, McConnell, Boehner and many others are listening to the Progressive Media as to “how Republicans should be or they will never win”. This is BS. They need to listen to strong Republicans with principles about the ideas they have and how to move forward. Ted Cruz is one strong leader, You are another.

    This divisiveness between Republican establishment and Tea Party members is bad blood the media are happy to perpetuate it. It helps keep the reigns of power locked up with Progressives. I dissed Peter King because he attacked members of his own party. I will never support him (thought I supported his hearings on Muslims and CAIR).

    We need you to be one of those people with strategic vision and leadership in a place where you will do the most good. You should consider running for Republican Party Leadership.

  65. The end game – no matter what- is to get rid of Democrats. So it does’t matter whether you are for Republican, Independent or Tea Party. Please vote for the one who has the chance of winning. End game Democrats out! Those Libertarians in VA make me mad. I respect you are a Libertarian and what they stand for but he had NO chance of winning. Should have thrown your votes to Cucinelli simply to get the Democrat out. The Libertarian got its campaign money from a liberal bundler. Democrats know that 3 parties only splits the Republican vote.

    • Cuccinelli doesn’t stand for what a libertarian stands for, so why vote for someone that doesn’t support the reasons why I am voting? The GOP is killing itself from within due to aligning themselves with the Tea party, and losing the libertarian vote is part of that death process.

      • The libertarian vote can’t be depended upon under any circumstance. You guys jump ship for a liberal plant at the snap of a hat.

        You do nothing but issue demands and disrupt, undermine, then vote third party anyways. No matter how conservative the candidate, no matter how many gestures and concessions are made to get the “libertarian vote”. So what exactly is it that you bring to the table ?

        Nothing but trouble. You’re a cancer. A cancer that needs to be cut the F out.

      • Well neither did the supposed Libertarian candidate, anyone who thinks Keynesian Economics is how you build an economy, is a liberal, PERIOD.
        The problem is no one bothered to check into this guy, they just voted for him as they were sick of the Repubs spinelessness

  66. Sir, I had just written a lengthy post for comment here then erased it. I am sure it is recorded anyway. If any and I mean any RINO is selected by the republican Party to represent us in the 16 election I will not vote republican. I won’t of course vote Dem. I may not vote at all. What would the difference be? There is no difference. So why not vote your conscience. Someone like Christie is no better than a Dem. So yes I will vote third party because it wont matter if this is the way it plays out. Then I wild barricade my door be prepared and wait for the gestapo to arrive. At least the first one through the door will regret it.

  67. The Republicans are going nowhere playing “Mr. Nice Guy” that worked in politics years ago, they don’t get it that they are playing against Chicago thug style politics and getting their heinies kicked by the bullies every time they turn around. Why did they let the Democrats pull the third party stunt in the Cuccinelli-McAuliffe race without finding out and publicizing who was supporting the supposed Libertarian? Why are they treating the Tea Party as enemies? The Republicans today are one of the best allies the Democratic party can have – they will just stand by and watch the Democrats take over the country one step at a time….

  68. Why in the world don’t third party candidates wake up? They have allowed socialist, progressives to take important seats that are ruining this country. Would they really rather have Obama or McAuliffe than any conservative? Are they so ego-driven that they would rather sacrifice our country and the Constitution? Jeez!

    • As long as its a TRUE 3rd PArty, and not like what happened int his instance, where the Dems gave money so this fake Libertarian could run and pull away votes from Cucinelli.

      But don’t just blame Libertarian/3rd parties for Cucinelli’s loss either, the majority of the blame goes to the Republican party which pretty much abandoned him, and allowed him to be MASSIVELY outspent by the Dems

  69. The only way to get the repubicans elected is to get republicians off their dead asses and get out and VOTE. Embarsed at the turn out for an election of a governors race. What in the world is wrong with people that they can’t fine time to vote???

  70. The candidates aren’t worth their salt. Seriously McCain, then Romney??? Give us Allen West/Ben Carson and I’ll RUN to the polls.


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