The real reason for Obamacare: You’re not smart enough

On Sunday I watched Fox News with Chris Wallace and was riveted to the opening segment interview with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of former Obama Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

Listening to Dr. Emanuel it was clear why millions of Americans have been receiving notices canceling their private healthcare plans. Emanuel does not believe individual American citizens are capable of making their own choices concerning their healthcare. And neither does the government.

Do you recognize how threatening the situation is in America? Obamacare, in reality the government, now mandates that you personally must purchase a private sector commodity — in this case healthcare insurance — or be taxed. Our government is now engaging in behavior modification by taxation. It sets a dangerous precedent that the government now has the power to tell you what is best for your most personal decision — your healthcare. Where does it end?

This is the greatest intrusion into the private lives of Americans in our history. And you might recall Thomas Jefferson wrote a little document detailing the intrusive nature of government, which established the United States of America.

This Tuesday there will be an election for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General in the state that gave us President Thomas Jefferson. Terry McAuliffe and the other progressive socialist candidates running believe such as Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, and of course Barack Obama, that government has every right to mandate your life. I tend to believe that Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Mason, and Henry would not support any Democrat running today in Virginia. Which begs, the question why is anyone voting for them now?

Perhaps someone should explain ex post facto law to Dr. Emanuel which retroactively changes the legal consequences of actions committed or of existing relationships before the enactment of the law.

The doctor sees nothing wrong with the fact that after passage of the Affordable Care Act (passed of course with non-standard procedures in the Democrat-controlled House and Senate) changes were made by the Obama administration ex post facto to the grandfather clause, saying that any change to an existing plan would negate the clause.

When asked about the narrow definition of one of these negating conditions, such as change of just $5 to a deductible, Dr. Emanuel dismissed this as a reasonable percentage alteration, comparing it to changing a plank on a ship.

He continued with what seems to be the administration talking point of comparing health insurance to purchasing a car. Emanuel actually believes that President Obama mandating you must have additional coverage, which is not applicable to your life, is similar to buying a car without airbags or seat belts. How absurd!

My friends, we are witnessing the slow, steady creep of tyranny in our country and we must wake up and stop it.


    • Unfortunately, there have been so many Americans decimated by the economic policies of this self-serving government this opportunity, rather golden or not, is being received with open arms.

  1. How, Mr. West? How do we stop it? Elections? Voting? Sounds good, but who do we replace current politicians with? More of the same? Until there is no money or power in politics, we will continue on the path we are currently on. Pay politicians what teachers are paid and then we will see who wants the job because they fell the need to fill a civic duty and who is there for the money.

    • I believe my Senator and Representative would both still run for their offices. They both were well-off to start with and my Senator put a lot of his own money into the campaign because he actually did want to make a difference in the way Washington is run. I think slowly but surely his heart is being broken but he’s in there slugging away.
      He made two votes that Conservatives didn’t like (He’s a Tea Party candidate) so now they’re all after him like a pack of rabid dogs and calling him a RINO. He explained why he voted the way he did and it wasn’t because he turned his coat or wasn’t staunch enough to stand up to others. Many of these votes are simply not what they appear to average citizens. In that group I include myself.
      Until people stop picking holes in every single candidate we will never get even fair candidates. Who wants to run and put themselves through all the misery they receive from those who elected them? There will be no perfect people running this government until the Second Coming at which time we won’t have to worry about governments.

  2. Tell me Colonel, how do we stop it? We have voiced opposition to no avail. It is easy to see why they think we are not smart enough to pick our own health care. Look at who we elected as President.

    • Whoa, hoss, carefully where you point the word “we”. I didn’t vote for that crook currently occupying the White House, and I’d imagine that most of the folks that come to Col. West’s page didn’t either.

    • How do we fix it? We go face to face with the 50% of voters who regularly sit out elections! We go wake up and educate even 10% of them and we get House and Senate, then we get White House, and we rip to shreds every vestige of the Obama legacy, that’s what we do!

  3. As the bodies start stacking up people may start to wake up. Hopefully it isn’t too late. At this point the only way to make sure your family has healthcare is to not make too much money (I know, has a socialist ring to it). And if like me you require specialist to keep you alive you really should be planning your funeral requirements.

  4. This is what liberals look like with their masks off. As O’Reilly just figured out recently, the ends justify the means with them. They will do anything and everything it takes to forward their agenda, and they have nothing but disgust and disdain for those of us who live by free will.

    The only way to defeat them is to stand up to them. We can’t accomplish that if the people that do stand up get shot in the back like Cruz did.

  5. Did anyone else, clearly, catch his opening line? ‘A large number of Americans are receiving health care cancellation notices while the Health Care line was down. So unless there remains some kind of grace period allowed by the cancelling company, many people who were covered by their provider before Obamacare are now uninsured. Now because of the option of people having to turn to Obamacare, many of those previously insured are being cast to the wolves. Yes, this man may be a Savior to many, but still, and never will, be mine. He only seeks to enslave the once freedom loving American people.

  6. Too many folks already on the bandwagon thinking that they are getting a better deal. The rheotoric spewed forth on the television for so many years has taken hold. Hard to change the course of the ship when the captain controls the intercom, the staff, and the hired help. At every turn, he has managed to back door the legalities of the institution and subvert the foundation of our great nation. I fear that we are soon to be lost, and America the beautiful will become America the manacled.

  7. Good Morning Skipper! Don’t stop; do not change your focus because you are in the x-ring. God speed and stay safe.
    Semper Fi
    Retired Master Sergeant of Marines

  8. nothing new. just more of the same. we are losing. there has been behavior mod by taxation for a very long time. there is a penalty for NOT being married, for instance.

  9. The democrats have packed the government with their socialist Democrats, and Republicans. That’s the problem in America right now. No on truly has representation except the socialists. The only way the TEA Party is going to uproot this atrocity, is if the TEA Party runs on a platform of strict term limits. Two terms for Senate, and four, two year terms for Congress. Then Conservatives need to clean house. We need an actual Conservative party. The Republicans need to stop allowing Democrats to run under a Republican banner. John McCain was a Democrat, But The only way he could win a statewide election in a red state was to run as a Republican, and now we’re stuck with him. The only cure for that is term limits.

      • I’m Hungarian, and when we were trapped behind the iron curtain, I got an intimate introduction to Socialism. Nazi Germany was Socialism. The USSR was socialism. That’s why my family moved to America, because when Socialism starves entire populations because the government needs money, you have to do something to survive. So I do know what Socialism does. Socialism enslaves. I thought America ended Slavery. Everyone thinks socialism is a good idea at first, because the way it is sold to them, but when socialism takes hold; the ones who don’t enjoy the benefits of the so called benefits of socialism, are killed off. American Slavery was socialism. The slaves were fed, offered medical care, and given housing. That’s socialism. Socialism isn’t what you learn in school book. From some teacher who paints it with a pretty brush. Socialism is evil plain and simple, because it creates mob rule; and if your not part of that mob you die, or run away. So tell me where will my family run to?

      • America is the last bastion of freedom. She began her crumble when the Supreme Court that Franklin Roosevelt flipped liberal in mid 1940, banned prayer in public schools (1962), and scripture the following year. America’s children, before the prayer ban, knew more about the Bible than most of todays adults. The way has been prepared for Satan to truly usurp God on earth. This is why God knew Messiah would eventually come. Obama is hastening Messiah’s return. Until, he comes, what can we do but continue to hold the fort, best as we can. That it is now being overrun by Satan’s earthly minions, says time is growing very short.

        According to Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church in Texas; the church will be gone when all hell breaks loose; and in this day and age that’s exactly what I like to hear, and I do believe Pastor Hagee has correctly explained the following end time passage in a recent television sermon:

  10. It seems his way or no way. This is socialism ! You can cut it or you can dice it is still socialism. He says we have to pay for those who can’t pay for it, isn’t that what we do now. This all sucks!

  11. I just don’t understand. Obama has been a community organizer, was elected President by those who want as many freebies as possible and now he thinks his government can run everything because he has so dame much experience! Nothing he had done, bail outs, Salindra (sp), The IRS scandal, Benghazi and now Obamacare has not turned out well for him or the country. We need to take our country back before it is to late! We need to stop all this crap he is forcing on us and show him WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE………..PERIOD. Lets start with the Virginia elections this coming Tuesday!

  12. Why didn’t the complete lives system come up in this conversation? Dr. Emanuel wrote it. You know that the complete lives system, is the blueprint for which the ACA will be implemented.

      • Just do a quick search of “The Complete Lives System” You will understand then. It basically says anyone under 15, and over 40 have a life that is worth less than everyone else. In other words if you are not at an age where you can be considered productive you are expendable.

      • I see. Of course, dealing with our elderly parents we are already seeing how Medicare will not pay for certain procedures if you are over a certain age. My orthopedic surgeon is telling his patients that if you need a joint replacement and you are still under 70 you better get one because soon Medicare will not allow this procedure for people they deem unlikely to live for the full useful life of the artificial joint.

        And BTW, I saw the interview with Dr. Emanuel and Chris Wallace. With that guy’s money and connections, you would think he could find a decent DENTIST!!! I’d be embarrassed to appear in public looking like that. Of course, I’d be embarrassed to appear in public spouting his clueless Nazi ideology too.

  13. We should have just signed everyone into MEDICARE. That’s what most of us do when we reach 65 years old. This system is up and running all they had to do here is fix the parts that need fixing. The people are there in place, you didn’t need to hire new people to run a new system. Obamacare is socialism at its best. Gun control is next. They will take away term limits on the president so he can continue to be president. They need to put term limits on congress. Then we’ll see wants to help us or help themselves

  14. We may very well be outnumbered by the American Idol vote. This country is headed to either outright tyranny or a division. Perhaps we should start considering an “Irreconcilable Differences” vote. I don’t want to share the country with people actively seeking to destroy it.

  15. I know things look grim, but we have to fight. We may go down in flames, but we can’t back down. We have to fight in the ways we can and possibly in ways we haven’t imagined in the future. Think about the difficulty of founding this Nation. Surely our trials are not so great. Not usually a cheerleader, but I think my Country is worth it!

  16. Very simple people. Let’s all grow a some balls and not buy any of this extortion insurance and let them try to come after us. they can’t lock all of us up.

  17. The founding fathers would be aghast with the way one group wants to embrace the very reason they fought for freedom! We have gone from one tyrant to self government and back to a group wanting to control us from cradle to grave!

  18. Obamacare was from the beginning entirely a Redistributional Justice system, and has nothing what-so-ever to do with improving or lowering the cost of health care. That is the truth!

    • Indeed, they are very good at dancing around the questions but fooling no one, including Hillary who seemed to be dancing on the four Benghazi graves in her dance: “WHAT difference does it make?!!!!!!

  19. Am I the only one that wants to rip the skin off of Dr. Emanuels’s face!? He continues to LIE and just doesn’t care. Sounds just like you know who!

    • while watching that video it was all I could do to not punch my monitor through the wall! That stinky worm could not shut his yap! And he didn’t make any sense! Saying “it’s the insurance companies deciding to change their plans” Because OBAMBUS ANTI-CARE IS FORCING THEM to change the policies they offer!

  20. they have already stated what religion or not, they have made us buy insurance that we do not want yhey are telling us to drink more water they also tell us whay to eat and what not to eat they are trying to move us from country to city what is next

    • Speaking of Obama’s relatives, have you seen how high Kenya is now ranked on the American Foreign Aid List?

      No.7 Kenya 1,032.10 1,029.50 2.60 24.61

  21. Wasn’t there a revolution started 200 + years ago when unjust laws and taxes came about? Hmm…. No government has the right to force its constituents to purchase something no matter what it is. Obamacare isn’t like car insurance you can’t just click on geico and get rates you can afford….from what I’ve seen and heard from a few friends, this is going to take food off their tables to pay for the difference from what they were paying previously (self employed, had self purchased insurance that would be no longer offered due to changes in healthcare laws). This is not acceptable or reasonable.

    • As was 200 yrs ago..I’m afraid could be again as when it comes down to food or Gov Mandate, food for families will trump out every time. I predict people will just refuse what big Gov has to offer and civilly protest, using already strapped ER’s for health care needs thus ‘rupting the system….and making a crisis that will be dealt with ???

  22. Mr. Ezekiel Emanuel, KISS MY @$$! I am disabled for 34 years and have made many decisions on my health care. A lot of the reason that I am still here. Whom may I ask is making yours? For one I surely will not allow you or the government to say what is best for me. All of you all are crooks and work for another @$$. As if I would trust you and your Chief @$$. Cant wait till you all are out of office. Its been nothing but a nightmare! And you all are the monsters in it!

  23. Just get rid of them ….. all of them. Anyone who voted for this plan is either an idiot or a socialist. DO NOT RESEAT any of those in congress who voted for it. You can find the list of those who did on the internet. Be sure you are enrolling the right people in our next congress. The time is NOW!!!!!!

      • I’ll say the same thing to you that I said to Abby, only stronger. This horrible bill was passed without one Republican voting for it. This attempt to pass a defund law was doomed to failure from the get-go. The Democrats are making sure that the fact that some Republicans voted for cloture stays front and center because it takes Conservative and Republican attention away from them and their nefarious dealings. Please stop with the circular firing squad and concentrate on what the DEMOCRATS are doing to our beloved country.
        BTW, I believe a 28th Amendment would be a good thing for our country.

  24. Having everyone else assume the costs for services or spreading them out has nothing to do with individual responsibility. This man has no concept of what that means.

  25. In this man’s twisted logic all is well and will work out. Even though everything to the contrary says otherwise. This is the ” Death Doctor”…abort babies and allow old sick and handicap die.
    One could say it’s similar to the Nazi death camps. I’m not paying for someone’s abortion nor will I pay for illegal immigrants to have medical care when they have not paid into the system.
    The Death Doctor also said, “Give it a couple of years to get up and running.”
    Truly such an inadequate administration!!!
    My favorite thing to post on anyone’s web page now is
    Then let’s reverse as much of his debacle that can be!

    • To Impeach Obama Now would be great. BUt think about the alternative, we don’t need his puppet (Joe Biden) in his place that would be like “DUMB and DUMBER”, Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire. Just some of the same old Bulls***. Rember to vote, only to get rid of the bleeding heart liberals.

  26. Welcome to The Obamunist’s USSA. That Marxist “hope and change” crap is really going well, isn’t it. We just “hope” we’ll have a little “change” left when these flamers get the hell out of Washington.

  27. Emanuel talked about private insurance companies “cost shifting”. He is saying the same thing about the ACA when he says they need so many people to sign up by March 31 for the ACA to be viable. He is talking out of both sides of his mouth. The only thing different that I can see is the ACA is adding a new layer of costs to health insurance. The private sector is more efficient and always will be.

  28. We can’t stop this—it’s too late, and I’ve lost hope. You mention the Virginia election coming up tomorrow. We all know that the progressive Socialist—Terry McAuliffe—is going to win. It’s a guarantee. He has been spending so much money on anti-Cucinelli ads, saying the usual BS from the left about how conservatives hate gays, hate women, want to outlaw condoms, and all of the usual CRAP—-and people believe it, just like they believe Barack Obama. Sorry to sound so negative, but I’ve lost hope. I think most of us have. Our side has no guts, no leadership, no fight, and we are direction-less. Unless that changes, our party will become an asterisk in history. I’m afraid that we’ve already lost our country. You talk about this being the signs of a tyranny, well I hate to tell you this, but we are ALREADY living in a soft-tyranny. We already have an Imperial president. It has already happened—please don’t talk about “it might happen”—it’s already here!

    • If you’ve given up then you are saying you accept socialism and government control over your life. OR, you are truly an obama socialist and your diatribe was just fodder for the socialist propaganda mill. Either way, that is a very sad statement.

      • Oh Martha, stop already–just stop! “Or, you are truly an Obama socialist”…..geezus, are you really this dumb or are you just acting? Good God.

      • Good Lord, Smitty195. Martha responded in a short paragraph, saying it pretty well as probably is. That you got such a burr in your saddle indicates Martha accurately pin pointed you as one of THEM! If you are one of us, you are certainly no gentleman in your three hostile responses to Martha’s concisely logical observation.

      • Well Good Lord back at ya, Kay! After reading what I wrote, if you can sit there and HONESTLY believe that I am “one of them”, then you’re just as loony tunes as she is. That’s the problem with our side. We can’t even agree on something as simple as this! It’s shocking.

      • Um, excuse me? Allow me to refresh your recollection. You wrote, in part, “….. indicates Martha accurately pin pointed you as one of THEM!”. So you are agreeing with Martha, in that she accurately pin-pointed me as one of “THEM” (your capitalization, not mine). How can you sit there and say “I did not say you are ARE one of THEM” when you said exactly that? I don’t get your type of people…..we don’t need in-fighting on our side—-that has been our problem for years! If you are going to get nit-picky and misquote, misrepresent, and misunderstand someone who actually *is* on your side, then we will get nowhere. And we have done exactly that—look where we stand right now. Our side is worthless, while the other side is highly motivated and organized. There is no great mystery as to what’s going on. I just hope our side realizes it, and stops yelling at people like me who are pointing out, quite accurately, what is going on here.

      • One retort to Martha should have been enough to show your displeasure. Why, come back two more times like a spiteful liberal? I would have ignored the first. That is the gist of this argument that you have morphed into a bigger one. Heed your own words: “we don’t need in-fighting on our side.”

      • Says the person who extends the conversation, doing the exact opposite of what she is suggesting…….(You people crack me up!).

      • You answered my question. You’re a weak, ineffective individual who would sell out his country to avoid any inconvenience in your life. I have no respect for the ignorance of one who would say their country is not worth fight for. Curl up in a ball and let others do the heavy lifting, you’re useless.

      • And Martha, you don’t think we’re already in a soft tyranny? You don’t think this president is an Imperial president? You don’t understand that Obama was elected TWICE by a nation of idiots? You don’t believe that McAuliffe will win in a landslide tomorrow? You don’t believe that the GOP leadership is gutless, clueless, and has no balls? REALLY??? You better wake your ass up, and start looking around you to understand what’s going on.

      • Ya know, I’m really bothered by what you wrote. Why? Because there are so many “Martha’s” out there. You pretend that we’re not in trouble, and you pretend that there is a strong GOP out there somewhere in la-la land that is ready to fight and take this stuff head-on. But that’s just not true—it’s a false narrative, and you have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. There are only a handful—less than a dozen—of Republicans who still have FIGHT left in them and are willing to try to get things right again. People such as Dan Bongino, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and just a few more. But look at the “support” they get from the GOP—THEY DON’T GET ANY SUPPORT. Do you understand that? There was a recent election just a few weeks ago, but I’m drawing a total blank on where it was. But the conservative candidate LOST, because he had ZERO support from the GOP except for the DAY OF the election, that idiot Reince Prebius showed up to stand next to him during a speech. No money spent, no support, NOTHING was thrown his way to help him win. Our side is pathetic—absolutely pathetic. SOMEONE has to tell the truth so that we can stop what is happening to our country!!! We need to kick out jerks like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, the Bopsey Twins on the east coast, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell—they are our worst enemies!

      • Well Martha, here we are after election day—-and exactly what I said would happen…..happened. Are you awake now? Do you and others understand what I”m saying? THIS IS OUR LAST WAKEUP CALL! THIS IS IT!!! The left is going to win election, after election, after election, after election. When they get the House next year (and they WILL get the House), they will have the White House, the Senate, and the House–and there will not be ONE SINGLE PERSON with enough power to stop what they are going to do to this country: AMNESTY. Once they make all of the illegals LEGAL, that’s it—it’s over. They will have a permanent base of Democrat voters that will ALWAYS outnumber us—–A L W A Y S. Do you understand this???? We are in deep, deep trouble. Stop calling friends an enemy (ahem!!!), and now open your eyes, look around you, and figure out what’s going on. PLEASE!!!!! We have almost lost our country. We are “this close”. I don’t know how much clearer I can make things. Did you REALLY HONESTLY believe that the conservative had even a remote chance of winning in Virginia? Because he didn’t—-he had NO chance. You MUST understand what is going on here. If you don’t understand it, and the others don’t understand it, then I might as well throw in the towel now and give up. Just let the Marxists take over, ruin our country, and ruin the greatest country that this planet has EVER seen. I don’t want to give that up—but now I’m thinking that I have to, because OUR SIDE DOES NOT GET IT.

    • You are right. The GOP “insiders” verbally abuse their own publicly and in private. They call them names and try to make them out like idiots. Why? They do so because, as Ted Cruz pointed out regarding on of John McCain’s rebuffs to him, Cruz and the like make McCain, Lindsey, and the others look “squishy.” If it walks like a squish and talks like a squish and smells like a squish, it’s probably a squish. How does one change that, they can only change that themselves (being McCain and Lindsey and their ilk) by growing a spine. They need to go. However, the GOP will not put forward and fund any others like Cruz, Lee, Rand, etc. They will probably try to run the bus over Rand in 2016. I think our best bet, is to find truly Constitutionally sound, freedom minded, fiscally conservative candidates and support them directly rather than going through the GOP. The GOP is going to fritter our money away on unelectable or “squishy” candidates. Let’s find some folks with backbone, decency, and the courage to stand as one for all of us who stand for freedom.

      • One other note: If the federal government will not be responsible to us, we have the Constitutional right and responsibility to override the unConstitutional government abuses. Most of us are hoping we can do this through elections, but if change does not happen soon, we will not have the ability to do what it takes. We will be subjugated.

      • Yes, precisely! And I have never been a proponent of a “third party”, however, I think the time has come. I just don’t see how we can take our party back. If a third “Tea Party” (or similar) were to launch, I think we’d have a very good shot of winning. As we stand now, we have no chance of winning. Everybody is saying that tomorrow’s elections will show what the public “mood-o-meter” is and will give us some insight into 2014. Well, the GOP and Republicans better be sitting down when they get the news, because we are not going to win. That jerk and ex-Clinton buddy is going to win in Virginia. And THAT should tell us exactly where things are heading the next few years!

      • Even if we did have a third party that really distinguished itself, we’d still only have two parties. We may as well go back to the 1800’s version of calling the “one” we have now the “Democratic-Republican” party.

  29. It’s time to over throw the government again! It’s gotten too big for it’s pants. I can’t do it by myself. I’d be committing suicide. Most of you are all talk and no action! Sitting in your cush homes getting fat. Many don’t know what it’s like to scrape for your next dollar or having to live off of canned food and scraps. Having to sell everything you own to survive because all the work is being farmed out overseas because of greedy corporations! The work that is here is provided by picky a++holes that want bachelors degrees furnishing low pay we can barely survive on! Then you have the greedy a++holes that rape the people that go to school charging massive fees in interest to learn a new trade! What’s wrong with this picture????

    • Thomas, you can’t have your cake, and eat it, too. You don’t like the current government, but you DO like the bene’s, and it’s all the fault of “big business”. It was legislated to allow tax breaks, to move jobs overseas, to cripple citizens with welfare, more than a year’s worth of unemployment, then on to Disibility, Medicaid, free cell phones, and all the food stamps you carry away to sell.
      We either accept the status quo, or run them out on a rail, tarred and feathered. None of us can have it both ways.

    • BadOldHag and Bill Robinson, below me understand it’s not the corporations that should be faulted as greedy. The fault rests entirely upon Congress and the unions. Our manufacturing base was driven off shore for several decades by stifling business taxes and stiff regulations imposed by rogue politicians and by ever higher benefits, wages and increasing power as demanded by liberal labor unions in the liberal pocket of the Democrat Party. Being forced into either bankruptcy or moving off shore, in no way makes a corporation greedy.

      In 1959, our manufacturing represented nearly 33% of our economic output. America, the world’s beacon, was humming! But by 2008, the percentage was down to 11.5%. It is time to end Democrats blaming America’s troubles on Republicans. The damage was done before Gingrich led the 1994 Republican Revolution that recaptured Congress for Republicans – for the FIRST time since 1953.

      The following link is to an informative Capitol Hill chart of tremendous value for Republicans that reveals which party has controlled America politics since President Washington. Locate the year 1933 and scroll down to the current Congress. Particularly note the long stretches of complete Democrat control, and that most two year terms were held by huge Democrat majorities. Be assured, this chart is NOT what Democrats want voters to see.

      To see which party has had a lion’s share of control since 1933, click below. It’s a real eye opener. Is, also, explosive ammo to use in getting conservatives to the 1914 polls.

    • I’m sorry Sir I do know what its like to scrape and scrap everything to put food on the table for the children, I know better than most about this, and Yet I am ready t fight the fight,

  30. OBAMAcontrol is just a huge tax on the American people. There is no way a country of over 300 million can comply with the mandates in just a few short months. It was NEVER designed to insure people, but to put money in the socialist coffers of the government. If people do not stand up to this tyranny then WE have no right to complain.

  31. All of the sudden we the people need to be baby sat. He does have a point though we the people elected these corrupt, greedy, idiot, liberals.

    • Yes, “they” did elect these progressive, left-wing, lying Dems. “I” did NOT, and I truly resent having to go along with all the sheeple who DID vote for this corrupt administration. TWICE!!!!! That’s twice the shame on them.

  32. We need to take action not just post comments. We need to focus more on what or who we do want instead of just what we do not want. A good step is getting involved in elections and get the word out about who you do want to hold office. We are just feeding into the belly of the beast with rhethoric. Rise up..lets get moving. Take positive action.

    • We need to see that people can vote, have enough good sense to do so and be certain that the candidate has our best interests as their agenda. Not lining their pockets with money from the Insurance companies and their special interest groups.Need to return to ploicy set forth by our founders, remember why your ancestors came to be and settle a new country. British rule and tyranny

      • Votes! That’s the key, Bill. Enough conservatives stayed home in 2012 to cause loss of the last election; while Obama’s community organizers were a bee hive of activity, dragging in every possible vote, legit or not legit. Our great task is to reach these non voting people with the message of utmost urgency that they not again so shame themselves and let us who worked so hard, down.

    • Amen, C.C. The real power lies in positive thinking, positive words, constructive action, and casting all our faith upon God. If we can’t do that, we will fail. The truth must go out ahead of us, and we must do all we can to get it out there and to follow it. It’s do or die time. Who wants to die having done nothing to preserve our hard fought, hard won freedom, obtained by early patriots who’s blood soaked New England’s soil?

  33. Not until I reached my mid-thirties, did I realize that those with Dr, in front of their names, while undoubtedly smart, were not necessarily wise. Wisdom being much the more important trait!

    • Actually, no they didn’t. I’m against ACA as much as anyone else as an intrusion into our lives, but these sorts of uninformed statements are made all the time and feed into the idea that conservatives are uneducated or simply unknowledgable.

      • THEY ruled it constitutional as a TAX! not as part of the commerce claus which was how it was presented to the American people. NO ONE would have let a TAX go through which is why they LIED about it!

  34. This saddens me. It is so intrusive. Next will be guilty till proven innocent. Just like the other Modern Industrialized Nations. Which are going broke.

      • China and Russia becoming more and more Capitalistic.I know why they they want us Socialistic. Power There are those that truly believes it works; yet there is no proof it works just the opposite. They collapse under the great weight of the Gov’t.

  35. It is obvious that Ezekiel Emanuel has been brain-washed by 1.The powers that be namely the money grubbing Democrats who themselves are blind to the fact that their “Leader”, “Messiah” (not even a natural-born AMERICAN) wants to be a king. I am sorry to say but the only alternative is to “Kick All Current Politicians (from the Prez down to the lowest secretary and mail sorter) Out” and start over with people who can understand and straighten our country out. We need to regulate the insurance companies and control their premiums and force them to pay as they should. Not have the special interest groups robbing us, the American people.

  36. Famous Last Words Mr. West! I again must ask, “HOW DO WE STOP THEM?” the elections are RIGGED, you know that better than any of us, so HOW do we take this Country back?

  37. “we’re not smart enough to choose our own healthcare” ” americans want to pay more taxes” what next lie will be coming out of their mouths.


    The website is ACTUALLY DATA MINING our medical, financial, personal records. Plus with implementation of medical registry that will be mandated to be implanted so they could have our medical available to any medical facility, they will also be able to track our whereabouts via GPS.

    Note the URLs I listed below. By coincidence, the NSA facility in UTAH that was supposed to be inaugurated Sept 28 had a problems that they had to postpone it. In Oct 8 they had an electrical fire that aggravated the situation.

    With all interfaces that have to deal with like IRS, Homeland Security, financial institutions, insurance companies, FBI, local police, etc the website would need SUPER COMPUTERS that could crunch all these information in real time. Remember, those computers will also be tracking security information, email, telephone conversations and just about anything you could think off.

    AFFORDABLE CARE ACT IS NOT JUST ABOUT HEALTHCARE BUT TOTAL CONTROL OF OUR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. ACA should be an acronym for AMERICAN CONTROL ACT. With IRS, Social Security and Department of Homeland Security involved in the mandate, the government will have COMPLETE control of each individual. The government will then be able to tap into your MEDICAL, FINANCIAL, and PERSONAL records. The NSA new complex in Utah ( ) will host all our individual profile plus track every aspect of our lives. This new complex by coincidence had a massive electrical problem that they missed the opening date in Sept 24th and followed by an incident in Oct 8 2013. That’s probably the reason that we are having all those glitches because of those failures and all the MASSIVE information that they needed to process. All those agencies I mentioned above have their own programs and their software are not compatible with each other. On top of that they also need to be able to tap into insurance, doctors, medical labs, hospital programs. So the contractor who designed the HEALTHCARE.GOV website had the daunting task of developing software that will interface with each individual agencies so they could talk to each other. There is also a provision under this law about medical registry embedded in each individual. This allegedly “medical device” identifies you that will tie you with all your (medical, financial, personal) records that will be hosted later on in a central repository. Well and good but this RFID will also give the government the capability to track you wherever you are via GPS. They have limited capability right now tracking you by your cellphone, passports and some smart credit cards with RFIDs. New cars even have RFIDs now. The law before requires they need court order to do it but with OBAMACARE fully implemented in place, they will now have the blanket authority to do it. OBAMACARE will HAVE absolute CONTROL over our freedom and privacy when those RFIDs are embedded in our body. All these will be covered under the umbrella of “healthcare”. Since all this information will require real time, The new computers at the NSA facility will be used that will have petaflop (thousand trillion operations per second) processors. Bear in mind that these computers will also be processing security information that will be gathered all around the world. It sounds like SCI-FI but it is real.
    Please take the time to read these websites or just google “NSA”
    Note on one of the illustrations what information they will be hosting in this facility.

    • It gets worse. People who use a “bonus card”, and/or pay by credit card or check at the grocery store, are going to be surcharged if they purchase products deemed “unhealthy” by the government. First will be tobacco products, alcoholic products, and high fat and high sugar products, any foods containing transfats, high salt products, high cholesterol products, etc.
      Many government bureaucrats are so arrogant that they genuinely believe most people are simply too stupid to know what is best for them.

    • It’s not only about control, but it is a tactic for the re-distribution of wealth. Right out of socialist Sail Alinsky’s 1960’s radical playbook.

  39. An additional question is: with all the problems of getting on the healthcare website (i.e. poorly written computer code), Why would anybody trust that the security protocols were written well enough to secure their personal information?

    • its not secure go to Macaffe com an check out what they have to say your personal info is going straight to other people, good luck to those who lose their identity and life savings

  40. When everyone in the USA is no longer free enough or smart enough to take care of themselves, will U.N. related communist orgs. bail us out or just murder us? Will people in the military be branded as guilty of treason because they puit a band-aid on all by themselves? If we are not smart enough to lead ourselves, then who is? Doctors who hardly know us? I thought the citizens owned the goverment not vica-versa. I don’t want to live where everyone owns everyone, because everyone sucks at owning the world.

      • The people of America spoke, 2 terms in a row. You’re just upset because Bush destroyed this country before Obama came to power.

  41. O’Shamus said back in September for Americans to expect something big from his administration in about a month. Revelation, supported by scripture sprinkled throughout the Judeo-Christian Bible tells us something big is going to happen at the end of the ages. We are there. Christians know it because scripture has authority, which the administration lacks. O’Shamus is actually hastening Messiah’s return. Consider the possibility that God will foil the “something big expected” by the Chief White House resident. Pray for comfort, direction, and inspiration to steel the collective Christian mind for what comes next. A grateful thanks to our hero, Allen West, for being a stalwart American, a stalwart servant of God, and for providing this wonderful site. May it be richly blessed. Psalm 91

  42. Dr emanuel was VERY rude to both Mr Wallace and his other guest. People who feel they know best and don’t give another person the time to express their feelings should be shut down. I’m surprised Mr Wallace didn’t shut off his mic. This government thinks we are just a bunch of peons and are forcing us to do their bidding. Remember the reason why the founders left England? Does anyone remember what prompted the original tea party? Taxed Enough Already!!!!!! Wake up people.

  43. This whole situation is sad & disgusting….ooops, I left out depressing!!!!
    Obama WANTS CONTROL! This is what Obamacare is truly about! I WILL NOT COMPLY! No one is going to run my healthcare! Especially the GOV.!
    This is extremely out of hand & MUST BE STOPPED!

    • I like what you said, but Watch the news?That’s where the full impact of all his lies are disseminated to the dumb down masses who can’t remember what he promised or have said but Watch the news! Is probably is the worst place to put your faith into hearing truth,stick to your Bibles and get the news from the horses mouth,and like Ragan listen but VERIFIY ALL THE FACTS .We must be held accountable for our character and their actions,and lying is a real character flaw! Ask Nixon,no one died when he broke into the DNC offices”Water gate”.and he had to retire or get IMPEACHED! From the day he took the oath of office Obama started lying to us when he was asked “Have you used any other name but Barrack Hussein Obama/Barry Davis Soetoro,and Harrison J. Bounel and others.

      • The only news I watch anymore is Fox. There seems to be a growing movement that is working to organize States and cede from the present Government and form another. Is another Civil War on the agenda?

      • it isn’t about what he promised, it’s about how much bullcrap he could tell people and his presence, ive never seen someone with such a cult of personality thing going on– it’s all like presentation and readin off a teleprompter and appeal to the masses and no common sense or truth
        never bought it from the minute I saw it, knew it was a ‘cult’, you want to talk about a cult look at this guy- it’s like he has a fake audience sittin there- and he’s a computerized man as a patsy to push an agenda, it screams fake, everything

    • What a whiner you are. All you people do is complain. Upset because your Republicans didn’t win the last 2 elections. Oh boo hoo. Get used to it or move!

      • it isn’t about republican/democrat, white or black, it’s about common sense. even as a ‘dem’ you could see these guys are full of crap, but they sure put a good excuse out there to not want to be a dem with this crew they got going, that’s how bad they are what they do.
        republican, dem, dosent matter, theyre using that stuff to play ppl against eachother, keep em confused, when theyre one unit, that’s why fox reportsz the crap Obama puts out there

    • it would be too much trouble to throw a guy out who’s completely fake. impeach a man they manufactured and put on the scene for a strict purpose, never. and I bet that’s what’s going on here. I mean you’d have to be an idiot to believe those photos of him from the ‘past’, I wonder how some educated ppl I know are still supporting the man

    • what’s creepier- the fact he may be a manufactured fake president or the fact these guys in Hollywood, the music biz and some other prominent people are reppin the guy despite them not even wanting his insurance probably or knowing he’s full of crap?
      I get the impression they highly admire this man or they fear him. it’s one or the other. these guys all act like one unit- out to accomplish some agenda and lying to everyone at the same time, acting like ppls gods when theyre too damn stupid to be even near that level

  44. With such high deductibles on top of higher monthly costs, most people cannot afford the deductible, so what is going to happen, either people will pay cash for their needs or they will pay for health insurance, not be able to pay for the deductible and guess what? Any health care needs are going to be passed onto the public simply because they cannot afford it. That woman’s $417 increase comes to $5004 per year that she could have otherwise used to cover medical needs and take away $5004 per year that she could save toward emergency medical needs.

      • Telling people to move because they don’t want to transform the U.S. as Barry the dictator sees fit? Why don’t you and your commie cohorts move out of the country? Real Americans prefer the type of government our founders sought.

      • Like Bush and Cheney lies regarding yellow cake, nuclear weapons, WMD and other made up stories to send our troops into harms way to satisfy his own personal vendetta? Do you know how many top Republicans make millions on this war? No bid contracts, abuse of prisoners and troops coming home with no arms or legs? Is that your America? The founding fathers would have turned over in their graves.

        The American people saw what the Republicans did while the Republican voters turned a blind eye to Bush’s con job and destruction of America. How about the Reagan and Bush Sr. amnesty to get the Hispanic vote? Is this your America you refer too?

      • remember- he may not even be ‘barry’ either. that could be another fabricated story to throw people off. where’s the town hal meeting for the ppl, to get together, instead of all the manufactured stuff on fox and cnn. it’s whatever they want ppl to see or hear is what they get, and they cut ppl off on cspan if they call in

  45. if not obama it would have been someone else. the majority of the masses have been subdued for a long time now just mindless drones.. OCARE was passed in the most horrid way as a test. and the people and congress failed the country by letting these upstarts even pass a bill in the first place under the pretense ” you have to pass it to see whats in it” NO ONE in their right mind would pass it. it literately screams slight of hand, untrustworthy,and very shadowy. the people passing OCARE through knew that if it followed the standard. it would never pass. if its that bad i dont would not want it in my country. the people controlling obama the obviously most of the government. just want us to be cows.. cowing the masses is complex but they did it. and worst of all is these new dictators still have support of the worst amoung us- the people that cant think for them selves or see whats happening it’s called blind devotion. reality is we wont win. but if we all do what we are suposed to our of love for this country we can make it harder. the gov bought tons of ammo.. and Russian troops to come over if needed. this only has 2 possible outcomes 1. lock down the counrty and assult it while feeding lies to the other countries in the world about whats really going on. or 2. they know this country will be attacked in some way and is preparing to control the people affected

    • your wrong the attack wil not come from another country it will come from our own government why do you think they have bought up so much ammunition> when war starts it will be we the people against our own sworn in army

      • actually it was addressed in “1. lock down the country and assault it while feeding lies to the other countries in the world about whats really going on.” thanks though…

      • it’s amazing when you realize how full of crap these guys are and how misled people or yourself is-, should’ve just listened to tradition and old school if you know what I mean, all those things they call archaic and dated are true. I’m with you 100 percent, but I realized these guys are so bad at what they do it would be impossible to not say it’s not a conspiracy at this point, if presented with evidence that is. I was like you as well-

    • they claim over in north korea they worship the leader as a godlike figure yet this is like one step away from that.
      yea isn’t that something, all these things, it’s like theyre testing people to see how much they can get away with , how could they pass a bill no one read? and the guys in charge don’t care what’s in it supposedly, just trust Obama, yea right, theyre all in on it

    • good luck on tryin to impeach a fabricated man with a fabricated life. the guys in charge are standin by him like he’s their messiah, not to be impeached even if he does impeachable offenses. You know the guys in charge wouldn’t want his insurance or the stuff he’s doing so why are they reppin him or tryin to convince the American people to do stuff they wouldn’t do? definitely something going on here…

    • he is a concocted man – why they would rep an obviously fake concocted man with a fake past is beyond me. must be another guy in disguise whom they revere or look up to for some reason , but that part is hidden from public knowledge. he’s either a very important man or he’s their sponser or guy who represents their crew of liars.

  46. These people are not even embarassed spewing this crap. Liberals simply believe that americans are so stupid that they can bull s*%t their way out of everything. As of today there is still 40% (Obama’s approval) that are either stupid or on the government tit.

  47. I can’t STAND that they ignore a glaring fact…..AFTER you pay your premiums…the co-pays and the out of pocket deductible are so high that MOST people cannot afford to go to the doctor. They are trying to fix this backwards. The entire health care industry is outrageously unaffordable. If you go in for a simple procedure and you are paying $100 – $200 a week for insurance (for a family of four) and have to pay $12,500 out of your pocket before you reach the point where insurance will cover 80%…. people will NOT go to the doctor! And if they do, and have a serious condition, they will file bankruptcy on the charges. They are making us pay so much money every month for premiums that we are just going to have less money to live on. Yes, this will help people with pre-existing conditions. Yes, the premiums for young healthy people will be low. But….faced with (those young healthy people) paying $50 a month or a penalty of $95 for the first year, what do you think they are going to chose? I am so sick of hearing that we have to pay more to help the less fortunate. What is the old saying…..? If there are more people riding in the cart than pushing the cart, the ones pushing are going to quit and hop on board?

    • why do I get the feeling these guys don’t want the best for ppl? and have an agenda? could it be the demons they put in photos they release to the public? could it be the staged stuff? or maybe the fact they themselves WOULDNT want it if they were in your position yet are pushing it on people? oh yea and don’t forget the fact Obama is fake or some of his past or existence yet he’s being ‘repped’ by the guys in the biz, they know he’s fake- theyre lying to everyone, oh yea and also no choice involved, funds will be used for same thing sandy hook funds were used for, make their pockets deeper or abortions or something

  48. This “must” stop. We, the American People, The Ones that have fought for our country and have given our sons and daughters, because we have always believed in the values this county, “must” stand together and put an end to this “treason”.
    All good things come to those that wait……Let us not wait until it’s “too” late.

  49. Dr. Emanuel acts like a whiny, obnoxious little brat who must get his way, much like those in the Obaby Administration.

  50. Nothing slow or steady about it. The commies have already taken over, it’s a done deal. We water the tree of liberty NOW or get in line to be purged.

  51. If my IQ is in the top 1/10th of 1 percent nationwide, am I still not smart enough to make my own healthcare decisions? But then, I figure the average politician has an IQ less than 120, not even high enough to qualify for the top 5%. If so, how are they smart enough to decide what is best for me?

  52. Apparently, women are supposed to have a choice as to whether to abort a fetus but we’re not supposed to have a choice on our health care plans or the money we choose to spend on health insurance.

  53. I am not signing up. And FYI $2000.00 to me sir is 2 1/2 months worth of income. WE all should not sign up. WE can have him and king o and carney bend over and shove all 7ft up their ASSES!!!

      • Why do you assume I am republican lol I know ur a lib from your comment to wish me harm. That is the answer for your kind when you have nothing to go on lol love it. As for republican greed I would say dems and repub look the same on that aspest

  54. Emanuel continually says that Obamacare stops cost shifting, but that is exactly what the law does by imposing cost on the bulk of insured individuals or those that sign up for coverage under individual coverage because of Obamacare shifting cost for drug treatment, pregnancy, unique forms of treatment that the policyholder doesn’t want, doesn’t need, and it may not even apply to because all the income is used to cover the cost of 30 million medicare enrollee’s that more than likely never had coverage for in the first place! That IS cost shifting and his statement is the height of duplicity.

  55. This doctor has no clue what he is selling.I hope he is not treating any patient, stay with your brothers health. May be you should re read the mess you have created in the guise of this you are perpetuating the Lenin Doctrine.

  56. Dr Emanuel, maybe a $2000 penalty isn’t much to you, but it IS to millions of Americans. Out of touch as are all who keep championing Obamacare.

  57. Mr. West, always respectful of you as a Statesman highly regarded by me, how do we stop it, voting has not worked because tyranny has been voted in…

  58. Mr West- I would like to ask a question. Addressing voter apathy and the Electoral College. It is my theory that many voters today are so put off of casting a vote because it just dose not count. When you have a system that, are in reality, needs only a few states to elect the president. The people that are running for this office do not even bother to campaign in the states with a no influence of electoral votes. Romney won the popular vote. As a voter that is discouraging to me. So I would propose that this system is not reflecting the true will of the voters.

      • DoctorFeelgoodMD- Sorry to disappoint you. I happen to be a Seventh Day Adventist and have been a registered Democrat all my voting life. Now what does that have to do with my question. No,I did not vote for Obama.

      • So why do you live on this site and support Republicans?

        Wasn’t the lies of Bush/Cheney regarding invading Iraq enough?

  59. Colin Powell seen the corruption under Bush and it included the entire Republican party, why didn’t you? How much did you pocket in his 8 years?


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