The “I” word: Does Benghazi bring Obama dangerously close?

Last week there was a very telling CBS 60 Minutes segment by Lara Logan on Benghazi. Anyone believing this is a ‘phony scandal’ is part of the incredible cover-up being promoted.

It has been over a year and we still have no idea about the truth behind what occurred at the US Libyan consulate. Matter of fact, we do not even know of the whereabouts of President Obama that evening. His last directive, as he has stated, was to ensure those at the embassy got all the resources they needed, but for some reason that never happened.

Now, House Committee Chairmen Issa and Royce are seeking new hearings for questions that still remain. My recommendation would be to support Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf’s H.Res 36 to appoint a select committee to investigate Benghazi. The measure has over 175 signatures. I would humbly ask that you contact your Representatives and ask if they have signed onto this resolution. The victims and the American people deserve the truth.

How can we idly sit by and believe that the new normal is to allow a US Ambassador and other Americans to be abandoned during a terrorist attack? Libya, especially eastern Libya, has become a sanctuary for Islamic terrorists aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. Ansar al-Sharia, who claimed responsibility for the attack, has a GITMO-released individual as one of its primary leaders.

We’ve witnessed plenty of discussion this week about the credibility of President Obama regarding the issue of Americans keeping their healthcare coverage. Clearly, this lack of credibility is a chronic issue for him.Two weeks after the Benghazi terrorist attack, President Obama was still promoting a lie about a crude video being the impetus behind the attack. From the recent 60 Minutes interview, we certainly know that not to be the case, nor was this spontaneous.

I fully support Senator Lindsay Graham’s filibuster of the Federal Reserve (an entity for which there should also be a select committee by the way) and Homeland Security nominees, Yanet Yellin and Jeh Johnson in order to get the administration to tell the truth.

Why was Ambassador Chris Stevens in eastern Libya on 9-11? What are the questions you’d if you sat on a House Select Committee on Benghazi. Mind you, Harry Reid does not care for you to know the truth.

The Constitution provides that the President shall be removed from office only upon “Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

What do you think? Does Benghazi bring President Obama — as Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn intoned – “dangerously close?”


  1. Not Impeachment, then we are stuck with his lousy laws and executive orders. He should be tried for treason and removed from office, along with every congressman and senator who voted for his health care law (illegal) as well as the rest of the gang of thugs. We need change in our house. We need you, Mr. West. We seriously need you to help our nation.


  3. No one in Congress has the balls to do anything. Too much back slapping and comradery going on. It’s sickening. America is tired of it.


  5. He should be closer than close for sure. He has refused to go by the Constitution & is without a doubt, he is who our Forefathers meant when they stated

  6. He should have been impeached immediately after treacherously removing restrictions against funding and providing weapons to terrorists in order to ally himself and our country with Al Qaeda linked terrorist organizations, plus his collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood (whom he meets with on a continuing basis at the WH) in overthrowing the Egyptian and Libyan governments without even giving congress a nod. Benghazi was fallout from his overarching plan to work with Al Qaeda in creating a caliphate stretching from the Maghreb to the Levant to Afghanistan. He also discloses, through leaks, the plans and actions of our allies (Israel and others) to our enemies.


  8. Benghazi is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Impeach him now for the numerous lies, cover-ups, spying on US citizens without a warrant, accusing US citizens of being terrorist while arming Al Qaeda Terrorist with American taxpayer dollars. The list goes on and on and on. Impeach him and Eric Holder now before they are able to have UN treaties declared the law of the land over our Constitution.

    • Do you understand now why he’s surrounded himself with the most incompetent people, who are easily corrupted and when the ___ hits the fan they are intimidated? He just points the finger at them like he has no responsibility in the matter and the Liberal media takes that ball and runs with it.

      • He is NOT surrounded with incompetents nor is he incompetent. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing which is to distroy America and set up with a NWO with millions, probably billions fewer people. Besides, even after he has made someone a fall-guy they get promoted to a higher position with more bucks, or a cushie retirement, so it’s worth the temp hot-seat.(except of course, to tax-payers)

      • I understand this. My point is he blames everyone but himself and if he has a bunch of dumb, incompetent and corruptible people in charge of things, he can point his finger at them and the media will not hold him accountable.

  9. Dangerously close??? He should have never been elected the first time .. He lied about his name and being a U.S. Citizen. All he has done to this Country .. Impeachment would be like a hug!!!

  10. There is a laundry list of impeachable offenses in Obama’s closet. Why just pick one? This one is, however, the most egregious in my opinion.

  11. Are you kidding me? Bush should have been impeached for ALL the LIESthat poured from his pie hole. Yet Obama is the one people are screaming “Impeach” over? You people are such blind jackasses.

    • You’re a pretty blind jackass… probably deaf as well if you didn’t hear the screaming about impeaching Bush throughout his presidency and still 5 years later. The fact is Obama is the current president and has no qualms flat out lying. And people like you will just continue to with the “but, but, Bush!”

    • Coming on here and calling people names always lends credibility to your flaming liberal clause. If you feel it is not a big deal to let four Americans die then you should have the sac to go tell those families that you don’t care. My guess you wouldn’t not, you would rather cry and whine about your savior being questioned. The Office of the President is sacred and I am tired of his abuse of power. Seems like the last impeached President was a liberal who thought he owned the place too.

    • Are you serious? I can’t think of anything that Bush has done that is comparable to what this person in office is doing to us. He is systematically destroying this country, starting at is very core, the Constitution that we proudly stand by. I can’t believe some people are still sniveling about Bush after 6 years.. get over it already…. if they really had something they could pin to him they would have, since the the favorite past time is attacking someone who is Christian and/or Republican/Conservative…

      • Agreed. I was never a fan of Bush. Didn’t like much about his presidency at all. But his transgressions pale in comparison to Obama’s — our lying, conniving, slithery, islamarxist Traitor in Chief.

    • You people have a bad memory. Bush sent us to war chasing WMD’s that never existed and lied about it the whole way so old Dickie boy’s former employer Halliburton could make billions of the contract to rebuild Iraq. Not that Obama is any better, both are liars and both should of been impeached or should be impeached if your talking about the current President. I hate Obama, but Bush was full of lies too never forget that many young people died for Halliburton to make billions under Bush’s watch……

      • You are right, Bush and many that proceeded him, believe it or not are part of todays problems because each one set in motion his part. It’s been a long journey to get to this point. We can’t go back and change those things. So, here we are today, Obama is the one in the chair. He has created one mess after another, he doesn’t hide it as well as the others did. Because he makes it obvious that he IS against America, FLAUNTS it, aids our enemy (his friends) and lets or sends our own military to their death, it makes it impossible not throw him under the bus. He has thrown America under the bus for 5yrs now, as he smiles using his charm to his benefit. He alone is the Commander and Chief, unwilling to defend and grow this country. For his actions alone, he should be responsible for but in Islam you never take responsibility, it is always someone else’s fault or error, that’s just how it is. We can hope that Bush and those before him would be for theirs, unlikely. But if you’re trying to bring the greatest nation to it’s knees, not one of those men will take responsibility until America is on her knees and then maybe. God forbid.

      • Those WMD’s that never existed are the ones being used in Syria. They were known to exist back then, the liberal media just did not report it to make Bush look bad.

    • Apparently you weren’t awake the night that news was reporting that convoys had been moving from Iraq over the border into Syria before the air strikes began. Bush, unlike the Impeachable One, wasn’t in the habit of making excuses or blaming others. While he could’ve said the weapons moved into Syria, he didn’t, but the scrutiny on Syria increased to keep track of them. Saddam had already used nerve gas on the Kurds, yet no chemicals were found, except some old stuff. 2+2=4..I was also awake during math class.

  12. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS Scandals, ObamaCare lies, supplying Al Queda with weapons, not a US citizen……the list goes on and on. The only reason the people put up with Obama so long, is due to him being the FIRST black man to serve as President. If this would have been any other president, he would have faced impeachment charges l-o-n-g ago. We need to start impeachment procedures NOW and stop walking around the problem………….

    • I think another kqwirk with the problem is there are way more socialists in our government than we care to think about. They will conveniently use the 1st blackman,(although he is more arab than black) label, when in truth the socialist agenda is anti-American and potus is currying their favor.

  13. It doesn’t matter. Obama will never be impeached as long as the Democrats and the RINO’s form the majority in the Senate. That’s not something I’m saying as a liberal who supports Obama, it’s the terrible truth.

  14. Yes! From the moment we learned about the attack on our mission at Benghazi, Libya, I have been furious that our nation, represented by our Commander in Chief, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, turned their back on our people, and then proceeded to lie about it to the world!

  15. So why aren’t we seeking impeachment on him yet? He has gone far beyond committing acts of treason against the US by ignoring this and covering it up, going against the constitution on several issues and just a full blown liar that doesn’t seem to know anything about anything so how is this man still president? He can’t even run this country!

    • Because even though there are rules to impeach him how do we impeach half of the government along with him. Most of them need to ride on out along side of him…

    • We will have to purge the senate and put some real men in there in the next election or it will never happen….. the house can only get things started. No need to start until the Senate is right…….

  16. From
    a non American who lives overseas. Everything that is happening with
    Obama’s administration is about the implementation of Socialist ideology
    from top to bottom The U.S must wake up soon because people all around
    the world
    are seeing Obama for what he really is, very much an empty vessel
    floundering from one disaster to another as has been the case since he
    was first elected. The U.S governments reputation is mud around the
    world and is reflecting on the country as a whole and
    that is most disappointing for others to see.

    • Trust us, Americans feel the same way about Obama and they are standing against him and our corrupt government, never before have we as Americans seen such a dishonest person in office like this man is… And he needs to be impeached immediately… relations with other countries are going down the tubes too..

    • Thank you for your honest words. I had heard that the view of the world looked poorly on America. I can assure the world that the majority of American’s do not stand behind Obama. Our media became propaganda, and therefore few people knew what was ‘really’ going on, and those who told were and are considered ‘conspiracy theorist’ which is negative, we are laughed at and mocked for speaking in hopes of helping and making America Wake Up. Because we are law abiding, we are limited on the process to deal with him. Personally, in times like this I would say it’s time to man up, remove him and deal with the consequences later. Every day that goes by we are sinking further and further. The American people do not want war, we are mostly loving and family people. Invaders came in years ago like wolves with sheep’s clothing, manipulating every aspect of our country morally etc, and now we have a problem. Keep the American people in your prayers, only God can save us through the courage of our own people.

    • I keep hearing America must wake up. I think America has woke up. But America people seem not to be able to do anything because of Harry Reid. I don’t understand why they can’t charge Harry Reid for aiding and betting. Cause that is what he is doing. Just the lie itself should had gotten him out of Office. That is a felony in itself. Then extortion happen with Harry Reid when he would not negate or talk to any of the Rep untll he found he got what Obama and him wanted. Charge Harry Reid for something he has done that will lot him up and take his money and the man will do what he can to get Obama charged. One man can not hold this Country down like that unless everyone agrees. Run after Harry Reid they already have the case. Extortion. They all are up for that one.

      • Vote 11/2014 for new GOP, to obtain GOP majority in Congress; replace these Dems who have simply been playing party/Obama politics, not honoring the voters. Many are up for re-elections.

        All we need to do, one year from now, support and elect new GOP into those open positions. 2014. All conservatives get out and vote!!!

  17. Obama is far, far beyond the line for impeachable offenses. The Bill of Indictment would go on for volumes. The House likely would impeach him. But Reid would never even convene a Senate trial. He’s as guilty as Obama on most of the real issues. So guilty or not, Obama is not going to be removed by this Congress.

    • Congress can become GOP majority in 2014. One year away. New GOP in Senate and House – we can repeal and Impeach O. Which needs to be the focus at this time, for our citizens, our economy, and our country.

  18. The GOP no longer has the Intestinal Fortitude to do anything, they couldn’t even get the ACA shut down they wasted 16 days of shut down for what? nothing in the end Obama and his Minions got just what they wanted, what did the GOP get? Zilch Nada Nothing…. THE GOP IS FINISHED, time for a new party that reflects the values of the American people. The GOP has 2 choices embrace Cruz, Lee and others or join the DNC.

    • Not brilliant Cliff, presume you’re proposing a third party, merely ensuring more liberal government. Pressure the GOP by electing conservatives in primaries.

    • The GOP opposed it so that when the ACA fails, and it will, that they are exonerated. Then when every one is hating the Democrats for messing up the insurance in America, the GOP will come out on top. It’s a sound strategy and worth their effort.

    • Next election is 11/2014. There are many Dems up for re-election. They signed ACA without reading it, destroying the economy, insurance, healthcare, and jobs – as they were simply playing Obama politics – that’s not honest representation and what negligence! We can vote in new GOP, retake the majority in Congress, so Congress can be united; and repeal ACA and Impeach O.

      Our Dems are intentionally trying to refocus attention on 2016 Hillary. We have a more important election before that. New Dems will still follow Obama. We need GOP, at this time. Demand they honestly represent citizens. Get out and vote conservative 2014!!!!

    • you’re right, because he knew too much. There was a GOLD grab some time later, but at the present time of the ambush, there was gun running to Al Qadah.

  19. What is to investigate when the jack ass along with Hilary and all the rest are guilty as sin ? Investigations don’t work with this administrations . If they did this guy and everyone else would be in prison by now .

    • It usually takes much more than an “investigation” to impeach or imprison someone, even if they are guilty as sin.

  20. Not close, he’s there! They compare impeaching him to impeaching Clinton. Clinton did not go to sleep and let Americans die. Just because the senate won’t throw this guy out does not mean you don’t do the right thing! Investigate while some witnesses still exist, the evidence is long gone.

    • I agree but Clinton DID let Americans die. As President, he did nothing when the World Trade Center was bombed the first time and at one point, he actually had bin Laden but chose to let him go.

  21. Anyone standing in the way of Obama being impeached need to have charges brought against them for obstruction of justice, and every other law, whatever it takes, it has to be done. I don’t see why he isn’t removed today, being he isn’t even allowed by law to hold that office. Does this mean I can sail a cruise ship because I’m the one behind the wheel, NO. The INSANITY of all this is too much, but we CAN NEVER BACK DOWN.

    • Read Larry Belchers post above for WHY it won’t be done until we get at least 10 or 12 more Republicans in the Senate.

    • I would also be willing to bet, if impeachment proceedings were started; the MSM, being so in love with O. and Lib bias; would never honestly report it. Carney and O. continually blame/complain about Fox news; but in the last 4 years, they are the only station I’ve seen that actually reports “news” and not just insulting/blaming/lying and “giving me my opinion”. I want facts and information – and I don’t need someone to give me my opinion.

  22. The Republican senate can vote to impeach but the democratic congress HAS to remove him from office, Clinton was voted to be impeached but the democratic congress refused to remove him I read this online about 2 weeks ago…

      • Congress includes The House and The Senate. The curent House has a republican majority, Senate haas democratic majority. I think if they go ahead with impeachment someone will remove him, but not the senate.

    • Wow, we have a Dem. majority in the Senate, and a GOP majority in the House, since 2010; and so many individuals decided our country would not last with Obama’s/Dems spending and horrendous new Law, ACA. The House are actually, the real representatives of the population, and control the power of the purse.

      To Impeach, we need to vote in 2014, for new GOP, and get GOP majority in Congress. New Dems would still follow Obama. New GOP will create strength in congress. We would be able to repeal ACA and Impeach O.

      2014 – every conservatives needs to vote for new GOP. We can do it.

  23. The mistake was allowing our government to help Al Qaeda overthrow multiple governments in the middle east. This so called Arab Spring wasn’t an Arab Spring at all. It was a reorganizing, strengthening, resupply, and reboot of Al Qaeda. To me our government gave comfort to our enemy.

  24. “Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    Any ONE of his string of continuous scandals is AT LEAST a MISDEMEANOR……so you tell me…..OF COURSE he should be IMPEACHED. There is NO QUESTION…..!!!!

  25. Obama keeps on the move, creating one problem after then next for several purposes. One is to cause confusion where we don’t know if we’re coming or going. Second, to destroy as he goes along all within his reach. Breaking us financially, morally, mentally, physical health with Chemtrails, vaccines with toxins, GMOs, etc. Third, maneuvering his people into position for complete take over. Fourth, to get Americans so angry that we would react aggressively, and as soon as that happens, he has every legal right to call Marshall Law. (somewhat, he doesn’t have any legal right to hold the office position he’s in!)

  26. I’m curious. With the recent revelations, Obamacare is beginning to sound like ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ and ‘Criminal Fraud’ from Obama down to Sebelius.

    Wondering if these could charges could take Obama and his charges to task.

  27. Could some one please explain the rules for impeachment? It is my understanding that there woul be sufficient votes in the House, but it would be blocked big-time by the Senate. IF that is true then conviction of treason might be doable?

    • The GOP can retake the Senate in 2014, replace old Obama Dem followers who’ve not been honestly representing their voters; with new GOP; so Congress can use it’s power, by being united. Repeal ACA and Impeach O.

    • Johanna, the House of Representatives brings up charges of impeachment. The Senate conducts a trial and can only convict him if 2/3 (67) vote in favor of impeachment.
      Getting a simple majority in the senate will fall short of enough votes for impeachment.

  28. I found this guy’s story, it’s the basic plan of how Islamic Muslims took down India. He said that he was Islamic for 37yrs until he started asking questions. Then he went searching for the answers himself in the records of who his people were, realizing that many years prior his people were taken over and forced deny their own religion for this new one.
    He said,
    “my Hindu ancestors were subjected to torture and humiliation and
    also had to pay jaziya taxes which they could not afford due to
    drought in the region which finally led them to accept Islam.”
    1) TORTURE and HUMILIATION: men raping women & children? fighting with men of India? creating hardships?
    2) JAZIYA TAXES: forced to pay taxes of which you have no income to pay? now dependent on the new Islamic government?
    3) FORCED TO ACCEPT ISLAM: when you have no other options, fear and torment, out of your mind of the insanity in your country?
    I could see why they would. NOW, LET NOT AMERICA GO DOWN THIS PATH!!! The abuses have been going on, the confusion, lack of jobs, increase in taxes, this all sounds like what not only OBAMA but other have been grooming America into from at least the last 100yrs and has increased since the late 1950’s.
    If we RIOT, then they have us by Marshall Law. I don’t know the answers, but I’m learning the process by becoming informed, researching, investigating and mostly LOOKING FOR THE PATTERN, this isn’t their first rodeo.
    God help America, strengthen our people in courage and peace.

  29. I imagine obama was getting high with his male friends, since he didnt do anything to help. He is highly dysfunctional in my opinion and has been that way since junior high school. WHEN is our government going to wake up and take him out?? After we have had a catastrophy on earth? Will they wake up then?

  30. obama and Hillary sicken me. It will be a dark day in our history to charge our own President and former Secretary of State but we cannot let this go. It must be done in hope that it never happens again.

  31. I can not think of an administration ever in office that has gone after the citizens rights, and Planed to do nothing but hurt the ways that made America great. I can not find any thing that the President on down the line that I can trust anymore.I have never felt so threaten by my government as I do now. I have seen a private army trained and well equipment as our regular Armed services to stand ready for Marshal Law over the citizens of the United States Directed by Obama. I have seen the Government sending Guns to the drug lords in Mexico, which were used in killing a US border guard. Obama administration set up spying through the IRS.Our own government giving no aid to protection to an embassy which lead to the death of four American people at Benghazi , a Stand down order was given and a remark let them die was said. then a cover up was made up but fell through. The Obama administration has made several attempts at restricting our Gun rights. Trying to infringe on our 2nd Amendment. Has also tampered with the 1st.Amendment by restricting what the press can report on and picking out certain press people. Shutting down the Government due to a disagreement between the house and Obama, Obama refused to work with the house in order to get his on brand of Heath care funded. Upon the government Obama shut down all of the Federal parks and monuments and any service with would make it hard on the American citizens as he could. Obama tried to get the America Armed forces into a civil war in Lybia. then giving them aid and money. Obama was stopped by Putin input. American people wanted to stay out and thanked Putin for his input. Obama administration has turned over Israel information to the Muslims. Putting them in a bad spot. Obama has also been paying Muslims to move to America paying for their housing and food stamps.I can no longer trust the Government lead by Obama.

  32. I read an icredibly disturbing article implying that Obama was involved in staging the ambassador’s kidnapping so Obama could then negotiate his release and boost his ratings in the polls, but that the SEALS involved disobeyed direct orders and stood in defense of the ambassador, bungling the whole plan. I certainly hope that account isn’t true, because it would be both treason and accessory to murder.

    • Knowing how Obama works, it may or may not be. It’s important to stay focused on the bigger issues that can be processed. With so many issues going on, it causes confusion and that is part of the PLAN of the many, Obama is just the front man. He still needs to be removed from office, but we better be sure of who we’re putting in his place before we do, or we may be crying just the same if not harder. Learn his PATTERN by looking at other countries that Islam has taken over, see one of my posts below on the steps.

    • Read that too. Think it’s right. They noticed the MB asking for the blind shiek the day after the murders. Coincidence? I think not. They thought Obama went back on his promise, ergo the raid.

    • Believe it! Also that tjere was money going to one group and arms going to the other. Muslim brotherhood and syria were the two. They got switched up and thats where they thought they were being set up. And also the navy seals that didnt follow the ” stand down”. So yes the two groups thought they were being tricked.

  33. This quote can be found a short distance from the White House at the Albert Einstein memorial:

    “The right to search for truth implies also a duty; one must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true”.

  34. the ambassador and the seals were a BLOOD RANDSOM, paid by OBAMA , for the killing of bin laden. understand? he used american blood to pay back the muslims for the us killing bin laden

  35. See that’s the problem. This senate will NOT convict 0bama for any reason because the democrats have complete control. This occupier could obliterate half the country and confess to it, and hairy weed and his band of robbing hoods would say, “no cause to convict”. Now if it is possible to have a class action citizen’s arrest….

    • That is why in 2014 we have to take back the Senate. 6 seats to take it back over, that is all we need, if everyone found a candidate in each state and supported them, we could take it, and turn this country around!

      • We have a great new GOP candidate in MN. Dem. Franken is up for re-election and is a total joke. We just need to get out and vote. 2014

        And, I believe Obama and his Dems are worried. They will try to refocus the populace on 2016 Hillary. I say, “who cares”. We have a very important 2014 election. We can stop O.

      • And how are you going to stop him? He is ruling by executive orders and not one republican has objected to it. Doesn’t matter to them that he is violating the constitution every day. With the exception of a handful of legislators, the congress just pretends they do not notice.

    • Wow!
      I had it in mind for a while but didn’t believe it.
      Now that you mentioned it happens to you as well.
      Thank god we have Allen’s !

  36. The fix really is very simple, I know one that would fight for us, but we have to do something first before he will do anything to help us. He said he would help, and he truly keeps his word, he is faithful to his word, when he says it, he does it!

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  37. I would contact Walid Shoebat, he’s been writing about the evidence he has. He speaks arabic. Go to FFMU on FB forum for middle east understandin

  38. I agree wholeheartedly with LTC West.

    A request to fellow commentators: Please learn to spell MARTIAL LAW.

    When you write about “Marshall law” or “marshal law,” you provide ammo for the left/prog opposition to claim that conservatives are illiterate and ignorant. They scoff that if we can’t even spell it, we probably don’t understand it, and they discount the message by claiming that we are merely fools parroting a slogan. Unfortunately, they have a point. There are big differences between:

    1) the post-WWII MARSHALL PLAN (aka the European Recovery Program,) under which the USA provided financial support to rebuild economies in Europe in the late 1940’s;
    2) the law-enforcement official called a MARSHAL, and

    3) the imposition of military rule over civilian populations known as “MARTIAL LAW.”

    If we’re going to win opponents to our cause, we need to use correct terminology and clearly demonstrate that we know what we’re talking about!

      • True that! Spelling isn’t very important any more in higher education.
        I would not really call it a great thing, but it is very true!

      • Does anyone else realize? If our high schools were graduating truly educated young adults; there wouldn’t be this additional requirement for college graduates. So many positions are requiring BAs or BS’s because high school graduates are getting a diploma without being able to read or do basic math.

        Maybe we should be concentrating more on Math, English and Science, instead of spending tax dollars on providing professional football teams with continual supply of young players?

    • I appreciate the help. Thank you SizzMo for your educational service 🙂
      I’d rather be an ignoramus trying at an honest effort at speaking my mind than a GREAT big LIAR in CHIEF!

    • Thank you for education. Some people may not like “being educated”; but stupid is as stupid does; and we all do better being better educated.

  39. Yes, there should be continued hearings on the remaining questions. President Obama, and Hillary Clinton are responsible for the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and the others. What happened there is historically outrageous. Never has a group of people suffered such abandonment by this Country to the Islamic savages.

  40. IMPEACHMENT & TREASON & ARREST & IMPRISONMENT, Along with JOE BIDEN & HILLARY CLINTON and everyone else involved in this SETUP!

  41. Rep. Issa is all talk. Last I checked, he had still not signed Rep. Wolf’s H.Res.36. Why the fawk not???!!!

    Our entire Congress on (both sides of the aisle) is infested with liars, wimps and sellouts – yes, SELL-OUTS. Most of of them deserve to be fired along with the entire Administration and top-level security officials.

    Do not re-elect. Better to take a chance on unknown newcomers than keep those who have proven themselves untrustworthy.

    • I agree, election 2014 is next important election, many Dems are up, we need to elect in new GOP leaders; as we need the GOP to take the majority in Congress. We cannot allow new Dems, who will still play Obama politics.

      We need a united GOP congress, in order to repeal ACA and Impeach O. And, there are many good ideas by GOP for actually doing, what Obama and ACA promised to do; but has not done, and will never do. It is a train wreck. We must stop it before too many citizens are injured.

      • Sorry. Your post makes sense except that the GOP is corrupt and as bad as the Democratic party. I will not support any GOP candidate that has not proven themselves as true Conservatives. I dislike the liberals that are ruining our country, but I totally despise a RINO because they steal our votes and then vote like the liberals. I do not like being fooled. I’d rather see a RINO lose regardless of whom they run against.

      • He wasn’t unknown. We didn’t know exactly the depths of his filth but we did know he was filthy:
        Jeremiah Wright
        Dead Choir Director
        Louis Farrakahn
        William Ayers
        $$$$$ spent to seal records.

      • Lame stream media certainly didn’t vett him but I mostly blame those who thought he had goodies for them.

      • Valerie Jarrett – his closest advisor. His wealth went from 2009 as 1 mill$ to more than 10 mill$ four years later? He and Michelle didn’t maintain their law license. He purchased a multi-million $ plantation in HI. His first trip after re-election was to his father’s Muslim country. His Homeland Sec. advisor Mohamed Elibiary, recently said “America is an Islamic Ctry”. If anyone is willing to contribute $500,000 to DNC, they get a private meeting with Obama in the WH, which is still not open to Americans!

        If Libs and Dems weren’t so entangled in playing partisan politics, they would realize O. doesn’t care about them any more than he cares about the GOP. He has his own agenda, and he has to be stopped.

      • I agree with you about electing “unknowns” being BAD strategy….many of us and I think angel_e too, knew plenty about obama before the election (the hair on the back of my neck stood up when he spoke Commie Speak and said he was going to fundamentally transform America), but the lame stream media did not vett him….and of course, those in our society who drool and dribble and care about nothing but getting freebies.

    • You’re right. I checked and also do not see that Chairman Issa has cosponsored Rep Wolf’s H.Res.36. I am disappointed and altho I am not in his district, I am still going to send him an email about it. We all should. Really.

  42. Whomever was responsible for the Benghazi stand down order should be criminally prosecuted for Criminally Negligent Manslaughter to the fullest extend of the law.

    • I agree but whomever “they” are, obama said it himself that “ultimately, the buck stops with me”. He’s a disgrace and should resign but he won’t. Therefore, he should be held accountable and charged.

      • His agenda is to ruler/dictator of another third world Islamic country. And he’s succeeding at it. I just read we have 46 million living in poverty, yet 108 million receiving welfare? and 101 million people actually working full time. If he continues, the middle class will disappear, as the poor has grown, and wealthy paying the taxes.

  43. As I type this, there are so far 135 comments here and the MAJORITY seem to be from us people who can call/post/email the reps in our districts and tell them to sign Wolf’s H.Res.36 !!
    Think about that…over 100 of us right now doing something…

  44. The rescue of the American hostages in Tehran sank Jimmy Carter’s chance at a second term. Team Obama felt a failed hostage rescue would send the campaign down in flames.

  45. Impeach obama now it is unhuman to leave anyone fellow american unprotected in a country representing America , I knew it was a lie from the first moment he opened his mouth about a video! and I hope Issa does the right thing bring to the House!

    • Issa won’t even “do the right thing” and sign House Resolution 36, drafted by Rep Frank Wolf, for a select committee investigation.

  46. Whoever ordered the stand down in Benghazi was probably the same person who made Seal Team 6 fly in a helicopter made in 1960 without an armed escort….ironically, we have no answers to Team 6 either.

    • I’ve always thought that Bush had the wisdom to never send his troops into a waiting ambush like Tora Bora. Liberals believe they have the knowledge that Bin Laden walked out of Tora Bora but the truth is that none of us truly know what was waiting there for American troops. What we do know is what happened to Seal Team 6 when Obama sent them flying through the mountain pass exposed and vulnerable. There are lots of conspiracy theories about Obama sending them in to die as a reward for letting him get to Bin Laden. Personally, I think Obama simply got cocky that “he” had killed Bin Laden and now he could go anywhere at any time and everything would work out in his favor. Unfortunately for 30 Americans, this did not happen and they were killed.

    • Lots of someones made a horrible mistake twice!!!! All those who voted for him should stand up and be counted. Or….at least smacked.

  47. It’s past time to impeach. How many impeachable offenses does this sham of a man get before they get the show on the road and execute the process. Are we all not tired of watching him get away with murder?

  48. I like to say if we impeach Bill over lying about sex then we should impeach and remove from office Obama for ordering our armed forces to stand down

    • What about all the Army Generals who have been either asked to retire or told to get out. BO is a disaster to whatever he touches.

  49. Obama,Hillary and Panetta should be charged with those Benghazi Murders,because they heard the pleas,from the Ambassador and DID NOTHING to help them.SHAMEFUL ! One thing for sure,God will have HIS revenge on them.They can’t LIE their way out from their ALMIGHTY CREATOR !

    • Yes, I so agree!!! They are POS, and should pay for letting those men be slaughtered, and then covering it up. This is a million times worse than Nixon, and Clinton, combined! Why is this being allowed to continue with no resolution. I feel so sorry for the families for thier losses, and the lies that were told to them and the American people. Oh, it just sickens my stomach!

  50. Impeachment will never hold in the Senate which can only convict him once impeached in the lower house. Our mistake from history is that Nixon wasn’t impeached & Clinton’s, who clearly lied under oath, impeachment couldn’t be secured by conviction in the Senate. 2014 midterms to gain the Senate are key, without the upper house the lower will never impeach. Elections have consequences.

  51. ok, let me see if I got this right. the president can’t wait to bomb Syria because he doesn’t like how their civil war is going. American citizens are targeted and executed in Bengazi and he doesn’t want to interfere because he doesn’t want to hurt any one’s feelings? Or have I missed something..? really? no… I just don’t get it. Is it me?

  52. My thoughts are that this president has no moral character. That he knew about the attack before it began and it was part of his reelection strategy. Stevens was to be kidnapped and later exchanged for the man known as the blind sheik serving time in a federal prison for the first WTC bombing. The plan fell apart when stand down orders were ignored. This caused the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to think Obama betrayed them and torture Stevens to death. But everything from the reduced security, the lack of assistance to Americans under fire in the face of the enemy, the obvious and easily refuted lies told in the days following the attack fits this scenario. This couldn’t come out before the election thus the diversion of the protest story to buy time.

    I think Fast and Furious is an even bigger scandal. I believe the administration gave guns to Mexican drug cartels in the expectation they’d cause a spike in violent crime in the states bordering Mexico. This was the goal. It would allow Obama to justify a deeper attack on our Second Amendment rights which he has never given up on. Even the man who wants to be king has to respect 80 million armed individuals.

    As for the Federal Reserve, well that is the root cause of all of our financial woes. Congress gave away their authority to coin money to big banks who now coin our money and then “lend” it to us while charging interest. The list of the owners of the Federal Reserve is a frightening collection of the richest, most powerful men in the world and includes the Rothchilds, Rockefellars, and Morgans. It needs to be purchased back for the mere 450 million it would cost the government. I’ve read this amount is listed in the congressional record. They’ve gamed us out of an amount greater than the national debt. I’ve just started to learn about the fed and only scratched the surface. Henry Ford once stated, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Food for thought.

  53. According to the whistle blower in the State Department, 400 Surface to Air Missiles were in that compound; what kind were they and where are they now? If our passenger jets start getting shot down and Obama tries to impose martial law, we will know who has the missiles and where they got them.


    • This administration was also gun running and that is why Chris was more than expendable! Things were about to hit the fan..he asked for months for more security and actually they pulled out more security…but upped the pay for those in the area for security hazard pay!

  54. What does it take to impeach the idiot? When we turn into a 3rd world country and all the people are imprisoned and all laws are for the good of the president, can’t even capitalize that word anymore, and the good of the government.? America was based on God and Patriots. What happened to us? Have we become a nation of wusses? We need to take our Country back!!!!!!

  55. I’ve often wondered why every sitting member in the House doesn’t see this the way us outsiders see this. Perhaps some republicans in the House are giving Obama the benefit of the doubt knowing that he was working a covert CIA operation running weapons to Syria. If that is true ,then you have to question whether Obama was doing the right thing for America or something else that he may be more personally aligned with – supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

    It doesn’t surprise me that the democrats in the House blindly support Obama. As long as Obama supports 100% making America dependent on the government, the D’s could care less what Obama does outside our borders.

  56. well we do not have a news channel or a news reporter thats has the balls to ask these questions, the sheep we elected in the senate and house cant see past their wallets. He should be impeached, but no one has the balls to do it, We the people are stuck with this idiot and will suffer the consequences!

  57. Not just dangerously close but should’ve been done by now and never had the chance to rerun for office again. Open your eyes AMERICA!!!

  58. When will the ignorant wake up? When will we realize we need to join forces and take the problem out of office, We as a nation need to become as one “NOW” and get the one out of office who will take us down as a nation, OR we never will Enough of our people, Land, Morals, have suffered at our dictators command..

  59. The play actor president we now have should be tired for treason. Should have happen a long time ago. What few real AMERICANS we have left in DC should get together and make things happen.

  60. Absolutely he should be impeached. If Clinton could have impeachment proceedings brought against him for lying about a sex act, and Nixon could have impeachment proceedings brought against him for some of his “friends” breaking into “Water gate”, then Obama most definitely deserve being brought up on impeachment charges as there is blood of Americans on his hands.

    • that time when Clinton was in, there was a republican majority in the House and Senate, to impeach, it would require a majority vote in both the House and Senate..then it would also require the Attorney General to follow through. with prosecution…now do you really think that is going to happen??

      • Wrong, only the House has Power of Impeachment… the Senate is not involved in Impeachment… they are the ones who Convict, but the fact is, once Impeached by the House, you are Impeached.. conviction is a separate issue. Only 2 Presidents have ever been Impeached, both dems… and no, Nixon was not Impeached, the full House never got to vote on it, only the Committee, he resigned before it went to the whole House.
        The Attorney General does not “follow through”, isn’t even involved. The Senate has the Power of Prosecution… Impeachment is like an Indictment. Plus it is bad on it’s own.

      • Correction noted and thank you;

        The Impeachment Process

        In the House of Representatives

        The House Judiciary Committee decides whether or not to proceed with impeachment. If they do…

        The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee will propose a Resolution
        calling for the Judiciary Committee to begin a formal inquiry into the
        issue of impeachment.

        Based on their inquiry, the Judiciary Committee will send another
        Resolution to the full House stating that impeachment is warranted and
        why (the Articles of Impeachment), or that impeachment is not called for.

        The Full House (probably operating under special floor rules set by the House Rules Committee) will debate and vote on each Article of Impeachment.

        Should any one of the Articles of Impeachment be approved by a
        simple majority vote, the President will be “impeached.” However, being
        impeached is sort of like being indicted of a crime. There still has to
        be a trial, which is where the US Senate comes in.

        In the Senate

  61. ..there are so many impeachable offenses available to chose from, but Benghazi is at the top of the list. It truly amazes me that nothing has been done. It proves that almost all of our elected; republican or democrat, don’t give a rats’ ass about Americans. We are all expendable in their eyes. In the upcoming elections, citizens should Vote Every Traitor Out! Once we clean up the sewer that is our congress and senate, this bastard will finally get his. There is no statute of limitations on murder, and yes, he is an accomplice. Hillary, Reid, Holder etc, are all guilty of obstruction of justice. There just isn’t a big enough nut sack in Washington to bring these subhumans to justice.


  62. I think Fast and Furious was enough of a high crime and misdemeanor to impeach, but Obama’s puppet masters will go to great lengths to keep him in office.

  63. I thing .like many others, that this administration has broken our constitution as committed high treason, impeachable offenses as well as misdemeanors! God help us all! People have voted in a tyrant, based on slogans!

  64. It is important to start impeachment proceedings now. At the very least, it will prevent Democrats from taking over the House and Senate in 2014. Obama has been trashing the Constitution since day one. That in itself constitutes “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

    Deliberately lying to America citizens about their health care is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Now all Americans, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, liberals, conservatives, young and old realize this president is out to destroy this country, one law at a time. He must not succeed. Americans are finally waking up to what this Socialist/Marxist is up to. And it’s past time that they did.

  65. If there were a murder or four in my neighborhood of which I had prior knowledge and I not only refused to call the police but lied about my knowledge I am sure At present I would be doing Prison time. The question asked is Obama dangerously close? No, he crossed that line on 9/11.

    Do liberals teach their children that lies and coverups are acceptable?

  66. What I do not understand is how can he get away with so much corruption and no one can really do anything to stop him?. He is constantly pushing and daring us and yet, all is well in Washington, DC…… I do not get it…… Where is the honor in our representatives to defend our country?. We need to have a deep House cleaning party, and soon….. before it is too late. GOP, take your head out of the sand. It is not a pretty sight exposing what you are showing.

    • Yep, we do need a good cleansing, much like what is done to a person before a colonoscopy, gotta get the ‘yuck’ out before seeing what’s there. Some of the folks in congress are courageous, thoughtful people attempting to make this a better world/country/etc., but there are SO MANY that are in DC just for the pork. Best current example of pork is voting ACA / nObamacare for the whole country, but NOT for congress people, or their aids, etc.

      By their words shall ye identify them. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.
      Something to think about….

      • Amen! Appropriate Scriptures. To all the folks who keep voting for the liberals/democrats, on what basis??? Political correctness, because you believe every lie that comes from our government leaders? Really, what good have they accomplished in the last 4-5 years? EVERYTHING their hands have touched has put us deeper in debt, made our job market worse, caused our credit rating to be lowered, made people get dropped from their insurance policies, gotten innocent people killed (Benghazi, drones strikes), hurt our reputation in the world, threatened our privacy and security from spying by the NSA, IRS targeting Conservative groups prior to the 2012 election, and more. Again, what GOOD has the OBAMA administration done? Tell me someone please.

      • They have shown us how low the bar is…geez…had no idea it could go that low in THIS country, blessed repeatedly & abundantly…..

  67. It has been suggested that the Obama Administration has made some nasty threats to all who are close to information/intelligence on Bengazi (and who knows what other self incriminating issue the President is trying to hide). This is why impeachment or any other action against “our King” doesn’t happen. Its the behind the sceens threats being made.

    • Unfortunately we are still talking Chicago style politics…they go way back. And he has never held down a “job” that funded his life. He has never had to hold a job like us common folks…’common folks’ NOT being a part of the WA DC oligarchy commonly known as congress…

  68. I am 74 yrs old and I could have told you from the beginning what this person is. Political correctness has allowed him to hide everything about him and we have some one that wants to destroy America sitting in our white house! That is my personal opinion and I wish those who support him would wake up to the most dangerous man in our history because of his agenda and he is making a lot of head way!!!!

  69. He has long been past “close.” This just adds to the long list of impeachable offenses. Simply breaking the law like he has is enough all by itself.
    Sadly, there is NO ONE in D.C. with enough courage to do it.

  70. The problem all of us have that object to the current activities taking place in Washington is that Pres Obama is covered by his campaign promises, slogans going back to his first campaign. He won by saying he was going to Change America. He is doing that. That is obviously the only truth he has told in the past 6 years.

  71. This man has been dangerously close to impeachment since he lied when he raised his hand and said that he would uphold the Constitution of the US. It is now time to remove this blight from our House and put him in prison where he belongs.

  72. Harry Reid knows the truth, that’s why he remains silent, when you are complicit in a crime you must tow the party line. Unfortunately, that line is drawn in the ever changing moral sands of the POTUS. I can only wonder how many years it will take to repair the damage this man has done to our nation.

  73. It looks to me like the stories and Benghazi rhetoric is about to blow at the seams and what may come out of all this is the truth and nothing but the truth about the Benghazi scene of 9/11/2013. We are still trying to free the 4 dead Americans and their families from Limbo and come into reality once again in my opinion.The truth will set them free at last.

  74. Last week there was a very telling CBS 60 Minutes segment by Lara Logan on Benghazi.

    Kinda jumped the gun with touting that segment, eh Allen? Given how Lara Logan was utterly disgraced when it was revealed that despite working on the story for a full year she failed to discover that her source was a lying con artist.


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