Rev. Jackson says Reagan wanted to segregate sports

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Just when you thought the Rev. Jesse Jackson couldn’t say anything more absurd, here we have him topping the list again. Speaking at Furman University this past week, Jackson claimed former President Ronald Reagan sought to prevent blacks from playing sports with whites. Jackson even dragged in former Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater into his insidious claims.

According to his comments as reported by Campus Reform, Ronald Reagan would have prevented Michael Jordan from attending the University of North Carolina, the Olympics from being in Atlanta, Georgia, and teams like the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons from existing.

However most disturbing was his reference to the South as being the “land of the free and the home of genocide.” Perhaps the good Reverend should read about Margaret Sanger and recognize that since the 1972 Roe v Wade decision, there have been some 13 million black babies aborted.

As well, thanks to Democrat President Lyndon Johnson’s welfare nanny-state policy of giving checks to women having children out of wedlock, today only 28% of black children have fathers in the home.

According to Furman student, Lauren Cooley,

Students felt uncomfortable when Rev. Jackson remarked that you can’t be a Christian if you’re a conservative and that Ronald Reagan held up the walls of segregation. During the question and answer portion, students asked Jackson why he supports policies that keep minorities stuck in poverty and why he supports abortion clinics that focus on serving and therefore endangering the existence of African American communities. Rev. Jackson appeared flustered and became angry, questioning students, raising his voice, and circumnavigating questions.

Jackson (whose stellar son, former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. just recently began his prison sentence for illegal use of campaign funds), has based his entire career on the heinous practice of race baiting.

I’m proud to say I’m a graduate from the University of Tennessee, where the first black quarterback in the Southeastern Conference played, Condredge Holloway Jr., ol’ number seven. Watching Holloway as a young kid was instrumental in my choosing to attend college up on good ol’ Rocky Top.

As he is an ordained Minister, I recommend Rev. Jackson heed the words of Solomon in Proverbs 17:28, “Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding. “

What sayeth you? Do talking heads such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have any relevance?


    • Why must he be labeled a retard?..I agree that his words are not, and never have been relevent, but calling him ‘retarded’ is not appreciated..I’ve known people that are unfortunate enough to have retardation, and they outside Mr. Jackson in every way. Racist,,yes…

  1. I hope he has no relevance, but I fear that those who don’t take the time to educate themselves still listen to his malarkey. It’s really rather sad.

  2. Reagan was the FIrst president to ensure African American White House servants got the same pay as white servants. Why is he attacking a dead president anyway?

  3. Since I was old enough to listen, the Rev. Jackson has talked circles for answers. He holds no relevance in so many places and he and Al Sharpton are both racists.

  4. This man is delusional, and so are the people who listen to him. Ronald Reagan played football in a day when blacks were often not allowed to stay in hotels…..he took them home with him. And Barry Goldwater was a member of the NAACP before it was fashionable. He was responsible for integrating the Arizona National Guard, and voted FOR the Civil Rights act of 1957….when Senators John F. Kennedy and Al Gore Sr. voted AGAINST it. It’s too much to expect that Jackson would be grateful for the Republican passage of every Civil Rights Act passed since Reconstruction, but a modicum of respect would not go amiss.

  5. Perhaps the good Reverend should read about Margaret Sanger and recognize that since the 1972 Roe v Wade decision, there have been some 13 million black babies aborted.

    FINALLY ! Someone else saying what I have been saying for a very very long time ! ANYONE that thinks Planned Parenthood is a “good” thing needs to read all about the FOUNDER and her goal(s). That bitch was every bit as evil as Hitler, and even sold it to the Black Ministers 8)

  6. I sincerely hope Mr. West does not give this anymore play then it needs. The good Rev is in the corner of the POTUS. I believe he would say anything to distract and take the heat off of the POTUS. Mr. Allen plays right into the Rev’s hands with acknowledging such tripe. The best offense and defense for dealing with the likes of the Rev and Al is indifference. Ignore them-no acknowledgement at all is the best strategy. We must keep our eyes focused on POTUS and his shenanigans not his distractors.

    • To take the heat off the current BLACK President’s troubles. It is a “Hey, look at me! I am saying someone outrageous things about a hero of the conservative party.” The rev is a shiny bauble…that is it!

  7. I don’t know why we spend any time on a civilized web site like this talking about either one of those idiots. They are only around because they are given publicity.

  8. JJ and his buddy, Sharp-tongue are no more relevant than the idiots who follow them around and are on the edge of their seats for whatever nonsense they spew next.

  9. When is this Country and Citizens going to rise up and say ENOUGH, no more race baiting fools, stop the liberals and their politically correct nonsense and their puppet media that propagates this garbage that is tearing apart this Great Nation. People need to unite and as one say GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • As time goes by the heros pass. What is left is a shame. A once proud nation standing lost. Looking not for a way to work toward freedom and prosperity, but for the next government handout. Wondering why it isn’t there. Afraid to speak out or defend what they still have, others will come for it.

  10. That breaks my heart. I’m from the south with northern roots. One thing, as a devout Christian, that I’ve come to know is true truth, is that we are all loved equally by a great and all-knowing Abba Father. If he were a true Christian, he would make such hateful remarks. He’s a very judgemental, grief-spreading, fear-mongering, man who is causing many of his brothers to stumble. “Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies. (Psalm 34:13)

  11. Colonel West, unfortunately there is relevance and acceptance by many in America for these two “Reverends”. God save the United States Republic and her people!

  12. No I don’t think that they have any relevance but unfortunately there are those who do listen to them. Jackson and Sharpton would be out of a job if there were no racial discord so they ramp it up. They might have to actually do some work if there were no significant racial discord.





    Robert David






    Jackson,Sharpton,Polosie,Reid,Shumer,Holder,Clinton,& Clinton and Many RHINOS….Will feel the PAIN of their Destructive, Devastating and Division..IN DUE TIME….But NLT 11/2014….PERIOD, “DID YOU NOTICE THE “PERIOD OBAMA”?

  14. They have plenty of relevance among the ill informed, the too lazy to be informed and those that enable them and their lies. Our best course of action is to counter, at every turn, with facts and proof. Let them wallow in their own arrogance and misery and then answer for it in front of the One they claim to serve.

  15. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Charlie Rangel are one of the primary reasons the black community “stay down” It’s their continual ranting and race baiting that do NOTHING for the black community. If they were helping the black community then effectively they would be “out of a job”, so they keep up the racist trash talk and sadly many believe their lies. They are a detriment to their race and so called “religion”.

    • Doesn’t the bible say something about the peacemakers? What they will inherit? I think I heard something about bearing false witness in there somewhere, too. At his age, if he really does believe in god, he should stop spreading lies and hate.

  16. He has been an embarassment to us all for a long time. Whites because of his racist lies & Blacks because he perpetuates all that is wrong in that community.

  17. Jesse Jackson is irrelevant. I don’t even listen to him cause everything that comes out of his mouth is either stupid or hateful. He is the sort of people that holds the black community down and does not want them to prosper. he is like a gong that makes a loud noice but hollow in the middle.

  18. He speaks for those who hold onto the race card. Jackson and Sharpton and Obama have set back the black community 50 yrs with this non sense. They all have diarhea of the mouth and constipation of brain. At the same blacks are too afraid to take step forward and move on. Majority of them like the position theyre in. Col West, your amazing man !

    ………………………………………………………..MORALLY and MONETARILY.
    Robert David Hummel……IS,……….. ANTI-OBAMA’s Fundamental .CHANGE



    Jackson,Sharpton,Polosie,Reid,Shummer,Holder,Clinton,& Clinton and Many RHINOS….Will feel the PAIN of their Destructive, Devastating and Division..IN DUE TIME….But NLT 11/2014….PERIOD, “DID YOU NOTICE THE “PERIOD”, OBAMA”!!!

  20. Jessie Jackson and Weird Al Sharpton depend on their supporters being utterly stupid. No intelligent person gives them any credibility. It is time for these race baiters to fade into the night.

  21. Jackson, Sharpton et. al., derive their livelihood from scratching at – and re-opening – the wounds of racism.

    And even when they’re horribly wrong – the Duke lacrosse team debacle – those S.O.B.s ***NEVER*** apologize …….

    They exemplify the “n” word they hate so much – but refuse to challenge use thereof when uttered by anyone except “whitey”.

    I don’t agree whatsoever – but have overheard on numerous occasions …… where’s James Earl Ray now that he’s really needed?

  22. Reagan did none of the things this professional liar claims… What he said is so ludicrous that I can’t believe any sane-mined person would have even thought it up.. OH.. That explains it.. Jesse isn’t sane-minded, never has been, never will be..

  23. 2nd Timothy 4: 3-4

    For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but
    having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit
    their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and
    wander off into myths.

  24. We blame Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpton for their hateful talk but just remember that it is people, places and things like this ( Furman University ) that invite them to come speak in the first place.

  25. MLK would weep if he could see what Jackson did to his dream. It is a privilege to post this on the site of Allen West who has excelled as an American, serviceman, and politician; who served with honor in the House where he belongs and hopefully is returned in a future election.

    • Kay, you are absolutely right. MLK was a Republican and he fought so hard to stop discrimination. Jackson & his ilk are doing everything in their power to promote it

    • Although I agree with your sentiment, it should read, “They’re both old and stupid.” One should not bastardize his own language.

  26. Absolutely NONE! Both of those guys craft insidious incitement that, if espoused by anybody else, would be skewered and scorned into obscurity. The fact that the left still embraces them, demonstrates their level of moral ineptitude.

  27. His family needs to have PSYCH services called out to bring him to the Hospital, this man is attempting to cause a disturbance. He needs immediate Psychiatric services. I bet he never thinks about all those unborn BABIES that have been KILLED, as almost was…. just saying. Oh, that’s a Democrat cause…
    if typing error occurs it is because I am blind…..

  28. Sad thing is there are people that believe this tripe, and worse yet those that would repeat it knowing it’s false only because they want it to believe it’s true.

  29. Who would ever believe that when Jackson was very prominent in the 70s, he spoke truth about legalized abortion. He called it genocide himself! He said that planned parenthood was targeting blac& other minority neighborhoods. Then he decided to run for office, needed money & “evolved” on the issue. There are videotapes of his previous positions somewhere. I think it was govt hearing

  30. Noticed how he became angry when questions are asked that he can’t or wont answer because it make his speech null and void.

  31. Those two old charlatans are not only not worthy of respect, they are a matter to be ridiculed. They lie, they embellish facts, they promote racial hatred, they protect the punks who seem to feel free to kill white people at will, oh, and black people, too. I feel sorry for the people they are tormenting with their false rhetoric. #impeachObama

  32. Note that he went after and told bald faced lies about folks that have long passed away and cannot be asked for a response. both Reagan and Goldwater are better people after all of the years in their graves that this moron running his baiting dribble.

  33. The relevance of BOTH of these fools is long gone. The only thing worse than the drivel they spread is the fact that there are those out there that believe them STILL! Anyone capable of cognizant thought is bound to see their words for the lunatic ravings that they are….

  34. Dr King would be ashamed of him and. Would have created a distance long ago from this racist fool. Pay no heed to what he says as it’s always slanted and dishonest in nature.

  35. He be the fool he be and now Al Sharpton is going to come out a say something even dumber,be prepared this is going to get scary.

  36. Sounds like Rev. Jackson has Reagan confused with George C Wallace, who was a Democrat by the way, I take that to mean if your liberal your racist.

  37. Someone should teach Jesse Jackson some lessons in the history of this nation. It was DEMOCRATS, not Republicans who fought to keep slaves; it was Abolitionists – who voted Republican, electing Abraham Lincoln, the most anti-slavery Presidential candidate of 1860 who freed the slaves. It was the so-called “Radical” Republicans who proposed giving the former slaves “40 Acres and a Mule.” It was Democrats combined with the so-called “Moderate” Republicans who voted that proposal down. It was Republican President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, who integrated the military services stationed in the USA. He also was the first president since 1875 to sign Civil Rights legislation. Unfortunately, that legislation was watered down “pulling all the teeth” by Democrats, including LBJ and JFK. Nevertheless, he signed those bills into law in 1957 and 1960. In fact, he also set up a Civil Rights Commission and the bill that LBJ did sign into law could have been signed by Eisenhower in 1957 if the Democrats hadn’t been more concerned about who got credit than they were about getting civil rights for oppressed citizens.

  38. Jackson’s agenda is an agenda of hate. Blacks hating whites, whites hating blacks, and everybody hating the very Conservative principles that would lead to racial harmony. He’s the last person on earth who can lecture anyone on who is Christian and who is not, and on that note I would be quite surprised if he heard God speak the words of Matthew 25:21 when he stands before Him.

  39. Jackson & Sharpton’s words are only relevant to the ‘low information’ voters….those are the people that these two so called ‘men of the cloth’ prey upon.

  40. How embarrassed this mans family must be…. and as for if this man is a TRUE man of God … wellll… I wouldn’t want to be holding his hand on Judgment Day!

  41. I seldom resort to name calling, but that is one of the most absurd things to ever come out that lying dogs mouth and he knows it.

  42. These guys were never relevant. The person who led the African-American population to freedom was MLK. His words resonated with whites and blacks alike. Of course there were some hate-filled people on both sides of the movement who did their best to keep the “war” going, and many of them are still around, or have children who have taken up their hatred and continue to try to promote division between the races. These two groups are the ones who keep the old hatreds going, and I hope the day will come when when whites and blacks will just tell them, “No one is listening to your garbage, fools. Just take it over in a corner and let your hate make YOU miserable and leave the rest of us alone!

  43. Let them that have eyes to see, see and them that have ears to hear, hear. I know that is out of context, but more and more people seem to be waking up to what is really going on. You, Sir, (Col. West) I would follow into battle!

  44. The Republican party is the the party that has always been behind the freeing of the slaves and equal rights for all. The Democrats during the Civil War fought to keep slavery even after the North won the war. They did not want to pass the Amendment that gave them their freedom. In the 1960, it was the Democrats who fought tooth and nail to prevent black from being allowed to vote and to have equal rights. Why any black person in this country would vote for a Democrat is mind boggling. They are the party that hates you and will attempt to enslave you again with the ACA and you just lay back and let them do it because they got a black man elected to the Presidency. A black man who has no history with black in America. He has no relatives who were slaves and cannot possibly understand your struggles throughout the years as he never knew the kind of life that you did. He is not a black American he is a black Kenyan. The time he spent in the US with his Grandmother was spent being raised as a white man in a black skinned body. His grandmother didn’t even trust black people. Jesse Jackson has always been and will always be one of the most RACIST human being on the face of the earth.

  45. Unfortunately, this man wants to be relevant again. When Obama became president, Rev. Jackson was no longer relevant. Now he sees problems with the Obama presidency and has decided to pounce on it in an attempt to once again become relevant.

  46. The Rev.’s(and I use this term loosely, because they are not Men of the Cloth) Jackson and Sharpton, would be well served by the following words:
    “It is better to remain silent, and thought a fool. Than to open one’s mouth, and remove all doubt.” Abraham Lincoln, Republican

  47. He’s supposed to be a Reverend? For whom are you a reverend Mr Jackson? Are you for Christ and His church? Or have you forgotten and are in it for your own glory? Much will be asked to whom much has been given. You will answer for it one day,hypocrate!!

  48. I don’t believe either one has a kind one in their mouth about white and most whites dislike both for race baiting, I see no relevance in anything they say! This is a shame for grown men to behave at this time in history!! Most don’t consider them preachers. Al Sharpton is an adviser to Obama, what is this about!!!

  49. He belongs to the party of Slavery like the Propagandist “media”, the other race baiter’s and their ILLEGAL MUTTlim Dog Eater Queen DICKtatker. Why no one dares calls them out on the simple fact is beyond me.

  50. Martin Luther King must be rolling in his grave every time Jackson opens his mouth. Jackson and people like him are the ones keeping blacks suppressed. His constant victimization propaganda has enslaved so many blacks and have encouraged the killing of so many black babies. There is nothing about him that says minister to me, but I do know he will be accountable to a much higher power than he believes himself to be.

    • Not only is MLK JR rolling over in his grave when jackson speaks he’s likely trying to dig outta his grave when his OWN SON MLKIII starts hanging out with Jesse Jackson an al sharpton an ovomit an the rest of the race baiters an spewing the same flith an hate they do an doing it in his fathers name.

  51. It’s a shame that the divisive tactics of Jackson and Sharpton continue to keep racism alive while they pretend to be religious “Reverends”.

    They are about as religious as the average muslim suicide bomber.

    Martin Luther King Jr. would not approve.

  52. And he calls himself a Minister??????? He is always starting problems with his cronies!!! Praying for him because he probably prays to the Devil!

  53. All they have, including Obama, is to talk about race and insinuate the our problems are caused by white conservatives. That’s their ‘divide’ and it’s not working anymore. Thank God these were bright students.

  54. So tired of being labeled racist…. BY AN ACTUAL RACIST HATER!

    Minister…? Yeah he is. Just not of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Minister of hate and lies and deception… and that’s to his own race. Doesn’t even begin to describe what he ministers to other races.

  55. If Jessie and Al along with their brother Jeremiah, are examples of what the Christian faith is supposed to be, no wonder people have so much distrust in Christians. All together, they would not make a bump on a Christians, well you get the idea. Their idea of Christianity is “HATE”, and give me, give me, plus they always have their hand out. As one writer stated, “May God repay them according to their deeds.” Amen!!

  56. Jesse Jackson capitalizes on the propensity of incurious folks, aka Democrats & mainstream media, to anoint a messiah and follow them regardless of word, deed or policy. You see the same thing with Bill & Hillary as well as President Bystander. That’s also why we’ve seen the importance of “messaging” in US politics. It’s difficult to develop 2 or 3 word messages, for an electorate with impaired critical thinking skills, that can compete with Democrat messages of “free health care”, “free food”, “free phones”, “free housing”, “free crop insurance”, “free trains”, “free (insert your favorite noun here)”. They equate the word “free” with “freedom” and if you’re not at the trough, that makes you the dumb$hit. Words like honor, dignity, sacrifice, self-sufficiency, stewardship and thrift either enrage or don’t apply to them.

    • You hit the nail on the head…Dem-Coms learned a looong time ago that free crap brings them votes. And they’ll “hijack” any group’s Cause to do it. That’s hard to compete with but we have to do it because we are now closer than ever to a life/death situation in this country.

  57. Hear me out…I think what Jackson and Sharpton say are very relevant, to their “cause” that is. They do afterall, get out there and continue spreading lies and will keep on doing it for as long as they have an audience and unfortunately, it did bring obama and Dem-Coms votes. However, it is up to the rest of us, including LTC West to get out there and stop these liars and speak to audiences ourselves.

    • Speaking of Witch (can’t help it…Halloween), corrupt Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown speaks very good ebonics. As does Frederica Wilson and Sheila Jackson Lee. Some real doozies! And I know this may not make a difference, but Hillary Clinton is even better than Jackson, Sharpton, Brown, Lee and Wilson COMBINED!

      • I remember that…lol Hillary started her ebonics while campaigning once…I wundrin if she be praxin it agin’ fo her upcumin prez bid??

  58. He’s always struck me as uneducated and very biased and race focused, but this is over the top. Maybe he’s really losing his nut.

  59. MLK’s niece said this about abortion, “Yes, a woman should have the right to make decisions about HER body, HOWEVER, a BABY is NOT her body”!
    Is it really God that drives the man? Or GREED? and you can’t serve BOTH MASTERS…


    • He’s attacking dead people because they can’t fight back. Jackson’s final reckon will come and he will have trouble with the good Lord.

  61. There are two types of ” Reverends”- university trained and God called. Jackson so demonstrates the former and shows no inkling of the latter.

  62. Calling this CREEP & his race baiting 2nd banana Sharpton an “Ordained Minister” is truly the most heinous insult to those who are truly called by God to serve Him.

  63. So, one can’t be a conservative and a Christian, but it is okay for Jackson to to cheat on his wife throughout their marriage and then funnel funds from a racist organization (NAACP) to pay for his illegitimate children. His Reverend school forgot to teach a few of the commandments, and he hardly has the moral authority to judge me, or anyone else who disagrees with his politics.

  64. No. J Jackson and A Sharpton have stale messages. However, I believe this racial problem could be circular. We were making such headway in destroying racism with all races working together to destroy the divide. Now, under President Obama’s reign, because he is an insidious catalyst for the promotion of racism for his benefit, J Jackson and A Sharpton, like good little dogs, start yipping about racism 60’s style or back when they were relevant. Retire Rev Jackson and A Sharpton.

  65. You mentioned being a father…..Doesn’t the rev. have illegitimate children?
    Supposedly one he “forgot about” included
    Get your own house in order

  66. One day he will stand before the creator of the universe and be called to account for every accusation, every lie, and all the harm he has done to people. I believe that Martin Luther King would be ashamed of him and Sharpton.

  67. What a crock. The democratic party is the home of the Atheist and the Christian haters as well as the segregationists. Why do these frauds and race baiters get air time. They will continue their self serving propaganda and out right lies as long at we keep printing. This story should have been. Jesse Jackson said something today but no one was listening.

  68. Look at this mans face… it is filled with hate and contempt, and it proves one thing, that racism is alive and well in America.

  69. Mr Jackson you are a fraud(I call you Mr very loosely) as the word Reverand will never cross my lips in the same breath as your name. Calling you Reverend is equal to calling Satan an Angel. Now I am not naive to think that my response to you or any of the other remarks is going to make a difference to you.. As I know as well as you that Money is the COLOR Green, you have ignorance of the people in your corner. There are more Race Hustlers at work as well as organizations also fanning the divide in this country which will keep you in expensive suits, The people that show ignorance strongly believe that you are working for them, which is in your favor, you have the Leftist Media in your corner to overlook or just ignore your statements

  70. The Reverend J. Jackson
    does have some good points. First he has been out of the news
    recently. Second he is largely irrelevant. Third most congress
    people and elected officials are ignoring his presence and trying to get
    something meaningful from him. I guess he thinks that referring to Reagan
    as a racist will bring him into the news. Jesse, that is not the case,
    you are still essentially irrelevant and your own racist behaviors continue to
    impoverish those you are trying to support. Funny though they do not want
    to remain on government subsidies because Hussein Obama is using them, the
    recipients of government subsidies, to begin an uprising so Hussein can remain
    in power. Where is your outrage against the governmental actions that are
    hurting people you claim to support? Hussein has reduced food stamps, he
    has caused police to be trained as riot interventionists, and he is trying to
    get black people and white people killed in a race war. Where is YOUR
    outrage and indignation? Please become relevant and release your
    diatribes against the government who is causing the underlying problems rather
    than the people trying to live within the double standard law.

  71. reverend J Jackson still has followers that seem to conform to his thoughts and actions. If he heard glenn beck bought a white sports car he would rant about race being a factor. rev jackson is so full of himself he can’t see the truth. this world is becoming more of like it was thanks to him and Obama and Al. ah forget it he is not worth talking about.

  72. Absolutely, no relevance in our current country. We do not need hating race baiters. Our media really needs to stop giving these destructive people a mic or camera. For the good of the country, people are better off NOT hearing anything from these men.

  73. That’s the laughable tragedy of Jess Jackson; the man IS NOT an ordained minister. He dropped out of ministerial school early on to join the civil rights movement. That’s honorable enough, but his pastoral degree was honorary. He did not attend and therefore did not “earn” his degree. That’s like being promoted from a Lance Corporal to a General just because I drop out of officers training to fight in a war. Lobbing some hand grenades and squeezing the trigger a few thousand times doesn’t make me General material. Nor does walking with a sign make you a minister of the gospel.

  74. None at all. To think that they call themselves “men of God”…. that if nothing else shows a level of narcissism that truly bears repentance.

    • excuse me when did those three instigators ever have any credibility to begin with when martin Luther King was assassinated witness claim JACKSON
      rushed out to the room were King lay dying and smeared his blood on his shirt went out and met the press in front of the motel and cried that king died in his arms and told him to pick up the cause and instruct black people to push on to achieve there goals but to preach no hate so what does this lying bastard along with that lying scumbag Sharpton do is go out instigating hate against whites making up lies for profit shaking down large corporations for millions by threating to stop black people for buying there products and these two low life bastards call themselves reverend

      • Bob, as I have not known any of these gentlemen their whole lives, I can’t speak to whether they have NEVER had legitimate private or public credibility. However, I can speak as to my opinion of their current public cred. Which I have. I wasn’t aware of the example hou gave on Jackson nor on everything they’ve both done. Just seems now they both are more in the vein of Jerry Springer types or ambulance chasers. Vultures and hyenas. Imho. Thanks for the info tho.

  75. Something encouraging I read in this, is that the students questioned him. Didn’t just take every word he said as (excuse please) gospel. And he made them feel uncomfortable. After seeing what happened with the policeman at Brown the other day, I could only hope that more students can stop and think for themselves.

  76. Our economic system was founded with the idea each individual could find a niche, build on it, and possibly become wealthy. Case in point, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    • But it wasn’t intended to do so by preying on the weak, perpetuating hate and racial divide, while lying about their own credentials etc.

      • I agree with you, LW, completely. My point was even in the most freedom loving economic system ever produce, the every system which they rail against so vehemently, has even allowed these two phonies an opportunity to become wealthy. Your comment is exact, Sir, and exactly right to the point.

  77. in answer to your question… Do talking heads such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have any revelance? who…?
    Do talking heads such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have any relevance?
    Do talking heads such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have any relevance?
    Do talking heads such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have any relevance?


  79. Under Reagan blacks incomes rose by 65% and whites 46%. Jackson is the biggest liar ever. People like he and sharpton need to be shoved into the garbage where they belong. disgusting.

  80. The answer to that is no,no,no…….not any more. You can’t race bait when you have Billion/Millionaire blacks in sports ,music,entertainment,movies,tv, etc……Its only those that are stuck in Jackson/Sharpton’s world that are encouraged to continue the race baiting with them.

  81. to be clear, by wannabe, I mean no disrespect to Rev. King. I have great respect for what he did and admiration for his stands on equality. A man of courage and conviction and the world is deminished by his not being in it. Rev. Jackson is a one trick pony who plays the race card as if it applied to every situation in life. Every time he has a hangnail he blames others….who are not like him …so…who exactly IS a racist but somebody who hates others and disrespects them because of their origins???? hmmm? could that BE mr rev Jackson?…

  82. The only relevance people like Jackson and Sharpton have is to continue the hateful rhetoric that helps stir up dissension among those who do not check facts on their own. Out and out lies run through them like Adrian Peterson through a junior high defensive line! They are useful idiots for this administration as well as any other progressive administration. They are, however, a perfect fit with this particular group because truth and fiction seem to intermingle with them–from the leader on down!

  83. Tools of Satan. They are everywhere. These two just reveal themselves constantly. There are many others. Sheila Jackson from Houston comes immediately to mind. Their numbers are great. Their goals are clear. Their constituents are idiots, and their ultimate rewards will be consummate.

    • So does jesse jackazz have any proof to back up his assertions?

      Sheila Jackazz lee, is one of the most absurd people in the world, she’s right up there with Maxine waterbuffalo and that crazy Cynthia whatever her name is.

  84. no, i dont even consider them talking heads, just talking asses. all they do is perpetuate hate and racial dissension. if they really wanted to help-promote Dr M L King and teach people to not make excuses for their bad behavior and violence, get an education and get to work, make a business or whatever else that is productive for our Country

  85. Those two . . . Jesse Jackson, Jr., and Al Sharpton bring SHAME to the title, “Reverend.” All they do is spew hatred for whites, and accuse innocent whites of being racists. I have a difficult time thinking there could be ANY truth to what he said about Reagan.


  87. Jesse Jackson would do well to remember that he raised a thief. Oh but he has nothing to say about that. He would do well to speak out about the black mothers killing their unborn children. Oh but he has nothing to say about that. He would do well to talk about black people with stolen guns killing black and white alike. Oh but he has nothing to say about that.
    Jesse Jackson’s sole purpose in life is to inflame black people against white people or to denigrate white people. He is nothing in my book and I would love to be there when his sins against the human race are read by God. I’m thinking that he is one faux reverend we will not see in heaven!

  88. JJ and AS – they are the anti-Christ – spreading this kind of hatred when they should be speaking in harmony with Martin.

  89. What amazes me is how many whites support this guy. Is there a requirement going around that all whites must continually apologize and repatriate for a practice banned by whites themselves 151 years ago? Seriously, I barely have a life as it is. Leave me be, media morons!

    • Come on, what Whites would support Jackson or Notso Sharpton? The Prius driving, scraggly pony-tailed, balding pated, zinfandel bellied, Birkenstock shod weasel, married to a frumpy, friz-haired, hairy-leg and armpit, bi-focal bespectacled, lez-lusting, Green Peace loving, Trader Joe buying matron. These are not real White people. They are anomalies and need to be treated as such.

      • Hey, Democrat soccer moms and illegal aliens driving SUVs scare the bejesus out of me! Most of the tools I see over here are driving the biggest, baddest gas guzzlers on the planet while collecting their welfare checks! And the Prius doesn’t hold a candle to the Ford Taurus for sheer pussiness! What a total POS that car was! I’d rather drive a Yugo! Screw it, it’s Monday and I woke up with a headache. She was lying next to me in bed, so I guess I went to sleep with one as well…

  90. Does anyone take Jackson or his brother Notso Sharpton seriously? Jacko is dissing dead White guys. He never had the cajones to say anything like that to Reagan or Goldwater when they were alive, as they probably would have kicked his black ass. Such a loser.

  91. Oh, mister Jackson! because you stopped being a “reverend” long time ago! your absurdities are becoming more absurd every time you open your mouth! They seem more like the statements of someone becoming senile; that, or you are suffering from diarrhea of the mouth and you have your tongue disconnected from your brain. Either way, you now have the credibility of a sardine, and we are tired of your rants.

  92. I felt that Bill O’Reilly stopped his message of Disintegration of the Black Family too quickly. After the Trayvon Martin thing died down, Bill quit with his awesome message. This should be a continuous message if any change is to come about.

  93. Jackson and Sharpton in my opinion have disgraced their earned titles and have lost any right to be referenced as a reverend – constantly disgracing the honor of human dignity and yacking stupidity. Race Baiting? Really ? Such wicked men – who’s giving these idiots the time and space to hurl this vomit anyway?

  94. Jackson and Sharpton in my opinion have disgraced their earned titles and have lost any right to be referenced as a reverend – constantly disgracing the honor of human dignity and yacking stupidity. Race Baiting? Really ? Such wicked men – who’s giving these idiots the time and space to hurl this vomit anyway?


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