How I’d fix health care

Imagine the shock of millions of Americans receiving notices this week that their healthcare plans would be terminated. The problem for the President now is that he suffers from an extreme credibility problem, as we’ve been treated to countless sound bites where he promised that wouldn’t happen. But, par for the course, he went on the campaign trail to use his pulpit to point the finger of blame elsewhere.

Obamacare intentionally forces individuals towards the government exchanges. The seemingly secretive conditions for grandfathering individual insurance policies were never made clear to the American people. The underlying message in all of this is that you, the individual American citizen, do not know what is best for you. You do not have the capacity to know what type of insurance coverage you should have so therefore the government will tell you, and mandate it so, and if you don’t comply, you’ll be taxed.

There are several simple free market solutions to the issue of healthcare in America.

• First of all, there should have been an effort to institute tort reform for catastrophic litigation. Of course, with the power of the trial lawyers’ lobby in Washington DC, mainly supportive of Democrats, that did not happen.

• We should have opened up insurance competition across state lines and stopped the insidious practice of allowing these state by state mini-monopolies. Americans should decide on what their plans should cover, not state or federal agencies.

• We should be promoting health savings accounts which allow Americans to isolate funds from their compensation, tax-free, for their routine medical needs –instead Obamacare taxes these accounts (so much for individual initiative).

• We should allow portability of employer insurance plans, so you can buy one plan when you’re young and stick with it, rather than having to get a new plan every time you change employers.

• For Americans with pre-existing conditions, the government could have assisted in establishing high-risk pools and offered subsidies for Americans.

The strategic goal of President Obama’s signature policy has nothing to do with healthcare, it has everything to do with increased taxation — 21 new taxes in Obamacare as a matter of fact — and a march towards a single payer system. In the end, I believe we shall see an increase in the rolls of MEDICAID, against the desires of many states. Just as Obama has destabilized our economy and the Middle East, he has now destabilized the American healthcare system…or shall we say, “fundamentally transformed” it.


  1. Great ideas, mr. West.
    the only problem i see is…they wanted it to fail so we would be pushed into a one payer system so obama, the socialist could control our healthcare and who would actualy get healthcare.
    he wants total control of all americans and that will never happen.
    We will have a massive civil war if he pulls too many more illegal yricks on the american ppl!
    He just does not know how fed up we are with his lies and trying to take away our rights to decide what is best for us…not the govmt stucking their big coked up noses in our personal business!
    the aca is unconstitutional in many ways but admenment 28 is a very good start!
    He really kicked the hornet’s nest this time and he and the dems will feel the rath of the american ppl!
    He can run out of town and campaign all he wants but we will still be right here to confront him, harry reid, pelosi, mccain, mcconnell and graham to name a few!
    They all overstepped their bounds with this one!
    Heads are going to roll…this was the very ladt straw for the tax paying, red blooded american patriots!

  2. Sir the largest problem with your suggestion of “We should be promoting health savings accounts which allow Americans to isolate funds from their compensation, tax-free, for their routine medical needs –instead Obamacare taxes these accounts (so much for individual initiative).” is that, we as retired Military CANNOT enroll in Health savings accounts because we have TRICARE. Until that changes, HSAs are not an option for us!
    If you know a way around this, please tell us what it is because I would LOVE to have an HSA instead of only being able to join an FSA that mandates that if I do not spend all the funds at years end in my FSA, the government takes it away from me and I have to start all over again the next year.

    V/R USAF Retired MSgt

  3. Get employers out of the health care system altogether. The contributions they make are eaten up by ever higher health care costs. If we limit the money available there will be incentives to lower costs.

    • Great point. Anytime a product is mandated you can throw the competitive nature of it out the window, Enter Obama and his unconstitutional mandate we all must have health insurance. All this was done as another nail in the coffin of American freedom. And anyone who believes anything else is only fooling themselves.

  4. Healthcare Solution

    Instead of the Affordable Healthcare Act, legislate that insurance companies can no
    longer sell to employers but rather work to entice individual customers like
    any other product or service. They won’t like it but it will be better for the
    rest of us.

    Healthcare is an issue only because it has not operated within the context of the free
    market for seventy (70) or more years. Healthcare became a pawn and bargaining
    chip when it came to be employer funded. The reason that happened? Government
    intervention. Now government wants additional power to fix the problem they
    themselves created in the first place.

    In the Communist Manifesto, written in 1848, Karl Marx advocates ten steps to
    determine whether a country has implemented a communist agenda or not. These
    were referred to as the Ten Planks. The second step or plank was: “A heavy
    progressive or graduated income tax.” And, just so we are clear on the intent
    of this man, in chapter two Marx says this: “[The] abolition of individuality
    and freedom. The abolition of …freedom is undoubtedly aimed at.” Then, on February 3, 1913, the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified and written into law. This was the Amendment that created the U.S. graduated income tax.

    During WWII, the country being saddled with a heavy graduated income tax, the highest bracket was 94% in 1942. Companies had a difficult time rewarding their top producers because an employee was taxed more but took home less than before his bonus. Talk about taking one step forward and two steps back… Congress then passed legislation that allowed a company to give an employee employer-paid health
    insurance. It wasn’t cash, so the employee was exempt from a higher tax
    consequence. The business received a tax deduction and all lived happily ever
    after… until today.

    Well, there hasn’t been such high tax brackets in decades. In 1964 it dropped to 77%, in 1965 to 70%, in 1982 to 50% and then in 1987 it dropped again to 38.5%. So, the need for employer paid health insurance died out many, many years ago. But nobody and I mean virtually NOBODY, talks about this. It stands to reason then, that if the health insurance companies were cut lose from the free ride of marketing
    to employers, several things would occur. They would be forced to seek out
    individual customers and just the competition of that would drive prices
    through the floor. We would begin to see Gieco-like commercials… “15
    minutes could save you 15% on your health insurance.” We would see HMO’s
    disappear as functionally obsolete. In their place the doctor-patient
    relationship would reassert itself. Quality care would skyrocket. People could
    purchase insurance originating from other states, something not available at

    Why would all this be happening? Because insurance companies would be falling all
    over themselves trying to get you and me as customers. They would be competing
    against each other, driving costs lower and care higher just so that you would
    choose one over the other. THAT is the power of the market place. That is
    freedom of choice.

    Steve Walsh, 7431 Rochester Rd, Lockport, NY 14094; 716-434-0116, cell:

    • Basically the Liberals create a problem and then act like there is a problem that needs fixing. And that Fix is always the Removal of our Rights and the implementation of the same Messes that all the other Countries deal with.

      Liberals believe the more we get technologically advanced the more we are inhuman if we don’t force the use of that technology on EVERYONE EVENLY.

      That is just NONSENSE THINKING.

      • You are completely correct. It seems that the only way to stop government encroachment is to stop the money flow but to stop that would mean preventing the creation of money out of this air and that is a 2,300 year old problem.

  5. you know what Allen West….your not better than the rest of those bozo’s in DC….reading your article then I see you want to sell us a book???….people are starving out here and you want them to buy a damn book????…what the hell is wrong with you?

  6. Just reading a few comments and everyone is an expert…..they all know the answer….the only answer here is to kick that damn “Muslim” out of the White House.

  7. Don’t listen to the naysayers Lt. West, they don’t realize what the problem is, so they can’t even imagine the solution. Free market is how this country became great and free market is what is going to get it back on its feet. Unfortunately, people have been lulled into the nanny state mentality and want “someone” to take care of them. Whether they will admit it or not, they love the govt. freebies unless they are wide eyed and know the long term consequences. Taking care of yourself and your family is the American way and we have to get back to that. Social Security is another trojan horse. Any program the government creates which requires mandatory contributions from the taxpayers is suspect. Social Security funds were not to be another pot of gold for the government to dip into anytime it wanted to flagrantly spend money it didn’t have. We can go down the line but we must get people to think straight again. My final note–if you don’t like the free market system go to another country and see how you like there type of economics. I suggest they read Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations for some eye opening information.

  8. @nhbuck5: At least he has better grammar than most of you. Did you know that your local public library has books you can borrow for free you simpleton? BHO is the ruination of our country. Oh, and I highly doubt that you are starving.

  9. I want to know why Obama didn’t go for a single payer system in the beginning if that is what he really wanted. I mean, did he invent Obamacare so that he can blame the GOP when it failed and then cry, “well I wanted the single payer?” GET REAL!!!


  10. If they wanted to make healthcare affordable then they needed to stop the overwhelming percentage that Americans pay more than other Nations for healthcare products and services.

    That would have reduced the burden across the board.

    Naming horribly overpriced forced insurance “AFFORDABLE CARE” is just a Name game so that Liberals can say, ” WHUUUT? YOU MEAN YOU DONT THINK EVERYONE DESERVES AFFORDABLE CARE,” whenever you say you are against the destruction of Obamacare.


  11. Does anyone remember when the government said there could be no more monopolies and forced Western Electric to break up into what they called “baby bells?” They stated that there would be better deals if many companies could compete. Now we have hundreds of companies offering phone services. Some are great and some not so great but you the buyer get to decide what you can afford and what you want from the company.

    • I remember when you had to rent your phone from the phone company because you weren’t allowed to own one. There were also only certain colors available.

  12. Feds must stop stealing from SS, Medicaid and Medicare. And, allow alternative medical procedures that ecourage nutrition, and lifestyles that produce good health. People who are inpoor health because of their illegal drug usage, tobacco and alcohol use/abuse and those who are obese need the kind of care that forces them to change or they will not be covered by federal funds.

    • nobody should be forced to change anything.they should be ENCOURAGED to change.The very second anyone trys to force this guy to do anything,they can go to hell.i will not comply

  13. Exactly!!! I’ve been screaming for years to deregulate the industry. My career was transportation. When that was deregulated, costs for customers tumbled.

  14. If you send all of the illegals out of this counry we would not have half of the problems that we do. I say send them all home and start with the fraud in OUR WHITE HOUSE.

  15. I would truly like to impart my appreciation for your consistant, level-headed, down-to-earth solutions & recommendations to our nations issues. We simply cannot waste any more time complaining about the glactically inept when we must take the reigns of progress in our hands and NOT fear failure in any way, shape or form. You’ve got my vote should you chose to run for the Oval office. That beautiful desk hasn’t had anyone of your character & qualifications behind it for so long it makes me weiry to think about it. I’ve enjoyed your newsletter and have recommended it to everyone I meet that seeks out the guidance of conservitism.

  16. Allen, thank you for your level headed common sense. However for Americans to be able to chose what their plans cover the individual has to be able to chose, not the employer. I think employer-provided plans should be banned. That employers should give employees those funds which formerly purchased group health insurance for the employee to unitize as one sees fit. This eliminates the problem of portability. It eliminates the problem of pre-existing conditions if one must move to another employer. It stimulates competition. And while we are at it I’d do the same for pension plans.

    • GrumpyCat, your first sentence said it all. Common sense has been lost long ago on this group. As so with the once great Roman Empire, our country is no longer served by those in office, but for their own interests. The American people have been reduced to hopeful governmental handouts for their survival.

  17. While I agree that free market solutions and your ideas are all worlds better than any socialist take-over, I think forcing plans to be portable (employer to employer) creates a nightmare for human resource departments nation-wide. Reminds me of COBRA which is too expensive for most people. Since most employers pay a significant percentage of premiums, they should be able to choose what plans to offer. HSA are a fine idea, but it still gives the government ownership of your money – if you don’t use it you donate it to the STATE. I would rather see all Health care providers given a dollar for dollar tax break, up to a certain percentage, for free care for those that can not pay. Whatever the private sector pays for saves the government money! States should be setting up free clinics again. Health departments where people who can not afford premiums or deductibles can get preventative care. These should be regulated by JCHO and OSHA.

  18. REAL health care would be about health education… The medical industry is not at all about health. it’s about selling pharmaceuticals. It’s about finding a problem and supporting that problem – not the person – so that problem is never really healed, but just ‘managed’ for the rest of his life. It disempowers people, treating them as if they are incapable of healing themselves and need to be dependent on an outside force – the doctor, hospital, surgery, drugs. This is not health care. We are 37th in the world in health and 1st in cost per capita of ‘health care’. Something is very wrong with our system already. The new insurance system does not improve on the quality of care. Eat real food, simple food. Take good care of yourself. Learn about and listen to your body… it will tell you what it needs. Be gentle with it. Get healthy and stay healthy. Avoid the medical industry. ObamaCare is a bailout for the medical and insurance companies.


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