Hagel more concerned about gay rights than combat readiness

At a speech last Thursday night in New York at an Anti-Defamation League centennial dinner, Secretary of Defense Hagel attacked certain states which are not allowing same-sex couples to use National Guard facilities to sign up for benefits, such as ID cards.

The Obama administration made the decision that family/spousal benefits will be granted to same-sex couples. However, according to the Pentagon, several states have decided not to allow use of their Guard facilities to meet this federal edict, including Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.

It seems Secretary Hagel needs a lesson as to exactly for whom the National Guard works. By law, the National Guard belongs to the governors of our respective states. Only in times of emergency can they be federalized, such as for combat deployments. However, President Dwight Eisenhower used that power in order to enforce school desegregation.

Bu you’d think Secretary Hagel might be more irate about the lack of readiness for our combat ground forces, considering the Army has only two trained and ready combat Brigades.

Hagel also made reference to the ongoing Obama administration negotiations with Iran. He believes the administration is doing everything possible to seek out a diplomatic solution with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

Once again, it seems this Pentagon is more concerned with social egalitarianism than defending our nation. And by the way, perhaps Defense Secretary Hagel could explain to the American people why so many senior level General and Flag officers are being sacked by this administration, yet after his debacle in handling the death gratuity payments for the families of our fallen warriors, he’s still employed?

Sure doesn’t seem this Obama administration has its priorities in line when it comes to the primary responsibility of the federal government, “to provide for the common defense.” What do you think?


  1. “Sure doesn’t seem this Obama administration has it’s priorities in line” Of course not, did anybody think for one minute that it did?

    • The defense of our Republic is anything but petty. Senior Officers are being retired because they will not march in lock step with Barack Hussein Obama. They are against their troopers firing on US Citizens. Why do you think DHS hired 15000 Russian mercenaries who are deployed on US soil. You need to wake up and smell the roses. The future of our nation hangs in the balance!

  2. National Guard belong to the states. Federal laws cannot change that fact and it is up to each state to decide on this matter…not the president or Hagel.

  3. And this is the man who had never attended the return of our fallen from war and decided since they were not paying the families their rightful death benefits so they could be there to see their family home then he stood for them. I was so ashamed of this man and our administration. This was not the republicans who had done this but the very upper crust of our administration who made the decision not to pay those benefits.

  4. This administration blames every body else for every bad legislation that becomes policy. Most of it begins with Democrats and ends with Democrats, when their the majority. Yet the blame for the consequences are the Republicans fault.( DAMN RACISTS ). The republicans are in shell shock wimpy- ville. Hagel another cracker Obama chose to mock. Surrounding yourself with total incompetency deflects blame upon them. Its the same affect when he campaigns against the very policies he himself enacted. He is not responsible for any consequences. A shell game between the ones paying attention and those not. The nots voted him in both times. Combat ready a guess of seven thousand ready infantry.

    • Whose fault is it??? It’s Ted Cruz, GW Bush, Pres, Reagan, Tea Party, Glenn Beck, and anyone else on the Administration’s/main media’s Bad list.

      They are also to blame for hangnails, the extra weight you can’t lose…and are the “usual suspects” named almost every time a bad thing happens.

    • …and welcome all to one party Chicago politics. Underlings will fall on their swords, the big boss(es) will NOT ever really get seriously blamed, and it will (somehow) be the fault of whoever they randomly decideto target.

      • and Col. West surely will share some “blame” for…any random thing they want to blame him for.

        Lots of people — voted on emotion only (notably during the second Pres. election when his general agenda and poor decisions were already apparent)…

  5. As a retired Officer, Mr West (and i use the title Mr loosely) you of all people know its the generals running the Army who are at fault that there are only 2 brigades at the ready. Stop throwing blame at Hagel for failed Army leadership, take ownership of the Army you retired from. CWO3 PORTER USN, RET

    • As a wobbly, you should know it it is the Congress and the Secretary of Defense who are responsible. The Generals can only work with what is provided them by the Sec Def. You fail Obama stooge!

      • Why not have public hearings to determine WHY our combat readiness is so low and WHY so many high US officers were let go???

        If they actually stood in the way of combat readiness that’s one thing.

        But if we find out they objected to the Admin’s usually SOFT policy on most terrorism – or they objected to the high priority push against Christians — or if they objected to the massive pushing of the gay agenda, let’s get that out inthe open also.

      • Joe Stalin did exactly the same thing before WWII out of his own paranoia, which impaired the ability of the USSR to resist the Nazi invasion.

    • Hey Warrant Porter, you show your ignorance and disrespect in your tone. COL WEST, USA RET deserves the respect and honor that comes with his rank and service, as well as being elected to the U.S. Congress. What did you do?

      • Hey Senior Lee, i really dont care, just as the good General doesnt care for honor and respect for his leadership

    • James, I didn’t know Hagel personally but served at the same time and same place in Vietnam. I have read what he wrote about that time, disagree with his stories, and have taken note of the DOD performance. We serve a civilian master. Hagel can’t tell the same war story twice. And, you want to get after LTC West. Hagel was involved in the Vietnam Wall and served at the Veterans Administration. He should know better.

  6. Great nations usually fall from within. But obviously this administration does not care about even moderate combat readiness.

    If they have fired lots of high officers for LACK of combat readiness that would be a valid reason.

    Two brigades ready? And no real answers on how Benghazi got botched? Really?

    • Hagel was in the 2/47 Infantry in Vietnam in 68. Read his 2002 Veterans History Project interview or the interview in the December issue of Vietnam Magazine. He states he and his brother walked point most of the time because they were just a little bit sharper than the other boys. He also characterizes those he served with as drunked up, drugged up, a hindrance, and worthless to him. He describes the crash of our battalion commander, General Westmoreland’s brother in law stating he was right out there. He has described the battalion leadership as invisible and has little confidence in the officer corps. The WW2 NCOs just didn’t understand what was happening. I was in that crash and he seems confused as to the date and location which makes me believe he was the invisible one. He has two purple hearts but a 9th Division paper has him in an NCO academy and then in May of 68 transferred to HQs Company as a clerk running a club in a base area. His elitist and condescending remarks do not describe the men I served with. At a time when this now powerful man could have built up the Vietnam Veteran, he chose the Kerry route. He has been invited to our 47th Infantry reunions. He has not attended. It is possible some good soldiers might take exception to his condescending remarks.

  7. This administration does not want the military to succeed. When returning from duty overseas, the military doctor’s are “determining” that the soldiers are too stressed and need to be on drugs, – So they become ineligible to purchase weapons.

    Obama does not want an actively armed citizen population – He has the DHS to be the “non-military” army in the US – Therefore not “violating the Constitution” until it is too late and Martial law is invoked. The AR-15 (that “Assault Rifle”) the government wants to outlaw – happens to fire the same ammunition the military uses – so the 13 billion rounds the DHS has become a liability if captured.

  8. The current administration, if you can even call it that, is not to be trusted. Actions are supposed to speak louder than words and the actions of all concerned surely speak a lot about the direction they are intent on taking all of us. Far too many people have their head in the sand and will not believe that our President is deceitful, a prevaricator, and untrustworthy in all things he has done and portends to do. The things that he and his administration have done and the things that they promise people, are nothing but Trojan Horses in order to secure votes. Yes, even fraudulent ones!!! How can we, who believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, ever begin to educate the ill and uninformed? Slap their hands at the cookie jar while showing them how to bake/make their own.

  9. Just who are the ones in Congress who can overturn the people in this administration? Who is trustworthy? If so, then how can we let them know just how we feel? Besides letter writing? It does appear that many are fearful of making their hopes, wishes, fears, and known, in the hopes that there would be no retaliation as well as being spied upon, as does seem to be what is happening now. Someone out here far more knowledgeable than I am must surely have an answer to this. My question being: ‘How in the world can we set the gears in motion to ‘clean house’???

  10. Mr. Obama does not want a strong military so when he is finished taking over our court system and then passing the illegal immigrant law he can then declare martial law and the declare himself the leader of an un free America. Wake up people..

  11. We need to impeach the entire Obama regime. If we don’t, the muslims and Mexico are going to take our country and NOT need to fire a shot! If it isn’t too late!

  12. their is a spirit going around it is called i dont’ care about america ] so we better starting caring and praying someone does’ care from the least to the greatest ] which is important to our freedom . ]

  13. I strongly believe this entire organization has its priorities in the wrong order, lacking the leadership this country deserves. I further believe a POTUS should be one that has served in the armed forces or one that has the discipline, tact and intellect to allow his Generals to conduct their business as leaders in order to keep our nation embraced and supported by a fully equipped strength in force. As I see it now, this current administration has weakened our nation to the point of possible dismal oblivion. As a service member of close to 30 years, I have witnessed the negativity that the last 5 years has brought forth to our military. Mr. West…not sure where your political future is directed, but I am certain I speak for many…West 16′!


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