Why are so many generals getting the axe?

Ever notice how no cabinet members in the Obama Administration are ever fired (the names Holder, Rice, Sibelius spring to mind), but in the last year nine senior generals have been fired? I wonder why that is?

According to a report from The Blaze:

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, said the White House fails to take action or investigate its own, but finds it easy to fire military commanders “who have given their lives for their country.”

“Obama will not purge a civilian or political appointee because they have bought into Obama’s ideology,” Vallely said. “The White House protects their own. That’s why they stalled on the investigation into fast and furious, Benghazi and Obamacare. He’s intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.”

It wasn’t so different for Earline Davis, the Obamacare operator who was fired for telling the truth. She didn’t toe the line either.

The mask of this administration is coming down, and what’s behind it is even scarier.


  1. 0bama fired Generals that would uphold the constitution when he tries to declare martial law. he wanted hand picked “leaders” that would disarm and fire upon US citizens.

  2. I was under the impression that ‘A’ General could arrest ‘ANYONE’ in the service for treason. I guess was wrong…..?

  3. I read where 2 were removed for not following orders on a bomb in Charleston, SC and others removed for not doing the litmus test. Someone just needs to get rid of obama

  4. The military officials who are fired when asked if they’re willing to order soldiers to fire upon American Citizens and say ‘no’ should be granted whistle blower status; they can successfully argue that they are unwilling to obey an unlawful order. I fear that there is a moral vacuum in which our military is operating.

    • Most of these Generals were in very high positions that had to do with Security/Safety. I believe one of them was over the nuclear program. While America sits back and waits for someone to do something, Obamas been quickly working to fill his little domestic army, he working to change laws and the constitution changed because he knows people are to him.

      • You are correct about the POTUS’ ‘domestic’ civilian army…it is the irs. His regime is fearful of the military (or at least those who take their oath seriously) and is disassembling it at a frightening rate. I am a veteran, married to an active duty service member and I cannot believe the inroads the marxists have made in 12 short years. Those of us who stand by are complicit in our downfall when it comes. The problem is that the nsa has dirt on many of those who leave without fighting back…we’re in a mobius band that allows the advance of the those who want our destruction and those who would fight it have been compromised (Justice Roberts, IMHO, is one of them…)

  5. For an upcoming coup (martial law) that will help protect us. Obama is a traitor and a domestic terrorist. Time to send in Seal Team Six for extraction and rendition.

  6. Surprise – a Marxist practicing Marxist philosophy? How long before he sets up gulags? How long before he demands a third term? How long will “We the People” sit quietly while he ruins this nation? How many people are practicing the “Martin Niemöller” approach and sitting silently while our rights as Americans are slowly boiled away in the cooking pot of communism? Speak now – stand up now – or what little we have left today will be GONE in the blink of an eye!

    • I’m glad to hear someone else bring up a third term. I’ve said it to several people that loathe Obama. Everyone keeps telling me it will never happen. All I can say is look what’s happening now. How can people seriously think he wouldn’t try to pull that? I think he would get away with it too, he’s gotten away with so much already. He’ll just bully his way, or dictate should I say.

  7. Mr. West, can you help clarify why these men were relieved of command? I’ve read a lot of assumptions but I have not read anything clear and definitive. Were their positions eliminated or were they replaced. If replaced, then by whom and what are their backgrounds, politics and service records?

  8. I have being going to casinos for 40 yrs and not once have I ever heard of conterphet chips.But if there was ,just who planted them ,and why arent they in jail.would they be one of Valeries friends?

    • I Worked as an Surveillance investigator in Casinos. There are definitely Counterfeit Casino Chips, Slots Tokens, Dice. People are always trying to Rip Off The Casinos Anyway They Can

  9. I do hope we count on some of our military to continue in a leadership role with the Patriot’s We could certainly use you last ounce duty to help regain the country all you gentle men have served and placed your lives on the line for

    • No,Stalin killed his opposition in the Great Purges. In fact, 20-30 million people were wiped out back in the 1920s and 30s. He literally decapitated the military, where 90% of all officers above the rank of Colonel were dead.

      • I’m referring to TECHNIQUE, not life vs. death, nor numbers. The same technique was employed by Hitler upon his accession to Chancellor and by all other dictators who get rid of competitors and those opposed to them in order to solidify their grip on absolute power.

  10. NOT A USA citizen so Impeach him for lying on offical documents and throw out all of his legislation NOW!!! And all Demos who have backed him…omg all of them!! lol sweet.

    • You would have to VOTE THEM ALL OUT. Because the REPUBLICANS are not doing there job. It is the HOUSES job to IMPEACH. To date, there have been 4 major causes for impeachment – and the HOUSE has not done an investigation one.

      • The house can impeach but the senate must convict. What are the odds that the senate will convict one of their own? Hint: slim and none.

      • Yes, it is the job of the House to file the articles of impeachment but the problem arises in the second stage which occurs in the Senate and I believe that is a large reason why the articles have not been filed. The members of the house for the most part know that while he is guilty of the articles against him the Senate would not do their duty to prosecute him because of its present political makeup.

      • The House STARTS impeachment proceedings with the investigation; BUT the Democrat held Senate hold the actual trial. Is there ANY doubt concerning the outcome of such an adventure as that?

  11. Beware the next false flag attack… if the military leaders are ideological Obamamites the next false flag attack will be large scale and will result in casualities unheard of up to this point.

    • You can bet that the fall out will involve a lot of fingerpointing at the Tea Party and Republicans. Imprisoning them. Then passing laws in their absence. A certain Democratic Politician on the other side of the planet used the same tactic to become ‘Leader’. He paid for parliament to be burnt down, blamed his political adversaries, once imprisoned, held votes giving him special powers to lead the government in such time of betrayal by the other party. History does repeat itself. Be very afraid. He had much much less power than our future “Supreme Leader”.

      • In the period after 9/11, our Democrat legislature tried to pass an “emergency” law suspending all laws and giving the Democrat governor the right to rule by Executive Order, in consultation with the Democrat President of the Senate and Democrat House Majority Leader. The measure was withdrawn because it was so blatant, but don’t think Democrats don’t always have this as an eventual plan.

    • I’m guessing but it seems like his push for Amnesty is another tool of his to control. If he can get a large population of illegals on his side, I’m sure he thinks they’ll fight for him. He’s using the Hispanic population to benefit his agenda and that is disgusting to me. The minute he’s done with them, he’ll push them out just like everyone else. I hope they can see this.

    • Impeachment is one thing. A military coup is something else. Since we are a nation of laws where the military is subordinate to civil authority, I would not support a coup since we aren’t a banana republic.

      • How would you feel if Obama, as commander in chief, orders the military to fire on and round up civilians once Obama declares martial law?

      • Members of the military swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They don’t swear an oath to the person of the President since this isn’t NAZI Germany. They are obligated to disobey illegal orders under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). What you’d get is a bunch of GI’s standing there saying, “I don’t think so.”

      • I sincerely hope you’re right. But he’s systematically removing the men who would lead the defiant.

      • We Oath Keepers will NEVER allow anything like the wholesale killing of civilians go unanswered. This I promise all of you! I have noticed that quite a few of the relieved are Black Officers; including the post Commander here at Fort Jackson, SC.

      • I thought that, too — until I asked a highly decorated retired Navy Captain if he would fire on citizens if ordered to do so & he said YES. And then he added: That’s why it matters who you choose to put in the WH.

      • We aren’t a banana republic? Gosh could have fooled me. We have certainly been run like a banana republic for the last five years–arbitrary, unstable, narcissistic, lawless dictator and all. If we look like a banana republic, sound like a banana republic, feel like a banana republic, and smell like a banana republic, then there is a good chance we have become a banana republic.

      • Yeah, BUT: the mechanism for removing a lawless president cannot be used because of the lawless democrats who own the Senate.
        I have prayed for a coup of some kind; what’s going on in this WH is not just garden variety corruption; we are hanging on to our country and our freedom by the skin of our teeth.

  12. I served under General Carter Ham in the long ago and far away when he was an infantry company commander and I was a tank platoon leader. I can’t say I ever knew a better soldier/officer/man in my 20+ years in the Army.

  13. I think with this corrupt administration, if a military official refuses to order his soldiers to fire on civilians, he get’s fired. So sad.

    • What Obama doesn’t seem to see in his own megalomania is that most soldiers won’t fire on their own people either and the sergeants over them won’t let them.

  14. I want to know if each of these Generals was asked officially if they would be willing to disarm the American public and if their response was ‘No’.

  15. Simple, the senior ranking is not easy to brainwash. Who was it that said: “Give me your children and I will rule the world” or something like that. You see where I am going with this?

  16. We have to get his a^s as well as this whole administration out of power – they are shredding the U.S. Constitution as I am typing these words – For God’s sake and for the citizens of this great Nation We the People are going to have to do something – and that is – vote people vote – and while You are going to vote make a few phone calls and see if anyone You know may need a ride – People this is as serious as it can get without an actual civil-war again with-in Our Nation , I really wonder what is going on behind the scene as We argue and fuss over this dot.gov healthcare insurance , I mean for them -the demo’s- to keep on say”n the same words and not deflecting from the same answers will and has kept them in a position that it will work out to their favor , and that is exactly what this b. o. does , ditch & dodge lie & cover-up and this has been going on every since he started to run for Our most coveted place to be here in America , This will not go away and this may and could take Us down from the America that We have truly known all the way back to Our Beloved G. Washington and even really before that , It has taken God and trust worthy people to have done what We have here in this great continent of North America – But there were good God fearing leaders that took the advice of those that were masters in their field , whether it was war or the stock exchange or something to do with S.S. monies , But no , Not now , he has people in positions that they can’t even spell or even know why they are there except for a political favor – and Yes they all have done it – But at least they put people there that knew what they were doing and they knew what to do in case of an emergency as well – what the hell does jarret know and she is his right to go to person , she is nothing but a hate-ful b^tch of a what the hell ever – and it goes on and on – lie for me and I’ll put you in places that you should never be , But the money is good for these Americans are as stupid as that fella biden , ha ha ha – It is ours for the taking and we are gonna take handfuls until there is nothing more to take steel and/or otherwise — EXCUSE ME , while I get Me a beer

  17. So who are these Generals being replaced with? Officers who will blindly follow the One? If you put these Generals areas of command on a map what does that look like? Is there an uncustomary effort to replace command in key sectors? Without knowing those questions the puzzle is incomplete.

    • Officers who toe the party line, who will fire on American Civilians, who preach that Family Values and Tea Party types are seditious traitors, that Catholics and Evangelalic Christians are the real terrorists, not the muslims. That, is what is going on in todays Army & Air Force. I know not the Navy or Marines.

    • I’ve heard that one of the questions posed to military officers up for promotion is whether or not they would order their troops to fire on unarmed protesters. I really hope that’s a myth and not the truth!

      • I’ve read that somewhere also about 2 weeks ago. I hope and pray
        Our military are behind the scenes planning something! Another rumor…if obummer started war in Syria the generals vowed to take
        obummer out one way or another.

  18. It seems obvious that there is a Chavez like purging of the military. Generals who are deemed disloyal to the Democratic party have no chance. The Democrats expect their socialist program could lead to a potential civil war, and are getting ready. The Marxists are occupying many positions of power in DC and have big and unpleasant plans for America.

  19. If this is so obvious (and it is) then why can’t this behavior be investigated and prosecuted by anybody? All of the scandals are still there to be charged, they are not going away, so how does the process start to make these awful situations get addressed by the laws of this country? There has to be a process and someone has to start it. There is NO WAY that there isn’t something that can be done to make demands that action be taken against crimes of the administration.

      • Why? Because politicians in office (both Republicans and Democrats) want their place in the hierarchy when Obama does take over. They’re not rocking the boat, nor will they, because they want a big piece of the pie. They want to be part of the ruling class. I’m sure if Obama had his way he’d fire Cruz, Rubio, Lee, etc. just because they dare to question his madness. Others, such as McCain, are content to go along so they can be part of the ruling class.

      • But there has to be some way for the people to MAKE them do what is lawful…there has to be something within the system that can be used by somebody like Cruz or Paul Rubio or Lee that will make them accountable. I mean I look at it like this…if I were to question these fucks I would DEMAND answers and accountability as prescribed by the LAW…This is not something that can even be thought to be “negotiated”…It is LAW…Where is the missing link that connects the people to the administration?

  20. The senior rank IS tough Czapla…..but E-3’s run our nations military. At least that’s how it is in the Marine Corps. Obama is thinking of our Armed Forces as if it were a triangle system, much like in business. Where he is mistaken is that it is an up-side-down triangle. The bottom is the key, the muscle, or the “moral compass” if you will of our military (not to mention almost all Republican).

    Our Country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any AMERICA because some foreign soldier will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!”

  21. Obama is setting the ground work and moving the chess pieces right under our noses, and in multifaceted areas. Firing these 9 generals is just one facet of his strategic plans. We don’t know everything he’s doing behind the scenes. We don’t know what he’s whispering to heads of state – except for when there’s a hot mike left on!

    He is moving to overtake this country in it’s fundamental foundation, built upon the U.S. Constitution. Once he has achieved his strategic maneuvers, and he has all of his ducks in a row… he will have reached the tilting point in which he will blatantly – and seemingly overnight – turn this country into a totally socialist government, and the U.S. Constitution will be no more. Only in a country in which the citizens are not paying attention, and there is deep apathy can this be achieved! At that point: When it’s too late… then they will wake up!

      • I wish I knew the answer to that: I wish the Republicans in Congress knew the answer to it. The problem is, we are outnumbered by those who are in the dark and vote for things and people whom they have no idea what they are voting about or what ramifications their vote will produce. Not until it’s too late. How do you wake up an apathetic America? This is where the problem lies. It is apathy which allowed this president to be elected and then re-elected. Anyone who sees even a little bit of his evil ways, realizes he’s not to be voted for. Certainly he has surrounded himself with advisers like Eric Holder and others who are just as wicked as him, but they were appointed and he was voted in. So those are some of the ramifications of those who don’t know what they are doing inside the ballet box. This is why we have problems like Fast & Furious, ObamaCare, NSA spying, etc, etc,.

      • Republican right wing is splitting the Republicans apart. They are not content with separation of church and state, and they are not content with women’s reproductive rights, so they lose a significant portion of the female vote. if they would just write off those positions, and take the position that it is the woman’s right to decide about reproduction, and limit their positions to the size of government and government spending, the need for a strong military, and cutting back on the duration of unemployment insurance payments and food stamps, and allow taxation of all income for social security and medicare and eliminate the $104K limit, then it would appeal to American people of both sexes… But when you have the extreme right pushing for creationism, making climate change such a big issue, and demonstrating their lack of knowledge about even the most basic science issues, it will be hopeless.

      • What you are saying is that Christians should compromise their own beliefs and religious practice for the sake of gaining more voters in the Republican party. And to some people… their own religion is more important to them and their followers, than the idea of maintaining unity in a political party and getting more voters by doing so. They would not be living true to their beliefs if this is what they did, and their conscience would certainly bother them.

        First of all, separation of church and state is an idea presented by Thomas Jefferson. It was never a part of our US Constitution.

        As far as reproductive rights are concerned… our Constitution does provide us the right to express our freedom of religion.

        You must understand that Christianity and the right to life are intimately connected. Also you should know that all elements of Christianity are not independent from each other: Just as the Jews consider the entire Law of Moses and all 613 Commandments of the Torah as one unit, so is Christianity one unit. It cannot be fragmented if one intends to follow his own religion fully and completely.

        So right to life is a Constitutionally protected right as it is religious concept and not a political one. It only becomes a political concept on the surface, and when those who do not agree with the doctrines of Christianity try to push their agenda of a woman’s reproductive right upon those people who believe in Christianity.

        Constitutionally speaking, those people who hold to the right to life are protected by freedom of religion under the Constitution. The fight that we see does not get into the weeds of religion, but that is where those on the far right in the Republican party pledge their allegiance to: Not to the Constitution, but to their religion, which is protected by the Constitution. Right to life therefore is a religious point of view. To force the morning after pill or abortion onto Christians through ObamaCare, is to fragment their religion, and it becomes a political/Constitutional fight, in order for them to maintain their religious rights under this Constitution.

        Some in the Republican party have no regard for Christianity, and therefor they are not so conservative. To them, abortion is fine, and so we do have division right within our own party.

        To say that those on the far right should just write off some of their conservative viewpoints is like saying: Just stop being a Christian, because they cannot fragment their religion and say to themselves: I will follow this part of the Bible, but not the other part. To tell them to write off these matters is just like saying: Just abandon your Christianity and throw yourself into hell, and make it easier for the rest of us politically speaking, and for these few short years we live in this world!

      • And my friend, you are correct. That is why we will soon be living under the thumb of the Communists. The Republican party is split into many factions who have enough differences that they can never come to a total agreement.
        The Democrats, on the other hand, are united in their charge to institute their version of Karl Marx’s classless society.
        We are doomed.

      • Concern troll is concerned. Only a rabid leftist would flawlessly repeat those DNC talking points. Cookie for effort, though.

      • What you do is vote. Three million R voters stayed home on election day. That can’t happen anymore What you do is call and write your senator or rep and him/her how you feel. Tell them if they don’t start reversing the follow the “Reid Pelosi ” line that you will do everything in your power to get them removed from office, and find someone who will represent you. Keep up the pressure. Have meetings in your home. Invite your friends. Have your friends invite friends. Don’t ask for money, ask for time to knock on doors. Move minds and change hearts.

      • I am telling everyone; it does no good to write your rep or senator. All you will get back is a form letter that is a request for a political contribution. I have told both Grahamesty and Clyburn (Nancy’s lapdog), I will everything I can to help defeat them come 2014. They don’t care. We have to show them at the polls. We, the people of SC are tired of no representation in DC!! How deaf can these fools be?

    • “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold:
      its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.
      If we can undermine these three areas,
      America will collapse from within.”

      Joseph Stalin
      Obama seems to be doing just that.

  22. I was expecting an indepth explanation by Mr. West and instead get this vague, inuendo laced article by Michele Hickford. I’m disappointed, by the top banner, I thought this was an Allen West blog………..

  23. Nine generals fired, and then a bunch of new regs and indoctrinations, like deleting “So help me God” from the AF cadets oath, Christian groups viewed as terrorist orgs, orders about gay/lesbian tolerance, ROE changes that put troops at risk, even canteen changes so front-line troops don’t get great chow anymore, cutting MLB/NFL games during the govt shutdown. So many PETTY and CRUEL things that demoralize the troops. Please, Lord, get this King-wannabee outta office.

    • Yep, all good points – but please don’t forget all the American greatness that was lost when he gutted NASA and also made it a muslim outreach. we will never get back all those rocket scientists.

  24. General Carter Hamm; Admiral Gaouette, sacked by 0bama after Benghazi. I speculate that they tried to send help, even to the point of violating orders to try to rescue the Benghazi Mission.
    Some day, the betrayal will be revealed, leaks are appearing, books will be printed. It will derail Hillary’s run for the White House.

    • It was all racial on his part had they been black help would have been dispatched. Every thing being done is just part of the cover up. Just go to his bio page 81 he stated he has a deep seated hatred for the white man. Wake up every body.

  25. What about the reported 45 or so special appointees of Obama who were not vetted by any review process? We do not know their duties or budgets.

  26. I see that the Department of Homeland Security is going on another buying binge; this time they’re buying riot-control equipment and pepper spray projectiles. They’re certainly gearing up for something!

    • Hey… Patrick. Your on the wrong website to be saying that. I doubt if hardly anyone on this site ever voted for Obama even the first time. You need to tell that to the people over at the huffington post, or CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc, etc!

  27. EVERYTHING this administration does reflects the continuing destruction of the United States of America. For anyone to believe anything coming out of the mouths of soetoro, biden, carney, pelosi, kerry, mccain, graham (too many traitorous individuals to list) must be either that stupid or a bottom-feeder leeching off the hardworking legal taxpayers of this great nation. God Help Us.

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  28. The abomination in the white house seeks to destroy us all who do not gravel at this feet and submit to the NWO. The removal of our militaries strongest leaders and replacing them with his controllable lackeys is all part of his plan in the destruction of our nation. Obama is nothing more than a puppet for the Rothschild’s and other mega banking families. The frightening truth is that they will succeed if the people of this country do not wake up, do some research on the subject to become informed and stand up against this evil.
    Why do you suppose our Armies are scattered across the world and not here at home. So they can not stand up to this evil when the time comes. Then there are the police. Have you noticed they have become more and more violent against the people they swore to protect? They have bought into the lie that they will be allowed and welcomed into the NWO fold, but they are fools to believe this. Once their usefulness has been reached they will be done way with as well. You are a fool if you think this will not be so!
    I have been called everything from a conspiracy theorist to a nut because of this message I have been spreading for years. I do not care what the sheep, who will not see say fore they are their own worst enemy.

    • totally agree and he almost has everything set in place or they wouldn’t be pushing the peoples buttons. Obama care is just to keep the people focused somewhere other than on Him and All of them are up to. If we don’t get something done soon, it will be too late. Can’t the people see he is buying ammo, armored vehicles, gunner boats, plus sending money everywhere. Has our troops busy elsewhere, asking our troops if they will fire upon the American people and if they say no, then they fire them!! There is no time. And don’t forget how he is treating our Vets and Troops, the list goes on and on, oh and he says he took control over our waters. They Are Trying To Pitt Us Against Each Other So We Will Be Divided and Fight Each Other Instead Of Them! We Need To Stand Up And Tell Them To Step Down Now!!We have to stand up and shuck the evil from what they think are their thrones to rule us!! We are Americans, This Is God’s Country That He Put Here For Us To Work, Watch And Protect From Evil!!! United We Stand Under God!! God Bless America!!

  29. my head is about to explode! I cant see why AMERICANS cant see what is going on here in my beloved country. there has been so many crimes committed by Obama and his cronies against the constitution, the people, and the AMERICAN WAY! It makes me want to go around slapping people and begging them to wake up .I talk to people about this stuff and get so frustrated because they blow it off, laugh, and make fun. they sometimes call me a conspiracy theorists. no one believes these things that are being talked about. they stand and cheer when ever Obama says anything, and I am like, what the hell did he just say! never answers any straight ?’s he just talks around them with a bunch of meaningless mumbo jumbo and yet they cheer. the only thing he ever said that had meaning and was true is only one word….CHANGE!…..I knew what it meant then because I did my homework on Obama. it was change they wanted and it was change they got, but had no idea what kind of change was coming, but yet cheered, and cheered! I think the millions of AMERICANS that are true patriots should ban together to storm Washington and take our country back because the republicans are divided just as I read above. they don’t want to rock the boat so they can have a piece of power after the civil war is over. they dont believe me now but they will very soon. the sad part is that it will be to late! all I can say now is LOCK AND LOAD!!! I want to thank all the service members that where wrongfully fired from there positions for there service to our so loved country and that they should ban together to help us fight back. the south is with you!

    • I too am baffled by people who are simply not paying attention to what is happening. Is it that they are lazy because everything has been spoon fed to them by the TV and other media for so long? I realize it takes some effort to actually read and learn, but this is our country’s future that is at stake. I want to shake people until they wake up… before it is too late for all of us.

    • Banning together and then storming Washington will do nothing but get you a bullet in the head! It’s not time to storm Washington. This is all they need to call Marshal Law and it would be playing right into Obama’s hand of exactly what this division monger of a president wants. Marshal Law would insure his lifetime position as dictator of this country. It is time to ban together, but not to storm Washington! Overt militant activity should be reserved until HE turns to militant provocative activity toward the citizens as he gives the order to fire the first shot! Save us from the Marshal Law he would invoke and the tanks that would follow: Abandon this rash idea immediately, and save it for if the time gets right for it. We are not there yet!

    • I so agree with you , I get very frustrated as well .. people have their heads buried in the sand so deep .. the only thing that will wake them up .. is , when one day the gestapo breaks their door down and demand them to turn over everything valuable .. and evict them .. till then .. you are right they just laugh and make fun .. very frustrating ..

    • DITTO. ^^^^^ EACH DAY….it is always something else. DId you see more corruption was revealed today on Lois Lerner (who retired with FULL PENSION benefits)!! Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

      • and just think…… she was part of that federal voting commission that ended up stopping the guy in Illinois from running for Senate as a Repub and that ass Dem won the seat…. can’t remember his name.

    • My life has been destroyed by the Dems (POLITICIANS) in San Francisco where I discovered how they control everyone. Funneling kickbacks from illegally sole-sourced construction products in School and other Bond fund monies to whole boards and councils to dirty them and then control them. Liberals also in the Republican Party. I could see right through Obama. Anytime anything is hidden, it is evil. Anytime you can’t get at the truth, NEVER let that person in. We are being run by communists/dictators who have no feeling, no insight and hate based on color and class – what they consider is class. That’s why they engorge themselves, as if they are “owed”…..in golfing games, vacations, massively expensive this that and the other, noses literally in the air saluting themselves, and so crazy. We have brought and put in power the dregs of America – the unworthy. Allen, you must not stop!!!

    • Good post , it’s just a damn shame that there are so many people in this country with their hand out looking for a freebie, I also wish that they would change the rules for engagement for our troops or get them the hell out of there , and the troops that we now have in sub Africa near the Somali border, this UN isn’t helping things either, I don’t trust their objectives either .

  30. kind of makes you wonder, why all this officers have been fired .. and who Obama is going to put in their place ..ever wonder ??

  31. Hitler had his “Night of the Long Knives” when he purged his ranks. INSANITY reigns in this country. IT has been the THEATER OF THE ABSURD. Diane Sawyer on ABC did cover this….shocking it came from one of the Barack channels.

  32. Americans can NOT see what is going on because the persons that voted for Obummer do not read anything but games and comics. They have never seen the Manchurian Candidate, do not have the inclination to do so nor have they ever read or viewed “7 Days in May” . But , a 7 Days in May is EXACTLY what is needed in this nation along with a bit of watering the tree of liberty !!!

  33. I liked what Billy Graham was quoted as saying, “I have HOPE for America because of Jesus Christ”. His plan has not changed. He is in control of it all. Rest in Him as you do all that you can do as a citizen and a patriot. This is the darkness… but there WILL BE a dawn.

    • We have to raise our voices, too. We have to have faith, but we also must serve. That means use our God-given talents to help stop evil. David took up the task to kill Goliath, when no others would. Remember – it was those oh so many who did nothing that allowed Hitler to become what he was.

  34. I stand on the faith of Jesus Christ. Ruler of all the earth. His plan will not change.. He is in control. Do not be moved by those who try to uproot him out of our system in government and schools. Have Faith and HOPE. These are dark times…but hang onto the promises of God. His truth shall set us free.

    • While your words are not untrue, Norma, remember that Peter still had to step out of the boat. Faith without works is dead, and we need to be working to stop this tyranny, not just resting on our laurels.

      • Jesus said in Luke 22:36 that if we did not have a gun, we should sell our coat and buy one. I believe He is with us always, in the form of the Holy Spirit, teaching what is right and acceptable in the eyes of God; but, until His imminent return, He is expecting us to be taking care of our brothers and sisters, by whatever means necessary. Much Love, God Bless.

  35. One thing I would like to see is a huge veteran sit in next Spring/Summer in DC. We have enough Vets where we could actually rotate Vets in and out set up a HQ and start making a peaceful statement unlike those idiot wall street jack #**@$. I tell you I would do everything I could to support this and would go to DC as long as needed and donate all of my retired and va pay to help others with food etc to stay along side me and let them know how we feel. The Vets in this country along with the Active, Resv, Natl Guarld etc. are a huge part of this country and I like everyone here am tired of our country going down the toilet. While I am on the soap box: congress: they need term limits and once they are done they do not get a pension, either does the pres, vp, or anyone else, those clowns can go get a real job. The staff that babies them, pay needs to be lowered from 120K per year to 40K and get rid of some of them…. also get rid of 50 percent of federal workers, get rid of military recruiting waste of money, each person at age 18 does 2 years mandatory if medically fit. If not medically fit, 3 years in job corps. We need to get rid of the fat in government, the pork, the special deals, and no more behind closed doors, EVERYTHING is now to be done in front of a camera so each American can see. Thanks for your time everyone. God Bless.

    • If we had $$$ support akin to the O’Liars having union backing this suggestion might work. Regretfully, conservatives have no MSM or union backing & that is how the other side finances all of their evil ways. My very first take on O’ Liar is he is a snake oil salesman & nothing he has done can change it.

    • For far too long our representatives are 90 percent lawyers and are the best bull shitters in the country. In the process of representing us they also got to change all the laws in their favor as far as benefits, health, retirement, etc…..in other words stealing from the peoples treasures. Now we really need statesmen and there are none. Until we change the laws which effect everyone including the representatives the same, nothing will ever get done. Look at Sebelius. She is the main person seeing that the screws get put to the American taxpayer in the way of health plans but she will not take the plan herself because she has a better one that the taxpayer is paying for. Progressives are what they call themselves. They progress and the American people regress.

  36. Because
    Obama is a copy cat . He is copying Hitler , Stalin Mussolini . You
    can’t take over a country if you have Generals that are Patriotic to
    the The Constitution and the Country . My my , that would just ruin
    every thing .

    • I knew something was terribly wrong when the general in charge of the Army said after Ft Hood that it would be terrible if his “diversity” efforts, bringing more Muslims into the service, were damaged by the massacre. He put that above the murder of our soldiers! Considering some of the non-thinkers in the military that chose duty over recognizing bad and illegal orders, I am sure if they are ordered to attack American citizens in protest of Obama, they will do it.

  37. THEN WHY ISN’T HE BEING IMPEACHED!!!! Him and EVERYONE that has voted for these constitution killing bills. ALL OF THEM! From the patriot act down. Anyone that voted for these acts against the people of the US should be imprisoned not those that speak out against this sh*t.

    • The Republicans are too chicken to stand up to him and too fearful of losing their cushy places in Congress. We are mostly without representation and at the mercy of these Washington charlatans and hooligans.

    • The House can recommend impeachment, but it would be a complete waste of time as Harry Reid would never let it see daylight in the Senate. The next step is to throw ourselves into replacing the koolaid drinkers in the Senate in 2014 with people who will actually represent the people!

    • He is not being impeached because all the democrats and better than half of the republicans are not concerned with anything but getting re-elected. They, especially the democrats who supported him in concealing his true identity and noncitizenship in order to get him elected to an office he can’t legally hold, are as guilty of treason as he is and should be treated as such. They should be arrested, tried and sent to prison at the very least. Obama, Biden and Hillary should face a firing squad.

  38. I believe he is preparing for a military coup via Martial law and is replacing all those who, he believes, will oppose him. He is a dastardly bastard.

  39. What a HOOT! West was drummed out of the service for inappropriate conduct … and YOU believe him? Dollars to dimes these guys have “stepped-out-of-line” for their own improper conduct. Same with the Navy Admirals that have “left”!

    • How DARE West speak out against our Lord And Savior, King Barak Obama! Doesn’t he know that the Lightbringer is here to punish those mean old rich corporations just sitting on big wads of cash and bestow upon us free money? Burn the witch!

    • You have been drinking the progressive/communist kool aid far too long my friend. I wonder how you will feel after you end up in a FEMA prison camp.?
      I take it that you don’t think that Sebelius, Hillary, and Holder have not stepped out of line and deserve firing.

  40. Allen, I grew up in Atlanta, family is from Southwestern PA and West Virginia. I suspect we were there at the same time. I am FURIOUS with what is going on and I don’t know about you, but we must get this man impeached and in jail. I remember the good Mayors of Atlanta (pre-Bill Campbell) and know there is sooooo much better to be had. You have to get back into Congress or more!!!!

  41. The millions of hollow point bullets that Obama ordered for the military(?) will be used one day…He only knows when and on who??

  42. If Mitt Romney had become our president, this absolutely would not be happening! I’m mad at the people who didn’t look passed the buzz-words and quick-lies of the Obama campaign – or even research any of it before voting. Ignorance and corruption ruined it for all of us. And now, our country is in even more hurt.

    We want Mitt Romney to run for president in 2016. His conservative fiscal values, successful executive leadership, and strong moral character are still (and even more now) exactly what our country needs!

    Like our fan page : https://www.facebook.com/presidentmittromney2016

      • [Citation needed]

        Also, if you’re trying to argue that the Department of “Education” is anything other than worse than useless, I have some health insurance to sell you. Just because the keyword “education” rings your Pavlov bell doesn’t mean that’s what accomplishes.

      • When you take a bloated system that is not functioning effectively, and improve processes to make it more efficient, you may save a ton of money in the process. That’s what Mitt did. Throwing money at something only goes so far until you run into 0 gains for the money.

        Spending can be a poor benchmark for quality. In WA, money was saved, and classrooms made more effective when parents were encouraged to volunteer in their children’s classes. Grades improved, teacher workloads decreases, and expenses decreased. That funding was able to be diverted to other things like highways and healthcare.

  43. Joeydog, Romney was a bad candidate. He was the governor of Massachusets. If he was liberal enough for Mass., He’s too liberal for me! The way he leads his life is actually one of the most conservative people that have ever run for president but he governs as a moderate. He would have been a far sight better than the current occupant but he had major flaws too. We need a conservative candidate to win, Romney in too many aspects was too similar to BHO for most of the low info voters to discern properly.

      • Excellent point, Just Me! Some folks will bite off their nose to spite their face if they can’t have it ALL their way. They would rather have 100% of nothing rather than 60-70% of something. It is clear, anyone would have been better than obama. The low info voters chose obama because the media touted obama and trashed Romney… just like obama did. It was clear obama failed miserably in his first term and it was evident to the low info voters… if they cared. They didn’t so obama prevailed, but not without significant voter fraud.

  44. Simple solution, DON’T RE-ELECT ANYBODY!!! Find and elect people who sincerely want to serve their country for an elected cycle then go home and return to work as it was originally intended when our great constitution was framed by our founding fathers. The first indication of corruption was when colleges and universities started offering courses in political science, teaching people how to win and get re-elected. It smacks of selfserving corruption!

  45. As a retired NCO,(Army) gold star dad, it saddens me to see what is going on within our military today as well as our country … Yet I still have hope and faith in our people!! I took the oath many times as well as millions of other vets… We will not let our country fall ….

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you will never suffice for the sacrifices made by you and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. My Dad lost his only brother in September 1945 just as WWII was winding down. To watch the intentional destruction of the greatest country on earth is a very slow, painful torture for all of us. I do pray, as you said, that our country will not fall.

  46. Most likely, from everything I’ve heard and read, it has more to do with Obama stacking the military with people who will follow his orders, including firing on U.S. civilians. I believe, and this may make me a crazy but so be it, he’s stacking the deck in every regards preparing for a possible future civil war.

    • The first step in attacking its own population was the passing of the Patriot Act which makes legal to treat citizens as threats without going through the legal process (innocent until proven guilty in a court of law). The next thing was to start procuring military weapons and giving them to the ATF, the FBI and Homeland security (btw if we already have a DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, why the hell do we also need a : HOMELAND SECUIRTY department, does Homeland security sound like a Nazi name to anyone else?) Why exactly does the DHS need predator spy planes? what exactly are they spying on with them and how do we as citizens give up the rights that Richard Nixon got impeached for? Ultimately this president (notice lower case) and most of his staff should have been impeached and thrown in prison for the multiple illegal acts and violations of the constitution, and that includes the supreme court justices who said that the ObamaCare fines were not fines and therefore do not break the law or the intent of the constitution.

  47. Two of the Marine Generals should have been fired for allowing FOB
    Bastion to be practically over run by 17 Taliban militants caused
    approximately $200 million in damage to equipment, including aircraft.
    There were also multiple fatalities and injuries. They were not fired by
    the president, they were fired by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. I
    am not a fan of President Obama, but when two general officers allow
    such poor security at a major combat installation they should be fired.
    Fifty years ago and they probably wouldn’t have retired with a pension. I
    do agree that it is sad that the civilian side of this administration
    is not held to the same standards of conduct as the military. Several
    cabinet secretaries should have been fired for being incompetent as
    well. I would also like to know why General Carter Hamm has not
    testified before congress considering he was the Africom Commander at
    the time of Benghazi. There are a LOT of rumors speculating what he did
    or didn’t do that should be answered and should be made public. There is
    absolutely no excuse for the fiasco in Benghazi not to have been
    resolved by now. The more the administration prevents witnesses from
    testifying or gives the appearance of obstruction the more it makes
    people feel that they are hiding something. If there was nothing to hide
    then all of this would most likely have been brought before
    congressional committees to ensure that it does not happen again.

  48. Who is he? And who are we?
    I forgot two other key points major threats to our nation:
    The illegal indoctrination of our children by this imposter who would be king. He wants them chipped.
    Our children singing Obama is our savior – I don’t think so. This should make every real American sick. 
    Obama changing of our history books to include Muslims and Islam. They are not part of our heritage period. They are the enemy period of all nations. (Watch the video below) They are not a religion, they are a sick radical tribe of people who are using the guise of freedom of religion to push their sick way of life on every nation in the world and to destroy our way of life. They are not the tribe of peace or tolerance. Nothing could be further from the truth. 
    Illegal implication of sharia law in our nation. We have our own laws. We can no longer allow any foreign people to push their agenda on our nation nor can we give them a foothold in our nation. PC is over, we can no longer tolerate the breaking of our laws by these radicals and illegal invaders. At some point we have to say either abide by our laws or leave. You are no longer welcome. 
    This is important and food for thought. Thank god for real americans who can feel the threat against the very essence of this nation’s very being by those who mean this nation great harm and total destruction. We can feel the threat deep in our bones and our hearts are breaking for the greatest nation to ever exist. We can feel the threat by this out of control criminal mess in Washington, D.C. Do you?
    Time to unseal those records and find out who this man really is in our White House. We have a right. They should have never been sealed period. If he is who we think he is, every decision he has made is illegal and he owes this nation $9 trillion dollars. Would hate to be in his shoes.
    Why I’m concerned and so should you:
    NSA scandal
    Invasion of liberty and freedom and freedom of choice and invasion if privacy. 
    Masters not servants hearts
    IRS scandals
    Illegal threats by Obama against Americans and American industries and leaders
    Obamacare. (Our freedom of choice and privacy and none of Washington’s business)
    Benghazi. (Murdered by our administration). Illegal invasion of doctors Hippocratic oath towards patients. This law is illegal and unconstitutional on every level. We know that justice Roberts was threatened or bought off and should be charged criminally for illegally rewriting a law. 
    Aiding our nations enemies – Muslim brotherhood 
    Illegal funding of foreign terrorist nations 
    Treason (high treason)
    Unconstitutional and illegal executive orders
    Illegal civilian army
    Illegal czars
    Illegal White House staff
    The Obama congressional KGB
    The Dhs illegal. ( this is our military’s job and they work for we the people-not traitors in Washington, D.C.). The Dhs is now a member of the Obama KGB
    Illegal rewriting of laws by executive branch – specifically job of congress
    Illegal rewriting of laws by judicial branch
    Criminal embezzlement for illegal bailouts and phone energy companies
    Money laundering
    High crimes
    High treason
    Lies, lies, lies
    Massive job losses – no jobs – all age groups suffering and out of work. (Every race, every nationality). Part time, no benefits, no careers, no future, and illegal funding of illegal invaders versus American legal citizens and legal immigrants. 
    Attack on American industries (coal, gas, oil). Many due to obamacare. 
    Obamacare is not about healthcare it is about control of our very souls and our bodies, he has no right, neither does congress
    Illegal sworn allegiance to Obama instead of our nation and we the people. This is high treason against everything our nation stands for. 
    This nation belongs to we the people, not king Obama. 
    Misuse and illegal use of the property that belongs to we the people (memorials, Air Force one, etc.)
    Illegal and lavish vacations by emperor Obama. (How did he get a hold of our money?). Who gave him this authority? Not we the people. Illegal White House spending and budget. We did not elect Michelle Obama, she does not need 20 assistants. We want the money back now. 
    Illegal funding if foreign nations
    Illegal borrowing from other nations
    Illegal funding of private industry 
    Illegal funding of Acorn, planned parenthood, gray panthers, radical anti-American groups, the Muslim brotherhood (terrorist and murderers of Americans)
    Aiding and abetting terrorist in the USA (Fort Hood) murders by this current administration. High treason. 
    Treason – this administration attempts to bring terrorist to our borders for the future jihadists war against Americans (infidels). 
    Misuse of our national treasury by Obama (criminal embezzlement to the tune of trillions)
    Attack on Americans veterans. Calling them terrorist -they fought for this nation. The real terrorist in the imposter in our White House
    Aiding and abetting illegals invaders – against the law. All illegals should be deported immediately
    Give the UN 24 hours to get out of our nation. They have no authority here. This nation and our parks, monuments belong to we the people, not the UN or the federal government. It belongs to us. 
    Aiding and abetting our nations enemies (Muslims) – not a religion- a sick tribe of people who should have been wiped off the face of the earth 1400 years ago. (Child brides-murder, rape, beheadings, mutilation of women, murdering of other religions, sharia law-does not belong in our country) (watch the stoning if soraya m). (Watch this video). What is in store for our nation if we don’t remove them now. 
    We are being attacked on our holy ground given to us by our God and our founding fathers by this imposter in our White House and career criminals and traitors in the halls of congress. This is not the time to stand down or we will lose our god given nation forever. Our constitution and declaration of independence is worth fighting for. Don’t you think?
    We cannot allow this nation to become another spot on the map. (Read the levitt letters – Islam does not come to assimulate, the come to dominate, look at every nation they have entered). In Britain Muslims are calling for deaths of gays and Eric holder is now demanding that employers tell him what employees are gay – do you see a problem here? This administration and the Obama KGB has already proven they will kill Americans. That is what they want. Obama is concerned about 200 children murdered in Syria but is pushing for massive abortion of American babies through obamacare and planned parenthood. 
    Not to mention Benghazi and fast and furious. (Gun running, arming our nations enemies).
    We don’t belong in these other nations. And if they are really this bad drop the bomb like we did in WWII and end this mess once and for all. Americans are fed up with this crap. 
    Americans wake up. It is time for an emergency meeting of all patriot groups and governors and real american leaders to abolish the federal government per our Declaration of Independence and start over. 
    And arrest and charge the traitors in this nation for their acts of high crimes and treason. All we need is our military to work with state governors to protect our borders and heritage per their oaths. Not the traitors in Washington, D.C. It is time to shut down the corrupt Washington, D.C. And stop all funding of corrupt illegal mess in Washington, D.C. We can spent the next $17 trillion on rebuilding our nation by keeping the money in our own pockets and creating industry and jobs. It is time to bring back made in America. 
    I’m asking each if you to search your hearts and fight for our future and our god given heritage. God expects us to protect what he gave us the greatest nation to ever exist. These people in Washington are our enemies and working towards the destruction of the greatest nation to ever exist. There is more of us and we can no longer allow this or tolerate the treasonous acts from this administration and congress. They are acting illegally. Our federal government should never gotten this big period. Nor should all these agencies exist. Government does not belong in healthcare, education or welfare period. This corruption must stop now. We have to do it, because the Washington, D.C. Corrupt freight train will not clean itself up. We must do it now. We have that right. Abolish it and start over. 
    Our nation is worth fighting for. Millions have already given their lives to protect our way if life. Do not let this be the end of the greatest civilization to ever exist because we have a radical imposter who wants to transform our nation. This is our nation, he was not elected emperor. 
    We want our nation to be number one in the world again, we want our laws upheld. We need to start over. Abolish Washington, D.C. Shut it down, stop all funding and work on rebuilding our nation. 
    We also need to request that American companies stop price gouging the American public. This nation needs to be about creating industry, revving industries and creating jobs. Not about the almighty profit margin. Gas should be at a $1.00 a gallon and food should be plentiful and affordable for everybody. The government should not be controlling farmers or home grown gardens 
    It is time to get the government out of everything. It is over if we don’t stop this radical transformation of our heritage. I want my country to last another 200 years don’t you? 
    We are Americans. This is our nation. It is worth fighting for. 
    Dear leaders remove the threat to our nation and restore liberty. The time is now to protect future generations of Americans. 

    • If our children are chipped, then we truly have the mark of the beast.
      What amazes me if there is so little outrage over losses to our freedoms. I’m not talking about armed confrontation. But there are so few voices raised in opposition to tyranny. Are we the canaries in the coal mine? Sadly, that’s exactly what I believe is happening. People don’t seem to notice when they lose a little bit of freedom here, a couple of “rights” there. And by the time they figure out how precious freedom is, it will be too late to retrieve it.

      • He is the devil and 4 the life of me I don’t understand y everyone in Washington is allowing this thing to totally destroy America. They see and know more than we do and yet they’re silent. Blows my mind. God help us!

      • SEBtopdog,

        You are so right, but there is certainly outrage HERE & has been since before this phony was elected in 2008. When I hear people say it doesn’t bother THEM that the NSA is spying on the American people because it’s “helping to secure us from terrorists”, I want to scream. First of all, to THIS bunch of Communists, WE are the ONLY terrorists!

        I could list all the “little” tidbits of liberties we’ve lost, but you know what they are & NOW they’re bringing out the “big guns” & taking away OURS!

        As far as the “chips”, I’m afraid that’s what “O’Dumbocare” is all about! The government will have access to ALL our information, bank accounts, credit cards, what we buy & when we buy it, our medical records. If people don’t retaliate against this & resist it & they actually sign up for their phony “health care”, I’m afraid they’ll be accepting “the mark of the beast”!

      • Ur wrong. We’re all outraged, but what do we do. Where do we go to speak out? Tell me please for we are eager!

    • aznative,

      Just wanted to let you know that you have expressed my exact views, thoughts, outrage, frustrations & fear. I’ve been saying this for almost 5 years & very few will listen.

      First of all, it’s a shame that Allen West wasn’t our first black president. He’s a patriotic man of honor, moral values & integrity & the exact opposite of the current “Communist-In-Thief”! The only thing O’Dumbo had going for him was he was black & he only got THAT HALF right!

      I just replied to a friend who sent me an article about the dying morale of our military under this usurping dictator, the freaks he’s appointed to lead them, not even having ammunition they need (probably because the progressives spent all the money arming & providing billions of hollow points for all of the NON-MILITARY government agencies).

      That was our dictator’s plan. When he said he was going to form a “private army” more powerful & better equipped than our own US military, did anyone ever think for a moment that it might BE our own military that he’s fashioning into his own image like he’s transforming everything else? He is replacing all the morally-compassed, Oath-abiding, Christian military personnel with his own violent, hate-filled, anti-American, Communist criminal gutter trash who wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to kill an innocent American citizen who disagreed with “Mr. Whiny Pants Control Freak”! It won’t surprise me in the least if he lets out ALL the criminals in prisons to be a part of his “private army” because they are HIS kind of people!

      I’ve been frustratingly waiting for over 4 years for our “conservative leaders” to charge him with treason or crimes against our Republic with each unconstitutional act he & the Dumbocraps commit, but time after time, NOTHING is done & most are barely mentioned like O’Dumbo winning by voter fraud & voting machine rigging, funding our enemies, sending them arms, F-16s, tanks, gun running but INFRINGING on OUR 2nd amendment & on & on!

      I can’t, for the life of me, understand why we’re even bothering with “O’Dumbo care”! We KNOW it has absolutely NOTHING to do with “Health care” or “Health Insurance”! It’s ONLY about “power & control” over every aspect of every life in this country! This narcissistic nit wit doesn’t care about “the poor” having access to “health care”. All he wants is to have control over the “masses”, their bank accounts, make us all dependent on the government in order to spend us into absolute economic collapse & to play “god” with the American people like HItler did with Germany! We’re watching history repeat itself & doing nothing to stop it KNOWING how it ends! What the crap is wrong with us?

      John Roberts can’t just decide it’s a “tax” on a whim! He was supposed to rule whether or not it was Constitutional as it was presented to him. If O’Dumbo care is a tax, then everything we purchase is a tax. The government doesn’t “produce” ANYTHING; so we don’t have to “buy” anything from a non-producing entity! We are FOOLS if we even let them THINK we’re going to comply with this unconstitutional piece of poop! If we do, we can be FORCED to buy ANYTHING they tell us to buy! Where does it end? We have truly lost our way!

      • Thank you I was feeling so alone. I’m glad my dad a WWII veteran isn’t here to see this mess. God help our nation and give us victory. Thank you. We can’t give up. We know what is right. Let’s restore our great nation.

      • I’ve felt alone for 5 years. It’s sad to see others suffering from the repercussions of the evil minority takeover of our great Republic, but comforting to know that others feel the same.

        My dad was in the Army in Germany in WWII. My former husband of 32 years who died 11 years ago at 55 was a Marine Vietnam vet (sniper then squad leader) & my current was in the Air Force in the Khobar Tower bombing. If my dad & deceased husband were still here, it would terrify me to think what they would do!

        It’s difficult to be optimistic when everything seems to fall into the laps of these radicals! It seems that even “natural disasters” help promote their agenda! We’ve allowed this to get to the point of no return since half the nation has become government moochers who will vote to keep their freebies!

        Only God’s “Divine Intervention” will get us out of this mess & we’ve allowed the progressives & atheists to remove Him from every part of our country! I’ll NEVER give up praying that our Republic is restored, but we need a revival, otherwise why would He want to help us? God bless you & God bless this nation!

      • Bless your heart Mrs. Marine.. The movement welcomes women too..
        Stay safe!!


  49. Secretary of Defense (NSA) put a stop on this purging High ranking military officials that are against Barrack Obama communist idea to take full control. Hagel you are a Veteran and i know you know what is about to come out of this.

  50. not even FOXNews has investigated the matter! Very Scary but have you read Agenda 21, this is not new. If so, you would know…Health -Obamacare, crippling self defense & gun laws, Education, Military take-over, Media take-over all written by UN supported by Obama.

    The mask of this administration is coming down, and what’s behind it is even scarier.
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2013/10/many-generals-getting-axe/#ISdOgJVJy6SJrtGy.99
    The mask of this administration is coming down, and what’s behind it is even scarier.
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2013/10/many-generals-getting-axe/#ISdOgJVJy6SJrtGy.99

    • I am the false prophet in tribulation
      I’m seeking mighty goals and reputations
      I serve the prince of hell
      He’s not forgotten
      And there so many fell
      And now they’re rotten
      I search from town to town
      To drag who I can down
      Don’t step in my path
      I’ve got you in my sights
      You can’t escape me
      I’ve taken all your rights
      My mark will set you free
      Just let me brand your hide
      Assume my genocide
      I stand for all to see
      My mark makes you like me
      Be my device, I’ll quickly kindle a fire
      Of wrath from my inferno
      And savor the lost, who have been tricked by me
      My anger rides high for those who’ve
      Escaped me up and through the sky
      Then have deprived me and
      Still there are some who won’t bow down to me
      They serve another
      A God they can not see
      And keep on running from my
      Raging terror to be
      My satisfaction won’t be fulfilled
      They must fall down to me
      Or I’ll have them killed
      Don’t step in my path

  51. For the Obama administration, the only sin bad enough to justify termination is disloyalty. Poor job performance, incompetence, illegal acts – none of those will get you fired as long as you remain loyal to the cause. After all, in the socialist point of view, it’s intentions, not results, that matter. As long as whatever you did was with good intentions, the consequences don’t matter. In building a socialist state , the ends justify the means, and if millions die in the process, it is worth it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions – and we are on the road to hell.

  52. Is that what’s scary? I think what’s scarier is that even when the face of death is totally revealed, the sheep still follow and defend to the death. Their golden goose is too precious.

  53. The military is charged by the Constitution with arresting and trying traitors. So Obama needs a compliant military.


    Treason is defined as aid and comfort to an enemy of one’s country. I think a
    legitimate case for the arrest and trial for treason re: arming al Qaida in
    Syria and Libya and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya of Barack (Barry
    Soetero) Obama could be made. Possible CIA gun running in Benghazi, if proven,
    could earn Obama a firing squad.

    (Benghazi might’ve been a legit op but given the few details leaked it seems
    more likely Obama and Co. were arming rad Muslims.)A pattern of apparently
    deliberate aid and support of radical Islamic individuals and institutions and
    governments, as well as openly embracing American radical Islamists and
    socialists, as well as apparent sabotage of American war efforts demonstrates deliberate
    treachery on his part.

    “A person commits the crime of treason if he levies war against his state
    or country or sides to its enemies, giving them aid and comfort. Treason is a
    crime under federal and some state laws. Treason is made a high crime,
    punishable by death, under federal law by Article III, section 3 of the U.S.
    Constitution. To quote:

    “Treason against the
    United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to
    their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

    Under this article of the Constitution, no person shall be
    convicted of treason, unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same
    overt act, or on confession in open court. Treason requires overt acts such as
    giving sensitive government security secrets (or military weaponry) to other
    countries, even if such countries are not enemies. Treason can include spying
    on behalf of a foreign power or divulging military secrets. (It can also
    include giving military aid.)” (Parenthesis mine.)

    Even in America Muslim Brotherhood is a seditious organization.

    Muslim Brotherhood, IN AMERICA: “”The process of settlement is a
    “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan
    must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in
    eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and
    “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the
    believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over
    all other religions.

    —’An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for
    the Group in North America,’ 1981″



    On the international stage, Muslim Brotherhood supports terrorist groups, al
    Qaida elements, Hamas, and other terror Islamic groups with the explicit goal
    of inflicting Sharia Law on Muslim countries and subverting other countries to

    Muslim Brotherhood is considered an umbrella organization, thus
    a debate whether it is indeed a terrorist organization. In reality it is a
    network which includes and gives aid to dependent elements entirely at war with
    the United States: an enemy.

    This enemy is deliberately compartmentalized to avoid all-out
    war with Western powers. But regardless of whether we are at war with the
    Muslim Brotherhood, it is at war with us.

    Evidence of deliberate sympathies for the enemies include Obama’s active
    efforts to blunt government efforts to fight acts of terrorism by refusing to
    acknowledge its ties to Islam, refusing to call many attacks terrorism, etc. This
    includes orders abroad and domestically that penalize American soldiers for
    expressions of contempt or hostility to American enemies and the beliefs that
    fuel their hostility! These go a long way in demonstrating Obama’s sympathies
    to our enemies, and that his aid to our enemies goes far beyond mere

    In fact, his efforts at blunting our war efforts against al Qaida, Muslim
    Brotherhood etc. demonstrate Obama’s eligibility for the strongest penalty for
    treason: execution.


    Those who will comfort and aid this process are traitors.

    US code Title 18: 2381: “…whoever, owing allegiance to the United States,
    levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and
    comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall
    suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under
    this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any
    office under the United States.”

    As al Qaida has declared and maintained a state of war against
    us, all needed is for loyal Federal law enforcement to find a loyal Fed judge
    willing to hear the case. Arrest will be problematic, but should be attempted.

    (While it might be argued that terming “illegal immigration” an
    invasion may be subjective, I would argue it is real. 11 to 33 million people
    storming our borders day and night is an invasion.

    Legally, invasion is defined: “An encroachment upon the rights of another;
    the incursion of an army for conquest or plunder.

    [Black’s Law Dictionary]

    It is another case for treason that not only are they are failing to secure our
    borders, our economy, and our politics from illegals, they are actually giving
    aid to the same. If doubts remain that 33 million illegals is an invasion, the
    Mexican belief in “Reconquista,” reconquest of America’s Southwest by Mexicans,
    should remove doubt in that regard.)

    At some point we may, for a very short window, have support for
    these enough to crush the encroachment of socialist and communist tyranny for a
    couple of more decades.

    US code Title 10: 904 Article 104: “Any person who—

    (1) aids, or attempts to aid, the enemy with arms, ammunition,
    supplies, money, or other things; or

    (2) without proper authority, knowingly harbors or protects or
    gives intelligence to, or communicates or corresponds with or holds any
    intercourse with the enemy, either directly or indirectly;

    shall suffer death or such other punishment as a court-martial
    or military commission may direct. This section does not apply to a military
    commission established under chapter 47A of this title.”

    This gives loyal US military units authority to intervene and arrest. Won’t
    necessarily depend on our thin window for political action as well, but will
    require quick action as loyalists are being purged.

    With many of the Democrats incapable of holding any office, patriots can
    control Senate and House.

    That includes Barrack Obama and many in his administration.

    Pass this on and send it to your Congressmen and to anyone you know in the



    The afore posted case for treason is definitely not all inclusive. His
    suspected criminal acts include domestic spying on a grand scale, election
    tampering, violations against separations of powers, unsecuring America’s
    borders, arming foreign criminal elements. But this is a place to start.

  54. Admiral Giardina is my husband. He was removed without any due process. He has never been asked his side of the story and no criminal charges have been filed. There has been nothing detrimental in his military service and he has received nothing but accolades for his professionalism and exceptional performance as Deputy Commander Strategic Command. There is a lot to be said about the action taken against my husband, again without due process. I look forward to being able to speak out about it one day.

    • Dear Mrs. Giardina, I am sorry your husband was treated in such a petty, underhanded, unpatriotic manor. He did not deserve that. I would like to invite you and your husband to join the Modern Militia Movement. We patriots appreciate all the General has sacrificed for our country, and the wisdom of his experience. Please extend our gratitude for his honorable service.

      Thank you for your time.
      xo . s

    • I’m very sorry about your husband’s unfair ordeal, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. We’re living in a totally different country than we were even 5 years ago where right is wrong, evil is good & patriots are “terrorists”! We are being led (shoved) down a path of chaos & destruction by progressives who despise everything about our exceptional, Constitutional Republic.

      Our “leaders” want to replace all the patriots who believe in upholding the oath they took to protect & defend our Constitution against enemies foreign & domestic because those “leaders” are our domestic enemies & they realize that! They want to replace them with those who will NOT take or uphold an oath & do NOT have the American citizens’ best interest at heart! These are the same radical revolutionaries who tried to turn the country upside down in the 60s & 70s who hated “the man”! NOW, they ARE “the man”! I can’t comprehend the reasoning behind their agenda or what their vision of the “transformed” nation will be, but it’s an image I don’t care to visualize. Thank you & your husband for his service! May God bless you & your family.

    • Mrs. Giardnia, please tell your husband to tell his story under a nom-de’plum. This way his retirement cannot be affected. Mr. Obama is a pawn who has lost his effectiveness and is being disengaged from service as a puppet has it’s strings cut. Men like your husband are born to greatness and we all respect his professionalism and his time as a leader of his men.

  55. Obama is an idiot along with the other anti Americans pelosi Reid hoyer Feinstein durbin and all members of the black caucus who support Obama only because he’s black. If Obama was white and a republican they would be against his anti American policies

    • If O’Dumbo were an ALL white Republican, he would’ve been executed on the WH lawn 4 years ago! People tend to forget, O’Dumbo is as WHITE as he is BLACK. That’s why I can’t understand how anybody can call a white person a “racist” just because they disagree with his entire agenda. He’s half as white as they are! They should at least have enough intelligence to call people HALF “racist” if they want to play that stupid “card”!

      I don’t care if he’s green! No matter what color he is, he’s still a Socialist which is just a “nice word” for Communist & I disagree with everything he says or does!

    • You forget the Congressional Progressive Caucus, there is close to 80 members. All Democrats except one and that person is a Independent and a Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. All are in the House of Representatives, except Bernie. Progressives = Socialists/Communist.

      Plus there is over 117 prominent members of the Democratic Socialist of America. These are not politicians, at least from what I see, but there could be that I missed. Such members as Ed Asner the one time actor, David Bonior former Democratic Congressman, Leo Casey teacher’s unionist, Danny K. Davis Illinois Congressman, Obama associate, Gerry Hudson SEIU vice president, Steve Max community organizer, John J Sweeney former AFL-CIO president and the list goes on and on with a few more connected with Obama.

  56. He’s gutting the military brain trust because he wants servants not independent thinkers . Generals who will agree to
    Fire on Americans if ordered to do so. Wake up democrats

  57. No totalitarian authority nor authoritarian state can tolerate those who have an absolute by which to judge that state and its actions. The Christians had that absolute in God’s revelation. Because the Christians had an absolute, universal standard by which to judge not only personal morals but the state, they were counted as enemies of totalitarian Rome and were thrown to the beasts.
    (Francis A. Schaeffer, How Should We Then Live?, Ch. 1)

  58. My question is, who are the men being elevated to these positions, and how long will it take to ideologically destroy our military from within?


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