American DNA and the threat to our genetic code

Photo: Stuart Caie

Last night I had the distinct pleasure and honor of attending a dinner in support of my friend and former colleague Congressman Steve Southerland (R-Fla). Rep. Southerland has come under a barrage of attacks from the progressive socialists, namely Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC. I fully support him for reelection and will be heading up to Northwest Florida to rally the troops for this highly principled constitutional patriot, faithful Christian, and loving family man. However, Steve spoke of something I wish to share with you all regarding the American DNA.

A while ago I made the statement, to the angst of the progressives, that those supporting President Barack Obama were a threat to the gene pool. Of course that just threw them all into a tizzy, because as usual the real meaning of the message went right over their heads. So allow me to explain.

As Rep. Southerland articulated, the American DNA consists of these simple elements: liberty, freedom, faith, family, resiliency, hard work, exceptionalism, entrepreneurship, and rugged individualism. But in 2008 as you’ll recall, President Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” the United States, in other words alter our DNA.

And that ladies and gents is a threat to our gene pool, our American genetic code.

It is a threat to the basic premise of America that we pass on a greater, more exceptional country to our subsequent generations than what was left for us. Now that sacred promise is in danger. President Obama and his progressive socialist acolytes are destroying the essence of who we are as a Republic, based on the rule of law and individual sovereignty.

Consider how Mr. Obama and the progressives are punishing and dismissing American citizens who were paying for their own healthcare plans and forcing them into his collective nightmare aptly named Obamacare? There can be no excusing the fact that hardworking Americans are being forced from full-time employment into part-time due to his insidious regulations and mandates, especially against small business owners.

Americans seek opportunity. Obama promotes dependency by way of expanding the society of those in poverty and on government subsistence via food stamps.

America rewards diligence and determination. Obama redistributes the fruits of labor and effort to those who have had their hopes and dream stolen by the lie of low expectations.

Our Founding Fathers fought to create a new DNA strain, a code the world had never known. Many have bled to protect the American genetic code. Many have sought our shores in order to be infused with this unique quality. Now, in five short years, our American genetic code is threatened as never before.

My question to you, dear reader and to all Americans, is what do you believe constitutes the American genetic code? Do you believe it’s worth fighting for, or shall we undergo this fundamental transformation as articulated by the “know nothing President” who is indeed the author of the American demise?

For my part, I believe our greatest days lie before us and I also believe there is a great awakening occurring in America. Why do I feel that way? Because it is part of my DNA as an American. Molon Labe!


  1. Dear Sir, your words never fail to inspire me. As an American who LOVES this nation, please consider a run for presidency in 2016. America needs common sense, critical thinkers, logical thinkers and problem solvers such as yourself. Please and thank you!

  2. PLEASE, you Demoncrytes, do NOT reproduce!! Maybe your heroine Margret Sanger’s principles should be applied to the progressives who just cannot seem to get the simple ideas of faith, justice, and the truths that our Founding Fathers lost their fortunes over. If you are too stupid to work for a living, then maybe you should not live, let alone reproduce. Like produces like. Please go live somewhere else. please.

  3. I always appreciate your stance on what is going on today in this country. I just want to offer a suggestion going forward. Focus on what you would do to fix the problems and build on what you stand for, not against. We all know that this administration has failed on multiple levels. It is one thing to express your discontent, as we all do, but there is something honorable about making sure to not use that anger to turn you into something you are not. Maybe I just don’t know you, but either way, I want to stand behind someone with integrity, strength, humility, wisdom and self-control. Thank you for your time and consideration. God bless you and your good work.

    • When threatened it is “Natural” to be angry. We, as American people are being threatened like never before. Our anger is just. Our commitment to American principles and Ideals still stands firm… like a granite mountain. Our DNA survives with-in our pulsing hearts. Angry? You’re Damn RIGHT! Watch us as we use it to motivate us… not to obliterate us. Anger is not something we need to fear, used right, it will bring us victory in the arena of just cause. God Bless you. And may God assuage your fears, and may you see the heroism about to take place, and never again say “there goes an angry American”… For I say, anyone who will stand and fight for America “There goes a hero”…

      • Thank you for your thoughts and blessings. What I was intending to say is not that we should not be angry. We definitely should and I definitely am. I wanted to just encourage Mr. West to make sure not to lose his principles, who he is, and say things in anger that might not be an accurate impression of him. In my opinion, and as I teach my children, using anger the right way is not to belittle another person as this places yourself on a pedestal. Using strength, and controlled anger to make wise decisions is a better foundation to build on. This shows someone who is trust-worthy and able to deal with emotion in a productive way. A good leader will not need to put himself above others. He will be picked up and placed on our shoulders out of respect, appreciation and trust. It is ego that got us into this mess. We need healthy checks and balances to get out it. May God raise up the right people to help us to do so. God bless.

      • In that… I say WONDERFUL! This is not a task that should be taken in a “wanting” manor. It is tragic that we even have discuss such events and or tactics to repair the damage done to our country. As you know Mr. West was attacked in the past when he ran for re-election in Florida. The lies told by his opponent were horrific and quite damaging (Even though they were completely false). Having seen the way Allen handled himself in that situation, I have the highest confidence in his ability to lead. We were blessed by founders with foresight and commitment. Amazing intelligence and sense of God’s will and scriptural understanding. Allen West is a man who possesses every one of the qualities displayed by our founders. I for one would follow his lead, where ever and whenever he deemed necessary. again may God Bless you and all who love this country.

      • It gives me hope to see these qualities in Col. West as well. I am looking forward to seeing how he continues to serve and wish him the best. It is refreshing to see true leadership. It was good chatting with you. Make this day a great one.

  4. Mr. West, sir, you are exactly correct, this man Obama is not going to take away my substance, my soul, the essence of who I am. I am my ancestors that came here, cleared the land and fought the wars and built this nation, this fool is not going take that away…and then give it those not willing to work at all, criminy. I do so love seeing the masses rising up, it’s going get a lot better still, we are not gonna take it Washington DC…remember, “behind every blade of grass”, still rings true today…

  5. I agree with the content of this article 100%! Let me ask you this though Mr. West…are you ready to lead? Are willing to risk it all for the sake of Country? The one thing that I’ve recently been saying out loud is that this country needs a Leader…and NOW! This country needs someone that will take point and guide the remaining people that still believe in what this country was founded on. No matter how you look at it, no matter what your ideology is, we don’t have anyone at the helm right now, and lot can happen in the next 3 years. Given the right opportunities with no/minimal resistance, Ban Ki-moon will be that person that takes the helm. Without a leader that people can get behind it’ll happen too.

    Again, I agree with the content of this article 100%, but are you the one that will lead? We need a leader that stands for what this country was founded on. We need, and many are looking for, another George Washington. Are you that person Mr. West? If so, you need to rally the troops now before it’s too late. We don’t have much longer.

    • I am in total agreement with what Col. West has said here, and like you I believe someone needs to come to the forefront to take the helm. I believe that it has to be someone strong enough to take the punches in the trenches, someone that will be able to take the ridicule and condemnations from the liberal society that is dragging this country down. If he is for real, then I am sure that there are millions of Americans that will rally for him and his cause, which is our cause too. I am tired of this “the government owes me a living” attitude that has been spewing out of these people that are just to lazy to work, and too lazy to better themselves regardless of all of the opportunities that has been afforded them.This is where the gene pool has dearly suffered. The first step on the agenda, I think is to vote Col. West back in to the Senate, and give as many Harry Reid lookalikes their walking papers at the next election. Time to get rid of the folks that are retired on active duty, that have basically accomplished nothing during their rein in Congress, similar to the individual that lives in the White House. God Bless and God speed Col. West


  6. Dave Allen was born ready. As a Brother Veteran he has proven that again and again. Leaders as always when needed in this Country step up. This is happening all over America right now. We are preparing for a great offensive which will began in 2014. We will take back America. For it is in our genes…

  7. …Do you know anything about genetics? Individual personality traits aren’t clear cut and divided up into national DNA. What would be American DNA though? The white Protestants that settled from England? African Americans? Hispanic Americans? The Inuits of Alaska? The Hawaiians? How exactly is our DNA being changed from our apparent national strain to something less desirable and where are forced to live off the government’s teat because it’s “in our blood”?

    Our Founding Fathers also did not fight to create a new DNA strain – DNA wasn’t discovered until 1869 and wasn’t linked to genetic and hereditary traits until 1929. The Founding Fathers fought against a powerful central government and to create a secular government free of any religion.

    • I think you are missing the point. DNA is a metaphor here. America was founded on the qualities that Mr. West stated. He is NOT claiming that these items are TRUE components of our DNA like the guanine, cytosine, thymine, and adenine.

      • The USA was founded by crazy liberals who wanted to be represented by their government. Liberals. Conservatives would have just settled for the status que and were.

      • Actually the USA had state-sponsored churches, and a national bank (twice), and ‘rebels’ to the crown. “Liberal” wasn’t a political term because it suggests an increase in government powers. The last thing the rebels wanted was an increase in government powers… and the first ‘union’ was a confederation – The Articles of Federation – which preceded the Constitution. The founders studied past governments, and wrote the Constitution to limit the reach of government both then and in the future. That is called being ‘Conservative’. Limited government. A government that doesn’t mess with your rights and freedoms which are far more than the 10 listed in the Bill of Rights. ‘Liberal’ doesn’t mean ‘freedom’. It means a farther reach of government into the private and public lives of citizens.

      • Thanks Ellee…. And to those who didn’t get it, a metaphor is when you say one thing ‘is’ another….Example: My husband’s love is water and air for me. OK? It isn’t really water or air, that is the metaphor part. cya




    • Wow! Let’s hope your DNA is not going to spread any further! Are you really this ignorant?? Allow me to save you future embarrassment…keep your stupidity to yourself!

    • Sam, Isn’t there something in the Bible about one speaking just to hear his own voice. It is a good thing that you know a little about science and history – but a sad thing that you could not comprehend a simple written article. On this day you have proven that you are truly and idiot.

    • Sam, don’t ever change. You’re more valuable to the world as an example for demonstration purposes than you could ever be if you tried to actually succeed at something practical.

    • Sam, you are an idiot. I mean that in the kindest possible way (idiotes GR. ~ to not Know)

      The col. is painting a word picture concerning the principles within Americans that made the U.S. great. He is looking at the inward man. You? You are talking about outward appearance, “The white Protestants that settled from England? African Americans? Hispanic Americans? The Inuits of Alaska? The Hawaiians?” Just as an aside, making decisions about folks because of their outward appearance is what racists do.

      Additionally, you know little of the founders. Their writings and attributed quotations are rife with Biblical quotes. A theocracy we are not. A Christian nation we were always meant to be. Walk around D.C. It is carved in granite … everywhere.

      Get wise Sam. You are perfectly within your rights to reject God and I, a bible thumper, will defend your right to do so (which does not mean that I won’t talk to you about Jesus until you tell me you don’t want me to), but you have no right to rewrite history.

      • I saw “SAM” and thought about the Society of American Magicians but there is NOTHING magical about Sam’s low level of intelligence.

    • Did you even read the article????!!!!!! For crying out loud, you are as pitiful at reading comprehension as the 5th and 6th graders that I deal with every day!!!!!!!

    • Not a government free of any religion but a government that did not exclude all religions but the state’s religion via vie a STATE RUN, CONTROLLED AND IMPOSED RELIGION. THE GOVERNMENT IS INCREASING BECOMING A RELIGION IN AND OF ITSELF WITH ALL OF ITS POLITICALLY CORRECT BS DOCTRINES.

    • WOW, I know that not everyone that comments here is an intellectual or a scholar… however if you missed this metaphorical example of progressive madness then you really need to reassess whether you are helping or hindering your party’s cause… unless you are still in high school, then of course a jejune response can be overlooked.

  8. Glad to know LTC West lends his support to Rep Southerland. Hopefully the Floridians on here in Southerland’s district will do the same. Americans helping Americans…it’s in our DNA!

  9. The dark side is going to stage a Hideous moment that will cause the whole US to vote for democrats in 2014. They just got to define the right actor and the perfect stage. Somebody’s name is going to be mudd. ied


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