Left is making losing the new normal

Photo: Maria Muir

This past weekend I was invited to speak on the campus of Valdosta State University in Georgia. The city of Valdosta is nicknamed, “Winnersville” because it has produced so many champions. They win, because they expect to win. That’s normal for Valdosta. But it’s no longer normal for America.

The new normal in America, a country now led by progressive socialism, isn’t about making winners or champions. It’s about creating dependents, and we’re all losing.

The new normal in America is a President who openly embraces the philosophy of wealth redistribution, as laid out by Karl Marx: “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.”

So in pursuit of wealth redistribution policies, the new normal in America means our constitutional republicanism is being replaced by a Marxist/socialist ideal. This ideal is rooted in nationalizing production, broadening the dependency society, a sense of social utopianism (fair share, fairness, economic and social equality), and most threatening, a secular humanism which replaces God, from whom our individual rights come, to government — trading the “Big G” for the “little g.”

We see this manifested in government spending at almost 25% of our gross domestic product (GDP). And mind you, this is a GDP limping along at around 2 percent growth, a dangerously weak economic recovery. To fuel the growth of this socialist welfare state, our national debt has grown from $10.6 trillion to now over $17 trillion in just five years. We’ve clearly lost control of spending.

The new normal seems to be that President Obama can vote against raising the debt ceiling as a Senator, but now seeks the sole right to raise it. We are told his vote as a Senator was just “symbolic.” Of what, exactly? I guess the new normal also includes a President who redefines truth as he pleases, as in Benghazi and Obamacare. If we started losing trust in our elected officials in the 1970’s, it’s just about completely gone now. And the single-digit approval numbers for Congress prove it.

Is the new normal in America that the once venerable free market system has been supplanted by an artificial economy of cronyism and printing more money to buy our own debt? The Federal Government now sees itself as a venture capitalist and the trillions of dollars being printed by the US Federal Reserve are causing a private sector addiction to government largesse. If you want to test that theory, just whisper on Wall Street that the Fed is going to stop printing money, ending quantitative easing, and watch the Dow Jones Industrial index plummet.

Can the new normal in America be double-digit unemployment?

Does anyone really believe the national unemployment rate in America is just 7.2 percent? Our workforce participation rate is the lowest ever in some 35 years. We are becoming a country of part-time employees. We are blowing up the rolls of Americans in poverty and on food stamps. Americans are losing opportunities to succeed and thrive.

But if we “only” had to worry about domestic economic issues it would be one thing. Instead of trying to trim the number of Americans dependent on the government, we are slowly chipping away at our own national security.

This past week the Chief of Staff of the US Army stated the Army has not trained for the past six months and that we only have two combat ready Brigades, about 7000 Soldiers. The US Marine Corps is about to reduce its force strength to 174,000 — the smallest Corps since World War I — and reduce its number of combat infantry battalions. In a violent and unstable global environment dominated by Islamic totalitarianism and terrorism, this cannot be the new normal. We cannot lose our ability to successfully defend our nation and our interests abroad.

We have embraced those who are our enemies, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and confused those who are our allies, such as Israel. Monitoring the phone calls of Western European leaders isn’t helping matters. We lost credibility, respect and are rapidly losing friends.

Finally, and most disturbing; is the new normal for defining American leadership all about likeability, rather than quality or competence? Is the new normal that we accept lying and deception from our President and allow government agencies to attack and intimidate American citizens? Are we so devoid of honor, integrity, and character as a nation that we allow a President and a Secretary of State to abandon Americans to die in Benghazi and then refer to it as a “phony scandal” or in weak defense, screech, “what difference does it make”?

Is it possible that in five short years, progressive socialists and secular humanists, along with a complicit media, have successfully redefined normal in America? They are surely trying, but we must ensure they do not succeed. We cannot stand by and allow our God-given rights and all that our nation stands for be trampled upon and cast aside. Molon Labe!


  1. Very Good Col. West as always!!! The Hearts of the American People have not changed. Those who believe in Freedom and The Constitution continue to march on! It is those as you say who are Un-American in Values and in Government that are doing the damage to OUR REPUBLIC! We can no longer allow those who would seek to destroy America to follow thru with their plans! We need a Plan and Leaders to rise up out of the Day to Day to overcome such barbaric attitudes! I now understand what our Greatest Generation did to combat and keep America Free! Seems that it takes the Loss of Our Freedoms to wake us up to the facts of the Value of Said Freedoms!

  2. The great good thing is that more and more Americans are waking up to the mangling of our Constitution and Way of Life going on in Washington. More people will begin to consider the horrible moral slide “Down” politicians have slung.

    America is finally Awakening to the “Reality” that our POTUS and administration along with other elected officials have sold out to the devil and adopted agenda’s to turn our Free Democratic Republic into a Marxist/Leninist Nightmare~!

    God Bless us Once Again~!

  3. Another example of what Democrat Communists want as a new normal was described by another soros obama freak back in ’08:
    “Our problems are simply too deep, too complex, too interconnected to be solved from the top down in the OLD WAY. So we must — and Can! — move our democracy to a NEW historical stage. Democracy will NO LONGER BE something done to us or for us. It will INSTEAD be the practice of empowered, savvy citizens who know what they want”
    -Commie Freak, Frances Moore Lappe in YES!Magazine Aug 27, 2008
    Commies know they are bunch of losers. What else would we expect from the “Participation Award” crowd ???

  4. gotta love how there is not one mention of how corporations, lining the pockets of the 1% have contributed to our problems. or how the government is run by these corporations so that they can keep lining their own pockets at the expense of our environment, the livelihood of their workers (keeping them living below poverty and having to use taxpayer dollars to make ends meet), and any policy changes that might benefit the country, not them. Gotta love how there is not one mention of all the money spent on the military fighting a war that can’t be won. Yeah, good, factual, unbiased stuff here…lol

  5. I am very afraid when I see someone like “Retro” be so blinded. At this rate the environment isn’t even on the radar screen. You can’t protect the environment when you are broke. The only reason you don’t feel the pain of being broke is because we are still able to borrow. As soon as China, Japan (to a lessor extent) feel that we can’t pay and stop borrowing to us, chaos will follow. And Retro, don’t worry about the 1%, they are leaving to spend their money in other countries to avoid handing it over to the unions. I hope you, and more importantly, the rest of the USA wake up before it is too late, if it isn’t already too late.


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