Latest Senate hearing demonstrates Democrat disconnect

I landed back in DC this morning and was immediately reminded how disconnected Democrats are.

This morning the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing titled, “Stand you Ground Laws: Civil Rights and Public Safety Implications of the Expanded Use of Deadly Force.” Ladies and gents, there are only about 20 more legislative days remaining in this calendar year, and this is how the Democrat-controlled Senate wants to waste your taxpayer dollars? With all that is occurring in the United States, the Senate Judiciary Committee believes this to be the major issue facing America. Unbelievable.

I’d like to know, if you were the Chairman of this Committee, what would your focus be for a hearing? What’s the most important issue facing you?

I believe the people we send to Washington DC as Senators and Representatives should focus on the prevailing issues affecting the livelihood of Americans within their committee jurisdiction. Reading our national headlines, there’s nothing relating to the issue of Stand Your Ground Laws and civil rights — matter of fact, this is a state issue not a federal one.

(And therein lies another problem here in Washington DC: the inability for some to comprehend the idea of federalism in a Constitutional Republic –but I’ll save that subject for another time).

In contrast, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is holding hearings on the rollout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. However, even in the minority we see the misguided Democrat perspective, as Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) referred to the hearing with the website contractors as a “monkey court.” And today, Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga) went off on a rant blaming Republicans for standing in the way of making healthcare a right. Really Rep. Lewis, healthcare is a right? Rep. Lewis, would you be so kind as to point that out in our Constitution and the individual Bill of Rights?

The problem is, progressive socialists believe they are the grantors, and therefore takers, of individual rights. Yes, there are privileges we as American citizens enjoy because we live in the greatest Nation the world has ever known — and access to quality healthcare is one of those privileges. But keeping and bearing arms is a right defined in the Constitution, yet that somehow seems to confuse our progressive socialist friends.

About a year from now America will go to the polls in a mid-term election that could decide the future of America. If you want misguided hearings and the redefinition of rights and the Constitution, give President Obama a Democrat House and Senate for his last two years. If you believe in a better future for America, ensure constitutional conservatives control both Houses of the legislative branch. Obama famously stated he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America. Will you be an accomplice or a patriot?


  1. 23 years Active, U.S Army, Retired SGM -I think Patriot, but its not up to me anymore…Now its up to my “Representatives” who just destroyed my Tri-Care Prime that was “For Life” AND ARE NOW REPRESENTING THEMSELVES, AS LAWYERS AND MILLIONAIRES abound in Politics.

    • Kevin why do you say your Tricare for life has been changed? Are you under 65? I realize we had to go on Standard but that isn’t a big deal really when you consider the option. Rather it than ACA!

      • Louise, Tricare standard where I live is nearly worthless. Most Doctors will not even take it. My wife gets a prescription every two weeks, used to be $22, now $50. The politicians are making “Tricare” worthless intentionally, to force Vets out of it and into ACA. They raided the money from Prime to finance Obullshit care. Yes it is a big deal Louise, my household Script cost has doubled and here on the Left Coast Dr’s hate to accept Tricare Standard, as if Prime wasn’t bad enough. So appointments go to those who can pay more.. and Tricare isnt it.

      • I guess we are fortunate to have a doctor that is retired military and would never not take Tricare and since we are near Savannah we don’t have a problem with other doctors either. Hunter is right in Savannah. However, we must keep abreast of what is going on in the govt. Don’t trust Obama nor the democrats so I am in constant contact with my representatives in both parties that are in GA. They see me at functions and sometimes I see them take a deep breath…LOL!

      • I am very happy to hear you are involved with your “Representatives”. I have no “Representatives”. I have no real vote. I have a special political class of people whom look out for me. My vote is decided by the Electoral College. My elected officials get money to run (buy their public office) from Corporations and extremely wealthy people who run the news media (propaganda). This same group of special people, stole my country blind, no one went to jail. Wall street was bailed out along with many other “Companies to large to fail” Me and others like me, took on all the debt for this. If and when I ever hear a Politician in my country say “I am for term limits”, “I am for Campaign finance reform”, “I should live by the same laws as everyone else”. “I would accept a vote of “No confidence””. Real reform and real transparency, I would want to hear more. Take the money out of the politics. Until then it is nothing more than a Fascist illusion. I am not taking a deep breath and I am not laughing. SGM USA, Retired.

    • Coming from a military family, I couldn’t believe that the ACA screwed up the Tri-Care plans. What a disgrace to our soldiers… but you know what? It’s just ONE MORE THING, one more burden on our service men and women. No big deal.

  2. Here is the clear cut reason these worthless, useless, spineless wimps and do-nothings need to be replaced ASAP. We cannot wait another year til the 2014 election to lose only a third or so of them. We need the states – ALL THE STATES – to recall these losers. They need to be fired by their state governments or the people of said states. They should be replaced by people who want to do an honest days work for an honest days pay, replaced by people who care about this country and its constitution, replaced by people who will do the job they are being sent there to do and not worry about re-election.

  3. “If you believe in a better future for America, ensure constitutional conservatives control both Houses of the legislative branch.”. Totally agree. But we have to start by RECALLING all the RINOs, or at least, the MAIN RINOs, before the Mid Terms. It will send a SHOCKWAVE across the fruited land. I am a PATRIOT!! Semper Fi!

  4. Health care is a privilege and not a right. If Pallone thinks it is monkey court the he is a monkey sitting in there, is he.

    • Neither healthcare nor healthcare insurance should be so expensive that the lower classes can’t afford it. If it continues as it is, we will all continue having to pay for it anyway through ever rising hospital prices and ever rising Premiums. The availability of healthcare to all is in our best interest as a nation

      • Actually, seeing has over 80% of all people who have enrolled in the ACA exchanges have been Medicaid, it seems the ACA made no real difference other than to increase premiums, deductibles, and kick hard working Americans off of their existing, more affordable plans.

        I have no issue with programs that help those in need, but the vast majority of Medicaid recipients are able-bodied individuals who can work.

        So, to protect these people, your solution is to force the rest of America to pay for them? And, in the mean time, give up their policies, doctors, and lower-cost plans?

        So much for the greater good.

  5. Very hard to see past Reid strategy he like Obama does not have one. Focus on drifting as quickly as possible from one crisis to another.Jobs, never makes it to priority list

  6. Contrary to popular Web sites, the recall of members of the U.S. Congress has never been permissible according to the Constitution, and no member of the Congress has ever been removed by such means. That’s because the U.S. Constitution sets the qualifications and terms for being a member of the House or Senate; changing those qualifications or terms (as in making them subject to a recall) is unconstitutional and would require a constitutional amendment.

    • True. Per the writings of the Founding Fathers, they thought that 2 year terms for Reps would allow for reasonable management of the situation when paired with the ability of the states to recall a Senator who was not following the wishes of the state legislature that put them in D.C. That balance was destroyed by the 17th Amendment which is why the 17th must be repealed.

      • Understood. There’s no way Congress would support it. It would have to happen through an Article V convention called by the states. It wouldn’t be easy, but then amending the Constitution shouldn’t be. That said, staying on the current path is a sure road to the destruction of the country.

  7. Benghazi, because it makes all the difference in the world.
    Jobs, because people need to be able to feed their families, feel worthwhile and contribute to the tax base.

    • So right. How can some Americans be so blind to give this administration a pass on everything? If Benghazi happened under Bush, they would be in the streets protesting. If the NSA scandal happened under Bush, they would have rioted in the street. They don’t even hold Obama accountable for the lies about keeping their healthcare or that this new law would make everything affordable.

      • Nope… Obama is conveniently “out of the office” every single damn time a scandal breaks. Apparently, our PRESIDENT has to rely on mainstream media to find out about such things.

        What a joke of a President.

  8. You are right, and it is truthfully our only real option. We cannot let all this Washington BS distract us from spending the much needed time and money getting the “right” candidates elected. it is not just “Republican” on the ticket, that is getting to mean less all the time… get the right conservative in there…

    • And where did Mr. West suggest such a thing? He very obviously pointed out that there are much more pressing matters than Stand Your Ground law. Would they talk about the failure of the ACA and its impact on Americans? Would they talk about the lack of justice about the Benghazi issue? Or how about answers to the questions about Fast and Furious?

      No, no, no… they talk about Stand Your Ground? Is it just a coincidence that these same Senate progressives want strict gun control?

      Please tell me you aren’t this ignorant.

      • We need to get the Voter Rolls fumigated & install VOTER-ID which should be pretty simply considering the numerous times we have to provide ID for the not as important daily activities ( a beer after work) to attend the DNC Convention etc…

    • Stand you ground is contentious, but it is a complete non-issue meant to distract the American people. There are very few stand your ground cases. People have a right to self-defense. The Trayvon Martin case was not a stand your ground case. It was not tried as one either. It was pure self-defense. There is no argument that Martin was the aggressor and assaulted Zimmerman. Nothing justifies Martins actions. Had he waited for the police, or gone to his father’s house, he would still be alive.

    • Does it not make sense to take care of the most important issues first? Col. West is simply pointing out that they are short on time so maybe they should get what is most urgent done first.

    • Not exactly sure what thought process has to come about to be a liberal. If you could please copy and paste where it was that Mr. West stated that I would greatly appreciate it and apologize for calling you out on your obvious lack of understanding of what was stated. What was stated was that the Senate Judiciary committee (a federal committee held by federal Senators in a federal building) was holding a hearing on stand your ground laws. Stand your ground laws are strictly a state by state issue and the federal government doesn’t have anything to do with these laws. The question Mr. West posed was, why with all of the issues that the federal government has to deal with, i.e. the failure of the affordable care act and the 17 trillion dollar debt, would a federal committee be having a hearing on a state issue. I actually know the answer and could run down a laundry list of political and sociological pressures but you would just deny them and call me a liar anyway. Please for the sake of your children and the future of America for our children, remove your head from your posterior and begin to think on your own. If you can’t even follow a simple article how can you possibly believe that you know what is actually going on within our government?

  9. I sickens me to realize that, as a young, 28-year old American, the men and women of my generation seem to have no care or interest in American history, the ideals that have made us who we are, and why our Constitution is so monumentally important.

    Instead, we have young people voting for Democratic politicians while maintaining blatant ignorance about the policies and the impact of those policies. Throwing liberty to the wind for the “greater good,” sacrificing our right to defend ourselves from any potential tyranny that may arise, and forcing legislation through (Obamacare) when an overwhelming amount of citizens do not want it.

    To anyone who votes while ignorant on American history and party policies, shame on you. You’re meddling with something you do not understand. You got the first taste of it with the ridiculous rise in health insurance premiums and deductibles, being dropped from your employer-sponsored policies, and now many of you liberal progressives/democrats are starting to speak out.

    I’ll give you an idea: speak out with your VOTE! Return America to what made it great… a free market, small government, and hard work.

  10. U.S. senators cannot be recalled, but that does not mean we can’t bombard them with letters, faxs, PHONE CALLS, letters,e-mails at all their ofices. Constantly let them know what a miserable job they’re doing unless of course you’re a vogan

  11. Yesterday Allen West called for starting World War III by dropping nuclear weapons on Iran. TODAY he’s worried about the priorities of Congress. GET THE NET. 5150!

  12. Schumer and Leahy have never missed a chance to twist and bend The Constitution to make if fit the liberal progressive Socialist Communist Utopian Marxist–SCUM world view

  13. LTC West: We need to rid our Congress of Dem-Coms (even the ones who claim only to be commies with a small “c”) and RINO’s (aka commies) as well as nuke our enemies in Iran!

  14. John Lewis proves some people rise to the level of their imcompetence. He loves to brag about how many times he’s been arrested. To bad gross stupidity isn’t a penitentiary offence but if that were the case, most of the US government would be locked away.

  15. The Senate Judiciary Committee should be looking at Fast & Furious, the “progress” of the DOJ in finding out about the IRS targeting of conservative groups and why no one has been brought to justice in the attacks on our mission and CIA annex in Benghazi. But the Democrats don’t want the answers to any of those Obama scandals so they’ll attempt to distract by looking at Stand Your Ground laws, which are simply extensions of the age old principle of self-defense. They’re not on another planet, they’re in a parallel universe or the Twilight Zone.

  16. In all fairness, this IS important to them. If SYG laws are removed, you can protect yourself; if you can’t protect yourself then the government has defacto disarmed you (what good is a gun if you can’t use it to protect yourself).
    So, this makes perfect sense if you think about it.

    • Nope, this is a state issue, the fed is limited or was once upon a time…the less we have the fed opinion on the better.

  17. I think at this point I’d like to see them reviewing and creating voter reform legislation requiring ID to vote, so we can be as sure as possible that elections in this country are fair. The only reason not to, would be if you want to have voter fraud. I’d also like to see the electoral college thrown out as it is outdated and we can easily track individual numbers now. We need to get this done before the next elections!

  18. “Ladies and gents, there are only about 20 more legislative days remaining in this calendar year, and this is how the Democrat-controlled Senate wants to waste your taxpayer dollars?”

    Typical rabble-rousing argle-bargle. Nobody’s term ends on December 31st and Congress will resume in January with all the same people.

    “But, but, but the YEAR is ending!11!!eleven!11 “

    • Joe is that all you can grasp in this entire opinion? THAT is the part you’re able to focus on? Does the substance of what Mr. West is saying not stir any reasonable thought in you?

    • Hey Joe, are you trying to look like the character Gene Hackman played, Popeye Doyle??? You do look a little like him but, that’s as far as it goes. Because, your detective skills need work. LTC West has worked in Washington, so I would think he would know better than you on how things work and usually don’t work in Washington.

    • The article says “….remaining in this CALENDAR year…..” Not ONE word about anyone’s term of office. Try reading the article next time, asswipe……maybe that’ll help. BEFORE you open your piehole with more knee-jerk stupidity. You’re welcome.

      • THAT’s supposed to be a comeback ?? At least refer back to the subject ! Try addressing the issue – instead of making what YOU think are pithy comments. Spend less time attacking the messenger and more time spent on the message. Give it a try. Who knows – it could grow on you.

  19. The Sarasota City Commisioners made SYG a target to have the Florida State Legislature revisit. Government officials at all levels are witless about this.

  20. With three crucial issues facing the WH — ACA, the NSA, and Benghazi — I shudder to think where their heads are! It’s another red herring to divert attention from the real problems….something the Dems have perfected in this administration.

  21. Rep Lewis health care is not a right, it may be a right in his mind with all those blacks continually looking for gov. handouts but it would far more beneficial if the blacks were encouraged to get a job

  22. Oblamo is lying and trying to get the lying spotlight off him, so they are trying everything they can to do this…. It won’t work, we need to get rid of all the democrats!!! They passed this Oblamocare without even reading the bill, they had no idea what they were doing, but they followed Obama’s lead, now they are screaming anything to change it! Schumer will hide until this is over, he has got to go!!!!!

  23. That’s why it’s imperative that we implement two terms for
    all who serve in Washington, because when they stay longer than two terms, they
    end up serving themselves and they forget about the interest of their constituents.

  24. Trayvon is still a hot button to them, all the unconstitutional things that Obama and Eric Holder have done not so much,.. but if I was in charge of this committee I would be looking into the trial of 1LT Clint Lorance US Army

  25. I would like to see a committee review every Congressional Act that has been passed and signed by the President since the turn of the 20th Century up to the present, and any that do not explicitly conform to the powers of the federal government according to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is repealed.

  26. Hey!!!! I didn’t know we had a SPC 4 in the White House…Here are some excerpts from The Creed of the Specialist…

    1. No one gets away with more than I…(when it comes to the media & liberals)

    2. I will use my grade and position to avoid responsibility, accountability and any sense of presence of mind. (Fast & Furious, Benghazi, AP, IRS, NSA, NSA, Website, NSA)

    3. Ignorance is my watchword. (see above)

    4. My two best excuses will always be on the tip of my tongue “I didn’t know,”
    and “It wasn’t me.” (when confronted with anything from above, but yet he knows who was on DWTS)

    5. I serve, provided there’s something in it for me. (Quid Pro Quo… Heavy donors to the re-election effort have gained special access to the WH, according to the New York Times)

    6. “My voice is a tool and my complaints are a weapon that I wield with unmatched skill and finesse. (As long as there’s a teleprompter)

    For those of you that don’t know what a SPC 4 (Specialist) is, it’s a rank in the Army only…Google The creed of the specialist to get a good laugh.
    Joe, this is said in jest. I know that you get confused when things are said in jest.

    • Should be Creed of the 2nd Lieutenant. I was a SPC 4, before leaving the Army as a SPC 5–I worked and did my best. It would be more fitting, a 2nd Louie in the White House. Even the sergeants did not respect the 2nd Lieutenant (had officer rank without the experience or knowledge).

  27. When they get you distracted, watch out for the attack. Democrats and stand your ground laws should be called “give me what you got and don’t tell the Police that I helped myself to your stuff” laws.
    It ain’t Trayvon, it’s his mom being a celebrity now, how cools is that sucking off of your dead kids bad acts.

    • She wants all states who have “stand your ground” to explain it. Why does she think she has that kind of power. “Stand you ground” was not even involved in her son’s death.

      • The Stand Your Ground law was NOT used in Zimmerman’s defense so Travon’s mother has no business protesting the law.

  28. The Executive Branch has made 1000 or so “executive orders” every one of which has flown in the face of all other branches…. these are in effect law of the land BUT only the judicial branch is charged with ALLLLLLLL law making. These two branches of the Legislature are PUPPETS…. with NO TEETH…. and the President is LAUGHING in public about these Paper Tigers. This is long OVERDUE to be STOPPED.

  29. This just in: The Dem-Com’s biggest Looney Toon (little tweety bird Harry Reid) just “tweeted” that he wants sex (ENDA) on the table and right away and I bet obama gives it to him.

  30. They pass laws in the dead of the night while Americans aren’t looking. This is their intention. Attention focused elsewhere? they take advantage of that and pass laws Americans don’t want.

    • They are actually supposed to by law give us plenty of time to review these laws that are about to go to the house and senate but BO is very sneaky about this and he is also known for what I call the old slip. Just like you said in the middle of the night and while everyone is on vacation.

      • Harry Reid is often the expedient one to kiss obama’s beehind. Pelosi however, has been known to beat him to it.

  31. After looking up the members of the committee, it doesn’t surprise me. With the exception of two, maybe three, members, the rest are liberals/socialists.
    Patrick J. Leahy Chairman, D-Vermont
    Dianne Feinstein D-California
    Chuck Grassley Ranking Member, R-Iowa
    Chuck Schumer D-New York
    Orrin G. Hatch R-Utah
    Dick Durbin D-Illinois
    Jeff Sessions R-Alabama
    Sheldon Whitehouse D-Rhode Island
    Lindsey Graham R-South Carolina
    Amy Klobuchar D-Minnesota
    John Cornyn R-Texas
    Al Franken D-Minnesota
    Michael S. Lee R-Utah
    Christopher A. Coons D-Delaware
    Ted Cruz R-Texas
    Richard Blumenthal D-Connecticut
    Jeff Flake R-Arizona
    Mazie Hirono D-Hawaii

  32. Legislation to allow dominate assurance contracts to be protected from red tape, profit seizing taxes, etc so entrepreneurs can step up offer/risk their money and entice people to donate to public goods replacing taxes, debt and bureaucracy with a crowdfunded civil society. This would solve all most all the problems.

  33. They are living in a “political bubble” and “reality, common sense, the best interest of the American People” are not important at all. Only their political career, stealing from the American hard working people and people who have great minds, make good choices and use common sense are dismissed for corruption and abuse of power, money ….

  34. Dear Mr. West I think you should seriously think about running for the White house. I believe your vision and conservative leadership is an inspiration to all patriots. Please sir help us take our country back.

  35. I have a camera, I have passion… What can I do to take down this president that does not understand the definition of President vs king vs Communist


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