Shaq endorsement shock: GOP can woo black votes

NBA Star and future Hall of Famer, Shaquille O’Neal, a native of Newark New Jersey, has officially endorsed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In July, the Black Ministers Association of New Jersey blessed Christie with their endorsement. What is getting the attention of black voters? Christie’s support of choice in education for deserving black children. How interesting since it was President Barack Obama who immediately cancelled the DC school voucher program in February 2009.

Given this step forward, it’s curious why Ken Cuccinelli’s conservative message isn’t resonating in the same way in Virginia. Cuccinelli has a black Republican nominee for the Lieutenant Governor position who is a former Marine, Harvard educated attorney, and ordained Minister, in E W Jackson. It seems Jackson is connecting somewhat better in Virginia than Cucinelli. Perhaps a call from Christie to Cuccinelli is warranted.

But the key point here is that GOP success in the black community will not be based upon party allegiances, but rather principle and policy inclusiveness. The progressive socialists and secular humanists of the Democrat party have no relation with the fundamental values of the black community – as a matter of fact, they have failed the black community. But Republican candidates and grassroots supporters need to show up and stay there, not just pop in for a luncheon or dinner and never be seen again until 60 days before an election. Christie’s endorsements from the black community have established a paradigm that needs to be imitated across the country. Truth and principle, when earnestly conveyed does indeed win the day.


  1. Chris Christie is a mis-labeled far left liberal. I wouldn’t vote for that man for garbage pickup if you had a gun to my head.

    • Yes he is and your problem is? George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were Freemason’s as well among others that have helped this country.

      • When you reach the 33rd Level in that organization, you make a vow to serve Lucifer- Shaq is like JZ and his wife among others who are part of those in the music industry,sports and are members of the Illuminati. There are many secret societies- skull and bones, freemasons and others! The Freemasons had not been taken over when George and Ben were members. The Illuminati takeover happened during the mid to late 1800’s. Do a google search on Albert Pike and you will better understand this issue! My point is this, Christie was a hardline GOP guy until Storm Sandy hit N.J. and now he has turned RINO! If major leaders of both party’s are working under the same puppet master as many are claiming, with the same goals of the NWO, would you not expect the push by this endorsement to give Christie the black support he may not of previously had to get him to the 2016 line-up so they can control him in the Whitehouse! The point Col. West was making is that to get the Black vote you need to get and stay involved in the Black community, I agree with that! My point is that Shaq is not conservative, he voted for Obama. But as a N.J. native he is endorsing Christie, seems odd to me, also seems odd that Christie was screaming for Sandy relief and when the President showed up they became best Buds. I smell something fishy and I suspect that the Elites who control both party’s feel that they may be able to get Christie into office with the black vote! Therefore an endorsement by Shaq just sweetens the pot, the same way Bruce Springsteen was used to support Obama or how Ted Nugent was used to support Romney . Celebrity sells and Big celebrities sell Big!!!

      • Thanks for the spelling correction!!! I thought that is was wrong but spellcheck let it go thru! Wow, where are you when I need someone to help me with my less than perfect actions! That whole page about Shaq and my opinions on secret societies and you lovingly take time out of your busy day to help me with my spelling error!!! Bet the Man in your life really enjoys that you are there to help him with every flaw he might have, but knowing a smart woman who goes by bassgirl48 with no picture has a perfect man!!! Now if you are an English teacher and you are just helping me with my bad grammar I apologize for being a little snotty, but if you are not then why would even care about my spelling!

      • Also I checked some of your other post and you are correct we do need to spell correctly, we also need to use proper grammar like capitol letters when we start sentences. That is in reference to you and name calling not only is immature it lacks respect for others. It is very difficult to complain about the bad breath of another when you have just finished eating garlic and onions.

      • you’re pretty funny, Ed! hey, guess what? i AM an English teacher! I teach high school freshmen and sophomore honors English. when i’m texting and doing stuff on the computer, though, i just like to kick back and do whatever i like. it’s just natural for me to do stuff like that. i never mean to insult, just help. sorry! and my husband…well, he has learned to live with the correcting. i even correct his grocery lists and hand them back to him. my grown kids, surprisingly, say that they now appreciate my harping at them. the bassgirl thing – 2 meanings: i sing bass in a sweet adeline quartet and chorus, and i also love bass fishing. the 48 – the year i was born.

      • And you believe everything the History channel presents without critical thinking? I grew up around freemasons and their families. Believe me, nobody served Lucifer, they didn’t eat live chickens, and they weren’t plotting to overthrow governments. roflmao

  2. I think the issue in Virginia is that a Clintonite is running there. New Jersey is a different matter. Chris Christie is a good choice for New Jersey, but he has zero chance in a presidental run. The conservatives and liberatians will take one look at Christie and likely decide there isn’t much difference between him and Hillary.

    Make no mistake, they would sit out 2016 or worse start trying to build a third party.

    But I agree with Col. West. The black community is starting to question their allegiance to the Democrat Party. They will question it even more after they start trying to use the services, or rather, the lack of services in ObamaCare.

    Republicans have not spent the time with the rank-and-file of the black community. They are concentrating on wholesale politics and not retail politics. They cannot win on the wholesale level with the national media and national leaders allied against them. On the retail level they have a lot more in common then they realize.

    I realized this when I champion 2nd amendment rights. When I would engage in discussions I found that blacks were just as concerned about their gun rights as any other group was. I also discovered that the Democrat leadership was failing them in this regard.

    The learning exercise for everyone is how to meld into a unit that can survive with the few issues they differ on with the common goals that are important to everyone. I believe Republicans are more open to that concept than Democrats are.

    Unless we work to win the trust of all the people in our foxhole the enemy of a big, meddlesome government is going to be a tough enemy to beat.

    Even when this country makes a wrong turn we correct it. Americans pride themselves in tackling the most difficult challenges and never shrink from them. Our country has been from the bottom of the oceans to edges of our solar system. No other nation can lay claim to that. The people can take back our country as long as we have the will to do so. That too is something no other nation can claim…

  3. Corporations win whether politicians are democrat or republican. The people lose whether politicians are democrat or republican. Money runs the system and enslaves us all. Corporations have gone global. People are local. Charge corporations to function on the local level. They should pay to play. No more corporate welfare.


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