Iran one month from a nuke…and we’re negotiating

It was George Santayana who said, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” It was Japan who had sent a delegation to Washington DC for talks as Admiral Yamamoto’s naval armada steamed towards Pearl Harbor. So history repeats itself as the US has begun negotiations with Iran. Yet according to nuclear experts at the Institute for Science and International Security, Iran could be just one month away from having enough weapons-grade uranium for a nuclear device.

Just last week we remembered the 30th anniversary of the Beirut bombing that left some 250 Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers dead. The country behind that attack was Iran and what was to become their proxy Army, Hezbollah. As a matter of fact, the “reformist” president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, named as Defense Minister Hossein Dehghani, who was responsible for that heinous truck bomb terrorist attack.

Don’t forget it was the weakness of another Democrat President — Jimmy Carter –that gave us the radical Islamic totalitarian regime of Iran in the first place.

According to foreign relations policy in the Obama administration, we spy on our allies while embracing our enemies, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. The only way to negotiate with Iran is from a position of strength, probably from about 30,000 feet going at mach speed.


  1. Sorry Mr. West, I would have to strongly disagree. The reason many Arab countries hate is because we keep bombing them! The best way to engage Iran is with diplomacy. Iran’s new leadership has at least shown some kind of willingness to negotiate unlike Ahmedinijad. Making a show of force only fans the flames of war (which seems to be a theme with many neocons like you) and makes us out to be a bully which makes Iran even more unwilling to negotiate on nukes. I agree with Republicans on many things, except this one.

    • Hello,

      Since its inception, Islam has invaded Europe over seven hundred times. Europe launched about a dozen Crusades. The Crusades were never intended destroy Islam. They were for the purpose of re-gaining control of the Holy Lands, which had been taken by Muslim invaders. During the time of the Frankish Kingdom, thousands of Muslims sought refuge in the Kingdom. The Muslims were treated well. Yes, I am aware of the atrocities of both sides.

      Islam is hell bent on subjugating the World.

    • Please…ever heard of smoke and mirrors. Iran has been one sideshow after another since Obama came to town. Diplomacy? They are crazy as a rabid fox, and could care less if they end up getting bombed into the stone ages so long as they can attack Israel with a nuclear bomb…don’t be so naive as to believe that Iran is not fully trying to secure a Large Nuclear Weapon.

      • That is the stupidest thing I have read all week. Iranians are intelligent people who, like the U.S. have been taken over by authoritarians.

      • Exactly right and when the ‘good Iranian’ people hit the streets in BHO’s first year chanting for O’Bomb-A to help them, he did nothing but ignore them like he does us.

    • Ahmed-in-sane was one of the hostage holders in 79.
      He and any “NEW-LEADERSHIP” are only puppets, they have NO say only tactical[distractive-deceit] manipulations.
      Republicans don’t all say the same thing on this topic either. Diplomacy yes, with teeth[crushing-sanctions], upheld up by ALL OUR allies!

  2. Allen West: Found guilty on three charges. Resigned to evade court martial. Booted from Congress. Fired from a right wing news outlet for making anti-Semitic slurs to a female Jewish employee. And now he wants to start World War III. Sounds like the perfect man to lead the Tea Things.

    • Funny, coming from a censorious little twit who blocks anyone who says something he doesn’t like on his sorry excuse for a blog.

      • And this has to do with Allen West, how? BTW – I rarely even read the comments on my blog. People usually only get blocked if I get complaints about racism or violent threats. Or if they are sockpuppeting under multiple names.

    • Here are a few facts. Allen West fired his side arm in the air to frighten three captured terrorist. Because of his actions, his men evaded an ambush. American lives were saved. Col. West immediately in formed his Chain of Command of the incident. He did not resign to “evade” court martial. Col. West received non-judicial punishment, and resigned.

      Allen West is no anti-Semite.

      I served in the Infantry in Vietnam. Some guys I know would have shot one of the captured guys, or tossed him out of a Huey. It is about saving American lives, and I approve of Allen West’s conduct in combat. I would shoot as many as I had to, in order to save the finger nail of one my Buddies. Smoke that for a moment, my friend. I would kill a non-American to save your miserable life.

      Islam is on the march. Allen West, and millions of other Americans, understand it is so. We are going to put an end to Islam in Western Countries. Islam’s women, and children shall be set free.

      We support Israel.

    • Allen West,who had the courage to face a homicidle maniac,and force him to give the information needed to save many American lives.Respected and loved by many people,and we don’t know if you have a backpack.

    • As an Army vet I took an oath to defend my country and your right to be an imbecile.
      Remember: It’s better to be thought the fool than to say something really stupid and remove all doubt.

    • I guess you were never a soldier eh Joe? Because that man fought for his men and our Nation under good old Obama dishonored him by saying that putting your men’s best interest ahead of a terrorist’s is wrong. Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see who’s side this administration is on, its on the side of the Terrorists, Iran, Libya, Syria (Muslim Brotherhood), and has been since he was elected. I would rather have a man with Balls leading this country than a Terrorist protecting puke like Obama and the rest of his Socialist Ilk bent on the destruction of America and it’s once great values…Obama is best at what he has been doing for 5 years, Kissing the butts of those who attacked us, and playing golf…oh and he sucks at golf.

    • What, you just emerged from the storm sewers?
      You could stand in the shadow of Col. Wests toe nail clippings.
      Gen. George Washington was probably a dumb-A$$ to you too; only those kind of real men that actually Love America have allowed your level of ignorance to ignore the truth and flap your thoughtless thankless gums.

  3. And we also know that this President will do nothing other than talk instead of instantly giving a warning then a follow through. I thought Pres. Carter was awful but he has now been supplanted as ineffectual instead of just plain having no clue about foreign relations and US security. At least Clinton had some sense to shift to the center so he could at least work with the Senate and Congress, What we have now is very frightening to those of us who have read some history. Keep up the good work speaking out on critical issues.

  4. What’s best for the U.S. is a leveled Middle east and giant Sam’s Club smack dab in the center. Don’t be naive if Arabs hates us because were bombing them – then what is the reasoning for 9-11 and all the prior terrorist plots & acts in the 80′ & 90’s globally. You know the answer Quran!

    • They attack us because we occupy their countries. If China invaded the U.S. and had tanks and troops rolling through U.S. streets, I assure you American citizens would be bombing and killing as many of them as we could.

      We need to bring all our military home and beef up our home defenses and let the rest of the worlds countries manage their own countries. Globalism is a one world government and the enemy of a sovereign United States of America.

  5. So here is my question. Why so much speculation and assumptions?
    “Iran COULD be just one month away”? “COULD”? I will tell you….OUR INTELLIGENCE SUCKS. I am not ready to send our men and women again to another war based on ASSUMPTIONS. Get our INTELLIGENCE up. We need more funds in our intelligence. “COULD” is not good enough. We “COULD” have had a better president. We “Could” be in a better position economically. COULD COULD COULD.
    -OIF/OEF Veteran.

  6. Iran is 5 days from a nuke. No it’s 1hr from a nuke. Iran is surrounded by nukes let them try….. Give me a break or Lets just kill all the Jews, Americans & all the foreigners at the ski resorts too. Yes they are some of the best….. 25,000 Jews live in Iran. It’s the largest Jewish population in the Middle East outside of Israel. Iranian Jews are not persecuted or abused by the state, in fact, they are protected under Iran’s constitution. They are free to practice their religion and to vote in elections. Wake up and do your research.

    • What’s that got to do with an Iranian-EMP going off over the OUR east coast from an off shore barge putting US into the stone-age while simultaneously striking Israel. Your research will be a little late and quite irrelevant then
      -won’t it?
      You know like Pearl Harbor and 911, lets just wait to see what happens…you know like -Nancy ‘somebodies wing-nut hero’ Pelosi- said, WE must pass it to see what is in it” approach.

  7. The Iranian coup d’etat happened in 1953 (when Eisenhower was President). Their democratically elected leader was deposed by the despotic, repressive Reza Pahlavi. That bit of history led to the Mullahs. Carter didn’t give us that regime . . .

    You are entitled to your opinion, sir, but not your own private facts. Iran is a huge concern now. But so is the truth.

    • This brief smug lullaby you’ve spun of historical events may fit a predetermined narrative your mentors are proud of but are NOT in line with the actual unfolding of events or reasons they did!
      And before you get on your high-horse and be mad at my assessment; do thoroughly examine ALL historical angles and sources of the folks involved as they go back to the 1800’s. Sorry to have to rain on your parade but you asked for it by the words you put down and out…”TRUTH?

      • My mentors? Who do you suppose those might be, ’cause I have no idea what you are referring to. If you think I am an apologist for Islam or the Obama Admin, you need to get your meds re-titrated. Otherwise, your gibberish is just a collection of non-sequiturs.

      • Can’t handle truth can ya?! …is why you see fit to spit out misrepresented times, places and persons! Sorry to have rained on your charade.

      • Ya know, I’m not mad at Carter for the Iranian hostage crisis. I’m really mad a Reagan for releasing all of the crazies; now they simply post stuff on blogs and the like.

      • Typical Lefty Lib/Prog; spin and twist in the wind -deflecting, deferring, detracting, blaming, obfuscating also worked for Uncle Joe too -til later when he disposed of all the useful idiots.

  8. Who is the only country to ever use nuclear bombs? Oh yes, that would be the United States of America. If Iran develops nukes, they are not so stupid as to nuke Israel for they know that Israel would retaliate likely wiping Iran off the map.

    • Don’t give the Iranian Monkeys so much credit for Rationalizing , they are very shallow ….oh and Jehadist are not affraid of death they believe in life after death with 72 Virgins ….HAHAHAHhahahaah what a joke….they don’t care or rationalize ……so the reason of CONCERN is a Valid one as after they try Israel then they said the USA was next……this is real and serious and about 30 days away and counting……

    • Who’s so “stupid” as to forget -THEY DON”T CARE, as their mission is to “Bring in the 12th Immom”. Once they go nuclear 1/2 of the middle East will. You wing-nuts keep trying to rationalize the insane by pretensive ‘hopeful thinking’. This is NOT the common cold here it’s the Bubonic plague. Your kind of people are worried that neighbors may have firearms but not that an Iranian-EMP launched from a barge in international waters 200-miles off Virginia could put the USA into the stone age for decades!!! Get it yet??? The end of the world as WE know it…..and you feel fine?

  9. Nothing is happening Iran ain’t stupid.. and for Christ sake leave them alone and fix all these problems we have at home..create some jobs …quit making g us pay the stupid war bills and bring our boys and girls home from all that god forsaken desert they are deployed at.

    • ‘Isolationism’ is what WE did that in Europe twice and Asia three times! IF -WE don’t involve OUR-selves in a comprehensive preliminary relevant fashion as the peacemakers of planet Earth, it becomes so out of hand by the time WE do show up it’s a World War or WE allowed them to win…..and WE and the world can’t allow circumstances to become another World War. WE were actually in WW-3 as the ‘cold war’ had horrendous casualties!
      WE are -now- are in WW-4;
      a controlled resistance to the SECOND world take over attempt by Muslims, but a very different kind of war WE can’t afford to ignore yet alone lose! They plan to win this time; any and every way they can.
      Meanwhile it’s commie/socialists here at home undermining ALL that’s sacred to true Patriots.


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