My Favorite Blessing Upon This Day

I love to wake every morning with this simple blessing upon the day from the Bible: “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

That of course relates to my spiritual well being and relationship with God. Those who don’t have that relationship won’t have a clue what I’m talking about. I wonder how they start their day?

However, today is college football Saturday and a very special October day in the SEC. Yep, it is Tennessee versus Alabama and nothing would make me rejoice even more than to have my beloved Volunteers upset the number one team and back-to-back champions on this day.

The rebuilding Vols have had a rough schedule under first-year Coach Butch Jones, with losses to Oregon, Florida, Georgia, and now Bama. Welcome to the jungle Butch.

Outside of football, it may have been a rough week for many Americans, but today we shall rejoice in the game. What’s your big college match-up this week? Where do you think the upsets will be?


  1. Being a life-long Georgia fan, I can’t say I much like either team. Georgia has an off week today, so my hope if so a safe and injury-free day of football. Far too many injuries this season. God Bless!

  2. Being a life-long Georgia fan, I can’t say I much like either team. Georgia has an off week today, so my hope is for a safe and injury-free day of football. God Bless!

  3. It will surely take Divine Intervention to pull this one off. Tide by a ton. Sorry Colonel West, I still admire your Patriotism greatly, but I think your prognostication needs a slight tune-up.

  4. Texas Tech!!! I love my Red Raiders, I worked the football field for three years with the Masked Rider (our mascot,) getting to watch Mike Leach work up close was amazing. I am so happy to see Klif Kingsbury back and to see the renewed spirt is so hopeful for the long term future of the program.

  5. As far as Tenn-Bama, anything can happen, I would love to see Tenn win but I am afraid that it will take a miracle, but then again miracles do happen.

  6. Remember Colonel, corn don’t grow at all on Rocky Top but it does is T-Town. Our corn-fed Tiders will be ready. Remember to grab some Dreamland. Roll Tide!

  7. Well all I can say is I finally found something that I disagree with you on. After following you for a while on Face book and so forth I thought it would not be anything we did not see eye to eye on but this. Morning I now see differently. I guess if this is all however I will still follow your writings and enjoy them daily….. ROLLL TIDE. 🙂

  8. Mr West, God bless you Sir.
    I am a Hog fan, so I know disappointment only too well. May yours be less painful this weekend.
    (We need leaders like yourself to straighten out our Great Nation)

      • I never underestimate the ability of the Razorbacks to break my heart.
        I think this is what being a Hog fan is all about. It sure make my bacon more tasty too. (LOL)

      • Well it can go that way for bama also, we had several years of disappointments. I can tell you it is better this way lol.

  9. Yes we need to praise God, that he even allows us to wake up. And to be able to wake up in a country that is free. Though there are those at hand trying to eradicate that freedom.

      • “He later received a master’s degree in political science from Kansas State University.”

        Oh, no. Allen West went to K-State? A chink in his shining armor? I’m rethinking my support for Col West for president due to his poor judgement.
        (jk. I would support him no matter what. And I’m guessing he was stationed at nearby Ft Riley when he got his degree. But, still. K-State?)


  11. I hope Penn State upsets Ohio State . That would be the upset of the year . The more we learn about Louis Freeh’s “hit job” investigation of the program , the more the nation will realize was a raw deal was served to the players , coaches and fans of Penn State and all of Pennsylvania .

    • I couldn’t agree more! The player and coaching staff had NOTHING to do with that horrible situation. My husband is a football coach (not at Penn State) and believe me they don’t have time to worry about anything except the next game, following the kids they are recruiting and that day’s practice! Watching “films” of your next opponent is paramount.

      • The only child molester was Sandusky . He was long gone from the program when he was molesting children . If you knew anything about Paterno , you would know that if he had known , he would have taken action. What little he did know , he informed the authorities

      • Long gone from the program? Which is why he was molesting boys on the Penn State campus? Pretty sad that you’ll ignore facts for the love of a football team.

      • He had access because he was not convicted of any crimes and he was an alumnus. He was NOT a coach nor part of the football program at that time . Paterno did not know he was molesting children . There is absolutely NO evidence that Paterno knew Sandusky was a homo-sexual pedophile. Immediately after someone came to him and accused Sandusky , Paterno reported it to the proper authorities . Frank , I CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH , I don’t care at all about football or college and professional sports . I am a person that cares about what is right and wrong . Although I did not agree with Paterno’s catholic religion , I still respected him for his solid reputation . I am a born again Christian and place Christ , His Word and The Gospel above any childish football team . Frank , Your not hearing the truth but only buying the media lies based on the bogus Freeh report . Do some reading and research.

  12. Us Seminoles down in Florida even though we hate Tenn will be cheering you on today. We’d like nothing more than Alabama to lose so we can be #1! 😛

  13. Thank You for your voice for true conservatives! I love your columns and commentary but today-
    from Tuscaloosa, Alabama….Roll Tide!!!

  14. I love you more than I could ever express, my dear kindred Allen West! BUT, I’ve been a Bammer for over 50 years now, and own Alabama Nation, so today, and today only, we will be enemies! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

  15. I thought your message was just perfect. I’ll watch your game today. I’m thrilled because I am BYU, and we won our game last night!!s Yes, things are bad, but that elates me, because the Lord is nigh. We appreciate so much your support and good cheer. I trust you!!!

  16. Sir, to me YOU are the blessing and how I wish you would run for President and have Dr. Carson as your running mate. PLEASE!!! YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!!!!!!

  17. Alabama isn’t on upset alert today, because the Vols don’t have the depth to handle a team like Bama. I will take it even further, Alabama has allowed only 9.7 points per game and since the Texas A&M game they have outscored opponents 116-0 in the first half. Yes the vols beat So. Carolina, but So. Carolina lost to Georgia, had a tough time with UCF and Kentucky and have been plagued with problems this year. My guess is more of the same from Alabama pound the Vol defense into submission with the unlimited supply of running backs. My prediction is a blow out.
    Bama 41 – Vols 0

  18. I remember when Butch Jones was on the coaching staff at West Virginia. We loved his attitude and his motivations. He is a winner.

  19. Mr. West you are a very wise man and I understand your passion for your team. I love watching college football because anything can happen and upsets are the norm so good luck and keep your hope. If by some miracle the Vols are within three touchdowns in the third quarter you may have a chance. Roll Tide Roll!

  20. President West (hopefully),
    I’m probably the only person in the South who’s a Vol, Dawgs & Tide fan in that order! I lived all my life near the TN/GA state line. I was born in TN & live in TN now. I went to school in GA from 5th grade til graduation. I was a majorette (does anybody remember what that is?) in a National Championship Majorette Corps, whose baton teacher was the “Solo Twirler” at UGA for 4 years, so our corps (or as Obama would say “corpse”) got to perform a few times “between the hedges” at GA. I was a Tide fan simply because of “The Bear” & live close to AL too but my 1st loyalty lies with TN!

    The Vols have produced some of the greatest players ever…I even have a cat named “Peyton”! Some of you older folks might remember Bobby Scott (with whom I went to high school). He would’ve been a great quarterback if he’d gone anywhere other than the Saints to be backup behind Archie Manning!

    My son who lives barely out of TN & in GA is a huge Vols fan. My son who lives in Nashville is a huge Dawgs fan! We’re just an SEC mess!

  21. Patriots! The new Conservative Leadership that has emerged, and is asserting
    itself more strongly as each day goes by, ie Palin, Cruz, and West, have a particular caliber spiritually

    IMV, Team Restorers understand that Constitutional America cannot be restored
    successfully unless the foundational values and spiritual principles are also restored ~> REJOICE and BE GLAD America! **__**

    #BeClingers ——————-> #AmericaRISING

    Even amidst the turmoil and threat from The Malevolent Phoney in the WH, America is experiencing the Blessing of new and godly leadership emerging (Palin, Cruz, West) via the Grace, once again, of Divine Providence ….


  22. Like the Vols, my UCLA faced Oregon… 🙁 not a good outcome. Fresno
    state took San Diego in a nail biter and my Texas A&M came out
    victorious. Two out of three of my teams did well.

  23. Go Vols!!!! We are rebuilding this great program, step by step! I wish David and John had stayed and Coach Fulmer would have won more championships. He is a great man and as great a neighbor as anyone can have. Thank Col. West for sharing the pic.!!!

  24. Our big match up yesterday was Texas Tech and Oklahoma. We are Tech fans, and we lost, but we’re still loving our young coach, Kliff Kingsbury! Saturdays are a wonderful respite from the realities of the many problems that surround us throughout the week. It’s the day we give ourselves “off” from Fox News, reading articles on the internet, and just relax and enjoy family…and all the college football we can get in.

  25. A Rabbi whose article I was reading several years ago suggested something I liked as well as the verse you mentioned Allen.
    He suggested upon first awakening simply thanking God for your waking up !….
    That kinda falls right in with next saying “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”
    (Since I’m a Crimson Tide fan, I’ll leave the football subject alone…)


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