Race War in Obama’s America

I hold Thomas Sowell in very high esteem because he’s willing to focus on issues which the mainstream media does not and will not report on. In this most recent case, it’s black mob violence against whites.

In fact, Sowell fears we are on the verge of a race war:

Initial skirmishes in that race war have already begun and have in fact been going on for some years. But public officials pretend that it is not happening, and the mainstream media seldom publish it at all, except in ways that conceal what is really taking place.

For American society, a dangerous polarization has set in. Signs of this polarization over the years include opposite reactions between blacks and whites to verdicts in the O.J. Simpson murder case, the “rape” charges against Duke University students, and trials resulting from the beating of Rodney King and the death of Trayvon Martin.

More dangerous than these highly publicized episodes over the years are innumerable organized and unprovoked physical attacks on whites by young black gangs in shopping malls, on beaches and in other public places all across the country today.

Are we on the verge of war? I hope not, but just this past week in Brooklyn a white couple was attacked, dragged from their car and beaten by a black mob. The fatal beating of 86-year old World War II veteran Delbert Benton in Spokane, Washington by two black males was inexcusable. Just two days ago in the greater Boston area, a 24-year-old white female teacher was brutally killed by a 14-year-old black male. Earlier this year, in my home state of Georgia, two teenage black males shot a baby in the face, after shooting the mother.

And where is the non-stop coverage? At least author Colin Flaherty is tackling this issue in his new book, “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Race Riots to America.”

This week we learned the unemployment rate for those in the 16-24 age group is 15 percent, but the unemployment rate for black teens in America is almost 40 percent.

Consider the plight of our inner cities like Detroit – they’re beginning to resemble combat zones. We were supposed to be living in a post-racial America since we elected the first “African-American” president. That’s hardly the case.


    • I hope he is wrong as well Nancy, but clearly the number of unprovoked black on white attacks in the last few years tell us that something pretty negative is going on.

      • The even more disturbing news is that it doesnt get reported, that is the key. Why isnt it reported? Why is it trying to be covered up? What is the reason behind it? I dont think it is as simple as we think.

    • prayer wont change it tho..biggest mistake america ever made was allowing a minute minority of atheists to remove God from our country.no God No morals ..just chaos.

      • Nancy – I believe we are at the tipping point of a well laid plan put into place by progressives to erode the educational system to be able to teach children to be dependent on the government. Progressives want people dependent so they can be controlled. Look what Obama did with the Welfare system – removing the work requirement put into place by Clinton that removed many from the rolls by helping them get jobs. Obama also stop school vouchers for DC children. Why does he want poor, mainly minority children, to receive public education? See my comment further up – so the progressives can continue to indoctrinate them into hating this country. God help us if we don’t stop Common Core!

  1. The POTUS makes every problem in this country about race – when will the public tell he and his party to stop and start solving this country’s problems…

  2. I couldn’t find a link to Sowell’s article above. I think it’s considered good form to at least include a link back to a quoted article when you use it on another site.

  3. We need to spend more time teaching our kids racial harmony . There should be more ads on TV education our people concerning the importance of all our people working together . I have no doubt that there are outside forces trying to instigate racial discontent . Together we stand ‘ divided we fall .

    • We have a president who maintains his power through promoting Racism and Fear, that has been the modus operandi Democrat Party for decades.

      • I seem to think there’s a method to his madness . What better way to bring this country to it’s need then to turn the races of this Country against each other . I truly believe that his elections were a complete fraud and that his sole purpose is to destroy this Country . How can anyone explain how this completely unqualified individual could become our President .

      • I totally agree!!! He was a fraud! And…..He became president due to fraud, and the second “re-election” as well!!!! Both were bought and paid for by big money. How on earth can the conservative party, stick to their morals and ethics and not be overshadowed by another fraudulent election in ’16? Only with the power of faith and prayer. We need to wake up the power of the younger generation, those we now call “uninformed voters”, and literally INFORM them!

    • Amen Tom. You have it correct. Is it too late to turn this nation around?, No, not with the right leader in the White House….

      • I think we can do it too, each one of us, share this, and especially the love of God, in his word. Jesus and the word are the things this country needs.

    • Teaching racial harmony won’t work if the communities in the inner cities are hurting (and I include much of the Black community among them).

      We have to teach economic opportunity. We have to teach education and basic morals. We need to counteract the views of fathers being nothing more than sperm donors. We need to provide father figures for both girls and boys to teach them basic civility and consequences for their actions. There are some men in the inner city Black community who really do get it. Unfortunately, they are facing a monumental task.

      This ain’t about money. God help us all, we have dumped ridiculous sums of money on our inner cities and if anything, they’re worse than they ever were.

      We need to do something that will turn everyone’s stomach: We’re going to have to teach morals and basic religion. There is no substitute for it. Either we teach it, or they build their own. And that would take centuries, if not thousands of years. We don’t have that kind of time.

  4. When the government officials express outrage over black people getting killed and are silent over all the young blacks killing innocent people, yes it stirs up feelings. When political beings say things like’ “that’s unfortunate over blacks killing whites and scream bloody murder and race over the reverse, I smell a rat. I am white and I have black friends, I have enough sense to know this is a political move meant to stir us up and make us hate black people. I won’t though, because color is just that; color. The color of skin in no way defines who a person is. I am pretty sure the powers that be are a little surprised that a race war hasn’t happened over this stuff. I am not angry at black people for this, I am mad at the people who most certainly are responsible for stirring up young folks to do things that are horrendous and then trying to use these actions to inspire hatred and unrest. I see this as another tool being used to inspire revolution which never happens without bloodshed.Those are the real villains in all of this.

    • I would just like to add a little something that happened to me yesterday. I am an older white woman and I was going into a store. A young black man held the door for me, I looked him in the eye and smiled and thanked him and his look back showed me that the two of us had won a huge victory over hatred. I knew he felt it too, I could see it in his eyes. Let’s not let them win.

      • Well, I’m not sure how huge a victory was won, but I agree it’s important to acknowledge courtesy with courtesy and give thanks for small acts of kindness. I am always grateful and say so. To the extent you are not expecting to be deferred to, or demanding an entitlement as your due, I think it is appreciated in return.

      • There are some very nice black people. I met quite a few in my recent extended trip to Philadelphia. They will be the ones most hated by the haters of whites. There are parts of that city where white people don’t belong. Later confirmed by employees @ the hospital I was at, they said don’t go there again and if you do don’t stop at red lights or stop signs even in the middle of the day. I must say I believe the hate lays at the feet of blacks against whites. Whereas my hate and probably most others lies at the feet of the government for what they have done to these people by breeding them in inner cities where they can never strive to be better, for the sole purpose of sustaining their political futures by ever expanding their voting base. By growing their base by giving them only what they need to survive, government handouts. Inner city youth have only one way out and that is crime. Once they make that money and the lifestyle they want they never leave because they are hooked by the power and gangsta lifestyle and never want to leave. It propagates itself over and over. The liberal whites are the true slave owners. Why cant blacks see that the hand that feeds them is truly the Devil.

  5. I am a Christian conservative, but I will pretend to be the liberal for this article.

    ” You are all sooooooo racists against blacks. You need to go jump off a cliff and stop being terrorist. You self loving, hatefull fags.”
    (A real liberal would use much stronger language, but I toned it down for you).

    • A christian wouldn’t judge or call people “fags”…….maybe you should come out of the closet yourself as you seem very much the role of “pretend liberal” you claim to be showcasing.

  6. Too many negro’s are listening to the vile, evil words of the street leaders rather than their pastors. Listening to the corrupt trouble makers in Washington who love a fight. America was built for all races and those who want to work to better themselves, not for a free handout and lay back and let the smaller percent of the population support them, while they have nothing to occupy their minds. Christianity is the only thing that will bring the races together, Not Islam. Wake Up Americans, whatever color you are….

    • And this immigration push Obama is on just baffles me. The more illegals he gives citizenship too simple pushes more young people out of lines for jobs.

      • Yes, but it does allow 11 Million people who are violating the law onto the democrats voting arena. That is reason enough for him to push immigration. I say our laws aren’t broken, it’s the politicians who have been letting them get away with this for years. I say, follow our laws. INS needs to Arrest all illegal aliens, Deport all illegal aliens, Militarize the wall so we don’t get more coming over. No further immigrants accepted until at least 2066. #NoAmnesty #impeachObama

      • Do you suppose that if the Liberals make the illegals legal and give them jobs over the American citizens that they would ever vote anything but Liberal? While the shutdown was going on, the border guards were ordered to stand down, this left the border open for a flood of illegals to enter. How many would you guess took advantage of that and crossed the border without a problem? The numbers must be staggering! Couple this with the Supreme Court’s ruling, several months ago, which made it illegal for states to require a person to prove citizenship before voting. Put all this together and you should say, “Ah, the plot thickens, I see what they are up to!” If you don’t see that, you need to get your eyes checked!

  7. It could very well have been a healing process if the likes of Sowell, Walter Williams, or Allen West were our president because these men do not hold hatred in their hearts and they love America as much as the rest of us do. The problem is not a black president but a Muslim, Marxist, white hating, and actually an America hater in the white house which is causing all the problems between young and old, ethnics against ethnics, race against race. This is designed in order to bring America to her knees because this Kenyan born man hates capitalism. (Period)

    • Obama seems to hate his white half so much he’s willing to destroy a nation just to make us pay for something. Hitler hated that Jewish side of himself as well. I’m afraid a blood bath is coming to the inner cities. Look at Chicago. My lord what is happening there? Children selling lemonade gunned down? How do people get so down and out they live like wild animals?

  8. To be brutally honest, The Obama administration has brought racial tensions, distrust, fear and suspicions to most Americans. A climate purposely created for his political agenda. Not one time has Obama took the podium and calmed the nation about race. Instead he feeds it, Trayvon Martin is a glaring example. I can’t count how many comments I have read from all races that Obama is hated solely because he is a Black Man. Remember the conservatives are painted as racists and cloaked in the cross of the KKK….That is quite flamatory and dangerous to all in society as it may cause some people to react in violent ways. That is the cover he projects and fosters to cover up his failed policies!

    • the sad thing about your statement is to ever associate the consertives with the kk since it was white democrats that founded the kkk and white replubicans that founded the nra to FIGHT the kkk and their beleifs

      • That is true and exactly the point I was trying to make…… it is sad how the Democrats try to twist and spin history….. here is an excerpt from another post of mine….. just to clarify my position:
        Racist Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson Quote about His “Great Society” Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ), a Democrat and civil rights icon, speaking while aboard Air Force One said, “I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.”
        LBJ also said (emphasis mine):

        These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.

        Great Plan Democrats………..

      • yes but the question is how to make the minorities understand they are being taken for a ride. basically being re-enslaved by the democratic party. I cannot figure out how and this is sad because I am a member of multipul minorities myself (latino, native American, and a woman) that recently in the last couple of years has seen the writing on the wall. but I still cannot seem to convince my family and friends that there is a wolf at our door, readying itself to make us dinner

  9. I live in Atlanta. As a white person, there are parts of town I cannot go to not because they are all black, but because the black people in those areas very openly hate whites. They don’t even try to conceal their hatred and disgust of whites… It is open season on whitey. Reverse discrimination is rampant in this town when it comes to trying to find a job I have noticed.

    • And that is true not only in big cities but also in small towns. Whites are terrified to go in black hoods, yet I cannot think of an area where a black person would fear for their life simply by walking in a white neighborhood.

      • Yet they will complain if anyone dares to show fear against him, with all the thuggery out there and dominated by the black race, how can they question people who fear them?

  10. Let’s not forget about the War on the Horizon website and Facebook page that advocate the killing of all the white people in the world. It is ran by a dept of Homeland Security manager in charge of purchasing weapons for I.C.E.

  11. These are desperate times for the poor in America and many people struggle but the poor are espcially in trouble in these times. So we see these things happening more and more because they are a neglected part of our society. It’s the that the government is neglectful, they give and give and give, yet they don’t honestly help solve the problems that plague the poor communities in our nation and obama and the democrats are clearly only exploiting them for their own political gains instead of honestly helping.

    • They don’t want to solve problems, if they did that, like the medical establishment, “to heal folks of their diseases, is to put yourself out of business.”

  12. People are fed by the media, the trashy music and those trashy so-called “entertainers” whom they idolize ~ black, white, asian and latino. I tell my elementary and middle school level kids that rap is absolutely TRASH and is banned from my home and so is some POP music. It’s nothing but pure TRASH that indoctrinates sex, rape, violence, take what you want, breed when you can’t feed em’ rationale.

  13. We robbed our children of the Truth that “the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.” Our culture X’d God out of the equation. The Church must speak out against sin and we must humble ourselves before Almighty God, seek His face, turn from our sins, and He has promised to heal our land. 2 Chron.7:14

    • Unfortunately, Maria, it was the church that failed America, all of the hypocrisy among it’s members pushed people away, pushed them right into the waiting arms of a darker philosophy, one that says man is his own destiny and doesn’t need a Great Spirit, or rather a Higher Spirit, to lead them. I was pushed away from the organized church at a young age because of this, but I had managed to turn back to the Spirit of some of my ancestors, that helped sustain me. Not everyone has an alternative to turn to, being of mixed white/Indian blood was a blessing in this instance. Gave me something when Christianity failed me.

      • And please, do not misunderstand me, I was not bashing your religion, I respect it, I just want the church to fully realize that it had a job to do, and it failed.

      • I know that you are correct that the contemporary American church has failed to convey the love of Jesus Christ adequately to people seeking to know God. Unfortunately, in many cases it’s resembling more a social club where you’re welcomed if you look just like “us,” whoever “us” is in each particular case. I think that young people are going to be the ones to shift that paradigm. When I realized that Jesus (God the Son) loves me, regardless of my socioeconomic status, race, education, age, gender, etc, etc. He sees and hears me in my living room, if that’s where I choose to worship Him. He became my rock and my fortress, and everything else that I learned that He is in His Word, the Bible. I love Him with all of my heart! When my children’s father abandoned us, He was the Father of the fatherless and the defender of the widow, and so much more! I wish for everyone to know His love and mercy.

  14. Years ago a wonderful Christian black woman told me we would have a race war between the blacks & whites. I asked her how she knew and she said the bible has it written. If it is written she believes it to be true and so do I.

  15. I’ve had these same thoughts for a while now, concerning a race war. This is so sad, I honestly believe that Obama and his administration have ‘fueled the fires’ and are doing it consciously.

  16. its like the old story the Indians use to tell about the white dog in the black dog I hate using color only analogy we have the white dog being good the black dog being bad which one winsits always the one you feed the most which one to attacks most frequentlyin a vicious frenzy the one you don’t feed .we are feeding immorality at an astounding rate in the programs we watch in the music we listen to in the ideological crap the people come up with because they’re selfish and self centered and self-servingthese things have become their God and they themselves consider themselves God so you wonder why we’re in trouble you wonder why we we have leaders we havei ts call judge meantt he one and only true God will not be mocked and he will not be second he is a just and fair Godhe judges all equally and that sounds foolish to the black dog I’ll take what I wantI pray for redemption I pray that this country repentsand we the American people start electing righteous manand when we do that we will never have to worry about jobs money peace happiness and protection our security from Jesus Christ himself so there you have it hit your knees and pray

    • I agree, we are a nation filled with hateful people who glorify lying and cheating, and all other forms of disrespect for one another, all the things that I was brought up to shun, is now perfectly acceptable in the greater society. Things are truly upside down, and inside out, where bad things are considered to be honored, and good things are shunned, unless the good thing is being misused, but then it is tossed on the trash heap again.

  17. It’s good to hear the truth. America is full of good people but the lack of proper guidance from those that should lead is, literally, killing people. One can’t help but think that in some manner this is intentional.

  18. A race war works to 0bama’s advantage. It puts him in the middle as mediator and for a narcissist that is exactly where he wants to be. The outcome is immaterial to his type. We need to hold on for 3 more years and pray the media does not give us president Hillary.

    • Well, they will do their best to give us Hillery, but in 3 years so much damage will have been done, I don’t know if we will even recognize America, and the middle class will be all but finished, by the end of 3 years. Trying to ride out sitting on the muzzle of an out of control Pit Bull, is pretty near impossible, when no one is coming to your rescue.

      • We conservatives knew in 2007 that if elected , BeRock Obozo would be a train wreck but I didn’t know he would also destroy all the rails and stations.
        Americas greatest days are behind us and that lighted city on the hill has grown dark…..

      • Thanks Tommy, why couldn’t this nation see that if a person comes out of nowhere and his past life is covered up or sealed, there has to be a reason. If the whole truth had come out about this manufactured socialist fake we would have had <<>> President Hillery Clinton and let’s say a plane crash that takes out the terminal but not the industry…….

      • Coming out of nowhere with a sealed past is another thing Obama has in common with Hitler. (Hitler would not allow his birth certificate to be seen by the public because it revealed that his mother was Jewish.) Why has Obama never released his college transcripts? (Is it because he was a foreign student? Because his grades were crap? Because he lied about which colleges he attended?) Why has Obama never released a real birth certificate, only a short form and then a fake long form? (Is it because his real birth certificate would reveal that he is not eligible to be President?) Why did Obama claim to be Christian, when he never attends church, never honors the National Day of Prayer, attacks Christians in the military, prevents priests and pastors from voluntarily ministering to soldiers during the fake shutdown, etc.? I don’t know if Hillary would have been worse or better. McCain certainly is no different from either of them. The GOP is imploding because their base has gotten completely fed up with the lame, ineffectual, self-serving hacks that run the party and fill up the seats in Congress. I sometimes think that Obama getting elected twice, though destructive to this nation in the short run, has served the purpose of exposing the lies of the left and the Progressives in both parties so we can clean up our corrupt government.

    • I think has been fomenting hatred among every demographic he can think of, and will use whichever one pays off for him first. I believe his purpose is to have an excuse to impose martial law. Then he can really begin pushing us around. If he finishes his term without being impeached, I expect he will declare himself supreme emperor for life.

  19. I live just downriver of Detroit, at the county line of Wayne and Monroe, and I wont go there unless I’m summoned, and the last Summons I received from the court there, I just took to my doctor to be excused. I want nothing to do with that place, nothing, not even to serve on a jury. And this white on black crime is getting out of hand, so yes, I do think it’s possible that race riots could break out in America. The media, and worse, is our government is actually promoting it.

    • I think it’s black on white crime, and I absolutely agree. Watched an interview with the new head of the New Black Panthers, and it was truly scary. The man is clearly psychotic, and he will PAY for his bull crap. Hoping one of the kids in the area blows him to hell. #DestroyNewBlackPanthers

      • yes, I just caught that myself and edited it, thank you. I saw the same interview and it bothers me to no end that few officials are speaking out against this kind of thing. The shamelessness of our president and the Justice Department for permitting these kinds of threats is almost like a call to arms against Americans, and the entire Democratic party has permitted those in their ranks, in fact promoted such vile and hostility toward those not in goosestep with them. And now, I wont even permit anyone who supports that party, including family members, to come near me anymore. I just shut my front door in one of their faces a couple days ago, guess they didn’t figure I meant it when I told them to go and forget they ever knew me. I made my stand, and it was most difficult, but I wont have anyone who supports such nasty evil sitting at my table.

      • And our attorney general is squarely in their corner; will not prosecute obvious crimes they commit.

  20. One of the most horrific effects of the Civil War was ‘brother fighting against brother’. It tore whole families apart. The Holy Bible assures that this will happen again, only the division will come about as a result of the ‘gospel’ of Jesus Christ.

    The ‘Church’ is failing in its job to bring forth the gospel of Jesus Christ which includes doctrines of love towards our fellow man. Our children are not getting this message (which starts in the home) and ‘love waxes cold’.

    A race war is coming, but the cause of it will be ‘cold-hearts’ towards God and brotherly love. God will hold parents accountable.

    • You are so right! I believe we Christians need to focus on Christ’s love towards one another so that we are not dragged into this racial war by the media & what we see around us. One of satan’s tools for these last days is to evoke racial hate between Christians.

  21. The “gang” mentallity has flooded the Native American population also. It is very sad to see them by-pass their ancestors heritage in favor of meth, booze and hate.

    • Oh yeah, and they vote predominantly Democrat, those that do vote, and they willfully ignore that the politicians in First Nation political positions, are using them the same way the broader government in America uses their constituents. It’s all about promising you the stars and then you must settle for the moon, while they and their families doing the promising are living extravagant and secure lives. It is a terrible thing what is happening to all Americans.

  22. Yes, there are sectors of our society where misfortunes (be it black, white, latino or asian) have caused their residents to blame others. Truely, I see far less hatred amoung the races that is reported by the media. I see smiles and pleasantries when I’m at the gym, on the Military Bases/Posts, and in the local department stores. LTC West is a true Patriot, but have to disagree at this point we as a nation are on the verge of Racial War. Large mouths like Reverend Sharpton make a living inciting mistrust and hatred. Just my 2 cents.

    • I’d STRONGLY recommend that you ‘prepare for the worst and hope for the best’, there IS a massive civil war in our future, most likely sooner than later.

    • Command SM your vision and perception is truly 5 by 5. The media loves to spread this propaganda like haloween candy. It truly does not matter what color you are in America. If you are willing to get out of bed, work your tail off, you will make it in this country. I deplore those individuals and groups of career politicians looking to take any incentive americans have for working hard and doing the right thing. Their only goal is to take from those that have the drive to be someone and make it vastly more difficult or impossible; this is all for their own respective gains and desire for power and control. lets only pray there is a special place in hell for them…

  23. Connect the dots between so many other social dynamics and it is easily understandable how and why the violence has escalated. America has promoted a supremacy mentality that is so in your face, that we see it constantly. We spy on everyone on the planet(foreign leaders have been notified by Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange types)(these guys truly are heroes for doing so). We have military presence in over 2/3rds of the nations on Earth. We listen to our leaders provide economic favor to the priveleged ad nauseum, but lose our minds over the pennies on the dollar provided the less well to do crowd.(which is largely minority groups, ie., black, hispanic, latino, etc..) We have become a disgustingly greedy and self grandizing society of the haves and the have nots. The status quo of the western European white population that has ruled over all of our national institutions since America’s inception has used a less brutal method of control(than our ancestors did) and ignored any attempts at spreading the love or sharing the fruits of our quite powerful nation. Slavery was abolished 150 years ago, yet the underlying belief that owning people is perfectly fine, lives on in the minds of many. Those that deny that truth will champion a justice and penal system that has recaged and shackled black Americans once again.(I’d dare say at least 30% of whom committed no crime close to what they are imprisoned for) Understanding the reality and reasoning to todays violence issue is as easy as seeing the sun in the noon day sky. But, one has to not be so blind as if it’s always a cloudy day from their vantage point.

      • actually much of his statement isn’t delusional and it isn’t just the minorities that are being held down it is also many poorer whites the issue is most people do not recognize that it is the liberals that promote this

    • Jason, you have no understanding of international intelligence. If America had of been hit by Islamic extremists you would be talking about America’s incompetence in intelligence. We have to cast a wide net to pick up actionable intelligence. Snowden, Manning and Assange are traitors and should have been shot. Aerica needs to be protected from enemies foreign and domestic.

      • You’re so wrong. The US government is corrupt and the ones you mentioned are simply showing just how profound the corruption really is. The government’s actions have nothing to do with defense. That’s just the propaganda the government wants you to believe! Snowden, Manning, and Assange are heroes. Instead of being lauded, they’re crucified by a flagrantly abusive US government. If the US government is so innocent, why should they fear these 3 men?! We’d have nothing to fear from Islamic countries if the US weren’t interfering and occupying their countries.

      • Again FransSusan, you have no understanding of international intelligence. Everyone spies on everyone. America in good part won WWII because we broke Enigma and JN27. It was just disclosed by Snowden that we listened in on a cell phone call from German Prime Minister Angela Merkel. This hurt our relationship with Germany. We need intelligence on everything. People sleep soundly in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. You may think you disagree with me; however, I don’t think you are ready to be wearing a bureka with your genitals mutilated. That would be the outcome of intelligence failures by America. It is a ruthless world and if you wish to remain free, you must be a bit ruthless yourself.

      • Yes, that’s just the kind of propaganda the corrupt government wants you to believe. We in this country have nothing to fear from other governments. We need to get the hell out of every country in which the US has a military presence and leave the people alone! The tribal wars in many of the Muslim countries have been going on for centuries, and the US has no business getting involved. That’s the truth about international intelligence: Leave other countries alone! And the truth about all these wars that the US government is always waging: war is profitable and that’s all that matters to the government. The military industry grows richer and richer with these never ending wars. Raytheon, McDonnell Aircraft, General Dynamics, GE, Boeing, etc. etc. etc. are getting richer by the minute. Bottom line, there’s no defense for what the NSA is doing—and the propaganda they’re spewing is just that, designed to dupe a profoundly uninformed populace.

      • You do remember that David Patraeus was brought down by his affair with his publicist? And, the #2 guy at the CIA fell to a similar fate? If that’s the intelligence community I have no knowledge of, I don’t think very highly of their abilities as spies. We are rapidly losing our standing in the global community. The only reason we have any standing still is because of our military arsenal. Walking around shoving our gun in the face of all non-American has not ever worked in the past. I would think you may agree.

    • I am so sick and tired of this type of drivel…you are the problem…go F yourself…I’d offer a better argument but I know your type…..reason is totally wasted on you….so yeah…just go F yourself and stop perpetuating the problem.

      • Wow. Yeah, I know I’m a year too late but but damn…you just got owned. You have nothing? Nothing better to respond with? I was rooting for you too, but you suck. You got destroyed by Jason and anyone who understands rational arguments knows that you lost and gave up. weak.

    • Your hatred of freedom and love of tyranny is evil. Your lies will never be accepted by people who have the freedom to think for themselves. You are delusional if you think that freedom-lovers will tolerate your attempts to punish the innocent and reward the cruel. You can post all you want, but your socialist lies will never drown out the truth. Shame on you for being a tool. You do realize that the Elites call you a “useful idiot,” right? Your socialist ideologues do not love you. Funny thing, people like you are easily brainwashed and used, but those of us who love freedom for all are much more wiling to fight and even die to defend it – even for idiots like you. Also funny that the most ignorant, out-of-touch, dishonest, dumb hacks have the biggest egos and insist on talking down to those of much greater intellect and knowledge.

      • That’s a bunch of words, for sure. Now, put together something of content. Come on, stretch that intellect you talk so confidently of. Or, call me some more names. Which is obviously more knowledgable and intelligent.

    • The reason for the violence by the black race is a malignant character. These low I. Q. people are easily brainwashed into believing whatever your agenda is. And that’s what matters. It’s not poverty that causes their behavior. It’s their behavior and malignant character that cause their poverty. I’m one of those who loses my mind over the pennies that go to moocher programs, but I also lose my mind over crony capitalism, and the fact that my money supports ANY of those parasites, both corporate and minorities.

    • I merely offered a comment on the original story and I get pretty much what I listed as contributing issues to the violence problem. My viewpoint stands for nothing in the larger picture, nor does it support or perpetuate any of those situations. I don’t have the answers to these problems, but I would dare say that neither do those who felt it necessary to take pot shots at my comment.

    • Rather than making derogatory statements about me personally, why don’t some who have done just that, post something that conveys your thoughts about the article posted by Mr. West. Hiding behind fantasy avatars and mystery identities, posting hateful statements about someone you have more in common with than you may admit and making no attempt at commenting on the original topic does lend support to my original remarks. I did nothing to create nor support the issue of Mr. Wests’ acticle, yet the comments directed at me personally do nothing to support any positions or beliefs that those posting may have. Post your replies on the topic of the original article, because if you don’t support other citizens right to post theirs, you are not even ideally American. That may be a little too complex for some to understand.

  24. Black people in general are lazy no good racists. They have milked dry every country they have ever been in and have basically done the same to America

    • That’s an extremely ignorant comment, Jim. The color of a person’s skin has nothing to do with their behavior. What is causing the problems with the Black community in America is a democrat party dedicated to keeping Blacks dependent on them, encouraging them to attach to the welfare teat and discouraging any type of self-determination. Add to that a breakdown of the family unit in the Black community, with 75% of Black kids being raised with no father in the home, with the stresses and financial disadvantages that often go along with being raised by a single mother. Also, the music, television and movie industries glorify and encourage dysfunctional behavior in the Black community. Lastly, many Black children are being raised in unsafe and violent atmospheres, where their emotional development is stunted by the constant fear of injury or death.

      Take a White kid and put him or her in exactly the same situation and you get much the same results.The color of their skin has absolutely nothing to do with it.

      That said, however, it’s true that racism is rampant among the American Black community – much more so than among Whites. Young Blacks are taught from the cradle, in many Black homes, that they are the victims of evil Whites whose ultimate goal is to keep them down. Naturally, they grow up resentful and distrustful of Whites, seeing racism everywhere – even where it doesn’t exist.

      The Black community has a lot of work to do and the first step is to admit they have a problem and stop trying to blame Whites for it. Men like Mr. West give me hope that eventually that will happen. I just hope it happens before a full force race war begins. If it does, Blacks are sure to be the losers – especially those like Mr. West, who’ll be caught in the crossfire.

      • Yes….and us grumpy old white men have been busy working and striving to take care of our families…and if possible give to the church and charity and of course trillions of our tax dollars have been spent on the “Great Society” programs. Asians come here and in no time are getting educated, starting businesses. My adopted granddaughter from China….with a language to learn….graduated from High School on the Deans list, works, going to college and is not a substance abuser….also she has a heart as big as all of China. Opportunity exists for blacks too….many CHOSE not to walk through the open door.

      • You’re right; it’s not the color of their skin. It’s the content of their character! The problems are caused by a malignant character. And it’s true of blacks all over the world. It’s not caused by poverty….that’s the lame excuse every bleeding heart liberal uses. And of course there are exceptions to everything. Doesn’t matter.

      • Nope and I’m not peculiar either. Here is your homework assignment. Name a country, state, county or city that has been run well by blacks. Fiscally responsible, safe, clean and caring parts of the world where you would like to go live.

  25. Jim your comment, “Black people in general are lazy no good racists” is not helpful and is racist. Black people are net tax users instead of being net tax payers. There is a surge of racially motivated black on white crime (or so it would appear in the media). Obviously this needs to change. I want to see the next Republican presidential ticket be Dr. Benjamin Carson and Allen West. I think that would help the racial problems in America by having realistic people with realistic solutions (vs the current administration).

      • Larry I agree they would make excellent candidates and leaders in all areas not just social issues. Jim, not true about all black people! Every race has good, bad and indifferent people.

      • It really doesn’t matter if the president is black, white, yellow, or blue, what should matter is that he or she is American and will look out for the best interest of the country. If color is an issue with you wouldn’t that . AkeMake you just as racist as the black people who committed these crimes?

    • Problem with your comment, Larry, is that what Jim says is true. Maybe it’s not helpful to speak the truth, but it is in fact true. Jim said, “They have milked dry every country they have ever been in and have basically done the same to America.” And it’s absolutely true. There’s NO place on the planet that’s successful where blacks are in charge. No where. And they’ve been given trillions of American taxpayer dollars over the decades, and still every place they inhabit is a disaster area. And saying trite things such as there are exceptions doesn’t matter, either. Of course there are always exceptions to everything. But for the most part, the black race is destructive, violent, mercenary, and parasitic. It’s too bad about the exceptions, but it’s time to face the truth. There’s nothing special about Carson and West.

      • A black person is no better than a white person or vice-versa. A white leader is no better than a black one. Just because there are ‘unsavory’ people of one race doesn’t mean that EVERY person of that race is the same.

  26. I believe that the gov’t will allow it to escalate into race wars so that they can call martial law to disarm the legal gun owners.

  27. The wonders a job will do. That’s the short answer. The estrangement in our culture runs pretty deep beginning with the glorification of the culture of drug-prison-rap-urban violence. The “mongrelization” of the culture is itself not a racial matter, but religious.

    The failure of grumpy old white male America to join in solidarity with black communities to offer a credible response to the challenges facing us all (poverty-dislocation-broken families-drugs-horrible national leadership) have given every indication of letting our neighbors hang out to dry while the rest just try to hang on to what they got.

    I write it off to cheap religion from traditional faith communities unable to challenge the spirits of modernity and radical secularism pimped by both extreme wings of liberalism.

    • When self-flagellating libs like yourself offer something resembling a “credible response” to these issues, let me know and I’ll give it a good look. All I ever hear is “more of the same”, a la Jerry Brown saying “government is in the best position to fix problems that it, itself created”.

      • I’m not sure how you read all that from my post. Your reply is more about your own solipsism then what was actually communicated above.

        You want credible response?

        Perhaps you missed the part about jobs, the lack of which is a prime factor in the decay not only in urban America but in white subsurbia as well where the ute of amerika wear red (gang-color) baseball caps backwards on their heads and pants below their butts and ride kids’ cycles to deliver meth.

        Schools are problem too and require full choice where each child is funded equally and parents choose the education they prefer for their children. Home schooling, internet classes, charter schools, Christian, Hebrew, even Muslim day schools should all be equally protected instead of state preference of government run schools that amounts to “establishment”.

        Real representation instead of jerry-rigged districts and redistricting that is nothing more than incumbent insurance programs for local machine politics of either party.

        Tax reform where middle class addiction to government benefits (never counted by conservative critiques of poor people benefits) should be re-aligned starting with phase out of mortgage interest deduction that subsidizes white flight to the suburbs.

        Realignment of war on drugs to interdiction instead of prison that is a giant Petri dish for the whole gang/drug/violence culture. Sentencing is out of whack; everyone knows this.

        For violent crimes police and judicial system need to start enforcing the laws that are on the books, and municipalities need to better engage with “at-risk” neighborhoods to help them grow capacity to better mitigate the problems in their backyards.

    • Wow. 90% of inter-racial violence is now black on white, and we’re Grumpy Old Whites for not happily going into the ghetto to “help”????

      • If that’s what it takes why not? Your “black and white” thinking (pun sadly intended) does not help but rather inflames. The only other solutions are to further withdraw or plan retribution rather than reconciliation.

      • To further withdraw is a great idea! The social engineering that’s forced us productive, taxpaying whites to live and work amongst this sub-human, black species has not worked and is not going to work; it has cost trillions of dollars to try to make humans out of this race; and instead of being a good thing, they’re destroying society. Reality is what it is. You must live in Wyoming where there are few blacks.

  28. Race isn’t the only reason why the unemployment rate is so high with young blacks. It might help a bit if their culture actually encouraged getting a job instead of being a “gangsta.” Might help to try to learn something in school, too.
    And if these unprovoked attacks continue, blacks will find themselves in a very dangerous position. Do you have any idea how many well-trained and accurate white hunters and target shooters exist in America? Probably more than the entire black population. Stop poking the bear; he will eventually get tired of it and swat you down.

    • Wayne you are off. Music has a lot to do about the way African American youths are growing up, but is “gangster” music any better or whorse than Lady Gaga or Katy Perry singing about sex, drugs, and partying your life away? Also, rappers only rap about what their labels tell them to, usually whatever will sell, and those people who make those decisions are usually white. I don’t agree with most of the rap I hear these days myself, but I think your statement is pure ignorance. After all, I never hear Maroon 5, Britney Spears, or even Ke$ha singing about getting jobs, what makes their music any better?

      • Anybody who puts the white singers mentioned above in the same class…with the same influence….and with the same denigrating affect on youth…..is someone who isn’t playing with a full deck.

        There’s no parallel there.

        But, be that as it may, please understand that Sowell is exactly right. We are unequivocally headed for civil war, and since the out-of-control abysmal hatred that dominates the black community all across the country isn’t about to improve nor are the black on white attacks going to abate, all we need right now is a catalyst to set things off.

        And another economic plunge could be the starting gun that will ignite the festivities.

        And the government itself….the military and the police….will also break along lines of race, politics and ethnicity, so martial law will be ineffective, especially since there’s no way they can control an overwhelming force of 200 million armed citizens in an area 3000 miles wide and 1500 feet deep.

      • The primary problem with black unemployment is I. Q. Too many of them are not capable of the jobs they think they SHOULD have, jobs that require skill and a reasonable intelligence and impulse control, and many of them are not willing to do the jobs that they’re capable of doing. They’re capable of menial labor jobs such as picking peaches in GA, just for one example. But that’s too much like slavery, I’ve heard. They believe they deserve the white collar jobs and big salaries regardless of the fact that they can’t do those jobs. In my experience, even when they have acquired a job, they refuse to actually do the work. They say things such as, “I don’t make enough to do that” even though the “that” is in the job description. Whites are definitely to blame for the social engineering that started this road to destruction. Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society was the beginning of the end.

      • I agree. The other issue is that they dare you to say anything to them about their performance because they will tell you that you are a racist and that they will go to the EEOC and complain. I have been through this first hand. Someone that is constantly late, you give them a verbal warning (more than once), then they give you a nasty attitude, behave for about a week, then go back to coming in late. And then we repeat…

      • Clarence the people making the decisions on what black rappers rap about are not “white” they are Jewish. Jews are as always behind the ongoing racial strife in America and hide behind the scenes by claiming that they are white as well changing their Jewish last names. Murray Rothstein MTV boss is one example of this having changed from his Jewish name to Sumner Redstone a native American sounding name.

      • did I miss something? I don’t see anything in his comment that talks about rap. He was talking about them wanting to be Gangsta. This has to do with their upbringing, not the music. You have women that spread their legs for every male that walks by and by the time they are 22, they have 4 kids…and counting.

  29. There is NO scenario in which the Obamanation wins this SKIRMISH! In fact, I imagine the majority race would use such an opportunity to solve our immigration problems as well! Let’s ROCK N ROLL!! 😉

  30. race wars, class wars, drug wars, religious wars, ideological wars, all brought to you courtesy of the democratic party; the party of the KKK, the party that wanted to legalize slavery, the party that wanted segregation, the party that sent thugs to keep black children out of schools. Democratic party: involved the US in WWI, WWII. Only political party to use a atomic device on another country. Only party that actively promotes racial and class hatred. The leadership of the democratic party is even against its very own voting block: hispanics, blacks, labor unions, government employees.

  31. Hussein has done everything he can to provoke this. Refusing to punish the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, taking sides in the Martin case before the facts were out and generally inciting black anger whenever he can. He could have taken the high road and worked to bring people together, but he chose not to.

    • True, every time a catastrophe happens-Barry Hussein is there to exploit all the hate he can squeeze out of it. The first couple after all are the 1st Victim couple to make the big time. This fits the Alinsky way. It kills me to listen to the man, as it would any educated person.

  32. This is because politicians are busy portraying those that support a different opinion than themselves as villains. For example the Democrats really dislike people that hold to traditional marriage or are against killing unborn babies so they portray them to be on the same level as the KKK. They keep telling black people that all those who are Christian are redneck, racist, and white. Then they give the false idea that Christianity is to blame for all the world’s past problems. This is creating rage in people towards Christianity and white people which in turn creates distrust and anger in white people.

  33. The Democrat plan to re-enslave those who were descendants of slaves has worked. Their plan is to further reduce them to animal like behavior so they can have an excuse to exterminate them. It has been their plan since Sanger. It seems to be working. I hate everything the Democrats stand for. Examine everything they believe in from abortion to euthanization to Agenda 21 to AGW, et al. It all requires, and brings about, death on a massive scale.

    • You give the Dems to much credit Cowboy. They feed at the trough filled by others and use race to line their pockets with dollars.

    • Population control is what is really all about as you mentioned! The dumbing down of the youth today is a big part of the plan for depopulation!! I believe these rumored FEMA camps may be for the purpose of depopulation. They would ,of course, start with the worst and do martial law in major cities and then round them up for detention. Also, a race war will help do some of the job for them. We cannot exist as a society the way things are heading and in 50 years there will be twice as many people who are even less intelligent! Agenda 21, The North American Union, The Fed etc.. All these things are a part of the plan for a New World Order!

  34. The sad truth is there is going to be a civil war of some type. Whether illegals or blacks or both, it is coming. I know I’m sick and tired of my hard earned tax money going to people who are either lazy, have not paid into system, get pregnant or here illegally getting free health care that WE pay for.

  35. I don’t think this is only a race war coming. The modern neo Marxist democrat party uses the Marx, Engels and Saul Alinsky tactic of class warfare. And that class warfare isn’t limited to only blacks. When you listen to any modern democrat, Obama, Wasserman-Shultz, Reid, Pelosi, Durbin and nearly all the rest of them, you hear any number of “wars” that they claim are being perpetrated on myriad “classes”. The war on women, on immigrants, on to poor, on the old and on and on. The left will howl their heads off about this but it is exactly the same tactic the Nazi’s used on the Jews. Blame all your ills. All the nations problems. All the bad things in the world on a created “enemy”. They used the Jews. In this case, the democrats blame conservatives, the Tea Party, Republicans or anyone else who challenges their socialist federal government control. This is hardly a new tactic and we aren’t the first nation to fall prey to it. And the worrisome thing is, it often works.

    • The difference is, we’re armed. When the ‘troubles” start here, who are you going to bet on, gang-bangers stabbing their “fowty” out sideways or blasting away at random in a drive-by? Or the Tea-party deer hunters.

    • Fantastic job seeing the forest for the trees. This is it EXACTLY.

      Stir up as many people as you can, break the heart and soul of the country, divide up the people, and the current fascists in charge believe in their own fairytale about how they’ll heroically swoop in and at last usher in their perfect utopia. Just like in all the oppressive, murderous, totalitarian dictatorships of the past.

  36. O&P is correct. Read “Unveiling the Whole Truth” by the Rev.Wayne Perryman. Rev. Perryman gives a must read from a black american’s side of what the media has failed to tell Americans as far back as the Civil War era. And yes, Margaret Sanger was enlisted to start an agency to control the birth rate of black americans.( “Now called “Planned Parenthood”)Nearly all the civil right/voting laws passed by Republicans since the Civil War era were always repealed by the Dems when they were in power. The 1964 CRL was passed by LBJ only because the Republicans all voted for it. It was the same bill Eisenhower tried to pass in 1957, but was blocked by the dems and LBJ when he ran the senate. Its interesting to note that had JFK and Bobby not made civil rights and issue in the early 60’s I doubt LBJ would have been compelled to pass the 1957 version. However, after passing that legislation, its worth noting that the “Great Society”/war on poverty (Which LBJ started in 1965) has done nothing but to enslave and create a culture of dependency never dreamed possible by dems since the civil war/reconstruction period.
    Very good book, everything documented, highly recommended reading. Rev. Perryman gives answers I think everyone would benefit from reading.

    • I agree. That war on poverty/Great Society social engineering project has destroyed society with its affirmative action and political correctness. Affirmative action has destroyed education and many other entities, and political correctness prevents us (whites) from saying anything about it. Everything should be based on merit but instead it’s based on race, and therefore incompetent blacks are given jobs, degrees, grades, etc. they haven’t earned and are not capable of doing. It’s a disaster!

  37. So true. We need honest, tell it like it is men such as yourself to bring attention to this situation. If you want to run for congress again we could use you in my home state. I am a retired veteran myself (1986-2008). Thanks for your service.

  38. FransSusan: The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps were founded by Thomas Jefferson to combat Muslim terrorists; that is a fact. Muslim terrorists were kidnapping American shipping and taking the crews hostage in the 1700’s forcing Thomas Jefferson to form the Navy and Marines. Muslim terrorists have been causing America problems for hundreds of years. We can’t ignore them. Muslims believe in participating in a caliphate as part of their religion. It is their duty to kill all infidels and convert the world to Islam. The old Soviet Union was much the same. We must maintain our vigil to keep America strong and free. Breaking Enigma, JN 27 and current intelligence gathering is essential to ensuring a free America.

  39. Well, FransSusan, I can’t believe we have common ground. I spent a career working for the Sate of Colorado. I was very openly discriminated against for 23 years because I am Caucasian. I would come out first place state wide for promotional exams and get passed over for a minority who failed the test. I watched them get promoted when they failed exams and I was left with the crumbs. I have no problem with anyone who could beat me in an exam getting promoted ahead of me or even close behind. But failing the test and winding my supervisor was hard to bear.

    • I am the only Caucasian in my professional work place (we all have Masters degrees, a requisite to do this job). I am called “Beth the Bounty Hunters wife” because I am blonde. I am called “Queenie” “Barbie” or even, most distressingly, “The white chick”. We are social workers and go into people’s homes. My coworkers constantly complain about having to go into “all white” neighborhoods and cited Trayvon Martins demise as concern for their own safety. They also freely comment how “nice” it is that I do not have the same fears they must face when I go into a neighborhood of color. They never comment that the man I have been seeing for almost three years is bi racial. I will never be anything other than “the white chick” or “the Caucasian worker”. Trying to imagine my calling them “Jemima” or “Oprah”–I would be fired immediately. That street is never a two way street. Never. At least not where I work.

      • Actually, you are the one that should be terrified to go into an “all black area”. With blacks, the whites just steer clear of them. They are never harassed, but they are watched, and for good reason. I hope you don’t have to go into areas in Chiraq (Chicago). Well, I guess it’s obvious that you don’t for you are obviously alive.

      • I’m 74, and have 8 grandchildren. One of my grandsons, is Black having been adopted by my daughter as a baby. He is 20 now, and having a really hard time not knowing his biological mother or his Black roots. I feel so sorry that he has to be subjected to Obama’s race wars. Obama, Rangel, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, all want this race war, it ties in with money to be made keeping Blacks in victim thinking, and Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition would not have the money coming in. Then add to that all the progressive Dems, and this Marxist President, and our American dream, of God, family, and hard work goes out the window. My daughter was born in 1963, so she knows nothing about the early struggle other than bits and pieces. Dr. Martin Luther King, was a good Christian man, who wanted peace not just equality. He did not stand for what they are portraying now, anymore than his niece is now, Dr. Altheda King. There are not many that are as Lt Col Allen West, (God Bless him), Stowell, or Dr. Carter. All you have to do is look on the tv, and all you hear is derogatory vile language and violence, even in court tv. This realty tv culture and the vile rap, all escalates hate and violence. This is not my country anymore. I have Black friends, had in high school way up here in NH. I grew up in my teens loving jazz, and every musician and singer I loved was Black…from Ella to Duke. They gave us beauty in lyric and music. Now? What are these kids going to remember when they get my age? Obama is a racist, and a Marxist, and this country is reaping what it has sown. Add to that he has 9 Muslim Brotherhood, advisors, and while Egypt has more intelligence that this Administration outlawing them, we do not. Christians are not protected by this President one iota. Look what he did with the IRS and Franklin Graham’s, Samaritan’s Purse. It is his organization and Christians that went to LA after Katrina…FEMA? How long did it take them, they only added to the disaster. I worry about my grandson so much, and all this race war’s effects on him. While Obama keeps stoking the flames like the Martin case. But does he condone ANY of the White murders by Black gangs? NO of course not. And Holder protects them too. God help us, for HE is the only hope America has. We as a nation need to come back to the Cross for then, we are ALL equal in the eyes of God. For remember, Hitler did the same thing. We have a dictator in the White House not a president who has destroyed all our good standing with our allies. God help us…If King is looking down on us now, he would have tears streaming down his face, as the Lord. THIS was not HIS dream one iota.

      • I agree! Next weekend, my son will be marrying a black girl, whom he has grown to love, and I myself, have adored her from the moment I met her. I never saw her as “black”. Color is meaningless! What I saw, was an awesome gal, with a beautiful heart, an awesome personality, and bubbly sense of humor who fell in love with my son. Color? Who has color? Not even Jesus has color in the bible!! Until we get rid of Obama will we get rid of the division in this country. He owns it.

      • I’d be surprised if those ‘others’ have a legitimate master’s degree. They may have the paper but it’s a diploma that’s worth nothing because blacks are given grades they didn’t earn and therefore degrees that aren’t legitimate. I guess all you can do, having to work with such idiots, is ignore them. They’re just proving by their comments that they’re as stupid as the stereotypes.

    • Larry Nutter, I don’t know how you tolerated that. Seriously. That would be extremely difficult to deal with, and go to work with an open mind and any enthusiasm for doing a good job.

      • Honestly FransSusan, I have really never expressed this before but it killed my spirit. I was fairly well compensated and had a family that I had to take care of but it was disheartening beyond imagination. To even complain about the open air discrimination was tantamount to uttering a racial slur. In the end, I was able to purchase 7 years of service credit and retired with a 30 year retirement after 23 years. The reason I left was directly related to the open air racial discrimination against me. I now work as a hospital emergency mental health evaluator (psychotherapist). The stress I endured during that 23 years still haunts me.

      • Your experience proves how destructive affirmative action is! Affirmative action is an abomination that the corrupt government has forced on productive citizens for 50 years. It’s really a horror story that’s caused deterioration of a once productive society.

  40. Because of their mentality, lack of solid parental involvment in their lives and lack of self-respect, young people today are most vulnerable to being swept up and brainwashed by Liberal Dems. This is nothing new except that we have a president that condones these attitudes, emboldens these types if you will. No matter where you go; the grocery store, the gas station or out for a walk you encounter some sort of questionable behavior and the overall feeling that something isn’t right. You smile at passerbys but you also feel nervous….that’s your gut, your “radar” talking to you. Keep safe but also be aware and have friends look out for you. I am ashamed to have to share the same air as some of these poor lost soul punks but even angrier that we have a president stirring the pot making it worse among citizens because I thought we “were all Americans” and not just colors of skittles, but Americans!
    Our country needs the kind of leadership that will bring us hard working folks together, to help one another and be proud to do it and get America rolling again with every corner of society happy and free from dark days of angry dependency and division. Allen West has those leadership qualities in him…he can help rally us and rally our Nation to stand up for what it once was about and help us see hope and dreams again. Damn, because seeing so many so down and out these days (including myself) is getting old and pitiful, especially knowing that it is so unnecessary for any of us to be going thru this…obama and the Lib Dems have stunk up the country for too long now with their liberal commie crap, time we put a boot up their azzz and heave them across the fence for the night rodents to feast on. Time we cleaned up!

  41. It’s apparent to me, that the worst of these times have escalated since Obama has taken office. That’s what sparked the outrage among blacks, thinking “they’re going to finally get even with the whites now, for what happened to their ancestors”. This is their mindset, and, to me, pathetic. I agree, that those were horrible times in history, and no, we should never forget. But that doesn’t mean that “revenge” must be kept alive today. Loving and intelligent beings learn from the past, not re-live it. When I look at a person of another color, I barely take notice. Why? We’ve all seen a picture of Jesus. Most often, he’s portrayed as being ‘white’….but was he? No mention in the bible! Conclusion: The color of ones skin does not determine what’s beneath it is different than anyone else. Also, Maybe someone should tell Grayson, that the burning cross “T” in “Tea Party” truly stands for “Democra’T”‘.

      • Perhaps you might want to blame rap videos, or the media, or no father in the home. All of those might be true. But I’ve heard out of his own mouth insinuations of racism himself. He hates whites, and loves the idea of coddling the blacks of this country with all his entitlements. His involvement with Jeremiah Wright was enough to discern his character. Would you sit through just one church service with that man and his teachings? Not unless you totally agreed. Yes, I’m sorry if you don’t see things the way I do, but I DO blame Obama. He’s the so-called leader of this country, and he’s teaching young people to literally HATE with his liberal bias of LIES.

      • The leader, our Prez, CAN set the tone and be an example and more of a motivator to Black men. Probably because he has not done much for his black brothers and sisters, besides rub elbows with the likes of JayZ/Beyonce, he’s overlooked and neglected those who need the most encouragement from the first half Black-half White man in his position.
        It requires effort, time, and hard work to pursue something that will lead to a better position in life, better than taking frustrations and low-self esteem out by beating down a White person, which will NOT get a person anywhere good, only perpetuate the position they’re in. Making a change for the better requires time and sacrifice but each step in one step closer to having some pride in one’s self and that alone will enable a person to rise up above taking part in hating because of their skin color or economic status.

        Being responsible and making positive changes in one’s self is what our Prez could be communicating to set the tone and de-escalate racial tensions. I think he’s let many down who were looking for him to be and do so much more in this area.
        Actually it’s a mistake to look and expect a man, who was born into sin (check the history about his mother and her family) to save the world. He can’t do it. But there is One who can and through Him, can change a person from the inside out. When you invite the Lord Jesus into your heart, you get lasting changes that are eternal. This is where real change in a man and woman takes place. Peace to all.

      • Another thought, our Prez could be using his position to speak to Black men to be men of character and support their families and don’t make babies they are not capable or willing to support.

        He could be communicating that violence is not the way to anything better for the person who commits violence.

        He could be communicating respect, dignity, and a whole lot more.
        That would be worthy of a Peace Prize if he’d set about doing something to change the entire generation of young Black men to become men who pursue raising themselves up to be educated and men of character rather than men who pursue violence of innocent people and drugs and crime.

      • alanbstardmp: get your head out of the sand. Obama is bring a can of gas to put out the racial fires!!!

      • Nonsense. His health care after a few initial hiccups has the potential to be a good nationalized system

        You can’t blame Obama for the crimes of blacks, behaviour of blacks. Jews own the rap music industry

        You can’t blame him for everything

      • You’re right; he’s just one of many politicians both democrat and republican that are corrupt, self-serving crooks.

      • The health care system cannot work. Socialized medicine just means a 2 tier medical system. The upper class go to another country for their care and the sheep get an aspirin. Like Canada.

      • that’s not exactly true. What ruins a nationalized health sytem is mass immigration and not enough of them working to pay tax, as we’ve seen in Britain lately

        In Australia you have a nationalized health system, and you have private through choice if you wish. All emergencies and major ops are done in public hospitals

        In the US we see people mortgaging homes to be insured and the poor can forget it

        The US is the only western nation to have a private health system only

      • alanbstardmp: You can’t possibly be serious!? You truly think this healthcare system is a “good nationalized system”? You’re as delusional as all the other liberals out there that only follow what they’re told to believe by the liberal medias. Don’t you have a mind of your own that construes basic common sense??? Liberal medias have NO common sense. Did you hear Harry Reid? He’s a liberal, and he said people are begging to pay more of their share in taxes!! Honestly, you’re comment sounds like him. Hiccups? More like diarrhea, and it has to go away, and fast! Oh, and leave the Jews alone! How the heck do you see Jews owning the rap music industry? That’s PURE INSANITY!!!!!! They do NOT rap. lmfao…..!!!

      • No Cathy, it is only the start of what it can be. Obamacare if allowed to continue well past what it is may develop into a good nationalized system, if allowed

        The Jews do run the production studios, Cathy

        Indeed, some of the biggest names in the
        business are Jewish– Lyor Cohen of Def Jam, Steve Rifkind of Loud
        Records, David Mays of The Source– to say nothing of those who course
        throughout the industry as label executives, entertainment lawyers,
        agents, publicists, producers, clothiers, and jewelers. An inquiry to
        one inevitably references five more: “Oh, have you talked to Gottleib at
        FUBU? Or Sonenberg who handles Wyclef?” The Jewish presence in hip-hop
        is huge, and, for the most part, offstage.

      • Clearly you’ve never lived in Europe. If you had, you’d run away screaming from any “nationalized health care”.

        Those Europeans bragging about it? It’s a pride thing, not reflective of the reality. The also like the idea of bringing the U.S. system down to their level, since it makes them feel less bad about their own horrid systems.

      • Oh really! Nancy Plexsosive, or Dirty Harry Reid, Chuckie (I want all your guns) Schumer?
        I’m shocked, shocked mind you!

    • yes i agree my company and city is 80% “minority” and I can see the anger and hate – my friends of this same minority have told me that I am picking on what is not being said but is felt in their hearts – anger hate revenge! and it has definitely escalated since Obama took office.

  42. This is so true – on the verge yes indeed! And Obama did not help things – if anything he has only made it worse.

    • What sort of change should we have expected from a Nobel Peace Prize winner and first man of color to sit in at the head of the table in the White House. (I bet he wishes he could have the White House painted). As far as I’m aware, the Peace Prize he got was just for ‘show’, not for ‘tell’.

  43. This week we learned the unemployment rate for those in the 16-24 age group is 15 percent, but the unemployment rate for black teens in America is almost 40 percent.
    Great job Barry –

    • The main reason for black unemployment is their low I. Q., no skills, no abilities, and no work ethic. Plus, they refuse to do the jobs for which they’d be capable–menial jobs such as picking peaches, for just one example. There’s nothing Obama can do about that, especially when he as well as the rest of the country won’t even admit to what the real problem is!

  44. Keep Pushing. Sooner or later white people are going to tire of it and fight back.Blacks only make up 12% of the population. Who do you think will come out on top in a race war especially considering Whites are so well armed.

  45. Blacks are incapable of launching or sustaining much of a war. The real war will again be between Northern and Southern Whites. Or more accurately Whites who have fallen under the spell of Jewish cultural Marxism and Whites who have not. At best Blacks will merely be cannon fodder.

  46. Americans had better get over their prejudices and start to think about the real issues facing us today. Just think about how easy it would be for any or all Middle-Eastern countries to completely infiltrate and annihilate this nation if we were already blowing ourselves up? The prejudices have to be put in the past if we are going to recover from what has already been done to America by this administration.

    One Nation, under God, indivisible, with truth and justice for all. Does anyone remember that besides me?

    If not, get ready ….. there’s a train a’comin!

    • I think that was obama’s game plan all along…. he is bankrupting our country, weakening our military, trying to disarm the citizens, making it easy for anyone to enter our borders…………….what better way to set us up for infiltration!!

      • I don’t like Obama. He’s nothing but a useless stooge who takes orders from the big money sources that own him. But he’s not weakening the military. There’s no way any other country will infiltrate this country. The military is as strong as ever. What we have to worry about is an infiltration by dumb minorities that are destroying the country by getting everything free, paid for by productive, taxpaying citizens (like me!).

  47. William Edward Roberts What this website fails to identify is that now that we have. Barrack O’bama as the 1st Afro-American president of the United States. Martin Luther King, Jr. dream finaly came true. We are truly free as a country and we are now united as a country should have been originaly since this country inception in 1776. How can we be the United States of America if we do not respect other cultures. Thank God for Obama he helped make M.L.K dream come true to unite and save this country form the biased politicians.
    Why would someone like Allen West be so dissatisfied with the United States and presently have an Afro-American president as running the executive branch of the government. I just don’t understand how some one can hate his own kind and have no repsect for his own culture he should be standing up for Barrack O’Bama rather than slamming his credibility.

    • You ought to read the post before you comment. Your post indicates you did not. That’s a huge problem: we’re so interested in talking we don’t really listen (or read). That destroys any chance of improved relations amongst PEOPLE. NOT races. One race: HUMAN

      • We’ve tried that “improved relations amongst people and one race: human” concept for FIFTY years and it’s not working. We’ve spent trillions of taxpayer dollars for that concept. But someone isn’t following the rules—too many blacks are taking too much from productive, taxpaying citizens; giving back nothing to improve anything; wreaking havoc all over the country with their extreme violence & destructiveness; and they’re just not very nice ‘people’. They never got the message that to have good relations amongst peoples, you have to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

      • And that is the issue here: n1ggers have NO business being grouped together with the human race, as they never were fully evolved human beings to begin with and never will be.

      • It sure seems that way! There’s definitely something wrong with 75% of them and they don’t belong in a civilized society.

    • So you expect Mr West to ignore the multitude of horrendous acts committed by this Muslime POTUS just because he’s of the same skin color?

      Now that would be racist, would it not?

    • Problem is Obama doesn’t represent most Blacks, most of whom just want to blame Whitey for all their own self made problems.

    • Mr. Roberts, you ask this forum questions, Sir, but the truth is, we can’t fix stupid! You should try your best not to speak in public, as you are not qualified.

    • Mr. Roberts, let’s have a definition of terms here, because I don’t think you know what terms like “culture”, “free” and “united” really mean. “Culture” is the behavior and/or traditions of an identifiable group of people. What is wrong with simply following American culture if you live in America? Why do you seem to be ashamed of it? It is the greatest culture on the face of the earth and has brought tremendous freedom (by both deeds and example) to other nations around the world. How can America continue to be America if OUR CULTURE is not respected? Why do you seem to think that every group’s culture must be preserved and respected? Some cultures are not worthy of respect or preservation. Some cultures need to be exterminated, particularly those that engage in crimes against humanity or behave in predatory ways. Please note that I only said that some “cultures” need to be exterminated….not the humans comprising that culture, nor their chronological histories.

      As for freedom…the USA (as a whole) hasn’t had less freedom since we fought to free ourselves from the yoke of English tyranny. There have been instances of grievous loss of freedom since then, but they only affected portions of the country. Most notable is President Lincoln’s suspension of Habeus Corpus in the northern states during the War of Northern Aggression, and the subsequent burdens imposed by Reconstruction on the South.

      As for us being “united”, nothing could be further from the truth. I have never seen this country so deeply divided as during the Obama presidency! Obama never misses an opportunity to drive wedges between us based on race and economic status. Creating divisions between people and encouraging a sense of victimhood is how Obama earned his living prior to becoming president, and since this pattern worked for him in the past, he continues it to this day. Obama has no loyalty except to himself and an examination of his policies and decisions proves that he will throw anyone under the bus. To the contrary, Allen West has earned his living by uniting diverse people and building them into reliable teams that can function smoothly under the harshest conditions. Allen West cultivates an atmosphere of loyalty, strength, bravery, personal integrity and advancement by merit (not by color). Allen West embodies what has made America the greatest nation on earth. Unlike Obama, Allen West is not blinded by the color of a man’s skin, even if it matches the color of his own skin.

  48. The wars will happen when entitlements run out. Sad, but true. The Democratic party has worked hard to create a dependents, voters they can count on. The architect of The Great Society, LBJ, said that through these programs, he would have those ni**ers voting democratic for the next 200 years. Look it up. SNAP will be reduced Nov 1, more cuts looming. When the people who have been groomed to expect handouts are cut off, riots will ensue. Be ready my friends. Lock and load. Get out of large cities. You have little chance of survival there. Today, young Black males are playing Polar Bear hunting,and the knockout game. It is child’s play to what is coming. Elderly Whites, White women and children will be the most vulnerable. White men, make a plan for your family’s protection. Ladies, arm yourself, go to the range. No warning shots, or shooting to wound. Center mass & double tap.

    • The Democrats( Party of the KKK ) have really pulled a fast one on Blacks. Still on the plantation and don’t even know it. Keep them stupid and dependent. If they only knew how the Democrats fucked them over. They don’t need the KKK anymore because they switched tactics. The sheets are gone but they’re still there.

  49. after reading a lot of comments i have come to the conclusion that most americans especially whites are living in a fantasy world!!!

    • You’re right, Donna, if you’re referring to the “bleeding hearts.” They’re obtuse as hell and do indeed live in a fantasy world because they believe in egalitarianism—taking from me, a productive tax paying, law-abiding citizen and giving my money to those who are not.

  50. Why is it when a person is mixed race with “white” and “black” they’re still considered “black”? Obama has a “white” mother remember? I never hear anyone mention that except Morgan Freeman once.If these ignorant black racists had any sense maybe they would go kick half of Obamas ass!!!

    • “Why is it when a person is mixed race with “white” and “black” they’re still considered “black”?”
      Probably because whites don’t want to claim someone who’s half black! Any white who doesn’t have enough discernment to NOT breed with a black can’t be too bright. And Obama’s mother seems like a nut case!

    • Because the n1gger DNA kills off any of the human DNA every single time.
      No race of human can have fully human offspring with n1ggers. The result is a full-blown n1gger every single time, with maybe slightly less of a fecal tint to the skin.

  51. I have read Flaherty’s book “White Girl Bleed a Lot”. He make sure he provides links for reference and videos of these violence and race issues. It was undeniable.

  52. Imagine cold war Communism infiltrating disgruntled black Americans in an effort to create decent. Now throw in a 13 year old half black kid rejected by his mother who sends him back home to live with his grandparents, in Hawaii. Confused about who he is his a grandfather introduces him to Frank Marshal Davis, a man who has been indoctrinated by the communists. The result is someone who hates white people and American capitalism. Now introduce Saul Alinski and the result is the great divider more interested in spreading the wealth than building a strong nation.

  53. I believe the reason the MSM and politicians ignore black violence is because to acknowledge it would be admitting liberal policies and political correctness are a failure. They prefer to blindly continue doing business as usual rather than accept reality. They are insane. The inmates are running the asylum.

    • Ernie, you said it perfectly! This is exactly why they keep silent on basically any issue that contradicts their platform of hypocrisy. They’re evil, blinded by the wrong light liberals that have no clue what they’re following, other than money or intimidation, but it’s certainly not any conscious decision of their own. That would place them on the asylum list.

      • KISS. MSM keeps black-on-white attacks under cover because they are deathly afraid whites will finally figure out what’s going on before all our firearms are confiscated. And if whites do notice the race war already in progress, firearms confiscation would be impossible.

      • Thanks for the bump, but I disagree with your opinion that it is “not any conscious decision of their own”. Rather, I believe it is entirely conscious on their part and thus the reason why I label them as “insane”. Insanity is evil. We must identify “evil” when we see it and not make excuses for it or provide cover or excuses for those that are possessed by it.
        Yeah, I know that’s harsh, but I call it as I see it.

  54. Read remarks by Lyndon Johnson upon launching the “War on Poverty” and “The Great Society” regarding “uppity Negroes” and you’ll see the underpinnings of the current destruction of the black America family. The progressives may not use the bullwhip or the noose anymore, but they’ve created an compliant underclass with “houseboys” like Sharpton and Jackson who profit from the misery of their community.

    • Whatever plight is on the n1gger’s backs in this current time, the n1ggers have no one but themselves for it, with all the head starts and freebies they are getting now.

      • They’ve been receiving freebies for 50 years, trillions of taxpayer dollars, and they’re nastier and meaner and more destructive than ever.

  55. And Obama has been aggressively importing over 1 million Muslims into America in EACH YEAR of his terms. America is already deeply divided by the illegal presence of over 11 million Mexican nationals. By the end of Obama’s 8 years, he will have increased by almost 9 million the number of Muslims who were in our country on his first Inauguration Day.

    Why is it so important to bring this many Muslims into America when we see examples everyday of the troubles other Western countries are having with some of their Muslim immigrants? Do we need so many Muslims when they are the population group most prone to radicalization and acts of terror? Are these millions of Muslims taking jobs Americans won’t do? Or are they immediately going on welfare? In exactly which cities and counties is this administration distributing these Muslims and how will their presence affect party registration and relations with the native-born citizens in these communities?

    • Islam a peaceful religion???

      MY ASS!!!! Millions of these sons-of-bitches are plotting as we speak to destroy our country and our way of life any way they can. Way too many of them are here among us now.

      They want you dead, and think it is God’s will for them to do it. Islamists will lie, cheat, and deceive those of us that are not muslim. They are taught that they have the right to do whatever it takes to convert Infidels to islam; or killing those that will not convert.
      NEVER BELIEVE, BEFRIEND, OR TRUST A MUSLIM. Islam is like a mold or
      cancer; if it is not eradicated, it will feed on the host, spread and destroy
      whatever it touches.

  56. And what a shame in a country you have the most opportunity in. See how many black people are treated by Arab Mulsims. Slavery still exists for Christs sake.

  57. I grew up in Berkley, Mi. Just North of Detoilet. The only crime to speak of in our area was due to the pavementApes.

    The cities of Berkley, Royal Oak, Southfield, etc. are doomed due to the black plague.

    Why is it that in every city where blacks increase in numbers, the city is left in ruins?

    • Ken, Jesus will forgive the hatred and bitterness in your heart, if you ask him. For God has made of one blood all nations of men to dwell upon the face of the earth and has determined their times and bounds of their habitation before time. Thank you for honestly expressing the darkness in your heart that can become your first step toward repentance. It is a truly a sad thing to consider an increase in racial and religious strife in these last days. Guard your hearts little children.

    • Ken, Primarily because of low I. Q., but there’s also lack of morals, lack of future time orientation, no impulse control, & no work ethic.

  58. Just so I am not mis-understood, men like Allan West will be the saviors of our Country. He is not a black man from Detroit or Philly. He is a MAN from America!

    • We don’t need a savior, nor a ruler. We need a leader.

      “Good government grows out of the people; it cannot be handed to them.” — Robert Heinlein

  59. Food Stamp dole will drop by $236 on Nov 1. I expect that the day before, the Democrat Party will post an instructional video on You Tube entitled- “Exactly;y how much is two-hundred and thirty-six?”

  60. Colonel West, Thank you for boldly stating the truth and pointing to the sad fact that the MSM refuses to report the black-on-white violent crime stats (can’t believe i am writing this in 2013!). As we can see from the frustrated comments here on your blog, white Americans are frustrated and fearful about black youth attacking and injuring or killing white Americans. Our only comfort lies in God, may you (we) find Him now! Colonel West, I know it must be painful to read some of the gritty comments on this blog that scorn black people. I continue to lobby for Americans, including those who happen to have black skin, to stop aligning themselves with a “color”, eg, “as a member of the black community”, as this in itself fosters divisiveness. I do not align myself with “the white community”, even though Irish were enslaved long before blacks were in this part of the world. If only voters could know the historical facts that prove Democrat, Marxist, communist elected officials have contributed to the modern enslavement of urban black Americans, but I digress!
    Go bless you, Colonel. About the only thing I disagree with you on, Sir, is that Obama is NOT African American:
    1- He is not American (history will prove this, but his anti-American attitude is proof enough)
    2- Obama is Mulato, not black or African – but white and African – he is as white as he is black, certainly by American standards!

    Semper Fi

    • Hi, Devil Dog,

      Yours are some of the only sensible thoughts here (other than Co. West’s). The major problems with black on white violence are that it is escalating, that there’s lots of well-armed whites that are really fed up, and that if the shtf big time, the idiots on both sides are only going to see color of skin. This bodes badly for persons of integrity such as Col. West, Drs. Sowell and Williams, columnists such as Deneen Borelli and Starr Parker, and little whitey me. And my Favorite White President doesn’t have a clue as to what he and his minions seem willing to unleash. They think that racial hatred will enable their agenda. NOT.

  61. Mr. West, I will support your run for any office, Sir! Thank you for your selfless sacrifice, both here in the homeland where our most dangerous enemies abound, and abroad.

  62. To have racial equality, I believe you must excise programs that divide the races. These include Affirmative Action, select benefits for one race, the NAACP, the CBC, etc. Do folks say they are hyphenated Americans (ie, African-American) when they go overseas? No. Just teach kids to be American. Teach morals, respect, self-esteem, goodwill, and love of country.
    It is so lovely to watch the World Series and see everyone stand and put their hand over their heart for the anthem and the 7th Inning patriot songs. I don’t see any racism there.

    • There is no way to have racial equality because it doesn’t exist. That phrase that sounds good, that all men are created equal, is just not accurate. The races are not equal. I believe that all races deserve equal opportunity, but that’s all.

      • Not only race, FS. Is it fair some girls are prettier than others, that some folks are better athletes, better scientists, have richer parents, return from war unharmed? Life ain’t fair. We need to teach youth that the only way to get ahead is to have the core values I mentioned above and deal with your life as things come at you.

      • Nothing about genetics has anything to do with fairness. If you have any sense, you make the best of what genetics has given you. Some are not intelligent enough to accomplish that no matter what you try to teach them.

      • So, you basically believe blacks are not worthy of being Americans, should be segregated from whites, and lack the intelligence to absorb education or be good community members or workers? But, you believe in equal opportunities? Strange.

        You are one angry person. And I am sorry to say, racist. Perhaps you would be happier in a gated community.

      • Equal opportunity means just that. I don’t understand why that’s strange to you. It means that you have the same opportunity to be successful as your neighbor. It doesn’t mean that one of you gets a job because you’re black, or gets a degree handed to you because you’re black, or gets a promotion because you’re black or gets a free anything. It means everything is based on merit. There’s nothing strange about it. There’s nothing wrong with segregation either. Most blacks have made it clear that they hate whites, so why would segregation be a problem? Yes, I am an angry person. See my avatar—it’s a warning. I’m angry that I am forced by a corrupt government to pay a lot of taxes because I’m a hard-working, productive, intelligent person, and I have to see my money being wasted to support worthless, violent, immoral people who get free everything. Yes, I’m a racist. And you’re silly, uninformed, & unrealistic (And I do live in a gated community.)

      • You missed my initial post here, where I voiced my disagreement with Affirmative Action or anything that affords bennies based on race.
        I disagree with your premise that blacks are not equal to whites, but should have equal opportunity: if you believe they are below whites in intellectual or whatever abilities, then equal opportunity is a moot point.

        I believe you should be directing your anger at your Congressional reps. Who is doling out these increasing benefits, fomenting inequality and racism by blacks against whites, and increasing your taxes?

        And it is you who are silly for allowing your emotions to trample your reasoning abilities in a debate. Attacking someone personally is a frustrated liberal trait, not that of a sensible Conservative.

  63. Just exterminate the ni66er animals and keep the blacks. Problem solved. I’d vote Allen West for ANYTHING especially PRESIDENT ! Or VICE president to Rand Paul – Tough choice.

    • See, I have a problem with us being forced into being responsible to weed through the 90%+ of n1ggers who are worthless apes, just to find the small percentage of n1ggers who can at least act human. Is it really worth the work?

      • You know, painfully, you have a point… but what if whites were 99% aggressive, animal, murderous scum? Would you be willing to “take one for the team” and, perhaps, loose a disease that killed us all? Die for the cause? Not me. I think the problem is not the people themselves, but what’s been made of their culture and outlook on life. Allen West and several others proves that it’s not the “black gene” that’s bad, it’s the culture in which 99% have been raised, and which 99% embrace. *sigh* what to do, what to do… I tell ya one thing, as I commented earlier, I do roll heavy and hot, if you know what I mean, and if a gang of blacks gets anywhere near me or my family, I am NOT going to assume they’ve come to sing Christmas carols…

      • SAT, It is definitely in the genes. The fact that there are a few black exceptions doesn’t mean it’s not genetic. There’s no way that 99% of whites could be murderous scum. If that were the case, civilization wouldn’t exist. A small % of whites most assuredly have done depraved things over the centuries, but civilization exists in all its glory today because of the white race. The black race, however, is destroying civilization with their indiscriminate breeding, incessant violence, and lack of morals and decency, and complete parasitic behavior and attitude. And the horror of it all is that productive citizens must pay for and support this sub-human species. The two races should never have been forced to live together. Blacks have been the way they are now since the beginning of time.

      • If you’re referring to IQ, Asians have a slightly higher IQ on average than average whites. Just for the record, Ashkenazi Jews have a higher IQ than average whites. It’s genetic.

      • I partially agree with you; instead of gassing, though, a total segregation would be better. They’ll be able then to lead the depraved lives too many of them seem to prefer and leave me the hell alone! Of course I know that will never happen, but it helps to consider it.

      • Build nice homes, farms and etc in Africa and send them there with a year worth of salary. We can send them back to their homeland on good terms. Hopefully Africans can learn from them creating a better Africa.

  64. Allen West and Thomas Sowell; two decent human beings whose voices are lost in a sea of obfuscation manufactured by bleeders. Our President has done more to divide our nation than anyone in recent history. So much for hope and change. Now I have to hope his changes can be reversed. I fear for my children and grandchildren.

  65. You got my vote and support. Please run and talk straight. You WILL be heard. You are one of the few that the tea party will support. They are saying they will stay home or vote 3rd party if we get a rino. You are one of the few they do not consider a rino.
    I disagree with the strategy but am certain they will NOT vote for Christie (because of Passaic county Hamas-linked judge appointment), Jeb, McCain, etc. We feel RNC is against us. You are the solution as long as you stay true. God bless you.

  66. As an American vet I give you my respect and hope that you will contine fighting A good fight. You also have my vote running with Rand Paul for the top two offices. I have many conserns about the black youth in America. But I have to say the problems they are creating for them selfs are going to be REALY BAD for their race. If our top leaders dont start talking abought the problem. Race wars will be comming to them and the black youth will suffer in ways they never dreamed. We’re talking abought the loss of A generation of blacks. While I am A white man 52 years old. I am not A raisest by any means. But whites arnt the only ones afraid of the black gangs. Even older blacks try to stray away from the large groops. If some thing is not done to get Americans working again there will be even bigger problems for us all.

  67. After reading this article and the comments below, it suddenly dawned on me that the real motivation, affect, or crux of the DOJ, barrack and the media’s attention/efforts on the travon case was to scare white people from defending ourselves. That was the point! Couple that with the DOJ, barrack and the media’s attention/efforts on gun control and I think we have a coordinated button-down effort to disable the ability of Americans (especially white Christians) to protect ourselves. By the way the whole protect and promote gay people movement was predicated on the beating of one gay man, does the underlying principle that people should not be bullied, beaten or harassed based on race, sexual orientation or religion apply here? Where are all the activists with such big hearts? Where is all the media attention from those so opposed to violence? The hypocrisy of the left discredits them. Their hypocrisy clearly dissects their agenda from their published motive. They don’t care about stoping violence or bullying, they care about power and control. If liberals were genuine in their concern about violence we would be hearing from the DOJ, barrack and the media about these black on white crimes/beatings. That is until anyone dare injure a black while trying to protect themselves. We’ve all been trained by DOJ, barrack and the media that those black thugs could be obama’s kids and anyone trying to protect themselves will feel the full weight of the DOJ, barrrack and the media. Don’t you think the thugs go that message loud and clear too?

    • You nailed it but the jury said that white people still have the right to defend themselves. The liberals didn’t like that answer.

  68. Race baiter’s on both sides need to understand the Hegelian Dialectic of pitting groups against each other. The predetermined winner of this charade is the cultural elitist (and Satan) who will expand the power of the State to meld humanity as they see fit. Old trick always ends badly but even smart people can be incredible stupid.

    • Pablo, No one’s pitting groups against each other; where are you getting that? Blacks are attacking whites. The corrupt state has forced law-abiding, productive, taxpaying citizens to live and work amongst this race of sub-humans. Not only that, but we also are forced by law to support black parasites with every freebie imaginable. I don’t know where you’re seeing any white race-baiters. We whites are just trying to stay as far away from them as possible, defend ourselves against their violence when we’re forced to, and don’t want anything to do with them. Blacks, at least 75% of them, are a pestilence that has destroyed society and are destroying civilization, and stupid whites are allowing it to happen.

    • Hegelian Dialectic is BS. The Blacks are attacking Whites, no Whites are attacking Blacks.

      What will you do when a White that is attacked kills 50 Blacks in Retaliation. It will eventually happen. Then the ILLEGAL ALIEN COMMUNIST MUSLIM THAT UNLAWFULLY HOLDS THE WHITE HOUSE WILL DECLARE MARSHALL LAW, BRING IN THE rUSSIANS AND THE CHINESE AND WE WILL HAVE TOTAL WAR. A lot of Blacks will be targeted by Whites and they will die, TOO.

    • Pablocruize, it’s already in progress and it’s ending badly. The corrupt government has been for over 50 years forcing productive white citizens to live amongst and support parasites, and even more parasites are on their way here from third world countries. Trillions of $$ have been spent to humanize and socialize these parasites, but the social engineering mandated by the State hasn’t worked. They’re still uncivilized, vulgar, dumb, unethical, and indolent. The moochers have multiplied to unsustainable levels and they’re devouring the host. Civilization is struggling to survive this horror story. I’m white and a racist, (not a race baiter). And there’s a reason I’m a racist. I’m forced to pay for everything for these parasites that contribute absolutely nothing to the betterment of society, and are, in fact, destroying it. I’m forced to support these moochers that want to kill me and will do so if they’re given an opportunity!

  69. Hang on, pablocruize… what do you mean “both sides?” I see no conservative race baiting going on. Just because there is a conflict does NOT mean that somewhere in the middle lies the truth. No sir. Sometimes in a conflict, one side is right, and one side is wrong. Blacks and liberals are ATTACKING whites and conservatives, PERIOD! Any conservative aggression is going to be few and far between. I’m betting you’ll have to bend – and probably break – the truth to show us any examples. And just FYI, I roll heavy EVERYWHERE I GO, and I’m on the lookout for BLACKS! That’s not racist, that’s just common sense. And if you want to CALL that “racist,” well, be my guest. Coming from you, I’ll wear the label with pride.

  70. As long as blacks can make more money from drugs and welfare, the 40% “unemployment rate” is a nonsensical argument for their “rage.” Their rage is no such thing. Those involved in these matters report that the rioters are having a high old time beating up on “whitey.” These lower forms of life which include “violent Muslims” (for that is what they are) have been given carte blanche by the establishment to beat, rob, rape and murder ordinary white American Christians and they know it. Not only isn’t the media saying anything, “law enforcement” often turns a blind eye if the damage is not fatal. Race war? It is already with us and will only get worse. When whites begin to fight back, you will see government paramilitary stepping in to “protect” the “helpless blacks” against “white supremacists” and the “klan.” And believe me, if you fight back and you’re white, you WILL be labeled a white supremacist and/or a member of the klan.

    Of course, this is only a continuation of Lincoln’s strategy in the War Against Secession when blacks in the South were used against whites both during and after the war. Those who believe that “reconstruction” ended back in the 19th century, THINK AGAIN!

  71. After reading quite a few of these comments and realizing that a lot of commenters are falling right into the race-baited trap. Obama and his party are indeed trying to divide this country by pitting races, class, education levels, young vs old, Christians vs non-Christians, anything to cause division and chaos.A diversion from the real issues, We are privileged to be able to recognize what is happening. Adolf Hitler used the divide and conquer method very well and we know what happened to people then. That said, it is probably not a good idea to comment about exterminating people, calling people slurs or whatever. Obama and his people are smart, don’t think they are not capable of monitoring this page and posting comments that incite people to react. I am not suggesting that people should not speak the truth or express concern for events that are taking place. It probably is best not to react with threats. It is a good thing to have the right knowledge and the right preparation to remain safe. I, too remain aware of my surroundings at all times, but I would be a fool just to remain aware of only blacks….. any race is capable of committing acts of violence. The best way to fight is to find worthy candidates, promote them and elect them. Once elected hold them to their platform…….. always keep your eyes on elected officials…. they work for you…. you are the boss!

    • The vitriol of the comments on my post blows me away. This nation has millions of black patriots who pursue the same dream as I do. Because a large percentage of foolish black people have been ensnared onto the liberal-socialist plantation with all its associated family and cultural chaos doesn’t mean I’m going to write them off. To do just the opposite would be Obama and the democrat ruling class worst nightmare.

      • True American Patriots stands with Patriots of all Races and all of us pursue the same dreams of a restored Constitutional Republic and the Founding Fathers dream of a Country that Promotes Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Happiness. I stand with you Pablo Cruise.The poor in this country are created by the Democrat Policies (and some RINOs ) that gut our economic system and destroys jobs and enslaves people through entitlements, all races of poor are exploited and kept poor for their political vote. .Obama’s economic policies have created millions more government dependent Americans. This situation is worse than the old Democrat Jim Crow aimed at keeping poor Blacks out of the voting system. Entitlements do exactly the same thing, what people who depend on the Democrat socialist entitlement policies will vote against their government provided livelihood. They have NO VOTING ChOICE and that is what makes them Slaves to the Federal Government! . The answer once again is to support candidates that support the US Constitution and self reliance of the American People. We as American People should be Ashamed and Embarrassed that we have allowed this Federal Government to become so large and to take so much Power from We the People!

      • Their are good and bad in all races, this is true. However, blacks propensity toward crime is 600 to 1000 % higher than whites, so the good that a few do is WIPED out by the bad so many do. The cause? Their breeding habits. 70% of black children are born without fathers present to whites. 71% of white woman give birth WHILE MARRIED. There is a direct correlation to bastard children and crime in ALL races. But hey, we are to “embrace” black culture.

        They can’t change what they are (animals) when it comes to their urges to “muh dik or muh coochie”. Have you seen the average black breeding sow? About 250 lbs (and I’m being kind), an awful wig, the personality of a pack animal, loud, and stupid. But those black bucks will “hit it” without blinking and eye or using a condom. I’m not lying and what I’ve said bears out in statistics.

        But you go ahead and continue with your foolish belief system…There is no hope for an 80 IQ, 12 months a year “in the rut”,:” everabuddy das white beez raysiss”, “gonna spend my AFDC money on my nails/weave n $300 jordan kicks for my current silverback,” “culture”.

      • Wow you speak so intelligently, you must be scholar or something and an expert on cultures and race. Id like to see some real scientific stats that prove all you just said including blacks as being “animals” when it comes to their urges and their average IQ being 80… You really disgust me…

      • Look up the “IQ bell curve”. You’ll really enjoy the fact that sub-saharan african blacks have an avg IQ of 67. The stats I quoted are easily researched. FBI uniform crime report, DOJ, 2010 Census, Center of Disease Control, and various studies on absent father and crime rates. You should try researching for yourself. As far as the Jordan shoes go, every time they come out with a new shoe, there are widespread news stories about the violence at “da mall”, involving blacks. They line up days ahead of time to get those shoes (since they don’t have jobs or anything else better to do). Gotta love the “Knockout game” your beloved black culture invented, or the flash mob robbery’s y’all commit. You see, white people just don’t do those things.Then for fun, watch some reality t.v. Great information on blacks can be attained by watching The First 48 (a who dunnit show featuring 95% black murderers), Maury and The Test (they reveal who be da baby daddy and many lie detector tests that black seem to always fail). Real entertainment and gives white folk like me a peek inside black :”cutcha”, mating habits and more!

      • It’s astounding to me that not only do blacks not care that they’re considered vulgar because their behavior is so nasty, they glorify it by appearing on these reality shows such as the baby daddy shows you mentioned. They are a clear indication that civilization is sinking into third world status. And the pukes that own the entertainment industry are getting rich off of such pathetic stuff. The current movies that are spreading lies & propaganda about history, slavery and whites, such as Lincoln, 12 Years a Slave, The Butler, Django Unchained, for examples, are also a clear sign that society is declining. Those kinds of movies subvert history leading the ignorant and uninformed to believe the wrong things.

      • Thanks, RY, that’s an excellent article!! Affirmative action is indeed an evil that has destroyed so much of what used to be a dynamic society based on merit. The social engineering of affirmative action has taken away society’s vibrancy and replaced it with incompetence & indolence. It’s hard to believe that a country like the US has sunk so low.

      • wow Rena – this comments on this thread are in a time-warp….straight out of 1950s Mississippi…..unbelievable.

      • Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Shame on you. If you’re so set on proving the superiority of whites, then why not try proving it by debating in a more adult way? (or, alternatively, you could pay someone to give you a BJ…perhaps a lack of sexual activity is what’s causing your lapse in manners?)

      • Rena, the statistics are all over the Internet. Besides, you don’t need statistics to prove the point. Just look at conditions in sub-Saharan countries as well as Detroit, Chicago, Birmingham, Atlanta, Charlotte, and any where that blacks are predominate.

      • I dont disagree that their living conditions are pretty bad and I agree forget the stats as they can be manipulated in any direction to either prove or disprove a point. But the thing is lumping all people into one lump is pretty ignorant in the long run when I have seen for myself the amount of blacks that are very intelligent, even became doctors, lawyers, scientists etc… so you have those who are pretty stupid but you also have whites that fall in the category, where I look in Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana… I have seen many towns and cities that as bad as Detroit etc. and the most of the whites there can’t read or write. How do you explain that considering we are supposed to be the “superior” race?

      • Rebel Yell, I believe low IQ is to blame for all of it—all of the black culture/behavior. No one with any intelligence chooses to breed as indiscriminately as blacks do, having several children they can’t afford to support with different men and never marrying any of them. The men don’t have any morals or ethics, thus, they have no thought about supporting the kids they create. That’s just low I. Q. at work. The women probably don’t even know who the fathers of the kids are. And the men will poke anything that has an orifice!! That’s nasty & vulgar! No one with any intelligence does any of the nasty, vulgar, sorry, mean things they do. And I agree with you—there’s no hope for this situation. A corrupt and evil government has foisted these thangs on society—forced us productive citizens to not only live amongst them but pay for them with the money we earn. I’m a racist and I don’t apologize for it. If I wasn’t forced to support this nasty, indecent, violent species of sub-human beings I wouldn’t feel such bitterness toward them. The government is to blame for all the ill will that’s rampant between the races–they force productive citizens to live with and support this vulgarity.

      • It’s not racist to poke fun, criticize, and point out truth when it comes to any groups propensity toward unabashed stupidity, lack of moral character, violence, crime, sexual deviancy,and sloth. Nevermind their ill breeding habits. But we are supposed to “embrace and celebrate” their “diversity”. Hogwash!

      • I’m racist because I believe that blacks have a propensity towards this low-life behavior far more so than whites. I believe there was a reason for segregation, and we’re seeing that reason—blacks are a sub-human species that can’t assimilate into decent society.

  72. People must realize that our society is based on voluntary
    compliance to our laws. Otherwise, we would be a dictatorial state with a law
    enforcement officer on every corner of every street to strictly require
    mandatory compliance to the laws. Our society has increased in both numerical
    population and criminal percentage, and has become increasingly more violent;
    especially within the minority races. (12% of the population are minorities and
    they commit 60% of violent crime). America
    seems to be regressing to a point that each citizen must be ready to protect
    their loved ones and property from the outlaws that roam our streets. Call it
    the Old West, but in those days people dispensed Justice quickly. If the
    outlaws keep progressing as they are, the people will eventually have enough
    and start hanging them in the trees as they used to.

  73. It is time for vigilance. Arm
    yourselves, and when necessary defend yourselves. Never travel alone, and
    always carry a cell phone. Things like this will only get worse unless
    these predators are put in fear of death or injury if they
    attack. Force is the only way to stop the packs of sub-human animals
    as it is the only thing they respect or fear..

      • just gotta love your stereotyping.. /sarc

        Not all blacks are out to steal your cell or out to attack, but there is a problem with attacks amongst some that feel there is no way out. No Im not excusing this problem and Im certainly not a liberal, I am very much conservative but talking like a racist is just what the liberal feeds off of.. and why we conservatives have a hard time proving we are not racist… Whats empowering these kids is the liberal agenda to paint us as racist even if we are black, Hispanic, or any other minority and your drivel on here helps fuel that agenda

      • Here’s an interesting stat for you. Whites are 39 times more likely to be victimized by a black than visa verse and blacks are 136 times more likely to commit a robbery. You can look that up to, it’s fun and easy! In any given year between 35,000 and 40,000 white women are sexually assaulted by black men yet between ZERO to 5 black women are sexually assaulted by white men. (FBI Uniform Crime Report) typically tables 42 to 45. Look for yourself. The information is there for you and all to read, but you won’t like the truth it reveals about blacks. Not one bit,..

      • Ok Rebel Yell… First off, I can obviously read otherwise
        I wouldn’t have posted anything in the first place, seems I made you a bit
        angry?… oh sorry to have hurt your little feelings but well to address your
        posts here we go…

        While I do agree that as per the IQ tests, I’m not closed
        minded and I can read these statistics and Blacks do tend to be lower with an
        average score of 85%, Whites at 100% and Asians averaged 106%, this based on a
        test that was primarily developed for Euro-American culture (News Medical, 2005),
        trying to legitimize your theory that Blacks are inferior (or animals) with the
        stats of 67% of sub-Saharan African Blacks is just trying to fit your round peg
        in a square hole. But what is intelligence and what do we base it on? Do we
        only base it on math, English, reading etc or is there more to it than just
        that? For instance, most people who live in the city can’t do some of the work
        required on a farm. A CEO of a major corporation can’t perform surgeries just
        because he or she watched a video and sub-Saharan African who only knows about
        living in the desert won’t know the same things as a person raised in the US. Does
        it mean that can’t learn these things, absolutely not, given the chance many of
        these can, even those with the supposed lower IQ.

        These differences can be the result of several
        factors, such as environment, culture, and education opportunity. It was found
        that in some cases, blacks who were adopted by white families had higher IQ
        scores than those who were not. Those living in poorer neighborhoods where
        schools are inferior tend to have lower scores than those who live in affluent areas
        where schools have better teachers and equipment. Nutrition also plays a part in one’s ability
        to learn; those with poor nutrition had lower IQ scores than those who were
        healthy. The gap is also closing where in 1971 the standard deviation between
        white and black was 1.25, to .69 in 1996, and the math gap fell from 1.33 to
        .89. Could this be due to better education opportunities now than they had some
        30 years ago?

        Now putting IQ scores aside, I look at what I see
        around me while growing up in California, and going to school in Georgia and Arkansas.
        I look at people I’ve met from all over the world from England, Ireland,
        Germany, Australia, Iraq, Japan, China, Mexico, Nigeria, Ghana, Dominican
        Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Canada. When I see a lot of young black
        students out performing white students in my local schools where I live I see
        there is no difference in the learning ability of races. Asians and Whites have
        an excessively higher access to better education and cultural advantages here in
        America, whereas Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans are lower. When I see
        Dr. Carson whom I admire being put down because of his race and overcoming
        racism and prejudice to become a world renowned Neurologist I am convinced that
        IQ is not a matter of race but of opportunity, that the tests given are set up
        to classify others unfairly because they are based on a one size don’t fit all.
        In addition, they are now finding that IQ tests are not an accurate marker of
        intelligence… do a bit of research on that now J

        Now to move on…. I found one website
        that supported your stats, nice coming from a white elitist group, do you also
        quote from Stormfront or the VNN? Not to worry, I’m used to people like
        you and have had many years debating such issues as this on both sides of the
        coin. I will concede
        if you show me the actual stats and not something from these organizations, I
        tried the links from the one site you recommended and well most are dead links or
        nowhere near showing any statistic tables or any recent reports. However I’ll
        post what I found via the FBI UCR

        by Race, 2012 http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2012/crime-in-the-u.s.-2012/tables/43tabledatadecoverviewpdf

        In 2012, 69.3 percent of all individuals arrested were
        white, 28.1 percent were black, and 2.6 percent were of other races.

        Of all juveniles (persons under the age of 18) arrested
        in 2012, 65.2 percent were white, 32.2 percent were black, and 2.5 percent
        were of other races.

        Of all adults arrested in 2012, 69.7 were white, 27.6
        percent were black, and 2.7 percent were of other races.

        individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals
        of any other race, accounting for 58.7 percent of those arrests.

        The percentages of black adults and white adults
        arrested for murder were similar, with 49.3 percent being black and 48.3
        percent being white.

        Black juveniles accounted for 51.5 percent of all
        juveniles arrested for violent crimes. White juveniles accounted for 61.6
        percent of all juveniles arrested for property crimes.

        Of the juveniles arrested for drug abuse violations,
        74.0 percent were white.

        White juveniles accounted for 55.2 percent of juveniles
        arrested for aggravated assaults.

        I don’t have time at the moment to look
        for the black on white and white on black crime statistics. I did try however
        but to no avail, so I will get back to another time, however I’m sure you will
        dismiss it as well because you have only one purpose at the moment, which is to
        show that Blacks are just “animals” and not human beings just as we are. Oh
        yeah that’s right you think I’m black too. Sorry to disappoint you sweetheart
        but I am very much white, and proud to be so, but I know how padding statistics
        to try to make your point valid. I used to be you, a long time ago but have
        since grown up and opened my eyes to the truth. That there is evil in all
        races, good and bad that exists in the human race that at one point one will be
        higher than the other.

        Your racism shows so purely in all
        that you stated. Sad to have such a closed mind that you can’t think for yourself
        but only rely on the puppeteers control over your mind… Congratulations for
        showing that Redneck America is still alive and well… well still ignorant.

        FYI, I hold a BA in Criminal Justice
        working on my MA in Forensic/Criminal Psychology and Human Behaviour. While
        working on these degrees, I had to have a tutor for math (not my best subject),
        a Nigerian who was a genius, who came over here on scholarship. He was chosen
        by his employer at Vandenberg AFB for further education/teaching other
        employees in the space program they had. So much for your theory they are just ignorant

      • You’ve missed a crucial step in your research. Demographics. When you figure in the demographic factor (blacks 12.6% of the populace and whites at 72.3%) you then see that PER CAPITA black crime stats are roughly 6 to 8 times that of whites. Or you could look at it this way, 5% of white males will go to prison in their lifetime while 32% of black males will go. HUGE DIFFERENCE. HUGE!!!!!!! That means for every white guy (per capita) that goes to jail, 6 black guys go (per capita). There are almost 6 times as many whites in this country. Therefore if all things were equal, whites would commit 72.3% of all crime and blacks 12.6% . So you better study harder, you need to work on your math skills when figuring ratio’s…Using your logic, if there were say 10,000 white folk in a city and 1,000 blacks living in the same city, and 1,200 whites got arrested while ALL 1,000 blacks were arrested, you’d proclaim whites are more likely to commit crime. My gosh, you really need to do more work. What’s scary is that people with reasoning skills akin to yours can get a degree.

      • That’s all nonsense. Forget statistics and take a look at the conditions of any place on the planet where blacks predominate. They’re disaster areas. No one said that there aren’t exceptions. But the exceptions don’t matter.

      • Ok Rebel, First off, I can obviously read, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted in the first place, seems I must have made you a bit mad? awe sorry… didn’t mean to hurt your silly little feelings little man, hope we can still be friends 🙂

        Now, while I do agree that as to the statistics on the IQ tests scores, however I am not totally inclined to believe or put that much faith in them as there are too many issues that can influence the outcome of these tests. On the webpage I’m referring to called News Medical, their stats show that Blacks averaged 85, whites averaged 100 and Asians showed a 106 average. Sub-Saharan Africans showed the 67% you were so proud of displaying, but according to this website the test was developed primarily for Euro-American cultures, meaning white. Furthermore IQ tests have been shown not to be an accurate marker of intelligence, for one there are different definitions of intelligence.. might want to research these findings hun.. its fun to learn so much about the human mind and behaviour.

        Ok now to your claims on crime… I went to the link you provided, and well was quite interesting, but unsupported. Meaning that every link I went to didn’t prove what he was saying because the links were either dead or they didn’t link to any specific table/article. Oh and on a side note, its not always a great idea to base your information on a website that is, for all purposes, a white elitist page… do you also get your information from Stormfront or the VNN? well here we go… here is what I found on the FBI UCR 2012 report…

        Arrests, by Race, 2012 (read the very bottom) http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2012/crime-in-the-u.s.-2012/tables/43tabledatadecoverviewpdf

        In 2012, 69.3 percent of all individuals arrested were
        white, 28.1 percent were black, and 2.6 percent were of other races.

        Of all juveniles (persons under the age of 18) arrested
        in 2012, 65.2 percent were white, 32.2 percent were black, and 2.5 percent
        were of other races.

        Of all adults arrested in 2012, 69.7 were white, 27.6
        percent were black, and 2.7 percent were of other races.

        White individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals of any other race, accounting for 58.7 percent of those arrests.

        The percentages of black adults and white adults
        arrested for murder were similar, with 49.3 percent being black and 48.3 percent being white.

        Black juveniles accounted for 51.5 percent of all
        juveniles arrested for violent crimes. White juveniles accounted for 61.6 percent of all juveniles arrested for property crimes.

        Of the juveniles arrested for drug abuse violations,
        74.0 percent were white.

        White juveniles accounted for 55.2 percent of juveniles
        arrested for aggravated assaults.

        I don’t have a lot of time to spend on this stuff at the moment and haven’t had time to look up the white on black/black on white crime reports, I did try however but to no avail. If you can get proof for me that shows from an unbiased source, I’ll concede. I am used to dealing with people like you, I have done so for many years and used to be you at one time.. but I grew up and learned to rely on my own observations whats going on as far as the intelligence of people. Crime stats speak for themselves and at one time whites were killing blacks at an astonishing rate, but of course that doesn’t fit your agenda of claiming blacks are just animals and not human beings as we are… oh yeah, that’s right, you assumed I was black… Sorry to disappoint you sweetheart, but I’m very much white, educated, and proud of who I am.

      • BULL CRAP RENA ! Blacks average lower than 70 in every
        test known to man ! Quit sugar coating their stupidity !

      • Wow a bit long time to answer that one… but here you go.. the SUB-SAHARAN Africans did score at about 67%, that is because as the article states.. is the test was designed for Euro-American cultures. Blacks in Western cultures averaged at around 85%, still below whites who averaged at 100% and Asians who averaged at 106… No one is sugar coating anything but the stats speak for themselves as you can see since you are using the same stats as I am using… grow up and see the difference little man…

    • The call in the 1960s among Black Panther’s was to ARM YOURSELF or HARM YOURSELF. As a former follower of Black Power I ask this, “In the words of Rodney King, Will we ever get along in America.” Can fellowship become the daily marching order for our lives-can we come together and not have our lives dominated by competing for the small space of live, liking fighting for space on the feeway and banging our way too and fro, just because we have no fault car insurance. In a word, when will the human family become our daily bread.

  74. NONE of the above mentioned black on white crimes are being prosecuted as “hate crimes”. Even though in some of them it was reported that racial slurs were used by the perps against the victims. Why is this? Blacks are a protected species!

    Their crimes are under reported, their crime stats are hidden, the MSM goes so far as to leave out descriptions of perps in most articles, and even politicians refuse to call a spade a spade. They go out of their way to make excuses for abhorant, unacceptable behavior.

    Standards have been lowered (test scores) in police/fire departments in thousands of cities across our nation to “encourage” these brainless idiots to “get a job”. The result? Blacks with 80 IQ’s are put in positions that require intelligent thought under extreme pressure and it equals A BIG FAIL! 30% of the Fed’s work force are black. Why do you think the government is so inefficient?

    Trillions of dollars have been spent to help blacks assimilate (head start, job training, special education, birth control giveaways and ad campaigns, college money, “youth” centers et al. The result? ZERO…For 3 plus decades the pc campaign touting “accept/embrace diversity”, and “everyone is the same” is nothing more than a brainwashing. “They” aren’t the same, not even close…

  75. Mr Alan West, I know what is stirring up “race issues,” is crooked officers trying to make a dollar going after Republicans and religious right, [they did this to me, I run Carrie Geren Scoggins Political Newsletter, was head of TN Libertarian Party for 20 years], they can not get something on us since we do not do drugs or break the law, so they tried to frame all of us for racism. They told all their informants that are African American that I was a racist, and daily kept it going, it was abuse of a public office, here in Murfreesboro TN and in Cleveland, TN, [KEEP IN MIND I AM NATIVE AMERICAN AND PART BLACK, WE ARE REGISTERED ON THE LEE REGISTRY OF THE CHEROKEE NATION, SO I AM NOT EVEN WHITE], the crooked federal marshal in Cleveland TN named Whaley and his daughter Lou Ann Whaley, had Beth, their 20 year informant put up klans crosses on the property she rents from my family, of whom admitted they did it to “pin it on Jason and Carrie,” my brother and I. HOW CAN THEY FRAME US FOR RACISM WHEN WERE NOT WHITE! Come to find out they were all Democrats with a badge, hired on gay activist and Democrat activists that hated us over our Christian religious faith and for being standard Republicans. MORE OF WHAT WE HEARD OUT OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, GO AFTER REPUBLICANS, BUT FROM ALL DEMOCRATS ACROSS THE COUNTRY ON STATE AND LOCAL LEVELS, TOO. HIRE ON BIG LIBERALS SO THE CAN ALL GET NEEDLESS INFORMANT CHECKS AND THEY ARE MOTIVATED TO BREAK EVERY LAW IN THE BOOK TO TAKE US DOWN. I FEEL THEY DID IT TO HERMAN CAIN, AND WILL TO ALL REPUBLICANS, IT IS NOT ABOUT RACE REALLY, IT IS A MOVE TO TAKE DOWN CONSERVATIVES AT ANY COST. STIR UP ALL OPPOSITION TO REPUBLICANS POSSIBLE, EVEN IF THEY HAVE TO RESORT TO ACCUSATIONS OF RACISM WITH THEIR INFORMANTS, AND TRYING TO FRAME PEOPLE FOR RACISM [LIKE ME, AND ME NOT EVEN WHITE!]- CARRIE GEREN SCOGGINS POLITICAL NEWSLETTER, AND CARRIE GEREN SCOGGINS POLITICAL NEWSLETTER BIBLE PROPHECY TIMES EDITION, FACEBOOK AND BLOGGER

    • I am sorry that happened to you and am embarrassed for our country that you had to put up with such treatment. It amounts to immature bullying and I hope you are able to have some recourse for the indignation they attempted to cause.


      • I’m sorry that this is happening to you and other people. However, I don’t agree that only white people can be racists.

    • Wow! You raise a VERY important fact! Statistically more and more of the black population is getting sucked into Islam which could be a hidden factor in the recent rise in attacks. As a Christian we all know too well that we are the targets of this administration and their obomination. Coverage of this is so scarce that you rarely get real facts, especially religious affiliations.

    • Well, sorry for your trouble, but if you just sit back this USA Sodom and Gomorrah will soon be destroyed. Put the blood of Christ on the lintels of your doors and you will survive.

  76. Carry a bull horn, a stun gun, pepper spray and a rope. Start yelling “bomb” or “fire” on the bull horn. Spray as many eyes thoroughly with pepper spray, stun anyone that comes within arms length and then tie them all up with the rope and leave them in the middle of the street. The police will surely take notice if traffic is stopped for a pile of trash.

  77. Blacks, and I mean ALL black Americans hate, ALL white Americans, period. The black youth today are totally out of control. Zimmerman did America a big favor, just one less smart ass black punk.

      • its all fear and paranoia, angry mobs only burn down cities. the rural counties should be fine

    • While its good to defend yourself when you’re attacked, and no, a pistol ain’t enough, you don’t want to fall into the trap of race hatred (or any other hatred) that the elites are setting you up for. Get away from the big cities. Figure out a way to survive what’s coming and do the best you can with what you have. Once all majority have starved, small farming communities will begin to thrive.

  78. “Are we on the verge of race war?” I don’t know maybe we should ask Renisha Mcbride. Oh yeah we can’t, she’s dead, she got a bullet in face because she knocked on the wrong door seeking for help after a car accident. Where’s the non-stop coverage? There isn’t any. And Col. West with all due respect if there is a race war that breaks out, all the racists you are pandering too won’t see past the color of your skin.

    • Incidents like are rare, ni99er attacks on whites are a daily thing. But they are generally ignored by the Jew controlled media. That is, unless Jews are attacked by blacks. Then, it’s a national crisis. But it’s usually distorted in any case.

      • No. it needs to happen every day. Most ni99ers are criminals, ni99r bucks make up about 6% of the population, but account for more than 50% of armed assaults, robberies, rapes and murders. More than 1/3 of ni99er bucks have been in prison, compare that to less than 6% of whites.

        If a ni99er threatens you, shoot his subhuman ass, and say it tried to rob you!

    • Any homeowner has no obligation to assist anyone at the front door. And according to news sources, Renisha McBride tried to break in.using items on the porch of the homeowner.

      This is why we need to separate – to prevent this type of culture clash. Multiculturalism is a complete failure.

    • Wrong, I have friends who are black and I have no issue with them at all. We share bread and beer, have BBQ’s etc. It is the lazy stereotypical ni**er that Obama is creating via more and more welfare that is the problem. They refuse to work, expect whites to give them a living because their ancestors were slaves.

      But if you look back into history whites were enslaved just as much as the blacks were, indentured servitude over a debt for example, company mining towns in recent American history where the miners typically owed more than they made and could never get ahead because the only place company script was accepted was the company store.

      • You may be right but we need to drop the good black man/niggers mentality. We whites love to use that word, especially in black company. It gives us a sort of twisted pleasure to say it in black company. Maybe the only real solution is segregation. I’m beginning to believe that there isn’t much hope aside from the return of the King, Yahushua Messiah (Jesus Christ). No matter how pure our hearts may be, how good our intentions are, the race divide is too huge to span.

      • What’s your point Mary? Either way the word is fundamentally hateful. I’ve used it in anger many times. I’m ashamed of myself because deep down I know it is wrong. We need to get busy changing things for the better, unfortunately there is a concerted effort to stop any real positive change. We have race baiters and liars coming at us from all directions. We have lying politicians, evil rich men, corporate greed, supposed “global warming” (yeah CO2 is now a poison) so we all must drive our cars off a cliff and plow fields on the global plantation (except for those rich people paying for all the fear mongering).

        And all of it for one reason, to keep us enslaved. Divide and conquer. Order out of chaos.

    • Another part of the problem…another brainwashed victim of Democratic race baiting. Sad. And btw…if I have to, my glow in the dark white ass will stand right in front of Lt. Col. West and take a bullet for him! I’ve got nothing…he’s got the potential to be a great leader and the background and intelligence to lead this country back to glory. So you FAIL. Epically!

    • From reading this case which happened in Dearborn Michigan ( A Very High Crime Area where every Citizen is Super Paranoid and with good reason) “The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office reported that she was highly intoxicated at the time of her death.” And there was a 3 hour time lapse between the accident and her arriving at this house. I personally cannot pass judgement without knowing all the facts to this case. But this certainly was NOT just a simple victim seeking help after a car accident who ended up being shot! She might have acted peculiar due to the intoxication and this man may have been so scared from living in a high crime area which resulted in the events unfolding as they did.

  79. There has been an undeclared race war going on, but the Jew controlled media ignores it. Whites are attacked by ni99ers daily, but you barely know it because it is ignored. But if ni99ers attack a Jew, it’s suddenly a national crisis. Whites need to start striking back, ni99ers are subhuman animals and only understand the lash and the noose. Our grandfathers knew this and acted accordingly!

  80. Problem in Obama’s plan is how heavily armed whites are compared to blacks. A saturday night special is no match for an AR-15, AR-10, 50bmg… when whites sit back off of a riot a quarter mile and start picking off the black rioters to protect whites war will be on!

    And Obama will then have his excuse to declare martial law.

    • I guess you’ve never read the turner Diaries. I suggest you read that book. Check out our military and who they are targeting and recruiting. It ain’t whitey anymore. Check out all of the Hispanic soldiers throwing gang signs, wearing the uniform of the American combat infantryman. A race war is coming but it isn’t happening at the grass roots level. It’s a top down nightmare.

      • US infantry is how big? 100,000 at most? 100+ million gun owners, 1% turn out and we will be the biggest army on the planet. And plenty of ex military in command of the militias.

      • If only thing were so simple. We have way more then just 100k infantry. We have thousands of tanks, Apache helicopters, drones, bombs, you name it we have it. America has the largest Navy in human history. The next 13 nations cannot match our naval might when combined. We have 12 aircraft carriers (two held in reserve and we are building three more) and many, many other toys that put the rest of the world to shame.

        We cannot hope to defeat such a monster by engaging it symmetrically. Asymmetrical warfare is the only way, and even then it would be extremely difficult and extremely bloody.

        I’m not saying it is impossible, only something we should avoid if we can. We haven’t tried every peaceful means at our disposal yet, have we? We live in a apathetic and dumbed down society. Propaganda is the norm. As Orwell wrote, telling the truth in such a society is a revolutionary act.

      • So they have how many bombs? Inventories are low after non stop war. They launch a missile to get what? 3 people? Meanwhile 3 others somewhere else are doing a hit and run taking out an entire platoon. This will not be lines of forces facing each other, there will not be a front, this will be hit and run attacks by small groups. The same tactics tribal members in Afghanistan have used to defeat the Russians and the US military. You cannot stop an army that is scattered over an entire country. An army made up of people from all walks of life. An army that will attack and melt back into the population before the government can respond because modern warfare tactics are to slow. They wipe out an entire town to swat 3 people and word will spread and more and more will join the fight against them. Plus 50% or more of the military will defect or fight from within.

      • Inventories certainly are not low (Our country had enough bombs in reserve to send a huge shipment of arms to Israel during their genocidal bombing of Gaza in the past month).

        I don’t necessarily disagree with you. I just want to point out that we should not hope for such an event. It would be the bloodiest revolution in history and we wouldn’t be sure what type of system we’d be living under after it was all over.

        I don’t want a revolution, I would like to see a reformation (big difference between the two).

      • Civil war is inevitable with the current path our government is taking. Soon as they try to disarm us the battle will be on.

      • And it’s growing weekly especially since the communist news media is instigating a race war for Holder and Obama. American’s are ready for them from coast to coast.

  81. Read the Obama prophecies, the Lord has now warned several of His servants about Obama and what is coming to the USA! revelation12(dot)ca

  82. The truth is that there are many people of all races who accept one another and choose to live in peace. There are also many and this problem is primarily a black problem where the kids were raised and taught to feel oppressed by whites and this would suck the hope out of any human being and boils down to conditioning. This conditioning created a perception of a reality that plagues these children into adulthood and robs them of peace and happiness. These parents are no better than the Islamism who condition their own children and raise them to hate. We each reap what we sow, and those parents who raised their children without hope and the knowledge that they could obtain anything with work ethic are beginning to reap from those seeds of hate that they planted. It just makes one wonder if they will even have the good sense to realize that they created this problem.

  83. The USA needs a race war. Niggers need to be reintroduced to the lash and the noose. It’s the only thing their borderline retard IQ’s understand!

  84. West you are a true hunk of crap. You promote this garbage to groups of people that are all to ready to eat it up. I hope you (West) actually read the garbage that is being post on your site aimed at people that look like you. I don’t blame the posters of the garbage they are being misled by true race hustlers like yourself. West you are truly a foul,hunk of crap.

  85. Meanwhile illegal Latin America immigrants continue to fllod our country quietly taking over our country without firing a shot.

  86. So far the republican leadership collectively doesn’t have the balls of one moth. When they take over in 2015 they better try to grow some spine for the first time or they won’t hold the house next time. This is their last chance.

  87. The race war has been going on for a long time. Whites are just either too comfortable, stupid or cowardly to realize it. But this goes out to all of the jews and the turd colored parasites in the country that hate us. You have a tiger by the tail. And one of these days, he’s going to rip your moronic, savage asses to shreds. The sooner the better.


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