Obamacare Operator Firing Reveals True Face of Liberalism

You may have heard of Earline Davis, the young black woman – probably an Obama supporter at one time — who was working at a call center supporting the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Earline was fired for answering a phone call from Sean Hannity while he was broadcasting his radio show and responded with honest answers to his questions.

She was fired for telling the truth. She was not counseled, not told to refrain from doing the same thing again. Nope, she was fired. The message sent to Earline Davis is that Obama and his liberal progressive ilk do not want independent thinkers or truth tellers. They demand blind allegiance and obedience, from their collective servants.

Earline lost favor and therefore had to be punished. What a lesson she learned about honesty and the true face of liberalism behind locked doors.

This is how liberals care. This is how little liberals thought of Earline. What an amazing contrast that the conservative Sean Hannity, so hated by liberals, stepped in and took responsibility for Earline’s well being and is providing her a year’s salary directly from his own coffers. What a testimony to American benevolence, not liberal progressive socialist subservience, that Earline is being offered countless employment opportunities. After all, who would not want an honest employee?

The lesson for Earline and for all Americans is that conservatives believe in helping our fellow brothers and sisters. Liberals will only use you for their ideological agenda because they possess no code of honor. This is not outreach, it is not inclusiveness, and all the more telling considered it occurred in the same week when Democrats showed us they still embrace the symbology of the Ku Klux Klan — and for Earline the same tactics of intimidation.


  1. As soon as I heard the call on Hannity I knew she was done! Good thing Hannity said he would do her a solid and help her out of his own pocket. That is ownership right there! Wish more in Washington had the same!

  2. Wow! That phone call was a blessing in disguise. Hannity paying her a years salary, plus a potential job offer. God bless them both.

  3. Liberals are not new. For centuries there have been people with their same personal goals. They gain power by corrupting the people. They make false claims of hope. These people are minions of the devil. Their goal is to take and hold us under slavery.
    What happen to this woman won’t be the first.

    • I don’t think people learn from the past or they wouldn’t keep repeating it. I feel like shouting in the middle of the DC CONGRESSIONAL MEETING but would be thrown out that FREEDOM IS NEVER EVER FREE, Someone has paid a heavy price for it and for the other poor suckers who believe OBAMA there is one born every minute. give me the freebies, don’t make me work and I will vote for you. I don’t care about anybody else take care of me. then they get enough people on freebies and welfare and there are their voters.. Goodness if a Republican got in office they might have to work for a job.

  4. This is only “proof” to people who already know the truth. People who are
    impervious to truth will remain so. Further, I wonder if SHE voted for
    the Obama-nation, and if so, is she still going to vote for
    Death-o-crats in the future.

    • She actually stated that she wasn’t following politics when Hannity asked her during there phone interview. I am very sure she knows what kind of people she wound up dealing with when working for Obamacare.

  5. The near total incompetence of the obamacare launch should make one wonder if it wasn’t intentional, so as to make the 100% socialism of ‘single payer’ inevitable. The Alinsky Method depends on mis-direction, stealth, and a single-minded pursuit of kicking out all the under-pinnings of a free society. obama is a cancer on America.

    • Of course it’s deliberate. Wait and see if they don’t start pinning the “failure” and cost increases on private insurance firms. And then offer a solution to make it all government-supplied to “solve” the problem with subsidies and regulation. The Hegelian Dialectic, used by communists and socialists, says to create the desired result, create the problem you want to solve.

      • Exactly right. Those who support mullah obama will get what they deserve. The rest of us will resist to the end.

  6. Coming from that racist Hannity eh? Looking forward to seeing how they will try to spin that one. Hannity helping out a God fearing black woman. She really is about as sweet, naive and innocent as they come. Much of MSM will probably just quash it with some kind of news about Kim K’s wedding ring. I swear there are journalists in this country that really need to be ashamed of themselves. I am hoping that Hannity will be an inspiration to the integrity of the many in his profession that seem to have lost it!

  7. When I heard the phone conversation, I knew she would probably be fired when she hung up! I am so glad that Sean and others are looking after her well being, because she probably needed that job!

  8. This is similiar to what Ted Cruz is experiencing in regards that if you speak against their party or say anything negative they want you gone. Fortunately for Cruz he can’t be fired as this lady was. I’m just happy she will get help with her bills and finding another job.

  9. A young mother trying to make it in life fires for telling the truth.Let alone she is a young black women doing the right thing,had a job,caring for a child just trying to make it in life.And this government wonders why so many just give up.Shame on her employer,she should have gotten a raise and a promotion.

  10. Sickening! To liberals, people are just tools. I think there was a time in history; when people were thought of, as just tools. Funny how the people who ended that situation in Americas history; came to this girls rescue when she was thrown to the waste side. People have to remember their history, or they are destined to repeat it. Republicans fought for over a hundred years to end slavery. When we thought the fight was over, the Democrats found a way to enslave the entire nation, into servitude, with debt. I am worried that Americans won’t figure out we’re being sold down the river until it’s too late. Liberals/Progressives have been building their fortress since the 1920’s. People need to recognize that this fight that has been raging for almost a hundred years, is about complete control. We are being slowly sold into slavery of debt, and the vehicle just shifted into overdrive. Remember the pyramids were not built in one life time; They took centuries to construct, but if we keep allowing the progressives to lay stones. They will build monuments to their greatness that will scar this nation for eons.

    • I would say you are correct and look who this nation is in the greatest debt to. the liberal do gooders will not think it is so neat when or if we lose our rights to the Chinese. If I remember correctly they don’t tolerate free speech and demonstrations. You just get in line like a good little chinese or you die. Sure Glad I will be out of here when it happens. COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS.

  11. I like how Hannity is taking responsibility for doing something that they were aware could risk someone’s job. Generally, you should not be on public media or put anything about work on public media such as FB, Twitter. But she was not aware of that, though Hannity clearly was aware it could get her fired. She’ll have a better job as a result.

    • I don’t see how Hannity could have been “AWARE”.. It’s a call center, and open to everyone who wants information.. Earline answered all the questions asked, truthfully and polite, which is what a normal call center wants.. Oblamer said his administration would have transparency, and the told people what to do in a public forum, firing the support agent is a slap in the face of every hard working person who steps up to dealing with the confusion this cumbersome tax code presents… The call desk administrators should have been happy with Earline’s handling of the situation.. But the sneaky a$$-kissing cretins FIRED her.. Because, in fact, Obamacare has little to do with healthcare, but more to do with healthcare insurance and an information grab by the socialistic arm of the federal government, which exists in the Democrat side of the administration and their overpriced, self-indulgence RINOS…..

    • Sean asked her if it was ok with her to be on radio. If her training did not cover that then it was that which was at fault not Hannity. he had no way of knowing what Obama’s lackeys were up to as usual. She answered honestly and did her job. However the last think Obama can have is someone who is honest working for him, his whole house of cards would fall and all those nasty little secrets would come tumbling out. Hannity did help though he was under no obligation to do so. I ran two different corporations for 13 yrs, if my employees were not trained to do the job they were hired to do especially when dealing with the public then it would have been my fault. This lady is well rid of Obama and his whole web of lies.

    • Can they call this “racism”? Methinks not. But you are correct, and Bush will be blamed – no, wait. Ted Cruz will be blamed for this one!!!

      • By their own twisted definition, this is absolutely racism. Imagine if a liberal was fired from a company in this way… We’d have a race-bait trio protesting and calling for riots and boycotts.

  12. Nice does not pay with people like Obama and his minions. Hannity hit the nail on it’s head. Erline did her job well but was fired for it. Kathleen Sebilius failed dramatically in her job, costing the taxpayers MILLIONS of extra dollars to repair the mess she made yet she is still employed. So is Lois Lerner. So is Eric Holder. So are the folks at the State Department who failed to provide minimal security in Benghazi. The list goes on and on. Where is the outrage on the left?

  13. I heard that call and thought to myself that that kind of sincerity and earnestness will surely be severely punished by this regime of profound deception and theatrics. That woman should be taken care of by the GOOD people. Hopefully Hannity will make sure that happens.

  14. my daughter learned a similar lesson when working in a managerial position at a pizza chain. She got a call from a state agency which pays for daycare and was asked some questions about a girl who works there which she answered honestly. That caused the girl to lose benefits and she was essentially forced to quit because of the way her superiors and co-workers behaved. She was taught right and unfortunately being right is not always easier. She got a better job and left that place. I am truly happy this young woman is able to get the help needed after losing her job for nothing else but being honest.

  15. And Sebelius still has here job? Unbelievable! What really bothers me is that HR went into her locker, opened it, took out her belongings and brought them to her. This, to me, is a complete violation of her privacy. I would think, she could sue their butts off. I hope people are starting to see what a corrupt administration this really is. You also have to know this administration is boiling in their own vomit at the thought that people have their own opinions and are not following this communistic government blindly. People that think for themselves scare the liberal base. We will take care of you. Ha!

    If Obama truly did not learn about the website fiasco until after the roll out, then one of two things happened. 1) Obama was kept in the dark, (yea, right) or, 2) he knew about and then lied to The American people. If it was scenario 1, someone should be fired. If 2, Obama should be fired. This is one of the many, many lies this president thinks he can get away with. I learned about, just like all of you, from the news. Let’s call it what it is… Liar, liar, liar. Over and over again, he spews these lies, but they will all come back to haunt him in the end.

    Thanks to Hannity, (whom Barry hates and is probably spying on right now) this woman will get a better job and learn what it means to be a true American.

  16. I feel for Earline and am glad she has all this support for work and from Hanniti.
    I truly wish her best of luck and success in her future.

    However, I can’t help noticing that Hannity is totally using her to exploit her plight. He has mentioned his offering her $26k on his radio show and on this video that he gave her this “gift”. He has forgotten her name on his radio show, forgot that she has not one son, but two, and is clearly not paying attention to her. This is unlike Earline who WAS paying attention to Hennity and answering all his questions correctly. Hannity is on a roll and there is no stopping him and while he does his roll, he is not paying attention to details and repeating mistakes regarding Earline’s facts. Hannity’s exploitation for ratings seems to be more important than getting his facts correctly.

    • strange how you go on about the “ratings” Hannity is seeking. He is not unlike ANY other person in main stream media. He did not have to give her anything, but did. And the “gift” is labeled such because it’s the only way to legally give her money without the gov’t getting their greedy hands on it by taxing it!


  17. What would you expect, to start with this is not the practice of liberals. This is the practice of communist. People think Obama has some loyalty to American or to Blacks. I think some are seeing a different side finally but is it to late. He was born to a muslim father and sent to a muslim school. Both hated America. Then when he came to America you see what kind of Church he choose, one that had a preacher that hated American and expressed that in most of his sermons and Obama sat there soaking it in. Obama has shown by action that he hates America, he has shown by leadership that he loves the lifestyle of communism. Anyone that stands in his was gets arrested or has their lives turned upside down. Joe the Plumber spoke up and had the IRS after him. Now this lady speaks up and gets tossed out. I hope people start seeing his intentions and quickly before he completes his take over.

      • That’s a good word, too. I really don’t know what word to use, and liberals keep accusing conservatives of not knowing the difference between communism and socialism. Here’s the thing, though: we have good reason to be confused. In socialism, the government either owns everything that is produced or takes all proceeds from production and redistributes it to everyone as they have need of it. In communism, the government owns or heavily regulates the means of production, so everyone effectively works for the government and is paid roughly the same regardless of duties or merit. In this country, we have an established path for either or both, so we live in a sort of hybrid of the two. Bureaucracy is communism. Welfare is socialism. Bureaucracy regulates welfare, but welfare drives entitlements and public opinion which determine elections and controls bureaucracy. The two are interdependent, so we can’t be just communist or just socialist unless a current or future leader builds a foundation on something other than the current system.

      • The difference between socialism and communism is in how they obtain power. Socialists obtain power through peaceful means and communists through violence.

  18. That was classy and the right thing to do by Hannity. Just another example of fairness and true help being demonstrated by the “hateful, racist, right”. Thank you so much Mr. Hannity for putting real actions to your convictions. Peace and blessings to your family.

  19. I listen to the interview that Sean did with Earline and she was very truthful, And in Socialist government if you do any true comments they get back at you and that is what happened to Earline, by getting fired from her job, but the people of this country are so great that she will get a better job with a better pay, Earline may the Lord bless you and your family and that you will always tell the truth even if it hurts.

  20. Since when is being honest, a license to fire someone? I thought honesty is what employers are looking for. Somehow this ladies honesty got her fired, so what’s wrong with this picture? Eventually honesty is out the window with the Democratic way of CHANGING things for the better. Does it take firing an honest person to allow the people of this nation to see just what’s going on here? Sean Hannity is to be highly commended for doing the RIGHT thing and help this woman. More people should take his lead and expose the lies and wrongs that are done to the very people who try to help us and “TELL THE TRUTH”.

  21. Sadly, this kind of thing goes on in many day to day jobs in Omerica. In the Untied States, they penalize you if you try to do a good job, think outside the box, etc. I lost my job 6 years ago, have applied for hundreds and hundreds of jobs, to no avail. Part of the problem is my age. (If you don’t think age discrimination is a problem, you’re not of that age… yet). The other problem is, I think outside the box. Growing up, I had to solve ALL of my own problems, from a very young age. This taught me to think outside the box. Employers, (most anyway), don’t like that. That is what Earline Davis did. She was trying to be the best employee she could, and thought outside the box. In Omerica, that thinking will bite you every time. I’m Randy, The Lazy Comic… and I Opprove this comment.

  22. At my job we could get fired for talking to the news, since we are not authorized spokesmen… but we were told about it. She must have had the same rule. Too bad they never told her.

  23. Hannity showed people what the Democrats were really about. It’s a shame that those same idiots will still defend Obama and those Nazis just like him.

    • So he gets her fired and then makes it up to her? My hero! Anyone working a call center is told not to talk to the media. Now if they didn’t explain that to her the onus is on them.

    • Steven why don’t you just stay in your own country. All the UK is a canary in a mine for the US and this creeping socialism/communism. I have been to your country; pretty lame how meek you all are and how adamantly you support a big govt and a monarchy. WTF is there is monarchy in 2013?? I think monarchies were modeled after insects were they not??

      • OAP, I really do not need to understand it to know that there is nothing about it Americans should want here. We modeled our court system after theirs…complete and utter failure. If a have a hornet problem; I buy some spray at the store i DO NOT call the govt. Most Brits believe they LOVE their national healthcare; whats to love? You can go get a band-aid for your cancer? Hmm, I bet the insect-like royal family gets vastly better care than their worker bees. No guns? you can have a replica of a gun as long as its blue. No guns=high crime rate. My town which i reside has the highest gun ownership per-capita with zero crime and a town of 3k has virtually no Law enforcement.

      • Hey Rubicon1 watch your mouth now… we have one here who thinks that monarchies are the happening thing, Obama wants to be our coming king but we all know he is just a #PettyVindictiveDictator.

      • How thoughtful to toss out that “don’t call us” comment. We were there for you in WWII. You didn’t mind then. Ingrate.

      • I’m not sure Donna, but I believe you are confused by my comment, or I just didn’t make it clear. I (Silaxo1) am telling Steven who apparently lives in the UK that when WWIII breaks out there not to call us–The USA. I was simply trying to make a point. Of course we will go running when called to help our friends in the UK when needed, as long as Obama isn’t President. At this point we only go waste our military on Muslim countries. That brings up another point, if England is not careful, and it is not right now, it will soon be a majority Muslim country.

      • The rampant ignorance of history is amazing. America helped create World War II. At the end of World War I, Germany was forced to sign an agreement that the war was their fault and then England with america watching proceeded to STARVE Germany by deny food supply shipments even after the war had been over for a year. Hundreds of thousands of children and women died because of England, France, and America. That is what allowed a man like Hitler to rise to power. You know what go to a library and get some books on history and learn something. Conservative ignorance…. mumble… mumble.

      • Ha ha that is BS! WW1 was started by an assassination of a archduke of Austria by power hungry nationalists. WW2 was started by both Japan and germany trying to have complete military dominance in their respective hemispheres. Germans were interested in creating a larger tax base and japanese wanted to control the trade routes in the pacific ocean. Germany got most of its food from the USSR.

      • Have to admit it Aamer, that is history I haven’t ever read or heard. So, enlighten us with the names of the history books and authors so we can become America haters like you.

    • Steven, Jesus IS the celebration! And, I don’t know; had I been crucified and died and rose 3 days later … yeah, I’d celebrate. LOL

      And since Jesus lives in the heart of all believers, He really does celebrate Easter/Resurrection day; and He does it every year.

      The Lord living in our hearts is a daily celebration of forgiveness, joy and hope of eternal life.

  24. Once again proves obama and his people are blatant liars and if ur not on his side, ur gone!! When is everyone going to realize this and do something about it? But they like their fat paychecks, so nobody will turn against him!!!

  25. I’m glad he’s covering her bills for now. However, he KNOWs that he got her fired and it’s not unreasonable to have thought ahead of time that whomever he could get on one could be fired. I’m glad he’s helping with 1years salary, but is he going to give her Insurance coverage like what she would have had or will he be a reference for her? He needs to be prepared to help her out with an Attorney, too. Dang, this really was a stupid move on his part.

    • Apparently you didn’t read everything “cobki209.” She is being offered all kinds of jobs as a result of this action taken by Hannity in addition to the money he is supplying. I know the jobs being offered are probably not as satisfying and lucrative as an Obama Care Operator, but I bet she makes do for a long time now. And we wonder how a guy like Obama gets elected President.

    • This was a temporary anyway. It wasn’t her career. There would have never been a need for this position if not for the abysmal failure of BarryCare and the Ocare website that does not work after almost a $100M and 3 years to build it. This young lady happened to be at the right place at the right time. Her honesty has found her lots of meaningful job opportunities and who knows what other kinds of blessing will come out of this for her.

  26. Good for Hannity for helping her. Stalin in the White house is a blatant liar and is being assisted by fools who have not the integrity or guts to stand up against him, and we thought Hitler was bad?????

    • It’s all about Race!! The whites are so scared of his half black half White ass because to him and his stupid wife everything is about RACE!! Trouble is he is neither black or White. Both of them are Anti American they both have said they didn’t like America until he became president . I fel sorry for there kids they have to live with Stupidty.

  27. I am totally not surprised that she was fired. I have yet to work for a company on a Call-Center that didn’t have some type of Media Policy and we were always instructed not to talk to the Media. Now, it’s the company’s fault for not anticipating media calling into the Call-Center and telling their CSR’s what to do or where to have referred his call. They finally got it together when the call went all over the world. However, if she works in an At-Will State, then they can fire her for ANY REASON. It’s not about the Dems!!!! I’m a Republican and even I can see that. She needs a good employment attorney as well.

  28. Why does this have to be about a party? BOTH parties are wrong with what is going on in our country!!! Why are we a society that has to have someone at fault? Bottom line, our president, is so in the wrong with the healthcare and how he is handling things. We need to get rid of the “Parties” and unite as ONE PEOPLE, UNDER GOD!!!!! This country is in big trouble and unless we stand together we are like the titanic, a sinking ship!!

    • exactly. not only party but liberals and conservatives. it’s as if only conservatives are the righteous group. oh yea, i’m considered conservative because of my party affiliation. in reality, i’m more in the middle and, depending on the topic I could be considered liberal! also, being black did not make her a Obama supporter. I’m totally sick of the racism – on both sides!!!

      • Jay, if the liberals would stop their poisonous rhetoric they would not look so bad. How about that idiot democrat who used the burning cross to disparage the tea party. I would not want to be even remotely connected to the liberals or the democrats. Having said that, I know that both parties are responsible for what is going on, but there were few republicans who are in the “middle” and all of the democrats who screwed us out of a lot tax money and mostly our peace of mind. I no longer feel safe. How sad is that.

    • This is about a party because the Democrats are the ones who passed it (BarryCare) without one Republican vote. It was Nancy Pelosi (D) who said it had to be passed without reading it to find out what was inside. Yeah… there’s all kinds of Republicans In Name Only (RINO’s) who have gone to the dark side and we are ashamed of them, but this one is wholly owned by the Democratic Party.

  29. Thank you, Mr. Hannity, for making things right for this young lady, and God Bless her for being honest. I wish her the best of everything for her future. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much of a future for Americans as long as Obamacare is allowed to destroy us.

  30. Thank you Hannity. This was the right thing to do. Earline the truth is always right. You didn’t do anything wrong. Congratulations to a great American.

  31. It goes to show you that this administration and it’s cronies do NOT have the welfare of their employees, or the people of America at heart. I think it is time to vote them out and just push them out. So much is coming out that should shock me, but I knew this would happen when this president was elected the first time.

  32. When I heard that phone conversation, I knew her days were numbered. Obama is a #PettyVindictiveDictator. Thanks Sean Hannity for stepping up and helping her out. America needs more people like Earline Davis who are willing to just be honest. God bless you Earline. Anyone would be blessed to have someone like you working for them.

  33. I applaud Ms. Earline Davis for her honesty and candor. It’s a travesty that she was condemned but, what can you expect from a communist ruling dictator regime. Now she needs to register to vote and go to the poles. She needs to spread the word of her treatment and the liberal bias when the truth is expressed. God Bless Sean Hannity for his compassion and also for bringing national attention to the liberal train wreck of ACA’s ineptness and that of the backers.

  34. This is some scary stuff! I don’t trust ACA or Obama administration, and don’t like MANY of the things I’ve heard about it, But can we hear the WHOLE phone conversation between Sean and Earline?

  35. Seriuosly, I think Hannity should hire her. She doesn’t understand lib fanaticism and that she’d be canned for being honest. We can’t let honest people lay on the line like that. She did the right thing and didn’t understand the pitfalls (read: mean libs.)

  36. Just checked out this story and apparently she was paid (The so called years salary) to come on fox news and tell her “story” which of course has no evidence to support it. Fox news you rascal, always trying to make liberals and moderates look bad. The owner of fox news Rupert Murdoch has a decades long history of spreading propaganda through his inherited news papers, magazines, and television stations. What is most amazing is how many people just blindly accept the lies spewed forth from sites like this one.

    • How much total truth there is in this story I don’t know. However it doesn’t take much to make Liberals look bad. Just tell the truth.

    • But you’re asserting the part about her being paid for the interview with no evidence to support it. So should we just blindly accept whatever you write here?

    • Even with audio tapes taken in real time could an Obamabot “think” this was faked. Since liberals fake everything, they expect everyone else does, too.

      Proof Obama’s Fainting Lady was Faked in 3 Minute Video

      Notice the “friend” who gets and gives signals and doesn’t even
      look at the shill when she starts her fake faint.

      Obama saves the day again and again…and again..(THIS IS NOT A
      RIGHT WING VIDEO) — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGZ4WeQwmIk

      every Obama event has a
      fainting shill (so he can
      appear compassionate?),
      then Hillary gets one, too.

    • Hey Aamer or aka blind faith Jack off. Rupert Murdoch created his news empire through propaganda and less truth during the 2nd World War and during Vietnam. He then decided to create an outlet so that the real truth cold be told & reported. I got an idea why don’t you watch current events and pretend they are not real. YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!

    • Can you give me an example of the lies from Fox? I hear this all the time, the accusations, but never the actual lie, who said it and when.

    • This woman wasn’t paid at the time of her first contact by phone; Sean Hannity made his offer after he found out she was “fired” for talking with him! If you were able to think for yourself, you would know there was no camera on her in the first “phone” call. That was set up when he talked to her to apologize for the trouble he caused her. When will you liberals understand that your party doesn’t really care about you as a person — they just want to keep you victims for their own personal benefit!

    • No evidence??? Only 20 million people heard the telephone call. You, sir, are truly a dim-witted a$$-hole. You are prob a paid have working for the Regime at damage control.

    • You’re deceived…go back to your liberal blogosphere and bury your head in the sand…not even worth arguing facts with a liberal. The run off pure emotion and personal bias. The only journalists with any integrity, who you can see on the TV, are on fox news. That is why they have have the highest ratings…oops I used a fact.

    • There aint one bit of truth in your entire post. She was NOT paid to go on Fox you dumb ass. She was fired and Hannity paid her 13,000 and her kid 13,000 so she would not have to pay taxes on it. She is allowed to get that much tax exempt as a GIFT so he gave her a gift and one of her kids the same amount so it totaled her years salary because he felt bad it was his fault for calling her and her getting fired. Fox aint got nothing to do with this. Have some damn facts ya damn fool. Get ur damn head out ya ass and take a breath of the damn truth once in a while. FOOL!

    • No Sperm Kastoff, she wasn’t given money to tell her story (by the way, I’m replying to this not for your sake but so the TRUTH can be seen by others – your obviously hopeless) Hannity paid her ENTIRE yearly salary so as to avoid any hardship caused her ( the hardship was: SHE WAS FIRED! tool time) after finding this out, Hannity paid her full yearly salary, he did what true Americans have always done, THE RIGHT THING …

  37. I listened to the entire radio interview, and Sean DID offer her help if she was hurt or FIRED!!!! words speak volumes. The poor girl as only being HONEST. Perhaps she can file suit? what grounds could they fire her on??

    • Doesn’t matter. If she was not properly trained, as she says she was not then they don’t have a right to fire her. This trash is political… disgusting.

  38. I’m sorry to have to do this, but having been a federal employee before, I can tell you that all federal employees are informed during orientation that all media is to be referred to the public relations department. And no, I am definitely NOT a libtard.

    • Was she a government employee or a contractor? There is a difference and if she is was not trained to respond to media then she should not have been fired….I work for the government as well.

      • You’re right, I don’t think she was actually a gov employee. She said in the call she was contracted through the telemarketing company from another position she held and transferred to this position after a week of training

      • Does that mean she was not fired by the government? She was fired by the contractor. Why would the contractor do that? They must be Republicans. Trying to make the government look bad.

    • You cannot make the assumption that she was briefed on PR procedures. If i’m not mistaking, the exchanges are not operated by “the gubment.’ They are operated by contractors employing private citizens.

    • She didn’t go to the media, Hannity called her, she might not known who he even was at first. She answered his questions – that’s pretty much her job. Yeah, federal employees are usually informed not to talk to the public and they do it all the damn time without getting fired. You gotta know it’s because she didn’t show obamacare and the website in the best light and that’s why she got fired. She told the truth, they could have just reprimanded her and not fired her. I aint even a Hannity fan, but he did right by her, that’s important. doin what’s right is important – not towing the line for the damn government or a party that thinks we’ll blindly follow them.

      • You misunderstand my comment. I am not trying to trash her. I applaud her. But facts are facts. Every company I have ever worked for (even an apple packing shed) has made the policy very clear to their employees. I wish her all the best and hope this is a blessing for her.

    • I understand what you are saying, but….glad she did it anyway… maybe that was her small part in a larger destiny

      • From her statement, she definitely believes in God, I definitely believe that she is part of His plan to resolve the evil of prez Glitch.

    • In America, you cannot EVER be TOLD by anyone not to “Speak” PERIOD, it’s called the Bill of Rights and Constitution. The fact that people try to pick instances where it’s ok makes me sick. It’s also referred to as “the 1st amendment”. Got it?

      • This is without a doubt the funniest frakking thing I’ve read all day. There seems to be this idealized version of America, a sugar coated Disneyland utopia where anyone has license to say anything to anybody anytime, anyplace and be free of all consequences. People like Mike hunt, for example, think that they are denizens of this magical fantasy world.

        The rest of us who live in the real world know that not all forms of speech/ expression are protected. There are all kinds laws that deal with slander, libel, harassment, intimidation, perjury, contempt of court, “fighting words”, threats against POTUS, obcentity, plagarism, incitement, solicitation, blackmail, fraud, broadcast censorship, judical gag orders and record sealing, copyright, falsifying military service, conspiracy, weapons proliferation, the list goes on and on. And that’s not counting the legality of private employers and their power to regulate your speech under certain conditions.

      • It doesn’t matter. Every company I have ever worked for (even an apple packing shed) has made the policy very clear to their employees. I am sorry this happened to her, but the truth is I seriously doubt she was never told she could go ahead and speak to the media. I am definitely not sticking up for the staffing firm, but the truth is if someone breaks a policy a company has a right to terminate. And before you go thinking I am some liberal nutjob, know that I am 100% against Obummercare and think these moron progressives are killing our country. I wish her all the best and hope this is a blessing for her.

    • yes I think you may be… other wise u would have kept quiet about something we all already knew. duh! that is no longer the point of this story!!

      • The point of the story is that she is pissed because she got fired for doing something that was against company policy. While I may not agree that she should have been fired, there is not a business out there that does not have a policy for speaking to the media and every company I have ever worked for has made the policy very clear to their employees. And before you go calling me a liberal, take a look at my facebook page and see what I post you dink.

      • no sunshine,the point of the story now! is that people really FINALLY seeing that your N . W.O. has no place init for anything other than blind obedience to the ” party’s” line there are NO second chances! zieg Heil!

      • Look you stupid jackass! I agree with you on everything except the fact that the company had a legitimate reason for terminating her. EVERY company or organization I have EVER worked for has, in their new employee orientation, required ALL media requests be forwarded to HR or the Public Relations Dept. Why the hell is it so hard for you to get that? And furthermore, I am not a liberal and would appreciate if you would stop making the inference that I am. I am a Gulf War Vet and very proud of that fact. I am a firm member of Oath Keepers and would gladly give my life in the defense of this country. Can you say the same, or are you just some loud mouthed couch jockey? You need to grow up and realize that there are still rules in place, otherwise we end up giving the progressive a-holes more ammo to use against us. As I said before, I feel Hannity acted honorably and am happy this turned into a good thing for her. Now quit being a prick trying to pick unwarranted fights. All you do is weaken our defense by creating bickering within Patriot.

      • food yes,of course, o corporate warrior
        ..” your machine”had the RIGHT to terminate the faulty ” unit” no sense. in retraining an otherwise good unit!! ( just ” erase”) and I walk guard on the Berlin wall while you still were pooping yellow.i

    • There is probably a clause in her employee handbook, like most companies have, about speaking to the Press when not authorized to do so. Most of the time it ends in termination. Another fine example of spinning a story way out of context to fit whatever situation you can think of.

      • While I agree that there might be an expectation to direct the press to the (corporate, president, or CEO’s office) It seems an extreme result to a teachable situation.

  39. So…. The republicans are different? I rather think not. Perhaps the right wing would’ve given her a raise and a nice fruit basket? The “I hate the OTHER GUYS” mentality is a tool to divide the population, and take our power. It works. Shame on you, stop it.

    • Do you think before you post, Stop with the damn right/left BOTH parties work for the same bankers. they are selling us all down the river, and it’s being allowed to continue because people like you can’t see through the lies and outright disrespect of ALL Americas. SHAME ON YOU!! For not researching, for not educating yourself to our actual enemies, for not being an American and stopping all this. Shame on you!!

    • You POS! ignore the evidence of liberal hate right before your eyes because you are an #obama porch monkey. A slave to to liberal group think. No mind or intelligence of your own.

      • Tell me something please. If Democrats are the true champions of minorities why don’t they support individual rights? I mean is there any minority smaller than the individual? Of course not. Yet the Democrats have no problem at all sacrificing the smallest minority for larger ones. To me this seems grossly hypocritical but if you have a reasonable response I would genuinely like to hear it.

      • why do the Democrats, as proponents of wealth redistribution, not give away most of their political salaries to the less fortunate? They could operate shelters out of their homes and provide food and other assistance to those in need from their tax-payer based salary. All the above will never happen.

    • I’d attempt to explain it to you but I’m afraid the daily allotment of hand puppets and crayons used to educate the typical Obama and Democrat supporters have been all used up for today … but the good news is due to your “willful ignorance” concerning history or anything else based in reality, your a hopeless case … oh wait, that is good news for me too! Yay for us!

    • Amen, just another smoke screen – the magician is looming all around us – I see us all as a little silly to get all ticked off about anything the media throws out bc whether we realize it or not they too are controlled and are controlling all of us. We REALLY do NOT know what is going on within our government and we are not so much as pawns in the big scheme of things. There are no new baby dolls or toy trucks waiting under the tree – it’s just the boogie man, bloody bones, and red eyed monsters – (eg…. nothing nice even for even good little boys and girls) We are screwed if we are waiting on full disclosure. Ain’t happening !!!

  40. I read somewhere yesterday that Sean Hannity has covered her salary for a year after he learned she was fired for speaking with him.

  41. There is probably a clause in her employee handbook, like most companies have, about speaking to the Press when not authorized to do so. Most of the time it ends in termination. Another fine example of spinning a story way out of context to fit whatever situation you can think of.

    • Lame attempt at damage control. Complaints of right wing spin after years of liberal bias from the MSM is absolutely priceless. It’s like Obama sees this story and says, “Hey they stated some facts in the news. We don’t allow facts. We don’t want an informed public. Get her off the air. She’s making me look bad.” And I’m sure that’s she’ll pay some price down the road for making King Barry look like the moron he is.

  42. Sorry that Elaine lost her job, but wonderful that Shawn Hannity came to the rescue. Eric on The Five, is just as giving. Hats off to Shawn and to Eric.

      • All studies show that conservatives are much more generous, with time and money, as compared to Liberals… Liberals just let the government do it. by stealing MY MONEY and giving it to THEIR pet cause!

      • That’s the only thing conservatives and liberals have in common-we’re generous with our money and they are generous with OUR money!

  43. “The message sent to Earline Davis is that Obama and his liberal progressive ilk do not want independent thinkers or truth tellers. They demand blind allegiance and obedience, from their collective servants.”

    Enlightened philosopher, Immanuel Kant, is rolling over in his grave!!!!!

  44. Just like the dumbocrat senator or congress man whichever it was who had the nerve last week to call the Tea Party a bunch of Ku Klux Klan sympathizers or whatever and had the T in Tea Party looking like a gallows with a noose hanging from it. What a F’N ass and the dumbocraps believe it when they say that the Republicans are the racist ones don’t these liberals have any brains or cannot they think for themselves it is a HISTORICALLY well know FACT that it WAS THE DEMOCRATS that started the Ku Klux Klan and that 99 % of Klansmen were democrats. The facts are everywhere yet they are blind to them. If the blacks knew the truth about the demoncraps they would run like animals running from a forest fire. And they would be lining up in droves to change their party affiliation to Republican

    • 1. The southern Democrats of the KKK and segregation days turned Republican when the Democrats embraced civil rights. Strom Thurmond is an example.
      2. If you are going to use terms like “dumbocrats” to call others dumb, you should know that “congressman” is one word, let alone your history.

  45. Its likely she was ACTUALLY fired because she spoke to a news outlet with the intent of shining a negative light on obama care.(to be clear because politics causes the stupid the news outlet is the party wanting to shine said negative light, not the rep)

  46. Sean Patrick Hannity is an American television host, author, and conservative political commentator. He is the host of The Sean Hannity Show, a nationally syndicated talk radio show that airs throughout the United States. Nowhere in this description does it say journalist or even reporter. Hannity is a member of the media, because he hosts a talk show, but does not make him a member of the press. That may be a semantic argument, but they are not interchangeable. Hannity calling a hotline number on his show shouldn’t be viewed as a reporter calling to create a story.

  47. I am sure if Earline was told no press. She would not have been fired. ACA failed Earline on clarifying the rules. Hannity was generous to have paid her salary. Still liberals are not the brightest lights in the room.

  48. Must be a Repukelickin page! Not ALL Democrats are as you people think! Take a look at both sides, and you will find that Repukelickins don’t care for nothing but the rich! So you all must be rich!

    • Calm down. Most of us are as unhappy with the Republikans as we are the liberals. We are also very aware that not all Democrats are liberals. Now, go back to the daily kos and spew your hate there.

      • …..My mistake. Meant to say..Sorry tvlgda…
        disqus_bvzyOg5eso spewed hate first….
        disqus_bvzyOg5eso spewed hate first….

      • I didn’t spew anything, I was just saying that when the apple turns sour, it’s ALWAYS the Democrat that gets the rotten apple thrown at. It’s not always the Democrats fault as most post it is. It is a combination of Repukelickin and Democrap that is at fault. Why you are saying that I spewed hate is beyond me! I was just making a statement, and if it was too rough for you , well then I do apologize for your weakness.

    • You are correct disgusting…….on no, it’s disqus. I’m sorry. A lot of DemocRATS are what is known as “Low Information Voters.” They vote the way they do because the only information they receive is from the Operative News of the DemocRAT party–ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and other far leaning left news organizations. I know, you are going to excoriate me as being a FOX boy, when, if I had to bet, you and yours know very little about FOX except what you hear and read from other RATS. If you watched a couple of sessions of FOX, you would see that throughout the day they put on the liberalist of liberals to espouse their view point. So, you and yours just keep on voting for the likes of Obama and Clinton and watch the country fall into the abyss, then it will be you who cries the loudest.

    • When either side resorts to name calling it sounds like 8 year olds on the playground. Unless you are 8 years old , grow up.

      • Did that a long time ago Larry. Just get tired of the political arena altogether. Maybe time for a revolution and get our country back to where we the people call the shots and end the bickering between you republicans and the those democrats. Maybe make up a new party called the pilgrim party!

      • I agree with your last statement, but am pretty hurt by your first one, considering I AM a republican and my husband and I barely make enough to make ends meet. Although I do agree that EVERYONE (well most anyway) in the White House should be OUT of there and we should hire others who are actually ‘for the people’.

      • You’re welcome! Someone had to stand up and define people like you, so I took it upon myself to do just that! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help further define how you really vote!

      • You obviously aren’t worth the time or energy for a reply. If you want answers go find a dictionary if you know how to read. Otherwise, get a job and make a living at doing something positive in your life. In other words, excuse me for being so blunt, but Get a life!

      • Try learning the English language and using it when committing on a post. What do you mean by “YOU PEOPLE”? That statement can be considered racist! You are so correct that all Replublicans are Rich! Wow, That is why we work because we are all bored with our rich and famous life styles. We pay tax’s so that you can sit and collect and talk on your obama phone. You are a special kind of person. Here’s your sign.

      • You are obviously the one who sits and talks on your Obummer phone. I have paid my dues and have been in the workforce for longer than you have been alive! I’ve paid more taxes than you have ever thought of paying So don’t try to impress me with your half witted nonsense!. By the way I don’t think they’ve made your sign yet, can’t decide if it will be the one that says I’m with stupid on one side, and the word I’m stupid on the other So tell me what kind of special person are you? As far as learning the English Language, You might give it a try sometime! Or don’t you proof read your material? In case you’ve forgotten, THAT in itself is a part of English! It figures that you would see something racist in all of this! So do us all a favor and take a long walk on a short pier.

    • Democrats care about one thing: power.
      Under this president only the rich have benefitted under this “recovery”. Due to how anemic the recovery has been (not helped at all by the ACA), wages for working people have been stagnant.

      • And Republicans do care about the working class??? The wages for us has been stagnant since early 2008 Come on Ed admit it! It’s like the Olympics, when one party fails to carry the torch, the other party is right there to pick it up and keep going at the expense of “The Working Class” Both parties are about the Rich. Republican more than Democrat but both are as guilty!

      • Holy sweet mother, I NEVER said the Republicans care about the working class. You are absolutely right, the issue unfortunately is who will do the least damage to the working class.

  49. Get a attorney. The employer can not bring you into a room and LOCK the door. This creates an intimidation and hostile environment. She will find a better job!

    • I hate to defend a Liberal or a DemocRAT, but it could be they locked the doors so nobody else could come in and interrupt the meeting. If they did lock the doors so she could not leave of her own free will, then we have a case of “False Imprisonment” and because they lured her into the room, maybe even “Kidnapping.” My sense is to believe the former rather than the latter. I have been in locked door meetings, but I was free to leave at any time, if I didn’t want to keep my job.

      • No you mean behind CLOSED doors, not locked doors. I used to be a federal supervisor. You cannot take an employee into a room, lock the room, then discipline them.

  50. I’m a firm believer that “liberalism” will destroy itself. That is the basic law of nature. Karma or whatever you call it will catch up to them and expose them for what they really are. This is just one example and “liberalism” will eventually end in chaos.

  51. Bless Hannity for stepping up like that. A LIBERAL talk host would have given her.. the Phone number for the WELFARE DEPARTMENT. I’m wondering, how long before we have a 3 front shooting war here in USA … muslims, illegals, and the Democrats.

  52. The next person to post racist remarks or the words “porch monkey” can come see me in the woods behind my house. I don’t give a damn about politics but no politician made you write racial slurs you dumbass mfers.

  53. what I find funny is how all the libs are like” she’s this”and ” she’s that” and Hannity CALLED HER!!! she NEVER called a press conference,she just started looking for a job!

  54. I heard the actual call and said to myself, “she is going to be fired.” Liberals are predictable and compassionate. Hypocrites.

  55. It’s pretty standard that you’re not supposed to speak with the press or media outlets if you hold a government job about topics regarding your government job. That’s why none of the Park Rangers were allowed to give their opinion during the shut down or after the shutdown. Just because she claims she wasn’t told this in training doesn’t mean that she wasn’t. And as is par for government jobs she DID most likely sign something saying she wouldn’t speak to the press. Sean Hannity, while technically not a journalist, is a member of the press. It’s a sign of the times that in this day and age you don’t have to actually go to journalism school (where they teach journalism ethics) to be a main staple on a “news” outlet. And I guarantee you that Sean Hannity knew she could be fired for talking to him seeing as though he’s probably tried interviewing government employees in the past. This is the problem with Americans. We are always trying to pit one side against the other. It’s a total distraction from solving real issues. While this woman’s termination is unfortunate, it IS totally defendable. My mother worked for the government her entire life and she signed a waiver saying she we would forfeit her job if she spoke to press regarding her job and it’s not like she worked for defense. She worked for the department of education. (different for elected government workers, mind you)

    This whole story is spin.

    • I hope she can find another job and next time actually reads what she signs. I have a friend that works for the government supervising the Hot Cells project at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and he just deleted all his social media accounts so as not to risk getting fired. It’s THAT serious. And it’s been that way for over a century.

    • 8 days later do you still think it’s spin? I actually work for a branch of government which is covered in the constitution (unlike HHS, EPA , DHS and TSA) and I understand thoroughly the public affairs policy of the US Government for all government employees…so let me educate you Kate as to why you’re incorrect in this matter. This woman, who seems to have more integrity than most, is twice removed through two contract companies…so technically she is not a government employee and there is a huge difference. If you are a government employee and you violate the agreement you sign with the government you can be sued and even imprisoned. If I had done what she had for any program I serviced or supported I would have lost my employment after I spent time in a Federal Prison depending on the details of my leak. If she were a true government employee we would have also read in the “news” that you watch where the real “journalists” like Suzy Curry and Stone Philips would have “reported” her harsh punishment for betraying the White House administration. But alas we have not because she was not a true government employee and they goofed up I am sure, as I know the government well, and did not read to her or give her a PA policy to follow. I will give you some of your own liberal medicine…the fact that you would accuse this poor woman of being involved in spin of a news story to discredit our POTUS and all the magnanimous things he is doing to our country makes you a racist.


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