Air Force May Drop God From Honor Oath

The latest progressive socialist and secular humanist attack on our Judeo-Christian faith and the military comes via the US Air Force Academy.

Once again, Mikey Weinstein, the President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) — an oxymoronic title if there ever was one — has brought a complaint against the US Military, namely the Air Force. Weinstein, a former Air Force officer, has previously attacked Christians referring to their sharing of faith in the military as “seditious” and equating them to treason, a punishable crime.

He and his organization profess to advocate for separation of church and state in the military, but in truth he seeks eradication as he is a staunch atheist.

According to the Air Force Times:

 The MRFF has been a vocal critic of the Air Force Academy over the last decade for allowing evangelical Christian airmen to proselytize their faith to Cadets. The Academy is trying to address that, and recently created a religious respect program.

For example, under this program, first-year cadets are taught strategies for handling someone who is attempting to exert unwanted religious influence, and seniors who are about to be commissioned as officers are taught how to promote religious respect as commanders.

Mikey’s recent complaint is to force the US Air Force Academy to drop the phrase “so help me God” from its honor code. This is once again part of the reengineering agenda of our military by the progressive socialists. Who cares about the amount of fighter squadrons grounded due to lack of readiness? Getting rid of God is the priority.

Let me remind you of President Ronald Reagan’s words, “if we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we shall be one nation gone under.” I can just imagine what Commander-in-Chief Ronald Reagan would say to ol’ Mikey. I certainly know what I would say in those shoes, “Mikey, thanks for your service to the US Air Force. Now shut up, leave our military alone, and go away.”


  1. The slim minority has taken the Country hostage by electing and allowing Lawyers to hold us hostage in the Courts and the front lines in high Government levels. Time to make some changes from the top down.

  2. Weinstein hates God but sides with cold-blooded murderers; he has blamed God and Christians for the mass shooting at Fort Hood, having said that Christianity
    created a “hostile environment” for Fort Hood shooter/murderer Nidal Malik Hasan.
    Say wha ??? Weinstein, you are a complete azzz wagon!

  3. The Oath is linked to the US Constitution, which is a convent between man and GOD. At the time of the Constitution’s writing, other country’s link to GOD was their monarchy. The United States didn’t have that link. But, we did have our word. Henceforth, we pledge our word in the Preamble to GOD. This is why all oathes are linked to the Constitution. Our link to GOD. Taking it out would be like breaking our oath to the forefathers and the GOD they worshiped.

  4. They took God out of schools and look what happened. Our Country is being taken over by people that want to destroy us. Why should we have to conform to others ways of thinking. If you don’t like our way of life then move.

  5. The ‘honor code’ oath is a religious test in itself. What these other non-theistic religious pundits want is to have no higher entity to be responsible to other then themselves. Because then they can order others to do whatever their bidding may be without restrictions of being held accountable to anyone. Now this in itself is a type of litmus test to a religious order to where the “State” is your “god”. The term “god” is a generic one which can be applied to anything.

    The MRFF only hate it because it can be applied to the Judeo-Christian “God”. But to say you have no ‘god’ per say is to say you are without honor, and therefore unqualified to give any oath to any code of honor. The MRFF is without honor therefore and shouldn’t be able to interject themselves into such matters. Weinstein shouldn’t be able to proselytize his own religious views concerning generic terms such as ‘god’ just because it’s a shared term to other religions, period. He has demonstrated in this instance that he has no ‘honor code’, no higher calling to any ‘god’ other then himself.

    And apparently the United States Air Force now accepts such lawless, and honorless people.

  6. “If we ever forget we are One Nation Under God, then we shall be one nation gone under”.
    Well, we weren’t “one nation under God” until 1954. . .did they just forget for the first 178 years?
    While I agree it may not be first priority, I don’t see what’s wrong with making sure the oath is inclusive of all soldiers. Non-Christians sacrifice just as much of themselves as Christians do for our country.


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