Surprise, Surprise: Benghazi Suspects Tied to al Qaeda

Last year leading up to the election, President Obama said Al Qaeda was on the run and had been decimated. Obama and his talking head, now National Security Advisor Susan Rice, went on five different Sunday talk shows and told us the attack in Benghazi was a spontaneous reaction to a video. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered apologies to the Muslim world and even spent US taxpayer dollars to create a television commercial airing in the Islamic world apologizing for the crude video.

But according to reports from Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, it seems several of the Benghazi attackers had ties to the supposedly decimated senior Al Qaeda leadership and — surprise, surprise — the attack was not at all spontaneous.

Head of the House Intelligence Committee, Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., told Herridge ties to Al Qaeda senior leadership, also known as Al Qaeda core, are now established. Herridge also reports that investigators are finding “more and more ties — not just to Al Qaeda’s branch in North Africa … but Al Qaeda senior leadership in Pakistan.”

As far as the “spontaneity” of it all, Chairman Rogers has laid out a timeline for the attack, which suggests there were months of advance planning.

No true American will ever forget Hillary Clinton’s emotional outburst before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, regarding whether the American deaths were a result of a protest or “because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d go kill some Americans “ as she shouted, “what difference at this point does it make?”

The difference, ma’am, is that much more disturbing information is being uncovered about the nature of the Benghazi attack and the individuals involved where four Americans were abandoned to die.

The liberal left never wants to pin the blame on our Commander-in-Chief for anything, let alone going to sleep while American Ambasador Chris Stevens, State Department IT specialist Sean Smith, and two former US Navy SEALS Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty are under attack and subsequently killed. To me, it’s a high crime. It’s something I will not forget and will certainly never forgive those involved in the deception and the abandoning of those men. If it is a phony scandal, then why are they well and truly dead?


      • I guess you find it much easier to post than to read.
        And if it is of any interest, The Ambassador was a relative of mine

      • So sorry for your loss. When someone murders a US ambassador, it is as if they insult our head of state.
        There are apparently videos/photos of Stevens being handled by a Libyan mob…My hope is that his death was quick.

        It wouldbe better for Congress and the Admin to learn from Benghazi (and any relevant past embassy attacks) — to analyze what went wrong…how administrative/military response could be improved…than to scrap endlessly over which past president did what – way back when.

        Terrorist attacks are here for real…a lesson we should have learned after 9/11.

      • I think Jon is being paid (perhaps by George Soros in support of Hillary) to sit in a back room in a muslim country to post links all day. This is nothing new.

    • You still live in the couple decades old past.

      Did we learn from past presidents’ mistakes in not taking terrorist strikes seriously?

      I guess NOT…since Pres. Obama is reverting to the occasional policy of Reagon, Clinton…in NOT taking terrorists seriously…

      The large and dangerous lessons of 9/11 … have been forgotten by Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton

    • What I’m seeing from you is BOTTOM LINE, if pasts presidents could do it, so can current? IS THAT YOUR BOTTOM LINE. Because no matter how much you bring up the past, it doesn’t change that Obumer is a socialist liar who let people die because HIS WORD “there was nothing we could do anyway”. No not even try is an embarrassment. You can’t back track YOUR president’s bad behavior with the past. HE IS CURRENTLY THE BAD PRESIDENT. SOCIALIST I MEAN.

  1. If diplomatic attacks are a sign of weakness, Bush was the
    weakest of all:

    U.S. Consulate Attacks 2002 – 2012:

    Terrorist Attacks in the U.S. or Against Americans-

    List of assassinations and acts of terrorism against

    The Truth About Attacks on Our Diplomats-Shocker: When
    terrorists attack US interests abroad, they don’t distinguish between
    administrations that are “projecting weakness” or practicing
    “peace through strength.”

    • As usually for libs/dems, you’re trying to compare apples and oranges. With Benghazi your dear leader and his witch sat on their hands and watched it live while good men died. They could have at least tried to send help. They could have been honest from the start instead of lying about it being due to a YouTube video. And they should NEVER have apologized for anything, other than if there were civilian casualties when overwhelming force was used to try to rescue those men.

    • The US has not seen the last embassy attack.

      They will occur in all US administrations as you note…

      What is different about Benghazi is that Pres. Obama/Hillary Clinton got away with NOT even telling Congress much about “Who did What///Who ordered a standdown///etc. etc.

      And they put out the early lame story about some YouTube video? (Not even a good story!!!)

      How can we better learn from the Past…and learn to better protect our embassies, to have a better response to possible attack warnings…if some in Government so resolutely protect their own???

      And the mostly Submissive Media do not hold this administration accountable to give answers?

    • john, get off bush, my god are you that stupid. this is YOUR PRESIDENTS SECOND TERM, WHAT EXACTLY HAS HE DONE THAT MAKES YOU PROUD????

  2. 13 Benghazis Happened Under President Bush and Fox News Said
    Nothing via @PolicyMic | @shwetika

    13 Benghazis That Occurred on Bush’s Watch Without a Peep
    from Fox News

    Stewart Tears Into the ‘Denizens of Bullsh*t Mountain’ for
    Benghazi Fearmongering

    Fish or cut-bait time:

    On Benghazi—An honest plea for specific charges.

    Benghazi Review Board Chair Says Notion Of Cover Up Is
    ‘Pulitzer Prize Fiction’:

    Republican Hypocrisy on Benghazi-Exclusive: Official
    Washington is obsessing over the Benghazi “scandal,” proof that the Republicans
    and their right-wing media can make the smallest things big and the biggest
    things small. It is a disparity that has distorted how Americans understand
    their recent history, writes Robert Parry.

    Issa: Obama Covered Up Benghazi Terrorism By Calling It An
    ‘Act Of Terror’:

    To Darrell Issa, Benghazi is just more theater, but even
    fiction doesn’t always work on stage:

    What Darrell Issa really wants out of Benghazi hearing: I
    worked on the GOP lawmaker’s House oversight committee. He wasn’t exactly known
    for his zest for oversight

    Top 10 Darrell Issa Hall of Shame Moments

    McCain Falsely Claims No Photos Exist Of Obama From The
    Night Of Benghazi Attack:

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    Benghazi (I): Does Fox News have a scoop with its cloaked
    Special Operator?

    Benghazi (II): A military analysis of the Fox mystery man’s
    fantasy rescue plan:

    Right-Wing Media Myths about Benghazi: Fox and others just
    keep dredging up lies about embassy attack in time for today’s hearings.

    GOP Star Witnesses Debunk Right-Wing Benghazi Conspiracy

    Bush’s Secretary of Defense Mocks GOP Attacks On Obama’s
    Handling Of Benghazi-Bush’s Secretary of Defense Mocks GOP Attacks On Obama’s
    Handling Of Benghazi

    Why do Republicans need donations over the attack in
    Benghazi — unless it’s to campaign against Hillary Clinton, who is displayed
    in their image with the words ‘cover up’ alongside Obama.

    Will nothing stop shameless Dick Cheney from his incessant
    jabbering about Benghazi®?

    Oops: ABC’s Benghazi ‘scoop’ was based on fabricated email

    Benghazi Bombshell: Leaked Emails Were Edited to Make Obama
    Look Bad

    Full White House Benghazi Email Undermines GOP’s Cover-Up

    Ambassador Stevens twice said no to military offers of more
    security, U.S. officials say

    Do The White House Emails And Other Breaking Revelations
    Point To Critical CIA Secrets In Benghazi? With the release yesterday of the
    100 pages of emails discussing the
    ‘talking points’ that have become the focus of Rep. Darrell Issa’s
    campaign to expose a White House cover up of the Benghazi affair, there are a
    few things that have now become starkly clear—

    It’s Official: Those Bogus Email Leaks Came From Republicans

    BREAKING…and SURPRISING….Major Garrett, Chief White
    House Correspondent with CBS News, just went on the air to announce that the
    GOP had lied and made up quotes to create the “Benghazi-gate” email
    scandal. (Thanks Pamela Daly for being our Squirrel Nation correspondent for
    tonight’s breaking news).

    Read about it here: (TPM)

    Right-Wing Benghazi Myths Come Under Fire:

    Watch As A Benghazi Lie Is Shot Down Live On Fox &

  3. Treason in its highest form. And now I see on the internet about changing the Marine dress headgear. Not jobs in this country, we’re over our heads in debt, and our wonderful commander in chief is going to spend money on changing the Marine headgear. This is outrageous!!

  4. I see some want to bring up past attacks under past presidents. But they just are diverting us from learning from the LATEST Benghazi attack and the amazing and deceptive statements Pres. O and others made right after the attack…

    What of now? We can learn from this attack…perhaps it was related to past attacks…which certainly can be researched.

    (Tho to be honest, when did the media MISS an opportunity to attack Pres. GW Bush???)

  5. the only fact I need to know is that 4 Americans died in Benghazi while the powers that be watched and did nothing….no links to libtard media change any of those facts, my friend.

  6. And why were survivors of the attack left laying in their own pools of blood for 21 hours after the attack was over before anyone even went to their aid?

  7. President Food Stamps is not only the “Do Nothing President” but when he did Nothing as their Commander in-Chief, they were killed. Meanwhile, Hillary (another Saul Alinsky student)continues wining and dining on the finest while giving speeches and kissing up to the wealthy elite and taking more of their money for her own evil doings aka Clinton Global Initiative foundation and election campaign. She has no conscience whatsoever.

  8. Osama had to go – Obama is now the de facto head of Al-Qaida. He is playing a double game. Not very well on the phony side (America-loving, caring about our seniors and servicemen, condemning terrorism etc)

  9. The muslin radicals viewed President Clinton as being very weak. Muslins do not want the liberal agenda forced on them. Americans are viewed as sexual perverts, irresponsible and promoting the breakdown of the traditional family. Divorce and adultery are acceptable. Homosexual life style is portrayed by the far left as an alternative option. All this is unacceptable to muslins. They believe in the traditional family and children deserve both mother and father. Of course they have these problems to, but they do not promote them. They see Americans abandoning God and behaving as pagans. They are not against freedom in general, but when it leads to depravity they do not want any part of it.
    Radical muslins were disgusted by Clinton’s affair.

  10. It is time for the few Patriots we have left in congress to stop playing nice… This is high treason and it is time for impeachment and Military Tribunals to began!!!!

  11. Mr. West, Canyou tell me,with all the wrongs worthy of impeachment . has Obama not been kicked out of office ? and Hillary and those involved with scandal kicked out? I am white and you are black—–and I wish you were president.

  12. Mr. West. I have an idea. How about getting together with all the Generals and Admirals, who have been relieved of their duty, and do what is truly need and take back our White house, our Government, and restore our great Republic?? While you are at it, end the Fed, Abolish obamacare, defund the pointless sytems of welfare, S.S. to non payers, deport illegal aliens. I could go on and on. or simply impeach the entire democrat house, up to and including the supreme court.
    I would love to hear a response.
    thanks for being a real role model for my two sons(both currently in the U.S. Airforce) and my family.
    Mario L. Recupido II

    • That’s wonderful, Marilyn, I wish they would get together and do something like this. I don’t think they know how MANY AMERICANS would follow them.

    • Best news that I have heard in a long time. This news gives me HOPE again. This is the first time that I have seen in writing what really happened. I had already given up. Thank you and God bless you for standing for the truth.

  13. That’s why the C.E.O. of the muslim brotherhood (obama) put guards of his same likeness to protect ambassador Stevens, instead of our own military, because Stevens
    would be a witness to the transfer of arms and therefore Stevens became a liability and obama’s guards could easily access and terminate the liability. Let’s tell the truth and put them in prison where they belong.

  14. Yes, I am talking about the surface to air missiles. Ask yourself this
    why would the State department hire muslims to guard our embassy
    instead of our own military? Because obama knew that Stevens would
    be a liability, and what better set up, to have Steven’s murderer’s (the muslim
    guards) right there to take him out along with any other American’s that
    were there. None of these men were suppose to make it out alive. That’s
    why obama changed their names, gave them frequent polyghraph’s, had
    them sign a no disclosure document. The truth will come out, it’s just a
    matter of time.

  15. Compared to the CIA’s Drone and Covert War on Terror across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, our CIA financing, supporting, and training the Al Qaeda, and our government giving money and weapons to the illegal government in Egypt all with the blessings of our current Senate and House, Obamacare, Hillarycare or whatever doesn’t seem nearly so bad.

    Now the CIA is wanting more money and Drones, I guess spreading hate, murder, and death across three continents is not good enough for them. Operating Drone bases in only Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East would bother anyone wouldn’t it?

    These are the same idiots that almost had us bombing Syria, for the children.

    Where do they plan to spread Obama’s War to, maybe North and South America?

    Obamacare, the NDAA, and the Cyber Security Bill give our Federal Agencies inside the United States the same horrible power the CIA has always taken for itself, the power to arrest, kidnap, or kill anyone. The War on Terror is just what they were made for. For Terrorism on a grand scale.

    Remember Obama, our Commander-in-Chief, going to sleep while American Ambassador Chris Stevens, State Department IT specialist Sean Smith, and two former US Navy SEALS Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty are under attack and subsequently killed.

    I guess Obama’s Administration felt it could wait until after breakfast the next day.

    They dreamed up some half baked story about some youtube video and a crowd of party goers out for a lark and didn’t admit it was Terrorism.

    You remember the lies of Hillary Clinton, Obama, our Administration, and our Media, don’t you?

    I know about a year or so later they came up with a different truth that was just a bit closer to the truth, but still lies, all the same.

  16. Carter did not do enough to destroy the CIA, today the CIA is raging a war against the world for only it’s own power.

  17. Alright~! Now that anyone with even half a brain in their head fully knows Obama and administration and other factions are seeking to replace and destroy our Free Democratic Republic will someone please tell me what the hell is being done about it?

    Whether it boils down to CIA, NSA, Masons, MI5, BILDERBERGER”S,Illuminati or any other group or combination of groups they all will be stopped dead in their tracks when combined Patriots organize against it.

    There is no stronger force than the force of Righteousness and Patriotic Americans who stand for “One Nation Under God” organize it collectively will beat all or any foe small as dust.

    Organize now~!

  18. It matters because your crimes exceed negligence of duty resulting in multiple deaths, to also include allowing shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles and specialized night-vision technology & equipment to fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda Mrs. Clinton……


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