Where’s Obama’s Outrage Over Burning Cross?

I woke up this morning sure I would see a statement from the first African-American President condemning Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson for his use of a burning cross and Klansmen in a fundraising email.

After all, the liberal progressive left and President Obama have made such an issue about the Washington Redskins mascot and the offensive nature of that symbol, wrongly so of course.

I just knew that Obama, so beloved by the black community would make a serious stand against the use of a symbol that represented voter intimidation and lynchings of blacks. I felt that President Obama, the champion of civility in political discourse, would schedule a press event today, or maybe even call TEA Party leaders, such as he did with Sandra Fluke and Jason Collins, to offer an apology and support. Then I woke up from the dream I was having.

President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz lead the party who gave us the Ku Klux Klan and the burning cross symbol. Their silence is consent and demonstrates that today’s liberal progressives are just as comfortable using these images as their predecessors.

The party of Lester Maddox, George Wallace, and Huey Long Jr. is alive and well. Sadly enough, Rep. John Lewis and other “faux” black leaders are showing their true colors. Damn glad my parents inspired me to depart the plantation.


  1. Because hate when it works in favor of a Democrats play is justifiable. There is a fight brewing much like what took place between one party and people that did not want to be part of that party in early 20th Century Europe. Wake up America.

  2. Colonel, I would follow you through flaming napalm. Grayson has shown his true colors for years yet the voters have sent him back. His lack of honor and character is apparent. The Democrats have no shame and lack the decency, honesty and ethics to expose and condemn this.

    • Founded by by them and maintained by them.And when it was no longer legal to trample on the civil rights of blacks, they formulated a new way to enslave the blacks via the government dole, all the while purporting to be fighting for them

  3. since we’re all being shallow, petty and juvenile with a side of race card pulling and race baiting…. What do the Democratic Klan and the Republican Klan of days past present and future have in common?!….. ( go look in the mirror if you need to cheat on this riddle, I’ll wait )… then maybe we can move on to more sound political banter……

  4. The black community that loves Obama and will do anything for him are soon to be very surprised. He really is keeping them down and out. He really isn’t helping any of them. They will be worse off then ever before. Hope the lesson learned will not be too late to retrieve all that Obama has taken away from all of us.

    • My hope is when it starts hitting us in the pocketbooks to where it can be felt, like Obamacare forcing us to pay a 2,000+ fine for not having health insurance, or if we do have it paying triple for our premiums and then having to pay a 5 figure deductible. Most people I know, including myself, cannot afford that and I’m 47 years old. Imagine a younger person.

      There will be an awakening. The questions are how long will it take and how much will it cost?

  5. Dear Allen West,
    You have made your point and my hope is that the President is watching, listening and planning to make a genuine and true statement. However, in spite of my hope, I will not hold my breath, and expecting the worst; my ears will likely hear no response from the big ‘0’. (That’s not an ‘O’, it’s the other one.)
    This is just one more instance when you have come out and slipped the truth right under their noses so that they could sense what, if anything, was before them and how to give that true and honest response.
    Thank you for your patriotism, Constitutionalism, and historicism. (There are some ‘isms’ that are quite commendable; and you’ve found out and use what they are.)

  6. Somehow, I know this is

    all GWBs fault,
    or due to AGW,
    or racism,
    or homophobia,
    or the “war on women”,
    or the TEA party’s fault,
    or the 2nd Amendment’s fault
    or the “rich” aren’t paying their fair share

    or, or, or …

    I’m sure the party of the KKK will fix everything for everybody …


  7. Yeah, because the President of the United States is really just a Babysitter for everyone who wants to act like an idiot. Maybe he thinks people should take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for a F’n change! But no, lets blame the president, because we’re too damned lazy to do it ourselves.

    • Is this supposed to be satire? If it is, it is BRILLIANT! Yes, the guy who takes no responsibility for anything he has done, deciding that people should take personal responsibility. I love it!

      If you are serious, you are an amazing specimen of ignorance.

      • Right. Because your fantasy that Obama is all-powerful (or has any power at all in the face of those who seek to suppress all government function and oppress the people for which they supposedly stand) is so much more intellectually sound.

      • By “those who seek to suppress all government function and oppress the people for which they supposedly stand” I presume you mean the Senators and Administration who, among other things, were offered a DOZEN funding Bills that would have paid for EVERYTHING – except for Oblamocare … but FLATLY REFUSED THEM and, instead, spent MILLIONS to close establishments OWNED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE that cost little or NOTHING to keep open AND, also, took his temper tantrum out on our Military?

  8. you might be off the plantation, but you’re still a cotton pickin moron…you make it seem like Mr. Obama got his position as a result of the equal opportunity program…

    • He did!!! Obama is not the result of the slave trade in this country who fought for generations to be free and are still fighting! He is the end result of a white commie mom and a black commie father from Kenya! He has no connection to the Civil Rights Movement in anyway, shape or form! He grew up in Hawaii, not in a ghetto trying to overcome poverty! Col. West is the result of two black educated people who love this county and taught their children to overcome any situation and not blame others for the problems they have- Your Racist comment about Col. West being a Cotton Picker makes you the Moron!

      • Actually, makes him a bigot, as many who preach tolerance are. Buckley said it best, “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but are then shocked and offended to discover that there are other views”

        It has been my observation that those from the left rail most against which they themselves are guilty of doing

    • Wow. Bad form! If bigotry had a face……….and all that. Obama did get the position as a result of Equal Opportunity. Too many fools who were oh so excited about having our first black president and not enough looking deep enough to see his true colors.

  9. I guess it makes sense for the Democrats to use the imagery since most Klansmen were Democrats. Since race is such a big theme with this administration lets all go to the Whitehouse and burn that “O” symbol of Obama’s on the front lawn. Then put Mr. West in Obama’s place as president. At least, he seems to view himself as a man, instead of a black-man. Once again it is the content of character most care about, not color. Only victicrats care about color anymore.

    • Ok, here’s another person advocating for burning something on the White House lawn, this time an O instead of a cross. How about no burning anything on the White House lawn at all, since that’s pretty close to the horrible, hateful acts committed by the Klan for decades? Also, let’s not call for removing the current president from office and installing someone else in his place (even if you impeach the president, the vice president would step into his place).

      Less crazy talk. More thinking about policies and elections.

      • Exactly why I didn’t say impeach. I’m very well aware of how the Republic works. If Obama is impeached, then it falls to the big buffoon, if he falls then it goes to the Secretary of State and then to the Speaker. All very scary prospects. We need a complete house cleaning. And yes you get crazy talk from people who are insanely pissed off.

      • That sort of crazy talk is embarrassing. Stay off of the White House lawn, don’t burn anything, stop all of the talk about putting someone else in the president’s place, and talk more sanely about the candidates you’d like to see put into office (through elections) and the policies you’d like to them work towards.

        Honestly, I’m turned off by this fixation on “Obama” (the person, the concept, whatever) and the lack of discussion about the nuts and bolts of policy. That’s why I first raised an issue with this blog post. A legitimate beef about Grayson’s email got sidetracked into a nutty discussion about how Obama needs to apologize for this. And I love how I’m being accused of being a Democrat all over this thread just because I think conservatives need to stop with the indignant outrage and come back with a renewed, sharpened focus on public policy.

      • I didn’t mean that in an adversarial way. Supporters and opponents of Pres. Obama are way too focused on personality and character and light on policy details.

  10. I will tell you where Obamas rage is. it is nowhere within him, because this country is not his country. the kkk was not in Kenya, he was far removed from it.this countries holidays and traditions are not his. anything to do with Kenya is his. He does not care a bit what people hold dear in this country nor what they have gone through or what they are going through.as soon as you realize this the better you will understand him. also consider how he was raised, what he has been taught, especially what he was taught about colonialism, and how wrong and evil America has been all along. these things and those past associations of his with certain people has made him what he is. oh yeah he loves money that is evident in his every action. He is not a leader nor a qualified president, only by election and title only.it is the American people who provides him his paycheck along with every govt employee. He has done nothing impressive nor positive for this country nor its people. But as is usually the case, the world so easily forgets the good America has done in the past. But Obama can not begin to tell you that unless he studies up on it first. because he has only learned the bad, that is why he felt appalled and thought he had to go on a world apology tour. That is why he feels well if I could just have a meaningful dialogue with this countries enemies, surely they would understand us and then like us better. The road to hell is paved with good intentions’ do believe that for him, like his pastor of many years has said, I think his chickens are coming home to roost. All indications are in evidence every day that our govt is infiltrated with antiamericans who want nothing more than to tear down this country and hurt the people as much as possible. The senate and congress are all for this as they say nothing and do nothing to make things better. if Obama wanted too he could or could have brought this country out of recession or deep depression whichever, but he hasn’t done so because he doesn’t want this result he is after a much more final result.so it falls on the people.

    • I hate to say it because I can’t stand Obama but the “born in Kenya” thing might very well be irrelevant even if it is proven to be true. I was wondering how Ted Cruz could be considered for the office of the President when I knew he was born in Canada. I did some research and my findings indicate that Ted Cruz is eligible to run because even though he was born in Canada his mother is an American citizen and so he is considered to be a “Natural Born Citizen.” If this is true for Ted Cruz than it would also be true for Obama because his mother was an American citizen also. If I am wrong in this assumption I would welcome any correction because I’m not positive of anything.

      • I may be wrong but in order to be considered a natural born citizen, both parents must be citizens of the United States. Obama’s father was a citizen of Great Britain.

      • If that is the case then Ted Cruz and Obama could still be in the same situation because Ted Cruz’s father was a citizen of Cuba at the time of his birth. It seems like even the constitution is unclear on this point and if Ted Cruz does decide to run then the SCOTUS may be the determining factor. (Which is kind of scary.) Ted Cruz would not be my choice for President, Col. Allen West would be my choice at this point in time, but it does bring up an interesting point.

      • You are correct. If born of an American mother, they are natural born Americans because there is no other language-d possibility; there is no other way one can interpret this phrase of “natural born.” Of course, American and citizen [of the US] are synonymous. One could reasonably argue that this was not the intent but to prove it we would have to turn to the words of the Founding Fathers (I haven’t found anything, yet) and even then we would not have the ability to dismiss or redefine those words that ultimately found their way into the Constitution. Immigration law supports this interpretation so there is actually precedent and that also would have to be addressed and overturned.

  11. I am ashamed that racial injustice is still practiced. I am not as polished as most people but I know right from wrong. Race should never be an issue with anyone. Of course my heart and soul belong to Christ. I see all humans as created by God. We are our own worst enemies in persecuting, hurting, killing and abusing one another. God please help us all. I have learned that Obama is for anything that hurts someone. He is about power and control. He didn’t just change. He fooled us all. I will be so glad when he is out of office. Meanwhile I will pray for him and that our next president isn’t so demonic.

  12. Dear Mr. West! I thought you would like to know that at least George Wallace had a change of heart! I pray this administration (etc.) can do the same! I have a personal letter from George Wallace that I would like to show you someday … You may find it interesting. I always end this story by saying that George Wallace and Martin Luther King are in Heaven now rejoicing and Praising Our God together as reconciled friends and as God created us to be! God Bless You Abundantly! D Lockwood

  13. I don’t see what this has to do with Obama. Grayson’s campaign sent the email, but this post mentions him only once and mentions Obama 5 times. Asking Obama to take responsibility for this is like asking West to take responsibility for a Tea Party member saying something racist (or bringing a confederate battle flag to a protest at the White House).

    • The Obama regime is more than happy to get itself involved when they have the opportunity to use racism to their advantage (“If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon”). But when a demokkkrat does something embarrassing, the silence ensues.

      It is the demokkkrats who are keeping racism alive. Always remember: Lincoln was a Republican; Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican; Allen West is a Republican. All three keep/kept it classy.

      • There’s no evidence that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican, even though that’s something that’s casually tossed around about him (see http://www.snopes.com/history/american/mlking.asp for more). But rattling off Republicans who aren’t racist doesn’t really speak to the problem of misguided blame for Obama on this.

        Grayson’s campaign sent the email and it’s fine to go after Grayson on this. Trying to hammer Obama over the head with this is a distraction from more legitimate criticisms. Like I said, if you think the president needs to get involved with this, then you’re basically saying that all groups need to designate someone who expresses outrage at any fellow group members who say or so something stupid, the Tea Party included.

        tl;dr outrage politics and this guilt-by-association stuff are lazy politics, no matter who is raging.

      • Yeah, I guess MLK and Al Sharpton would be two peas in a pod. LOL. Misguided? Whom do you work for? Obama could invite the Tea Party over for a beer. Or perhaps he could say if he had a son he’d look like a Tea Party member. Or maybe weigh-in on people calling them Tea Baggers and how that can hurt some of their feelings. But thats right. He doesn’t do those types of things. Who’s lazy?

      • Do you think Obama even knew about this email before it made the news? Why does he have to apologize for it? Grayson should apologize for it.

        People should be held responsible for their own decisions and actions. That’s one of the most basic principles of conservatism.

      • Yes they should be held responsible for their own actions. But this country is facing a serious racial & cultural divide that could have serious ramifications. This is his opportunity for him to call BS on something that is an obvious lie. Unless he believes it. Do you?

      • Like ti or not, Obama is the head of the Democratic Party. He may not be the chairman, but he is the head.

      • I think he’s got another job that keeps him from reviewing every Democrat’s campaign materials. If he’s the head of the Democratic Party, then who is the head of the Republican Party? Was George W. Bush the head of the Republican Party during his term? Who was the head of the Democratic Party from 2001-2009? You’ll see how silly this whole “head of the party” claim is after a bit more careful thought.

      • Maybe you should explain that to Obama, he takes no blame for any of his words or actions…it is always the fault of someone else

      • And his son stated he wasn’t a Republican (see link above). Since we don’t know if he was or he wasn’t, it’s disingenuous to claim either way. Just be happy that he was an American and enjoy his messages without feeling the need to claim them for one political party or another.

      • Frederick Douglass was the real deal. He was born a slave. He educated himself and negotiated his freedom. He then started the Abolitionist Movement which was the beginning to end of slavery. In other words, I don’t think you could call him an uncle tom. This is just one quote he had about the Republican Party,”I recognize the Republican party as the sheet anchor of the colored man’s political hopes and the ark of his safety.” This from a former slave. Republicans later nominated him for Vice-President. It’s funny how history has been rewritten.

    • If that fiery cross were used against Islam, Obama would have been on National TV condemning it.

      Didn’t BHO say the most beautiful sound in the world is the Islam call to prayer?
      Obama’s books: Dreams Of My Father, Audacity of Hope



      From ‘Audacity of Hope: “LOLO (Obama’s step father) FOLLOWED ISLAM….”I LOOKED TO LOLO FOR GUIDANCE”.


      From The Audacity Of Hope, “WE ARE NO LONGER JUST A CHRISTIAN NATION, we are also a Jewish nation, a MUSLIM NATION, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.”


      From ‘Dreams of my Father’, “The emotion between the races could never be pure, even love was tarnished by the desire to find in the other some element that was missing in ourselves. Whether we sought out our demons or salvation, the other race (WHITE) would always remain just that: menacing, alien, and apart.” Barack Hussein Obama

      From Dreams Of My Father: “That hate hadn’t gone away,” he wrote, BLAMING “WHITE PEOPLE — some CRUEL, some IGNORANT, sometimes a single face, sometimes just a faceless image of a system claiming power over our lives.” Barack Hussein Obama

      From ‘Dreams Of My Father’, “There were enough of us on campus to constitute a tribe, and when it came to hanging out many of us chose to function like a tribe, staying close together, traveling in packs,” he wrote. “It remained necessary to prove which side you were on,to show your LOYALTY TO THE BLACK MASSES, TO STRIKE OUT and name names” Barack Hussein Obama.

    • I guess you don’t know what Leadership is? President Obama is our Nation Leader, is he not? Then he as our Leaders whether we voted for him or not should speak out. You don’t stoup the the level of those that bring a “confederate flag to a protest”, or burn an American Flag at one. You stand up for all the rights of the people. Grayson is a race batting traitor to his country and his religion. Cause the K.K.K. did not like Jews, Black, Spanish, Catholic etc and some of these type of people are members of the T.E.A. party. You don’t spread hate, you fight it.

      • Okay, so as our “Nation Leader,” does President Obama also have to apologize for the guy who showed up to the White House with the battle flag? It doesn’t make sense to point fingers except at those who are responsible. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

      • Did he have to run to Sandra Fluke and coddle her when she was “offended” by comments about her? There is a serious divide in this country and government and making the conservatives look like the Klan is spreading like wild fire amongst the low informed groups who believe this garbage coming from the democrats, who btw are the real party of the Klan…

      • So now someone is going to diss the Confederate Flag because of what ‘they’ think it represents. I need to start finding fault with your family history. I am sure you have some ‘likes’ that I can warp into sounding like something you should be ashamed of. The flag meant different things to different people and thankfully, you don’t get to decide what those were.

      • Slavery. Treason. Rebellion. Then it went away for a while because of Pres. Lincoln (who was a Republican, as many people on this thread have pointed out) and his steadfast devotion to preserving the Union. Then it came back out of storage to protest civil rights reforms. Now it gets held up as a symbol of southern pride and tradition, which is ridiculous. Pick another symbol that isn’t stained by chattel slavery and rebellion, please.

        Or, do you like to fly the flags of other armies that have fired upon and killed U.S. troops? I don’t really care what you think the flag means. You missed the meeting when folks decided to run behind it in an attempt to destroy this country, and you hopefully weren’t there when it was used a symbol of racist intimidation.

      • The war of northern aggression was about slavery to you maybe but it was about states rights to most southerners. Lincoln only raised the slavery issue because northerners were losing interest in fighting and he needed a rallying cause. You should check your history. You will feel different when Obama’s enforcers decide to come after something that belongs to you or is near and dear to you. Maybe it is alright in your family to turn your back on your ancestors and trash their beliefs but people from the south are more loyal to theirs. Next year your crowd may turn on you and try to rewrite your history. And while you are feeling so self-righteous about the rights of blacks, maybe you should dig up and check your democrat ancestors for the KKK tatoos they are bound to have since democrats are the ones doing all the hanging when it was ‘popular’ with your party.

      • It’s not the war of northern aggression. It’s the American Civil War. It was a war initiated by the treasonous confederacy to protect (among other things) the institution of slavery. The “states rights” of which you speak referred to the right to own slaves and to deny citizenship to nonwhites. It was a war fought for a terrible cause. When I want to remind myself about being kind and forgiving, I think about the restraint that Lincoln and the Union generals showed toward the rebel south at the end and in the aftermath of the Civil War.

        Fast forward about 50 years. My family came to the United States from Italy in the early 20th Century. The KKK hated immigrants, especially from Roman Catholic countries, almost as much as they hated blacks. There’s no KKK history in my family, rest assured. We’re patriotic Americans who would never dream of celebrating the people who tried to tear this country apart.

        Never said I was a Democrat. Since when does expressing disgust at the confederate battle flag make someone a Democrat? I just happen to have my head on straight about this country’s history and am in no way proud when I see that flag. Also, I care more about actual policies that affect people and businesses than I do about idiotic campaign mailers from Grayson. Less outrage, more good government.

      • I can’t debate someone that only has the facts they have been spoon fed. You will never understand. You do realize that history is written by the victors and it is never exactly what they preach. Naw, I guess you don’t.

        My family never owned slaves. In fact, I was born in NY but I am not dumb enough to paint everyone with the same brush. Some northerners also owned slaves. Why don’t you spit on the American flag because of that? Oops, now you will come back and say the south started the war, again….. save your breath.

      • The south did start the war. I don’t recall any Union troops firing on Fort Sumter.

        Some northerners did own slaves. This is shameful, but slavery was less prevalent in the north and abolished sooner and more swiftly. The northern states also ratified the 13-15th Amendments without much controversy.

        Even if you want to ignore the slavery issue (as horrible as it was), it’s impossible to escape the fact that the confederacy acted in rebellion to the United States of America. It’s a treasonous flag. It’s not something we should celebrate and it doesn’t belong at Tea Party rallies, 4th of July parades, state capitols, state flags, bake sales… basically anywhere except in history books.

        By the way those history books were written by the Union winners who decided that Lee and his conspirators should be spared from the gallows. If you want to celebrate something about the American south, stick to southern rock and SEC football.

      • obama, as much he and hit nitwit nabobs may think he is, is not a deity–he us subject to criticism whiich i suspect you hurled at President Bush—prove your libel about the Tea Party

    • Just as Obama has weighed in on every other issue he deems necessary. It would be a great gesture and bridge over this huge cultural divide if he condemned Grayson’s incendiary rhetoric. But we all know he isn’t going to do it because he wants people to believe the lies so he is just as guilty. Congratulations, you are witnessing a new low in US politics.

    • What does bringing a Confederate flag to the White House have to do with anything? It’s a battle flag, Does not have anything to do with race or attempting to divide the people and create hate. What Grayson posted was wrong, it was untrue, it was race baiting and hate mongering. If Obama can put his two cents in about the Gifford shooting comments, the university police doing their job, etc. then I think he should have something to say about this.

      • Sorry, as a patriotic American I abhor the confederate battle flag. It’s the flag of treasonous slaveholders, and during some of the ugliest moments of U.S. history, it’s been dragged out to signal opposition to civil rights laws or just to tell black Americans that they aren’t welcome somewhere.

        Even if you think the flag has nothing to do with race (I’d argue you’re wrong but stay with me here) it has everything to do with treason and a desire to see the United States of America torn in two. Obviously, displaying it is protected speech under the 1st Amendment and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I don’t think for a minute anyone should be proud of that treasonous flag and I think it should be universally condemned.

        My point stands. Hold Grayson responsible for what he does. Hold Obama responsible for what he does. Stick to this, and there’s no need for someone like Allen West to have to speak out when some moron brings a racist, treasonous battle flag to what’s supposed to be a civil protest. Focus on the important issues, since there are lots of them.

      • Firstly, the “Confederate flag” you are talking about is a Virginia battle standard and was used as a part of several other battle standards. The Confederate flag is a light blue field with a single white star centered. Secondly, the US is a constitutional republic, meaning each state is sovereign unto itself. And through that agreement each state can and should have a right to voluntarily with draw from the Union if and when the Union no longer supports or benefits the citizens of that state. That is not Treason!

      • You can believe that each state can and should have a right to withdraw from the Union, but that’s not what happens in practice. Ask the former confederacy what it’s like to try to leave.

  14. Mr. Allen West. You are right sir. And a rock star. Keep posting articles like this that show the hypocrisy and deceit of the Democrats.

  15. It looks to me that the democrats are using the klan again. So glad that the republicans have stepped beyond this. I hope the black communities are pointing this outrage out.
    The left call us racist. Democrats forget it was the republicans that ended slavery. And A Republican that fought for civil rights M.L.K and his followers. This race thing has to end. BUT! Some Democrats want it to live on. SAD!

  16. I admire your ability to say all that without biting your tongue [in your cheek]. The real racists may be caught in their own traps

  17. yes Alan and it is a shame that the ordinary African American does not understand that it was the Democrats that wanted to keep them down with the Jim Crow laws and it was the Republicans that stood up for them and it was also white Republicans that started the NAACP to help black American get equality. The Democrats only want to keep them in line with all the entitlements so they can actually be slave owners again

  18. Obama is not a real American. He has openly stated he wants to bring the U.S. down, so why are we focusing on things that are a matter of course instead of bringing charges against this hate monger criminal?

  19. The President Of The United States should never give attention to a group such as the klan. The klan is nothing in 2013. They never should have been and never will. The presidents advisers would never advise him to comment on such a worthless, inconsequential group as the klan.The klan is nothing and havn’t been for many years. Their platform has always been wrong and un-American.

  20. White Liberals feel their own guilt of joining the political party of cotton plantations, KKK, segregation, 2nd-class schools, and the modern government-dependency plantation. So they try to shed their guilt by accusing others of their own sins.

  21. Set this Little Display up on the Lawn at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and see if it gets some Attention. Using this type of MESSAGE is PAST IT’S TIME. REP. ALAN GRAYSON is OUT OF HIS MIND !!

    • I just want to clarify something. Did you really just advocate burning a cross on the lawn of a house in which a black family currently resides in order to get some attention? You know how terrible that sounds, right?

      • I don’t believe that is what he meant. I think what he meant was to post the sign against the use of that….

      • But this isn’t a sign or a display. It’s a photoshopped email. It’s very tasteless, but there is no way to set it up on the lawn of the White House. Also, he says “lawn,” and doesn’t imply posting a sign or a flyer near the White House or on the fence. The Klan burned crosses on the lawns of homes in which black families lived to send a message and intimidate them. They didn’t post signs.

        Gonna stick with my original assessment. Mr. Burden seems to have called for burning a cross on the lawn of the White House, a national monument for all Americans and the residence of the first family, currently made up of black Americans. He can feel free to clarify, maybe even apologize, but it’s a terrible thing to advocate as it stands.

      • I think he (Howard Burden) only meant that, Obama has not responded because this email didn’t affect him directly. If it was on his own lawn or in his own email he would have to condemn it. That would be the right thing to do as a father and a leader. But he offers nothing….he says he wants to work in a bipartisan manner, well Mr. Obama, get your old croneys under control. He has no experience with this type of inflamation. He was sheltered in Hawaii and Indonesia for most of his life. He cannot relate to the civil rights persecution and intimidation that many Americans have endured (meaning all nationalities and ethicities).

      • Perhaps we ought to fill up the front lawn with the obama’s favorite brand of luggage, each with a sign attached reading “Pack Up Your Crap and Get Out”.

  22. Disgusting!! You would think our President would also be disgusted and voice his disgust. He does not usually have a problem chiming in with his opinion.

      • It is true that some charter members of the KKK were Freemasons, However, equating the Klan and Freemasonry is like equating the Lutheran Church with Nazism just because both originated in Germany.

      • well I really dont care to know much about freemasons and there worship of Satan. Freemasons used Luciferic symbols within the
        layout of government center Washington D.C. Freemasons worship Lucifer, the
        Light-Bearer. Lucifer and Satan are biblically the same individual, Freemasonry is
        really the worship of Satan. By quoting their own sources and depicting the symbols in
        which they use, this claim is proven. Baphomet

  23. Obama’s objective is to turn America into a Third World country, and NO ONE will lift a finger to stop him. GOP? Please. While there is something in it for them they won’t put up a real fight. They’ll just send in McCain, who will pretend to be full of outrage as he reaches across the aisle, they’ll pat themselves on the back for nothing, and the Democrats will be allowed to further rub socialist filth into the fabric of this Nation.

    • How do you arrive at that conclusion? Did he shipped the jobs ordinary people depended on overseas? The President is the most compassionate president ever no wonder God has highly favored him and all the opposition try to do to him becomes a Haman’s trap in the end!

      • He had to vote at the DNC in order to get the prayer going in 2012 not once, but THREE times and you are trying to elevate him spiritually? Where have you been hiding.

        American jobs have been shifting to low-wage countries for years, and
        the trend has continued during Obama’s presidency. From 2008 to 2010, U.S. trade with China alone cost about 450,000 American jobs because of the growth of Chinese exports.

        According to a study by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, large
        American companies in 2010 barely added any workers in the United
        States, increasing their numbers by 0.1 percent, while they expanded
        their foreign workforce by 1.5 percent.

        Yea, he didn’t send jobs overseas.

      • No. He didn’t ship them overseas. Your precious unions are to blame for that. Detroit was decimated by childish demands for 40 dollars an hour for entry level assembly workers. Similar demands decimated other parts of the country. In short, you Leftists are to blame. Allowing YOU to go unchecked is the only Haman’s trap I see. But don’t worry. Your time is coming. “Wait by the river long enough, and the bodies of your enemies will float by.” – Sun Tzu.

        ……..oh, and don’t forget to call me a racist for winning the argument.

      • Are you retarded? Now he is a Demi God. He is a FAILURE. You are hanging on with your pinky. YOU are the racist. YOU are defending an idiot simply because he is black. May God forgive you, because I’ll have a hard time with it.

      • Worship at the feet of a fool, why not…….you can identify. CLINTON singed NAFTA into law, you stupid hack, that was the beginning of job loss here….but you cant remember that, can you?

  24. The tactic Grayson is using is discussed on Page 42 in the chapter “Revolutionary Means and Ends” in the book written by David Horowitz titled “Barack Obama’s Rules For Revolution, The Alinsky Model”.
    The gig is up Grayson, you’re a lot like an old tire being used again; “retread”.

    • Rep Grayson knows how to fight a fire with fire and giving the bigots a taste of their own medicine that is why you can’t tolerate him.

      • Grayson’s the one BURNING CROSSES. Just not outside the door, but in the MINDS of everyone who dares to think for themselves. The message is clear “Don’t you dare stand up for constitutional freedom, or we’ll brand you a RACIST.” Do you honelstly believe Alan West and Herman Cain are racists? Read their objections to this cross burning.

      • Take your meds.Grayson is as close to wearing a straight jacket as you can get, everybody knows that….EVEN IF HE WAS A REPUBLICAN HE WOULD BE A DROOLING IDIOT.

  25. West is a typical spin doctor, he thinks other peoples memories are as shallow as his, he forgot that roles changed after civil rights legislation by the Democrats in the early 60’s. Recent history is not on your side Mr West your party especially your faction have become the racists.

    • That is a typical spin given by Racists who want to keep their power. There was no switching of sides and those who think there were are lost in their own imagination or the illusion that the Democrat party is spinning for them. Wake up.

    • Ronald: You sound like the typical Alinsky student with saying that you think the KKK is evil and that the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party is the KKK therefore, Americans who say they are Taxed Enough Already must be (in your mind) -evil.
      Ronald, that way of thinking is not only crazy, but offensive and absolutely senseless. Your “tactics” are old and worn out, the gig is up.

    • Mr. Bailey, you need to get yourself a good education in history. Then you might realize that it was Republican lawmakers that opposed the ideology of people like Senator Robert “kkk” Byrd, and George C. Wallace, and all the other racist democrats that opposed civil rights legislation. Howard W. Smith, a democrat segregationist, vowed never to bring the 1964 civil rights act out of committee. Sen. James Eastland, another democrat, also tried to prevent it from coming to the senate floor. 18 Democratic Senators filibustered the bill to try to prevent its passage. Remember Strom Thurmond? He said the civil rights act was the product of the radical Republican congress. Yes, that’s right, it was Republicans that broke the democrat filibuster and passed the legislation. So much for your ignorance, or revisionist attempt at modifying the true history, or what ever it is you are trying to do. What ever it is, it is a lie.

  26. He is not outraged because he does not have any experience in the area of real persecution. He grew up with his white mother and white grandparents. He was abandoned by his Kenyan father who was a worthless drunk who used women and lied to them. Obama is an elitist, who grew up attending an elite Hawaiian school. He has no real experience with the whole civil rights movement. He suffers from an “identity” crisis. As a Florida resident I would like to apologize on behalf of the Floridians who are not racists and say that Sen Grayson in no way represents the true feelings of floridians. He should be ashamed of himself.

    • Forget the senate. Run for President in 2016. Hopefully we will still have the right to vote at that time. I guess it doesn’t matter if any Republican runs for president. If Obama continues the way he is going, he will figure out a way to run for a third term. If that happens, there is no doubt in my mind that he will win. He will win the same way he did in 2008 and 2012. It will be a win by fraud. Lies, malfunctioning voting machine due to tampering, money for votes, voting more than once, unregistered voters, illegals and convicted felons votes, intimidation, lost ballots and votes by dead people. If all that isn’t fraud, I don’t know what is.

      • Why are they fighting photo id’s for voting. What are they trying to hide? Don’t most people need a photo Id for hospital or many other things?

  27. During their campaign, obama didn’t call Joe Biden out for saying this about Republicans; “They all want to put you back in chains”. That says a lot about obama’s character. In other words, he has none and that is why he and his supporters are able to say and do evil things. But that’s also why Americans need to stand up and no longer tolerate this evil emanating from DC, especially the evil that took up occupancy in the White House.

  28. Let us hope that the left’s trend to extremism accelerates so that even the most ignorant among us can recognize them for what they really are.

  29. Thank you Allen West for all you do and all you are. Your life and your character speaks just as loud as your words! Thank you. Semper Fi

  30. I was given an extended sanction against my Facebook account yesterday, because of Grayson and his minions using mass reporting to Facebooks automated reporting system as a form of silencing dissident voices over his cross burning tactic aimed at promoting lies, hostilities and hatred for other Americans whom he doesn’t care a thing about, and was blocked for an indefinite period of time.

    The notification was merely : ” You’re blocked from posting on or creating Pages. We’ll let you know when this feature block is lifted
    on Wednesday 3:33pm ”

    I don’t know how many other posters who went to his page to complain and ask for an apology were blocked and sanctioned, and it wouldn’t have bothered me had he just blocked those of us who had every right to to tell him how we felt about how he was treating us, but that isn’t how these kinds of horrid creatures act. As far as I’m concerned, any liberal, by proxy, Democrat, can stay as far away from me from now on as the moon is from the earth, even friends and family can take a hike, I want nothing to do with these cretins.

    They’re not allowed in my home, I wont answer their calls, I’ve told everyone I know that even remotely identifies with the Democratic party that they are now, officially banished from any part of my life, that is my stand against this kind of thing, I will not be tolerant of these kinds of people ever again. If I even get a whiff of a liberal thought in anyone’s head, they’re history, as far as me even giving them the time of day after that.

    • So folks can add FACEBOOK to the list of supporters of these kinds of people. Apparently they don’t see anything wrong with his post, or the fact that he sent that image to folks emails to solicit money using it. I’ve known folks who had far less offensive material removed from their facebook pages, but not Grayson, he gets a free ride as far as Facebook is concerned.

      • Going into the third day of sanctions from the Facebook thought control, and the vile piece that Grayson emailed and posted to his page is still there. How is one to keep faith in a country where all avenues for any attempts at open, and civil debate are closed up tight.

      • 5th day of Sanctions, and Facebook wont even reply to any of my inquiries of how long this cyber bullying will go on. They’ve removed me from being able to communicate with others on facebook, and I didn’t even violate any rules, I went over them carefully to see if I hadn’t somehow done something to justify this sanction of theirs, and no, I have not.
        I’ve sent messages to a few folks at Fox, asking them to report on this form of cyber bullying used by Facebook and their more spiteful users, all of them, those I’ve sent messages to, have facebook pages themselves, and not one of them has even bothered with it. I guess even though they see the need to have facebook accounts to communicate with people that support them, or those they support, they don’t see any reason to get involved with some little nobodies like me, and there are plenty, I’m sure, like me being cyber bullied this way by Facebook.
        Well, so much for believing in people, and all this American’s stand up for each other hoopla, it’s just not worth it anymore.

  31. Mr West I Think Obama Finally Flipped. If He Thinks For ONE mn That US MARINES Are Gonna Let Him Play Dress Up With OUR Uniforms, Well He Just Oughta Go Down The Street And Get Him A Big Bag Of Crack & Smoke It!! This Mans On A Self Destructive Binder & Is Trying To Take US With Him. I Mean Nixon Was Impeached For Alot Less Then What Pimp Daddys Doing, So Was Clinton. WHY Is This IDIOT Still Commander & Theif, I Mean Chief?? I Know The Article Was On The Stupid Klan, But The Uniform Issues Got Me P/Oed — Thanx Allen West– PS- Why Dont You Run For Prez, At Least You Were Military & You Know Whats Up In D.C.

  32. I heard you speaking on the radio 2 years ago and I was very impressed with your knowledge and logic. You have your head on straight and are a good speaker. I also wanted to add that Obama said before he was elected for the first time, ” We are just days away from fundamentally changing this country.” In another video i heard hime say, “With my energy plan, energy cost would necessarily increase.” He has not only had his hand in Benghazi, but in Egypt (I heard there were Union members and Pink members, among others, stirring people up. He was the Lawyer for Acorn, as a “community organizer”. Acorn and union members picketed on the front lawns of Bank presidents to give loans to people who could not afford them. If you think about it, HE had his hand in and was very responsible for the housing bubble (low interest rate loans and inflated property values) which then caused the crash. I was an investor in Real Estate and at the time the bubble was growing, most defaults were happening to people who owned the house for way under a year, which was historic.

    Could you please pass around my link. Thank you NJ girl. Enough is Enough. Join the movement. http://www.BizExperts101.com/?rd=xt4mc1QB

  33. You just woke up to the reality of the Obama Dream. Many Americans are still sleeping.
    I love reading your blogs. Refreshing.


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