Beirut Terror Attack Reverberates Today

Thirty years ago today, on an early Sunday morning, as our Marines slept soundly in their cots at Beirut International Airport, an Iranian terrorist smashed a truck filled with explosives into their barracks. According to witnesses, the blast was so enormous, it actually lifted the four-story building into the air before it came crashing down, killing 220 Marines. It was the single largest Marine loss since Iwo Jima and also killed 18 sailors, three soldiers and six civilians. At nearly the same moment, a second suicide bomber blew up a nine-story building on the other side of the airport, ending the lives of 58 French paratroopers.

Because there were those in Washington who didn’t want the US to appear “warlike,” the Marines were unable to defend themselves. The guards posted outside the barracks that Sunday morning were not allowed to carry live rounds in their chambers.

Sadly, most Americans don’t even remember this day. But our enemies do. And more importantly, our response.

In fact an obscure Saudi named Osama bin Laden later told ABC News our inability to defend and desire to pull out four months later demonstrated “decline of the American government and the weakness of the American soldier.”

Our response was not as President Roosevelt had done after Pearl Harbor. Instead, President Reagan made a horrible strategic decision in not understanding this Islamic terrorist enemy and withdrew our forces. Bill Clinton followed suit and withdrew from Somalia in 1994. George W. Bush attacked after 9-11 into Afghanistan, but without a clear objective and watered-down Rules of Engagement we are achieving little. America lost the initiative eventually in Iraq and thanks to Barack Obama we have withdrawn from that country as well.

Today, as in Beirut, our Rules of Engagement continue to set up our troops for failure and death. Thirty years ago we set a horrific precedent in confronting these jihadist murderers and now they have exploited that weakness. We know to this day who the enemy is but we have a president who believes we can just pick up a phone and chat with them.

Until America produces a president with resolve, who understands the history of this enemy, we shall not prevail. God bless those brave Marines who gave the last full measure of devotion. God help America to find the leadership to define, engage, fight, and defeat Islamic totalitarianism.


  1. Anyone who reads the scriptures understands what you are saying, Brother West. You cannot fight the enemy on their terms. You must seek them out and utterly destroy them.

    • As a “First Responder Sailor” who was there shortly after the blast, and was there for three days digging through the rubble, I must ask…

      What do YOU know about it, Andy?

      • I wasn’t there, if that’s what you mean. My point is that we have been too weak in our response to terrorists. Fighting “humanely” against them is a losing strategy.

        We attacked Iraq when they were not the culprits. Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia et al are the exporters of terrorism. We have never held their feet to the fire and demanded that they join in the fight. It’s their regimes that should have been conquered, and we never get any spoils, we just lose blood and treasure.

        Thank you for your bravery, sir.

  2. Col. West, your comment, “Until America produces a president with resolve, who understands the history of this enemy, we shall not prevail” is right on! Our society is not developing as many who understand what you mean by resolve. The mass of growing ignorance, look at our educational performance in the global scheme, is at the core of this issue.

    When I read, “resolve” I think “values.” Values are diminished with a lack of an orientation to a higher power–Godliness.

  3. I’d like to concentrate on our economy first. If we are to defend our resolve, we’ll need to afford it. I agree with Jeff, addressing the ignorance should also be of top priority.

    • You’re certainly right about affording it, but if we could just get rid of the enemy in DC, I don’t think a little multitasking would be too much of an issue.

    • The U.S. has spent $3.7 TRILLION on entitlement programs in the past 5 years, according to this morning’s news. Do you think that $3.7 TRILLION would have helped to defeat our enemies???

    • We cannot correct the economy first. That will take decades to fix what Obama has done. A war in the US/civil war/revolution/martial law will happen quickly and could be over quickly if we are not prepared.

      • O did not do it all … he is the current focus and there is no love lost between us but my memory tells me that we’ve been falling down the rabbit hole (sorry, a little over used right now) for quite some time. I’m not much for the blame game, especially if it distracts from a critical goal. Getting our people on their feet and fighting for a better way of life again seems to be much more important than vilifying an anomaly name Barry.

  4. I think the 2nd civil war in the USA is knocking on our door.
    We need actions , sorry but we are at point that “words and diplomacy” just don’t work.!
    Most of us fear this, myself as well but we need to be united to defend our constitution. Better be safe than sorry.
    Lead us Mr west 🙂

    • it’s hard to defend the constitution when we have a supreme court that changes it as though they have the right to IE: Obama care

    • This government will take out the veterans first because they are trained to lead, stratagize and kill. They will be removed or rounded up by our government before this administration declares martial law and causes our military to fire upon Americans.

  5. when will people see that the muslim brotherhood is getting into our govt, our schools our religous freedoms and backed by our present admin. i have seen them advance in our country,and people are letting them in,don’t forget the marine bareks. the cole the twin towers, and the present war we are in and many many more things,,so many more, wake up folks and if you don’t you’ll be under islam rules and sharia law,you ladies will like wearing a rag on your head,and the men will be shot if they don’t comply with their laws and rules,,,good luck folks

    • True. We have Muslims in the current administration, including the POTUS – and I would dare to say they are helping the brotherhood here in the USA. We have been infiltrated and more coming in all the time.

  6. I was in the USMC when this happened. My take is that it’s not just the president but the American people who don’t have the heart to do what it takes. Americans want their security actions to be like going through the fast food drive through. We want to pay no price and we want it to be short so we can get back to our entertainment. I admit to being a Reagan fan, but I also have always been mad at him for this. The Col leading these Marines didn’t pull that order that they couldn’t have magazines in their weapons our of his backside. It came from higher up; it was politically ordered.

    • I was also in the Marines when this happened. Many of those sleeping Marines were firends of mine. I was kept state side because when asked if i would fire upon hostile insurgents that had fired upon me even though I was in a Peace Keeping mode. My answer “If it’s me or him, it isn’t going to be me.” Rest in Peace my brothers. Semper Fi

      • Really? was you there? Did you receive orders to even be there? Did you even know any of those Marines? We are taught to kill and given orders not to shoot. If you wasn’t in the room WHTF do you know? Nothing!

      • Evidently you weren’t either so I guess that applies to you. By the way, you seem to have been in the Corps for more than 30 years and are just a Corporal. You are either stupid, or calling yourself Corporal when you’re just a civilian, in which case I hope somebody jails your sorry butt, or…like I said, you just some moron trying to sound knowledgeable.

      • Thank you for your service to our country. You know the next time that USMC unit went back into lenbanon, in 2006, their ROEs were basically do what you have to get home. I can imaginve the ROEs under a President West would start out with a statement that he does not like writing letters to next of kin of KIAs so do what you have to come home safe and sound.

    • I had been saved (a Christian) for 7 months. Only until I was saved that I became aware of the events in the world. I do remember this tragedy but I had no idea that the Marines did not have magazines in their weapons! If we could only turn back the hands of time and “fix” stuff! Thank you for your service – all of you commenting here. I will never forget.

  7. Not one of Reagan’s finest moments for sure, but Islamic Jihad was in it’s infancy then and the Soviet Union was still public enemy number one. Hind sight is always 20/20.

  8. I remember Col. Oliver North saying at the time, saying that he considered Al Qaeda the biggest threat the US would face. Even then he was demonized by the left.

    I think what Khrushchev told us Americans in about 1957 that they would beat us by taking over the minds of our youth. Say it again, (education system), it started in the universities, (Cloward and Piven), crept down into the secondary education system and is now planted in our elementary system. Our children are being brainwashed into complacency from the beginning. This march towards socialism has been taking place for decades. We are being dumbed down and neutered as a nation as this sinister march towards progressive-ism continues. I am outraged about this decline of America and our values. It will only take one generation to loose all that all of those Patriots throughout our history have fought and died for. The rest of the world takes our generosity for granted. One thing I have learned is that people really do not truly appreciate a handout. They only value and protect things and values they have invested, their own efforts in. Liberty, Freedom, Personal responsibility, Thank You

    • Well said. I am of your generation and I have watched America slowly march downhill in every manner possible. Over the decades I kept hoping it would turn around with a good GOP president. Now we know that is not happening because the RINO’s choose RINO’s to run. It is not only the left, it is the GOP as well, who stand around and wring their hands waiting for someone else to do the hard work. It is my co-workers who told me yesterday that we should not be worried about Obamacare because “it is all speculation”…to which I replied that double and triple insurance rates, lack of doctors, nurses and hospitals were all speculations…until now… it has become reality. We CANNOT stand around, while we write to each other and share with each other what is happening – that will not change one demon-crat’s mind. They are drones marching off Obama’s cliff. We cannot stand and wring our hands – we MUST get active, write letters, send emails, sent checks to support conservatives in the 2014 elections…we must move. Let’s roll, NOW.

  9. As a Beirut veteran, I will never forget this day. It has played over and over in my head for 30 years. Sadly, most Americans have forgot this day and about those of us who were there. I lost some good friends and brothers that day. Thank you Col West for remembering us. You are a true American and I hope you get back into the Senate.

  10. What is omitted is the fire mission two nights before when the Colonel in charge of the contingent took an urgent phone call waking him from one of the local militia’s. After that the Marines had gone from Peacekeepers to having Picked Sides… they were placed in an untenable position in the first place by bad politics… Read From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas L. Friedman with special emphasis on the Chapter: Betty Crocker in Dante’s Inferno.

  11. Benghazi is what got me started. It broke my heart. Our troops leave no man behind.!! But yet Hillary and Obama did. Sir we need you to lead us.. You understand the kind of people better than anyone I have heard so far. I just saw where Former Navy Seal Ben Smith said Obama is asking the leaders again if the will fire on Americans. Please help sir. We need to send every Muslim back to the country they came from. I also think we have little time to waste on making a decision. I do not want to see Martial Law. Economy we will deal with after we get rid of the ones who do not belong. You will have a backing with the Bikers, Truckers, Vets and Militia and whatever troops you can get home. We each need to pray for GOD to come back to AMERICA and Bless her again. amen

  12. I’ve lived long enough to know that American should to represent strength. Now we show the world weakness. As a result our young men and women are dying needlessly for a cause that has no meaning. We need to stand tall and not take crap from anyone. Like we teach children to do when a bully tries to harm them.

  13. When we have a prez that is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and is himself a jehodist after going to their school, he is ruining our economy as the islamic radicals have been trying to do for years. What can the dimwitted democrats expect?????

  14. Mr. West, I have seen you on Hannity and a few other television interviews and I must say, I am very impressed with you as a Man and a Patriot. I also want to thank you for your military service to this country. Having followed you and Dr. Ben Carson, as well as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul just to name a few, who like you, are committed to the constitution, and I support them in their congressional seats. Having said that, I would like to personally state my support for you if you choose to run for President in 2016. I believe that you are a true constitutional American with top leadership qualities and a strong understanding of military strategy. Because of these qualities, I feel you make a great candidate for the role of Commander in Chief of this country.

    God Bless you and your family.

  15. Mr.West, I was just checking a site and it was on you tube. The following Statement was on the side. I pulled it up and it was a radio station and he had a guy on there that was telling how he heard these 3 Russians in a bar talking. I know D-Day was December 7th. I wanted to be in DC on 11/19 with Larry Klayman but I fear we have waited too long, I’m not sure if this is propaganda or what but wanted you to know. I am a 64 year old mother and grandmother but I did go and purchase my first gun. I went for my lessons but have to run and get my license. GODSPEED sir I hope and pray you decide to lead us. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN. Amen.

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    Equally important to note, this MoFA bulletin says, is that the mysterious White Bunker was completed last September (2012) at a cost of $86 million (US) and had taken over two years to complete and whose purpose remains clouded in secrecy.

    Critical to note, this bulletin says, is that Obama quietly last month extended the post-9/11 Declaration of National Emergency thus giving him the power to take over America should he so choose.

    Joining Obama in his plan to take over United States, this bulletin continues, are his journalist cohorts (otherwise known as “presstitutes”) who now include America’s top conservative reporters who were summoned yesterday to a secret “off-record” White House meeting with the President.

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    2.) US Congress member Sheila Jackson Lee who is advocating that Obama declare Martial Law.

    3.) New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman who is advocating that the American people stand with Obama as democracy itself is at stake.

    4.) New York Times guest columnist and professor of history at Princeton University Sean Wilentz warning that the Obama regime has neglected to do its utmost to defend the Constitution punish Republicans he said have brought their country to ruin.

    5.) Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman advocating that Obama create a Constitutional crisis in order to defy Republican blackmailers.

    Of the greatest danger facing the American people, MoFA historical analysts in this bulleting say, is Obama becoming a modern day Abraham Lincoln, who was the 16th President of The United States and who engineered its 1861-1865 Civil War.

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    Lincoln, who had proclaimed prior to his becoming President that “eliminating every last black person from American soil would be “a glorious consummation,” and who in his First Inaugural Address stated “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so,” nevertheless forced his nation into civil war and became the first leader of the United States to suspend its Constitution and rule with dictatorial powers.

    Today many Lincoln scholars and Obama supporters, reports the Canadian Free Press, say that Lincoln saved the Constitution by suspending constitutional liberty in the North for the entire duration of his administration. He supposedly “had to destroy constitutional liberty in order to save it.”

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  16. Thank you, not only for your service, but for this informative article. I do remember this tragedy. I have great respect for President Reagan, but he really did make the wrong decision here. God Bless you and yours. You are truly a great American and we need you back in Washington.

  17. Once again Allen West pulls no punches while telling the truth about American resolve or many times, lack of it. We cannot run from our enemies, we cannot appease our enemies, we must confront them, not always on the battlefield, but with “Peace Through Strength.” Obama has sold that out as part of his fundamental transformation of America. Wake up people. America desperately needs leaders like Allen West.

  18. It all sounds so familiar doesn’t?Workplace violence? In every situation He won’t call them what they are, why, in my opinion he is one of them. Keeping us safe isn’t the priority of this man he has an agenda and we better stop it soon.Now the Arab countries are down on him with the cozy calls to Iran and his promises broken in Syria. Ya can’t play it both ways sooner or later you’re in the spotlight! To me the simple answer here he isn’t up to the task of leading a country like ours. We are losing ground and becoming a laughing stock throughout the world. The Muslim Brotherhood welcomed in the WH., are here setting up their positions why because that’s how easy to be an enemy and yet come here with no problem at all..For those who stand in the Senate for this man, may they not be elected again. Liberal’s=SOCIALISM

  19. Just to keep the history true, the Marines were taking sides in a civil war, and shouldn’t have. The navy bombarded a small village in the mountains, killing civilians, and shouldn’t have. That’s what triggered the bombing. The Marines failed to setup a safe environment. Also, no Marine forgets Beirut, and there are many memorials including one in Israel.

    • I dont care what US Marines have done in war—if the enemy attacks them a full retaliatory response is called for–we should have desroyed several neihborhoods in beiruit levaing at least 200,000 dead ragheads behind.

      • too old, too decrepit when i tried to sign up in 1990—all i would do now is get fellow Americans killed in a hot zone—maybe that is what you want

  20. I remember how easily the attack could have been thwarted. The guards at the gate watched helplessly as the truck drove by them. They had no ammo in their weapons.

    Before that, let’s not forget that Pres Carter did a bunch of nothing when Iranian militants stormed the American embassy. Americans were held hostage for over a year. Before that, the weak world response to the terror in Munich emboldened terrorists.

  21. HMmmm, suppose the PTB are in bed with the jihadists? maybe they are allowing the jihadists to do the dirty work for them…???? IDK< just a thought.

  22. shortly after the attack in Beirut i had the good fortune of talking to some of the marines who were there and what they told me had little comparison to what was in the media. They were attacked constantly, Could only fire back if no cover and had to stop even if still being fired at. I was also told they were fired at by nearly everybody but the Muslims did the most. Also was told most of the staff of hotel was not there at the time. And there was more than one bomb…..

  23. This was 60 “Bengazis” that Reagan let happen — yet Allen and his Tea Party cadre screech he was the best president? If Obama let 220+ Marines get blown to bits, what would do you think the outrage levels would be?

    • The difference here is Reagan couldn’t have known this was going to happen and would not have let it happened had he known. Obama and Clinton both knew the danger in Benghazi and refused to help our people when they should not have been put in the situation in the first place. Smuggling weapons and artillery to our sworn enemies by our president is in no way a comparison.

      • wrong 4 SEALS recon the area and told the brass how they thought it would go down if the airport was attack and it happened just like that

      • reagan stripped the gate giards of their weapons lest he offend rhe islamiists–he was a oward around muzzies just as obama is—he is responsible–i wonjt give him a pass, i wont give clinton a pass and neither will i give obama one


      • reagan didnt let the gate guards have loaded weapons lest it offend the islamisicists–i ondemnt as i ondemnt linton for what happened 10 yrs later in mogadishu and what obama is doing now

      • That’s right – insert a little hate-filled comment there about Islam’s supporters. You people are part of a destructive cancer on our country’s reputation and the principles of democracy. You know nothing of the influences ruling your thinking. You should wake up and educate yourself as to what is happening to our country and not continue to blindly support the destructive powers acting through the Republican party and their news outlets.

      • hey raghead lover, go put on a burkha and shut up–acording to the people who you love and want to enable your opinion is only worth 1/4th of mine since you are a woman—and dont patronize me you American, liberty hating raghead lover

      • death to ragheads—if a raghead wants to try to murder an American kill him and kill all of his village

      • That lie was debunked long ago. Do your research and don’t repeat lies from Fox News. When are you and your ilk going to wake up – educate yourselves – realize that we are in the grips of a movement to destroy America by Republicans and their paymasters! And you are fool enough to fall for their lies.

      • Hey Raghead lover, is your major malfunction that you have had that rag wrapped around your head far too tight for far too long. Or is that you had your head stuck in the raghead sand far too long. Either way you seem to have severe brain damage due to anoxia.

      • Charming. Too bad you are not an enlightened, educated intelligent human being instead of a hate-filled, blind puppet.

      • Educated in your vocubulary means indoctrinated into hating the USA. Enlightened means letting ragheads run your life.

      • And stop calling true American heroes lairs to suppport that lying kenyan/white trash half-breed/

      • I, who suppored Colonel West in 12, and again support him in 16, for POTUS am a pure racist? Funny, next thing you will tell me is that Colonel West is not Black.

      • You come onto the website of an American, who happens to be African decsent, unlike obama to whom being the son of a drunken kenyan wifebeater is more important than being an American, the website of a man who I would gladly lay down my life because of his importance to this country and call me a racist. You, who have found nothing worth living for or dying for, are a racist troll to insult a man, like Colonel West and unluke obama, has put his life on the line to ifght for your freedoms to kiss obama’s ass and spread racist hate speech about him.

    • so obama gets a pass for his present activities beause people allegedlt dont condemt he was responsible for what happened 30 yrs ago–and Please tell e where Col West says reagan was our best President. BTW, do you realize calling a black person you do not personally know by his first name is racist?

    • How about the tragedy that occurred Aug. 6, 2011 in Afghanistan?

      A Chinook helicopter carrying 30 American service members, including a contingent of elite SEALs was shot down in suspicious circumstances. The other service members included Army Rangers. These men were the best of the best. All sacrificed by your god Obummer!

      • What – did President Obama go to Afghanistan and shoot them down? We’ve been there for years – way before Obama became President. Some people seem to want to blame him for everything that ever happened bad to our military. Who put our military in Afghanistan in the first place? He didn’t.

  24. Mr. West, one of those men who survived that bombing was my pastor. He still hurts on the inside from his brothers who were murdered. In fact, he stayed on top of a mountain and refused to be a part of normal life for many years after that. I still feel sorry for that man.

  25. We have not fought to WIN a war since WWII. Since that time Congress has controlled the military and will not LET them win wars. We are expected to win wars with our hands tied behind our back. War is war and every country by the US knows and acts accordingly. When we fight, it would be all out until victory. Nothing less.

    • MacArhtur was fired for trying to win the Korea War. About the time of Benghazi at least two flag officers were removed from their posts in that area. The stated reason were ambiguous to say the least.

      • Exactly!! How many have been relieved? An inordinate number along with numerous mid ranked Officers as well! It begs the question, why are we replacing so many? As to the new Marine covers…..NO!!

      • I saw them and say eeewwwww!!! I can’t help but ask, who was it that purged his military just before WWII?

    Instead the apologists and appeasers now pander to terrorists and the world wonders what they should do to solve the problem.

  27. Lest We Forget
    Instead the apologists and appeasers now pander to terrorists and the world wonders what they should do to solve the problem.

  28. This lack of response from a couple Presidents from different parties was so sad. Perhaps…after 9/11 and Pres. GWBush’s actions, the US was taken a bit more seriously for a while.

    But then…so many in the US were surprised that Saddam Hussein didn’t leave big piles of WMD around…for the UN to discover…and Pres Bush later got pounded in the media.

    (As if Hussein didn’t have LOTS of timeto hide/ ship out his known WMD’s to…maybe Syria or ???)

    We in the US are so easily distracted…so easily bamboozled! And the enemy knows it.

    And Pres. O surpasses all past Us presidents as he actively seems to be weakening the US Army as noted above and elsewhere!

  29. This is why our Presidents should be required to have been a Veteran. They would then have a better understanding of how to use the armed services

  30. I hope to God that you never become President of this country Mr. West as some Republicans are hoping. Would you rather sacrifice American lives and American assets to the “glory” of being the “Victor”? Our war mongering attitude has engendered the hatred of nations all around the planet and created more enemies for us. President Obama realizes this as do the majority of Americans and citizens of other countries. You are totally out of step with reality OR you are being paid by the military/industrial complex and their “owners” (Zionist international bankers) to continue the downward spiral of America into infamy. We don’t need you, Mr. West!


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