Army Unreadiness: Catastrophic or Treasonous?

The most important responsibility of the federal government is, as the Constitution states, to “provide for the common defense.” However, based on a recent assessment from the Chief of Staff of the US Army, General Raymond Odierno, we have an Army that is woefully unprepared and unready to meet the nation’s call.

It seems this administration’s priority for the US Military has been to ensure gay soldiers can openly serve and opening up combat billets to women. In keeping with his promise (perhaps the only campaign promise he has kept), Obama is fundamentally transforming the US military by way of liberal progressive social engineering.

To have the Chief of Staff of the Army confess to the world that our Army has not trained for six months is highly disturbing. Furthermore, to express to our enemies — and allies, for that matter — that what was once a powerful, feared, and respected land force has only two trained and combat-ready Brigades should make all of us sleep less soundly at night.

The Army into which I was commissioned in 1982 was massive and ready to stare down the Soviet threat. Today’s Army is over-deployed, under-trained, and exists in a far more dangerous world with a far more dispersed adversary. The recent government slim-down demonstrated we can survive with only 6% essential staff at the EPA, and only 9.7% essential staff at the Department of Education. Clearly the Department of Health and Human Services has wasted $600 million on a failed website. But Obamacare requires the hiring of 16,000 more IRS agents. It’s obvious where Obama’s priorities lie.

As Democrat Senator Max Baucus said, implementation of Obamacare may be a train wreck. But failure to have a trained and ready military is much worse. It’s potentially catastrophic, if not treasonous.


  1. He’s guilty of too many fractions of the laws and our constitutional laws also. He was bought and paid for, not elected. The blame lays on the ones who did vote for him, but more importantly, EVERY elected official in the US for not banding together, getting one collective set of gonads and shoving him out. Don’t finger point at me for anything when the ones who have sway and power do nothing!

    • Not many people would catch that. I knew by his cover he is a Marine. Only a Marine cover is that sharp and crisp. Also the salute is crisp.

  2. time to revolt. i write a lot of crude and rude things about obama. i hate his guts he lied the first speech he gave. i warned people two years before but little old ladies swooned over him and probably thought of his big package which i know is not true. hes a fruit cake. not really the father of the girls. they came from donor sperm and the donor was live. hehe. i hope someday i can see him without legs as he taunts us with putting them on the desk of MY OVAL OFFICE. WHAT A PRICK. ENOUGH FROM ME…ON WITH LIFE. IM OUT OF REVOLT.

      • There are a lot of foreign troops training here; Russian, Chinese and various NATO troops. THe question is why?

      • Been the same for years, joint training exercises are nothing new. We were one of the greatest Military forces in history – considering Two world wars were decided by our presence. We still are in many respects, but we are being eroded by inferior ideological influences. I just smirk to think if these “Foreign troops” are used here against the American people… They better get used to sustaining catastrophic losses.

    • I have children and I just gave thanks to God that they were not able to get her in the car. the article would have been very different and I am sure that she would not have been alive to testify.

  3. Many prophetic scholars agree that the US is not in Bible prophecy even though we were the greatest Nation on earth. Articles like these fuel our premonition of the dismal future of the land, the whole world. I believe many will be swept into the kingdom of God because of things coming upon the earth just as the (Bible) the only prophetic record of human history and the soon coming perfect Kingdom.

    • Bible escology interpreted so far, by man, has not been correct. Cast off the mind of man and take on The Mind of Christ. The Arm of The Lord refers to a Body. And who is that? An arm is connected to a body and the body to a mind. We as Christians are implored to put ON The Mind of Christ for He IS our HEAD. America was yet a nation at these writings yet it is so because we ARE grafted into His Vine, Israel. Let Holy Spirit of God reveal to you and not man.

      • Now that one is a new on me. I know that we are to let the mind of Christ be in us. T understand the believers are the Body of Christ but the Arm of the Lord I’ve never run across that in the scriptures. America, as we know it, was not a Nation at the time of these writings??? I think perhaps you may need to seek the Holy Spirit for a greater insight into his Word, Thank you for your reply.

  4. Ur unstable And a flame thrower. Get a psych eval n stat before u lose it and go bomb some building like Timothy McVey, another right winger army man did.

  5. Allen West. demonstrating to the world that he doesn’t know how to read. How’s civilian life treating you Allen? Do you miss the mock executions?

  6. Mr. West, I believe that the purpose and plans of Almighty God allowed you to be born FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! I pray for your safety and that you will fulfil the very purpose for which you were born to be fulfilled 100%. God bless you and your house and may He graciously look upon you and guide your hands and feet to walk upon His path that He’s given you! Run the race, Sir, with full assurance that He and the heavenky host is behind you as long as you stay in Him. We, Sir, the Christians are who know Our Lord, pray for you every day! GOD BLESS YOU.

    • funny, I would not know one officer or any person of importance in Canada—–so i guess they do not have any! Hence, their citizens will coment on the best of the best in the US!

    • Are you a Canadian Socialist/Communist? You despise free people or people who love and desire freedom? You want to live on the government plantation and then you dare talk like that to Colonel West??????

    • No Frenchie, any who have served here earned the respect. You my little Asshat croissant, lack even the smallest iota of integrity and compared to the LTC, you are a grain of sand as compared to the Universe.

  7. I recently got out of the Army after 11 years. LTC West, even though you were busy as a Congressman, you still took the time to write me a personal note and help out in the situation I was facing during my final days in the Army. God bless you and keep standing strong! (Joshua 1:5-9)

  8. Amen, Colonel! You forgot more about leadership than Barry will every know! I believe that Obama is degrading the military on purpose. He is building up the Department Of Homeland Security to be his private army, led by fellow traitor Socialists. Our Armed Forces top brass cannot be depended upon to follow Barry’s unconstitutional intent to kill American citizens and confiscate firearms.

  9. Perhaps Obama knows something we don’t. Just possibly he’s putting higher priority on another force closer to home to protect his silly A** from another force he fears more than any number of foriegn adversaries. He’s already declaired war on Americans and place us high on the list of potential terrorists, insurgents and anarchists especially believers in Jesus, the Christ. He’s putting most of his eggs in DHS and FEMA, arming them to the teeth. Meanwhile, he’s making practice runs with his “army” using all kinds of natural and created desasters as staging sights. He’s about to do something that will trigger an uprising and when that happens, many, many good people are going to die, be transported to Concentration (FEMA) camps, and/or be left vulnerable to the anarchists butchers who will come from behind being allowed to loot, rape and pillage. Look what happened in New Orleans during Catrina, People were literally assulted by NOPD officers, their weapons were confiscated and they were left vulnerable to looters and roving gangs. Boston during the incident triggered by two “under” armed wannabe terrorists, a large area was totally shut down by cops and Millitary people. Something tells me that one of these times there will be a major disaster someplace, whether it be staged, or natural. Power and communications will suddenly go out, road blocks will go up, nothing goes into the area and nothing comes out. Then it could very well be gestapoville right out of the late 30’s to early 40s all over again. There are documentaries available where we learned about whole areas emptied out and at least for the short term, nobody knew, or could ever find out what happened. Think this could never happen here in the USA under our constitution? Well, believe it. Over the past five years there have been executive orders signed and various forms of legislation passed through congress, that constitution, or not, have put into place the means for a sceanerio like this to happen any time the president “Feels” it’s necessary.

    • Billionaire Hedge Fund manager and Big obama donor George Soros wrote a book titled “Opening The Soviet System”. In it, he mentions leaving the USA as his last conquest because Americans will be the most resistant to his ideas and plans and, because we have such a strong military. obama is a puppet for Soros, as is Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Valerie Jarrett.

  10. He builds up arms and assist the Muslim Brotherhood world wide. He weakens our nation and opens the doors to secret information for his friends the Muslim Brotehrood.
    Is it treason yet?.

    • Just curious…I dont like this man . This is his last term , right ? I know voter fraud , and , I , who have had Picture ID since I was 16 , cannot understand why voter ID only became an issue when BO ran for office . My God , you needed ID just to get a Video Rental card . I tried to be hopeful for Baracks 1st term . I even joined my companys 401 K , but…Its just …nuts ! I dont vote for any party . I loved Reagan , liked Clinton , disliked Bush 2 …I could go on a rant , but , I need to know if one thing is true . During the summer , I read an editorial in the Sunday paper . It was supportive of Barrack . I keep track of the news , and I must have missed it . Maybe it got put on the back burner , because of the Healthcare thing , or maybe its false , but , does the USA seriously intend to build a power grid in Africa at the cost of 19 billion , with ” only ” 7 billion a year upkeep each year . If this is true , at a time when our own aged infra-structure is falling apart , Obama is truly…”messed up ” . The article said this would open up Africa to manufacturing jobs…so now we have another place for our jobs to go besides Asia . I dont even know if this is true , but I was furious .

  11. A key quote from above “…Obama is fundamentally transforming the US military by way of liberal progressive social engineering.

    To have the Chief of Staff of the Army confess to the world that our Army has not trained for six months is highly disturbing. Furthermore, to express to our enemies — and allies, for that matter — that what was once a powerful, feared, and respected land force has only two trained and combat-ready Brigades should make all of us sleep less soundly at night.”

    ***Maybe Pres. O and the people in the Pentagon weakening our Military…do NOT really believe the military is all that important.

    ***Maybe Pres ) and the Pentagon leaders (who follow his agenda) do NOT think anyone would REALLY ever attack the US / our allies.

    ***Maybe Pres O & company had teachers/mentors from the super ANTI-military 1960s RADICALS who hated the military…no matter what. (I distinguish between the person who disagreed with Vietnam war policy…and the person who sneered at all US military no matter what)

  12. Talking about the founders is great, but people must begin thinking of ways (regardless of how small) to apply it. For example….the Obama administration and the Joint Chiefs are obviously very comfortable making changes to are military….comfortable that service members who oppose will keep their mouths shut. Our service members (and I recently was one) should begin putting the pressure on their leadership with intelligent questions such as…..”Sir, so you’re telling me that by regulation, I can not have my side burns longer than halfway down my ear, but as a male Soldier I can wear women’s lingerie and a dress? Sir, as long as service members can cross dress, I think I’ll be wearing my hair however I see fit.”

  13. Constitutionally, the person who sits in the position of the commander-in-chief missed the mark by miles. No understanding of his constitutional responsibility in that position, sadly a reflection of his massive support for groups like ACORN, etc. Like his predecessor of the 1990s, who lost the fire in his belly, he has performed too much coverup. Having been a commander, I feel the “undertraining.” I still point to WWII, wherein the first several groups of troops to hit the ground running were “overtrained,” so much so that what they did in the combat zones were second and almost first nature. You are so right in that we missed the intent to make a nation’s defenses ready, and instead, those in leadership positions are more worried about externals of social engineering. Militaries are not meant to copy society, but to protect them and to stay out of the morass of politics.

  14. obama continues to make our Nation vulnerable to enemies, which include his own regime. Treasonous! And just yesterday, the 1st Battalion 377th Field Artillery Regiment was deactivated. A cell inside Fort Leavenworth needs to be prepared for obama’s arrival.

  15. Thinks it is more important to spy on Americans , push obamacare on us and giving 11 million or more illeagas our benefits . Than take care of our service men and veterans

  16. Col West, I was commissioned in 1966, in a time that I thought was dark for our military. I did not know what “dark for our military” was until this “amateur in chief” presented himself. I cannot express how much I appreciate your continued efforts to correct our current course. The sight of this poser attempting to produce a proper salute to one of our brothers in arms turns my stomach. You have my support.

  17. I do believe it is his plan to bring this nation down…and turn it over to his muslim friends.
    He scares the jell out of me…I appreciate everything you are trying to do.


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