Amazing Comparison of Kennedy, Reagan & Obama

If this Republic can once again remember what American leadership looks like, our greatest days are indeed ahead.

Let us never again become enraptured by a cult of personality promoting empty rhetoric that is anathema to our fundamental principles and beliefs. As de Tocqueville stated, “America is great because America is good, when America ceases to be good it will no longer be great.”

Leaders inspire people to dream great dreams and bring them to fruition, not sell us products. Watch this video — less than a minute. It will make you cry.


  1. I do not understand the mentality of people who have no shame, who would allow this man, and those who are running this country, to make a mockery of self reliance, of pride or self worth? How can a MAN look in the mirror and be satisfied with collecting money for doing nothing? for spending what another man has earned? I was not raised that way. IF a man wants to work… there is a job, it may not be what he wants or for the wages he desires… but when he looks into the mirror to shave, he can say, there is a man. GOD, Bless America… and send a little backbone and pride toward those in this country who have slipped into this way of thinking… for it will, and is, ruining the greatest country that ever was. One Nation Under God, is not yet lost… but if it continues down the path it is being led down, it will not survive.

    • I totally agree, Sidney. My family were very poor, but our parents taught us that nothing really comes to you free. You must work and earn whatever you get. They would never have encouraged us to live off the hard work of others. It would have been anathema to them. While my parents were never rich in the things of this world, they were rich in friends, family and all who loved them. My dad could look at the man in the mirror, knowing that he had never taken anything he hadn’t earned..

  2. What a disgrace to this country and to even be called President is a complete disgrace to the Presidents who served this wonderful country before Obama. He has not done one thing that should have allowed him the honor of this position. He is like those we all know who just plain and simply collects a pay check. We all know someone like this. He has always just collected a pay check. Tell me what does a community organizer really do? My family taught us to work for what we needed and harder if we wanted something special. Not this guy. We have handed him his education through lies. We paid him a pay check to be a Senator, and all he did was campaign. Now we pay him to destroy this country because he thinks he is tje smartest guy in the room! I really hope America wakes up regardless of which party you stand for and TAKE BACK our COUNTRY in 2014! Ore children and their futures are counting on us and us must show them that America can stand united and bring back the American Dream!

  3. One thing Barry Soetoro is and that is the best snake oil salesman ever. Anybody that can sell the travesty known as SoetoroCare to illiterate people and say it is good has got to be a good salesman. As far as being the Resident in the semi-White House he really sucks at that. Dividing the country into black and white he is superb. Running a once great nation in the ground, there is none better than Barry Soetoro

  4. What cracks me up is he said…um how did he put it….No one is more frustrated than I am……….then he said………it exceeded our expectations! ROFL! If it exceeded his expectations, then he never expected it to work at all! Out of almost 315 million in America, how many have signed up? And how many have lost their jobs, or had their hours cut? Yeah, I think there are more without healthcare, thanks to Obamacare!!! It’s an EPIC FAIL, and so is he!!!!

    • Obama’s work experience is limited to “community organizing” which is a code name for rabble-rousing. The fact that there are enough dummies to elect this guy and swoon over him in a slobbering love affair worries me immensely. It tells me that most of my countrymen are undereducated, under-principled, dishonorable, free-loading, non-thinking peasants who passed up a man (Romney) who could have made the economy come “roaring back”.

      • Yeah but they would have had to maybe go to work and earn a living instead of sucking off the working class and you know that will NEVER HAPPEN. That is why they are desperately trying to get more and more people dependent on the government.

    • you are so right…more people are going to be uninsured….they are receiving cancellation notices from there current insurance….now have to buy his insurance and it’s 3 or more times higher in premium and the deductibles are awful……people just won’t buy it…….so what are we left with……..nothing!

  5. If my people,which are called by my name,shall humble themselves and pray,and seek my face,and turn from their wicked ways;then will I hear from heaven,and will forgive their sin,and will heal their land. 11Chronicles 7:14

  6. Our beloved king, and Hitlery Clinton should both face a firing squad for treason. He waived federal law that made it a crime to support terrorists, and known enemies of this country, so he can CONTINUE to support Al Qaeda. Gaddhafi’s last interview, he kept saying the only people rebelling in bis country were Al Qaeda. Were we not at war with them? Why do we support them? He was the only leader in the Arab world, that shared the oil profits with his people. They had free health care, and free college education. Why would his people rebel? Ask the Egyptian people who our king supports. The Syrian rebels, as reported by Yahoo, are Al Qaeda. They were the ones that got chemical weapons, from the Saudi’s, who got them from Iraq, and once they realized the shells were gas, buried them on the spot. Al Qaeda video tapes everything. The video of the whole chemical weapons deal, as I explained, is on YouTube, and Yahoo led me to it. I DON’T CARE IF I CROSS PARTY LINES. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR A SINGLE INCUMBENT NEXT ELECTION. This administration, through social media, will enrage the ignorant enough to get them to act out. Then they can declare martial law, suspending voting, AND the constitution. Remember…. The Bill ofRights, were given to us, by God, not to be infringed upon, just for being born a free A American citizen. I have sworn to protect that from ALL ENEMIES, both foreign, AND domestic.

  7. This same thought occurred to me the other day as I listened to the President of the United States pitching insurance like he was selling for Empire Carpet. Why are millennials so lacking in enthusiasm and drive. Why are young men gunning themselves down in the streets of inner city America? Why does the nation seem like it simply drifts from one self-inflicted crisis to the next? In the end it comes down to leadership. The solution is so simple, yet so difficult for President Obama to grasp because he’s not a leader. Past presidents have inspired this nation, encouraged achievement, and braced our citizens against their greatest fears. Obama does none of these things. We’ve gone from being the nation that put men on the moon with less computing power than you have on your iPhone, to a nation that can’t even manage open enrollment for health care. We’ve gone from fighting and winning long wars against the greatest threats to mankind (communists and nazis) to fighting each other over whether we should spend a trillion dollars more than we have this year, or $995 billion more than we have.

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it? The youth of today are being brainwashed with Q-Tips in the screwels (Rush Limbaugh’s name for schools)..

  8. Why hasn’t this disgrace of a president been impeached? We have plenty of evidence against him so let’s get busy! We have a nation to fix!

  9. He’s needs to be impeached. Everyone needs to email all senators, congress and demand he go. If obamacare is to stay all politicians have to have it including president. I’m so disgusted. Yes pledge of alligence needs to be back in schools too.

  10. He’s an angry, frustrated man. Instead of encouraging people to work hard and better themselves, he takes from the hard working Americans. If he was an honorable man he would lead his people into prosperity. He would offer solutions to the economy, he would get people working. He would come up with solutions to make medical costs affordable. He would stop the name calling and finger pointing. He would try to work with both parties to come up with solutions that help all of America.
    He is not a leader, he is not a gentleman.

  11. More like a start up is what he’s to be blamed for — yes it’s the ignorant voters and the dumming down of the country and the evil influence of men and boys like this and giddy azz witche$ like Pelosi who prosper-
    the spirit of the serpent has always been around changing colors to allure the ignorant the innocent and suckers.

  12. I remain amazed that the voters in Florida pushed Allen West out and put Mr. Burning Cross back in. Considering how many New Yorkers have moved to Florida, maybe this was the expected result.

    • Shocked me as well however I lived in florida for 20 years and found that the majority of the people there, were the scum that were kicked out of the north. They run like cockroaches to the sunshine state where it is warm and they can start anew feeding off the unsuspecting. Not so surprising that they wouldn’t want a man of character to lead them now is it.

  13. the problem is comparing this jack-hole to two of the greatest leaders of this great nation. he does not lead – he divides, he does not promote peace – he promtes hate and he won’t be happy until he causes a revolution so that he can suspend the constitution and make him self dictator for life with his dhs bully-boys disarming loyal americans.

  14. One thing is now for sure: our country knows what real leadership looks like and what real NON-leadership looks like. as John Maxwell says, “everything rises or falls on leadership”. thx for posting Allen 🙂

  15. Like a bad car salesman commercial. Obama can never EVER be compared to great leaders. History will reflect this.
    You would think the first African American elected would be the shining star. Making all other leaders look lame. America would be the champ of jobs, Security and finally broke down the black and white barrier. Dependant from foreign energy. Allen West. I believe you’re the man that can. If you think about it. It takes blunt honesty this time to take her back.

    • The problem is that he’s NOT African American…at least not like the genuine citizens around us that can prove their African slave family heritage. I agree with Wheeler’s perspective that our elected is probably more from the Arabic slave OWNER roots…it just explains a lot…

    • Why would the fact that he’s the first Black American have anything to do with anything? Why do we all forget the concept of “Judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin”? Why is race even brought up. That’s what is continuing racism. Not calling you racist, just saying in general. Allen West isn’t a good “black man” he’s a good man. Stacey Dash isn’t a conservative black woman, she’s a conservative woman. Reagan wasn’t a great conservative white leader, he was a great conservative leader.

      That is all.

      • Kevin, I think people keep saying this because Obama and the Democrats make everything a “race” issue. They say people who don’t like the way he is leading the country are racist. People who disagree with ACA are racist. People who keep asking him for answers on the IRS and Benghazi scandals are racist. I don’t care if he is black, white or green. I think he is the most devisive president we have ever had. HE is the one who plays the race card at every opportunity. BTW I would vote for Allen West in a heartbeat.

      • Oh I get it, I really do, it just irritates me that the same mentality keeps getting pushed. I mean, do blacks still get discriminated against? Probably. Do other races? Probably. But it’s how we chose to handle it as a nation that defines the next generation’s outlook. We shouldn’t be tolerant of other races, we should be oblivious to the fact that there are other races.

      • I know right?

        I have been in Afghanistan, so I miss out on a lot of the good news. But that being said. I don’t ever remember, growing up, thinking to my self “Ok, my black friends are….” “my white friends are…..” I have 32% more white friends than black friends, and 10% less mexican friends than black but twice as many asian friends as Black and Mexican put to gether, how many white friends do I have? Seems like I should have an EO complaint for having an unbalanced “friend-force” I should work on my friend practices and policies.

        Ok, that spun out of control a bit.. but race ISN’T a factor until it is made a factor.

    • this man has divided this country and loves every minute of it, but if you talk to liberals they do love him he can do no wrong, can you believe they are still blaming Bush for all this, does that tell you their mentality.

    • It’s important to note, Democratic Republic. not just a republic, not a democracy, but both, uniquely joined in near perfection.

    • No – We have allowed 535 people in Congress to buy our country! They had the chance to reject him for cause, and failed. Miserably failed towards our destruction.

      • how can you say that when the senate is mainly democrats and they fought the house there are 51 people who run this country and they are allllllllllllllllllll liberals.

    • The Saudi’s money behind him bought his position. Following right along were George Soros, the Hollywood liberal idiots, the uneducated-uninformed, and those who live off entitlements from the Government.

  16. I don’t (and never did) want this good nation that I and other fought for to be “fundamentally transformed”…I want the treasure of our Constitution to be upheld. Since he never led anything, it would be an unbelievable feat for him to demonstrate leadership. Someone needs to tell him we are the UNITED States of America, not the DIVIDED States of America. I sure would like to know who the 4M Republicans were who allowed him in AGAIN….

    • None, the election was rigged, didn’t see anyone Republican not shocked to the core when this inposter was reelected. Not even those who study policical election got this right and they alwere always right in the past, smells like rotten fisn to me,

      • And the re-election of Dubya wasn’t rigged? Seriously? Sounds like the Dems are playing catch up. The last election was about voting for the lesser of two evils. Obama prob isn’t the best answer, but Mitt Romney would have hit bottom and started digging. Oh, and Mitt did a similar health plan in Mass when he was governor. Don’t forget that little tidbit.

    • hes ron reagan jr . plus jfk jr & seinfeld. all know eachother & all are left handed. much more if you look signatures for reagan & obama are interesting

  17. brains seem to elude the “community DIS-organizer” remember he promised to bring people together??? This too is a joke!

  18. your a good man Mr West. keep up the good fight. there are more Americans behind you and men like you then you would ever believe. lets give America back to the people!

  19. Doesn’t say too much about BO does it. Thank you Allen West, we need those comparisons between great men and men who don’t mean anything.

  20. Obama may have said several millions of words in all of his myriad of never ending speeches, and in all that time, hasn’t said one single thing of import or value.

  21. Did anyone download it? The video, less than a minute in total, of quotes from 3 presidents, has been removed by youtube as it “violated it’s (youtube) therms of service.

  22. heads up. barack obama is played by 3 people (at least) all white. 1st place is is ron prescott reagan (known as ron reagan jr) take a look at his signature & secret service codenames for the reagan family & the obama family. 2 is jfk jr he’s the one with the law degree & 3ed is jerry seinfeld hes the smart ass one. stan winston does the make up.


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