Why Success Eludes Us In Afghanistan

U.S. Navy photo

Over this past weekend, an Afghan Army special forces commander packed his Humvee truck with guns and high-tech equipment and defected to an insurgent group allied with the Taliban. According to a report, Monsif Khan, raided the supplies of his 20-man team in Kunar’s capital Asadabad over the Eid al-Adha religious holiday, joining the Hezb-e-Islami organization. He is the first special forces commander to switch sides, and made off with 30 guns, night-vision goggles, binoculars and the Humvee.

The story serves to remind us that we cannot blindly trust the leadership of the Afghan National Army. We should not allow these individuals to have sole access to this level of weaponry and equipment, especially night vision devices. First of all, it should require at minimum three individuals to gain access to the arms and sensitive equipment items, such as night vision goggles. As well, there should be random tracking devices implanted into equipment to enable tracking of these items in the case of such an incident. During my two and a half years in southern Afghanistan as a military advisor to the Afghan Army 205th Corps, there were countless instances of fuel and ammunition somehow being unaccounted for.

There is only one way to be successful against Islamic terrorism: find their sanctuaries and destroy them in place. America must transition from counter-insurgency, nation building-type operations, to counter-terrorism, strike operations. And just to be clear, contrary to President Obama’s definition, this is a war, not a police action. Those we do not kill — which is my preferred method of engagement — should not be “lawyered up” and given their day in court.

How will we ever achieve success in Afghanistan? We’ve got to stop playing footsy with these restrictive rules of engagement (ROE). It also means we must not blindly trust those who would willingly shoot our men and women in the back.


  1. But one major factor: obummer is for the other side. We would have all those in place if we had a competent comander in chief, we don’t. We are doomed. Everybody talks and talks, and threatens, and overall, nothing is done and we still have the same lame leadership running America in the ground. All talk and no action. What does it take to change to course of destruction we are on?? identify the ones responsible for our lack of leadership and remove them from office? how? who is going to do it? talk, talk, complian, talk, same ol, same ol crap. its like the kid with a personality disorder, he comes to school and everyone says, one day this kid is going to kill a bunch of people, they all know it, talk about it, but nothing is done, then one day he comes in and kills 10 people. Well nothing happens till it happens. you knew it was going to happen but did nothing, just like now, nothing, a nothing America until America goes down the drain. Then it might be too late. Wake up America, look whats happening !!!!

  2. Lets bring our troops back home, station many along the mexican boarder where now the terrorists have found the weak link and are coming in the country in droves. station some at schools and install metal detectors in all schools and teach teachers how to shoot a gun. School perimeters have to be protected so we prevent anyone coming in. our children are precious and we need to focus on keeping them safe while at school. Also are troops here at home can be working on missle defense systems that we need bad, the technology for that system is needed for the middle east radicals are aiming long range missles at us and we should by now have the capibitlty to blow them up in the sky before they hit ground here, stop all this nonsense trying to stop them from building these missles, they are going to do it anyway, we need to develope our own defense system here and line them up all along both coasts with many many missles that will automatically destroy incoming, whether they are loaded with poison gas or radiation, come on man, here we go again, we wont do nothing till it happens, lets nip it in the bud, not wait till it happens. what a waste of manpower , tallent, and resources in Afghanistan, get out. We are not making a difference there. We can even line our shores up with ships loaded with defense system, that is where the attack is going to come from. long range missles from iran to hit our land here.

    • I agree the sand jockey’s are coming across the border in droves and if they are not going to put up a fence we need military patrols on the border. Our Government could put up sensors like they have at Area 51 all along the border and put up signs “Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again” written in spanish facing toward Mexico. We have a illegal immigration problem and we could take care of that problem if they didn’t have a spending problem in Washington D.C.

  3. It is hopeless to fight a battle with your hands tied. I bet the Russian Generals are setting in their chairs laughing at us. They found it was hopeless and got out. We should have learned from them and not gotten in their in the first place. Time for us to bring all our troops hme.

    • The Russians were fighting the CIA far more than they were fighting the Hajis. It’s rather funny how three generations of my family have now fought the same band of crazies in the same worthless hellhole.

  4. This is why we should have a minimum requirement of 15 years in American military service before they are even considered a candidate for Commander in Chief or this type of crap will happen. Also everything about the President pertaining to citizenship, school records, arrest records,sealed records, etc…. should be open for the public to see.

      • No Philip. Quite the contrary. He’s the patriot willing to do the hard work of not submitting to the cowardly encroachments of globalist socialism in OUR American political structure. By your statement you incriminate yourself as one aiding and abetting an established usurper posing as a president w/out proving qualification as per constitutional mandate. It also makes you a traitor to me.

      • Philip, like anyone that is clearly wrong and can’t handle the truth, you shout “racist”…..as a smokescreen. You obviously don’t even know what a racist is. Tell you what, take your family and go live in any part of the world where the muslim radicals are running things, then reevaluate your response.

      • So I am a racist because I think people should know what they are getting when they vote? Philip Galindo you are the poster child for what is wrong with America today. Also if I wasn’t accused of being a racist from the left I wouldn’t feel like I have done my part as a Patriot…. DON’T TREAD ON ME!!!!!

    • The President “has” to provide the records! McCain was asked to prove his and did because he was born in Panama while his father was serving. It is part of the US. The only one who won’t is the one we got now who promised transparency! And his records are as honest as his word!

  5. well said, sir. well said! counter-terrror/strike operations are the only way to go. we never went into afghanistan to rebuild that nation – we went there because that is where our enemy sought refuge and with complete knowledge of the government. the way i see it….the government of afghanistan has two choice: get out of our way or be considered part of the problem. IMHO.

  6. I agree with Allen West. And the next time I hear somebody say they thought the war is over, I’m not only going to remind them we still have troops over there but, so are Muslim Islamic Radical Terrorists.

  7. I spent a total of 41 months in Afghanistan, 27 months with the 201st Corps as a Logistics mentor, 10 months at the Kabul ANA Depot 2 and a brief stint in Helmand working from the ANA FSD (Forward Supply Depot) . There are no safeguards or internal controls American style. The ARMS storage facilities we (US taxpayers) supplied to store the weapons we also supplied are open to this type of treason at any time, it just depends on what side of the bed some of these folks wake up on, literally! I am surprised something like this hasn’t happened before. I do believe as the pull out date grows closer, many more will defect to the other side. There is real fear among ANA (Afghanistan National Army) soldiers and the ANP(Afghanistan National Police) that after 12 years of training this government is not ready or capable of maintaining a civil society, even from their own tribal traditions. Civil war will breakout between the factions inside the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and other parts of the local and national governments. Many Afghan people believe the Taliban will be the winning side. The MoD, MoI, local and national government cronies are more worried about holding on to their money making illegal excursions or just plain out theft from the FMS (Foreign Military Sales) and/or donated supplies and equipment. These propositions are very lucrative, worth dying for on our dime!

  8. Didn’t we kick the Taliban’s butt before we switched over to counter insurgency or am I just having a flight of fancy?
    With today’s ROE we could not have won WWII.

  9. We need to change the narrative on terminology and quit being so panty-waisted and worry about offending someone. We can’t effectively counter an unidentified opponent. We need to stop being dictated to by the current narrative. We have the power to do this. We just don’t do it.

  10. Mr. West, we desperately need your military expertise. PLEASE run for POTUS!!! I don’t think anyone should be eligible POTUS unless the have had active duty, boots on the ground experience during wartime. This includes any woman who thinks she’s capable to be commander in chief.

  11. Hate is such a strong word. As Christians we are taught that we should love our enemies . I dont hate obama or any one else. I have had enough of obamas lies and arrogance. I have no love or respect for him or anyone else who would place their country and countrymen, women, children, in a harmful position. obama has done just that. we cannot abide his decisions and allow him to continue his destructive ways. I do not understand why he hasnt been charged with subversion. He clearly is trying to bring us ,our country and the American people, in to submission by creating a laws so vile that
    that it is causing law abiding citizens to have to disobey them. Mr. West, Please be what you seem to be and get us out of this mess when you are elected to the presidency. I am a disabled widow. I can not afford much. I know it will be a few years till you are in office. But for whats worth, I fully support you. I pray that God will see us through these times. I pray for our lost country and all its citizens.

    • Col. West You are the type of person who can put a person in his or her place with out raising your voice, along with Dr. Carson. AMERICA is in need of this type of leadership. We have had it with one lie after another, playing games with AMERICAS people. Spending billions on things that won’t work so the demofools can get their on hands millions in donations.

    • You don’t even need to rebuild the neutron bomb. It’s just a thermo-nuclear weapon with the outer U-238 case removed–this allows the neutrons to spread outwards in all directions. I still can’t believe Sam Cohen gets so much credit for the neutron bomb. It’s so simple it could have been invented on accident.

  12. Mr. West,
    You are correct, but we all know that winning this war is not on the administration’s agenda, so why would we change tactics to defeat a non-enemy? Thank you for trying to stand against evil. I know that God will change our nation only through repentance, and turning from our ways to His ways, which are perfect, through Christ.
    Sincerely and respectfully,
    RJ Reed
    retired Marine

  13. Didn’t Obama just send over a billion dollars to Afghanistan as soon as the spending cap was raised? He just wants to take more and more money from the US to send to his Brotherhood over there. Funding people who want to kill us. They may turn on him and all his follows some day. He uses people and I think there are probably a lot using him. He will have a lot of blood on his hands and will deserve what he gets. Do all the blacks and Mexicans think he cares about them? He is using them. None of us mean anything to him except when he can use whoever to his advantage to get his way. A lot of whites knows he hates them. I am glad that more and more are finally seeing him for what he is. Hope more do before it is too late. They will not have this free country anymore if he gets his way. He will have to answer to a God I don’t think he knows someday too.

  14. A lot of similarities between what is going on in Afghanistan and Viet Nam. I remember orders to our Naval pilots on where they could go and where they could drop their payloads. We could not unload on Hanoi and a lot of other places because of politics.
    Of course they had POW camps and freely told us where they were knowing we would not bomb those areas. But the point is that we are in a war and still have restrictions on what you can and cannot do, where you can go and where you cannot, etc. I say go over there and saturate the area with as many bombs as you can and get the mess over with.

  15. Absolutely correct Allen! War is not pretty and acting like a liberal, giving the enemy equal rights as a US citizen, will not result in accomplishing your goals. Track down this equipment and take out the enemy by any means. These people will just regroup over time and launch another attack, no matter how long it takes.

  16. Now I ain’t no war monger, but even I realize that our rules of engagements are killing our mother’s son and having mercy on our enemies. Patton would forbid it.

  17. As a former platoon commander on the ground in Afghanistan, I can tell you that the restrictive ROEs currently in place move us farther away from our goal of victory and get service men killed.

  18. The last successful war waged by the United States had no ROE. We “ruthlessly” bombed German cities, and pulled no punches against an evil enemy. It’s time to call Jihadist Killers what they are – evil, and value the life of each soldier, sailor, airman, and marine out there.

  19. Sir, we would not have had ANY of this problem had war been declared on Saudi Arabia, the ka’aba been vaporized and then as the Saudis sued for peace, we told THEM they were to route out the terrorists as a guarantee of said peace.

    The destruction of the Ka’aba is the end of Islam. Destroy it and you show that you are more powerful than their god.

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