Disgusting New Lows from Democrat Grayson

It is beyond disgusting that Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson from Florida is using images of burning crosses in a fund raising email.

I grew up in Atlanta, Ga., and remember the Klan burning crosses atop Stone Mountain. The constitutional conservative grassroots movement known as ‘The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party’ focuses on fiscal spending and government growth issues as well as individual liberty and free market principles. Mr. Grayson should probably crack open a history book, in between his histrionics, and learn that it was the Democrat Party that created the Ku Klux Klan to intimidate black voters. Voters such as those who elected the first black Republican member of the House of Representatives from Florida, Josiah T. Walls. Same party, same tactics, some things just never change.

Naturally, Grayson is unrepentant, saying in this article, “There is overwhelming evidence that the tea party is the home of bigotry and discrimination in America today, just as the KKK was for an earlier generation. If the shoe fits, wear it.”

I’ve asked fellow members of the Liberty Alliance Kevin Jackson, Deneen Borrelli, Alfonzo Rachel,and Cynthia Farahat if they see a bigot staring back at them from the mirror every morning, and unfortunately for liberals like Grayson, we still ain’t turned white yet.


  1. Democrats have a long history of racism. They’re just trying to demonize the Tea Party because it threatens their agenda.

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  2. What is more racist than trying to suppress a group of individuals into being dependent on public assistance and the federal government? Of course they want to portray the tea party as racists, it is the only way to take the spot light off of them.

  3. You got it. We older southerners have very clear memories of which party burned crosses and this guy appears to be cut from the same cloth as they were.

  4. We have a responsibility as honest human beings and responsible Americans to denounce the socialist agenda of the liberal left. Their use of fear tactics and demonization of their oponents just shows the weakness of their argument.

  5. And the first Republican Governor of Mississippi, James Lusk Alcorn, who gave his name to the predominately black Alcorn State College.

  6. I have attended some of their meetings. You are wrong Grayson. There is NO evidence of bigotry or discrimination in the Tea Party.

    • We are all bigots of some description. You (we) are bigoted towards fat people, skinny short people, native Americans, Mexicans for sure…even those born here just like you and me, but are of Mexican decedents., South is still bigoted towards the crappy north. Northern people hate/bigots equally towards everyone ( due to cold brain disease malfunction or CBDM ). The difference makes us unique, the secret in America WE have learn to live together as most of see a higher purpose and choose to live under a Constitution which calls for FREEDOM for all. With that in mind I will fight to the death to allow you, and others to speak their bigoted ways. Without those few which spew hate we never appreciate the light and goodness of a Martin Lutter King.

  7. The man who said this is so ignorant, how did he ever get elected/?? Oh , I forgot , we are living in a time of useful idiots, though Grayson’s purpose seems to be to point out the ignorance of his party and it’s voters…that’s USEFUL

  8. How ironic is it when some one talks about another group in a slanderous hateful way! How can he say this about others and ignore his own hate to benefit his own twisted self serving ways. I wish the tea party would sue him for slander and maybe it would shut up the liars using hate to their own gain from the uninformed for votes. From what I know the Tea Party is about getting back to the Constitution which is about freedom not oppression that his party seems hell bent on enforcing.

    • There in lies the problem, obama and company want to remove the Constitution as it interferes with his desires to become Emperor. We should be very afraid, obama has fired more Generals and Admirals then any other President. Unemployment longest run in history over 7% , as high as 17% for blacks. Debt is beyond our ability to repay. Current estimate range from 70 trillion to 89 trillion. To many confuse the total debt with budget debt of 17 trillion. With interest attached we owe a staggering 70+ Trillion dollars. If we were attacked by anyone as this point we DO NOT have the money to support or defend ourselves and obama knows this and may have planned it this way with intent.

  9. The more time we spend addressing this distracting BS, the less time we spend attacking their core issues. This is all smokescreen to distract. And it works.

      • Yes and no. Is it a problem? Yes. And I assert this is an effect, not a cause. The cause is their “win at all costs” strategy. I see this as just another deception tactic to lure us away from the real issues which are their Mob Tyranny vs. individual freedom. Every time I get emotional reading some of their crap, I sometimes am able to catch myself and say, Dang, they got me again. And not rude at all, I appreciate actual discourse instead of emotional name calling 🙂 we’re on the same team!

      • True Mary but CW, is pissed at a lot of other things as many of us are. Them democrats have a long history of bigotry as Mr. Wet is pointing out. Their lack of knowledge and disdain for all others did not parish with Senator Byrd. or Gov. Wallace

    • Nick, that’s not even the half of it. Democrats voted against EVERYTHING which enhance, encourage are allow blacks a level playing field. Abe Lincoln and Martin L. King were both Republicans that should tell you something.

      • And Stephen, Republicans are the ones who got women the vote. Woodrow Wilson would have been just as happy had the whole lot of them gone away and stopped bothering him. I have a couple of great pictures of what the Suffragists thought of him and the Democrats. He actively hated blacks. As soon as he became president he cleaned the government of every last black person working there.

  10. Projection, it’s all about projection. It’s the ability to say “I’m not the racist bigoted homophobia, it’s the other guy, don’t look to close at me…LOOK AT HIM!” Liberals are all about hate, they spew it loudly while accusing others of doing EXACTLY what they are doing.

  11. Wait…you “ain’t turned white yet”?? Are whites the only bigots?? I thought Archie Bunker and his neighbor George Jefferson put that one to rest many years ago. Bigots come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

    • This may be true, but the accusation that is being repeatedly thrown at the tea party is that we are white supremacists. That hardly works when we have prominent black members in the ranks, does it?

  12. Do not judge and critisize and condemn others, so that you may not be judged and criticized and condemn yourselves.

    For just as you judge and criticize and condemn others, you will be judged and criticized and condemned, and in accordance with the measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt out again to you.
    Matthew 7:1,2

    • I think that.is.not the same as setting someone straight. Jesus called out the Pharisees. You show a person his sins so that he might repent not to ridicule.

    • I don’t believe this is Judging people Mike when the facts are out there staring us in the face … Saying he is helping the American people and then doing something different..obamacare. there is a difference .. it’s called seeing the truth from the facts…as for Grayson he is just plain stupid

    • Some of what you say Mike is correct. But the Bible tells us to recognize sin and to live our life in a manner to keep from sin. We don’t have to judge the people of leadership in the dem. party to recognize that there beliefs and policies are sinful. Abortion and homosexual life styles are a major platform for the dem. party and without a doubt very evil. During the last Democratic convention it was brought before the delegates that God had been left out of their platform and to save face they needed to change that. This was done even though a majority of delegates voted against it. It seems most of the delegates didn’t want God in the platform. It is with out a doubt the party of hate and evil.

    • People tend to toss “don’t judge” around when it serves them by rationalizing and excusing their own blatant sin. That same bible that you quote, states “judge righteously” and “warn others of their sin lest their blood be on your hands” Please don’t pick and choose, either live by it or don’t.

  13. When you can’t win on facts, lie. The new mantra of the Democrat Party in America. People will only fall for this stuff for so long, and when they no longer will, the Democrats will have no way to regain their footing as their false foundation crumbles.

  14. Didn’t know who this guy was…. saw his photo and something isn’t right with that guy. Seeing him made my skin crawl. How in the he!! do people like THAT get elected? Way creepy… and Mike, I am not judging, that was a physical reaction to his eerie creepiness. My stomach turned.

    • Pase…there is evil walking amongst us. Grayson is one example. Besides that, he’s a crazy azz cracka that needs a serious azz whoopin.

  15. My wife is a Mexican national and she believes in a smarter, smaller government, lower taxes for all, more personal liberty and personal responsibility. I was happy to take her to several Tea Party events in Arizona. She was greeted with open arms by everyone. If we even sniffed a little racism we would have been out of there quick–we never did. In fact, if anyone would have said something racist, we were told that they would immediately be asked to leave, and that most likely they would have been a liberal plant. The Tea Party has been demonized by the media and liberals because we scare them. America is waking up. God Bless the Tea Party!

      • Thank you Joyce. I showed my wife this post and how many thumbs up it received, and your nice reply, and we both got teary because we know we are on the right track, and that this is a fight worth fighting.

      • Your wife is an inspiration. May her voice never be drowned out by the propaganda and lies of the current administration and their mindless drones.

      • My wife also hopes to show people that legal Mexican immigrants share our values and should be viewed as contributors to our society. If we want to take down the opposition we need to be more inclusive with God loving, hard working, conservative minded individuals even though they have darker skin and might have a bit of an accent. She is grateful, and so am I, that the Tea Party has made her feel welcome and we are spreading the word!

    • She can hold her head up and be proud. She joined this contry the right way and is contributing to the very foundation on which this country was built. (((HUGS)))

    • Congrats. to your wife. I also am a Tea Party supporter and proud to march with them at times wearing my shirt and carrying my ”Don’t Tread On Me ”flag.

    • Sadly ironic. While reporting on The Tea Party, the liberal media will only show white people so they can be judged by the color of their skin, but both of you are here and fit in perfectly because of the the content of your character. Thanks for doing it right.

  16. Abe Lincoln was incorrect. Apparently you can fool all of the people all of the time… explains Obama and idiots like Grayson.

  17. The Republican Party was formed by anti-slavery activists to combat the pro-slavery Democrats

    The Ku Klux Klan was formed by radical Democrats who opposed equality for blacks.

    In 1935 Democrats defeated an Anti-Lynching Bill supported and put forward by Republicans.

    The 1924 Democrat National Convention in New York was host to one of the largest Klan gatherings in American history. Dubbed the “Klanbake convention”, a minority of delegates attempted to condemn the presence of the Klan but was rebuked by the Klan supporting Democrat Majority.

  18. Grayson is typical of libtards today. Not satisfied with ignorance, they feel as though they need add easily disproved lies to the page. A check of history quickly reveals that the democrats did, indeed, start and help fund the KKK. They fought and filibustered to keep the civil rights laws from passing (a matter of record in the Congressional Record of the early to mid 1960’s) and, after their passing, still tried to avoid acceptance and implimentation, state by state, in democrat controled states. It was a democrat governor of Alabama (George Wallace) who blocked entrance to a state college of 3 black students stating ” Segregation yesterday, segregation today, segretation forever!” in his speech. There are STILL strong suspicions that Bull Conner, a democrat sheriff, was responcible for the disappearances of as many as a dozen northern “freedom riders”. Police violence was routine in the soith against pro civil rights activists. Now they have enslaved minorities again using handouts to remove any trace of sucess, personal pride, work ethic, or identity. They just don’t feel that the black people can cut it, something that Col. West, Alan Keyes, Dr. martin Luthert King Jr. and MANY others tend to contradict. Those that see blacks as people are denigrated as rascists or bigots! I believe in Dr. Kings desire that everyone be judged NOT by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character! God bless.

  19. Hate! Democraps are all about hate! And then they try to foist their hatred on others by saying it is what the others (Tea Party) represents.

  20. Rep. Alan Grayson is a traitor to both his country and religion. This is a angry man full of “hate” , and instead of being a calming effect and pulling together with his fellow elected member from Florida of both parties. He is a racist and bigot because there are people in the T.E.A. from every race, creed, sex, color and to infer and compare them as members of the K.K.K.. He needs to run on his record of service and not fear, but I guess he has no record so he must stoup to these tactic, people in Orlando wake up.

  21. the Klan targeted freedmen and their allies; it sought to restore white supremacy by threats and violence, including murder, against black and white Republicans.

    Here is an excerpt from the wikipedia definition of the kkk.

    • They also attacked Catholics in upstate NY because my family had crosses burned on their lawns and the white hooded asses chanting and threatening them and their families!!!!!! And my family were Dems at that time!

  22. It was also the Republican Party who ended slavery in America. The Repubs had black representatives in Congress long before the Dems. Read you history books. Repubs like limited government and limited spending. Repubs want Freedom for all to be the best possible person one knows how to be. Dems like for the people to think that they are more knowledgeable than we are and that we can’t make our own decisions and take care of ourselves. There are big differences between the parties that get lost in a lot of speeches.

  23. I am attaching a list of businesses under IDT run by Alan Grayson of Florida’s 9th District that used the burning cross to defame the Tea Party. I suggest you forward it to all of your contacts and ask them to not use these businesses, especially Zedge on your cell phone. Time to teach this pathetic scum bag a lesson.

    IDT Telecom, Inc.

    IDT Europe

    Expercom pre-paid phone card business

    IDT Telecom Asia Pacific Ltd

    Net2Phone, Inc.

    Union Telecard Alliance

    IDT Spectrum Inc. (wireless)

    IDT Capital (formerly Menlo Park division)

    IDT Carmel

    Zedge Holdings Inc.[9]

    IDT Financial Services – 2Go prepaid cards

    IDW Publishing[9]

    Jonas Publishing

    Worthwhile Books[10]

    IDT Media

    CTM Media Group


    Liberty Broadcasting

    Horizon Global Trading

    1160 WMET



    is a mobile content discovery platform and community where users can
    download content to customize their mobile devices. Zedge was purchased
    by IDT in December 2006.[11]

  24. Even if he cracked open the history book, it wouldn’t talk about it. It’s called revisionist history, or, in plain language, lying.

  25. Ah yes, the intelligence, reasonableness, peaceful, Christian side of the T Party and Republicans is so evident in this discourse about the POSTINGS, not an actual occurrence, but a posting, by one man. Excuse me, ladies and gentleman, but it is your hatred showing here just as that idiots does in his e-mail posting. Emotional hysteria from non-thought often results in the kind of statements I find here. Generalization, blind accusation without fact and simply knee-jerk reaction out of hatred for something you have twisted in your minds which clouds your reasoning and understanding. But, I am speaking to people who only talk, never listen and certainly are never wrong.

    • I haven’t seen too much reasonableness from Democrats in a long time. They use every vile name and slur possible about any one who disagrees with them. If you disagree with the president, you are a racist. Just read the comments on any given subject on the internet. I think republicans have every right to emotional response, we see our country changing into something we don’t even recognize, nor want. Yes, I am fed up with people like this man, getting away with hatred, and not saying anything about it. I intend to speak up from now on.

    • Please, show me where the Tea Party has posted pictures of crosses burning and then tell me about hatred. And if you don’t like conservatives and the Tea Party, then STOP TROLLING.

    • That was………………………….confusing. Then again, some people only talk, never listen, and never really say anything when they do talk. Your tirade comes to mind.

    • Clearly MadDoug pats HIMSELF on the back, blindly believing he’s THE voice of reason for all. Most definitely an extreme liberal-type. Very self-congratulatory and quite ignorant; talking without making any sense whatsoever.

    • Dougie, this is the typical daily modus operandi of Alan Grayson, and most often of the DimocRAT Party bosses. Nice try though trying to make it sound like Grayson was just having one bad night!

  26. All through history the Democratic Party has stood for these basic tenets: Lie, intimidate and violence. They tried to change their image by accepting EVERYONE and accepting their votes at the voting booth as well. Are minorities better off then they were are Democrats really helping them? Democrats are still the nasty name-calling thugs they were when they encouraged the KKK to lynch blacks and republicans.

  27. Allen West, you may have seen Klan activities, but did you ever personally experience any? I did, and I was three-years-old.

    In 1957, the phone rang in our Denver, Colorado, home. A man with a Southern accent told me, a three-year-old, his boys were coming to kill me and my family. And I’m white.

    What caused this? My great uncle was the 5th Circuit Court of New Orleans Justice who decided in favor of Rosa Parks. He was a Democrat from Montgomery, Alabama, and he knew all of them: Parks, MLK, Wallace, Evers, all of them involved in an intense struggle either to end or perpetuate Jim Crow. Those Klan bastards burned a cross in his front yard, proceeded to cross the entire country to paint swastikas on all the family graves, and threatened my family numerous times, and like I said, I’m white. And Liberal.

    When our family moved to Dallas, Texas, just in time to see Kennedy being shot right there on television, we’d already been warned that life in Dallas would be Hell for us. Dallas, of course, was a Conservative city with so much hatred in its veins that even as a child I could feel it.

    Earlier in time, when Harry Truman integrated the armed forces, the white supremacist Democrats, all of them from the South, left the party in a huff and formed the Dixiecrats. They failed. The Republican Party, even in 1948, was working on the common white supremacists who had abandoned the Republican Party because Lincoln, a Liberal Republican, ended slavery. Get it? Liberal: LIberty.

    After Goldwater, a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, got hammered in 1964, the conservative movement, strong in that time and fiercely intent upon protecting “Heritage” and creating a “Renaissance”, began joining the Republican Party. Heritage? White heritage. Renaissance? Of the Old Confederacy. By the time Nixon literally lied to the American people in promising to end the Vietnam war he continued for six more years, the Old South was solidly Republican.

    Why? Because Lyndon Johnson took the torch of Black freedom and passed the Voting Rights Act of 1964.

    And my great uncle? When he arrived by one of the government’s Air Force One planes to attend my high school graduation in 1972, the Secret Service had to close-off an entire wing of Love Field, the threats were so serious. Already an old man who had lost his chance at a Supreme Court nomination for his “controversial” stand in favor of Ms. Parks, he jumped the velvet ropes to shake my hand and say, “Sometimes even in the legal world you have to jump the ropes to get anything done!”

    I’ll never forget that day, Allen West. You shouldn’t either. Why? Because without two prominent Democrats, you’d be working the swamps, not working the American people.

    • All this entire story told us is that you are either evil or you’ve been ignorant since 57…. either way, your views will not prevail. United we stand, Divided we fall.

      • Sorry, not evil, not ignorant. Check out a map of the Old Confederacy compared to a map of “ground zero” of the Republican Party, and then ask yourself where all the white supremacists went.


        Lots and lots of Blacks in the Thirties engaged in “the Great Migration” to the industrial hub of America, centered in Michigan and Illinois, just to get decent jobs with union wages because the white supremacist South was so engaged in protecting “white Southern Heritage” that, while they allowed FDR to legalize independent unions, they specifically ruled-out any chance for Blacks to unionize in the South. That’s why the South is anti-union today.

        And let’s not forget all the Blacks who turned to the Democratic Party in 1964 and began fighting for their rights.

      • I like how you pick and choose “facts” while blatantly ignoring the racist history of your beloved party. Do you get paid by comrade Obama or are you just that obsessively nutty?

        Nice copy and paste job by the way. Fraud.

      • Who else has time to post over 1000 comments showing nothing but “my president and party can do no wrong” comments OTHER than a paid propagandaist of the party or someone suffering from “white guilt” based obsessive compulsive disorder. Cover yourself up…

        Your NSA is showing.

      • Sure, Odessa, the Democratic Party in the South was loaded with white supremacists, mainly because Lincoln was a Republican. The problem with your attempt at an argument here is that racism is not a partisan phenomenon, but an ideological one. Liberals versus Conservatives, not necessarily Democrats versus Republicans.

        There were plenty of Republicans from the then predominately Republican Northeast who voted in favor of both the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. But you know what?

        They were Liberal Republicans and moderate ones. Conservatism all across the South, something I myself has witnessed, has ALWAYS been racist to some extent. I live in the South, and those scum pigs are everywhere.

        Odessa is in the former Soviet Union. Comrade.

    • do you have specifics of what the TEA party has done to be “racist”? I’m a TEA part supporter and member. been to many events. there were some “plants” who held up racist signs. we found out they were, indeed, obama supporters who wanted to make TEA party look bad. i watched dozens of hours of film footage from TV, internet, etc.and saw only 2 racist signs that i can think of. Again, were they plants? maybe not. but, even if not, of all the thousands of signs that I saw, only 2-3 were racist and that makes the TEA party racist?

      • I’m not accusing the Tea Party as “racist”. Rather, I am rebutting Allen West’s assertion that because Southern white supremacist Democrats brands today’s Democratic Party as racist. Racists are everywhere, and there is no single party that isn’t or hasn’t been touched by racism. But I do understand that most white supremacists in the South changed their party affiliation beginning in 1948 and then culminating with the Voting Rights Act. They went to the Republican Party. I live in Texas, and they whine about race all the time.

  28. No small wonder Grayson used that imagery for the Tea Party. I mean they push for our govt to abide by THE Laws of THIS Land. They demand stupid stuff, like a balanced budget, freedom to spend OUR money on whatever WE want to! They even say something about OUR military defending OUR borders, INSANITY!

    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? C’mon, we all need to have our calls and texts stored. We need them to know every search we make and who our friends are. That way we’re safe, right?

    All men created equal? HOGWASH! The people we elect know what’s best for us, right guys? They know how to spend our money better than us. And that $15 million dollars a day, for every day since the birth of Jesus National Debt? That will never come back to haunt us, will it?
    Let’s stick with people who got us here. You know the one’s we’ll pay 2 or 3 hundred grand to FOR the rest of their lives. People who write laws for us that THEY don’t have to follow.
    Like Barney Frank said about Freddie and Fannie in ’05, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  29. He wishes the shoe fit. Anyone who’s ever been to a Tea Party rally would see and know for fact that they’re about maintaining our constitution in terms of economics and freedoms FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON, REGARDLESS OF COLOR. He’s a racist.

  30. Nothing from the disgusting, vile New York carpetbagger pig known as “Alan Grayson” surprises me. That is, anything from him and his carpetbagger friend Debbie Downer Washerwoman-Sergeant Schultz doesn’t surprise me. Pigs from the same trough. They are both celebrated by Dimocrat voters; and yet TEA Party fans like us are called “RAAAA-CISTS?”

  31. This is not the place to vent your anger. You MUST write him personally today and express your disgust and outrage. His add is incitement of HATE SPEECH and he should be held accountable. Write him now. DO NOT DELAY!

  32. Mr. West
    I agree with your thoughts and I am so tired of the one way street on what is acceptable and appropriate. Conservatives don’t play dirty and bottom line is that Liberals have no boundaries on what their mouths are willing to tout. Thank you for standing up!

  33. Grayson is an idiot and an embarrassment to Florida and to all of America. He has to resort to sensationalism, such as race baiting, to get any attention at all. He is intentionally trying to incite violence, in my opinion. I just cannot figure how someone would vote for that man. He is shameful.

  34. You just have to consider the source and ignore some people. All of his kind are trying to incite violence so Obama can call for Martial Law and keep himself in office the way I see it. Republicans should not play their games. I figure this is what is behind gun control as people are not just going to turn their guns over without a fight. (They have the FEMA camps ready.) This is my opinion on gun control also.

  35. If they enjoy being a slave under Obama, then let them learn a hard lesson! If they need Obama to think for them because they can’t because of ignorance then let them.I I am so tired of ignorant liberals blaming other people for their own stupidity that I am so worn out from trying to save them from themselves and Obama! I am just tired!

  36. The Democratic Party fought against freedom and liberty in the 1860s, they fought against freedom and liberty in the 1960s, and they are fighting against freedom and liberty now.

  37. He is an A$$ and that’s just his first name. I can’t figure out WHY they elected back into congress…totally stupidity, I’d guess.

  38. Yep, I find it laughable each time a liberal calls me a racist because I lean towards more conservative values–I’m a libertarian by the way. I’m for straight line equality. I don’t care if you are white, black, Hispanic, a jew, a catholic, a redneck, or even if your skin is plaid. All men are created equal PERIOD.

    Giving “minorities” hand outs just because they are classed as minorities is deceptive. You make a class of people dependent on government, then they will continue that cycle of not respecting themselves as much as if they were truly considered equal. But hey, you found a way to get votes Obama and the like. As long as these extreme liberals (notice I don’t say extremists), can finger point and resort to name calling just to throw the attention off themselves they will continue to do so. “It’s not us. We’re the good guys. Here is a check, a government phone, foodstamps, etc. Just thank us with your vote.” Sadly some people no matter their religion, gender, race, sexual preference actually need help due to unfortunate circumstances, but there is so much corruption which allows for perfectly capable people to just leach off the system. It’s disgusting.

  39. Side note for site manager: How does an ad for liberal Mike Ross run on this great website. Some website management needed for Allen West would never endorse this democrat for Governor of Arkansas. The ad was running above this article when I arrived.

    For Col. West, Thank you for addressing this situation. Having watched your “political” career after retiring from your military career, I have never been disappointed in choosing to support you and provide assistance in your first run for office. I was then National Political Director for Let’s Get This Right, a self funded activist team which choose to both endorse and help expand your message via radio programs and more. Of course as a fellow military officer, I had noted your prior leadership qualify but never dreamed you would one day become a major voice for conservatives grassroots and for the conservative consciousnesses of America. God Bless! (Editor, ARRA News Service)

    • Could be wrong but I think that’s a google ad which will use your search history for target ads. Obviously they don’t always work as intended…

  40. I am putting Rep Grayson and his staff on notice. If, while attending a Tea Party or Overpass for Impeachment rally I am physically assaulted in any way where there is the slightest indication the perpetrator was influence by Grayson’s outrageous remarks, I will file suit against Mr. Grayson personally on the grounds of vicarious liability. This legal maneuver, most ironically, was successfully used by the SPLC and NAACP against White supremacist John Metzger in a racially motivated murder case.

  41. Slavery runs deep in Allen Grayson’s family. Look up William Grayson. He was a congress man, and avid Democratic supporter of slavery. He even wrote books about it. Democrats lost their fight to keep slaves, so they decided to enslave the entire nation.

  42. The authors of the KKK, the Democratic Party, have no right to besmirch the last set of people in our nation who believe unwaveringly in our Constitution and our founding fathers.
    History is being re-written by these liars and base knaves.

  43. Hell, the Tea Party is the Neo-Confederate party! Therefor, the cross burning is emblematic of their stance just like the rebel flag.

      • I know a few, too. They are not only certifiable but card carrying members of the KKK. You don’t wave the Confederate flag in front of the home of an African American family ans think the worldnt find that offensive.

      • Glen, I believe you will find, if you bother to investigate, that the one lone confederate flag carrier, is a Democrat. And it was not only a few at that rally that chastised him either. But he was not attacked because though we disagree with him, we believe in freedom.

        You might want to investigate the first black members of Congress. They were all Republican. They were all intelligent and well spoken and since the Democrats could not defeat them at the polls they formed the KKK.

        Now the Democrats use a different tactic. They mal-educate the descendants of slaves and offer them a substandard level of life through the welfare system to keep them perpetually angry and dependent. You are not foolish enough to believe their rhetoric are you? Look at the intelligent and capable men who experienced harsh racism that you have never known even in your wildest imaginings; the LTC being a prime example and yet look what he has achieved! It is the character in the heart and not the melanin under the skin that makes a difference.

  44. One of the biggest frustrations in politics today is the continuing denial of truth and blatant spreading of lies as truth. The demoncrats have no conscience when it comes to politics. I stand by Adam West and it would be my great pleasure to cast my vote for his presidency!!!

  45. Grayson, what a hater…the Tea Party is made up of ALL RACES, or did his I.Q drop below 50 now?, “Oh it Did!” well that says it all, He had no real education or History Class. To use the Tea party to cover up what These Liberals are doing to this Great Nation…well Everyone, VOTE THEM OUT, or suffer the consequences for the Future.

    • Liars continue to lie; but people like LTC. West who hold the truth in high regard continue to do so even when it means great loss to themselves. Principles have value to those of character.

      So some things don’t change.

  46. I fully understand the importance of keeping an image of history directly in front of us, so as not to make the same mistakes when similar situations arise. The current administration is simply using history to fuel their agenda. Modern Liberals have brought Racism to a new level, it’s wearing a mask looking just like anti-racism, yet is more racist than anything we’ve witnessed since the 60’s. It’s disguise is pointed directly at the poor, uneducated American’s who simply do not have the mental capacity to understand why they are being told it’s ok to not want to work, it’s ok to not finish school and its ok for their government to redistribute a nations wealth via whatever method they can use to allow those without, to have and embrace what they did not earn. Does anyone really think that the EBT/Walmart fiasco was a glitch or a test to see if an event like that could cause enough of a spread of information via phone, word-of-mouth…..etc Sort of like testing the Phone Tree. Nothing more than a tool used while building a path toward total government control, NDAA and Martial Law! The current administration has bought/bribed their way to a position of power the likes of which we may not be able to overcome. We humans have this ability to shift from what is moral and right, to what is popular and good for ME right now. Racism will never die in this country until we, the American people, put it in it’s place as nothing more than a topic for “Discussion” vice a business to get wealthy from! I served 25 years in the military and I continue to stand ready to fight for American’s freedom and liberty but I’ll be damned if I’m going to fight an American who is unable to understand why he is doing what he is doing because the Liberal Machine told him to. The “We got this” government mentality has got to end else we as Americans will truly be “Working for the Government”.

  47. OBAMA %CO are terrified of the TEA PARTY message of less government, lower taxes, honoring the Constitution, and more individual responsibility.
    And well they should be…the American voter is awake and fighting mad!

    The message of the day in the liberal play book is to attempt to discredit the TEA PARTY with lies, lies and more lies…especially concentrating on racism!

    It hasn’t worked in the past since no one has ever proved or documented ANY racism perpetrated by the TEA PARTY….but they keep trying..and they will continue the charade!

  48. I grew up in Rockmills Alabama and I will not try to fool anyone into thinking that there were no racist’s there, because it was one of Alabamas most racist places to live in the early 20th century. No blacks lived there and almost everybody voted Democrat, but just because I lived there doesn’t make me racist. It was the democratic party that were for the KKK until they saw it wasn’t working anymore then they swapped tactics and started the welfare campaign that they are still using today “obama phone anyone”!!!
    When the democrats start yelling the word “free”, the masses start rolling in holding out their hands. This ACA / Obamacare is called affordable health care and it is anything but affordable, but they had to add the word affordable to hoodwink the sheeple so they would think it is a bargain. Their tactic is if they say it enough maybe people will believe it, the same tactic is used with putting a bad name on the Tea Party.

    • Talk about spreading half truths and lies…”Obama Phone” is a bunch of BS as well. In 1984 Ronald Regan (you all remember him) introduced the beginning of the “free phone” idea in the form of a rate reduction for the low income poor which was mostly elderly. It is and was known as “Lifeline”. In 1996 Clinton expanded on this and in 2008 GW contracted with TracPhone to include wireless time as well. There is NO Phone for free period people. The “obamaphone” is a media binge the Republican right started to inflame the “sheeple” as I have heard them called with a larger agenda. Since failing miserably in the last 2 Presidential elections there is a push to discredit all that the Democratic Party platform could take credit for. This is just one of the many “factoids” being repeated so that if it is done enough the ignorant masses will just go with it. The sad part is that it is doing more to hurt the Tea Party’s Credibility and the Republican party platform than help it. I believe it was the dirty tricks campaign of the last election that pushed the vote to the left for a second time. There are enough American Voters out there willing to look into the garbage and hold their collective noses to see the facts as they are. Obamacare has a lot of good parts as well as bad. Oh and just so we are clear the mandate was the brainchild of GW passed in 2007 and slated for implementation by 2010. Obama had to by law come up with a National Healthcare program. It is NOT free and is another market place to purchase it. It is taking control of the insurance industry who are livid that they no longer get to only insure the healthy, young and wealthy. The “fact” that so many people are being forced to leave their old policies and enroll in a different one with all the benefits now required by law (11 copay-free preventative exams) is a testament to the percent of policies out there that were pretty crummy. The lifetime limits are gone which should be. You pay from your 20’s all your life for a policy and when you hit your 60’s suddenly they want to exclude you if you develop a catastrophic illness like cancer or CHF that costs them an arm and a leg…well no more… now you are guaranteed coverage and they can’t cancel you. That is a good thing people. Preventative medicine has been around for eons and it is smart medicine. Knowing this then ask why the Medicare system prior to this ACA excluded all preventative care? It is run by insurance companies and not private physicians. Now your Doctor will call the shots on what you need and it will get covered unlike before. Too bad there are people out there not willing to investigate for themselves and look at fact rather than vomit back up the media hype as if it is truth. In 20 years this will shave 1 TRILLION off the deficit as predicted by Budget Office and I fail to see any legislation put out by anyone else that can show that… Of course I expect a lot of ignorant comments and name calling from those that don’t like what I have to say but trust and believe I will not be the least bit offended because as mamma used to say.. “time will tell” and “it will all come out in the wash”.

      • Most of your insurance companies will continue to cover after a catastrophic illness if you have the right plan, insurance is like any other contract you sign, you have to read the contract and ask questions, because some companies will hand you a piece of crap if you let them. Obama said a lot of things trying to get the obamacare law passed, but now we have learned that most of the things he said were lies. Some people that were promised they could keep their insurance found out not only was that a lie, but they will also be paying up to 10 times more than they were paying. Tell me what part of that is affordable? Also the 1 trillion you mention is the price obama payed for this monster. Stop drinking the obama flavored kool aid it is spiked with communist lies.

  49. Funny, Allen West criticizing someone for inflammatory words! How
    ironic! Pot, let me introduce you to kettle! LOL! Look, you can’t display the racist signs at your tea party
    rallies. You can’t use the racist “go back to Africa”, “he’s a muslim
    and a kenyon”, “birther” crap, monkey pictures etc. and expect that no
    one will call you a racist! What planet are you guys living on???
    Grayson is correct in calling it as you’ve presented it! Stop being anti-government anarchist/racist, and you won’t be called what you are!

    • Gwood25, you are not worthy to shine the LTC’s boots.

      You have obviously not been to many Tea Party events.

      It is easy to cast false accusations. The fact remains the KKK was and IS the militant arm of the Democrat party.

      You sir, are not someone I would rely upon in any situation. The LTC. on the other hand, I would follow unwaveringly.

      • Well, it’s a free country and you can follow that idiot wherever you’d like. And you can stop calling him LTC, because he got himself kicked out! Dishonorable discharge…

      • Wrong again moose breath. Retired with full benefits. This information is so easy to obtain that one wonders why you would rather spread a lie than take the thirty seconds it took me to find the truth. But that’s what liberals do, isn’t it.

      • gwood25 lies because he’s a liberal. Or he’s just that ignorant, like a liberal. Either way, he’s just another useless liberal.

    • Gee woody, maybe you should try pulling yourself up off that couch, pull up your pants, comb your hair and get outside for some fresh air. Might do ya some good.

    • Do you just sit in mommy’s basement believing all the liberal rhetoric they spew? See if you can muster 2 brain cells to rub together and check out reality!

      • I stand corrected on the dishonorable discharge. However, he resigned because he needed to. Military aside, he’s been an inflammatory ass in his brief time in congress! The irony of him called out someone for doing what he does on a regular basis is laughable! Follow that idiot if you want! He’s a nut that’s not worthy of respect! The Tea party nuts are the problem that will be solved in the next year with the mid term elections!

  50. The reason they are using this imagery is because they have convinced themselves, 100%, that indeed it was the Far Right, not Liberals, who burned crosses and wore the white outfits to attend lynchings back in the day. Try piling on the fact that it was the NRA to the rescue, who fought to arm the blacks and this more than anything was the beginning of the end of the KKK. Why? Well obviously, because the KKK folks under their bravado with their faces hidden were rank cowards and when faced with armed adversaries tucked their tails between their pathetic legs ran away like frightened deer. This information might give them the epileptic fit we are looking for, as we overload their undeveloped hindbrains and their amygdala shuts down from pure overload: http://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/touching-the-raw-amygdala-an-analysis-of-liberal-debate-tactics-preface/

    • Mina: I’m afraid you’re right. Try visiting any liberal black web sites and unfortunately, you will see some people actually believe that it was the Republicans who founded the KKK. The black community has been lied to for many years and many still have not read history for themselves to learn the truth.

  51. The sad thing is that the socialist faction of the democratic government has always been set on destroying black people. From the inception of organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the socialist agenda to destroy blacks was evident. Now, under the guise of entitlements, Obama phones and now free insurance, – seemingly “good” things – the government is trapping lower income blacks not to empower them, but to see their eventual control and demise. How foolish Barack Obama is for allowing them to use him for his skin color, only to destroy those of the same color.

    • Mastermind: obama displays all the signs of being a Marxist and one of those signs is his arrogance. He is so full of himself that it deems him incapable of seeing himself as ever having been used. What’s even more bizarre tho, is how obama believes in and uses Marxist tactics so often yet, obviously doesn’t think anyone, including other Marxists, has used HIM. That alone is evidence of how ignorant he really is. I would go on to say that “ignorance is bliss” only in obama’s case, I doubt things will end well for him, as history has shown us what became of past Marxist leaders.

      • You’re right, I mean he’s not really being used anyway, he was in on this whole agenda even from his college years. He betrays his own “people” yet they follow him blindly.

      • obama is what they call a “Red Diaper Baby”. Born and raised a Communist, taught to be anti-American.

  52. This is Horrible, think about this. What are we teaching Our Children? This Congressman should know he is not a good Influence and its appalling to the History of our American Lives. He is really a Disgrace to America. He should be fired, and punished for this and take it down. Maybe for the what he has done, the less we say the better. He is evil.

    • Debbie: I and many other Americans, including yourself know Grayson is evil. This is why we should not be silent…NOW is the time for us to speak out and defend ourselves and call these evil doers out for who they are. Being quiet as if people like Grayson don’t bother us would be a mistake and I believe that’s one of the reasons why people like him in the Democrat party and obama, appear to have taken over the country and now taking our rights and freedom away. We must stand united and be vigilant in this fight to take back our country and there is no polite way to do it when it has become a matter of life and death for Americans.

  53. Personally speaking, I don’t think they give Grayson much to do, so he does things like this. He’s got entirely too much time on his hands…

  54. I am horrified by what he did, but to re-post that picture only gives more exposure to that horrible image. The best way to minimize his awful, hateful way of being is to ignore it in every way other than taking swift and immediate legal action to force a public apology. Anything other than that is just feeding the narrative.

  55. As long as we are focused on what is wrong, we will not be focused on creating the Good that we desire to create. I admire Allen West and know in my heart that he is a good and just person. I am a member to the Tea Party and am proud of it. The Tea Party stands for Constitutional Conservatism which is the foundation this Country was founded upon.

    Instead of feeding the hate by repeating what they say, it would be more productive for us to make it impossible for their message to get out through us by removing our attention from it. Instead, lets talk about the fact that we are all of the same Human Race and that we are all connected through Spirit. Lets Stand Up for what is right and show the truth through our actions, thoughts, and speech.

    One of the main reasons these horrible people have had so much success is because we buy into and allow what they say and do to affect us. Lets take back our power, we have allowed them to have power over us long enough. If we would recognize that the lies can’t harm us unless we own them, we could brush off their hateful way of being and focus on creating Love and Peace in our Country and around the world. The truth is self evident and if we allow ourselves to focus on it we will find that it is a bright light that will brighten our path back to that God inspired document called the United States Constitution.

    I would like to share this quote with you- “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”- Soren Kierkegaard (1813 – 1855)

    If we allow ourselves to be fooled by words and refuse to recognize the truth then we are in denial. If we are in denial, we are in a place of willful blindness. It is time we opened up our eyes, raised our voices and accepted the truth no matter how much it hurts.

  56. If you want to see a reaction from all the silent parties of this outrage, take that same burning cross and use it as the t in Democrat and say “Now You Know Who Founded and Follow the Policies of the KKK” and watch how fast the leftist scream with outrage over such a outrageous use of this symbol. I live in Georgia and I resent the fact the KKK was so vile and actually see some of those pockets of degenerates that have been relegated to obscurity and rightfully have to hide public view. That said it doesn’t need to be said the use of that symbol at all is sickening and is an insult to God and Christ also standing for everything that Christ preached against, but to use it for a party of people asking that we follow the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended is an insult also. When patriotic Americans are compared to terrorist and the clansmen of that error, then who is actually running this country because it is not a real American at heart.

    • Do you honestly believe no Republicans are card carrying members of today’s KKK? Bigotry comes in all colors and all political parties…

  57. Grayson just shows that the democrats still use the KKK methods. I read on other blogs that Tea party is 100% racist. Huffpo was this as well. Grayson reignited the KKK ties to the democrats. Going to be a very dirty 2014 with more lies.

  58. the question is;why do ppl vote for this man? What’s with the electorate? can we reach those ppl before the 2014,2016 elections?


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